High Notes, Vol 9 No 40, December 12 2008

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From the Principal

Final Edition for 2008
Thank you to all those students, staff, parents, Old Boys and friends of High, who have made the school such a vibrant and purposeful learning community in 2008. I think we have squeezed as much as we could out of our $3 million available this year. We keep no reserve funds for a rainy day and spend everything we get on your sons. This policy makes us entirely dependent on our parents supporting us to > 95% of school fees paid. I am counting on your continued support to make our great school an even better place to belong to in 2009.

High Talent
Congratulations to Joshua Tassell (Year 11) on his bronze medal in the 4x200 relay at the Pacfic Games in Canberra last week. It is quite an achievement to get a national level medal against international competition. Thank you to Brendan Leo and Wen Jia Liu (Year 9) who helped Mr Hannon with the video clips at the recent music evening and Anirban Ghose (10) who set up lights and designed the Hall set. Patrick Desmond, our 2009 School Captain, has been selected to participate in the NSW Schools Constitutional Convention at Parliament House, Sydney in February. Well done, Patrick!

Staff Changes
Ben Hayman has been appointed as a full time permanent staff member. Suzanna Lim is now 0.8 FTE permanent and Jenny Yang has been appointed as a Chinese / Music teacher 0.6 FTE. A Selection Panel last week was engaged to cull applications and interview prospective applicants for the position of Senior School Librarian. The position has been offered and accepted and Ms Monica Morscheck will be starting with us in 2009.

Properties Report
Our new sign is up and running, advertising school events. The ‘Senior School Library’ has had all its new data points and power outlets fitted and is ready for computers to be installed. The new central aisle tables have arrived and we will begin to sort out the space in the last week of term. The work is on track for an opening in week one term one 2009. Room 802 is set up as computer lab and general classroom combination. Room 505 is ready again. The Junior Library will have its additional furniture by the beginning of next year. I hope we commence the new year with a greatly enlarged capacity to allow staff to book in two junior classes into the Junior School Library and two senior classes into the Senior School Library simultaneously. I have authorised the new canteen awning and the pottery annexe enclosure to be completed during the long holiday.

Visual Arts Exhibition / Thank You Reception
The annual event was well attended this year and as usual the artwork was varied, interesting and imaginative. The Creative Arts staff went to a great deal of trouble to stage the event. Thanks to Jenni May and her team – Claire, Bonnie, Jocelyne, Suzanna, Deborah and Rita. The music was expertly played. The ambience was relaxing. An additional feature this year was the screening of the films made by the first Year 9 Film Making class. I hope this becomes an annual screening of the best of our multimedia products. Once again the Sailing Committee, coordinated by the tireless Steve Saunders, prepared and served the food with the minimum of fuss. The P & C, supervised by Julie Blomberg, expertly served the well chilled refreshments. The occasion was different in us being able to give wider recognition and acknowledgement of the great work of our Canteen Staff, Tracy and Karen, and their large team of volunteer helpers, including our School Prefect Interns on a roster. I hope we can have more parents of art students attend the function next year.
Dr K A Jaggar

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Academic Achievement Semester 2

Year 12

ANG Eric
BAI Kevin
BOCK Michael
CHAN William
CHIM Daniel
DENG Yiming
FAN David
GU Howard
HUYNH Anthony
IYER Kartik
KIM Albert
LIEU Nathan
LIU Ruiwen
LIU Simon
LOCKE Patrick
MA Jiawen
PHAM Daniel
RAO Karan
SUN Marco
SUN Yu (Tom)
TAN Lucian
TING Simon
TONG Daochen
WANG Arthur
YANG Simin
YOON Robert
ZHANG Zheshu
ZU Zhi
ZUO Justin

Year 11

ANG Adrian
CAO Yiming
CHEN Clement
CHEN Jeffrey
DINH Matthew
FAN David
HI Desmond
KHOU Vincent
KURTS Phillip
LAM Victor
LAU Brian
LAU Matthew
LI Aolin
LIM Victor Seng Yi
LO Daniel
LU Simon
SHAN Daniel
SIU Timothy
TENG Leonard
TONG Matthew
WONG Jeffrey
YU Henry
ZHENG Steven

Year 10

CHAN Gareth
CHAN Justin
DO Michael
FIO Oliver
GHOSE Anirban
HAN James
HSIAO Patrick
LAM Jeffrey
LI Ivan
LIU Andy
LIU Yixin
LU Robert
LUO Daniel
MA Robert
MOHAN Vithushan
PAUL Antony
TRAN Aaron
WANG Michael
WANG Nelson
WONG Christopher
ZHANG Adrian

