High Notes, Vol 9 No 38, November 28 2008

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From the Principal

High Talent
The big news of the week was the huge win in the final by the 15 years basketball team in the CHS Knockout against Westfields Sports High. Nikhil Autar, Anshul Jain, Christian Jurlina, Yixin Liu, Chris Morrow, Emmett Naar, Joshua Sutton, Michael Wong, Andrew Ye and Isnad Zaman, have really put us on the basketball map. Mr Hayman said: “they played with an exceptional level of school pride and teamwork, to overcome the very talented Sports High School team”. A fantastic result boys! Congratulations to Farhan Uddin (Year 12) who was offered a place in the AFS JENESYS Program visit to Japan. Second grade basketball boys won in great style last weekend against King’s – always a pleasure! Great teamwork and high self belief carried the day. Winners have strong minds when it matters.

Lost Property
I visited the lost property cupboard within the Macdonald Wing Office and was astonished at the amount and variety of personal property abandoned by our boys. If your son has misplaced something please ask him to check with the Macdonald Office in case it has been handed in. Unclaimed items are given away or disposed of at the end of each year. Students who lose personal items need to be persistent when trying to locate them. Sometimes, items are handed in a day or so after being discovered by a cleaner, or teacher or even member of the public. Boys have to come back after a few days to see whether the Lost Property Office has their possessions. Please have your name on all items of clothing so that if we find anything we can return it to you. Families are wasting many thousands of dollars because of the actions of forgetful and irresponsible boys.

Student Awards Scheme
Do not forget to comply with Mr Beringer’s deadline for submission of your yellow booklet to verify your categories and Awards Scheme points. We want as many boys as possible to qualify but you have to want it enough to be organised and get your paperwork done. Our Student Awards Scheme is much admired and deserves your consistent support throughout your six years at school.

Old Boys’ Union Life Membership by Instalments Scheme
The Old Boys' Union (OBU), the School’s alumni group, advises that it has now sent out annual invoices to those families who are part of the life membership by instalment scheme. If you have not received an invoice in the post, it means that you have not yet joined the scheme or need to update your address. I encourage all High families to support the OBU and either join or continue contributing to the scheme.

The distribution of life membership certificates for those students who have successfully applied has become an important tradition at the Year 12 farewell assembly. If you have not made all six instalment payments by the time of the farewell assembly, the OBU will advise of any additional instalments it requires to make up the number and will provide ample opportunity to make application before the ceremony. Please take the opportunity to fill out the form in this issue of the High Notes and return it and your instalment payment to the OBU.

Behaviour on public transport
I have had a complaint about the behaviour of boys on trains. The eight or so boys in Years 7 & 8 who catch the 3:56 from Central to Macarthur and get off at Holsworthy are alleged to be rude, loud and disrespectful during their journeys home. I hope I do not have to identify each of these boys. I exhort this little group and all others who use public transport to remember that they represent the school in the eyes of the public. Poor behaviour by a few reflects on all of us. In a separate complaint, a commuter is upset by the loud behaviour of a group of 5 Years 7 or 8 boys who catch the 7:55 from Hurstville to Central. Once again, we can track you down. I would prefer you to voluntarily modify your behaviour and respect the right to privacy and peace and quiet of the travelling public. I have asked the two complainants to continue to monitor the behaviour of High students on the trains and to let me know if they have any further cause to be upset during their journeys.

125th Anniversary Cabaret
High’s 77 faithful joined SGHS’s 173 (including VIPs) at the AJC for the 125th Anniversary Cabaret last Friday evening. The night was a success, thanks largely to the joint committee’s efforts. I want to thank particularly Simon Chan, Christina Chow and Mark Livingston for their work in organising what was a big event. The ever reliable Jack Singleton fronted as MC with Jessica Rowe. The entertainment was enjoyable the food of good quality and the band, appropriate. Thank you too to our boys who played in the pre dinner strings ensemble. I saw Tom Peters and Andre Brokman mixed in with the girls. Thank you to Louise Graul who coordinated the information and ticketing at High and liaised with SGHS.
K A Jaggar
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HSC Geography Fieldwork

Fieldwork is a crucial part of all Geography courses but is especially important in the HSC. Books, internet and other resources can only go so far – it’s experience out in the field that can translate a dry idea to a real concept. This time, the HSC Geography students carried out a series of data gathering exercises starting at Central. The aim of the day was to study changes in land use as you move from the central areas towards the suburbs. Urban land use is a vital element of planning and here the students have an opportunity to study actual changes and then reflect on the implications during lessons. Sydney is undergoing considerable change at the moment and so this work (which also draws on the results of previous years) is of particular significance. Moving between suburbs along the Western line it is easy to see which areas are changing – the aim is also to find out why!

