High Notes, Vol 9 No 5, February 29 2008

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From The Principal

Library Borrowings
In 2007 there was an inexplicable drop of 40% in library borrowings. Library Staff are at a loss to explain the sudden change to borrowing habits. To put the matter in context, Library loans have been steadily increasing 2001-06. The reversal in this trend is puzzling and worrying.

Internal research a couple of years ago revealed a high correlation between academic prize winners and library book borrowing behaviour. Perhaps the electronic renewals process had something to do with the decline. I would appreciate any feedback from staff, students or parents as to why borrowing behaviour has changed so suddenly. We would like to take immediate steps to restore high level book borrowing.

Computer Hardware
A recent audit of computers in the school found that 158 were available directly for student use with 29 laptops and 129 PCs. Teachers have a PC on their desks – 76 are in use. Staff have 6 laptops for use in classrooms. There are also 37 computers for administrative use. The school has written off many of its old machines so that this audit represents functioning hardware.

The financial support of parents over the past eight years in particular has enabled us to build both a robust and widespread network backbone as well as having an adequate number of peripherals.

Our future plans include conducting a thorough wireless survey in order to place the minimum number of terminals for the widest possible coverage.
Dr K A Jaggar

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Theatre news

The Griffin Theatre, formed by a group of NIDA graduates in 1978, is the resident theatre company at the Stables, Nimrod Street, King’s Cross. It is the only theatre company in Sydney entirely dedicated to the professional development and production of Australian plays. The company offers an exciting opportunity for school students to participate in the Griffin Ambassadors program at no cost to the students. There are 100 places available. The students become part of Griffin’s work through a structured, one year program of workshops, writing and performance activities. Last year, Ishan Nadkarni, David Vien and Chamberlain Zhang represented our school and Johnny Lieu of Year 11 has been accepted into the 2008 programme. He is an enthusiastic drama student who will enjoy meeting other students who share his interest in the theatre. The English department congratulates Johnny and we wish him well in his theatrical endeavours.

Did you know that the 6.30 Monday night performances at the Griffin are ‘pay what you can’? They are very popular with students (and those who know about this) so you need to be there no later than 6p.m. The advantage of this time slot is that it isn’t a late night. It’s a wonderful venue. The original stables have been converted into a small theatre space (the front row seating is very close to the performers so, you’ll feel really involved in the drama if you sit here!) The quality of the plays is consistently good. Why not organise to meet up after work with friends and family and take advantage of top Aussie theatre at a bargain price?
Julie Eggleton

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Plans are well under way for Year 7 to undertake an excursion on Tuesday 11th March to the Art Gallery and the State Library of NSW. Students will have the opportunity to complete a variety of creative activities which have been designed to extend and enrich their knowledge and understanding of their current learning module: Biographies and Autobiographies. On this note we would like to ask you to encourage your son to read biographies and autobiographies as part of their wider reading through the duration of this current Module of work.

Year 12 reading suggestions

‘The Age of Turbulence: Adventures in a New World’ is the title of the memoir of former Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan. Two books in one, the first half of this work is an autobiographical chronology of the author's life. This portion of the text permits readers a view of the people and circumstances that helped shape and guide Greenspan. The second half of the book retells several major economic events (primarily within the US) that have occurred over the past half century. His economic endeavors and personal observations while serving under various US Presidents are detailed, and often inter-mingled with these events. The latter half of the book also includes an analysis and brief history of major global economic constructs (of yesterday and today), along with a somewhat subjective measure of their success (or lack thereof). The economic systems discussed include Marxist Communism, Populism, and various mutations of Market Capitalism.

‘The God of Small Things’ by Arundhati Roy is a story about the childhood experiences of a pair of fraternal twins who become victims of circumstance. The book is a description of how the small things in life build up, translate into people's behavior and affect their lives. The book won the Booker Prize in 1997.

‘Kafka On The Shore’ by acclaimed Japanese writer Haruki Murakami focuses on two characters whose lives are linked: a 15 year old runaway on an oedipal quest and an elderly WWII veteran who can speak with cats.

‘The Road’ is a 2006 novel by American writer Cormac McCarthy. It is a post-apocalyptic tale describing a journey taken by a father and his young son over a period of several months across a landscape blasted years before by an unnamed cataclysm which destroyed civilization and most life on earth. The novel was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.

‘The Little Red Writing Book’ by Mark Tredinnick is an inspiring book for all writers. It explores the art and craft of good writing. This is one to buy rather than borrow because of its long term use.

Competition Reminders
Years 11 and 12 students are invited to take part in the annual UNSW Law Essay Competition. Entries close Friday 11 April 2008. Details posted outside the English Faculty.

A reminder to students in Years 7-9
Don’t forget your entry into the ‘Writenow’ Competition. Speak to your English teacher about it.
Marina Trompetter

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Letters Re Absence/Lateness/ Early Leave

When your son returns to school from being absent he is required to provide a letter of explanation signed by a parent or guardian. If your son is going to be late for school a note is also required.

If your son has an early leave note he is required to have his note signed by either Mr Beringer, Mr Dowdell or Mr Prorellis before 8:55 am and handed in to the Main Office immediately after. Each letter should be signed by a parent or guardian with the name, date and roll class of your son printed clearly. Your son needs to pick up a leave pass from the Main Office before he leaves the school.

If you require leave for your son please, apply in writing and address your application to the Principal, Dr Jaggar, stating the reason and length of time of the leave. Your son must then present this application to Dr Jaggar for permission for the leave. Please remember to apply before the leave and not after. The Principal must approve all leave applications.

