High Notes, Vol 9 No 8, March 21 2008

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From the Principal

High Talent
Congratulations to our GPS representatives in summer sport. Spencer Llewellyn was selected in the Combined GPS first grade squad and Sam Higgins in second grade. John Gaunt made the GPS first grade tennis team and Ivan Cerecina was chosen in second grade. Congratulations to all four boys!

The Sydney High School Foundation
From time to time schools need to renew their purposes and directions. I think it is again time to revisit the role of the Sydney High School Foundation. Its objects and history can be found on our website at www.sydneyboyshigh.com\School Family\ click on the School family Relationships PDF at the foot of the page. In practical terms, DET sees the role of the Principal as a one year, walk in walk out appointment. That arrangement gives the Department control and flexibility. However, as a result of this structure the secondary school as an institution is incapable of entering medium or long term agreements or contracts with anyone on its own behalf. Everything I do is on a 12 months basis.

The great value to High of the Sydney High School Foundation is that it can make legal agreements covering extended periods of time and it can hold real and personal property in its own name. Over the last 50 years, this school has acquired and developed a great asset, the Outterside Centre, valued in excess of $4.5 million. The Foundation holds a Deed of Licence with Centennial Parklands, giving the students of this school 20 years of access to 5 playing fields and a Pavilion – vital to our membership of the AAGPS. The Foundation holds money in Trust, invested on the school’s behalf and it makes annual disbursements to the school. The Foundation runs the High Store. It performs these three important services to the school that cannot be provided by employees of the state: asset acquisition, extended agreements, Trust and fund management. There is great pressure on The Foundation (run by volunteers) to work its assets to finance its own assets maintenance and administration.

I have heard that conversations and remarks by some parents, staff and Old Boys are undermining the image of the Foundation in the School Family. I would appreciate it if negative, ill informed comments about ‘The Foundation’ ceased. Without it, we would become just another state selective school.

Rowing Assembly
The rowing assembly this year was the best I have been associated with at High. The occasion was celebrated with pride and dignity and the crews were introduced respectfully and informatively. I congratulate Daniel O’Keefe, Captain of Boats for his leadership, his speech and his demeanour. He is an inspiring role model. Fin Murray recalled his days of training and competing at High and around the world. He emphasised the intensity, the exhilaration and the closeness of relationships that the sport creates. He exhorted the boys in any sport to give of their best and prove their commitment right to the end. My address to the assembly is reprinted below:

Special guest Fin Murray, coaches, parents, rowing staff, rowers, students, - good morning and welcome to this unique rowing assembly. Due to Olympic selection trials the AAGPS was forced to accept a Wednesday date rather than our traditional Saturday fixture. Tomorrow will be a first for High rowing in having a mid-week Head of the River and in another first, we will have the biggest ever representation by our school at this prestigious regatta, with all of Years 7 and 8 in attendance.

"This morning I would like to put the sport into perspective for those who know nothing of the sport or for those who assume rowing is a pretty easy activity.

"Rowing is a difficult sport to excel at. Put yourself in the position of the rowing coach. First you need 8 big, strong, fit boys who can ergo. Then you need these boys to learn a multifaceted skill – various phases of the sweep oar stroke – while balancing in a relatively unstable environment. Then you have to train them to perform this skill synchronously and with the same power on either side of the racing shell. Finally, you have to have them repeat this process exactly between 150 and 180 times. Anyone who plays golf will tell you how difficult it is for one person to do this for half as many times, let alone eight. Let us therefore respect the efforts made by our crews to prepare themselves for their high stakes test.

"Since 1999, the Head of the River has been won twice in times under 5 minutes and 50 seconds. The average winner’s time is 355 seconds – 5 minutes 55 seconds. The crews propel the racing shells at 5.63 metres per second with an average speed from a stationary start of more than 20 kilometres per hour. The first performance target for our crews is to row within 10% more than the winner’s time – 6 minutes 30 for the first VIII. Our mean time since 1999 has been 6 minutes 28 seconds, so the rowing program has achieved that benchmark in the medium term. The margin of excellence can be considered as < 5% in timed sports with a distance element. A good row for our school is therefore 372 seconds - 6 minutes 12 seconds. That is our second performance target. Our third goal, achieved in 1999, is to row within 2% above the winner’s time – 362 seconds - 6 minutes 2. Similar benchmark calculations can guide other crews in goal setting. On your behalf I want to wish all crews the best of luck in their races and urge them not to settle for less than second target performances. Let us focus on what we can do and forget about what we can’t do.