Data gathering is only part of the day. It’s the idea of getting around the city, working together on ideas of what data to record, looking for changes as you go along and also checking for traffic (both pedestrian and vehicular) that turns the day from a simple exercise to one that does far more for the general education of the student. It was very pleasing to see the use of our e-learning system afterwards as messages went around the group, first pointing out mistakes and then helping with corrections and other data sharing. Images were uploaded, slides found and spreadsheets sent around.
P Ganderton
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Year 9 Parent Dinner

To celebrate the end of a busy year and the achievements of our boys reaching the halfway mark in their High School career, all Year 9 parents are warmly invited to get together for an evening of friendship and good food on

Wednesday 3rd December at 7:15 pm
Non La Vietnamese Restaurant
59 Fitzroy Street, Surry Hills

Wide variety of dishes in banquet menu,
$35 per person,
BYO Please
RSVP to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it as soon as possible.

Hoping to see you there!
Your Year 9 parents coordinators
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Languages: Highlights of Academic Performance from Outside Competitions

ALC (Assessment of Language Competence) National Language Certificate Tests
Students from Sydney Boys High School achieved excellent results in all Languages in 2008. Nearly all students achieving well above the State average in both Listening and Reading.

In Chinese Certificate 2 (Intermediate), 95.7% of students achieved a Distinction or High Distinction in Listening and 91.3% in Reading. Particularly impressive was the fact that 8 students achieved a perfect score in Reading and 16 achieved a perfect score in Listening.

In French Certificate 2 (Intermediate), 96.2% of Year 9 students achieved High Distinctions, Distinctions or Credits in Listening and 96.3% in Reading skills with 2 students achieving perfect scores.

In French Certificate 3 (Advanced), 100% of Year 10 students achieved a score of Credit, Distinction and High Distinction in both Listening and Reading.

In German Certificate 2 (Intermediate), 90.9% of Year 9 students achieved a score of Credit, Distinction or High Distinction in Listening and 81.5% in Reading with one student achieving a perfect score in Listening.

In German Certificate 3 (Advanced), 100% of Year 10 students achieved a Credit or above in Listening and 95.2% in Reading. Four students achieved a score of 100% with one student achieving a perfect score in both Listening & Reading.

Chinese Certificate 2 - Listening & Reading K Cheng, H Lu, I Lu, V Wang, Y Wong, J Zhang, V Zheng.
Chinese Certificate 2 - Listening J Chen, S Chen, B Cheng, D Cheu, A Gaffney, LLu, B Ou, D Shi, A Xu.
Chinese Certificate 2 - Reading C Wu
French Certificate 2 - Listening E Ovadia
French Certificate 2 - Reading I Khan
German Certificate 2- Listening G Garayalde
German Certificate 3 - Listening & Reading L Aylmer
German Certificate 3 - Listening Z Mancenido M Osinski D Stojanovic

Mimma Vozzo
Head Teacher
Modern Languages and Classics

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From the Office

Letters Re Absence/Lateness/ Early Leave
When your son returns to school from being absent he is required to provide a letter of explanation signed by a parent or guardian. If your son is going to be late for school a note is also required. Alternatively you may contact the school by phone on 9361 6910 and dial “4” for the absentee line.

If your son has an early leave note he is required to have his note signed by either Mr Beringer, Mr Dowdell or Mr Prorellis before 8:55 am and handed in to the Main Office immediately after. Each letter should be signed by a parent or guardian with the name, date and roll class of your son printed clearly. Your son needs to pick up a leave pass from the Main Office before he leaves the school.

If you require leave for your son please, apply in writing and address your application to the Principal, Dr Jaggar, stating the reason and length of time of the leave. Your son must then present this application to Dr Jaggar for permission for the leave. Please remember to apply before the leave and not after.

