High Notes, Vol 9 No 4, February 22 2008

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From the Principal

High Talent
There has been a great start to the ’08 season by the first and second grade basket ball teams – three wins each against Grammar, Kings and Joeys. Congratulations to the players, coaches and the basketball committee. The toughest games lie ahead.

Chinese New Year Dinner
It was very gratifying to witness the last minute surge of interest in this event with a sell out crowd of 220 set to enjoy a great evening on Saturday. The organisation and marketing of this celebration are a credit to Charles Ovadia and the Sydney High Development Committee. I hope everyone has a really enjoyable time.

Tax deductible donations for sports equipment
Parents are reminded that they can assist the development of the sports that their sons play by way of tax deductible donations to the Australian Sports Foundation. There are two forms available on the website; one for sports equipment and facilities and the other for sports development. The pathway is www.sydneyboyshigh.com\donations\ sports donations to click on the appropriate form.

Technology support for learning
This year we are making our biggest ever commitment to technology in teaching and learning. The overall budget of $202,000 represents a commitment of $174 per student. Our network support, research services and Moodle caching and interactive sites, provide students with superior access and opportunity to apply the benefits of technology to their learning. Our permanent staff member, James Rudd, maintains and develops the school network and trains teachers in the use of software and systems. He is supported by two casual staff members who handle website management, hardware and peripherals.

Healthy Canteen Success
Despite converting to a healthy canteen in line with DET policy, the High P & C canteen had a very good year. Even without fizzy sugary drinks and fatty foods, our canteen managed to convert boys into healthier eaters. The 2007 net profit was still very respectable at $62,000, allowing major contributions by the P & C to school programs directly benefiting the boys. I urge boys to continue to use our canteen and to eat well at school.

124th Annual Speech Night
Special guest Antony Whitlam QC (SHS1956-1960), spoke to the boys about the history of the classification and status of professions and regretted how the contemporary obsession with money and the media has skewed public perceptions towards wealth as the yardstick of esteem.

My address is reprinted below.

2007 was a very eventful year. There were many great achievements and a few disappointments – one, regrettably, was the inconsistency of our HSC results at the top end. Nevertheless, the quality, variety and depth of our non-intellective outcomes throughout the year were outstanding. Our delivery of the total curriculum was pleasing. Our choice based approach to languages for Year 7 and our second round of elective choices at the end of Year 9 altered the focus of the Junior School non-core delivery. Our roll out of digital projectors, sound systems and security cupboards proceeded strongly with an additional 12 rooms being equipped. Our electronic attendance swipe card system was gradually phased in during the year so that for 2008 all boys will swipe on their attendance each day. Our Student Monitoring and Support Plan was implemented with many more interactions between staff and students.

The new Mathematics Enrichment Club established as a joint initiative with SGHS and UNSW, proved a rewarding extension exercise for gifted mathematicians.

I was proud of our school publishing efforts in 2007 with a very comprehensive edition of The Record, supported by two editions of High Flyer, on top of the weekly editions of High Notes. I want to thank Paul Bigelow, Mark Gainford, Jenni May and the SASS staff for all their hard work in producing these high quality publications.

Thanks to the P & C two new upright pianos were purchased for the Music rooms and a suite of computers and keyboards installed to run Sibelius composition software. The leadlight windows at the top of each staircase in the Main Building were purchased and installed as the Year 12 2006 gift to the school. They nicely complement the landing display window which was constructed as a Year 12 DT project.

I want to thank the members of the Sydney High Development Committee and the Parent Year Groups for their fundraising efforts and organisation of social activities. Our parents are our strength in co-curricular affairs. They provide money or time or both. There were many parents of the Class of 2007 who served tirelessly. I thank them sincerely. In particular, I feel Liz and Graeme Hurrell and Gabrielle Klocker were outstanding in their commitment to school life. Thank you.

The most significant change to our operations in 2007 was the implementation of the ‘School Within A School’ strategy. The Junior School, Years 7-9, has a separate structure for sport, assembles and pedagogy. They are identified by a different uniform. The educational focus is on the discourse of personal development. The implementation phase suffered from the usual difficulties of uncertainty and variability, but progress was made. Reconceptualising Year 9 students as the seniors of the Junior School will take some time to convert into behaviour changes and measurable outcomes but the future directions are set.

My long held desire to have an ‘ethos enhancement class’ selected using our tested template scoring system and interview process was finally made possible in June, and the additional 20 boys started this year in Year 9. This evening I want to thank Dr Phil Lambert (Director- Sydney Region) for his courage and vision in approving the establishment of this class. It will mean a lot to High in the years ahead, particularly in meeting our commitments to mass participation in GPS sports. In summer 2008 alone, 932 students are involved in competitive sport, with over 900 engaged on Saturdays. In order to accommodate the additional classes in core subjects a new demountable was purchased and two new teaching spaces created in McDonald Wing. The Senior School concept was aimed at developing the discourse of academic achievement in the boys in Years 10-12. HSC preparation was the focus. Students re-selected electives at the end of Year 9, were given extra elective time in fewer subjects, dressed in white shirts and 47 of them engaged in Preliminary Courses through the acceleration program while in Year 10. Some headway was made in their development as autonomous, independent learners but a negative side effect appeared in their dismissal of the importance of the School Certificate Tests. Teachers and students will adapt better to these structural changes in the years ahead as the intake of Year 11 students is phased out by 2010, allowing a three year development program aimed at academic achievement, instead of two.

