High Notes, Vol 23 No 5, March 04 2022

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From the Principal


Given the desperate and heroic efforts by Ukrainians to defend their homelands from naked aggression, we stand with our Ukrainian-heritage students and their families and support them in their time of national peril. When commenting on the conflict we ought to remember that the Ukrainian diaspora includes High families and be sensitive to their feelings.

High Talent

Our swimmers have performed well at the first three GPS carnivals with multiple first places. Jiazi (Matthew) Chen (8T) won the 14 years 50m freestyle (3), 50m backstroke (3), and 50m butterfly (3); Ryan Chai (7S) won the 12 years 50m breaststroke, the 50m backstroke (2) and the 50m freestyle division (2); Jaden Yi (11T) won the 17 years 50m breaststroke (2); Kester Jan (7S) won the 12 years 50m breaststroke (2), the 50m butterfly (2) and the 50m backstroke; Jinu Shin (9S) won the 15 years 50m butterfly (2) and the 50m breaststroke;  John Hong (9F) won the 15 years 50m freestyle (div.), Mark Yan (8F) won the 13 years butterfly; Brian Cho (10S) won the 16 years 50m backstroke; David Kim (10E) won the 15 years 50m backstroke; Adam Davies (12R) won the 18 years breaststroke; Edwin Cho (11S) won the 17 years freestyle (Div.). Jinu Shin, David Kim, John Hong and Jason Yu (9S) won the 15 years 4x50 medley relay.  Congratulations to our successful swimmers!

Community Service

Kids Giving Back is a charity whose mission is to create the next Generation of Generosity. Our programs are delivered for children 6-18 years old and their families and offer opportunities to assist vulnerable people in the community. Over 5000 meals, care packs and new backpacks of school supplies for those in need were prepared and distributed. 11 charities were assisted as a result of their work which supports the homeless and vulnerable in the community. Your student, Arjuna Thiagalingam (9R) has undertaken these opportunities in their leisure time and program facilitators have been unanimous in their praise for the enthusiasm and engagement of all our young participants’.  Well done indeed, Arjuna!

Positive Comments on Our Boys on Public Transport

I was pleased to receive this email from a Sydney Trains employee.  “My name is A.C. I am the Community Engagement Officer with Sydney Trains School Program. I was travelling on the train last week from Ingleburn to the City when a cohort of Sydney Boys High School got on the train. I was observing their behaviour as part of my job is to investigate unruly and unsafe behaviours on our platforms and trains and to report our findings to their school principal. The reason I am reaching out to you is to inform you about the student’s exceptional behaviour while riding on Sydney trains. The level of respect showed to the other passengers can only be describe as outstanding as I witness one student offer his seat to an elderly passenger, I was more than impressed with this level of respect. I just wanted to let you know so you can pass on this feedback to your students. As you can imagine, 98% of our emails to High School Principals is about unsafe negative behaviour.’ To those boys on the Ingleburn line, keep up your great behaviour while travelling on our free public transport.

Early Bird Discount Ends on Friday 11 March

In order to help all areas of the school we offer a substantial discount to parents who pay their complete invoices before Friday 11 March. Having substantial funds early in the year allows us to make sure that orders are made promptly and that the boys get the maximum benefit out of equipment and services deployed for them. Capital contributed to the Building Fund can be invested or applied immediately to projects such as the new science lab, junior library air conditioning and equipment for the Governors Centre. Our aim is to encourage at least 65% of parents to make this financial commitment to the school early in the year. Please support us as we carry on High’s self-help culture to put our fundraising money to work as soon as possible! 

Don’t forget that the Weights Room membership opportunity also expires on March 11.

Funds Held for the Benefit of High Boys    

The Sydney High School Foundation Ltd  holds funds for the benefit of the school. The SHS Advancement Fund enables tax-deductible donations to be made for the purposes of school buildings, scholarships and student support by way of bursaries. The Endowment Fund  is designed to hold monies from non-tax deductible sources – bequests, trusts, gifts and the like.

Accounts for the Foundation show that as of 31 January 2022 there were the following balances within the Endowment Fund: $120,753 for the Ethel Killip Memorial Sub-Fund; $150,388 for Prizes; $130,191 for the Phil Day Memorial Scholarship Fund; $105,833 for the Student Participation Account and $9,201 for the Mitchell Seow Memorial Prize. In total, SHSF manages $516,368 in funds for the school. Artworks on loan to the school from the Ethel Killip Memorial Art Collection are valued at c$200,000.

Usually, half of the interest earned on these managed funds is donated to the school for uses as determined by the Fund Deeds. However, due to a sustained period of very low interest rates, interest has been retained 2014-22, in the interests of maintaining the real capital value of the funds.

The Seow Fund is a specific prize commemorating the sudden death from unknown causes of a much-loved student who had just completed his HSC. The Student Support Fund supplements the DoE Student Equity Funds with direct financial help to students in necessitous circumstances. The Phil Day Memorial Fund finances an annual scholarship, worth $1,500, in memory of an Old Boy and long serving teacher, Head Teacher and Swimming MIC. The Prizes Fund helps to pay for some of the >$30,000 worth of prizes awarded each year to students. The Ethel Killip Memorial Fund pays for the replacement and upkeep of honour boards, memorabilia of Old Boys, photographs on walls and the school artworks collection. The Ethel Killip Memorial Fund purchased >$35k (2014-19) of indigenous artworks for our Na Ngara collection in McDonald Wing.

We are always seeking donations for any of these fund purposes. If you would like to help, contact 96629300 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Dr K A Jaggar

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