The Principal must approve all leave applications.
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Results in Maths Competitions - 2008

Australian Mathematics Competition

Year Prizes High Distinctions Distinctions Credits  Sat  
7 4 20 113 39 178
8 4 26 100 42 173
9 3 26 74 70 192
10 5 13 79 49 168
11 3 31 58 58 167
12 - 26 51 51 144

Prize winners:

Year 7: Daniel TAM, Oliver KIRK, Agnish NAYAK, Darryl CHAN.
Year 8: Edward NAOUMOV, Andrew MOON, Angus NG, Kenny LAU.
Year 9: George PANAS, Dawen SHI, Samuel BESTON.
Year 10: Jeffrey LAM, Eric FENG, James HAN, John WORMELL, Andy CHIEM.
Year 11: Charley PENG, Thomas WILSON, Jack CHEN.

UNSW School Mathematics Competition

Yu (Tom) SUN - High Distinction ($60 prize)
Danny LAM - Certificate
Christian KATSIKAROS - Certificate
Anton TRAN - Certificate
Thomas WILSON - Certificate

John WORMELL - Third (aeq) ($100)
Dawen SHI - High Distinction ($60)
Declan GOREY - Distinction ($40)
Max WEI - Distinction ($40)

Intermediate Mathematical Olympiad

John WORMELL - Distinction
Declan GOREY - Distinction

PR Bigelow
HT Mathematics

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The Student Awards Scheme

Award Claims – 2008

  • You must complete a Claim Form as usual.
  • Most categories have been recorded electronically and can be verified by Mr Beringer (from 7:15 am daily) or Mr Dowdell (from 6:30 am daily).
  • Completed claim forms must be lodged by the following dates:
    • Year 7: Friday 28 November
    • Year 8: Friday 12 December
    • Year 9: Friday 12 December
    • Year 10: Friday 5 December
    • Year 11: Friday 28 November

Unfortunately, late claims cannot be accepted
J Beringer
Deputy Principal

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Student Leadership

Student Leadership – February 2009
This year, we had a number of SRC students attend the pilot project in July called Student Leadership Beyond 2010, a project run by the National Union of Students. The project seeks to foster the mentoring and training of NSW public school student leaders. The students that attended the full day of speakers and activities, said it had been a great experience and that they learnt a lot.

Early next year, the project will be continuing. The project, entitled “Student Leadership Beyond 2010: Summer Sessions” will bring together students from New South Wales public high schools for a one-day conference on Tuesday 13th February at the University of Sydney, Camperdown. The conference aims to encourage and promote public school student leaders to continue their leadership ambition and involvement into University.

This follows on from a very successful pilot project run in July 2008, which brought together university student leaders with 150 high-school students.

Unlike other leadership programs, the focus of Student Leadership beyond 2010 is on student-led discussion, peer teaching and learning, the challenges and responsibilities of leadership and the stories of current University student leaders.

At the conference, students will have the opportunity to meet university leaders from across NSW in sessions similar to university tutorials. These tutorials will cover a range of topics relating to youth and leadership. The leadership day will also be an excellent networking opportunity for student leaders from your school to meet their peers from other schools in their area and across the state.

Student Leadership beyond 2010 can accommodate up to five Year 11 students and five Year 12 students from your school. In addition, any students who attended the pilot project in July 2008 are welcome to return. Students attending should be current elected student leaders or students who show potential as future leaders at school and beyond.

Students must possess a passion for learning, ambition to attend University, and be ready to critically engage in debate and discussion.

If interested in being part of this great opportunity, see Mrs Collignon this term –SRC Facilitator- Visual Arts Staffroom.
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Student Representative Council Regional Forums

On Thursday the 20th of November 2008, Anirban Ghose (Year 10 ) and Patrick Desmond (Year 11) attended a regional SRC conference as representatives from Sydney Boys High School Student Representative Council. The conference, run by the Department of Education, is run annually to assist SRCs to be more active and effective within their schools.

Most schools in the Sydney region were represented at the Oatley Senior Campus, the venue for this event. Patrick Desmond was not only representing Sydney High, but also as a chosen representative for NSW.

