High Notes, Vol 9 No 36, November 14 2008

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From the Principal

High Talent
Christopher Chiam won the Junior Section of the Eastern Suburbs Public Speaking Competition hosted by The Scots College. Congratulations, Chris!

Year 12 Portfolios
The HSC is all over for another year. I wish all our students the best of luck in their university entrance ambitions. I hope all boys will return in December for a final farewell and to tell us their UAIs. Year 12 students may collect their portfolios and references from the Principal if they produce completed Clearance Forms. No appointment necessary.

Remembrance Day
On the 90th Anniversary of Remembrance Day, at the Premier’s invitation, Thomas Wilson and Christopher Evans, two of our School Prefects who had grandfathers who served in World War 1, laid a floral tribute at The Cenotaph in Martin Place last Tuesday. At school, Mr Barris, supported by the cadets and School Prefects, conducted a dignified and well organised ceremony on Moore Park West, to commemorate the ending of the First World War. School Captain, Patrick Desmond, was Master of Ceremonies and Clive Chen, Nelson Ridges and Jack Wachsmann read poetry focussed on various aspects of the human experiences of war. Sam Burnham drew interesting comparisons to wars and warriors throughout history in his speech about the tragedy of warfare. Patrick Horton caught the timing of the Last Post and Reveille just right as the assembled school faced the west in silence. I was very pleased with the demeanour of our boys at the ceremony. Our cadets, led by Johan Santoso, paraded well. Given the strong connection High Old Boys have with military service, it is gratifying that our tradition of remembrance ceremonies is embraced wholeheartedly by our current students.

New Librarian
An advertisement has been placed seeking a Teacher Librarian to staff the new senior school library in 2009. Furniture and computers have been ordered and the cabling guy commissioned. We are on track to be ready for day one of Term 1.

ACER Pilot Testing
We recently undertook some pilot testing for ACER for Year 9 NAPLAN. The area was numeracy with and without calculators and reading. I have sent the results of the testing to Mr Bigelow and Ms Trompetter. ACER showed its appreciation with a donation of 11 x $50 Dymocks book vouchers which will supplement our prizes resources for Speech Night. Thank you to Mr Beringer for organising the pilot and to staff for participating.

School Plan 2009-2011
In the Middle Years of Schooling : A Discussion Paper DET, 2008, research into the perceptions about school of boys in Years 5-9 was reported. Hill & Russell (1999) and Martin (2006) confirmed a decline in: the perceived value of school, positive attitudes and satisfaction with school; levels of respect by teachers; focus on, or interest and engagement with learning; academic achievement level; out of school homework and study management; and levels of resilience and academic self concept. Given that High boys are not immune from these developmental trends, our School Plan for the High Junior School 2009-2011 needs to address these findings. The school has a commendable suite of programs design to develop our students as individuals. Nevertheless, some of our boys do exhibit increased levels on anxiety, avoidance of failure behaviour and self sabotage. In preparing our School Plan, I welcome contributions or suggestions from staff, students and parents as to how we might address these important issues affecting individual well being and achievement.
KA Jaggar
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English Report

So fair a collection of reviews of Just Macbeth! we have not seen. There’s nothing foul about them. Runners up were the very talented Andrew Bui (7F), Daniel Cordas (7T), Steven Ngo (7M) and Albert Chau (7E), and ?? (7S). They will receive a packet of Wizz Fizz which should be sufficient for a minor potion at the very least. The student who shall be Thane of Reviews is Nevin Lazarus (7R). He receives an entire multipack of Wizz Fizz and we hope he will not gorge himself on it all alone until he is very sick indeed. Here is his review in full.

Just Macbeth! – a play by Andy Griffiths, directed by Wayne Harrison, is an extremely funny version of Shakespeare’s great bloody tragedy. And when I say ‘funny,’ I mean ‘fall out of your seat laughing.’ It is performed by six funny but tragic actors except McDuff the garden gnome, and has a severed head that talks Shakespearean. There are witches and Wizz Fizz and ghosts and girl germs and weird Elizabethan things like soliloquies and sharp swords. The play starts in a primary school where a group of three children are acting out Macbeth for a school play. They drink their magic potion and are teleported to the world of Macbeth. Andy, the main character, becomes Macbeth, his friend Danny becomes Banquo and Lisa becomes Lady Macbeth. The tale continues and Macbeth meets the witches who make the prophecy. A very funny part is when Macbeth is convinced to kill the king because of his awful karaoke. Banquo comes back as an angel on a skateboard and McDuff and his army of gnomes have rapidly grown from eating Brussels sprouts.

Much admired children’s writer Andy Griffiths is one of Australia’s most humorous, successful and multitalented writers. He is the author of fifteen books ranging from nonsense verse to short stories, novels and creative writing textbooks, as well as a parent’s guide for creating a healthier lifestyle for children. His books include The Day My Bum Went Psycho as well as the extremely popular Just! series of short stories.