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SBHS Foundation Years

Physical accommodation
The building that the new High Schools moved into in 1883 was hardly purpose-built for use by a "modern" school. The convict-built structure, the survivor of an earlier educational age, had essentially one room on each of its two floors.

The girls occupied the top floor and entered via the Elizabeth Street yard which was their playground. The boys occupied the ground floor and entered via the Castlereagh Street yard which was their playground.

There was strict segregation between the two schools. An imposing wall separated the two playgrounds. The ground floor windows facing the Elizabeth Street yard were frosted over so that the boys could not gaze out on the girls in their playground. One old boy who enrolled in 1884 recalled:

a great game was to scratch sufficient of [the frosting] off to form a peep hole, or else to raise the window about an inch, but woe betide if "Joey" [the Headmaster, Joseph Coates] caught you de flagrante delecto. I have vivid recollections of one of the senior boys being caned before the whole school - this was reckoned a treat for us - for transgressing in this direction.

Two small classrooms stood at the edge of the main room, and these served the senior forms. “Big drop baize blinds” divided the remaining open space among three other classes. When school assemblies were held, the blinds were simply raised to provide the necessary space. At least one of the senior classrooms was made unbearably hot in summer when the Girls School removed sheets of corrugated iron from its verandah awning and replaced them with glass.

The classrooms were originally fitted with fixed desks of the sort used in the public schools, but adapted for larger boys by placing them on wooden blocks. In 1888, a significant sum of money was spent on single-seated desks that were imported from America. However, the Minister's report for 1888 observed that “the crowded state of the various class rooms has rendered it necessary to place the desks so close together that much of the benefit of their special construction is lost”.

The old building had become so overcrowded that a galvanised iron shed at the Market Street end of the playground was pressed into service for use by the lowest classes. It was known as “The Tin Shed”. A former master recalled:

The shed was as stifling in summer as it was bitter in winter, the rumble of lorries and medley of street noises incessantly contended with the human voice to its utter discomfiture. Personally I suffered serious and permanent injury, the constant shouting in a dusty draughty atmosphere, gave me a chronic inflamed throat with such damage to the ear tubes that I lost the use of one ear, and damaged the other, and all this for ten pounds a month. That I bear the place something of a grudge is natural. Against this loss I have to place a year's hard but useful experience and a few rich friendships.

The playground was considered by many to be the worst feature of the school because of its small space and the large number of boys using it. A set of stone steps went up the verandah through the middle of the asphalt playground. In the middle of one half grew a big Moreton Bay fig tree. One old boy recalled that the cramped quarters led to “wrestling bouts and other forms of ‘sport’” with resulting damage to their “clothes and hides”. Another recalled that “some irregular walls at the Pawnshop end made possible a sort of handball”.

A tennis court had been painted on one corner of the asphalt in the course of 1888. However, the deteriorating state of the playground rendered this all but useless, as one boy, writing in 1889, observed:

The asphalt covering our promenades has for some time been worn through in several places, the holes thus formed making a series of "man-traps" throughout the play-ground - pitfalls for the unwary - and for those unfortunate creatures who attempt to play anything stronger than walking races or marbles. There is a huge hole in the tennis-court, an ornamental one, and some of our tennis-players, I know, have been practising quite a long time lobbing their strokes into this hole so that the other man can’t get ‘em. That’s about the only stroke some of them know. If this hole were filled up, they would perhaps be able to start playing tennis, and I hope it will, considering how vastly successful we have been in our tennis matches up to now.

Needless to say, the building and its playground became less satisfactory as the years went by. The Minister's report for 1889 observed:

Nothing beyond securing a site has yet been done towards providing proper school buildings, and the schools, particularly in Sydney, have suffered in consequence. The makeshift classes have prejudicially affected not only the attendance but the attainments of the pupils.

The School, which had started with an enrolment of only 46 in 1883, had an enrolment of 354 by 1891, the final year the boys occupied the old building. The telling statistic for that year is the average daily attendance which was a mere 263 pupils.

Fortunately the building was one of the few wholly unfavourable circumstances that faced the new High School in Sydney. The masters and boys managed to rise above it and go on to achieve great things.
SHS Old Boys Union

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High Store

Sale on

Sailing collared tops, 25% off original price
Sizes M-XXL
Normally $40 now only $30

New design microfibre tracksuit now in stock
Jacket $88 Pant $44

Calculators are now back in stock for year 7 boys who missed out, $30
Michelle Gentele
High Store

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Donation Methods

High has needed a new library for well over 30 years. We are determined to make that long held dream come true. Our target is to reach a million dollars towards this project by the end of our 125th year in 2008. You can help by donating directly by cheque marked ‘Sydney Boys High School Building Fund’, posted to Sydney boys High, Moore Park, Surry Hills, NSW 2010.

Donations to our new Library are welcomed in various forms but a popular method is by credit card. The appropriate form can be posted to you by calling 93616290, extension 114. Alternatively, you can go to our website www.sydneyboyshigh.com click on fundraising/library project contributions, to download the New Library Project Contribution Form.

At High we have a modern, direct debiting method of facilitating donations. Our Monthly Giving Program allows donors to have donations debited automatically to their credit cards on the fifteenth of each month. An annual statement to donors for taxation purposes is provided. The appropriate form can be posted to you by calling 93616290, extension 114. Alternatively, you can go to our website www.sydneyboyshigh.com click on fundraising/library project contributions, to download the New Library Monthly Giving Form.