"Sports with overnight camps and extended travel components take a great deal of management. Thank you to Mr Con Barris for his administration of the rowing program yet again. Oliver Wilson has done a great job with the first VIII this year, getting them to peak late and bring down their times. George Barris has guided the second VIII well with the assistance of David Luscombe. Thank you to coaches James Gerofi, James Mackay and Tom Hurrell for their work with the IVs. Con Barris worked with the first Year 10 VIII with the assistance of Robbie Girdler and Liam Bennett on the second year 10 VIII. Mark Gainford managed the Year 9 quads training with the assistance of Yaegan Doran and Dominic Grimm. Everett Coan and Doug Hespe looked after the Year 8 quads with Joe Banh, Chong Shao, Blake Angell, Andrew Leungg and Adam Farrow-Palmer in support. Keeping boats and crews on the water and gear maintained were: Chris Watson as Manager, David Daish our evergreen Boatman, Viv Littlewood and Sean Creer as assistants to the program at the Outterside Centre, Serdar Bolen as fitness trainer and bus driver, Jason Tassell as weights trainer and Tim Wilson as our long time trailer tower. With Julie Blomberg and the Rowing Committee taking care of fundraising, catering, overnight camp management and regatta administration, this group of over thirty people sustains and supports our students. I want to thank you all sincerely for all your efforts this season.

"My message to rowers and any team competitor in the school is a simple one – carry out your assigned task to the utmost of your ability. Albert Einstein, the great physicist, observed that: setting an example is not the main means of influencing another, it is the only means." Perhaps Albert overstated the case but in team sports someone leading the way by focussing on doing his designated job right to the end, can be inspiring, even heroic. Distractions caused by mistakes and big occasion stressors can really affect performances negatively. Stanley Allyn, a former CEO of the National Cash Register Co, concluded: “there is no use worrying about things over which you have no control, and if you have control, you can do something about them instead of worrying." As athletes, you have to clear your minds and focus on the mechanics of your assigned role. Don’t look around during the race. Don’t think about consequences or analyse performance – just get stuck in and do your job. Focus on the next ten or twenty strokes. When you hear the coxswain count down the last ten give it your all and have nothing left at the finish.

"Our special guest today is Fin Murray (1994). Fin rowed in the Head of The River for Sydney High in 1994. Initially he didn't want to be in a senior crew so he could spend more time at the beach - but thankfully Mr Barris twisted his arm and started his rowing career which has continued ever since. Fin feels lucky enough to have rowed in crews with many great athletes at Sydney and UTS rowing clubs as well as in England, Ireland, Germany and America. Although he never raced in the Olympics, he did go out with an OIympian for a few years which he says is maybe even more of a challenge. He was twice a winner of the interstate youth 8 race and winner of the quad sculls at the Henley Royal Regatta in England. Fin wanted to design planes when he left school but somehow he graduated with a degree in architecture from The University of Sydney. Fin enjoys travelling, drawing, sailing, surfing, riding his single speed bike and trying to fit less into his days. He is now racing surf boats at Bronte surf club and running his own architectural business. Fin acted as Consultant to our VIII in the 2006-07 season. Please join with me in welcoming back to High this morning, Mr Fin Murray."
Dr K A Jaggar
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From English

Our Year 7 excursion to the Art Gallery and the State Library of NSW gave students the opportunity to enrich their knowledge and understanding of their current learning module: Biographies and Autobiographies. It was exciting to see the boys engaging critically and creatively with the diverse artworks on display in both venues. The following reflections are indicative of this thoughtful and intelligent engagement:

'...What I enjoyed about the day was seeing the State Library and the Doug Moran prize. I particularly liked one portrait called “Mel In The Middle” by Chris Hall. It portrays a person standing in the desert with a broken down car, holding a cordial bottle and some coke bottles, probably to get fuel from a passing car. I liked it because it's so normal. It portrays something that could happen to anyone in such a way that it makes us feel for the person and feel “Thank God I'm not in that person's shoes!”...'
Albert Chau

'...When I went to the art gallery yesterday I enjoyed a painting by Louise Hearman. She based her painting on a boy she met when shopping. The boy was named Ned. The painting used strong visual contrast, an air of mystery and a strong sense of foreboding. The eyes especially stood out...'
Jason Lan

'...What I enjoyed most about the Art gallery was the Heath Ledger painting. The intricate facial expressions created by Vincent Fantauzzo made it look like a photograph. The shadows are put in to make it realistic and it gives character to Heath Ledger. I liked the arrangement in grey and black because it showed the sad and lonely life. The dark colours add to the mood of the painting...'
Kenneth Ho

To further support the 'Biography and Autobiography' module undertaken this term the English Faculty has provided links to the Roald Dahl website and the Biography Maker website on Moodle. This provides students with additional opportunities to pursue their interest in biographical writing.

