High Notes, Vol 9 No 7, March 14 2008

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From the Principal

High Talent
Tanvir Uddin (2006) has commended the work of six of our boys who volunteered on Clean Up Australia Day. Their project was the McKay fields and the area around the Fairland Pavilion.

Well done to Masnun Kayes (Year 11) Raiyan Khan (Year 10) Andrew Huynh, Raghib Saddique and Iznad Zaman (Year 9) and Zafar Mohamed Rizvi (Year 7). Dominic Mah (7E) has recently broken the GPS record for 50m breaststroke (carnival 3) and smashed the Sydney East Region 100m breaststroke record by a massive 8 seconds. Max Chien also won the Junior Boys 200m breaststroke at the GPS carnival. Congratulations, boys!

Our Community Service Projects: Year 12- Father Chris Riley’s ‘Youth Off The Streets’
The motto of the organisation is ‘we’ll never give up on chronically homeless and drug addicted young Australians as they work to turn their lives around’. For the last seven years, succeeding Year 12 students have been raising money to help Father Riley’s cause. In the last couple of years fund raising efforts have extended beyond one-off public collection days and mufti days at school. Talent quests and barbecues have helped to augment the funds High is able to donate to this worthy cause.

On November 30 last year, ‘Youth Off The Streets’ honoured young people who had made progress as measured by – gaining School Certificates, obtaining employment, succeeding in sport, reuniting with family, living drug free or participating in special events. We were represented by Richard Yang (2007) Shreyas Iyer and Mihir Desai (Year 12, 2008). Father Riley is also working with East Timorese youth. At the function some universal ideas were explored. The ‘circle of courage’ idea refers to the encompassing directions surrounding self esteem development. Traditional native educational practices address the four basic components of self-esteem: belonging, generosity, mastery and independence. Native people envision themselves as a person standing in a circle surrounded by the four directions.

Next time you are asked to bring $2 to school to donate to a mufti day, reflect on just how much difference our collective generosity can make to the lives of young people in calamitous circumstances so different from our own.

Project Rugby Revival
At our recent Junior and Senior School Assemblies, boys were exhorted to join the winter season rugby program. This year the 6-point plan for a better rugby future is being implemented. Nick Ryan from Sydney University Sports’ elite rugby program, introduced 3 of the 4 elite players who will be working with us this year. Along with the ACPE students and additional personnel in speed, endurance and defence, the school structure to support the rugby program has never been stronger. Now all we need are players willing to train hard and play hard! Last year we could only muster 10 teams to Sydney Grammar’s 18. My target this year is for thirteen teams at least. We need three teams in each of 13s, 14s, 15s, to build a skilled pool for senior rugby to improve its performance. Once boys have learned to play they need to stay committed so that we can get three 16s team and 5 or 6 opens teams. Our school is big enough. Grammar has better HSC results than us at the top end and yet fields 18 teams. Let’s get behind a High rugby revival!

High Academics – High Participation
Encourage your son to get involved in school life. In Year 9 2007 the Dux was Kevin Sheng. His activities? Intermediate Concert band, Grade tennis and football, GPS Athletics team, GPS Cross Country Team, SRC representative, Amnesty International Committee member and member of the School Cadet Unit. Justin Chan was second. He played in the Intermediate, Senior Concert, Senior Stage and Marching Bands, was in grade tennis and rugby and was a member of the debating team. Stephen Yoon was third, he played grade basketball beyond his Year level, rugby and was a member of the regional, CHS and GPS athletics teams. This school stands for high involvement and high academic success. Being busy and organised complements your academic progress!

Building Fund Advisory Group
The Building Fund Advisory Group meets three times a year in March, June and December to ratify policy in respect of capital funds and to approve disbursements from building funds. Chairs of the governance bodies – SBH School Council and P & C - are members, as are representatives from the Foundation and the OBU. At the March meeting, expenditure beyond the $28k approved at the December, 2007 meeting was ratified.

The policy of the school was to prepare to accommodate the new Year 9 class. The policy is also to maximise savings to go towards financing the new Library / Performing Arts Space. The auditor is concerned that capital works payments should be made directly from the No 3 Sydney Boys High School Building Fund Account and not from our No1 cheque account – building refurbishment. Thus, the SBHSBF had to reimburse the $36,584 in capital works for 2007. Other items funded directly from SBHSBF were: network cabling, data projector installation and cabling, room 705 wall, carpet for room 611, an airlock for 204, demolition of 611 wall and rebuild corridor wall to complete 611. In total $94,205 of capital works were approved. I appreciate that such a level of expenditure takes away from our capacity to build momentum in our fundraising for our new library. Nevertheless, a balance between emergent needs and long term goals needs to be struck. Be assured your tax deductible capital donations are being used productively to benefit the maximum number of boys, now and into the future.

The BFAG recommended to me at the March meeting that a small volunteer Steering Group of people experienced in architecture, project management and liaison with the Department of Commerce should be asked to advise me on the next steps in our process towards making the library vision a closer reality. If there are any parents out there with any of these qualifications or experiences or who have contacts in these fields, I would love to hear from you.
Dr K A Jaggar
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Latin at High in 2008 is set to be a busy programme, as there are many activities planned for all classes.

Year 12 students have already participated in the first of the enrichment activities organised for this year: the Latin Summer School at the University of Sydney. This is as annual event that has been running successfully for a number of years, now. Students are able to participate in a variety of activities, from Latin song (carmina) to intellectually stimulating in-depth study of Latin authors like Cicero and Vergil.

The current Year 12 studied a number of authors. Dr Jaggar recently presented these students with their Certificates from the University. The recipients were as follows: Jacob Cao, Jack Chen, Jun Dai, Edwin Montoya-Zorilla, Thomas Wilson and Boris Zolotarev.

Congratulations to these boys, who devoted part of their summer holiday to the pursuit of Latin.

Year 8 classes, with Ms Matsos and Ms Cook, will soon be visiting the Italian Forum in Leichhardt, where they will be hearing a talk on the Roman Forum, and then enjoying the culinary legacy of the ancients in the form of Pizza and Gelato. Historians tell us that the pizza concept originated in either ancient Greece or Asia Minor, where herbs and a topping such as olives were placed onto pitta bread and then fired in the oven. Gelato, or the first ice-cream, comes to us from two sources: ancient Rome, with one of the Emperors who wanted a dessert that was refreshing, and ancient China! (An interesting cross-cultural connection.)