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Music Notes

It’s been a great start to the music program this term with all our ensembles up and running already. Please check the rehearsal times and ensembles below for attendance. If you are a new student and are interested in learning an instrument or joining an ensemble, please feel free to speak to one of the music staff for advice. Again, we welcome you back for an exciting new year of many musical opportunities.

We would like to invite all parents of music ensemble members to attend our music supporters meeting on Tuesday the 11th of March 2008 at 6:30pm in the staff common room. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to meet with other parents of the ensemble program, particularly the new Year 7 parents who we encourage to become involved in the music supporters group. We look forward to seeing you there.

Ensemble Rehearsal Times for 2008
7:30am Intermediate Concert Band (Room 201)
7:30am Junior Concert Band (Room 101) - Beginning of Term 2
7:30am Junior Percussion Ensemble (101)
7:30am Training Strings Ensemble (Room 204)

7:30am Chamber Choir (Room 201)
3:30pm Marching Band (Basketball Courts - Major Knowles and Anthony Ho)

7:30am Junior Stage Band (Room 101)
7:30am Intermediate Stage Band (Room 201)

7:30am Senior Concert Band
7:30am Senior String Ensemble (Room 204)
3:30pm Senior Stage Band (Room 201)

8:00am Symphony Orchestra (Room 201)
8:00am Marching Band (MPW) – 8:00am Guitar Ensemble (Room 101)

Cabaret Night
Our Annual Cabaret night will be held on Saturday 29th March 2008 at 7pm in the school’s Great Hall. We would like to invite you to come and listen to the wonderful variety of jazz music by our fabulous ensembles. This enjoyable evening showcases our jazz bands performing a wonderful range of music. Please join us for a fantastic night to listen or dance to the swing of the music. There will also be some professional dancers to help those with Two Left Feet. We hope you will be able to attend and take this great opportunity to meet and chat with other parents of music ensemble members, especially our new Year 7 parents.

Please bring a plate of nibbles and drinks to share with friends and family.

Tickets can be purchased through the school’s main office and once payment is received, please bring the receipt to the music staff for ticket collection.

Please complete and return the form below by Wednesday 19th of March 2008 for this fun-filled evening.
Price: $10.00 Single $25.00 Family

Cabaret Night Ticket Order 

Name of Student: ______________________________ Roll Class: ________________

Number of tickets required: ___________ Total cost: ____________ 

Type of payment (Please tick one): 
Cheque____ Cash ____ B/Card____ M/Card____ Visa____ 
Name on Card: _________________________ Expiry Date: __ __ / __ __ 
Card No. __ __ __ __   __ __ __ __   __ __ __ __   __ __ __ __
Signature: __________________

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SBHS Debating

Want to join debating in 2008?
It’s easy. You need to start attending coaching on Friday after school; see below. Collect a registration pack and return the forms accordingly. Join the email list and you are in.

Check your email- Get in the loop!
If you are not already receiving emails from us about Debating each week you need to email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and request to be added to the listing. Tell me what Year you are in and if you are a parent or student. Parents, please encourage your sons to check their emails and reply where appropriate. This year communication via email will be of utmost importance.

Structure and Staffing in 2008
Debaters will be referred to as either Juniors (Years 7-9) or Seniors (Years 10-12). Juniors will have a rotating workshop and seminar program to supplement their specific debating coaching, as of Feb 29. I am not teaching at High in 2008, but will continue to administrate and oversee the program. I will coordinate all of the “external”/ Friday night debates and supervise coaching. I am only at school on Friday afternoons but can be contacted via email almost 24 hours a day! Debates held during school time (“internally”) will be managed by Ms Barry in English.

Coaching has commenced
Any boy who wishes to debate this year and is not doing a summer sport which conflicts with coaching should be attending on Friday afternoon. Boys should check the noticeboards for information about which room to go to. Rooming will switch around somewhat until things settle down with numbers and coaches get back from uni holidays. All the juniors are required to have a workbook dedicated to debating this year and bring it to coaching every week. I suggest getting a display book and using loose leave pages to create your own unique file documenting your learning throughout the season.

Fed and Eastside start this week
Our Friday night comps are kicking off this week. Teams and details have been emailed out already, and are posted on the noticeboard outside the English Staffroom. The calendar has been emailed out several times and is posted on the website. Questions? Email me with specifics.

The Debating Supporters Group
The next Debating Supporters Group (DSG) meeting of the year will be held on Tuesday March 4th at 6.30pm in the Staff Common Room. This is an opportunity for parents to become involved in fundraising and events that assist us in further strengthening the Debating teams at High. Please come along!
Ms Jocelyn Brewer
MIC Debating

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Rowing News


Sat 1 Grammar Junior Regatta Hen & Chicken
Sat 1 King / PLC Regatta (includes year 10 VIIIs) SIRC
Mon 3 Senior A & C Camp Abbotsford
Thurs 6 Senior A & B Camp Abbotsford
  Nationals SIRC
  Junior Photos Abbotsford
Sat 8 Newington Regatta Hen & Chicken
  Nationals SIRC
Sun 9 Nationals SIRC
Mon 10 Senior A & B Camp Abbotsford
Wed 12 Boatshed Dinner 6.30pm Great Hall
Thurs 13 Senior A &  C Camp Abbotsford
Sat 15 Gold Cup Regatta Lane Cove
Mon 17 Senior A Camp Abbotsford
Tues 18 Senior A Camp Nepean Shores
  Senior B & C  Camp Abbotsford
  Rowing Assembly 11.30am (parents welcome) Great Hall
Wed 19 GPS Head of The River SIRC
Mon 31 CHS Championships SIRC