Reading Torque
High’s Head teacher Maths, Mr Bigelow particularly enjoys non fiction books. Here he recommends one of his most recent discoveries:
1932 - A Hell Of A Year
by Gerald Stone
The Great Depression, Premier Jack Lang, The New Guard and Prime Minister Lyons are some of the events and players in the year 1932. It was also the time of the opening of the Harbour Bridge and the emergence of sporting icons Phar Lap and Bradman. The author cleverly combines the dramas and fascination of these and other events into a compelling read.
Mr P Bigelow
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From the Office

Letters Re Absence/Lateness/ Early Leave
When your son returns to school from being absent he is required to provide a letter of explanation signed by a parent or guardian. If your son is going to be late for school a note is also required.

If your son has an early leave note he is required to have his note signed by either Mr Beringer, Mr Dowdell or Mr Prorellis before 8:55 am and handed in to the Main Office immediately after. Each letter should be signed by a parent or guardian with the name, date and roll class of your son printed clearly. Your son needs to pick up a leave pass from the Main Office before he leaves the school.

If you require leave for your son please, apply in writing and address your application to the Principal, Dr Jaggar, stating the reason and length of time of the leave. Your son must then present this application to Dr Jaggar for permission for the leave. Please remember to apply before the leave and not after.

The Principal must approve all leave applications.
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Sydney Boys High School: The Foundation Years

The masters
All of Sydney Boys High’s early teaching staff were called “masters”. The term “master” was used for all teachers in the 1880s since the term “teacher” was not yet widely applied to the teaching staff of secondary schools. Indeed, each member of staff, apart from the Headmaster, rejoiced in the official title of “assistant master”. All other rankings, including that of subject master, were unofficial in this period.

At the opening of the Sydney High Schools, George Reid, the Minister for Public Instruction, is reported to have said that “he had felt it his duty to get the very best teachers he could, both male and female”. By all accounts it would seem that he was successful in doing so.

However, Sydney Boys High School, in its early years, had some trouble retaining these masters once their services had been obtained. One of the masters, in 1889, complained to the Chief Inspector of Schools:

'I was the fifth master appointed to the school and there have been fifteen appointments since, of which only seven are still at the school. '

Part of the high turn-over can be put down to the fact that the masters at Sydney High were seriously underpaid when compared with the salaries offered, for example, at Sydney Grammar School, which was also supported by government funds. (A ministerial report of 1889 recorded that "the Sydney Grammar School costs the State more per annum than the five High Schools put together".)

The poor salaries and lack of promotional opportunities in a system that eventually offered only two boys’ high schools in the whole colony meant that some teachers went on to careers in the private school system. For others, however, a teaching post was merely a stepping-stone to greater things. Several masters from Sydney High went on to play important roles in the history of Australia as lawyers, soldiers, politicians and academics. (Their biographies will be published in the coming weeks.)

It must also be noted that there were no staff facilities at all in the old Castlereagh Street building. One master, who served in 1888, recalled:

In those days there was absolutely no provision for the Masters' convenience, we flung our hats and bags on any old window sill, for lunch we turned the boys out of a Class Room and bestrode their dirty forms [fixed desks and chairs].

Not all were full-time employees, either. The lecturer in French at Sydney University, Dr E Thibault, was a part-time teacher of modern languages at both the boys’ and girls’ schools, although other full-time masters were also known to teach French.

The 1933 school history sums up the early masters as follows:

'The whole staff were, in the words of Dr Doak, “Lovable good fellows”. They were all exceptionally keen on firmly establishing the Sydney High School as a first-class scholastic institution, and to this end always impressed on the early pupils the necessity of doing well in the public examinations, thus proving that the Sydney High School - the first School of a new system - was equal to the other secondary schools then in existence. '

SHS Old Boys Union
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New Library & Performing Arts Centre

Tax Deductible 125th Anniversary Project
Sydney Boys High School depends upon its community of parents, Old Boys and supporters to further the School’s ethos of the pursuit of all-round excellence.

We have a bold vision for a two stage Library & Performing Arts Centre. With advances in information technology, there is a pressing need to create a facility which is able to adapt and keep pace with meeting the increasing needs of our students. The estimated cost of the combined project is $4m. Stage one requires $1.8m; we have $400k. A new tax deductible monthly giving program has been introduced to help fund our development goal.