The Year 8 Latin Camp will be held in September at Elanora Heights Conference centre. Students will participate in a number of creative cultural activities, such as mock-battles!

Year 7 have recently been introduced to Roman ways, through the excellent Cambridge Latin Course, interesting on-line activities, and the first of a series of documentaries on Rome.

Cultural research assignments from this Year are of a high standard. Presentation of work is interesting, with students getting into the spirit of this language by producing parchment scrolls filled with details about life in ancient Pompeii.
D Matsos, J Cook,

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Writing competitions
Students have the opportunity to enter a number of writing competitions:

‘WriteNow’ - a creative writing competition, sponsored by the Sydney Morning Herald, The Sydney Writers Festival and BigPond, for students in Years 7-9.

‘What Matters? 2008’ - a writing competition for students in Years 7-12. Presented by the Whitlam Institute this competition asks for a 400-600 word opinion piece on what matters to you and why.

‘Mark My Words’ – The Sydney Morning Herald Young Writer of the Year competition.

Please encourage your son to take advantage of one of the above writing opportunities. Entry forms and further information are available from the English Faculty.

Recommended reading – a regular feature!
All of us absorb so much from the things we read. Reading allows us to travel into different worlds, consider great moral dilemmas, feel emotions beyond our life experience, and like Atticus says, to walk a mile in another man’s shoes. That’s why reading is so important for our development as human beings.

In many ways, we are what we read. In your English lessons the English faculty seeks to give you texts that we think will contribute to who you are. The books and films we teach are calculated to make you think critically, to expose you to beautiful writing, to make you enjoy immersing yourself in someone else’s story, so you can better understand your own. But the classroom isn’t the only place you should be reading.

In each High Notes this year we plan to offer up a recommendation for your reading - and viewing - outside the classroom. Sometimes, from a member of the English faculty, sometimes from a student or a class, sometimes from members of other faculties and other staff from around the school. We hope you will read these recommendations with interest, and perhaps seek out some of the books and films people at High enjoy and admire.

This week it’s my turn…

Ms Trompetter’s reading suggestion…for the writers in us and all the readers too!
‘The New Granta Book of the American Short Story’ edited by Richard Ford represents a comprehensive and arguably definitive collection of short fiction from more than forty writers. Ford writes in the introduction ‘Short stories by nature are daring little instruments and almost always represent commensurate daring in their makers. For one thing, short stories want to give us something big but want to do it in precious little time and space…short stories are the high-wire act of literature…’. The stories in this anthology certainly reflect this sentiment.
Marina Trompetter
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Year 8 Parent Group Meeting

An Invitation to All Year 8 Parents

Tuesday 18th March from 6:30pm in the Staff Common Room (near the School Office)

Ms Gilmore will be our guest speaker

If you have any queries or require any further information please feel free to contact me on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

I look forward to seeing you there!
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Another email service for parents

Parents who supply the school with an email address can now have an updated report on their son’s attendance record can sent to them on a daily or weekly basis.

If you would like to have your son’s attendance record sent to you send your email address to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please include your son’s name and date of birth in the email.
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SBHS Foundation Years

The Curriculum and Examinations
The Public Instruction Act of 1880 stated that the new High Schools for boys were to give instruction in “ancient and modern languages, in history, in literature, in mathematics and in physical science together with such other subjects as the Minister may from time to time direct”.

Sydney High’s first course of instruction covered the Classics – Latin and Greek; Mathematics; Modern Languages – French and German; English language, literature and elocution; History; Physical Science; and Drawing (geometrical and perspective). Both Greek and German were optional.

The school’s teaching program was, to a certain extent, governed by the system of public external examinations then in place. The Sydney University Senate had established a system of public examinations, in 1866, in an attempt to raise the educational standards in the colony. The “Junior” and “Senior” University Examinations were, essentially, the ancestors of today’s HSC. The University’s Manual of Public Examinations guided the syllabuses of all secondary schools in NSW in the second half of the 19th century.

The first candidates from Sydney High to sit these external exams sat for the Junior Examination in 1884 and the school quickly established its position in the league tables of 19th century NSW.

Even in the 1880s, the Headmaster was having to defend the School against charges that it was nothing more than a “cram shop” for the University Examinations. In 1885, the Headmaster of All Saints' College, Bathurst, alluded in his annual report to the “competitive eagerness” displayed by the Sydney High Schools. Coates replied in a letter to the Sydney Morning Herald:

If by this term [he] means that we are eager to make a proper use of all the examinations conducted by the University, then we plead guilty. But if the head master of All Saints' College wishes your readers to draw from this term “competitive eagerness” the inference that we are confining our work in any subject to the requirements of the University examinations, or that we are rushing our pupils for those examinations in the largest possible numbers, then he is entirely wrong. We could have sent up this year to the public examinations, with every chance of fair success, twice as many candidates as we did actually send; and I may mention that, out of the highest form of 17 boys, only two were candidates at the recent examinations.

By 1889, Sydney High was second only to Sydney Grammar School in the Junior Examination. Of the 384 NSW candidates, Sydney High School achieved 31 passes to Sydney Grammar’s 38.

The first curriculum, with its strong classical bias, was considered to be ill-adapted to the needs of late 19th century society. By the late 1880s, forces within the Department of Public Instruction were looking at changing the high school program so that, after a conventional junior course, the boys would choose either a commercial or technical course in their senior years. This move was strongly opposed by the Headmaster, Joseph Coates, whose view was that the school’s task was to prepare its boys for their future life as citizens, not just for life in the office or workshop. The curriculum was broadened somewhat and practical subjects were introduced with the move to Ultimo in 1892, but Sydney High School managed to retain its important role as a link to the University for its pupils. All that remains of the Department’s full proposal is the inscription above the door of the new school building at Ultimo which, to this day, reads “Commercial High School”.

Recognition of academic achievement at Sydney Boys High was not as full as some of the pupils might have hoped. The school history records that at the first prize-giving, when announcing the order of merit, the Headmaster stated that “all through life the virtue lies in the struggle, not the prize”. The history goes on to state:

This was cold comfort to those who headed the lists. Instead of carrying home a pile of books, as was the case in other schools, they were rewarded with a foolscap sheet stating their position in class and in various subjects.