Overall I rate this play 4.7 stars out of 5 as it was very funny and I would recommend it to people about to start Shakespeare and also adults who have already studied it.’
By Nevin Lazarus

And COMING SOON…. A special guest appearance
We are so fortunate to have secured the talents of Professor Tony Cousins from Macquarie University to come and speak to our new year 12s about their module texts in Time: which is a comparative study of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Scott’s cyberpunk masterpiece Blade Runner. We think it’s a great module, which also taps in to issues and ideas important to the Extension 1 Genre course on Science Fiction. Tony’s special interests include cultural history, Utopian narratives and the history of ideas. He really is the man. On December 4th our extremely lucky class of 2009 will reap the benefits of P’s scholarly wisdom. Stay tuned for more thrilling and important details.
A Kaye

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From the Library

Belated Acknowledgement to Old Boy Authors – Dating From 125th Foundation Day.
Apologies to Alan Nichols and Fred Stephens who both had the thoughtfulness to bring four or so books of theirs with them when they were honoured on the SBHS new Oder of Australia Honour Board in the Andrews Library stairwell. I had not contacted them to thank them for these fabulous additions to our Old Boys Collection which is housed in the Library.

I am now accessioning from Old Boy Author, Alan Nichols – former Archdeacon of Melbourne:
A street called Choice. Ethical Choices for Ordinary People. David Penman, Bridge-builder, Peacemaker , fighter for Social Justice. Life & Death Decision. Teach yourself Ethics Medial Ethics. Ethics, Law & Accountability in the Australian Media Escape from West Papua. How and why Refugees came to Australia.

We also were given 5 publications from Professor Fred Stephens, Professor Emeritus and former Head of the Department of Surgery, University of Sydney. They are:
Cancer Explained, The essential guide to diagnosis and management, All about Breast Cancer, All about Prostate Cancer.
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Headmasters of Sydney Boys High School

Charles Rathay Smith (1859-1941)

Charles Rathay Smith, the School’s fourth Headmaster (1919-1924), was born in the Orkney Islands, Scotland on 29 December 1859.

A graduate of Aberdeen University (MA), he arrived in Sydney and joined the government teaching service in November 1883. He taught for a short time at Bathurst, Goulburn and Sydney High Schools, before moving to Fort Street Superior Public School and then Leichhardt Superior Public School.

He rejoined Sydney Boys’ High as a teacher in 1897 where it is reported he took classes in the assembly room at the School in Ultimo, teaching Latin, Greek, French and German. He could be seen moving quietly among groups of boys, some of them studying Greek, others German, and each divided into small groups according to their grade. His efforts in this regard were attended with great success. Under his direct tuition in Greek, Wilfred Porter won the Cooper Scholarship for Classics in 1902. Mr Smith’s pupils won the medals for German in the Junior University Examination on four separate occasions and, in the 1905 Senior University Examination, his pupils won the medals for both French and German.

He left Sydney High in 1906 to become the first Headmaster of Newcastle High School and then spent three years at North Sydney Boys’ High. He returned to Sydney High as Headmaster in 1919.

Under his Headmastership, the School continued to excel at languages, with boys winning the Cooper Scholarship on three occasions and the Lithgow Scholarship for French and German on four occasions. In sport, rowing was established during Mr Smith’s term of office. The 1st IV won the Yaralla Cup at the GPS Regatta on its first attempt in 1924.

Many years later, one Old Boy recalled of Mr Smith:

He was a dapper little man with a white moustache. I guess he was a Latin Specialist, as the boys almost immediately christened him “Caesar” and there from his office was known as “Caesar's Winter Quarters”. This was coined from a Latin text book Caesar’s Gallic Wars where the phrase occurred frequently. Nevertheless it was appropriate, as the office was, in fact, a dark cold room.

At his retirement, The Record said of him: “The remarkable scholastic success gained by the School in the last six years, during his regime, is the monument and record of his influence. The love and esteem felt by the boys towards him is the outcome of his never-varying straightforward and manly method of dealing with them.”

He died on 10 June 1941.
SHS Old Boys Union
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Public Speaking

The Eastern Suburbs Public Speaking Competition took place last Friday night. Our five competitors delivered unique and entertaining speeches. This is a highly competitive event and we were really pleased to see Chris Chiam win the Junior Division. Congratulations also go to Stephen Garofano, Alain Nguyen, John Aclis and Hayden Schilling. Well done!
R Howland
MIC Public Speaking

On Friday 7th November I competed in the Eastern Suburbs Public Speaking Competition at The Scots College. I was extremely honoured to be representing the school in the Junior Division. My topic for my prepared speech was ‘A Will to Succeed’, speaking about motivation and goal setting and striving to reach your goals. For the impromptu we had 3 minutes to prepare a speech on ‘Double Trouble’. My competitors were all from private schools and the standard was extremely high, and as they read out the place getters I was so excited when they announced that I was the 1st place winner. This was the first time since the competition started in 1993 that Sydney Boys have won first place in the Junior Division. It was a great experience and I am looking forward to more public speaking competitions in the future.
Christopher Chiam
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Year 8 ESSA Test

Dear Parent or Care Giver
The Essential Secondary Science Assessment (ESSA) test for Year 8 students will be held on Tuesday 25 November 2008. The test takes approximately 80 minutes.