We have implemented an arrangement with ANZ Bank for automatic monthly deductions from a nominated credit card. You can elect to give $50, $40, $30 or $20 each month for a period of twelve months. Your nominated amount, along with your name and credit card details will be sent to the bank electronically. At the end of the financial year, the school will issue an annual statement as evidence of tax deductible donations. You can opt in or out of the scheme provided you notify the school in writing five working days before the fifteenth day of each month.

Thank you for helping to make a difference for our boys.

Name: ___________________________________________________________
Daytime Phone Number: ___________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________
         _________________________________________ Postcode _____
Email Address: __________________________________________________
I authorise SBHS to make the following deductions from the credit card nominated below:
Card Type:  ____ Mastercard        ____ Visa
Monthly deduction for 12 months:  ___ $50      ___ $40      ___ $30      ___ $20
Card Number:  _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _     Expiry Date: ____ / ____   
Cardholder’s Name: _____________________________________________________________
                                           [please print]
Cardholder’s Signature: _______________________________________  Date: _________

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From the Rugby Master’s desk

The Year 7 “Try Rugby Day” held on Friday 14th March was a great success due the effective planning and organisation of Serdar Bolen, our Junior Rugby Development Officer. All the activities were appropriate for the skill and experience level of our students, capably led by several of our junior rugby coaches and a number of our senior rugby players. What really made the whole day work was the enthusiasm shown by all the Year 7 students, as evident from the photos taken during the day.

At the end of the day about 40 boys indicated that they would give rugby a go, which would mean that we could field two teams this season and with 10 or so more players could even get a third team in the 13 Years age group.

Thank you to all who took part in the day, including Mr Geoff Andrews, President of the High Rugby Committee, who was the Head BBQ chef for the day. Thank you also to the staff for supporting High rugby and allowing this day to occur.
G. Stein
MIC Rugby

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High Cricket Bulletin

Last Saturday we experienced the “agony and the ecstasy” in sport with the agony of the 2nd XI failing by just 3 runs from turning a first innings win into an outright victory due to stumps being drawn. The seconds showed a great deal of resolve and patience in this match against Newington which makes one wonder why it hasn’t been more frequent during the season from the team members. But, congratulations to the team on an overdue victory and to their coach Ani Rao.

Recently I saw an old classic John Wayne Western style movie on a re-run on TV titled “True Grit” the story of a crusty individual, rough around the edges, with principles and to use a phrase with a fire in his belly to overcome any situation. Today we would call it ‘gutsy” which describes the amazing outright victory of the 3rd XI coming from a devastating position of 5 wkts down for only 19 runs at the end of play on Day 1. chasing Shore’s total of 248 runs. From that position and in a gutsy, determined and free hitting performance the Thirds achieved an incredible win and we are ecstatic ! My congratulations to all concerned on one of the best wins I have experienced from a High team in the past 6 years.

An interesting sidelight to this performance is that I banned the team from using the cricket net last sport day and sent them to a centre wicket practice advising then to train in a match style mode (the nets are seen as a “cushy” way of not having to cart equipment, walk too far and an easy roll the arm over, belt any type of ball style exercise). They weren’t happy chappies and probably mad at me (which was obvious), but I just wonder if it was any of that anger, or was it the realization that I am experienced in dealing with cricketers that I just might have been right to make them use their talents in a “realistic” cricket arena and produce a performance like this.? We will never know the answer, but as been said many times we have the cricket talent at High, but it has been wasted quite often through poor preparation to matches. Particularly on sport days.

CRICKET DINNER and PRESENTATION of AWARDS – Friday 4th APRIL 2008 at 6-30pm
Reminder that the closing date for the bookings for the Dinner is the 31st March 2008 (no later than 12 noon). Payments are to be made through the School office. Te cost is Adults $25-00 and Students $20-00 for a good night, some trivia fun, a great multi prize raffle and Awards. Don’t miss out.

For parents still holding cricket kits, including coaches and managers are advised that they can be returned to the school gymnasium foyer during the day for collection by staff or for those attending the Cricket Dinner kits can be handed over on the night. Please assist in the return of all equipment, as we have an extraordinary demand now that we are fielding 17 teams... ALL MATCH and TRAINING BALLS are also to be returned as they will be required for sport days next.