This policy of principled opposition to prize giving was adhered to more or less consistently throughout Coates’ headmastership, although it is recorded that, in 1886, he did set up honour boards to record the names of the Dux (then called the “Captain”) and the most successful candidates at the University Examinations. These boards are still on display in the Killip Wing.

One old boy, who enrolled in 1889, did recall one occasion when the Headmaster was made to give a prize against his will:

S D Chalmers, later a world authority on Optics (he did great scientific work in the war) had been our "false alarm" in Mathematics, always below his brilliant best. Joey presumed on this, and jocosely offered him "a writing desk worth five pounds," if he beat me in Maths at the Matric. Chalmers ran straight and won the University Maths Scholarship from a good field. The "old man" pleaded an obvious "never intended," but he compromised and paid up finally.
SHS Old Boys Union

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P&C General Meeting

P&C General Meeting to be held at 7.30pm on Wed 19th March, 2008 in the Great Hall
Dr Kim Jaggar will be presenting a talk on the 2007 Sydney Boys High HSC results at the P&C General Meeting to be held at 7.30pm on Wed 19th March, 2008 in the Great Hall. Everyone is welcome to attend to learn about Dr Jaggar's interesting and thorough analysis of the HSC results and the possible conclusions to be drawn from the experience. Budget and contribution of funds for various proposed improvement to the school from P&C for 2008 will also be discussed at the meeting.

We wish to thank Richard Ayre, our Head Teacher of Sport, for a very informative talk on GPS Sport and Sport Policy at Sydney Boys High at our last P&C General Meeting. We will be inviting guest speakers to talk about various topics of interest to the school community at our P&C meetings to be held on the 3rd Wed of every month during school term. Come along for a chat with other parents and participate in the decision making process of various P&C activities.

Michael Kay, MIC of Volleyball and head science teacher, is asking for volunteer parents to work with him to organise 30 billeting families for the State Volleyball Carnival hosted by SBHS from 25th to 27th March. Any families that are happy to participate are encouraged to contact Michael Kay by email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Simon Chan
President of P&C

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From the Canteen

First up….some background information: We know how busy life can be for today’s parents, which is why we’d especially like to thank our loyal volunteers for their contribution to the smooth running of the canteen. Volunteer help is vital to ensure healthy food for our boys and an ongoing income stream to the P&C for allocation to worthy school projects.

We’d like to say thank you by rewarding our volunteers with the chance to win a $10 Canteen voucher for their sons. All volunteers have to do is turn up for duty as usual and sign the duty roster book. A draw will be held each month for the lucky voucher winner. Remember, if you find you can’t make your shift, just call a fellow parent on the roster and arrange a swap.

And the lucky winner this month is…..Toni Lindeback, with Tom (Year 12) and Nick (Year 11). Congratulations and Bon Appetit!
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Music Notices

The Performing Arts Unit (PAU) is auditioning for new recruitments this year for their various ensembles. Please download and fill in the form on their website www.pau.nsw.edu.au under Music and return to the PAU by the 10th of April. No late applications will be accepted for any reason.

This year’s Encore performance was held last Monday 10th of March in the Sydney Opera House and featured two of our HSC students; James Mackay and Muhamed Mehmedbasic. The boys performed outstandingly in this showcase concert and were also interviewed by the ABC news crew about their musical journey and experiences. Congratulations to all of our Encore nominated HSC music students for their hard work and efforts.

Yr 9-Yr12 Elective music students attended a performance by DAORUM last Tuesday afternoon featuring Carl Dewhurst (guitar), Phil Slater (trumpet), Simon Baker (drums), Matt McMahon (keyboards), Bae ll Tong (vocals) and Kim Dong Won (drums/vocals). The group, who performed only one show at the Sydney Opera House (a sellout concert), gave up their time to perform and entertain us with traditional Korean music with contemporary improvisation in the school’s Great Hall. The boys learned a lot about the traditional percussion instruments used in traditional Korean music and the unique vocal techniques used in their operatic singing.

Ensemble Rehearsal Times for 2008
7:30am Intermediate Concert Band (Room 201)
7:30am Junior Concert Band (Room 101) - Beginning of Term 2
7:30am Junior Percussion Ensemble (101)
7:30am Training Strings Ensemble (Room 204)
Lunchtime Junior Jazz Ensemble (Room 201)

7:45am Chamber Choir (Room 201)
3:30pm Marching Band (Basketball Courts - Major Knowles and Anthony Ho)

7:30am Junior Stage Band (Room 101)
7:30am Intermediate Stage Band (Room 201)
7:45 Chamber Choir (Room 202)

7:30am Senior Concert Band
7:30am Senior String Ensemble (Room 204)
3:30pm Senior Stage Band (Room 201)

7:45am Symphony Orchestra (Room 201)
7:30am Marching Band (MPW) – 8:00am Guitar Ensemble (Room 101)
8:00am Guitar Ensemble (Room 101)
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If you would like to join us in wishing Robyn Meakin a happy and healthy retirement please come along to

Sydney Boys High School on
Sunday April 6 2008 at 1.00 pm.

Tickets $40.

Please make your payment at the main office or call the school to make a payment by credit card

Please RSVP and pay by Tuesday April 1 2008

Phone: 9361 6910

If you are unable to attend but would like to make a contribution to the gift for Robyn please contact the office
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SBHS Cricket

A very encouraging Day 1 of Round 7 of the AAGPS Competition and Round 13 of the One Day Competitions with the three of our five senior teams having won and the remaining two are in winning positions. The 2nd XI establishing a first innings lead and the 15Bs becoming the Grade Premier 15 B team in the One Day Competition in that grade are highlights.. The “Fighting 4ths” (XI) and the “Composite 5ths” produced run blitzes together with some vastly improved performances by our Under 13s Year 7 Teams. Congratulations to all concerned.

The 1st XI hit a bump after last week’s great win over St Ignatius (Riverview) but all is not lost as they only trailed by 33 runs on the first innings and secured a second innings Newington wicket in the last over of the day to put them on the track to consider an outright victory.