The main focus of the conference was on how media portrays young people and how media can be used to our advantage. There were a number of workshops on the main ideas of the image of youth in the society, the actions being taken in the community related to youths and problems young people face. The remainder of the day was spent in specific groups, with specific focus area. I was in the groups concerning philanthropic work of schools and how to effectively action plan. These groups were mainly for finding out what other schools were doing and how they were doing it. Many schools are trying to create empathy for the people the funds are being raised for by linking the activities organised on the day to the needs faced by the people. One such idea was to have a bowl of rice day. So instead of a sausage sizzle every person had one bowl of rice. The day was reasonably effective in encouraging the SRC to become more active, but it was highly effective in its presentation of how to put great ideas into practice.
Anirban Ghose – Yr 10
SRC Committee member/SRC Webmaster

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From the Canteen Team

With many Year 12 parents leaving, we are actively seeking new volunteers.

If you have never tried helping in canteen, why not give it a go? It’s a great way to make a really substantial contribution to our school. No need to wait until next year…introduce yourself now!

Do you have boys in your family who need to be transported to school for extra curricular classes before school? Do you find yourself killing time in the car park, before heading off to work yourself? Why not spend that half hour or hour in the Canteen chopping veg or serving breakfast with Karen and Tracey!

They start at 6.30am and are always grateful for your help at any time!

For our continuing volunteers,

We know your work and family commitments can change over time, so if you find a different day would suit better for 2009, be quick and arrange a new time with Karen & Tracey TODAY before new rosters are arranged incorporating the new Year 7 parents.
From the Canteen Team
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Sydney Boys High Cricket


Having been on the cricket scene for a lot longer than I like to remember I can’t remember a day when a school or club with multiple teams lost the toss in 14 of our 16 teams in every match from the seniors to our most junior teams. That is 14 lost tosses in our case and we paid the price on uncovered turf decks and wild weather conditions. Our reports this week clearly reflect this and to all of the players who met their team obligations and attended it is testament to the type of application being engendered in the cricket section. My thanks and well done to all boys for their commitment to High.

The team which should be given a special mention is our 14B team which is a “development” team and made up solely of our new Year 7 players. It has so far been competitive in every match and has been beaten by less than 10 runs on three occasions while producing a well earned victory early. This is a credit to the team as a whole and their dedication is an example for all. Each week they all stand up to be counted for selection. Congratulations to each and every boy on their efforts.

Each week we have introduced our new and less experienced Year 7 players to various teams in the Under 14 Competition for experience and by now most have experienced some game time as well as two clinics. However, High has the largest number of teams in the GPS competitions and several of the schools cannot provide teams to play our boys. The bonus is that now, with training and some experience under their belts all of our Year 7 boys will all move into the Under 14 A, B and C competitions as complete teams and play every week.

In advance, I thank those very few who have taken on transporting their team kits to each game and this coming Saturday is our last Term 4 fixture for ALL teams. All kits can be returned to School at completion of morning games on Saturday and left at the Gymnasium as they will be replenished and stored ready for Term 1 2009. Kits with teams playing at KINGS can be given to coaches who will return them to school.

Cricket balls cost us nearly $7000 each season and range from $22- $62(4 pce balls) and are therefore a valuable asset. I am aware that many players feel that once used in a match they can retain them for personal practice and overlook the fact that they should be returned as we use them for practices and training on Sport afternoons. I would ask all team managers, coaches and players to return ALL cricket balls with the kits this weekend. Unfortunately we are losing too many balls due to this current practice.

Players who have represented High during 2008 in matches against visiting teams from New Zealand and United Kingdom this year can purchase a representative polo shirt which can be worn at practices, to and from games during the season and at other times of their choice, outside of school hours. Details are available on the Cricket Website.


GROUP 1 (Two Day fixtures)
1st XI (Day 1) IN TROUBLE , BUT? HIGH 5-48 -v- KING’S 4 (decl)-344
A disappointing day for the 1st XI after a good win last week. It will take a huge amount of the High Spirit on Day 2 to restore the momentum we have been establishing. On a day where weather played a bigger part than the opposition did early. See Website full Match Report

2nd XI (Day 1) AMBUSHED HIGH 10 -76 -v- KING’S 1 -136
A below par batting effort caused by a poor top order display on an awkward day to bat in the weather conditions. A solid batting performance against inconsistent bowling leaves King’s in a commanding position. However, High have put together a plan to restrict King’s obvious push for an outright win. Run scorers were Kishan PERERA (16), Harrison LANE (14) and Nakul BHAGWAT (10). See Website full Match Report.