GROUP 1. (Two Day Fixtures)

1st XI NEWINGTON 10 /121 and 9 /126 (declared) - defeated - HIGH 10 /88 and 10 /122
Day 2.
One within our grasp and given away!! Once again dropped catches proved costly as High pressed for early 2nd innings wickets against the Newington XI and after losing 9 wickets a declaration was made to make a contest of the game. High got off to a good start and at 1- 62 off 32 overs we then shot ourselves in the foot with poor shot selections and decisions amongst the senior middle order players and failed by 37 runs to record a win. Wicket takers were Kerrod McPherson 3- 35, Kogulan Sriranjan 2-20, Karan Rao 2-15 and Daniel Simpson and Matthew Coutts took one wicket each. Main run scorers Andy Liu (50 and Avindu Vithanage (23) A full Match Report posted on the Cricket Website 2ndXI HIGH 10 /156 and 6 /90 -defeated - NEWINGTON 10 / and 0 /0 (declared) Day 2.High produced. Wicket takers were Varan Peranathan 2-10, Harrison Lane 2-10, Shiva Sheth 2-10, Alisdair Brown 2-8, Neeraj Vyas 1-10 and Micael Gau bowled 7 maiden overs to record the figures of 0-0 (7). 3rdXI HIGH 10 /154 and 4 /98 - defeated - SHORE 10 /248 and 0 /0 (declared) Day 2.. A collapse by High on Day 1. on a dry afternoon wicket saw them finish with 5-19 at stumps with all players being bowled. A centre wicket batting session was directed at sport during the week (in lieu of nets) to allow the team to practice in the environment in which they compete to gather some credibility on Day 2. A steady build up on resumption on Day 2 saw High reach 8 / 90 before Ritam Mitra (43) and Stanley Chin (36) came together for a 67 run partnership which helped High to finish on 154. A sporting Declaration by Shore with 13 overs left to play saw High chasing 95 runs @7.22 runs per over and in a most outstanding comeback High won the match outright. Run Scorers in the 2nd innings were Nicholas Lochner (42) and Toby Rosengarten (23n.o). Congratulations to the team on a “true grit” win.
A full Match Report posted on the Cricket Website. (Worth reading!!)

16As HIGH - versus - NEWINGTON
No Match Report submitted.

15As NEWINGTON 10 /239 - defeated - HIGH 10 / 217
Day 2
. Stood to be a day of interesting cricket when High commenced the chase down of 240 to win the match. However 2 early wicket losses and the pressure came on until Nakul Bhagwat and Michael Phung steadied the ship and established a platform for the middle order. Unfortunately the middle order did not take the advantage established for them and High ultimately fell 23 runs short. The Day 1 Wicket takers were Kumudika Gunaratne 3- 7 (3), Nakul Bhagwat 2- 41 (14) and a tight bowling spell by Shimon Danziger 0-16 (8) and the leading run scorers for High were Michael Phung (82) and Nakul Bhagwat. A full Match Report posted on the Cricket Website . 14As HIGH 10 /129 (53 overs) - versus - NEWINGTON 10 /186 (61 overs) Day 2. A hard fought match with High being competitive and matching Newington until the 30th over with wickets in hand and runs on the board, but as with several of our matches after good starts, losing middle order wickets cheaply puts pressure on the tail enders who are mainly the bowlers. Newington played the better cricket but High has improved considerably over the season. Run scorers were Krishendu Dutta (36), Sudam Dias (32), And Tom Connolly (10). Wicket takers on Day 1 were Oliver Kirk 3- 23 (7), Druv Sabharwal 2- 37 (11) and Alexander Hughes 2- 21 (8)

GROUP 2 (One Day Fixtures)

4th XI HIGH -defeated - NEWINGTON 3rd XI 10 /136
They achieved their goal!!! Three consecutive wins to finish off the season on their last visits to the batting and bowling creases, and a fitting close to their cricket careers at High for all members who leave the School this year. and finishing off their last season at High on a great note. Well done to all of the members of this team which has been self-managed throughout the season and well organized. Run Scorers Tom Lindeback (54) including 5 sixes, Dan Campion (31), Alistair Taylor (26) and Patrick Locke (21) off 10 balls. Wicket Takers were Tom Lindeback 3-15 and James Ip 2-7. Helped by a spectacular catch by Dan Campion and an excellent run out by Gary Truong highlighted the team’s fielding effort. A full Match Report is posted on the Cricket Website.

5th XI St.JOSEPH’S (6th XI) 3 /157 -defeated- HIGH 10 / 155
A forgettable day’s cricket with no holds barred and two teams who weren’t prepared to step away from one another on the field. Played at Nagle Park in good surroundings High batted first in a reduced 25/25 over match and put together a handy total. St.Joseph’s took the crease and through some undisciplined bowling by High saw them put 41 runs together in the first 2.5 overs including 2 sixes and 6 fours.

