High Notes, Vol 9 No 25, August 15 2008

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From the Principal

High Talent
There were tremendous results this week from our boys at the Sydney East Regional Athletics carnival. Our total of 455 points was a huge improvement on 292 from 2007! With 11 gold, 14 silver and 9 bronze medals, the team showed strength and depth. Congratulations to Mr Devlin, Mr Ayre and the coaches who prepared the team so well- and to all the dedicated boys for their efforts. I received a very pleasant email from a member of the public, DB, who wrote:

"I was so impressed by one of your students that I just had to send you this email. Having just stepped off the train I was trying to negotiate my way down a set of stairs with an awkward- not heavy- trolley. Suddenly, a very well presented high school student came up to me and asked "Can I help you with that?" He gave me a lovely smile that expressed his sincere interest in assisting me. I thanked him for his kind offer and explained that the trolley isn't really heavy and that I was OK."

Thank you to Benson Ou (Year 9) for being such a great ambassador for the school! Our debating team defeated St George Girls to reach the Zone Final of the Premier's Debating Challenge for Year 11 (Karl Cramp). Well done to Anton Jurisevic, Chris Evans, Stephen Garofano and Julian Byrnes. Congratulations to Old Boy Oliver Konakoff (2007) who was selected in the Australian Volleyball team.

125th Anniversary Cabaret
The major social function to celebrate our 125th anniversary is the combined SBHS- SGHS Cabaret Night. It promises to be an entertaining occasion at a very good venue with an all inclusive price. I urge Year Groups to get behind this event as an end of year social occasion. Tickets can be purchased through the school office. Louise Graul has further details about the night.

Canteen Volunteers Prize
The Canteen cashed in its loyalty points with suppliers recently and received a Gasmate outdoor heater. This became the prize for volunteers serving in the Canteen. Names were added to the box for every day of service. I drew out the name of the winner at the canteen Committee Meeting recently. Su Hung Chan, mother of Max in Year 9 was the winner. Congratulations to Su Hung and thank you to all our volunteers who make the Canteen work so well as a resource for our community.

Phone Cards for sale through the High Store
Do you make overseas calls to relatives and friends? Do you shop around for phone card deals? If you do, why not buy your phone cards from us and help the school while you are making your calls? We have just introduced 'Click', 'Hello China' and 'Hello India' cards. Our cards have no connection fees and have 24/7 call access. There are special deals with extra call time if you make calls regularly to India or China. Students and parents can get $10 or $20 cards from Michelle at the High Store.

Student Teachers at High
We welcome student teachers from Sydney University this term. Nicholas Adams (languages) mentored by Isabell St. Leon, Stuart Madgwick (history) mentored by Con Barris and Shing Yan (Eugene) Ma (science) mentored by Brian Webb. I trust your time with us will be satisfying and professionally fulfilling.

Building Fund Update
Thank you to all who have contributed to our fund raising efforts. We have recently reinvested a term deposit of $370,000. Another deposit of $270,000 matures next month. The SHS Foundation Inc holds $145,000 in the Casey Bequest Fund to be directed towards construction of the new facilities. We are closing in on our target of $800k. by the end of the year. I hope our community keeps on believing in the cause and supports our vision of a new library and performing arts space.

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SHS Old Boys Union

Did you know?
Did you know that the sundial in the main courtyard is a tribute to Percy William Hallett (1888-1973)?

Percy William "Pop" Hallett (also referred to by High boys as the "Dog" or "Bulldog") came to Sydney High in 1927 as Mathematics Master and succeeded Mr W A Moore as Deputy Headmaster in 1935. He served as Deputy under three Headmasters, Messrs McMullen, Killip and Barr and retired in December 1952.

The sundial, which was given by the Old Boys' Union, was designed by architect William McMurray (1939). It was unveiled as a tribute to Mr Hallett on 9 December 1965. Originally located between the Killip Wing and the driveway that goes up to the Sir Roden Cutler VC gates, it was relocated to the main courtyard in 1977.

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From the Canteen

$10 Thank You Voucher
Our July $10 Thank You Voucher has been won by Kate Price. Thanks so much to Kate for being one of our happy band of volunteers. We know her son Caspar (Yr 9) will make good use of his voucher.

Watch this space for our next winner!

Thank you Prefects!
We know we won't see much more of the current Year 12 at school, so we want to take this opportunity to thank all those Prefects who have admirably fulfilled their Canteen duties By turning up regularly on their rostered day. You know who you are!

Special thanks are due to David Vien and Tim Joo For always being available to help out, regardless of the roster, and always giving more than expected of them. It was a pleasure to work with you.

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P&C General Meeting

The P&C General Meeting will be held on

Wed 20 August, 2008
at 7.30pm
in the Staff Common Room

Guest Speaker for our next P&C General Meeting 2008 will be Mr. Con Barris who will be providing some interesting insight into Sydney Boys High's cultural exchange with Bogabilla Central School.