The biggest occasion of the year was the memorable dedication by the Governor-General of the Sir Roden Cutler Memorial Gates on May 24th. This project took five years of persistence to complete and everyone’s efforts were most suitably honoured on the occasion. The Governor-General and Lady Jeffery extended their visit and spoke individually with many of the guests present.

The Higher School Certificate
For the first time since the new HSC began we had negative band 6 growth at 512 or 8 fewer than 2006. Despite this top end weakness the average UAI for 208 students was 92.27, above our long term average but below the 92.46 of last year. Still, 150 students scored a UAI over 90, just one fewer than 2006. On the all rounders list we had a reduced representation of 24, despite 29 students earning UAIs of 99 or higher. Outstanding individual HSC performances included: Anthony Morris - first in Mathematics extension 1 with Trong Nguyen 3rd; in Mathematics extension 2, Trong was 2nd and Anthony 4th; Blaise Prentice-Davidson came first in Distinction–Philosophy with Louis Yang 3rd; John Luu was 3rd in Chemistry, Jeffrey Xie 3rd in Chinese Continuers and 4th in Chinese Extension, James Mackay 5th in Music 2 Extension and Aditya Keswani 8th in Engineering Studies.

Academic Competitions
Anthony Morris earned a bronze medallion in the Mathematics Olympiad in Vietnam, made a perfect score for state and national level first place in the Australian Geography Competition and scored a prize in the Australian Mathematics Competition for the sixth year! John Wormell was first in Australia in the Australian Geography Competition – junior division, helping High to the rank of first school in Australia in the competition. Yujin Wu achieved the highest score in NSW for his Year level in the ICAS Science competition. Albert Ng was selected as a scholar in the Australian Science Olympiad – Chemistry. Justin Zuo attended the Australian Science Olympiad training program in January.

The senior chess team retained the GPS chess trophy. The Junior Chess Team retained the Junior Chess League State Championship shield.

Dominic Bowes, Lucian Tan, Zid Mancenido and Edwin Montoya-Zorilla won the NSW Karl Cramp debating competition for Year 11. Blaise Prentice-Davidson, Michael Coutts, Kelvin Yu and Anthony Morris were runners-up to Smiths-Hill in the NSW Hume Barbour competition for Year 12.

Creative Arts
James Hurrell and Alex Shapilsky had their major artworks displayed in ARTEXPRESS. James Mackay and Mohammed Mehmedbasic were chosen to perform at ENCORE. Jason Kok was selected in the NSW Public Schools Symphonic Wind Ensemble.

High open volleyball won the CHS Knockout and GPS Competitions for the 3rd consecutive year. At the Australian Championship High reached its highest ranking so far - 7th. Victor Nguyen and Oliver Konakoff were selected in the Trans Tasman NSW team. Oliver was selected in the Australian team.

The open first grade team finished third in the CHS Knockout Competition. The 15A team were runners up to Westfields Sports High in the CHS Knockout. These are our best ever basketball results.

At the All Schools NSW carnival, Michael Denny-Smith won the 17 years 400m hurdles and Dinghua Xiao was third in the shot put. At the CHS carnival Dinghua broke the 16 years school record to earn a silver medal in the discus, and earned silver in the shot put, too. Michael Denny-Smith took out the 400m hurdles. Harrison Lane ran strongly for silver in the 15 years 3000m. Dakshika Gunaratne scored a bronze medal for the 17+ 110m hurdles.

Matthew Fetherston and Dakshika Gunaratne were selected in the combined GPS cricket team.

Phillip Kurts won the state 4.7 Laser championship.

Joshua Weight and Lachlan Street were selected in the combined GPS first XI team. Daniel Campion, Aaron Shuttleworth and Gehan Karunaratne made the Combined GPS second XI.

Matthew King was selected in the combined GPS seconds team. The Stan Jones Cup team qualified through the Metropolitan round and represented at the NSW Titles in Albury.

At the CHS rowing championship High won five finals, including the championship men’s VIII. Ty Linegar won the Reg Galvin Award for best male competitor.

As is my custom on this occasion each year, I will conclude by sharing with you some ideas that the class of 2007 might take with them and other prize winners consider. Epictetus wrote The Discourses at the end of the first century AD. He proposed a stoic view of life. “Do not seek to have everything that happens, happen as you wish, but wish for everything to happen, as it actually does happen, and your life will be serene. Disease is an impediment to the body, but not to the moral purpose, unless that consents…In the case of everything that befalls you, remember to turn to yourself and see what faculty you have to deal with it.” Epictetus gave good advice on how to access those qualities within ourselves that can be marshalled to combat the vicissitudes of the life ahead of us. When faced with events beyond our control that impact on us, such as our experiences of failures, conflicts, accidents, tragedies, or loss, we can call upon endurance, patience, courage, integrity, abstinence, forbearance, compassion or other moral strengths to confront issues that face us. What happens is outside yourself, but how you react to and cope with what happens, lies within your power. Keep your moral purpose firm and you will find the strength. For Epictetus, this is the position and character of the philosopher. – one who looks for all help or harm from within. At university, in the work place, in relationships, Epictetus would have you avoid seeking solutions external to yourself but would ask you to place yourself at the centre of the response and to look for the solution in your hearts and minds. At High we hope that in our total curriculum over six years you have learnt how to reason and reflect, to analyse and judge, to interact with people and teams, to push yourself, to rationalise your mistakes, to accept your successes and to have the self-confidence to face the future as autonomous individuals. Congratulations to all prize winners and good luck to those now leaving High for the last time.
Dr K A Jaggar

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SBHS: The Foundation Years

The History of the Castlereagh St - School Building
The inauguration of the Sydney High Schools on 8 October 1883 was by no means the first historic event witnessed by the old two-storey school building that stood between Elizabeth and Castlereagh Streets, where the Elizabeth Street David Jones store now stands.