Tues 1 CHS Championships SIRC

The Head of the River is less than three weeks away and all crews are improving. On the weekend there were strong performances from both senior VIIIs but the second VIII (Chen, Belokopytov, Nguyen, Wachsmann, Harvey, Ling, Chen, Chen, Radhakrishnan) probably had their best race of the season and made the final. The junior rowing program culminates with the Gold Cup but some boys will be invited to compete at CHS at Penrith based on age classifications. The Boatshed dinner is on March 12 and most boys should have indicated their intention to attend by now. All parents are encouraged to attend and hear speeches by the strokes of each division of crews as indicated on the invitation.

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Basketball: Shootin' Hoops

Term 4 2007 (Last time)

1st LOSS 71-62 S.DONG 17, J.CHOW 12
2nd LOSS 74-41 J.SUTTON 12
5th LOSS 42-20 F.LEE, A.LI 6
6th LOSS 24-18 A.GRIGORI 6
16B WIN 32-24 V.VO 11
16D WIN 28-26 H.ZHUANG 10
16E WIN 27-9 C.JIANG 5
15A LOSS 17-55 S.BESTON 5
15B LOSS 15-29 M.KOBRAS 7
15C WIN 17-11 H.TRAN 6
14C LOSS 42-11 H.TING-LIN 6
14E LOSS 10-29 B.CHAU 4
14F LOSS 2-38 W.HO 2

Term 1 2008 (This week)

1st LOSS 72-68 S.LLEWELLYN 21
2nd LOSS 78-53 K.IYER 19
3rd LOSS 42-44 D.PENG 21
4th LOSS 15-40 A.TRAN 4
5th LOSS 40-10 A.LI 6
16D LOSS 14-21 H.ZHUANG 6
15A WIN 35-32 E.NAAR 14
15B LOSS 32-7 A.MOKDAD 4
15C WIN 36-21 B.DO 7
15E LOSS 27-14 A.HO 4
14A LOSS 16-65 S.DO 6
14B LOSS 14-44 A.FONG 4, N.MA 4
14C LOSS 24-47 M.SONG 4
14D LOSS 23-15 L.ZHAO 6
14E LOSS 19-24 N.TANG 6
13A LOSS 2-92 T.LI 2
13B LOSS 6-46 M.CHANG 4
13C LOSS 2-82 J.MA 6

Unfortunately this week did not go as well as it has been with the previous few weeks However I’m certain that High will regain its grip in the weeks to come and focus more intensely and positively from this week’s results. St Ignatius certainly has the most depth of talent in the competition and start training in Year 4 which is a big advantage over our junior boys.

Thank you to the huge crowd who supported the firsts on Saturday. It is the best atmosphere we have ever had in the GPS. I am impressed with our boys singing the school song and chanting when they can feel our side needs their support. This shows a lot more character than only chanting when you think we’ll win. Well done to all. See you this week at shore!
B. Hayman

Mr Hayman's Player of the Week: Emmett Naar (15As)
Whilst the controversy of the first grade game was coming to an end the 15As were in a close game on Gartlan court 2. The entire game both teams were trading baskets. Emmett was the difference in the end. His solid scoring and intelligent passing game ensured Sydney High won at least one fixture on the weekend.
B. Hayman

Donation to Raffle Prizes
Anyone interested to donate to the raffle prizes at the basketball dinner please contact Mrs Tassell on 0411444191.

1st Grade Match Report
Score: 62-78 (loss) Top Scorer: S.Llewellyn 19pts
Coming off a hat-trick of wins and full of confidence, High took on a strong Iggie’s side on paper. Working with a very specific game plan the team came out strong on defence both individually and together as a team containing key opposition players. Particularly good performances came from both Spencer and Matt who had to guard two GPS Firsts representatives from last season, containing both to only 2 points respectively in the first quarter. Strong offensive moves from both Jackson and Ding put High in the lead early in the game and through leadership from Spencer and Sam from the point, High were able to build up a solid 7 point lead by half time. An average 3rd quarter, especially in defensive transition allowed Riverview to close in the lead and get within 1 point by the 3rd quarter. Some tired legs, a few dubious calls and crucial missed shots from both inside and outside the key opened the door for Riverview who hit the front for the first time in the game with 3 minutes to go. Unfortunately, the shots didn’t fall down the stretch and Riverview ran away with a slim 4 point win.
S Sugito

Basketball Dinner approaching
High will be having its 4th Basketball Dinner this year on Friday March the 28th. Students should pay ASAP as there are only 180 seats! It costs only $30 per head to be part of this incredible night. Students are urged to attend as the friendships and bonds made through High basketball last a lifetime.

Video Competition
Record footages of your game this season! The best video footage created will be shown at the basketball dinner! Have your team’s highlights shown to everyone at the great night’s dinner!

Brought to you by Johny Shih
Thank you to Mr Hayman for all his contributions to basketball and information

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Head of the River 2008

For the first time in over 100 years the AAGPS Head of the River will be held on a weekday. This has come about due to the unusual circumstances of a very early Easter and 2008 being an Olympic Year. Olympic trials dominate the weekend calendar and GPS requirements dictate the HOR to be held before Easter. SBHS has decided to support this one off event by altering the attendance requirements for Wednesday 19 March 2008.