Year 9 (40 points)

AUTAR Nikhil
CAI Lawrence
CHAN Andrew
CHENG Botong
CHIN Aaron
GOLLAN Timothy
GOREY Declan
HAU Andrew
KHAN Iftiar
KIM Dennis
LI Leon
LIAO Allen
LIN Kevin Z
LIU Wen Jia
LU Henry
LY Austin
NGUYEN Dominic
NGUYEN Kenneth
PANAS George
PHUNG Michael
SABAU Oliver
SARKER Abdullah
SHAO William
TANG Jeffrey
WANG Vincent
WEI Derek
WONG Michael

Year 8 (44 points)

CHIAM Christopher
CHIN Timothy
DIAS Sudam
DO Simon
FANG Lucas
FOO Derrick
HEO Harry
HO William
HOQUE Emtiazul
KHAN Abeer
LAIRD Benjamin
LAU Kenny
MA Nan
NG Angus
PAN Ming
PARK Jun-Hyuk
PAUL Ankur
QUAZI Shubash
SETHI Siddharth
TRANG Stephen
WU Peter
WU Yujin
ZHANG Thomas
ZHOU Jerry
ZHU Michael
ZOU Jack

Year 7 (46 points)

CHA Andrew
CHAU Albert
CHEN James
CHEN Kavan
CHEW Victor
DIEN Denny
KIRK Oliver
LAM Jason
LAM Maurice
LI Edwin
LI Ian
MA William
MAH Dominic
MO Benjamin
NAYAK Agnish
NGUYEN Alexander
PHAM Kevin
RAMESH Anirudh
SINGH Amarbir
TAM Daniel
TRAN Dominic
WEI Andrew
WEI Daniel
YORK Calum

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HSC Geography – Sustainable Sydney

Sustainability is one of the current buzzwords. There seems to be a great deal written about it but far less to actually seeing what is there and how it works in practice. Part of the work in HSC Geography is to study urban places. Within this topic students get to look at a range of themes including urban dynamics. Here we look at the forces which shape our city. Sustainability is something we can’t ignore either theoretically or practically since the school is in the Sydney City LGA and is therefore part of their 2030 sustainability initiative. In order to see more and get some current information the HSC Geographers set out for a novel field trip. The first stop was to listen to a presentation by Dr Rob Helstroom talking about energy and sustainability at a personal level. Dr Helstroom was the designer of the database that runs the NSW Dept. of Planning’s BASIX sustainability engine. Filled with ideas, data and formulae, we then went to look at how it translates in a business setting. Luckily we have Lend Leases’ ‘Bond’ building – a 5-star rated design and one of the key sustainable designs in Australia. Mr Alan Webb from the Global Sustainability Unit gave a guided tour of the design principles of the building and how sustainability works in a business setting. Finally we returned to a talk by some of the Sydney City 2030 officials who explained what the city is trying to do to make it a more sustainable and liveable city. In this fieldtrip we got not only 3 experts in their fields but a sense of the questions asked at personal, business and city scales. It was generally agreed to be a great day out with unique information.

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Junior Geography Trivia School Challenge

On Friday 7 November, two Year 8 teams from Sydney Boys High travelled to Rooty Hill RSL to compete against almost 40 other schools in the WESSSTA Junior Geography Trivia School Challenge. The teams consisted of Abeer Khan, Patrick Krakovsky, Gavin Sutton, Ming En Chin, Suman Prusty and Jack Zhou on one team and Sid Sethi, Emtiazul Hoque, Peter Wu, Kenny Lau, Adam Ceh and Chris Chiam on the other.

There were ten rounds covering various geographical areas, like weather maps, country shapes, Australian emblems and much more. There were some bonus rounds where everyone was given the chance to win some CDs. But the biggest prize of all was the shield; the winners would have their school’s name engraved on it. The whole competition was point based, with scores for every team. Our team led the competition in the first few rounds. Slowly we got taken over to sit at 2nd place for a while.