The building was constructed as a school house in 1823. The convict architect Francis Greenway designed it on a much humbler scale than his other buildings in the area around Hyde Park - St James’ Church, the Supreme Court and the Hyde Park Barracks.

Its construction had been made necessary following the Bigge inquiry into Governor Macquarie’s administration. The inquiry aimed at reducing the construction program established by Governor Macquarie and recommended that the building originally intended as a courthouse be converted to St James’ Church and the building originally intended for use as a school house be converted to a courthouse. A new, much humbler, building was therefore required for the school.

It was intended as a “charity school” and, in 1823, the upper floor was devoted to that purpose. At an early date, this school came to be known as the “Sydney Public School”. It was also sometimes referred to in these early days as the “Georgian School”. Various forms of school associated with the St James’ parish and the Church of England operated on the site until the 1840s, including, for a brief period, the short-lived Sydney branch of The King’s Schools. (The Parramatta Branch of The King’s Schools continues to this day.)

The ground floor, on the other hand, was initially converted to use as a courthouse since the new permanent courthouse (originally intended to be the school) was not completed until 1827. The ground floor, therefore, witnessed the inauguration of the Supreme Court of New South Wales under the Third Charter of Justice on 17 May 1824.

When the Court moved to its new building in 1827, the ground floor was used as a temporary chapel for the Roman Catholic community pending the completion of St Mary’s Chapel (now the site of St Mary’s Cathedral) in 1833. The ground floor was then used as a Roman Catholic School until 1845 when the government granted the whole building to the Church of England parish of St James’ for use as a denominational school.

While under the control of the Church of England, the building hosted the first meeting of the Australasian Colonial Bishops on 5 October 1850. This meeting saw the foundation, at the suggestion of the Bishop of Melbourne, of the Australasian Board of Missions. The organisation still functions today as the Anglican Board of Missions, Australia.

The St James’ School closed in 1882 and the government resumed the building. Some of the funds derived from the resumption were placed in a trust fund and used by the Church of England to establish the Sydney Church of England Grammar School (Shore). The building was then available as a quick solution to the problem of providing a home for the proposed Sydney Boys and Sydney Girls High Schools.

The boys left at the end of 1891 and moved to more modern accommodation in Ultimo, leaving the whole of the old building to the girls. However, the boys' association with the old building did not end in 1891. A number of ex-students met in the old building in 1892 to form the Sydney High School Old Boys’ Union.

The girls moved to new accommodation in Moore Park in 1921 and the old building was demolished to make way for David Jones’ Elizabeth Street store.
SHS Old Boys Union

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Drama at High

2008 raises the curtain on an exciting year for the 56 boys in Year 9 and 10 Drama. A huge range of excursions, competitions and performances lies in store for the skills development of the boys and the entertainment of their audiences.

The year begins with an excursion this Friday night to the “Gala” final performance of the Short & Sweet short play competition. Our Drama classes will join an audience of hundreds of Sydneysiders in witnessing the best 10 plays to have emerged from this competition – decided by audience vote and judges alike – which played to audiences for the past two months.

In the classroom, Year 10 students are preparing short plays created in groups using “play building” techniques – these plays will vie for production and performance in the Fast & Fresh short play competition, the junior version of Short & Sweet. All Drama students will head to the Riverside Theatre to see the successful scripts being performed in June. Meanwhile, those same plays form the basis for group and individual performance assessment. Year 9 are following in the footsteps of the senior Drama boys in learning the fundamentals of improvisation and the elements of drama during Term 1. Both Year 9 and Year 10 students will continue the year with a study and performance of scripted plays, excursions to the Sydney Theatre Company and the Stables Theatre, as well as gearing up for a final year performance.

Excursion Information

Who: Year 9 and Year 10 Drama

When: This Friday the 22nd of February

Time: 7:10pm

Where: Main entrance, Seymour Centre, Corner of Cleveland St & City Rd, opp. Victoria Park

Transport: Students & parents to arrange drop-off and pick-up, with the performance likely to finish at 10:30pm; the Seymour Centre is a short bus ride from Railway Square/Central Station for those boys planning to arrive by public transport.
Miri Jassy
Drama Co-ordinator

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From the Library

Thanks, thanks, thanks to Dr Paul Ganderton for his extremely generous donation of totally up to date ecology and environment resources to the library. This huge and very valuable donation - 54 books!-  will be known as the “Dr Paul Ganderton Collection”. The titles are displayed on the staircase window leading in to the library.

If any parent is cleaning out recent and read books and wishes to donate these to the library, they will be gratefully received.

New parents and students are reminded that the Library’s database is available from your home via the student’s portal. You can check to see if the library (and not just the internet) has resources to assist you with assignments and homework. You can also find practice tests for Mathematics and Maths Contests books and papers.
Mrs Veronica Crothers

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Rowing Season

The recent trip to Melbourne by Year 10 VIIIs is best summarised by Gareth Deacon’s account that follows:

It was Tuesday the 5th, and the air was full of anticipation and enthusiasm, because we were about to embark on the annual Yr 10 Rowing Trip to Melbourne. Yes, most of us had spent the school day reminding everyone that we were going, and so as hundreds of students set off for home, we loaded up the white bus and hit the road, with the loyal Mr Barris and Chris Watson as our supervisors.