16Bs NEWINGTON 10 /170 - defeated - HIGH 10 /81
No Match Report submitted

15Bs HIGH 3 /47 (70vers) - defeated - SHORE 10 /45
A great achievement from a team that has true grit and a winning attitude as an example for all teams at High. According to the team members, all “scores” have now been settled and High have achieved defeating each of the GPS Schools twice, a team goal set at the start of the season Run Scorer were Henry Sit (23n.o) and Ishman Bari (15n.o) Wicket takers were Subhdoh Weeratunge 3- 2, Krishan Sivayogarayan 3- 5, Samuel Lane 2-1, Derek Wei 1-18 and Shuman Subramaniam 1- 0 A full Match Report is posted on the Cricket Website

15Cs / 15Ds HIGH (15Ds) 10 /117 - defeated - HIGH (15Cs) 10 /116

14Bs and 14Cs
No Match Reports submitted

13As, 13Bs and 13Cs
No Match Reports submitted

Laurie Heil
MIC Cricket

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The 2008 SBHS Cricket Dinner

SBHS Cricket will celebrate the efforts and achievements of our boys as well as acknowledge staff, coaches and supporters at the SBHS Cricket dinner on Friday April 4th 2008.

Players are asked to take responsibility on a team-by-team basis for any end-of-season gifts to their team’s coach.

The dinner will be held on Friday 4th April in the Great Hall at 6.30 pm

The cost of the dinner will be $25 per adult and $20 per student..

Please make your payment at the Main Office before 12noon 31st march 2008

Tickets are limited.

Boys are to wear school uniform at the dinner

Please detach the form below and hand it in with your payment at the Main Office

Student Name  ____________________________________________ Year/Roll class _____
Cricket Team  __________________________________________________________________
TOTAL Number of adults ____________________ @ $25 per adult = $_________________
TOTAL Number of students __________________ @ $20 per student = $_______________
      TOTAL $___________________________________________________________________
Do you have any special dietary requirements? 
____ Vegetarian    _____ Other Please state ____________________________________
____ YES! I can help on the day with setting up the hall, table decorations etc.
Helper’s name and contact details :_____________________________________________
Email address: _________________________________________________________________
Phone Numbers: _________________________________________________________________

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The Onion Bag

SHS Football 2008
Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th of March mark the beginning of the winter sport season. Our first training and trials will be held on these days. All players are reminded to come prepared. Football boots, shin guards and a water bottle are all mandatory for training sessions and matches.

Year 7 Football
To help in grading teams, all Year 7 students intending to play football this year must ensure they complete and return a 2008 football registration form. They are available from Mr Loizou (HSIE) or Mr Gifford (TAS). Grading begins on Thursday 27th of March and all players must have football boots, shin pads and a water bottle to participate.

Coaches and managers
Football at Sydney High is seeking the input of parents to assist with the coaching and/or organisation of teams this year. With High expecting to field around 22 to 26 teams this year, our coaching resources are severely stretched. Whether it is in a coaching capacity on a Wednesday, Thursday and/or Saturday. It could be a managerial role, co coordinating the team on match days. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. If you are interested please contact me either via email or phone the school.

CHS Knockout v James Cook High (Lost 0-2)
SHS 1st grade played a first round match against James Cook High School on Thursday the 13th March at Centennial Park. Played in hot humid conditions, the team played strongly throughout the first half, resisting every attack that was mounted. The backline led by Daniel Campion looked solid and Lachlan Street in goals made a number of solid saves and the score remained 0-0 at half time. Our attack, spearheaded by George Lo was given little space to move. However, they created several chances but just failed to convert.

The second half was a more open affair as the conditions began to take effect. The more open game suited the free running, skilful James Cook team and they began to dominate possession. A fortuitous first goal from a misdirected cross finally broke High’s resistance and a second shortly after put paid to High’s chances.

Whilst the result was disappointing there is still a lot to be learnt from the game. The speed and accuracy of James Cook’s play was above ours and is a standard that we should be aiming to emulate. On a positive note, the individual performances of Harrison Lane, Jeremy Ireland were very encouraging, along with the efforts of Anthony Tsiailis off the bench.