By the end of the day the winners were:

Normanhurst Boys – 1st Place
Penrith High School – 2nd Place
Abeer Khan
Year 8

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Community Service Report

2008 has certainly been a big year for the Sydney High Community Service Committee. We've raised thousands of dollars for a whole range of charities this year, including Jeans for Genes, OASIS, Youth Off The Streets, Daffodil Day, Stewart House and Lak Saviya amongst others. Without your generous support, the success in the events prevalent throughout the year would have not been possible. A big thank you goes to the members of the committee who devote their Monday lunchtimes to attend meetings and Ms Kaye for assisting with everything to do with Community Service this year. We hope to see you next year for an even bigger year in '09!!
Johnny Lieu
Publicity Officer
Community Service Committee

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Year 7 Immunisation Program 2008

The second Vaccination Clinic for Year 7 students will take place on

Tuesday 16 December

when a team of specially trained registered nurses will be visiting the school.

On this day the following vaccines will be offered to Year 7 students only -

  • Hepatitis B - the second of two doses for those students who received the first dose on 11 June this year.
  • Varicella [chickenpox] for any Year 7 student who was absent during the first vaccination clinic on 11 June this year.

If you would like your son to be vaccinated, please complete the Consent Forms which will be distributed to the boys in Week 9 and return completed forms to the collection box in the Main Office. Alternatively, boys can bring the forms with them on Tuesday 16th. Boys who do not bring the completed consent forms will not be able to take advantage of this free service.

What to do if your son missed the first dose of Hepatitis vaccine at school: Any Year 7 student who missed the first dose of Hepatitis vaccine at school can attend his GP to receive a free three-dose course of paediatric Hepatitis B vaccine over a six-month period.

What to do if your son misses the second dose of Hepatitis vaccine at school: Any Year 7 student who misses their second dose at school should attend his GP to complete the course with a further two doses of free paediatric Hepatitis B Vaccine [each dose given five months apart].

Further information about the program including translated material for parents is available at www.health.nsw.gov.au 

After the boys have been vaccinated they will be given a Record of Vaccination to take home so that you can keep their immunisation records up to date.

If you have any queries, please contact Mr Beringer.

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From the Canteen

$10 Thank You Voucher

Our November $10 Thank You Voucher has been won by Nada Andrews.

Thanks so much to Nada for being one of our many wonderful volunteers, many of whom expertly juggle work commitments so they can volunteer at the canteen once a month.

To all our continuing volunteers - a reminder: we know your work and family commitments can change over time, so if you find a different day would suit better for 2009, be quick and arrange a new time with Karen & Tracey TODAY before new rosters are arranged incorporating the new Year 7 parents. Call them on 9360 4027.

To all our loyal customers: holidays are fast approaching and we hope you will all understand that not all your usual favourites will be available from the canteen right through to the end, as we are running down stock in preparation for the long summer break.

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Year 7 Parent Group Meeting

will be held on Wednesday, 17 December at 7.00 pm in the Staff Common Room.

Agenda for the meeting:

  • Ms Lim's address about streaming and 2009 Year 8 classes
  • Election of Year 8 Parent Group co-ordinator/co-ordinators for 2009
  • Forming a committee for organising the cocktail party for 2009 Year 7 parents

Marika Horvath
Year 7 Parent Group

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From the High Store

Year 9 Students



Senior Tie: $27.50

White shirt with school crest ( compulsory ):
Short sleeve Size 14 $24; 16-22 $26; 24-28 $28
Long sleeve Size 14 $26; 16-22 $28; 24-28 $30

Senior Trousers $59

High Store Holiday Opening Times:

Monday Jan 19, 2009 - 10 am-3 pm
Tuesday Jan 20, 2009 - 12 pm-7 pm
Wednesday Jan 21, 2009 - 10.30 am-2.30 pm
Friday Jan 23, 2009 - 9 am-12 pm
Tuesday Jan 27, 2009 - 9 am-12 pm

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High Tide

Sydney Boys High School Sailing

If you are interested in joining Sailing in 2009, see Mrs Collignon for details.

: Graham Moody
Year: Staff
Preferred school sailing boat: NS FEVA 14 - Although I haven’t sailed it yet it looks good and goes like a rocket.

When did you start sailing?
I started sailing at school out at Yarra Bay on Botany Bay. In those days we had to truant sport to go sailing, until the sportsmaster found out and made it official.

Surfing wasn’t a sport at that time also and the truants who went surfing at Maroubra instead of sport were always caught and dealt with.

What are some of your GOALS in Sailing?
To improve most aspects of my sailing, especially helming and spinnaker work.