It contains multiple choice, short response and extended response tasks.

The ESSA test is a diagnostic test that will provide information about what students know and can do in science. Tasks in the test are framed on Stage 4 outcomes and essential content in the NSW Science Years 7–10 Syllabus. Students can bring home the test stimulus magazine to discuss with you after the test.

Students will be tested on their:

  • knowledge and understanding of science
  • understanding and skills in the process of scientific investigation
  • ability to evaluate evidence, make judgements and think critically
  • ability to access information and communicate scientific ideas.

Students complete a survey about their opinions, attitudes and values.

Students are also asked to provide their name, gender and age. They are requested to provide information as to whether they are from an English or non‐English speaking background and for information as to whether or not they are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander. This information is treated confidentially and held securely to ensure that the right to privacy of all students is maintained.

Results of the test will be available near the end of Term 1 2009. A personal report prepared for each student will describe the scientific knowledge and skills demonstrated by the student in the test. There will also be information about how the student’s results compare with overall performance of all students in the test.

Yours sincerely
Michael Kay
Science Head Teacher

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Film Making and Digital Media - Student Film Festival
A group of Sydney Boys High School’s Year 9 Film Making students this month will be lucky enough to see some of their films screened on a big screen at the Palace Cinema, Leichhardt.

The forty film students, after completing three major film projects throughout the year, viewed each others films and together selected five of their favourite films to enter into the annual DET Movie Making Festival.

This is the second year Sydney Boys High School have entered the competition and this year four of our five films have been selected to be screened at the festival on the 25th November 2008.

The films selected include:

A Fly’s Life – Written, Directed and edited by Leon Sheldon and Matthew Petrenas

School Kid – The Final Cut Written By Ian Ho, Filmed by Timothy Tan and Joseph Lui Edited by Joseph Lui

Fifty - Written, directed and filmed Nakul Bhagwat and Andrew Hau edited By Andrew Hau

Ramadan – Written, directed, filmed and edited by Raghib Siddiquee

Our Name is Charlie written, directed and edited by Brendan Hancock and Sam Weight was the film not selected to be screened at the festival. The panel consisted of DET personnel and an industry representative, Ian Gilmour, who has over 30 years experience in directing. The panel gave great credit to the students’ work and stated in a response that the film is a ‘heartfelt, poignant film that sensitively explores important teenage issues. It is a sophisticated, sincere and coherent film with strong and, sometimes, disturbing imagery.’ They stated that it was because of ‘it's sophistication and the adult themes presented, that the film would rate beyond PG.’ So, unfortunately, for this reason only, they were unable to screen the film at Making Movies 2008. The film will be entered into another competition later this year.

The festival will screen 26 secondary student films from around the state, ranging from 1 minute to 8 minutes in length at the Palace Cinema Norton St Leichardt at 6.30pm-8pm on Tuesday 25th November 2008.

All parents, students and friends of Sydney Boys High are invited to attend the Movie Making festival to support the Visual Arts students and see the work of the new generation of film makers.

Year 8 and 9 students who will be studying Film Making and Digital media next year are strongly encouraged to attend.

What: Student Film Festival

When: 6.30pm- 8pm 25th November 2008

Where: Palace Cinema, Norton St , Leichardt

Who: Everyone!

Cost: Tickets at the door $10 per person / groups of 10 arranged prior with Visual Arts Department $2 per ticket

To arrange group bookings of 10 please see
Mrs Collignon
Visual Arts Department

Congratulations to Nevin Spoljaric
Nevin received a Highly Commended in the very competitive Roving Eye, Images of the World, Young Photographer of the Year Competition. He is the Jeffrey Smart of the camera. Nevin is our Senior School Photographer and has produced superb photographs over the year.

Photographic Competition
Last Year Tom Castelton was a semi finalist in this lucrative prize.

Open to all Australian secondary school students, the 2009 Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize - Secondary School Section is an incredible opportunity for students to enter a prestigious national competition.

One student in each category (see below) will have their entry selected to win a substantial cash prize, plus their school will receive a gift of the same amount to use on its internal arts development program. An additional 45 students will be selected as finalists and will have their work exhibited at the State Library of New South Wales and toured nationally, plus receive a certificate of merit. In 2008 a further 160 secondary school works were also exhibited at the State Library of New South Wales as runners up.

To view the finalists and runners up in the 2008 competition, go to http://moranprizes.com.au 


Category 1.1 - Years 11-12  Best Work Prize $5,000 + $5,000 to the winning student's school 
Category 1.2 - Years 9 -10  Best Work Prize $3,000 + $3,000 to the winning student's school 
Category 1.3 - Years 7-8    Best Work Prize $2,000 + $2,000 to the winning student's school

Entrants to the 2009 Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize - Secondary Schools Section are asked to interpret the theme Contemporary Life in Australia with an emphasis on Australians going about their day-to-day lives.

