Principal's Address: Summer Sports Assembly 2012

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Principal's Address
Sydney Boys High School
Summer Sports Assembly
Held on 3 February 2012

Good morning and welcome to our summer sports assembly. We are here today to recognise and pay tribute to our boys selected in GPS teams whose competition commences in term 1- namely Tennis, water polo, swimming and sailing. To our special guest, Liz Deep-Jones, MICs, coaches, parents and staff – thank you for your attendance.

Sailing is flourishing at Double Bay Sailing Club and has secured a long term arrangement with the club and will enjoy the enlarged and refurbished facilities by Term 4. Thank you to Carrie Waring for all her work in preparing yet another grant application, this time on behalf of the club. Thank you again to coach Adam South for his work in building up the program, particularly to a standard to be competitive in NSW Teams racing. Well done to Mr Moody for his season as a very ‘hands on’ MIC. Sachiyo James as Catering Coordinator, ably assisted by her team of parents and sailing boys as waiters, served up great suppers at the P & C ‘Thank You Evening’ last December and again this week at our’ Welcome Night’ for new parents. Their efforts raise the funds that are keeping our fleet of boats and sails well maintained.

Thank you to Mr Loizou for his organisation and promotion of High swimming in 2011. I expect that everyone will support the school swimming carnival on Monday, whatever the weather. Let’s hope Mr Loizou is back with us again soon. In the GPS competition, particularly in the junior division, participation is the key to success. We could use more juniors in our racing program to build on our great third place in the 2011 season. I urge more boys to involve themselves in a well organised program.

Thank you to Ms Davis for taking over Water Polo as MIC and administering the changeover from Ms Evans seamlessly. This is a sport with a definite upside for competitors. We could expand our GPS involvement with more players.

Thank you to Mr Wright for taking over as Administrative MIC of tennis and taking care of Saturday morning arrangements. Mr David Deep, the new tennis professional for the Sydney High courts, continues to build our tennis capacity as lead coach. He has recruited Catherine Barclay as second grade coach. The Tennis Committee has been active, organising a fundraiser and subsidising an impressive tennis camp in Melbourne, taking in daily visits to the Australian Open. High has the structure and programs now to really start to cement a place in the top half of the GPS competition.

Ron Barassi published a little illustrated book last year with the confident title of Wisdom: Life lessons from an Australian legend. His signature is subscripted with the number 17410 and his lucky number and playing number, 31. As a player or coach Barassi participated in seventeen grand finals for ten wins. The book is a collection of aphorisms and quotes with accompanying commentary by Barassi. For example, he writes: “Success is best measured by how far you have come with the talents you have been given.” He asserts that just as we admire people with disabilities to achieve beyond what we would rationally expect, so too should we be disappointed by those who have natural ability fail to improve on what they could already do without really trying. You boys all know approximately how much natural talent you have for the performance of discrete skills or tasks. We also know when we fall short of doing justice to that talent. Ultimately, we let ourselves down when we have not given of our best. The message is to only take pride in any achievement which exceeded your own expectations based on your natural ability.

The application of his message to the High situation is clear. In GPS competition we frequently face the challenge of opponents with superior natural talents to ours, we need to rise to the occasion and give the contest everything we have. If we are defeated, so be it, but we will be able to gain satisfaction from knowing that we performed as well as we could have. If you can honestly say that about your individual performances each week, we can ask for nothing more from you.

"I extend my congratulations to all boys who have been selected in GPS teams to represent their school. Strive for your best this season consistently!"