As many of our senior XIs players have realized that next Saturday will be their last match as members of one of our flagship teams, it was obvious that some were experiencing the emotions attached to the realization that their school years were ending all too soon. Having said that, it is of course no excuse for performances as Adam Gilchrist displayed in his final emotional matches in playing the same way as he always has and as we expected. As a result of that I am inviting members of our junior and intermediate teams, supporters and coaches who play morning matches to bring a lunch on Saturday and head over to our home ground at McKay No 2 Field in Centennial Park . Then sit and watch the 1st XI work towards a victory in their last match and send them off from our cricket section with personal pride and a sense of achievement. After all is this not the reason to be a student at HIGH??

CRICKET DINNER and PRESENTATION of AWARDS – Friday 4th APRIL 2008 at 6-30pm
Reminder that the closing date for the bookings for the Dinner is the 31st March 2008 (no later than 12 noon). Payments are to be made through the School office.

PARKING DUTIES – Sunday 16th MARCH at Sydney Football Stadium 3-0pm
Our last effort was not up to our usual standard with members being late to arrive and early to leave and there was a lack of adults to support the boys, who I do not expect to have to deal with hard headed parkers. We need a minimum of 8 adults at this match and your support would be appreciated. Please contact Dr Andrew Bowes (whose details can be obtained from our Website) OR contact me direct and I will pass it on. We need adults from 1-0pm for 2 hours. Remember, the efforts we put in benefit your sons in respect to support facilities.

GROUP 1. (Two Day Fixtures)
1st XI HIGH 10/88 -versus NEWINGTON 10/121 and 1/4
Day 1.
After struggling to find line and length early High after breaking through with 2 wickets then regularly took wickets to restrict the early damage and dismiss Newington for 121. Wicket takers were Neeraj Bangalore 4 -44, Kogulan Sriranjan 3- 30, Kerrod McPherson 2- 10 and Matthew Coutts 1- 14 High then produced an array of poor shot selections and lack of patience against good pressure bowling and folded for 88, with Brian Kelly (29no) and Neeraj Bangalore batting intelligently for the last wicket for almost half of the team’s final total. Newington’s second innings got off to a poor start with Kerrod McPherson picking up the first wicket in the last over of the day. A Match Report posted on the Cricket Website

1stXI HIGH 9/236 - defeated SOUTH SYDNEY HIGH 10/76 A.W.DAVIDSON SHIELD- One Day (40/40)
High commenced their quest to reach the Semi Finals in this Shield which will culminate in Term 4 of this year. High batted first and saw the momentum of last week carry forward with Avindu Vithanage (82), Kerrod McPherson (32), Alisdair Brown (23), Nakul Pedneker (22) and Brian Kelly (14) all contributing to the total with the bat. South Sydney started the chase but the continual fall of wickets stopped them gaining any momentum and were all out for 76 also helped by some very ordinary fielding by High. Wicket takers were Timmy Lim 3-15 (6), Kerrod McPherson 2-16 (5), Nakul Pedneker 2-11 (5) Brian Kelly 1-4 (4) and Alisdair Brown (debuted his leg spinners) took 1 10

2ndXI HIGH 5/76 Lead on the 1st innings -versus - NEWINGTON 10/50
Day 1.
High produced its best bowling performance for the season after losing the toss and being sent in to the field. Tight lines and lengths, choking fielding and timely bowling changes ensured that Newington regularly lost wickets throughout its innings. High then batted and ground its way past their total with some disciplined batting in the middle order. High hope to push towards its first chance of an outright victory for the season with more sensible cricket on Day 2. Main run scorer was Alisdair Brown (28) who put together a steadying score in the middle order. Wicket takers were Varan Peranathan 2-10, Harrison Lane 2-10, Shiva Sheth 2-10, Alisdair Brown 2-8, Neeraj Vyas 1-10 and Micael Gau bowled 7 maiden overs to record the figures of 0-0 (7).

3rdXI HIGH 5/19 - versus - SHORE 10/248
-Losing the toss and being sent into the field the very wet outfield and moisture on the run-ups and wicket surface made for a no win situation for High on Day 1. With the ball losing its shine quickly, Shore capitalized and took the High attack to task with a big hitter scoring heavily and finishing with 101 of their final score with High fighting back late in the game taking 6-60 to close out the innings. High then took the crease and collapsed to be 5-19 at stumps on a dry wicket with all players being bowled. A centre wicket batting session is the order of the day this week at sport to allow the team to gather some respectability on Day 2. Wicket takers Timothy Lim 3- 40, Ryan Sutton 2-27, Nicholas Lochner 2-34 and Justin Hajj 1-33

16As HIGH - versus - NEWINGTON
No Match Report submitted.

15As HIGH 0/0 - versus - NEWINGTON 10/239
Day 1.
Having witnessed a fair portion of this fixture from the adjacent field where I was umpiring I can only say that the team Captain’s report and my observations differ somewhat as I felt we were flat in the field and actually let the opposition get away from us to finish with the total they achieved. However, not being on the field of play there may have been circumstances that affected performance and I am hopeful that we bite the bullet and produce some overdue batting form from several players. The Wicket takers were Kumudika Gunaratne 3- 7 (3), Nakul Bhagwat 2- 41 (14) and a tight bowling spell by Shimon Danziger 0-16 (8)

14As HIGH 0/0 - versus - NEWINGTON 10/186 (61 overs)
Day 1-
The improved performances from this team at the right end of the season could see a big effort and a win to cap off a season where many young cricketers demonstrated personal improvements to their overall skills. Led by Coach Viv Littlewood, will see a match plan that is built on his broad knowledge of the game and workable for the boys. Wicket takers were Oliver Kirk 3-23 (7), Alexander Hughes 2 21 (8) and Druv Sabharwal 2-37 (11), Tom Connolly 1-29 (10), S Diaz 1-22 (10)

GROUP2 (One Day Fixtures)
4th XI HIGH 10/187 -defeated - NEWINGTON 3rdXI 10/136

Back to back wins for the 4ths who are producing their early season form to finish off their last season at High on a great note. Well done to all of the members of this team which has been self-managed throughout the season and well organized. Run Scorers Tom Lindeback (54) including 5 sixes, Dan Campion (31), Alistair Taylor (26) and Patrick Locke (21) off 10 balls. Wicket Takers were Tom Lindeback 3-15 and James Ip 2-7. Helped by a spectacular catch by Dan Campion and an excellent run out by Gary Truong highlighted the team’s fielding effort. A full Match Report is posted on the Cricket Website.