School Attendance Arrangements for Wednesday 19 March 2008.

Students in Years 7 and 8 are required to attend the HOR as their regular attendance.

Students in Year 9 are required to attend normal classes.

Students in Years 10 through 12 have the option of a Study Day or attendance at the HOR.

The school is providing 10 buses to transport Years 7 and 8 to the HOR to give the junior members of the school the opportunity to experience one of the GPS’s major events. The buses are being heavily subsidised by the school. The fare of $10 is required to be paid at the front office by Friday 7 March 2008.

Year 9 Rowers will be able to purchase seats on Monday 10 March 2008.

Year 12 priority purchase day will be Tuesday 11 March 2008

Years 10-11 will be able to purchase remaining seats available on a first in basis from Wednesday 12 March 2008.

Boys attending will be required to wear full school uniform and bring their own lunch.

Head of the River 2008

Student Name: _____________________ Roll Class: ______

Type of payment: Cheque ___   Cash ___   Credit Card ___

Card Type: Bankcard ___    Mastercard ___    Visa ___

Card Number: _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ 

Expiry Date: ___ / ___ 

Total amount paid: $________ 

Cardholder’s Name: [please print]


Cardholder’s Signature:

Bus. Phone: ___________________

__ __ __ __ __ (Office Use Only) 

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Surviving the HSC- A parent’s guide

All Year 12 parents are invited to a seminar and social evening on Tuesday 11 March in the Great Hall.

”Surviving the HSC ¬- a parent’s guide” will be presented by Jane Sleeman, a psychologist and school counsellor specialising in stress management.

The evening is also a great opportunity to socialise with Year 12 parents and some staff and there will be plenty of drinks and great food to enjoy.

The drinks and food will be served from 6:15pm and the presentation will run from 7 to 8:15pm.

The cost of the evening is $10 which is payable at the door.

Please RSVP by 4 March to Barbara Taylor
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Phone: 0410 268 444

Barbara Taylor & Toni Lindeback
Year 12 P&C Parent Reps

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Opens Rugby Preseason Update

Congratulations to James IP and Alden Kwok who have only missed one preseason training session. You can check your participation rates on the notice board outside IA and the Prefects room.

Twenty six senior players have registered their intentions to play rugby next year. I know most students are involved with their summer sport and fitness programs; however there are a number of students who will be disappointed when they will be unable to formulate a team due to lack of numbers . Most will not be considered due to not regularly attending the preseason training session or participating regularly in the schools fitness/weights training program.

It is not too late to register and attend training sessions for the rugby season ahead.

You can obtain registration from Mr Scrivener and attend training sessions held on the Bat and Ball.

Tuesday afternoons 3.20pm to 5.00 pm and Friday mornings 8.00am to 9.30 am.
Mr Scrivener

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SBHS Cricket

Last Saturday our Senior XIs welcomed back players from the injured list which has restored some balance to the 1st and 2nd XIs. The task is now in front of the senior teams to work their way back to the momentum they established earlier this season and to challenge themselves and their opponents on the field of play and regain some of the pride in representing High in the AAGPS. The 2nd XI has been affected considerably in having to provide replacements for the 1st XI during the injury period and whilst it has suffered two heavy losses the spirit and desire of the team is still present. Both senior XIs finished Day 1 in positions that they can achieve results with the continued commitment and grit that is on display so often and I wish them every success.

On the other side of the coin I am bitterly disappointed with many of the senior cricketers who find regular excuses not to represent High but want to avail themselves of the facilities provided by the school and cricket section during sport periods. These are the players who requested a 5th XI to be formed to enable them to participate in their sport on a non-competitive basis. This we did for them and last Saturday I witnessed the lack of respect displayed to their peer group and also the boys from St Ignatius, when only 5 players turned up. To prevent an embarrassment we brokered a 20/20 match with them and went into overdrive with a series of phone calls and achieved an additional 3 players from the 4th XI and 3 parents. Our opponents were also short by 3 players and their parents matched our efforts.

The result of that was with 1 ball to complete the match, the teams were tied on 118 and the match was ultimately won by the visitors who ran a bye on the last ball. The parents of the visitors (some came from the country to see their sons who are boarders) took the time after the match to commend us on sticking with it and providing a day’s cricket that turned out to be an enjoyable and exciting day of cricket with lots of fun had by all.

Cricket Dinner and presentation of awards, Friday 4th April 6-30 for 7-0pm, Great Hall, SBHS.
Bookings for the Dinner will commence from next Monday 3rd March and details of the cost and to how to book will be published on the Cricket Website. Bookings will be received up to and including Monday 31st March to enable us to confirm catering numbers and those missing the closing date may be disappointed in not being able to attend. Please don’t leave it until the last minute.

End of season statistics
Would all Coaches, Captains and Team Scorers be aware that the final Statistics for the Season will be due in the 4 days leading to Good Friday (21st March) which must then be provided to the engraver for the Awards. I have completed many books each season and the task is immense due to the use of first names only in many and it leaves too many areas where omissions may occur and I now require teams to take responsibility for their results. The guidelines for all awards appear on the Cricket Website.