Mr R.Gifford
MIC Football SBHS
Wk: 9361 6910 Ext:119
Voice mail: 291
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Quote of the Week
'I know what is around the corner - I just don't know where the corner is. But the onus is on us to perform and we must control the bandwagon.' - Kevin Keegan
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Basketball: Shooting Hoops

High VS Scots

Term 4 2007-(last time)

1st LOSS 68-55 D.XIAO 15
2nd LOSS 62-55 J.SUTTON 15
3rd LOSS 34-44 A.YANG, W.SZET 10
4th WIN 55-40 B.YANG 32!!!!!
5th WIN    
6th WIN    
7th WIN    
8th WIN    
16A WIN    
16B WIN    
16C WIN 39-10 MVP H.TRAN 10
16D WIN 40-12 S.YUNG 18!!
16E WIN 39-12 H.VI 8
15C WIN 27-26 D.CHEUNG 10
15D WIN 23-19 B.OU 9
14B LOSS 10-33 J.PARK 6
14C LOSS 12-16 A.FONG 9
14E WIN 24-22 N.TANG 12
14F LOSS 6-30 B.CHAU 6

Term 1 2008-(This week)

1st LOSS 56-53 S.HIGGINS 23
2nd LOSS 58-37 P.DU 9
3rd WIN 30-20 M.FENG 8
4th LOSS 28-32 B.YANG 13
16B WIN 49-14 JOSEPH 25
16C WIN 42-16 H.TRAN 16
16D LOSS 17-39 J.DU 4
16E WIN 30-27 H.LU 8, H.VI 8
15A WIN 62-30 A.YE 26!
15C WIN 24-4 H.TRAN 8
15E LOSS 19-22 D.CHEN 6
14A LOSS 16-36 MOON 6
14B LOSS 19-29 J.PARK 9
14C LOSS 14-19 M.ZHU 6
14E WIN 18-11 N.TANG 7
14F WIN 22-14 B.CHAU 8

15s and 13s on the Rise!
Well done to the 15s age group this season; especially with 15as claiming victory in every game of 2008. Well done to the 13as -a very close game - I am sure you will defeat them in term four if you keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!

Andrew has been a standout player in his age group for three seasons now. He is very consistent at finishing around the hoop. In particular his ability to run the floor for fast breaks is the reason he ends up with the ball in his hands from great passers like Emmett and outlet passers like Christian, Nikhil, Chris and David.

High will be having its 4th Basketball Dinner this year on Friday March the 28th. Students are reminded that it is full school uniform and advised to bring extra soft drinks for the night.

Donation to Raffle Prizes
Anyone interested to donate to the raffle prizes at the basketball dinner please contact Mrs Tassell on 0411444191

Weekend Summary in High Gym
From the moment I stepped into the gym at 7.30am on Saturday the atmosphere was already fairly heated. I’ve got a good bunch of team mates practising their shots and moves at such an early time. We love High Basketball. Despite the turnout of the game, I was still proud of them for the effort they’ve put in this week and more importantly this season. This is simply because they’ve improved so much from when the team was formed. The new system that has been put into place for basketball is really paying off. High is now achieving much more wins in not just the lower grades now, but also the higher grades of basketball. I personally remember a few years back, when 3rd grade never won a match. Now things are different, 3rd grade managed to win 50% of their games through these 2 seasons. It was also great to see the great crowd that supported High in our gym – in particular for 1sts and 2nds. I’m pretty sure those of us in year 12 won’t forget the atmosphere of that great day….
By Johny Shih

Video Competition
The best video footage created will be shown at the basketball dinner! Have your team’s highlights shown to everyone at the great night’s dinner! Be quick as this is your last chance! For the dinner’s coming very soon!!! (28th of March).

Senior house basketball is coming soon See Ms Ward for details
Congratulations to Spencer Llewelyn and Sam Higgins On GPS selection. Both athletes had outstanding seasons.

~Brought to you by Johny Shih
~Thank you to Mr Hayman for all his contributions to basketball and information

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From Volleyball

High is hosting the state volleyball carnival

We are desperately seeking families who might be able to billet 1 or 2 boys for 3 nights in Week 9 (25-27 March 2008).

If you can help or would like more information please call Michael Kay (Science HT) on 0419 187 289.
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Robyn Meakin's Farewell

If you would like to join us in wishing Robyn Meakin a happy and healthy retirement

please come along to Sydney Boys High School on Sunday April 6 2008 at 1.00 pm.

Tickets $40.