Finalists will be notified by phone (and email) prior to the official announcement the week commencing 9 March 2009. To enter online or to download instructions go to http://moranprizes.com.au 
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Year 9 Geography Field Work

Recently, this semester’s Geography students got to study Pyrmont as part of their work on communities. Communities and suburbs are the life blood of any city and Sydney actively promotes this through its various planning initiatives such as the idea of urban villages. Pyrmont makes a great study area because it contains almost all the urban history of Sydney from 1788 onwards. A key aim of the day was to teach the skill of observation and in this regards, practical work is invaluable: it can’t be replaced or duplicated online.

Starting at Pyrmont Point Park the students spent the morning gathering data on the various phases of development. Annotated field sketches allowed data to be displayed easily and reinforced the idea of observation. In the afternoon, the group was divided into 5 and each given an area of the suburb to study in detail. One group was lucky enough to find a plaque commemorating the original sandstone quarry – Paradise. Sadly, this is now just a back wall for development sandwiched between Anzac Bridge and older sites awaiting development. Luckily, Paradise referred to the ease with which the stone could be quarried (we didn’t find the others – Purgatory and Hell Hole which is probably just as well).

An excellent day’s work from a very dedicated group of students with very pleasant weather (not our norm!) to complete the experience.
P Ganderton
Social Science

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Volunteer - Parents - Needed for Orientation Afternoon

On Tuesday November 18, there will be an Orientation Afternoon for new students entering Sydney Boys High School in 2009.

From 3:00 pm until 3:50 pm, refreshments will be served in the Courtyard for our new students and their families. Refreshments will also be available after the Assembly from 4.45pm until approximately 5.30pm.

If you are able to help serve refreshments from 3pm to 4pm, or from 4.30pm to 5.30pm please let Barbara Taylor know This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 0410 268 444.

It’s a great opportunity to welcome new parents to the school, and to encourage them to be involved in the school community.

Thank you!
Barbara Taylor (on behalf of P&C)
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SRC Events

On Friday 7th of November, 10 Year 11 students from the SRC or Prefect body (some from both) went to the Sydney Convention Centre with Mrs Collignon to participate in the 2008 National Young Leader’s Day. The event, hosted by Halogen Foundation, was a great success, with up to 3000 people packed in the auditorium.

There was a variety of speakers who each gave us much insight into the way they have become leaders, and how they have developed since becoming leaders. The speakers included Paul Fitzsimons (journalist for the Sydney Morning Herald and author), James Castrission and Justin Jones (who kayaked from New South Wales to New Zealand earlier this year), Jane Burke (author), Mike Martin (president of the Halogen Foundation) and Catriona Rowntree (presenter on Getaway).

Every speaker had a funny story to tell followed by a powerfully inspiring message. Each speaker shared with us their successes and failures and conveyed the sense that they are just normal people like all of us, (this was especially true with the two kayakers!)

There were also numerous short clips and activities throughout the day, ranging from an excerpt of Shrek III to a BBC documentary about Gordon Ramsay. However, what was perhaps the greatest part of the day was the chance to meet so many other school leaders from around Australia. In fact, each one of us not only met new people, but saw many familiar faces and had a chance to share our experiences.

Overall the day was a great experience, and it is an opportunity that should definitely not be passed up if any students are given the chance in the future.
Christian Katsikaros
SRC Committee Member 2008

There is an exciting opportunity open to two students at SBHS aged 16-18 who will hold a leadership position in the school in 2009 to attend a free two day leadership program at UNSW on the 20-21 January 2009. If interested please see Mrs Collignon by the 17 November 2008.
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SHSRC Dinner Invitation

Mr Geoffrey Blinkhorne, President of the Sydney High School Rifle Club cordially invites club members and supporters to a dinner to commemorate

125 Years of Target Rifle Shooting at Sydney High

to be held in the Great Hall, Sydney Boys High School, Moore Park, Surry Hills.

Saturday, 13th December, 2008,
Doors open 7pm for dinner at 7.30pm
Cost: $45 per head (Students $30)

Tickets on sale until 28 November 2008

Dress: Semi-Formal
School students attending are kindly asked to Wear school uniform and blazer.

Names of people attending:

Names of people attending: ___________________________ _________________________
                           ___________________________ _________________________
Total Non-Students Attending ____ x $45.00 = $ ____________
Total Students (inc. Full-Time Uni Students) Attending  ____ x $30.00 = $_______

Sydney High School Rifle Club Inc to:
Reunion Dinner
Sydney High School
Rifle club Inc
PO Box 4075
South Maroubra NSW 2035
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Boggabilla Trip September 2008

It was a cold spring morning, and the selected few who were privileged enough to experience the delight of the Boggabilla trip assembled at the school before 6am. After an extremely long and eventful bus trip filled with plenty of card games and snacks, and a stop for Gareth’s birthday cake, we arrived once again for another great stay at Boggabilla.

