High Notes, Vol 23 No 4, February 25 2022

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From the Principal

High Talent

A belated congratulations to Rachit Saini (11E) who came first in the state in Hindi Continuers at the HSC in 2021 while studying the rest of his subjects in Year 10! A great effort, Rachit! High was again successful at the CHS Rowing Championships held in Grafton. Although our preparation was disrupted by COVID, our crews performed well. Gold medals – Championship VIII, Championship IV, Pair, Quad sculls, U17s quad sculls (5). Jack Smiles (12R) and Maxime Jalbert-Locke (12S) won three gold each. Silver medals – Championship VIII, Championship IV,  U17 double, U16 quad sculls, U15 Double, U15 quad sculls (6). Well done lads. Thank you to MIC George Barris, Con Barris, John Croll and Kevin Eadie, along with the Rowing Committee for supporting this regatta.

2021 Budget Summary  

Balance brought forward was $975,727. The total income from DoE was $12,035,877. Total income from school and community sources was $3,787,276, including grants and contributions ($3,754,159), sale of goods and services ($32,259) and investment income ($1,858). Income from all sources was $15,824,153. Within those totals, donations to the SHS Building Fund and to the P & C were $496,778. Total payments were $16,112,243, predominantly salaries and wages for staff ($12,760,754) and operating expenses ($3,252,702). Key Learning Area expenditure was $238.767. Utilities costs were $15,607. Other operating expenses were ($637,357). Property Maintenance costs were $578,024. Furniture and equipment ($338,679). Funds available $16,799,880. Overall, payments as a percentage of funds available was 95.91%, meaning we do not build up reserves beyond a carried forward operating balance. The 2021 payments percentage was higher than normal, due to properties projects being brought forward during the period of lockdown when students and staff were not on site. At High the very strong reliability of our income flows from parents through donations and contributions has allowed this very high expenditure percentage to be maintained for 22 years. I am counting on that great support continuing in 2022!

Junior Awards Assembly 2022 – 15.2.2022

My speech to the Junior School Student Awards Assembly is reprinted below:

"Good morning and welcome to our Awards Assembly for the Junior School. As Principal, I enjoy these assemblies because I see so many boys being recognised who embody the ethos of our school – nurturing scholar-sportsmen since 1883. We value dedication. You have shown it. When the Student Awards Scheme is taken up seriously by our students, we also do better academically. High participation rates in the Student Awards Scheme help co-curricular and academic success. Last year was another difficult year because so many events were cancelled and many fewer opportunities to participate were on offer. We had to pro rata the required points to make the Scheme equitable in a COVID-dominated environment

"We want all Year 7 and later-enrolling students to take up the challenge to participate in school life. There are five good reasons you should participate. First, you will develop your social skills more quickly in more contexts to build positive relationships with more people. Second, you will learn how to manage your time better because you will be busy. Third, you will be able to explore a wide range of interests. Fourth, you will learn the value of commitment to an activity over time. Finally, your self-esteem will be lifted by your involvement with others as you grow.

"You need to earn a progressively higher minimum number of points in the school year starting with 128 points for bronze. As you reach higher award levels, you need to score more points overall (128 becomes 144 then 160). For 2021, we needed to reduce the points required by 25% to allow for a term missed through lockdown.

"The Student Awards scheme at High evolved from a three-level scheme to a six-level system with an honour board entry for all school trophy winners. However, Nathan McDonnell (SHS 2008) earned so many extra award scheme points that we set up a 7th level for him. The McDonnell Award became the honour board level. Shuming Wang (SHS-2013) earned a whole lot more points than the McDonnell Award required, so an 8th level was added, named after the first Principal of High, Joseph Coates. An extra board was added for this award in recognition of the wonderful involvement in school life demonstrated by the recipients. Beyond that level, recognition is sought for boys at a state level.

"The administration of the scheme is electronic, with a running tally of points being kept for every student. Nonetheless, it is the responsibility of each student to check his file to see if he has been awarded all the points he is entitled to. If there is an error, he should notify the Manager in Charge of the activity, to have the correct points authorised and sent to the DP.

"Last year students in Years 7 & 8 earned 184 bronze medallions, 49 silver, 20 gold medallions, 1 platinum and even one plaque – 255 awards in all.

"I want to thank each student receiving an award today. You showed by your broad participation in school life that you understand our driving purpose here – to grow as people, caring about other people and collaborating or cooperating with them. We want you to build respectful relationships with others through participation. We hope you will show compassion through school or community service. We want to enlarge ourselves. Our goals are collegial as well as individual. Get involved this year for the first time or stay committed to the Scheme if you are in it.  If you do, you will feel a greater sense of belonging to the school; and you will also understand better what we mean when we say, that we have the High spirit."
Dr K A Jaggar

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