What has been your best Sailing experience?
The Wellington to Akaroa Race 1999, most amazing race with dismastings, abandoned boats, sea rescues by helicopters, maydays, mountainous waves, high winds and surfing a 40 foot Farr 1240 down crashing waves for 36 hours. Unreal experience (we came 6th)

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The Student Awards Scheme

Award Claims – 2008

  • You must complete a Claim Form as usual.
  • Most categories have been recorded electronically and can be verified by Mr Beringer (from 7:15 am daily) or Mr Dowdell (from 6:30 am daily).
  • Completed claim forms must be lodged by the following dates:
    • Year 7: CLOSED
    • Year 8: Friday 12 December
    • Year 9: Friday 12 December
    • Year 10: CLOSED
    • Year 11: CLOSED
  • Remember, if you do not qualify for an award this year but have at least FIVE categories you should register these and accumulate for next year.
    Back-tracking is no longer permitted.
  • Unfortunately, late claims cannot be accepted

J Beringer
Deputy Principal

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SBHS Rowing Committee

Family Regatta Day
It was terrific to see so many families attend our Family Regatta Day last Saturday. It was perfect weather and beautiful water for rowing, and lots of parents, brothers, sisters, cousins and friends did just that. There was even a grandma having a try at rowing! Mr Barris and his team of rowers did a great job coordinating everyone getting on and off the water and I hope you all enjoyed it.

I'd like to thank the committee and many other parents for doing all the jobs required to make it a wonderful day. Bernie Desmond, Tanya Arsenova, Anita Bezjak, Maya Iyer, Katharine Deacon, Nada Andrews, Helen Vertoudakis, Steve Whiting, John Petrie, Peter Ambrose, Geoff Andrews and Tailoi Chan all gave their time and 'expertise' to make it a successful day and we managed to raise approx $1,000 whilst enjoying ourselves. The barbeque lunch and salads were delicious, drinks sold well with the hot weather, and the hampers looked terrific with sales up on last year.

Thanks also go to the parents who brought in lovely homemade cakes and slices, and to the many parents who donated items for the hampers that were raffled on the day.

Camping at the Sheds
Year 7 will be experiencing their first camp on Sunday 14 Dec, and Year 8 rowers are camping on Monday 15th. These camps allow the boys to be able to row at the best time of day on the river – very early morning. Thank you to all the parents who have volunteered to help with the cooking and staying overnight with the boys.

There are camps for the senior boys in the January holidays and it is essential for all the boys to attend as rowing is only possible with a full crew. This is crucial training time as the GPS regattas start at the beginning of Term One.

  • A group camps are – Wed 14, Thurs 15, Fri 16, Mon 19, Tues 20 and Wed 21
  • B and C groups camp on Thursday 22 Jan.

December Committee Meeting
We have our last committee meeting of the year next Tuesday 16th December, 7.00pm and it will be a more relaxed end-of-year meeting at the Clovelly Hotel. It’s great to have Year 10 parent, Tanya Arsenova, coming along and joining the committee, and I’d like everyone to feel welcome to attend as the committee is always in need of new parents.

Thank yous
I would like to thank Year 8 parent, Rodney Fletcher, for the cleaning down of the pontoons and Year 7 parent, Stephen Collier, for sharpening our kitchen knives.

Finally, as we finish the first half of the season, I would like to thank the enthusiastic hard working committee, and all the parents, for their commitment to running camps, BBQs, cooking, fund raising and getting their boys to and from the sheds at difficult hours of the day. It’s dedicated time and effort on many people’s part.
Julie Blomberg
Rowing Committee  

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Sydney Boys High School Cricket


With the GPS programme completed we now have a very good overview of the cricket talent we have at this school and it augurs well for the future providing boys are prepared to commit to personal application at training and matches. However we still have a mountain to climb with boys accepting second rate performances through the inability to absorb the many hints and advice from the most talented and experienced senior coaching staff in the GPS as a whole.

Testament to the broad statement has been the results achieved in the past week in the interstate and tour matches we have played in against teams in the same age groups as our boys with the undisciplined fielding and bowling we have produced at times, as an embarrassment to the specific teams.

Our Under 15 team put down 5 catches against Brisbane on Day 1 of our tour and handed the match to Brisbane... On Day 2 missed catches at a crucial stage of the match when we had taken 3 early wickets in the space of 2 overs allowed Brisbane to consolidate and then maul some untidy bowling. The Under 14 team was competitive against Brisbane on both days and certainly showed up the lack of concentration and commitment in the performances of our senior team.