The first half of our journey was what you would call lively, but not too eventful. Many laughs were shared around, and we kept up a steady stream of music pumping from portable speakers. Nothing seemed to stem our excitement, and even as we parted company to go to our rooms at the Gundagai Caravan Park, not many of us had sleep on our minds.

Our comfortable sleep was interrupted at 6am by the deep booming voice of our Rowing Master, Con Barris. Unfortunately, this didn’t help much to bring us fully wake, and so our stalwart drivers carried a much more sedate group the next 150kms to Holbrook, where we took a refreshing break and enjoyed a classic rowing breakfast of Weetbix & Honey.

We continued towards Melbourne, and knew we’d hit the outskirts when we started noticing random metal artworks and structures on the sides of the road. Before we knew it, we were in the centre of Melbourne, at the Power House Rowing Club. A long row down the Yarra River seemed the best way to take in the sights of the city, but yet this was no cruise. Both the VIIIs had hard work ahead of them, and two fast food meals to work off. Since there are no speed boats on the Yarra, Mr Barris had to cycle alongside the river, and this left him more focused on keeping his bike straight on the path, rather than on our rowing technique.

The 1st Yr 10 demonstrated their inexperience with wooden pontoons by damaging the steering fin at the end of the session. Chris Watson made some quick repairs, whilst all the rowers made their way up to Melbourne High with their billets. Here we caught up with the Melbourne boys, ate a nice BBQ dinner and then split up to go to our billets’, ahead of a 7am start the next day for ‘conditioning’. We knew we were in for something tough when our billets warned us not to have any food beforehand, claiming we would throw it back up again by the end of the session.

A combination of squats, push-ups and laps left most sporting sore legs, pools of sweat or at least a harsh thirst. Two more rowing sessions didn’t ease this soreness, and we definitely weren’t in peak condition for walking around Melbourne. In fact, we spent the majority of our free time at one of the Melbourne boy’s houses. It had a snooker table, pool and even a home gym, so we were content to spend the afternoon there.

The stage was set for our series of races on Friday morning. The morning air was cool, the river was flowing quickly, and the crews were ready to face off. First up was a 4km time trial, starting just back from the Power House sheds, and winding all the way into the city. Both High crews were quite relaxed in the race, trying not only to row hard, but also to improve on our racing technique. The fast-flowing river made it difficult to gain on other crews, with 1sts only just catching 2nds at the end of the race. What we didn’t realize till afterwards was that the Melbourne VIII had rowed a brilliant race out front, and had beaten both High crews on time difference. This didn’t sit well with our crews, who had both beaten Melbourne when they came up to Sydney. Next up was our main focus: the 2km race. The conditions meant this race would be a real sprint, and we couldn’t afford to lose. Fortunately, our lane draw meant we would be on the inside lane for the first corner of the course. This gave us confidence, and we had a good one length lead on Melbourne by halfway through the race. Everyone seemed to race better from in front of our opponents, because we pulled away another 1½ boat lengths by the finish.

The final challenge was quad racing. We hadn’t trained in quads at all this season, and Melbourne had put a lot of focus on them. The 1st quad was comprehensively beaten by Melbourne’s professional 1st Yr 10 Quad. However, our 2nd Quad managed to snatch a close victory from their Melbourne rivals. With a large weight off our shoulders, everyone relaxed and enjoyed their last day in Melbourne. This involved more Snooker and Sting Pong (literally Ping Pong with a sting), and also a fair walk around Flinders St Station and Federation Square.

A fairly slow, sleepy trip back to Sydney capped off a fun filled 4 days, which were also a huge 4 days in terms of our rowing development. It may have seemed pretty easy from our perspective, but huge amounts of effort were put in by the following people. Chris Watson: sharing the bus-driving duties, repairing boats, and organising meals for us. Tim Wilson: Giving up 4 days to tow the boats all the way on his own. Mr Barris: Making all the arrangements for the trip, driving the bus, and keeping us in order.

The season is fast approaching its climax, with the only full regatta on Hen & Chicken Bay this weekend. We hope to race all our GPS crews, and the regatta is best viewed from Bayview Park at the end of Burwood Rd. Next week, the GPS crews will be at Penrith, and the following week the first VIII will contest the Nationals at Penrith.

The Gold Cup this year will be seeded with no heats and finals, as most crews will be tapering for the Head of the River on the following Wednesday, 19th March. The major event for all people is the Boatshed dinner in the Great Hall on Wednesday, 12th March. Students will receive details shortly, and all rowers and parents are invited to attend.
C Barris

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Weights Room

Welcome back to all those regular strength trainers continuing on from last year and a special welcome to all those boys starting for the first time. I am especially excited to see many Year 7, 8 and 9s making a start. This year you can earn an extra 10% for PE by completing a strength program. It’ll be impossible to top the class without it. And watch out. In 4 years time I just may be the smallest and weakest one in the weights room if you stick at it. Just a reminder for all boys that there is a link for the weights room web page on the school website. Just click on sport then weights room and you’re there. The page has some information about the weights room, opening/closing times, articles etc. I am hoping to have a highlights video of the 2006 and 2007 High Strongman Competition on there soon.