Around the Grounds - Saturday 23rd Feb

Group 1 (Two Day fixtures)

1st XI HIGH 0/58 -V- St. IGNATIUS (RIVERVIEW) 10/282
Day 1. High won the toss and put Riverview in to bat on good wicket but failed to take the advantage due to some wayward bowling early, over- attacking at times, 35 sundries and a strong 5th wicket partnership of 120 by Riverview in their final score of 282 (@3.85/over). Neeraj Bangalore bowled very well for his 5–72 whilst Karan Rao 2-32, Razeen Ahmed 1-0, Brian Kelly 1-24 and Kerrod McPherson 1-34 also chipped in with wickets. High had 27 overs to bat with Razeen Ahmed (27n.o) and Andy Liu (24n.o)returning from injury, showing determination and composure to set up High for an assault on the Riverview total to finish at 0-58 overnight.

Day 1. With a late rearrangement of our team selections we approached the match optimistically of a change of fortune, but our batting woes continued. Too many times throughout the innings did we drop the ball when momentum had started swinging our way. Notable batting contributions from Alisdair Brown (28) and Hugo Richards (20) with the remaining batsmen needing to take stock of their approach to playing in the Seconds. We rallied with the ball having Riverview at 5/65 due to our bowlers and accuracy in the field and we then dropped the ball with a string of simple missed catches to let the momentum slip away again, costing us a further 88 runs in their total. Match Report from Coach Ani Rao.

Match Reports were not received from the 3rdXI, 16As, 15As and 14As

Group 2 (One day fixtures)

5th XI St.IGNATIUS 119 (20 overs) defeated HIGH 118 (20 overs)
The lead paragraph of these notes refers to a report to be submitted to the Cricket Website in what turned out to be one of the most enjoyable afternoons for those participating. The High 5ths were made up of Matthew Wong, Farham Uddin, Nick Lindeback, Tas Choudhury (who captained the side), Julian Byrnes, Tom Lindeback (4ths), Lachlan Street (4ths), Daniel Campion (4ths), Mr Roger Lindeback, Mr Andrew Byrnes and Laurie Heil (cameo w/keeper - 5 overs) with the 3 adults sharing the umpiring with the Riverview adults. Our run scorers were Nick Lindeback (21), Tom Lindeback (23) Julian Byrnes (14), Lachlan Street (18 n.o) and Mr Roger Lindeback (1 n.o.). Well done to all …… and thanks from the adults who all suffered stiffness on Sunday!!!

15Bs HIGH 6/144 defeated ST.IGNATIUS (RIVERVIEW) 10/73
High won the toss and elected to bat and after a sluggish start were 3 wickets down at the 15th over drinks break. With enough wickets in hand, High then attacked Riverview with Henry Sit (43) ,Sangeeth Subramanium (22) and supported by Botong Cheng and Leon Li in the closing stages pushing the score to 144 in the 30th over. In our best fielding performance all season with run-outs by Botong Cheng (2) and Sam Lane it only got better with Riverview being bowled out in the 21st over for 73. Our wicket takers were Krishan Sivayogarayan 2-3 (3 overs), Samuel Lane 2-4 (3), Ishman Bari 2-6 (4) and Shanaz Razeen 1-8 (2) in a strong performance. Match Report from team captain Krishan Sivayogarayan

15Cs HIGH 5/102 defeated St. IGNATIUS (RIVERVIEW) 10/52
In a solid all round team performance High dominated this fixture and at the same time faced some valuable lessons for the future in running between the wickets, calling and our catching skills, items that can be improved at training. The team is developing a winning attitude and will remain as a team for the balance of the season. Wicket takers were Sean Martin 4–4 (4), Casper Price 2-4 (3.3), Iftiar Khan 2-12 (3) and Veeral Patel and Aashan Prabaran took one wkt each. Run Scorers were Raghib Siddiquee (32 ret.), Iftiar Khan (15), Aashan Prabaran (11), Peter Tran (10) and the not out batsmen Lawrence Cai (2n.o) and Tristan Xu (2n.o)

14Bs St.IGNATIUS (RIVERVIEW) 8/136 - defeated - HIGH 10/63
Riverview batted first and High had them 4/74 after 23 overs with a great all round team effort, but unfortunately poor catching and inexperience in the field saw Riverview blast 62 from the remaining 7 overs. Pick of the bowlers were Harry Heo 2-8 (5), Emt1azul Hoque 2-19 (5) Shi Feng 1-10 (5) and Hiram Yu 1-19 (4). High started the chase well and were 0-30 after 7 overs but 5 ducks and 14 overs later were all out for 63 Main run scorers were Chris Pinta (16), Shi Peng (12n.o) and Tejas Iyer (8). Match report from coach Thariq Razeen

14Cs St.IGNATIUS (RIVERVIEW) 8/238 (30 overs) defeated HIGH 10/46
High’s main run scorers were Jason Pham (9), Suman Prusty (5) and Abhi Dutta (4) Best bowling came from Zafar Rivzi who took 2/14 (5 overs) and Jeremy Yao and Ethan Lieu who also took one wicket each.

13Bs St.IGNATIUS (RIVERVIEW) 2/31 -defeated - HIGH 7/20
Disappointing to have only 8 players attend the ground and High batted first after an incorrect call by our captain to bowl first due to inexperience. Konway Ying (5 runs) and Xu–Dong Feng (3 runs) were our top run scorers and the balance of our total were mainly sundries due to the ball swinging in the reasonably strong breeze. Riverview then batted and passed our score within the first 8 overs and batted on when Sameer Nene picked up a wicket and we achieved a run out. The run-out revealed some result of last week’s intensive fielding training. A tough fixture all-in-all but the season builds towards the final three matches, as this team of young men (who are playing cricket for the first time) hope to win a game or two by seasons end. Match Report from Coach Rommo Pandit.