Please make your payment at the main office or call the school

to make a payment by credit card

Please RSVP and pay by Tuesday April 1 2008

Phone 9361 6910

If you are unable to attend but would like to make a contribution to the gift for Robyn please contact the office
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High Store Price List

Autumn/Winter Price List - 2008


From -




Please arrange for boys to be fitted as
early as possible:  6-8 weeks delivery from order)

  DT Apron






PANTS: Trousers - Junior, Dark Grey w/w
Trousers - Senior, Light Grey w/w







BELTS: Black leather




SHIRTS: Sky Blue and White, Short Sleeve


OTHER: Water Bottle with SHS logo


  Sizes 10-14


  Brita Water Filtration Bottle


  Sizes 16-22


  Brita Filters


  Sizes 24-26








  Sky Blue and White, Long Sleeve




  Sizes 10-14


  Polo (house colours)


  Sizes 16-22


  Black Baggy with SHS Print


  Sizes 24-26


  Sport Socks




TRACKSUITS: (sold as separates)


  Up to size 16


  Taslon Jacket


  Size 18-22


  Taslon Pant


  Size 24-26








SOCKS: Woollen or Cotton Knee High


  Singlet (NEW design)


  Cotton Anklet Sock in SHS colours


  Short (NEW design)
HIGH Training Top


TIES: Junior


  Socks white with SHS. colour








SOCCER: Jersey (sky with brown collar)


  Old Boys


  Shorts Brown Baggy


  GPS. Old Boy














RUGBY: Jersey:




  up to Size 12


BAGS: Backpack


        Size 14-22


  Sports Bag


        Size 24-28


        Shorts (new style rugby)


MATHS Grid Book A4




  Grid Book 96 Page


  Scarves knitted in SHS colours
















  House Badge


MUSIC Music Book


  SHS. (metal)




  Rowing (metal)


ART: Artist Paints


  Orchestra (metal)


  Canvas 18" x 24"


  Rifle (metal)


  Visual Art Diary A4


  SBHS Lapel Pin (metal)


  Visual Art Diary A3




Mug with SHS crest (gift boxed)


SHS Sticker


Bridge Scorers


Address Book


Double Pack Playing Cards


School Centenary Book


Pencil Case (school crest)


Silverware:  sugar or fluted spoon






Letter Opener






SHS Plaque


Car Sticker


Coat hanger


SHS Foldable Chair


SHS Cufflinks


Car Number Plate Covers $39.95


Polo Shirt $49.50
Supporter Jersey High Spirit $75.00
Rugby Jersey (Original) $60.00
Suppoter Polo Fleece Jumper (New Design) $69.00
OBU Tie $27.50

BLAZERS - Additions


GPS Pocket $22.00
Music Pocket $22.00
Prefect Top Pocket $22.00
Prefect Bottom Pocket $38.50
Embroidery Line $17.50
Full Braiding $70.00
Dry Cleaning $11.00
Service Charge $30.00

Clothing Pool

A recycled section operates within the High Store shop.  Items such as blazers, shorts, trousers, jumpers, rugby/soccer tops & boots, tracksuits can be sold on a commission basis - the shop retaining 1/3 of the sale price.
Please ensure that when sending items for sale, you include your name and address.
All items sent should be clean and in good condition.  Shirts are gladly accepted as a donation.


Accepted payment methods include - Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, EFTPOS (Direct Debit) or cheque made payable to the "HIGH STORE"


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 10:30am to 1:30pm Telephone 9331 7075


G.S.T. is included on all prices listed.
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Year 9 Parent Group Meeting

An Invitation to all Year 9 Parents

Wednesday 26th March at 6:30pm, Staff Common Room (near main office)

If you are a Year 9 parent and you are not receiving emails from us, and if you would like to receive Year 9 parent group information electronically, could you please send your name and email address to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday
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School Student Transport Scheme (SSTS)

School Student Code of Conduct – Students travelling on buses must:-

  • Dip school bus pass or pay the fare when joining the bus. This is particularly important as the data collected from the on bus fare collection system may be used for service planning purposes
  • Use school specials when provided
  • Vacate seats for adults when requested
  • Follow the driver’s instructions about safety on the bus
  • Respect the needs and comfort of other passengers
  • Behave appropriately at all times (e.g. no offensive language, no throwing things)
  • Protect bus property (e.g. no vandalism)

Students are reminded to:-

  • Only use the school bus pass for its intended purpose i.e. for travel between home and school (does not include travel to and from sporting activities)
  • Maintain possession of the school bus pass at all times.

During 2008, authorised officers will be deployed to inspect Code of Conduct compliance on school bus services in the Eastern Region. Students who are found to have breached their obligations may lose their travel entitlement and possibly incur an infringement.
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