5thXI HIGH 8/126 - defeated- St.PATRICK’S 10/93
Well done to all who attended as members of the “5ths” and from reports an enjoyable day’s cricket transpired through the efforts of the captains. Run scorers were Arun Krishnan (30no), Justin Haaj (23no) and Stanley Chin 16. Wicket takers were spread over the whole team with the best figures coming from Justin Haaj who took 2- 23(3). A full Match Report is posted on the Cricket Website.

16Bs NEWINGTON 10/170 - defeated - HIGH 10/81
No Match Report submitted

15Bs HIGH 9/120 - defeated - NEWINGTON 10/104
Run Scorers were Samuel Lane (22) from 8 balls (6,4,1,.,6,4,.,1) Botong Cheng (17) Henry Sit (15) and Leon Li (15n.o) Wicket takers were Shanaz Razeen 2-15 (5), Krishan Sivayogarayan 2-19 (5), Subhdoh Weeratunge 2-13(4), Ishman Bari 1-13 (5) and Derek Wei 1-14 (4) A full Match Report is posted on the Cricket Website

15Cs HIGH 10/117 - defeated - NEWINGTON 10/116
In a match where High started well with the bat with Veeral Patel (41) and Raghav Siddiquee (35) scoring freely it then crashed losing 6 wickets for 8 runs to finish at 117 which included 27 sundries. Newington then took the crease and lost wickets early but inconsistent bowling and poor fielding and catching allowed them to stay in the match helped by 25 extras by High and finished with 116. The final scores were disputed as the scorebooks didn’t match up and Newington claimed victory after scoring 14 runs in the last over in which High gave away 5 single overthrows and embarrassingly fell apart as a team. However a recount of the books against the bowling figures highlighted that High in fact ended up winning by 1 run.

15Ds NEWINGTON 10/99 - defeated - HIGH 10/66
Run scorers were Tahmid Shahriyar (17), Richard Li (7), Matthew So (5), Abdullah Sarker (4), Andrew Gong (4) and Jonson Wang (3) Wicket takers were Abdullah Sarker 2-10 (2), Tamid Shahriyar 1- 9 (4), Rahib Azwad 1- 10 (4), Vivian Li 1-34 (3), Ryan Gu 1-20 (4) and Andrew Gong and Richard Li also bowled.

14Bs NEWINGTON 5/104 - defeated - HIGH 6/61
Run scorers were Jeremy Yao (12n.o) and Matthew Chan 4 Wicket takers were Abhi Dutta 2- 28, Allen Fu 2- 5 and Michael Pham 1- 2,

14Cs, and 13Bs -
Match Reports and Scores not received. HIGH - v - NEWINGTON

Great News!

13Cs HIGH 5/93 (30 overs) -defeated - NEWINGTON 7/89 (30 Overs)
A terrific maiden win for this team and I wouldn’t like to spoil the “real story” which has been submitted by the Coach, Gajaba Manamperi and is posted on the Cricket Website. Everyone should take the time to read the story of the game and see just how many made this victory possible.
Laurie Heil
MIC Cricket

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Billets Required
High is hosting the state volleyball carnival.

We are desperately seeking families who might be able to billet 1 or 2 boys for 3 nights in Week 9 (25-27 March 2008).

If you can help or would like more information please call Michael Kay (Science HT) on 0419 187 289.
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Cross Country Carnival

Sydney Boys High School 1.15 - 3.00 pm
Annual Cross Country Carnival
Thursday 20th March 2008
Bat & Ball, Mount Steele
Mr Prorellis, Mr Kesting

Student Information

Your son will be dismissed earlier than usual on Thursday 20th March 2008


1.30 pm 17+ & OPENS 3 km 3 Loops
1.45 pm 16 years 3 km 3 Loops
2 pm 15 years 3 km 3 Loops
2.15 pm 14 years 2 km 2 Loops
2.25 pm 13 years 2 km 2 Loops
2.35 pm 12 years 2 km 2 Loops

After the Athletics Carnival, students are to walk back to school.
Students are to cross the road at lights only
Stay in school grounds, then move over to the venue when the bell rings
When your race is called go to the starting area whether you are running or not.
Non runners will stay in the starting area until directed to move by the Marshals
At the finish you will be given a place ticket If you are in the first 15 places you go to the first 15 table to have your position recorded.
All runners to proceed with finish ticket to your house table
Tell the teacher your name roll class and finishing position
After the race you will be dismissed by a teacher
NON RUNNERS will have their attendance recorded at a separate table

Everyone attends
You must run in shoes
Stay on the course and follow directions from course marshals
Spectators must stay within 20m of Cleveland St and are not permitted on the course
Winning house determined by the lowest total of the first ten runners to finish
To qualify for the Award scheme you must compete & finish
Top ten runners will comprise the provisional school team to compete at the zone
Only the first 15 places will be timed
Cross Country Champions will be selected from this event (pending the outcome of any appeals that may arise)
Any MIC ruling is final

Additional Info
The School Cross Country is the first qualifying event within the CHS Competition
The first 10 runners for each age division will make up the school team for the Eastern Suburbs Zone Carnival
The first 10 runners at the Zone Carnival will compete at the Sydney East Regional Carnival and the first 10 runners from Regional Carnival go on to the NSW All Schools Carnival.

You are also invited to join the Sydney High GPS Cross Country Team. GPS Cross Country is a Winter Sport and three age divisions ( U14, U16, Opens) compete on Saturday mornings. The season spans across Terms 2 and 3 and involves 11 Saturday morning carnivals. All are welcome to join.
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Cricket Dinner

SBHS Cricket will celebrate the efforts and achievements of our boys as well as acknowledge staff, coaches and supporters at the SBHS Cricket dinner on Friday April 4th 2008.

Players are asked to take responsibility on a team-by-team basis for any end-of-season gifts to their team’s coach.

The dinner will be held on Friday 4th April in the Great Hall at 6.30 pm

The cost of the dinner will be $25 per adult and $20 per student..

Please make your payment at the Main Office before 12noon 31st march 2008

Tickets are limited.

Boys are to wear school uniform at the dinner

Please detach the form below and hand it in with your payment at the Main Office

Student Name 

Year/Roll Class ____________________________________

Cricket Team _______________________________
TOTAL Number of adults _______ @ $25 per adult = ________
TOTAL Number of students _______ @ $20 per adult = ________

TOTAL $__________________

Do you have any special dietary requirements? 