We were greeted by teachers and students alike, and greeted those who we met when they came down to Sydney. After a few hours of Basket- and Handball, and a small tour of the school, we were off to bed in the school gym.

An early start the next day meant a welcome to country from a Boggabilla elder, a full tour of the school and an introduction to the many new facilities that Boggabilla central school has to offer. This includes correspondence classrooms, smart boards, and projectors. We then packed all our gear for camping and worked together to produce a rap song that both we and the Bogga kids could relate to.

In the end, the song “Bogga bush track” was written, and Leo, Michael, George, and James recorded it using the school's recording facilities. This was done with the generous help of Matt from Desert Pea productions who spent much time recording, filming and editing the video. When we were done we moved off to the camping sites, set up our tents and fires, and relaxed for the afternoon, with a choice of activities including canoeing, fishing and visiting an orange orchard. It was then where we witnessed the immaculate fishing skills of the Boggabilla kids. For nearly two hours around 10 of us were struggling to find a bite, when 3 Bogga kids came along and caught 2 fish within five minutes. It wasn’t long before they were teaching us their technique and we started catching some fish of our own. That night we heard traditional Aboriginal stories around the campfire, including a traditional favourite “the seven sisters.”

The next morning we were busy packing up our tents and cleaning up after ourselves, putting out fires and picking up all the rubbish. We then visited a hand-made paper factory where many of the local Aborigines work at and create their own designs. We tried our hand at making our own uniquely styled papers but discovered it was much easier said than done. That afternoon was spent relaxing and socialising with the Bogga kids playing our traditional game of touch footy and basketball. While the High boys just managed to grasp victory in the basketball, the Bogga boys were too quick and agile for us in the touch and grabbed an easy victory. We also got to see the finished product of our rap song, turning out far better than we imagined. It was then time for our final farewells before turning in to the recently cleaned Boggabilla motel where we got a good nights rest before the long journey back to Sydney.
James Whiting and Andrew Blomberg
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Rowing News

This weekend is the Head of the Parramatta where 1st VIII, 2nd VIII & 1st IV will race against the other GPS schools from Homebush Bay to Sydney rowing club a distance of approximately 4.5km. The race begins at 7.30am so boys will have an early start. Next week our junior crews will do the same.

There are a few minor changes to the calendar. They are the GPS sculling Day which is now on November 28 after school at Penrith. This involves only our top 4 scullers. Also the CHS Championships are now on Tuesday March 31 and Wednesday April 1 at Grafton. These are age championships so the top rowers from each group will attend.
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Volleyball Update

The Under 16’s and 1st Grade volleyball teams play their last All Schools Tournament this Sunday before heading to Melbourne to compete in the Australian Volleyball Schools Cup. The 16’s have been performing excellently to make the Final in most of the tournaments contested this year. So far they have been collecting silver medals but the contests have all been close. First Grade have been rebuilding this year. With an exodus of Year 12 players last year, this season has been a development exercise. The new team is young but has looked strong in recent outings taking the gold medal at the last 2 tournaments. This Sunday’s tournament will give the under 16 and 1st grade teams valuable competition before competing at the Australian Schools event being held at the National Sports Centre in Melbourne during week 9 of this term.
M. Kay
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High Cricket Bulletin


Last Saturday, High cricket potential went on display against Scots and a message was delivered to our future oppositions, that we mean business when they meet us in competition this season. Group 1 teams performed well across the board with the 1st XI amassing 289 runs, the 2 nd XI taking 6 -26 in 17 overs as Scots chased our score of 105 and the 3 rd XI have achieved 1 st Innings points, leading Scots by 57 runs with one wkt in hand.

Our junior teams also performed well and we achieved draws in 4 matches, 3 of which we could have won if rain had not caused matches to be terminated early. However, the task could have been easier where High teams could have been chasing smaller run targets instead of some of the opposition team totals, due to poor fielding and far too many catches being turfed. The good news is that we can improve in these areas by concentrating on the basic skills and applying those lessons learnt from matches.

Now for a quick round-up of current news:

BRISBANE TOUR – U15 and U14 Teams
Now confirmed, the two teams will depart Sydney on Sat. (evening) 29 th NOV and return on Tues 2 nd DEC 08. Travel will be by air and accommodation will be with billets. Squads will be posted on the Cricket Website this Friday evening 14th Nov. Training will be 3-30pm – 5-30pm. THURS. each week until departure. All selected MUST attend the School Fitness training on Mondays.

Sydney hosts Melbourne from Thurs 4 th DEC until Sat. 6 th DEC for 2 One day fixtures. Billets will be required for 12 players for 2 nights (Thu and Fri) and Melbourne will depart Sat evening for home. All selected MUST attend the School Fitness training on Mondays

Team High will depart Sydney by Air for the Adelaide Carnival on Sun. 7th DEC and return Fri. 12 DEC. Training times will be advised by the team coach in respect to additional sessions.

