School Planning


Planning enables schools and their communities to look ahead, formulate direction, anticipate events, prepare for contingencies, map out activities and provide an orderly sequence for achieving goals. The Sydney Boys High School plan uniquely addresses school priorities. A three-year planning cycle is used to represent the complexity of change processes. It allows the time required for change and growth in school organisation and culture required to deliver improved teaching and learning outcomes.

Sydney Boys High School Plan 2018 - 2020: School Background


Sydney Boys High School has autonomous learning, more sophistication in reading and writing and promoting excellent teaching as its major priorities. We intend to intercept entropy and refresh teaching and learning and administrative practices at High.


Leaders Leaders will provide staff with support in developing these skills through initial and continuing professional development.
Staff Teachers should be aware of the impact of constructive feedback and how it affects gifted learners and their engagement, sophistication and mastery of literacy.
Students Engagement can be enhanced by assessment practices which protect the learner’s autonomy, provide some choice, and create opportunity for sophistication of analysis and expression.
Parents Parents should be more involved in the process of generating higher expectations for all learners. From 2015, the use of Independent Learning and Support Plans (ILSPs) aim to have students, teachers and parents working together, to improve the learning of all underachieving students.
Development Office Staff employed or given responsibility for building relationships between families, community members and the school.


We are going to assess and report on understanding, skills and sophistication of writing. The growth of individuals, years7-9, will be reported in terms drawn from the Department of Education literacy continuum for stages 4 and 5.

To ensure engagement in the school community we will emphasise the scholar-sportsman tradition and measure this on student participation in co-curricular activities.

As part of the NSW Department of Education Wellbeing Framework SBHS will be:



We aim to build an inclusive, caring environment which fosters collaborative learning and positive relationships where excellence in academic, cultural, artistic, sporting, social justice and community endeavours are achieved.

Strategic Directions

  1. Maximising potential – challenging the accomplished and energizing the disengaged
  2. Sophisitication and Skill in Reading and writing
  3. Teacher practice and the pursuit of excellence

Sydney Boys High School Plan 2018 - 2020: Download

 School Plan 2018-2020

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