3rd XI (Day1) ONE TO FORGET !! HIGH 10-54 -v- KING’S 10-167
High were sent in on a moist green top and lost regular wkts to end on 54 with Balraj OUGRA the only standout on 24n.o. considering the weather conditions. High started perfectly with Ashwin RAMESH taking 3 wkts in his first over but King’s steadied and passed the total 3 down and were all out for 167. Wkt takers were Ashwin RAMESH 3/27 (10), Nafeez CHOWDHURY 2/16 (5) and Panduka Manamperi 2/9 (1). See Website full Match Report

16A (Day 1) BASICS MISSING? HIGH 10-83 -v- KING’S 4-136
A tough day to bat in huge winds and an unpredictable pitch and half of the original team unavailable with Leon LI (22n.o), Raghib SIDDIQUEE (14) and Iftiar KHAN (14) our main scorers. King’s struggled early with tight bowling but were let off the hook when the bowling deteriorated, coupled with poor fielding and dropped catches in the last 10 overs, costing High 80 runs to allow them to easily pass our total. Iftiar KHAN was the major wkt taker with 3/29 (8). See Website full Match Report.

15A (Day 1) BOWLING CHAOS!! HIGH 10-54 -v- KING’S 4-107
Put into bat High experienced two batting collapses that left them without a score to put any pressure on King’s. High then added to their woes with loose and undisciplined bowling giving King’s easy runs as they pushed past High’s total. Whilst the game is not over, High need some patience, application both in the field and when batting next to achieve an acceptable result. Boton CHENG (8), Subhodh WEERATUNGE (8) and Kumudika GUNARATNE (7) scored almost half of the teams runs. Main wkt taker was Krishnendu DUTTA 2/9 (4) with Caspar PRICE and Sangeeth SUBRAMANIAM taking 1 wkt each. See Website full Match Report.

14A (Day1) HAVE HAD BETTER DAYS !! HIGH 10-41 & 1-29 -v- KING’S 7 (decl)-195
 Put into bat, High didn’t handle the weather conditions well with Owen DUFFY (14) being the main run scorer in a dismal performance. King’s then batted and at 7-73 we were still in it until a 102 run partnership allowed then to declare. High batting a second time lost an early wicket and finished the day with Owen DUFFY (4n.o) and Alexander HUGHES (9n.o) with the job in front of them next week to limit the result. See Website full Match report.

GROUP 2 (One Day fixtures)
4th XI “ THE 20/20 WINNERS” HIGH 10-137 (18.4) defeated- KING’S 4-136 (20)
A close 20/20 game with both teams having a chance to win after High limited King’s in the field and only conceding 2 runs in the final 2 overs and taking 1 wkt. A credit to High’s application in the field. A consistent batting performance by the team allowed us to chase down their score as we had wkts in hand. David CHOU (46), Julian UBALDI 14) and Michael CARR (15 on debut) and also took 1 wkt. Other wkt takers were Angud CHAWLA 2/18 and Tasneem CHOUDHURY 1/30. See Website full Match Report.

15C NOT ONE OF THEIR BEST!! KING’S 1–79 -defeated- HIGH 10-77
High actually won this toss and decided to bat and produced a steady start with Daniel SMITH (12) and Allen FU (7) setting the scene for Christopher OEI (21) who kept the runs coming. However through loose shots and lack of valuing their wickets we collapsed losing our last 5 batsmen for 5 runs, to finish with a total of 77 runs. King’s attacked from the start and were free scoring with Luke De La Cour making the only breakthrough taking out one of the openers. Bowling saw Luke take 1/13 (3), Aman SAKSENA 0/13 (3.4) and Christopher OEI 0/18 (4) produce our best figures.