Holiday Trainers
As per usual the weights room was open during Christmas holidays 3 times a week from 7am – 9am and what a turnout. I think it is extraordinary that on Wednesday 2nd of January we had 40 lads turn up to train at 7 in the morning. On Friday 4th we had 50. That is an incredible effort especially when it is so easy to sleep in on your holidays. We averaged 35 attendees for the holiday month of January. That is a super effort.

The yearly membership for the weights room has stayed the same at $150 (includes all holiday program periods). The term fee has risen to $50 per term. As you can see it is a considerable saving to join for the year. Irrespective of the cost to gain the full benefit of a strength program it must be adhered to consistently all year round. It is no different to any thing else that you would like to excel in. Work hard, work consistently, and work smart and results will come.

I would like to remind all parents that the weights room door is always open for them to come and ask any questions of me regarding their son’s progress or voice any concerns they may have. Just be careful, the level of testosterone flying around the weights room during student workouts is a little frightening.

Skins Special Offer continues
I have been able to negotiate a 20% discount with the company Body Science in regards to their compression garment range similar to the commonly known SKINS range. All you have to do is log on to their website at www.kompressorz.com register as a shopper and at the bottom of the purchase page type in the Friends Code: SBHS and you will get an automatic 20% discount with free freight. These tights are state of the art and by personal experience are thicker, more compressive and more resilient than skins or many other equivalent brands. They also include both upper body/lower body/full length or part length variations. For recovery and training comfort they are an essential garment for sport enthusiasts.

“How interesting it is that every muscle in the body is switched on…or off…from the heart”

Weights Room Strength & Conditioning Coach

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SBHS Cricket

Two rounds to go in Group 1 Competitions and 4 rounds in the Group 2 One Day fixtures with every chance of High improving on our record of wins this season. The Under 15 teams are blitzing the competition and the confidence and belief in their individual skills, no matter what level they are at, is a lesson for some of our more senior players who talk-the-talk but need to walk-the-walk before season’s end.

The challenge for us now is to set the goal of making it 4 out of 4 days of our best cricket possible and to issue a notice that we are coming for you to the other schools next season. I believe we have the talent to achieve this…what do you believe?

Group 1. (Two Day matches)

1st XI (day 2)
KINGS 3/116 defeated HIGH 10/77 and 10/76 (on the 1st Innings)
A disappointing result from the injury hit 1st XI with a couple of “rough” decisions going King’s way before we self destructed with poor shot selection and stroke play. Kings established a 39 run 1st innings lead and sent High in again, chasing an outright win, but a rear guard action by the lower order after another mediocre batting session, held off until the second last ball of the day to deny King’s an outright. Run scorers (1st innings) Karan Rao 21, Kogulan Sriranjan 22, (2nd innings) Dasith Vithanage 17, Brian Kelly 14 and Daniel Simpson 13. Wicket takers for High Kogulan Sriranjan 1-32 and Neeraj Bangalore 1-14

2ndXI (day 2)
KINGS defeated HIGH 10/33 and 10/51
A day to forget for all concerned. No Match Report submitted.

3rd.XI (day 2)
No Match report submitted.

16As (day 2)
KINGS 10/155 (30overs) defeated HIGH 5/56 (30 overs)
High was sent into the field against King’s formidable batting line-up first up in the shortened 30/30 fixture on Day 2. and the bowlers held their ground for most of the innings taking all 10 wickets. Wicket takers were Nafiz Chowdhury 2-26(6), Sameep Sandhu 2-21(5), Nelson Wang 1-18(5), Bill Wang 1-11, Shejil Kumar 1-16 and Anthony Hopkins 1-11. At 5 runs per over High struggled from the start and finished at 5/56 well short of their target. Main run scorers were Ben Encel (14), Kishan Perera (17n.o) and Nafiz Chowdhury (10n.o)

15As (day 2)
KINGS 1/108 defeated HIGH 5/107
One that got away from High due to the very slow start only managing 32 off the first 16 overs which put pressure on the remaining batsmen to put together a defendable score. Nakul Bhagwat (38 off 41balls) and Kumudika Gunaratne (23 off 25balls) resurrected the innings to see High finish at 5-107. Kings with a strong batting line-up were presented a gift chasing a total at just 3.5 runs per over and got there for the loss of only one wicket. The sole wicket taker was Saif Haque with 1-18(5)

14As (day 2)
KINGS 6/164(30overs) defeated HIGH 10/106 (23 overs)
Run scorers Christopher Oei (27), Tom Connolly (18n.o) Alexander Hughes (10n.o) Owen Duffy (6) Wicket takers were Alexander Hughes 3-28 (5), Shuman Diaz 2-13(4), Dhruv Guptaa 1-10 and Amin Saksena 1-15

Group 2. (One Day matches)

5th XI, 4thXI and 16Bs
No Match Reports submitted

HIGH defeated St. JOSEPH’S
On reliable news from our “duty pigeon on the day, saw the 15Bs continue their unbeaten run. The details of the match were highlighted by a series of phone calls and challenges to other teams, but in amongst the celebrations, “someone” forgot to supply the actual figures.