In an amazing finish to Day 1 in the Barberis Cup match against Melbourne High we saw the first Tied game in the history of the Cup and we were lucky to survive with only one batsman reaching double figures in our innings at the crease. Day 2 saw us again gift our opposition with dropped catches and very ordinary fielding.

At the Five (5) Highs Carnival we continued to produce sub standard bowling and fielding skills producing 57 wides and no-balls in Adelaide’s total of 230 runs and when you consider we made 180 with wickets in hand and add the runs we gave away to the carnival “favourites”, we should have had a 7 run victory.

So what can we now do about the state of the game at Sydney Boys?

The senior coaching staff and selectors have now been able to assess where we are at in the overview and the time has arrived for many of our cricketers to take stock, as we are not prepared to reward substandard cricket performances from boys who attend High to achieve at the highest academic level. To make our 1st and 2nd XIs we expect the same commitment to personal fitness, commitment and training to achieve the same High level in their chosen sport.

Term 1 in 2009 will see many teams restructured, leadership changes and the introduction of training regimes that will allow the boys to rise to the highest level they are capable of. Our coaching group is committed to achieve the best possible results in your chosen sport that makes you proud to represent high at that top level

Some current results in our hectic end of season programme hereunder.


Day 1
ADELAIDE BHS 7 /230 - defeated- SYDNEY BHS 6 /180
A game marred by 57 no balls and wides bowled by Sydney, A possible win given away. Batting highlight was by Avindu VITHANAGE (78) and Razeen AHMED took 3 wkts as the successful bowler

Day 2 SYDNEY BHS 9 / 152 - defeated- KENT ST SHS (WA) 10 /150
Batting Kerrod MCPHERSON (64), Razeen AHMED (21) and Andy LIU (17) Bowling saw Razeen AHMED take 3/8 (10), VYAS 3 wkts, Kerrod McPHERSON and Michael PHUNG one wkt each with Saif HAQUE 0 /8 (6)


Mon 1st Dec (50 Overs fixtures)
Brisbane SHS (U15) 4 /173 -defeated- Sydney High 10 /60
Batting: Daniel SMITH (19) and Prashan PRABAHARAN (8).

Brisbane SHS (U14) 2 /88 -defeated- SYDNEY HIGH 10 /83
Batting: Krishnendu DUTTA (19) and Dhruv GUPTAA (13). Bowling: Krishnendu DUTTA and Tom CONNOLLY one wkt each.

Tue 2nd Dec (20 /20 Fixtures) BRISBANE SHS (U15) 9 /132 -defeated SYDNEY HIGH (U.15) 9 /70
Batting: Prashan PRABAHARAN (26) Bowling: Kumudika GUNARATNE 4 /23

Brisbane SHS (U14) 5 /123 -defeated- SYDNEY HIGH (U.14) 8 /66
Batting: Alexander HUGHES (20) and Dhruv GUPTAA (9). Bowling: Dhruv SABHARWAL 2 /25 (4) and Alexander HUGHES 2 /20 (5)


Sydney High 10 /104 - Tied with - Melbourne High 10 /104
Michael PHUNG (18), Shimon DANZIGER (15), Sam LANE (13) and Krishnendu DUTTA (10) Wicket Takers were Shimon DANZIGER 3 /22 (10), Saif HAQUE 2 /8 (7) and Michael PHUNG 2 /29 (10)

Melbourne High 4 /122 - defeated- Sydney High 10 /120
Krishan SIVAYOGARAYAN (32), Henry SIT (17), Kumudika GUNARATNE (13) and Prashan PRABAHARAN (11) Wicket Takers were Shanaz RAZEEN 2 /13 (7) and Sam LANE and Nakul BHAGWAT one wkt each.

This Friday 12 Dec selected Under 15 and Under 14 High teams will play the visiting NZ school team on Moore Park West fields as part of the development of junior players from both schools. High will provide several substitute players as the tourists have a combined squad of 18 players on tour due to some late withdrawals. The matches will commence at 10-0 am and finish at approximately 4-30 pm and all spectators are welcome.

A combined Senior XI will play this College, who always Tour with a very competitive Senior XI on Thursday 18 Dec at Kensington Oval. This is a tough match and Cheltenham visit Australia every second year and request a match against High as they enjoy our hosting and always receive a tough game. The final team will be selected when our 1st XI returns from Adelaide and will be performance based from both the 1st, 2nd and 3rd XIs.