14B PIPPED WITH 5 BALLS TO GO !! KING’S 6-113 (29.2) -defeated- HIGH 8-111 (29).
High batted first and finished with 8-111 with Agnish NAYAK (31) top scoring and Vasu BHAKRI (17) and Thilan SUBASINGHE also chipping in as the main run scorers. King’s then batted and we fielded and bowled well in a tight game throughout but unfortunately they got up in the last over to claim victory. Wicket takers were Kritman DHAMOON 3/15 (4), thilan SUBASINGHE 2/18 (5) and Anirudh RAMESH bowled well and finished with 0/12 (5). (Another consistent and competitive performance by our youngest team in the GPS competitions) See Website full Match Report

As Term 4 cricket concludes this week I would like to thank the parents who have given their time to the 1st and 2nd XIs with lunches and afternoon teas, scoring and other duties. To the dedicated parents, senior boys and coaches who have assisted our junior teams a very big thank you because there are so few of you doing nearly all of the teams’ support. Your help has given many of our boys a tremendous amount of enjoyment in their cricket.

A final well done to “Dad’s Army” (THE 5th XI) Led fearlessly by “LIB” Colonel Lucchitti and Captain “Ducks” Choudhury who have held this composite team together against great odds throughout Term 4. My thanks to all boys who have made the effort
Laurie Heil
MIC Cricket

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Sailing: High Tide

Rule of the week: Rule 2
A boat and her owner shall compete in compliance with recognised principles of sportsmanship and fair play. A boat may be penalized under this rule only if it is clearly established that these principles have been violated. A disqualification under this rule shall not be excluded from the boat’s series score.

SBHS Squad member Profile:

Name: Marcus James
Year: 8
Preferred school sailing boat: Feva

When did you start sailing? Why?
I started sailing at the start of the year. I chose to because it's great to be out on the water.

What are some of your GOALS in Sailing?
My goals in sailing are to eventually be able to skipper competently and to skipper a Feva.

What has been your best Sailing experience?
Sailing a Pacer in 25 knot winds and getting soaked while counterbalancing off the side of the boat. I also skippered a bit for the first time in almost half a year and made a fool of myself.
Mrs Collignon

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Sydney Boys High School Rowing Committee

End of Year Rowing Event
The Rowing Committee would like to extend an invitation to the whole school community to come along to our Family Regatta Day, Saturday 6th December 2008, 10am start until after lunch at the Outterside Centre 5 Teviot Ave Abbotsford (as advertised in High Notes)

If you haven’t been to High’s rowing sheds on the Parramatta River at Abbotsford … this is the day to do it! This is a relaxed social function where you can explore the ‘sheds’, have lunch by the water, have a go at rowing, or just sit and watch the action.

Lunch will be available for purchase which includes BBQ kebabs, delicious homemade salads and bread, followed by cakes and slices with coffee and tea.

Have a look at the fascinating history of High Rowing displayed around the Outterside Centre ….especially upstairs. It is really worth the visit.

We hope to see all the current rowing families, as well as the 2009 new intake of students and the wider school community, enjoying our annual open day.

The rowers have been competing over the past 2 weeks in the ‘Head of the Parramatta’ time trials against other GPS schools. Thank you to Michael Ambrose and Max Jones, Ben Wilcox for writing the following reports. Hope to see you at the Rowing Sheds.
Julie Blomberg

Head of The Parramatta 2008
Last Saturday the 1st VIII, 2nd VIII and 1st IV took part in the gruelling Head of the Parramatta. The race is a 4.5km time trial, more than twice as long as the normal race length. The 1st VIII consisted of Clive Chen, Alik Belokopytov, Vlad Boulavine, Dale Chen, Andrew Blomberg, Jack Wachsmann, Shahar Merom and Matt Ling with Pat Desmond coxing. The 1st VIII completed the tough race in a time of 17:33. The 2nd VIII lined up with Jack Musgrove, Allen Liao (a Year 10 rower filling in for Jason Nguyen), Neil Street, Dominic Edgtton, Sam Binns, George Denny-Smith, James Whiting and Michael Ambrose with Gareth Deacon coxing. The 2nd VIII were unlucky to be hit by what could only be described as a ‘wave’ and they took a lot of water on board, however they managed to beat rivals St Josephs in a time of 18:10. The 1st IV were strong with Ben Li, Tom Peters, James Eriksson, Nishan Abeysuriya beating a number of crews in a time of 21:21. All these boys continue to work extremely hard in the lead up to selections this December.
Michael Ambrose