HIGH 10/86 defeated RIVERVIEW 8/47 (All out)
High were sent into bat and put together 86 with the main run scorers being Vivian Le( 26), Sheikh Siddiqui (7),Matthew So( 6), Saqib Bhuiyan (6), Richard Li( 5n.o) Rahib Azwad ( 4) and helped along by 30 sundries from Riverview’s bowlers. High then took the field and although took wickets Riverview scored at 4 runs per over and were 4/43 at the 10th Over. From there the wheels fell off and Riverview lost 5/22 in 8 overs and were all out for 47. Best bowling came from Rahib Azwad 4-11(4.5); Vivian Le 2-17 (3), Iftiar Khan, Abdullah Sarker and Tahmid Shahriyar took 1 wicket each.

HIGH 4/66 defeated NEWINGTON 10/60
Newington won the toss and batted and were all out for 60. The main wicket takers were Prashant 3-11(4), Lawrence Cai 2-3(2), Veeral Patel 2-16(4) Tristan Xu 1-12(3), Sean Martin 1-5(4) and Casper Price 1-5(4) each took one wicket. In reply High coasted to victory in the 15th over. Main run scorers were Aashan Prabaran (11), Sean Martin (20ret), Raghav Siddiquee (13) Peter Tan (6), Veeral Patel (4n.o) Casper Price (1) Tristan Le (1) Prashant 3-11(4) Lawrence Cai 2-3(2) Veeral 2-16(4) Tristan XU 2-12(3) Casper 1-5(4), Shaun 1-5(4)

St.JOSEPH’S defeated HIGH
No Match Report submitted

St.JOSEPH’s 6/155 defeated HIGH 10/37
Best batting from Shubash Quazi (13) and best bowling from Suman Prusty 3- 5 who was on a hat-trick during the match. A good performance from a new team of young inexperienced cricketers but who showed commitment and tried hard all day. They will improve with the assistance of the coaching program

13As. 13Bs and 13Cs
All teams were on debut for this fixture against St Joseph’s and a special report will appear in next week’s High Notes and a further report will be posted on the website.

The Cricket Dinner will be held on Friday 4th APRIL in the great Hall, at School at 6-30pm –for -7-0pm. All bookings are to be made through the Cricket Committee and details will appear on the Cricket Website. The Junior Cricketer of the Season, Rookie Award as well as the Trivia Quiz, door prizes and multi prize raffle will be conducted. Enjoy the finale to our season.

Laurie Heil
MIC Cricket


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SBHS Rowing Committee

Rowing Reunion Dinner
As part of the 125th anniversary of SHS, on Friday 11th April 2008, Sydney High Rowing Committee will host a celebration of GPS rowing at High.

It is the 85th year since High first entered crews in the GPS Regatta winning the Yaralla Cup in 1924 (crew pictured below). High then went on to win the first VIII for the following 3 years.

High commenced rowing in 1918 but did not compete. In 1923 Cranbrook applied for entry into the GPS Regatta but was refused. Pressure was put on High as they were the only GPS school not competing. The rest is history and this will be the focus of the reunion dinner on 11th April. A long and proud rowing tradition will be revisited on the night.

All past rowers, partners and parents are welcome. The invitation and booking form are on the school website or you can contact the committee at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . This is a great opportunity to be part of a special event celebrating High’s history and tradition in rowing as well as catching up with rowing mates.
Julie Blomberg
President Rowing Committee

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From the Canteen

Keen to try out the fabulous range of food in our canteen, but pressed for time?

Desperate for Pasta or Rice Boxes, Sweet Chilli Wraps or Foccacia but keep missing out?

The answer is simple! Order ahead and reserve what you want!

Simply call at the canteen first thing in the morning, place and pay for your lunch order and it will be ready and waiting for you at lunch time. How easy is that!

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Canteen Price List

Banana Bread $1.50   300ml Plain Milk $1.10    
Chelsea Bun/Cup Cake $2.00   300ml Flavoured Milk $1.70    
Choc Chip/Anzac Cookie $1.00   600ml Plain Milk $1.70    
Custard Ball Doughnut $2.60   600 ml Flavoured Milk $2.40    
Custard Tart $2.20   Up & Go $2.00    
Danish $2.60   Spring Water $1.40    
Doughnut $2.20   Pumped Water $2.40    
Fruit-Apple/Orange/Banana $0.80   Deep Spring Mineral Water $2.00    
Fruit Salad $2.20   300ml Berri Long Life Juices $1.80    
Finger Bun $1.80   375ml Cans $1.80    
Muffins $2.60   600ml Bottled Diet Coke $2.60    
      Arona Carbonated Water $1.70    
HOT FOOD     Powerade/Iced Tea $3.00    
Chicken Fingers $1.40          
Cheese & Spinach Puffs $2.50   SANDWICHES & ROLLS      
Chicken & Corn Rolls $1.40     S/wich   Rolls
Chicken Burger $4.00   Buttered Roll     $1.20
Chicken Puff $2.70   Cheese & Tomato $1.50   $2.00
Chicken Mayo S/wich (Hot) $3.00   Cheese & Salad $2.20   $2.80
Chicken Mayo Roll (Hot) $3.80   Chicken & Coleslaw $3.00   $3.80
Foccacia $3.80   Chicken & Lettuce $3.00   $3.80
Garlic Bread $1.50   Chicken & Salad $3.40   $4.00
Lasagne/Ravioli/Twista/Macaroni Cheese $3.00   Corned Beef & Tomato $2.60   $3.00
Noodles in a Cup $2.20   Corned Beef & Pickle $2.60   $3.00
Pasta Box – Homemade $4.50   Corned Beef & Salad $2.80   $3.50
Pie - Meat (Sauce + 20c) $2.70   Curried Egg & Lettuce/ Egg & Lettuce $2.20   $2.50
Pie – Chicken or Chilli $3.50   Dagwood Roll     $3.00
Pie – Beef & Mushroom or Beef & Potato $3.50   Egg & Salad $2.50   $3.00
Pie – Pizza $3.10   Ham & Tomato $2.60   $3.00
Pizza Pocket $1.60   Ham & Salad $2.80   $3.50
Pizza Rounda $1.80   Roast Beef & Tomato $2.60   $3.00
Pizza Slab $2.30   Roast Beef, Lettuce & Mustard $2.60   $3.00
Rice Box – Homemade $4.50   Roast Beef & Salad $3.00   $3.50
Sausage Roll $1.80   Salad $2.00   $2.50
Sweet Chilli Chicken Sub/Wrap $3.80   Salmon & Salad $3.00   $3.80
Chicken Schnitzel Roll $3.80   Vegemite $1.20   $1.50
Cereal Bowl $2.00   Frogs $0.50    
Hot Chocolate $1.00   Pythons $0.80    
Cheese Toast $1.20   Starburst, Milo Bars, Boost $2.10    
Cheese & Tomato Toast $1.50   Ovalteenies $0.90    
Cheese & Bacon Roll $2.30   Chips $2.20    
Croissant – Ham & Cheese $2.50   Summer Roll/Sesame/Nougat $2.10    
Raisin Toast $1.20          
Bacon & Egg Muffin $3.00   ICE CREAMS      
      Calypo Mini $1.00    
MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS     Chocolate Thick Shake $2.40    
Salad Boxes $4.50   Cyclone $1.80    
Wraps $3.00   Frozen Yoghurt $1.30    
Sushi $2.60   Fruit Tube $0.40    
Anticol/Butter Menthols $1.50   Paddle Pop $1.40    
Tissues $0.60   Splice $2.00    