2nd XI CAMP – JANUARY 2009
A camp for the 2nd and 3rd XI players will be conducted in the last week of the January vacation period. Nominations for the camp and details will appear on the Cricket website prior to the end of Term 4. Keep checking the site for updates.
Laurie Heil
MIC Cricket

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Basketball: Shootin' Hoops

Hayman Cup Results

Every team must be commended for an outstanding first half of the season. Next year in term 1, the Hayman Cup will still be running, but modified after this term’s trial. It will become more fair and challenging to win, but the reward at the end will be fulfilling and satisfying. But wait! You still don’t know what the mystery prize for this term’s Hayman Cup was.

I would gladly announce that the prize is 2 DELICIOUS PIZZAS DELIVERED FRESH TO THE WINNING TEAM BY MR HAYMAN and possibly Chris Chiam and I to take a photo, during your training session. The pizzas will be paid for by the Basketball Committee and note there are no catches. By the time you’re reading this, hopefully if no problems occur, the pizzas have already been consumed by the first ever winners of the Hayman Cup 3RD GRADE!

CONGRATULATIONS 3RD GRADE BEATING OUT THE 15Es, 8TH GRADE and the 15Ds (I thought they would win during week 6). 1st Grade was also not far behind sitting on 28 points just 4 points behind. Remember to start training for next year this holiday!

1st place – 3rd Grade on 32 points 2nd place – 15Es on 31 points 3rd place – 8th Grade on 30 points 4th place – 15Ds on 29 points 5th place – 1st Grade on 28 points

Team Previous Points Points this week Total points Team Previous Points Points this week Total points
1st 14 14 28 16E 10 2 12
2nd 8 12 20 15A 2 0 2
3rd 24 8 32 15B 4 0 4
4th 17 7 24 15C 13 0 13
5th 18 0 18 15D 29 0 29
6th 14 2 16 15E 26 5 31
7th 15 4 19 15F 13 4 17
8th 27 3 30 14A 2 0 2
16A 8 0 8 14B 15 2 17
16B 6 2 8 14C 8 2 10
16C 4 0 4 14D 2 0 2
16D 13 0 13 14E 2 1 3

~ Go High Basketball!
~Play Hard, Play Smart and Play Together!
~ Brought to you by the editors, David Li Wang and Chris Chiam
~Thank you to Mr Hayman for all his contributions to basketball and information

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SBHS Chinese New Year Dinner

Back by popular demand.

With a sell out hall of about 250 people at this year’s CNY Dinner, the P&C Development committee have organised next year’s CNY dinner again with more exciting and spectacular food and entertainment.

We would like to invite you to join us in this celebration and welcome the year of the Ox in 2009.

Tickets are now available for sale through the main office.
It is essential to book and pay by Monday the 9 February 2009 as we need to confirm numbers for catering

When: 6.30 pm Saturday 21 February 2009
Where: Great Hall, Sydney Boys High School
Cost: $35 per adult & high school student $20 per primary school student
Food: Delicious Asian food by Gourmet Caterers
Drinks: Soft drinks

Entertainment: Competition Lion Dance Performance Chinese Poem Recitations and Music Performances Chinese New Year artwork display by Sydney High students Trivia, Games, Lucky door prizes, Raffles and Auction prizes.

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Chinese New Year Fundraising

We are looking for donations to help fundraise for the school at a Chinese New Year Function to be held on FEBRUARY 21, 2009.

Do you have an interesting job? Where a young person could spend a few hours with you as work experience?
Eg: Chef/Restaurant, TV Production, Ferry Pilot, Professional Fisherman, Engineering Project, Public Relations – launch a product, Design, Anything that people could bid for?

Could you provide a service? Eg: Consultation on a Will, Consultation on Immigration Law, Beautician, Hand Made Shoes

Do you have a holiday house or flat that is let commercially? Could you donate a weekend? Or a week?

If you do then contact CHARLES OVADIA at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   or phone (hm) 9386 1221 or mobile 0412 560 511

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High Notes Advertisements

As a service to the High Family, a


can be placed for a fee of

$27.50 (GST incl.) (for a full page ad in two week’s publications)

Whether it be a Business Service, Educational Course/s or Something for sale.

Contact : Cathy Northey, High Notes Editor

Phone: 9361 6910 Fax: 9361 6206

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

N.B. Content is subject to approval

First edition in 2009 – 30 January 2009

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