GROUP 1. (Two –Day fixtures)
1st.XI (Day 1) HIGH 10 -289 (90) -versus- SCOTS 0 -25 (10)
The team coach Barry DAVISON, after being sent in to bat High batted with great authority from the start and built partnerships. Nakul Pednekar after a shaky start produced an innings of outstanding power with 82 off 96 balls. Avindu VITHANAGE, Kieran TAYLOR, Alisdair BROWN, Kerrod McPHERSON and Michael PHUNG put into practice the principles we have been working on with new found concentration skills. Another highlight was a last wkt partnership of 34 runs between Michael PHUNG and Neeraj VYAS forcing Scots to take a second new ball. Run scorers Nakul PEDNEKAR (82), Avindu VITHANAGE (55), Alidair BROWN (26) Nee raj VYAS (26n.o- batting No.11), Kieran TAYLOR (22) and Michael PHUNG (17)

2nd.XI (Day 1) HIGH 10 -105 (59) - versus- SCOTS 6 -26
A shaky start saw High in trouble at 6 -22. Solid lower order partnerships between Krishan SIVAYOGARAYAN (39) and Nakul BHAGWAT (26) with stiff resistance from Saif HAQUE (6n.o.) had High reach 105. Taking the field High turned on an outstanding bowling performance from Hashan SUBASINGHE 4 –14 and an incredible debut over for Samuel LANE who took 2- 0 with consecutive balls in the last over of the day. The match is there to win if we maintain the intensity displayed by an all round team effort this week. 3 rd.XI (Day 1) HIGH 9 -137 - versus- SCOTS 10 -78 (HIGH gains I st.Innings Pts) A sound bowling and fielding performance saw High reduce Scots to be all out in 25 overs with Shejil KUMAR 3 -18 (3), Siva VALLIAPPAN 2 -22 (6) and Timmy LIM 1 -7 (6) best of the bowlers. After a shaky start to our innings, Ritam MITRA (28) steadied the innings and Avish SHARMA (37n.o.) and Arun KRISHNAN (26n.o.) saw High gain first innings points. Day 2 could be our day!!

16 A (Day 1) HIGH 0 -0 -versus- SCOTS 10 -165
Team captain Shimon DANZIGER reports that Scots got the benefit of sloppy fielding, poor catching and lack of control by some bowlers which could have seen them dismissed cheaply. The job now is up to the team next week with concentration, application and smarter cricket when they bat. Wicket takers were Iftiar KHAN 4 wkts, Nathan KOK 3 wkts and Shimon DANZIGER 1 wkt.

15 A (Day 1) HIGH
See Cricket Website Match Report

14 A (Day 1) HIGH 3 -46 -versus- SCOTS 10 -272
High lost the toss and were put in the field. A quick outfield and a small ground made it difficult to keep boundaries and runs down. Wicket takers were Christopher PINTO 2 -27 and Sudam DIAS. Having taken all Scots wkts High then commenced their innings and lost early wickets finishing Day 1 at 3 -46 with Owen DUFFY (24n.o. ) and Lahiru KATUPITIYA ( 4n.o.). High can chase this score down providing every player “values” their wicket and we have plenty of overs left to bat all morning next week.

GROUP 2. (One Day fixtures)
4th.XI SCOTS 0 -99 -defeated- HIGH 10 - 98
Losing 6 wkts for a total of 33 runs didn’t help High’s cause in forcing a victory in this clash with Julian UBALDI (27), Ben ENCEL (19) and Anirban GHOSE (19) putting together the bulk of the total. It is reported that Angud CHAWLA, Liam AYLMER, Tony WANG and Rafat KAMAL all bowled “well”. The question is, “how well” considering Scots reached the target without loss of wkts??

15 B HIGH 6 -140 -drew with- SCOTS 3 -121
The team Captain Dhruv GUPTAA reports that after a top order collapse the team steadied when Aman SAKSENA (22), Christopher OEI (30) came to the wicket and in company with Daniel SMITH (57n.o.) they put together the team saving partnerships. High then took the field and bowled tightly early but poor fielding which we will need to improve, cost us valuable wickets and Scots started to get on top of our bowling. We then got a valuable wkt but rain came and the match was abandoned. Best of our bowlers were Dhruv GUPTAA 1-13 (4), Chris OEI 1 -29 (4) and Aman SAKSENA 0 -9.

14 B HIGH 10 -146 (30) -drew with- SCOTS 3-44 (12)
Team captain Thilan SUBASINGHE reports that High won the toss and batted with the top order falling quickly to be 4-24. Good batting in the middle order by Thilan SUBASINGHE (40) and Chris MAO (20) allowed them to reach a sound 146. With a good total to defend we then went into the field and had Scots at 3-44 after 11 overs with their top batsmen out knowing we could get the remainder. Alas rain came and Scots were quick to pull up stumps.