As you know all Canteen profits are returned to the school via the P&C for the benefit of the boys. We try to keep prices as low as possible, whilst providing a variety of healthy choices. However, cost increases from our suppliers have made a few price increases unavoidable.

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Basketball: Shootin' Hoops

High VS Joeys

Term 4 2007-(last time)

1st WIN 94-55 S.DONG 37
2nd WIN 54-51 L.TENG 11
3rd LOSS 26-44 B.LAU 8
5th LOSS 10-19  
6th LOSS 15-47  
7th WIN 33-25  
8th WIN 27-17  
16A WIN 42-41 M.LI 19
16B WIN 50-23 V.VO 12
16C WIN 39-13 J.PHAM, H.TRAN 8
16D WIN 34-10 J.DU 6
15A WIN 36-23 N.AUTAR 14
15B WIN 34-29 IZNAD ZAMAN 11
15D WIN 25-17 VINSON 7
14B LOSS 19-20 J.YANG 9
14C WIN 42-18 J.NA 14
14E LOSS 10-43 W.BAXTER 6
14F WIN 50-4 B.LEE 20

Term 1 2008-(This week)

1st WIN 86-62 S.LLEWELLYN 28
2nd WIN 62-44 K.IYER 23
3rd LOSS 37-26 W.SZET 8
4th WIN 31-27 B.YANG 14
5th LOSS 15-24 A.LI 8
6th LOSS 17-22 S.BURNHAM 6
7th WIN 24-11 Z.MANCENIDO 9
8th WIN 33-29 S.YANG 13
16A WIN 111-0 DOWDELL 111
16B WIN 73-10 V.VO 30
15A WIN 42-23 C.JURLINA 21
15B LOSS 22-37 M.YOON 6
15C WIN 39-12 M.TICKNER 10
14A LOSS 34-25 S.DO 11
14B WIN 29-20 J.TSAI 10
14C WIN 37-17 J.KOUKOURAS 10
14D WIN 59-2 LYMAN 21
13A LOSS 45-12 TONY LI 4
13C LOSS 47-2 JAMES MA 2

Please note:- St Josephs sent out their teams in reverse order in the 16s.
High 16Ds 16 (S Yung 4, J Du 4) lost to SJC 16As 73 (playing time reduced by 8 minutes as game started 20 minutes late)
High 16Es 37 ( H Karunakaran 16) defeated High 15Es 21 (K Lu 10)

Second Grade plays Ignatius this week! Please support them!

2nd Grade Table Top 4! Played Won Lost For Against Points
St. Ignatius' 10 9 1 608 382 19
Scots 10 6 4 523 465 16
Shore 10 6 4 530 473 16
High 10 6 4 551 527 16

Mr Hayman's Player of the Week
Christian Jurlina- 15As Domination
21 points in a running clock game is a massive total for a 15As game! Well done! The 15s age group are on fire!
B. Hayman

Donations to Raffle Prizes
Anyone interested to donate to the raffle prizes at the basketball dinner please contact Mrs Tassell on 0411444191. The basketball dinner is coming! The team with best video footage will be on big screen! See Mr Hayman

P.Du 2/5 0/0 2/9 6 0 0 0 2 1 0 0 2
J.Rajendram 2/6 1/2 0/0 5 4 3 7 3 0 1 0 2
*M.Lau 1/2 0/1 0/0 2 2 0 2 0 0 1 0 0
*K.Iyer 5/17 0/2 11/16 21 2 5 7 0 4 2 0 2
*L.Teng 3/8 1/1 2/4 9 0 2 2 0 1 3 0 0
*J.Tassell 6/14 1/2 1/3 14 2 3 5 1 0 2 0 2
A.Paul 1/1 0/0 0/0 2 1 0 1 3 0 1 0 0
*Z.Xu 0/1 0/0 0/0 0 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 2
A.Leung 0/0 0/0 0/0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
L.Gordon 0/0 0/0 0/0 0 3 0 3 1 3 0 0 0
Team       3 3 6 9 7   6    
Totals 21/56 3/8 17/33 62 18 19 37 17 10 17 0 10