Junior Head of the Parramatta
On the following Saturday High took part in the junior Head of the Parramatta. The 4km race was the first for many of our junior rowers and one that they won’t forget. The weather was harsh as the crews rowed to the starting line in pelting rain and strong winds. The Year 10 eights had an early start and both competed strongly in the worst of the weather. The Year 9 quads, although they arrived late, also competed strongly against tough opposition who looked double their age. The excited Year eight quads, making their debut for High, were lucky with the weather, which began to clear up just before their races. All of the teams will continue to train hard and further improve their times in the lead up to the GPS rowing season which begins early next year.
Max Jones and Ben Wilcox
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Basketball: Shooting Hoops

High VS Kings

2008 Term 1 (Last time)

1st WIN 88-61 S LLEWELLYN 34
2nd WIN 51-46 P DU 13
3rd WIN 51-20 D PENG 14
8th WIN 31-2 (YES TWO!!?)
16B WIN 26-22 N WANG 15
16D WIN 38-10 S YUNG 24
16E WIN 21-18 C JIANG 7
14D WIN 20-7 LYMAN 8
14F WIN 30-11 B CHAU 10

2008 Term 4 (This time)

1st LOSS 62-53 C JURLINA 16 REB
2nd WIN 57-44 E NAAR 17
3rd WIN 39-26 M LI 10
4th WIN 23-20 MVP B YANG
6th WIN 41-4 H ZHUANG 11
7th WIN 22-19 S KE 6
8th WIN 45-12 S BURNHAM 18
16A WIN 29-21 A YE 9
16B WIN 24-16 D CHEUNG 6
16C WIN 17-10 Y WONG 12 REB!
16D WIN 26-16 MVP; K LI 8 PTS
15D WIN 23-17 T CHIN 7
15E WIN 45-14 L FANG 19
15F WIN 23-22 J LO 6
14B WIN 18-31 J LAM 6
14C WIN 23-26 J ZHONG 6
14D LOSS 20-14 S DU 4
14E LOSS 41-10 T OW 6

All players who score 20 or more points must move up in their age group if possible! Play for the best team you can!

2nd Grade Stats

M Feng 2/11 0/0 2/4 6 6 4
J Rajendram 5/12 2/4 2/4 14 0 3
E Naar 7/17 2/8 1/1 17 0 5
L Teng 0/1 0/1 0/0 0 0 1
T Zhong 0/1 0/0 0/2 0 0 0
D Peng 1/5 1/3 0/0 3 0 0
D Nguyen 0/0 0/0 0/0 0 0 0
J Wong 0/1 0/1 0/0 0 0 0
N Wang 0/1 0/0 1/2 1 1 7
S Dong 5/11 0/0 1/2 11 4 3
A Paul 2/4 0/0 0/0 4 2 5

By Chris Chiam

Wanna hoop with the President of United States of America?
Barack Obama is a wily player of pickup basketball, the version of the game with unspoken rules, no referee and lots of elbows. He has been playing since adolescence, on cracked-asphalt playgrounds and at exclusive health clubs, developing a quick offensive style, a left-handed jump shot and relationships that have extended into the political arena. If one were somehow to play a highlight reel of Mr Obama’s on-court exploits, it would start in Hawaii, with a pudgy junior high school student in short shorts and high socks who had a Julius Erving poster plastered on his bedroom wall. It might include the time he and several Harvard Law School classmates played inmates at a Massachusetts prison; the students were terrified to win or lose, because the convicts lining the court had bet on both outcomes. (“I got two packs on you!” they called out.) See YouTube for more details…
By B Hayman

~ Go High Basketball!
~Play Hard, Play Smart and Play Together!
~ Brought to you by the editors, David Li Wang and Chris Chiam
~Thank you to Mr Hayman for all his contributions to basketball and information

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Basketball: SBHS Win CHS 15 years Knockout State Title

After placing second in last year's CHS 15s Knockout, the 2008 Sydney Boys High team was determined from the start of the competition to win the knockout for the first time in the school's history. We started very positively, demolishing our early competition in the Sydney East region and progressing to the regional final against Leichhardt High School.

Played in the unrivalled atmosphere of our school gym, the regional final led only to more success. Although not producing our strongest performance, we opened up a large lead in the first half and let it slip only slightly in an encouraging 17-point victory.