__ Vegetarian 

__ Other- Please state ___________________________________________

__ YES! I can help on the day with setting up the hall, table decorations etc.

Helper’s name and contact details : _________________________________

Email address: ______________________________________________________

Phone numbers: ______________________________________________________

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Head of the River

The season reaches its climax on Wednesday March 19 with the eight schools competing at the Head of the River. Our crews have been well prepared by their respective coaches and best times are anticipated.

For the first time it is on a Wednesday and this has enabled our school to send a larger than normal spectator contingent. All Years 7 and 8 are expected to attend along with other school spirited seniors and those who have attended in the past.

The boatshed dinner was held last Wednesday and there is a selection of reports below from the dinner. The Gold Cup is on Saturday and is best viewed from the grounds of Riverview College. This year the entire Gold Cup Regatta is seeded heats so that crews may taper for the Head of the River.

Event Time 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
3Yr10VIII 11.00 K2 G1 I1 K1 E J I2 G2 S
2Yr10VIII 11.07 J S E G K I H N  
1Yr10VIII 11.15 S K E G I J N H  
3VIII 11.22     I E          
4thIV 11.30   N E I K1 J K2    
3rdIV 11.38 N G E I K J H    
2ndIV 11.52 J S E K G I N H  
1stIV 12.10 G J E K I S N H  
2ndVIII 12.25 N G I E K S H J  
1stVIII 12.40 K G E J N I S H  

Riverview Gold Cup Regatta - held at Riverview School on Saturday 15th March. This is a very exciting day of racing for all crews. Please come and show your support for the boys in the lead up to the Head of the River.

Rowing Assembly - all senior parents are invited to the school rowing assembly in the Great Hall next Tuesday 18th March at 11.30am. This is a formal and special school occasion for the senior rowers. 1st and 2nd VIIIs, Year 12 rowers and their parents are invited to the afternoon tea following the assembly.

Sheds Head of the River Presentation and after party - the boys get back to the sheds approx 3.00pm after the Head of the River and there is an informal presentation, barbeque, drinks, smoothies and the traditional HOR cake to be cut. If you can't make it to Penrith ... try and get to the sheds for this late afternoon gathering.

Good luck to all the boys racing on Saturday and next Wednesday and thank you to teachers, coaches and parent helpers for your time and commitment preparing and supporting the crews throughout the season.
Julie Blomberg
President Rowing Committee

The 2007-08 season has been an exciting time for the Year 10 rowers. This was obviously our first season with eights rowing, and along with it came a lot of the fun parts of rowing: overnight camps, the Melbourne trip, and of course Head of the River.

We started off full of confidence, fielding 3 Year 10 VIIIs for the first time in several years. Most of the group started regular weights training in addition to the on-water training, as well as a land training session most Monday afternoons. For about the first 2 weeks, the crews were mixed while everyone learnt the new sweep oar technique.

Once the general technique had been picked up, the first round of selections took place. The 1st crew that was selected has remained the same all season except for the inclusion of Dominic Edgtton, who brings pure power to the boat in his first season of rowing. Led from the front by the controlled, technical rowing of George Denny-Smith, Dale Chen and Andrew Blomberg, the crew has worked hard as a unit to reach its expectations. This, backed up by the athleticism of James Whiting and Jack Musgrove, and the fitness and determination of Vlad Boulavine and Michael Ambrose, has produced what we believe is a fast, spirited crew that hasn’t yet reached its potential. This season we have experienced both sides of racing: the great feeling of leading a crew throughout the race like we did in Melbourne, and also the devastation of getting passed by another crew. Wise words from John Croll himself have inspired the crew and given us a real idea of how to structure our race. We have all learnt a lot about racing, and believe the best is yet to come at Head of the River in a week’s time.

The 2nd Year 10 VIII also started the season with high hopes, although their crew has taken a lot longer to settle down into a good regime due to many troubles. The crew was changing almost every session, and this problem was worsened by several people leaving the sport. 2nds also had equipment problems from a chronic broken seat and even a rigger which was snapped clean in half by Alan Low during a race. An unfortunate injury to the crew’s leader Nam Nguyen has also set the crew back a bit, but he is now almost recovered and ready to race. Ben Li, who is new to rowing, has been a great addition to the crew with his excellent power to weight ratio, and he is supported by the quiet workers of the crew in James Lee, Sean Kim and Puneet Baweja. They race with spirit thanks to calls of encouragement from Andrew Banh and Austyn Guo, and are well led by Erick Wong, who uses his experience to squeeze more power out of the crew. Their times have come down steadily throughout the season, and in their last race, they beat Newington comfortably and came close to St Ignatius.

Unfortunately, several people did drop out of the sport, and this has left a difficult number of people in the squad, where we couldn’t quite get a 3rd crew together. There are several rowers who did train this season, but didn’t make it into the 2 crews for Head of the River.

Thanks to Mr Barris, Ollie Wilson, John Croll, Jason Tassell, Robbie Girdler and Liam Benett for their involvement in making this season work for us, and getting us fit and ready for races.
Gareth Deacon

Year 9 Quads
This rowing season for the year nine quaddies has been one of mixed results. All crews started off well, placing highly in the shed race and the first races of the season. The first quad placed third in the first race beating Joeys and Cranbrook. These results gave us a boost but we were disappointed with the races later on. Every few weeks we would have a good week of training and perform well to at least come fourth. All of the crews have improved out of sight, especially the fifth quad which at the start of the season was almost only new rowers. The gap between the first and the second quad has been thoroughly reduced, giving the rowing program for the future more depth and strength. I would first like to thank Mr Gainford for coaching the first and second quad and greatly improving our skills this season. On behalf of the third, fourth and fifth quads I would like to thank Dom and Yaegan for coaching them. I also want to thank Mr Barris for his continuous work as head of rowing.

Lastly I would like to encourage everyone to come along to the Gold Cup to support us, and of course to come to the Head of the River.