Total FG 1st half 8/24 33.3% 2nd half 13/32 40.6% Game 21/56 37.5%
3PT FG 1st half 1/2 50% 2nd half 2/6 33.3% Game 3/8 37.5%
Free Throws 1st half 6/17 35.3% 2nd half 11/16 68.8% Game 17/33 51.5%

  Joeys High   Joeys High   Joeys High
Free Throw Pts 2 17 3pt points 6 9 Pts/Possesion 0.51 0.63
Pts off Turnovers 4 13 2nd chance pts 2 11 Pts off Bench 15 15
Total Rebounds 35 37 team rebounds 14 9 Dead ball Reb 3 8
Off Rebound % 36.7 42.9 def rebound % 57.1 63.3 Total Rebound % 48.6 51.4

Brought to you by Johny Shih
Thank you to Mr Hayman for all his contributions to basketball and information

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Learn to Row

When: Sunday, 17 February – 30 March 2008 (No Rowing Easter Sunday 23 March 2008)

Time: 7.00am – 9.00am Duration6: Sessions of 2 hours

Cost: $275.00 incl. GST

Coach:  Ross Bowey

Venue: The Outterside Centre, 5 Teviot Avenue, Abbotsford

If you want to learn Rowing in Sydney, then this course of 6 classes is for you. Whether you are a complete novice or have some previous experience, come and learn the skills of rowing. Rowing is the ideal aerobic sport for the entire body as it is low impact and low injury. You’ll enjoy the ultimate team activity as well as the magic moments of early mornings on the water.

Agenda - Beginners
Week 1:
Orientation to the pontoon area
Racing shell setup
Safety precautions
Fundamental rowing technique

Weeks 2-6:
Development of rowing technique
Style correction
Crew rowing

Learning Outcomes
At the completion of the course participants will possess the following skills and knowledge:

  • Basic knowledge of rowing style and boat rigging
  • Basic navigation rules and river etiquette
  • Ability to row with a crew in a racing shell

Agenda –Continuing
The focus will be on developing teamwork within the boat and expand on the basic knowledge from the Beginners Level.

Safety Note: Participants must be able to swim 50 metres and tread water as a safety requirement. All participants must sign The Sydney High Foundation’s Indemnity Form, stating swimming ability, before they are allowed on the water.

Under 18’s must be accompanied by a participating adult.

To make a booking or for more information:
Please contact Judith Shuttleworth, Foundation Venues Manager, on 0427 070 569 or at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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New Parents' Welcome Party

You are cordially invited to attend the Sydney Boys High School New Parents Welcome Party 2008

To be held in the Great Hall, Sydney Boys High School
Tuesday 26th February 2008
6.30pm to 8.30pm

This will be a great opportunity for new parents to meet each other and to meet other members of the School Family.

Please note this is a function for the parents, not children, so please leave them at home.

For catering purposes please RSVP by 19th February 2008 by completing the form below and returning it to the School Office. If you have previously responded to the invitation recently posted to you, there is no need to complete the RSVP form below.

RSVP - Welcome Party

I/we will be able to attend the Welcome Party for the
Parents of New students 2008 to be held on Tuesday February 26th 6.30pm
in the Great Hall, Sydney Boys High.

Please print below names of persons attending and your son's name and class.

Mother's name: ______________________________________________________________

Father's name: ______________________________________________________________

Son's name:    ______________________________________________________________

Son's Class:   ______________________________________________________________

Please return to school Office by February 19th in an envelope marked

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Old Boys Union Life membership by instalments scheme

The Sydney High School Old Boys’ Union (the OBU) was founded in 1892. Over the past 115 years, it has fostered and continued the friendships formed by students while at school and through this fellowship contributed something of value to the School’s corporate spirit and well being.

Membership of the OBU will provide a lifetime of professional, social, sporting and academic connections with Sydney High, its network of old boys, and the alumni of other GPS schools.

Life membership can be secured by the payment of six small annual contributions throughout the passage from Year 7 to Year 12. Instalments are currently set at $44.

If, for some reason, all six payments have not been made by the time of leaving, the OBU will contact you and allow a further 12 months to pay any outstanding instalments.

We trust that you will see fit to pay this year's instalment towards securing your son’s life membership. Those of you who are already part of the scheme will know that the OBU posts copies of its quarterly magazine to all students who take part.

Please fill out and return the form below.

PAYMENT ADVICE (tax invoice)
Sydney High School Old Boys’ Union Inc
ABN 22 652 291 509
Student’s name: _______________________________________ Final year: ______________
Postal address: __________________________________________________________________
________________________________________________________ Postcode: _______________
E-mail Address: __________________________________________________________________
Payment of $44.00 by :
_____ Cheque
_____ Visa/MasterCard/Amex
Complete if paying by credit card:  ______ / ______ / ______ / ______   Expiry Date: __/__
Name on card:  _______________________________________________________
Signature:  __________________________________________________________
Please return to SHSOBU, PO Box 1546, DARLINGHURST NSW 1300

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