Our victory over Leichhardt led us out of Sydney for the first time. Our next challenge came in the form of Hunter Sports High School, who would prove to be the best team we faced in the whole competition. Hunter, besides having easily the biggest player in the knockout, was quick and athletic, and hit us with tough full court man-to-man and trap defences.

However, our team rose to the occasion, and Hunter's effort brought out great performances from every team member. In particular, David Nguyen stepped up with an 18-point performance that was vital in the 56-47 win.

Now one of the final sixteen teams, the team took a road trip to Bathurst with high hopes of securing a spot in the two-day final eight tournament. We dominated Bathurst High School from the start, and won by a very convincing margin. The game served as a useful confidence-booster for the tournament in Terrigal, and once again we played a terrific all-around team game.

Our pool in the final eight tournament consisted of Blaxland High, North Sydney Boys High, Armidale High and ourselves. Our first game against Blaxland was a great display of teamwork and shooting against quite a skilled team, and we walked away with a 71-50 victory. Our second game, 75 minutes later, provided a slightly weaker opposition, and a similar display of effort and teamwork led us to a 29-point win. Our final game of the day against Armidale was less challenging. Everyone on the team scored and got substantial playing time en route to a 69-10 victory.

The second and final day of the tournament saw us matched up against Lismore High School in the state semi-finals. Lismore had been fairly successful the previous day and looked as though they would prove a challenge. However, yet another outstanding team performance led to a 65-37 win. This led to a matchup in the final with Westfields Sports High School, the same school which had stood between Sydney Boys and a gold medal last year.

It seemed that everyone present was expecting another Westfields title. However, a continuation of our team play, which had been our trademark throughout the tournament, led us to a hard-earned 59-42 victory. Westfield’s had by far the best defenders we had faced in the final eight tournament, but a stellar defensive performance of our own, combined with some smart offensive play, overcame them. Much of this offensive production came from Emmett Naar, who scored 28 points (including seven three-pointers) and was awarded the Most Valuable Player award for the final.

Besides winning Sydney Boys High's first CHS 15s title, the knockout team gelled as the tournament progressed, and it was a really rewarding experience for everyone involved. Every player on the team was a team player, and by the end of the tournament it seemed every aspect of the game was consistently running smoothly. The results were definitely a reflection of this. Thank you to Mr Hayman for coaching us.
Josh Sutton

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The Family Regatta 2008

The Sydney High Rowing Committee cordially invites all Sydney High students, parents teachers and supporters to the

Family Regatta
Saturday 6 December
10.00am at the Outterside Centre
Teviot Ave, Abbotsford

Free Harbour Cruises (self propelled)

Come Along and meet ‘The Crew’
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SHS OBU - Life membership by instalments scheme

The Sydney High School Old Boys’ Union (the OBU) was founded in 1892. Over the past 115 years, it has fostered and continued the friendships formed by students while at school and through this fellowship contributed something of value to the School’s corporate spirit and well being.

Membership of the OBU will provide a lifetime of professional, social, sporting and academic connections with Sydney High, its network of old boys, and the alumni of other GPS schools.

Life membership can be secured by application and the payment of six small annual contributions throughout the passage from Year 7 to Year 12. Instalments are currently set at $44.

If, for some reason, all six payments have not been made by the time of leaving, the OBU will contact you and allow a further 12 months to pay any outstanding instalments.

We trust that you will see fit to pay this year's instalment towards securing your son’s life membership. Those of you who are already part of the scheme will know that the OBU provides copies of its quarterly magazine to all students who take part.

Please fill out and return the form below.

PAYMENT ADVICE (tax invoice)
Sydney High School Old Boys’ Union Inc - ABN 22 652 291 509

Student’s name: .......................................................................................................... Final year: ....................

Postal address: ................................................................................................................................................

.................................................................................................................................. Postcode:.....................

E-mail Address: .............................................................................................................................................

Payment of $44.00 by i. Cheque ......   ii. Visa/Mastercard/Amex ......

Complete if paying by credit card:  _ _ _ _ | _ _ _ _ | _ _ _ _ | _ _ _ _   Expiry Date: _ _ / _ _

Name on card: .......................................................................................................

Signature: ..............................................................................................................

Please return to SHSOBU, PO Box 1546, DARLINGHURST NSW 1300

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