Tim Gollan
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Basketball: Shootin' Hoops

High VS Newington

Term 4 2007 (last time)

1st LOSS 90-47 S.LLEWELYN 10
2nd LOSS 70-41 J.SUTTON 10
3rd LOSS 46-37 A.YANG 13
5th WIN 26-17 A.LI 11
8th WIN 24-22 S.LIU 5
16A LOSS 32-29 L.WANG 8
16B WIN 38-14 V.VO 16
15A LOSS 36-50 C.MORROW 10
15B LOSS 24-28 C.DO 6
15C WIN 39-6 J.TANG 9
15D WIN 28-18 B.OU 12
15E WIN 22-3 K.LI 8
14A LOSS 42-15 A.HUYNH 4
14B WIN 24-19 H.LIN 8
14D WIN 27-24 A.FONG 6
14E WIN 32-18 L.FANG 8
14F WIN 25-12 B.LEE 8

Term 1 2008 (This week)

 1st LOSS 81-42 S.LLEWELLYN 21
2nd LOSS 66-63 J.SUTTON 20 (2*OT)
3rd WIN 32-28 D.PENG 15 (5-3’S!!)
4th LOSS 34-45 B.LU 8, D.SHAN 7
5th LOSS 29-24 F.LEE 7
6th LOSS 33-31 S.BURNHAM 13
8th WIN 45-15 B.LUNG 11
16A WIN 24-11 M.LI 8
16B WIN 43-19 C.NGUYEN 14
16C WIN 42-39 B.LY 11
16D LOSS 26-32 S.YUNG, J.DU 6
15A WIN 43-39 C.JURLINA 11, 7 REB
15C WIN 24-12 J.KIM 6
15D WIN 30-25 B.OU 8
15E WIN 37-6 D.CHEN 10
14B LOSS 24-33 N.MA 6
14D LOSS 12-31 T.HUANG
14E WIN 26-7 L.FANG 6
14F WIN 31-24 B.CHAU 14
13A LOSS 7-44 MARCO 3
13B LOSS 4-20 S.DU, D.CHEN  2
13C LOSS 4-60 J.MA, K.LIN 2
13D LOSS 8-28 M.LAM, L.ZHU 4
13E LOSS 13-18 B.LEUNG 8

Last Saturday evening a group of enthusiastic basketball players and Coach Old Boy Vince Salomon were given an opportunity to play at the Entertainment Centre prior to the Grand finals of the National Basketball League. All players had a great time and smiled for the entire game. They were playing freely throwing great passes, taking fancy shots and making complex dribbling moves just like the professionals! They were given free tickets to the game which Sydney won. It was pleasing to see Sydney Boys High school players having such a great time.

The game went into overtime and Emmett scored all baskets for his team during the period to secure the win! Special mention must go to Christian Jurlina who top scored securing the overtime opportunity for SBHS. Christian has really improved his jump shot.

High will be having its 4th Basketball Dinner this year on Friday March the 28th. Students are reminded that payment is due by the 18th of March which is the coming Tuesday.

15Es Match Report vs Newington
Score: 37-6 (WIN) Top Scorer: D.Chen 10
High performed well against Newington and the game was entertaining for the team as we had chances to try new things. Within a minute High led 5-0 and 3 minutes later 13-0. We were empathetic to Newington so we slackened our defence and offence. When the starting five came off, the other half of our team enjoyed the game taking random shots and 8 points were added to our score and we led 21-4 at halftime. In the second half we let L Lou, who had no opportunities to score, shoot a lot and others to shoot some 3s. At some point High had shot countless 3s before we realized we had scored 4 points since halftime. We rushed to aim for a total of 40 but unfortunately Kerry’s buzzer beater was too late. The scorers were D Chen 10 points, J Zhang 8, D Wang 7, A Ho 6, B Leo 4 and K Li 2. We were a bit disappointed at ourselves as we could have scored over 60 points, but more importantly the game was the most enjoyable game of the season. By David Li Wang Captain of the 15Es

Donation to Raffle Prizes
Anyone interested to donate to the raffle prizes at the basketball dinner please contact Mrs Tassell on 0411444191.

Video Competition
Record footages of your game this season! The best video footage created will be shown at the basketball dinner! Have your team’s highlights shown to everyone at the great night’s dinner! Be quick! For the dinner’s coming very soon!
Brought to you by Johny Shih
Thank you to Mr Hayman for all his contributions to basketball and information

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Rugby is a safe, free flowing game for players of all sizes, shapes and ability

  • enjoyment, skill development and teamwork
  • expert coaches and team support
  • top quality training program
  • no experience necessary

Try Rugby Days at McKay
Year 7: Friday 14 March 9.30am-3pm
Years 8 & 9: Thursday 27 March 1- 6pm
with BBQ for players & parents

Be part of 100 years of High Rugby tradition

More information in High Rugby Newsletter at www.sydneyboyshigh.com
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From Tennis

The final round of the GPS 2007-08 Season is this Saturday (15th March) against The Scots College.

Congratulations to Frank Zhang 13s A1 who remains undefeated in singles matches to date.

John Gaunt 1st Grade No 1 is competing in the CHS Individual Tennis Championships at Nepean (Tuesday-Thursday) and has been selected in the GPS 1st Grade Team for the annual fixture vs CIS at Homebush on 19/3/08.

PARKING (Proceeds go to SBHS Tennis)
Tennis has 2 Parking Dates allocated during the next 2 months.

No 1. (29/3/08) Boys and parents from the 13s and 14s teams are required to assist the parking process on Saturday 29th March. This is a NRL fixture Roosters vs Storm. Parking will commence at 3pm and finish at 6pm. Please advise Mr Ayre (0409 816 931) of your availability to help.

No.2 (26/4/08) is on Saturday 26th April and is a Super 14s fixture (Waratahs vs Sharks). As this falls during the school holidays any tennis players and parents who can help would be greatly appreciated. Please register your availability with Mr Ayre on the above mobile. This parking operation will commence at 3pm and end at 6pm.

Special thanks to all staff for the season. Peter Pereria (1st Gde) Mrs Damianos (2nd Gde) Ron Boros (3rd-6th) Hieu Dang (16s) Alex Zinzopoulos (15s) Paul Hagan (14s) Terry Ryan (13s) and Tennis Captain Ivan Cerecina. Also thanks to the coaching staff of Tennis Wise for their commitment to the program.

The Stan Jones Cup (CHS Knock-Out) Sydney East Division will be contested on 19th and 20th May, 2008 at Rockdale. The SBHS 2007 team finished with the Consolation Medal last year and is looking to go one better in 2008.

The SBHS TENNIS DINNER is being held in the Great Hall on Saturday 5th April, commencing 6.30pm.