14 C HIGH 3 -66 -drew with- SCOTS 8 -165
Team Captain Jeremy YAO reports that their great bowling and batting kept High in the match and on their way to a win when rain came and Scots pulled up stumps which stopped our charge at their total. Our fielding and catching needs more work which we can achieve at sport afternoons and team practices. Run Scorers were Jeremy YAO (15) and Subhash VISWANADHAM (18n.o.) Wicket takers for High were Victor HO 4 -20 (4), Jonathon ADHIKA 2 -7 (2) and Ken HUANG 0 -14 (4)
Laurie Heil
MIC Cricket

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Basketball: Shooting Hoops

High VS Scots

High vs Scots 2008 Term 1 (Last time)

1st LOSS 56-53 S.HIGGINS 23
2nd LOSS 58-37 P.DU 9
16B WIN 49-14 JOSEPH 25
16C WIN 42-16 H.TRAN 16
16D LOSS 17-39 J.DU 4
16E WIN 30-27 H.LU 8, H.VI 8
15A WIN 62-30 A.YE 26!
15C WIN 24-4 H.TRAN 8
14A LOSS 16-36 MOON 6
14B LOSS 19-29 J.PARK 9
14C LOSS 14-19 M.ZHU 6
14E WIN 18-11 N.TANG 7
14F WIN 22-14 B.CHAU 8

High vs Scots 2008 Term 4 (This time)

1st LOSS 70-57 S.HIGGINS 19
2nd WIN 47-31 M.FENG 15
3rd WIN 63-22 W.SZAT 18
4th WIN 38-25 A.ANG 8
5th RAIN Winning At time of rain…..
7th WIN 27-11 A.LI 9
8th WIN 52-9 S.BURNHAM 26…
16A WIN 45-37 N.AUTAR 16!!
16B LOSS 39-25 M.TICKNER 7
16C LOSS 38-15 K.PHAN 100% HUSTLE
16D DRAW 23-23 K.LI 100% HUSTLE
15A LOSS 20-38 A.MOON 10
15C WIN 31-21 JIM 14
15D WIN 33-18 M.ZHU 12,T.CHIN 8
15E WIN 59-14 L.FANG 25…
15F WIN 61-18 B.CHAU 16
14B WIN 38-15 J.LAM 10
14C WIN 28-12 J.YEUNG 8
14D LOSS 8-22 H.ZHANG 4
14E LOSS 4-49 T.OW 4

2nd Grade Stats

  FG 3pt FT PTS ORB DRB D. Peng 0/2 0/1 0/0 0 0 0
M. Feng 7/12 0/0 1/1 15 1 3 D. Nguyen 0/1 0/0 0/0 0 0 0
J. Rajendram 0/6 0/3 0/0 0 1 3 J. Wong 0/0 0/0 0/0 0 0 0
E. Naar 2/7 1/3 0/0 5 1 5 N. Wang 0/1 0/0 2/4 2 0 1
L. Teng 1/2 0/0 0/0 2 1 1 S. Dong 5/15 0/0 1/2 11 5 4
T. Zhong 0/0 0/0 0/0 0 0 0 A. Paul 6/12 0/0 0/0 12 4 3

3rd Grade, 8th Grade AND THE 15Ds lead the Hayman Cup on 20 points. The 15Es are behind on 15 points, 1st Grade on 14, 4th Grade and the 14Bs just trailing, on 13 points. Fight your way to the top as it isn’t that difficult, if your team trains hard and plays hard. When you are on transition, don’t just jog - SPRINT! The extra effort you put in can reduce the amount of points your opponents score, increase the points you score and then you can win by over 20 points for the bonus points in the Hayman Cup. Also practise your shooting as much as you can outside of school! Remember although basketball is a team sport, you must further develop your individual skills to assist the team. Whatever you do in your training, the most important thing is actually using it effectively in the game, whether it’s boxing out, hustling for the ball or driving through a zone defence.

Putting in 100% effort into your game = Getting out 100% in total, in the forms of satisfaction, praise and points, from your game!

Don’t forget the winning teams (note more than just 1) of the Hayman Cup will receive an awesome prize. It will be revealed soon…….

For the details of the Hayman Cup visit: http://www.sydneyhigh.org.au/basketball/wordpress/ 

Team Previous Points Points this week Total points Team Previous Points Points this week Total points
1st 14 0 14 16E 3 0 3
2nd 2 2 4 15A 2 0 2
3rd 10 10 20 15B 2 0 2
4th 11 2 13 15C 9 2 11
5th 9 1 10 15D 18 2 20
6th 2 7 9 15E 9 6 15
7th 9 2 11 15F 6 5 11
8th 15 5 20 14A 0 0 0
16A 2 2 4 14B 2 11 13
16B 2 0 2 14C 2 2 4
16C 2 0 2 14D 0 0 0
16D 8 1 9 14E 1 0 1

~ Go High Basketball!
~Play Hard, Play Smart and Play Together!
~ Brought to you by the editors, David Li Wang and Chris Chiam
~Thank you to Mr Hayman for all his contributions to basketball and information

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High Tide - Sydney Boys High School Sailing

The sailing season has begun yet again with the Sydney Boys High sailing squad fighting against the elements to get into rigorous coaching with Adam South on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon training sessions and tough Saturday competition racing. With a number of new Junior sailors joining the squad we are ready for an eventful Term 1 and 4.