13Cs St.IGNATIUS (RIVERVIEW) 4/173 (30 overs) defeated HIGH 10/20 and 3/22
Riverview batted first and put together a formidable total reaching 173 in their 30 overs . Special mentions to Chris Mao who bowled really well and took 1-28 (6 overs), backed up by Danny Vo 1-51 (7)and Darryl Chan 2- 21 (6) as our main wicket takers. High then batted and in the first innings Tony Wu made 2 and then 3 in the second innings. Danny Vo chipped in well with the bat scoring 4 in the second innings as well as Darryl Chan with 4. James Chen batted very well in both innings and remained not out in both. It was a greatly improved team performance this week and the boys are showing vast improvement, especially in the field with Jason the highlight executing an excellent run-out. Report from Coach Gajaba Manamperi.
Laurie Heil
MIC Cricket

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Chinese New Year Dinner

The SBHS Chinese New Year Dinner held last Saturday evening in the school’s Great Hall was a great success thanks to the many parents, teachers and students involved in the preparation leading up to the night. The dinner began with some musical performances including the Symphony Orchestra playing a violin concerto arrangement of the famous Butterfly Lovers opera (featuring Andre Brokman as soloist) and Chinese poetry reading. The evening also included raffles, trivia and silent auctions as part of a fundraiser and culminated to a brilliant Lion Dance by the Jin Wu Koon Martial Arts Academy. Thank you to all those who attended and made possible this festive evening to celebrate and welcome in the new year of the rat.

Sydney Boys High School Development Committee and P&C Committee would also like to thank the following companies for their generous donations towards the Chinese New Year Dinner:
Australian Chocolate Pty Ltd
Black Stump Restaurant (Kingsford)
Contact & Clarendon Printing
Crystal Car Wash (Coogee)
Dick Smith Electronics
Dymocks Books
Eastpoint Florist (Edgecliff)
Haigh's Chocolates
Kingsford Chinese Noodles Restaurant (Anzac Parade)
Marrickville Leather Goods
Moore Park Golf Club
Non La Vietnamese Restaurant
Skin Studio Facial (St Leonards)
Southpoint Pharmacy (Hillsdale)
Sydney Harbour Marriott (Pitt St, Sydney)
Sydney Showground
Thai Tree (259 George St, Sydney)

Thank you also to the following:

Mrs Chan’s Kitchen
Thai Tree (Annie Qian)
Tropicana Singapore Laksa Café (Helen / Steven Lim)

Decorations & Entertainment:
SBHS Creative Arts Department Phoebe Wong (Guzheng performer)
SBHS Symphony Orchestra
SBHS Language Department (Chinese elective students)
Paul Pang (Piano performance)
Nathan Tang (Piano performance)
Jin Wu Koon Martial Arts Academy (Lion Dance)

As we ran out of time on the night to read out the answers to the Chinese Quiz, we reproduce below the questions and correct answers:

1. When is the Beijing Olympics starting? 8th August 8pm
2. Which currencies does China use? Yuan
3. What is the name of the evil spirit thought to visit the village people at Chinese New Year? ian
4. The Chinese word for year is based on the arrival of this beast. What is the phrase for Chinese New Year? guo nian, means the passing of the beast.
5. What is eaten to celebrate the lantern festival? Yuanxiao (a glutenous rice ball)
6. Rice cake (Niangao) and dumpling (Jiaozi) are traditionally eaten in which part of China? Rice cake is in Southern and dumpling is in northern
7 Rice cake (Niangao) is eaten during the Spring festival to worship:
    A The god of kitchen
    B The god of the land
    C The god of rain
8. Jiaozi (dumpling) symbolize the fortune of the coming year. It was shaped to resemble:
    A Gold ingot
    B Crescent moon
    C Wheat scythe
9. What is the purpose of the Dragon dance in Chinese folklore? To bring rain
10. When is the Dragon dance traditionally performed?
    A Spring festival
    B Dragon boat festival
    C Harvest festival
11. What is the purpose of the lion dance in the Chinese folklore? To bring good luck
12. Which religion came to China in as early as the beginning of the first century? Buddhism
13. Where are the terracotta warriors? Xian
14. Who was the emperor that unified China? Qin/ shihuang
15. List the 5 fortunes that are associated with Chinese new year.
16. Banner, mural, fire crackers, red envelope/pocket, lantern
17. Name five food traditionally eaten during Chinese new year. Dumpling, rice cake, pancake, gluten ball and eight treasure congee
18. Red diamond-shaped posters with the character 福 ( fú), or meaning happinese which are displayed around the house and on doors. This sign is usually seen hanging upside down. Why is this decoration hung upside down? Since the Chinese word 倒 (pinyin: dǎo), or "upside down", sounds similar as 到 (pinyin: dào), or "arrive". Therefore, it symbolizes the arrival of luck, happiness, and prosperity
19. The Koi fish is usually seen in paintings, and fish is a traditional dish served during the Chinese new year. Why is fish traditionally served? It symbolizes surplus or having additional savings so as to have more than enough to live throughout the remaining year. It coheres with the Chinese idiom (niánnián yŏuyú)
20. The Chinese New Year is often accompanied by auspicious words or phrases. What are some sayings? Xīnnián kuàilè, Gōngxǐ fācái
21. How many strings do the Chinese instrument erhu have? Two

Extra Questions

1. Do Beijing and Hong Kong share the same written characters? No
2. When is it the next year of the Rooster? 2017
3. What is it the year of next year? Ox

Charles Ovadia

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Asthma Warning

Hospital attendances for asthma have tripled!
February has seen a dramatic rise in the number of school students (aged 5-16 years) attending Accident & Emergency departments across NSW. During the past few weeks the number of asthma-related visits has risen from an average of 25 per day to 75. Statistics show that this phenomenon happens in February/ March every year, and this year has shown some of the highest numbers seen for some years.