Tickets will be $25 per head for a Buffet Meal and drinks. Tickets purchased at SBHS office. Tear off form below.

2007-08 TENNIS DINNER SBHS Great Hall 5th April, 2008 (6.30pm) 
Student Name __________________________________  Roll Class ______ 
Total number of Adults/Students @ $25 per ticket  ________________
Do you have any special dietary requirements? 
(Vegetarian/other) _______________________________________________
____ YES I can help on the day with setting up hall, table decorations etc 
Name _____________________________________________________________
Contact details (email/mob)_______________________________________

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Old Boys Union Life Membership

SYDNEY HIGH SCHOOL OLD BOYS’ UNION Life membership by instalments scheme

The Sydney High School Old Boys’ Union (the OBU) was founded in 1892. Over the past 115 years, it has fostered and continued the friendships formed by students while at school and through this fellowship contributed something of value to the School’s corporate spirit and well being.

Membership of the OBU will provide a lifetime of professional, social, sporting and academic connections with Sydney High, its network of old boys, and the alumni of other GPS schools.

Life membership can be secured by the payment of six small annual contributions throughout the passage from Year 7 to Year 12. Instalments are currently set at $44.

If, for some reason, all six payments have not been made by the time of leaving, the OBU will contact you and allow a further 12 months to pay any outstanding instalments.

We trust that you will see fit to pay this year's instalment towards securing your son’s life membership. Those of you who are already part of the scheme will know that the OBU posts copies of its quarterly magazine to all students who take part.

Please fill out and return the form below.

PAYMENT ADVICE (tax invoice) Sydney High School Old Boys’ Union Inc • ABN 22 652 291 509 
Student’s name: ____________________________________________ Final year: ________
Postal address: _________________________________________________________________
______________________________________________________________ Postcode: ________
E-mail Address: _________________________________________________________________
Payment of $44.00 by:   Cheque ______    Visa/Mastercard/Amex ______ 
Complete if paying by credit card: 
__ __ __ __   __ __ __ __   __ __ __ __   __ __ __ __    Expiry Date: ____ / ____ 
Name on card: ___________________________________________________________________
Signature: ______________________________________________________________________
Please return to SHSOBU, PO Box 1546, DARLINGHURST NSW 1300 

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P&C Meeting Minutes


1. Talk on GPS Sport and Sport Policy by Mr. Richard Ayre, Head Teacher of Sport at SBHS
This was an informative talk which covered many aspects of Sport at SBHS. Mr Ayre was thanked for making time to attend and answering questions from the many parents who attended. Formal meeting commenced at 8.55pm

2. Present and Apologies Attendance
as per Register

3. Minutes of previous meeting
Not available. This was the first general meeting of the year.

4. Matters arising from previous minutes
Electronic sign at Cleveland Street entrance. Two quotes have been obtained and a third is being awaited.

5. Treasurer’s Report -
Geoff Andrews Tabled and attached.
Steve Saunders on behalf of the Canteen Committee presented the P&C with a cheque for $20,000.
Appreciation was expressed for the efforts of the Committee, staff and volunteers in raising these funds.
Dr Jaggar has sent the P&C a letter requesting funds for various projects. This will be tabled for consideration at the next P&C meeting.
It was noted that the Federal Govt is contributing $50,000 to schools for solar power etc. and that the school intends to take advantage of this.

6. Principal’s Report - Dr. Kim Jaggar
Facilities for new Yr 9 class now functional and the Film suite has been completed.
Yr 9 and Yr 11 now have 200 students each. Eventually the final school population will be 1160.
More teachers are now capable on the Moodle.

7. Foundation Report - Shane Brown
Foundation Meeting is being held after the P&C meeting so no report at this time. Role and structure of Foundation was explained. Meetings are once per month.

8. Volunteers for NSW Boys State Volleyball Carnival 25-28 March
Michael Kay, MIC Volleyball, is asking for volunteer parents to billet boys visiting for the State Volleyball Carnival in March. Simon will obtain more information and circulate to Yr reps for distribution to parents.

9. Report on Marketing of Great Hall for functions - Judith Shuttleworth
Judith has been contracted to Foundation to promote the Great Hall as a venue for functions such as talks and dinners. She has a wish list of improvements including signage and refurbishment of the kitchen. These will be presented once quotes have been obtained. It was noted that Committees need to keep in mind when planning school dinners etc that the Hall may already be booked by others.

10. Development Committee Chinese New Year Function on Sat 23 February, 2008
Charles Ovadia reported that due to a late surge of interest this is now sold out and a great night is anticipated. Conflict with parking that night was noted but the match is not likely to draw a large crowd and parking should be adequate for both.

11. Other Business
Request for new laptop for 1st & 2nd grade basketball This should go to the Basketball Sub-Committee. Karen to refer.

12. Payments at office
The long queues for payment at the Office were discussed and a request made for a box in which boys could drop non cash payments. It was suggested that the school consider asking parents for credit card authorization at the beginning of the year to cover a range of expenses eg excursions, special text books, co-payments. Dr Jaggar will look into this.

Next P&C General Meeting on Wed 19 March, 2008
Dr. Kim Jaggar to speak about HSC Results for 2007

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P&C Meeting - 19 March 2008 - Agenda



1. Talk on SBHS 2007 HSC Results by Dr. Kim Jaggar
2. Present and Apologies
3. Minutes of previous meeting
4. Matters arising from previous minutes
5. Treasurer’s Report and Proposals on contribution of funding to the School from P&C for 2008 Geoff Andrews
6. Principal’s Report - Dr. Kim Jaggar
7. Foundation Report - Shane Brown
8. Report on Chinese New Year Dinner - Charles Ovadia
9. Development Committee Report
10. Electronic Sign at Cleveland Street entrance - Simon Chan
11. 125th Anniversary Cabaret - Simon Chan
12. Volunteers for NSW Boys State Volleyball Carnival 25-27 March 13 Other Business
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Canteen Open Hours during week 17 March – 20 March

Monday 17 March Canteen CLOSED due to athletics carnival.
Tuesday 18 March Canteen NORMAL TRADING DAY.
Wednesday 19 March Canteen open but LIMITED SERVICE ONLY. If you require lunch, please order by 9.00am.
Thursday 20 March Canteen CLOSED due to athletics carnival.
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