The current focus is training for the Tri-Series Regatta that will take place at Woollahra sailing club early in Term 1 2009. Last season's Tri Series saw a number of successes with several medals won in Laser classes and placed commendably in the Pacer category.

The CHS Regatta at Belmont will be the next major focus for the Sydney High Sailing squad. Last season saw 2008-2009 Sailing Captain Phil Kurts’ gain First Place in Division 1 in the Regatta. The CHS trophy now lies in the Sydney Boys High School foyer as a result of Kurts’ impressive 29er result.

With encouragement from Mr Moody, Mrs Collignon and Coach Adam South, the squad have recently embarked on a new land fitness regime designed to improve cardio fitness and core strength. All members are expected to attend Tuesday morning sessions at 7.30am.

All are welcome to come along and watch Saturday sailing at Woollahra Sailing Club as the boys race against a number of other schools including Riverview, Scots and Cranbrook.
Mrs Collignon

SBHS Squad member Profile:

Name: Phil Kurts
Year: 11
Preferred school sailing boat: Laser

When did you start sailing? Why?
When I was about 5, my dad made me try it. I was good at it and I’ve been sailing ever since

What are some of your GOALS in Sailing?
My goals are to keep having fun and maybe represent Australia

What has been your best Sailing experience?
My best sailing experiences have really been all the times I’ve spent with the people I've met through sailing.

Some of my successes in Sailing have been…
First in 2007 NSW laser 4.7 championships.  
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Margaret Varady Farewell Cocktail Party

You are invited by the School Community to celebrate and farewell Dr Margaret Varady

We would be delighted if you were able to attend her Farewell Cocktail Party

On Friday 5 December 2008 in The Campbell Hall - Sydney Girls High School
7:00pm - 10:00pm

Please Come

Dress: Cocktail/Lounge Suit

Cost: $65.00 (canapés, drinks and gift)

Pay to office by Cash or Cheque made payable to Sydney Girls High School or Visa or Mastercard
Please RSVP and pay November 21
to Ms Kim Greer
Ph: 9331 2336/9331 1627
Fax: 9360 9702
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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White Ribbon Day, November 28

This month SBHS Amnesty International group gets cosy with the Community Service Committee to raise awareness and some funds for the White Ribbon Campaign. It’s the first international campaign to end violence against women in the world that specifically involves men, by encouraging them to take a stand and say that violence in any form is never acceptable. Violence against women can involve domestic or family violence, sexual assault or rape, sexual harassment, discrimination and vilification, and hate crimes and work place violence. Violence against women is never ok.

Start looking around the school for the posters which tell the stories of women who are the victims of violence here and around the world. Be informed. Be the guy who stands up against violence. At High we’re always ahead of the game – this time because of a looming HSC assessment block – so Amnesty leader James Lee is running White Ribbon Day with Amnesty’s regular faithful and the help of the Community Service Committee in a campaign that culminates on Monday November 17th.

What can you do to help stop violence against women? On Monday the 17th, you can sign the pledge and bring $2 to buy a wristband or a white ribbon to support the organisation. Stay tuned for further information in next week’s High Notes.
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P&C Annual General Meeting

Pam Halusi, School Liaison Officer from NSW Police Department, will be presenting a talk on Cyber Bullying at our P&C Annual General Meeting to be held on Wed 19 November, 2008 at 7.30pm in the SBHS Staff Common Room. All parents are welcome to attend to learn more about the use and abuse of internet and ways to deal with this relatively new problem for our children. Election of new P&C office bearers and year representatives will also be held after the talk. Nominations for all positions can be emailed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   prior to meeting or during the meeting on the night.
Simon Chan
P&C President

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SBHS & SGHS 125th Anniversary Cabaret Night

Sydney Girls High School & Sydney Boys High School have great delight in inviting you to the Anniversary Cabaret to celebrate 125 years of education for both schools.

Friday 21st November 2008, 7:00pm - 12:00am. The Shannon Room, AJC Function Centre at Randwick Racecourse

Come and dance to the Shy Guys band, MCs Jessica Rowe and Jack Singleton. Featuring Little Pattie and other performs.

Tickets: $150 per person. This includes dinner, pre-dinner drinks in the Panorama Room, drinks from 7pm until 12am, parking and entertainment.

Dress: cocktail/lounge suit

RSVP: RSVP and pay by 26th September 2008. Guests are welcome to organise their own table of 10. Please advise if a  if a vegetarian meal is required.

SBHS Contact: Ms Louise Graul, Ph 9361 6910, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Pay to office by cash or cheque made payable to: Sydney Boys High School
Visa or Mastercard: card number, expiry date, cardholder's name and telephone number
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