Although asthma affects everyone differently, the very changeable weather could be a factor. People with asthma are very vulnerable to changes in temperature. Stress, the change of environment as children start or move schools, the cocktail of germs, cold and flu viruses that children can pick up once they come together can all trigger an asthma attack.

Good asthma management every day, along with people knowing what to do in an emergency could significantly reduce the number of children needing to go to hospital with their asthma. Seeing the family GP on a regular basis and getting an up to date written asthma action plan could avoid a deterioration occurring, and at the very least may help recognise the warning signs. It’s also vital to take medication as directed, and have a reliever inhaler available at all times, just in case.

If you have any questions, or for further information contact Asthma Foundation NSW.

Phone: 1800 645 130
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Website: www.asthmansw.org.au

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P&C Welcome Party

The 2008 Welcome Party for the new parents at Sydney Boys High School was a great success and was attended by about 200 people.

It is fantastic to see so many enthusiastic new members of the school community; once again, welcome.

Everyone agreed that the evening was a great way to learn more about the school and to meet and get to know each other.

Thank You to all the parents, the Deputy Principal, the P & C, the speakers, the staff, the Prefects and all other helpers on the night.

Everyone's effort was greatly appreciated and made this evening a great success.

A special thank you to the Sailing Committee for the catering, to Mr. Hannon for the video presentation and to members of the SBSH Senior and Junior Band Ensembles for their musical contribution.

Thank you and Welcome from The Year 8 Parent Group

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Basketball Dinner

Help celebrate another fantastic year of basketball at High by organising your son’s team to attend the 4th Annual Basketball Dinner ever for all years!!! Every team will receive trophies for the Most Valuable Player and Most Improved player. 1 minute speeches will be made by coaches about their season! The team with the best highlight footage of their season will show off their talent on the big screen. There will be a raffle for huge prizes and a chance to thank your coach for their efforts. Prizes include NBA MVP Dirk Nowitski signed shirt, iPod vouchers, Cairns Taipans (Nathan Jawai) sporting apparel, Troy Baylis signed poster and DVD, $50 gift Vouchers and much more.

When? Friday, 28/ 3/ 08, 6:30pm. Dinner served at 7pm

Where? Great Hall, Sydney Boys High School

Who? Players, parents, friends, supporters and coaches of all teams!

1) Because the friendships made through SBHS basketball last a lifetime
2) Because the program has improved significantly this season and requires your support for this to continue.

Students to attend in school uniform

 *This is a BYO function for adults* Cordial will be served for students.

Advise when booking if vegetarian meal is required. 180 seats only. If you won an award make sure you pay ASAP

Please return the below slip with $30/per person to the front office by 18 MARCH 2008.

Sydney High Basketball Dinner 
STUDENT NAME: ______________________  TEAM: __________ 

PAYMENT FOR: ______  Adults and students @ $30.00 pp as payment for tickets
under the name of ___________________________ Basketball Team ____________
(please submit your team details for tables) 

Total amount paid: $________ 

Type of payment: Cheque ___   Cash ___   Credit Card ___

Card Type: Bankcard ___    Mastercard ___    Visa ___

Card Number: _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ 

Expiry Date: ___ / ___ 

Total amount paid: $________ 

Cardholder’s Name: [please print]


Cardholder’s Signature:

Bus. Phone: ___________________

__ __ __ __ __ (Office Use Only) 

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Learn to Row

When: Sunday, 17 February – 30 March 2008 (No Rowing Easter Sunday 23 March 2008)

Time: 7.00am – 9.00am Duration6: Sessions of 2 hours

Cost: $275.00 incl. GST

Coach:  Ross Bowey

Venue: The Outterside Centre, 5 Teviot Avenue, Abbotsford

If you want to learn Rowing in Sydney, then this course of 6 classes is for you. Whether you are a complete novice or have some previous experience, come and learn the skills of rowing. Rowing is the ideal aerobic sport for the entire body as it is low impact and low injury. You’ll enjoy the ultimate team activity as well as the magic moments of early mornings on the water.

Agenda - Beginners
Week 1:
Orientation to the pontoon area
Racing shell setup
Safety precautions
Fundamental rowing technique

Weeks 2-6:
Development of rowing technique
Style correction
Crew rowing

Learning Outcomes
At the completion of the course participants will possess the following skills and knowledge:

  • Basic knowledge of rowing style and boat rigging
  • Basic navigation rules and river etiquette
  • Ability to row with a crew in a racing shell

Agenda –Continuing
The focus will be on developing teamwork within the boat and expand on the basic knowledge from the Beginners Level.

Safety Note: Participants must be able to swim 50 metres and tread water as a safety requirement. All participants must sign The Sydney High Foundation’s Indemnity Form, stating swimming ability, before they are allowed on the water.

Under 18’s must be accompanied by a participating adult.

To make a booking or for more information:
Please contact Judith Shuttleworth, Foundation Venues Manager, on 0427 070 569 or at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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