All parents are encouraged to attend to find out more about this very worthwhile program.
Simon Chan
P&C President

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SHS Cadet Unit

The Cadet Unit at High, the oldest co-curricular activity at the School, continues to provide training in leadership as it has done for 125 years. The Cadet Unit provides a challenging dimension for the boys at High. Membership is voluntary and open to boys older than 12 years and 6 months of age.

The military nature of cadet training is a well proven method of developing leadership, self-reliance, resourcefulness, loyalty, perseverance and a sense of duty and service. Cadet training is not aimed at military recruitment, and joining cadets does not require one to join in the military at a later date. However, by developing self-confidence, leadership skills, self-organisation and increased fitness, it is ideal preparation for those looking towards a future military career.

The shared experience of cadet training develops teamwork skills and promotes all-round development, making for a more interesting, confident young person.

The unit holds its home training parades after school on Tuesdays, from 3.30 to 5.30pm. This weekly uniformed activity provides continuity to cadet training. Each term a three to four day bivouac is held where the cadets live in the field developing their bush-skills. Annually the unit participates in the NSW Cadet Brigade Camp of 7 days – held in a selected Army Training Area, often at Singleton in the Hunter Valley.

Residential promotion courses are held during school holidays, giving selected boys the opportunity to train for promotion and start their climb up the leadership ladder. These are excellent experiences for young people to network with other aspiring leaders from schools and community groups across the state.

Other activities are held throughout the year: rifle shooting practices, specialist training, visits to defence force units and establishments and support to community ceremonial occasions such as ANZAC Day.

The unit also provides ceremonial and other support to the school on important occasions, on instruction from the Headmaster.

High cadets have the opportunity to participate in the Army Cadet Exchange programme during the school holidays, including exchanges to Austria, Canada, the Cayman Islands, Germany, the Netherlands, Trinidad & Tobago, the United Kingdom and the United States. High cadets have always been strongly represented in Australian Defence Force Cadets Rifle Team tours to international shooting competitions at Bisley in the United Kingdom.

The cost of joining cadets is minimal. No membership or joining fees, as such, are payable. Uniforms and equipment are supplied free of charge by the Commonwealth, accommodation and meals are also provided free at most residential courses. Cadets contribute for meals and other consumables at certain unit activities throughout the year.

Boys seeking enrolment in the Unit should contact a senior cadet at the Cadet Orderly Room during lunchtime any school day.

Parents seeking further information may make contact with the unit's Officer Commanding, Major Richard Knowles (see below for contact details)

Junior Leaders Promotions
The following promotions are announced with effect 5 Aug 08

To Corporal (CPL)
CDT Michael Do
CDT Isaac Eveleigh
CDT Andrew Gong
CDT Ben Lu
CDT Alex Saunders
CDT Tony Silveira

To Lance Corporal (LCPL)
CDT Brian Jiang
CDT Ben Lee
CDT Brendan Leo
CDT Alan Low
CDT Kevin Lu
CDT Walter Santucci

Congratulations to these cadets on their first steps up the leadership ladder.

Unit Postings
Senior Under Officer (SUO)
CUO Anthony Ho

Comd 1 Pl
SGT Jack Wachsmann
Comd 2 Pl
SGT Denis Stojanovic

Company Sergeant Major (CSM)
SSGT Johan Santoso

Company Quartermaster Sergeant (CQMS)
SGT Aditya Hatle

Pl Sgt 1 Pl
SGT Sam Binns
Pl Sgt 2 Pl
SGT Geoffrey Zhang

Good luck in your new postings. The unit postings are an important part of the unit organisation and each position has definite tasks in the day to day operation of the cadet unit.

Platoon Commanders (Pl Comd) lead a platoon of up to 30 cadets. The Pl Comd is responsible to the Senior Under Officer for the welfare and training of the cadets in his platoon.

Platoon Sergeants (Pl SGT) assist the Pl Comd in the running of the platoon. The Pl SGT performs the administrative tasks for the platoon and is responsible to the Pl Comd for the discipline of the platoon.

Section Commanders (Sect Comd) lead a section of up to 10 cadets. They are responsible to their Pl Comd for the welfare and training of their section. Sect Comd are normally of the rank of Corporal.

Section Second in Command (Sect 2IC) assist the Sect Comd in their tasks. Sect 2IC are normally lance corporals.

Company Sergeant Major (CSM) is a very important posting in the unit. He reports directly to the Senior Under Officer and is responsible for the administration and discipline of the unit. He provides advice and guidance to the non commissioned officers (NCO) – sergeants, corporals and lance corporals, of the unit. The CSM oversees the unit duty roster and allocated duty tasks on a day to day basis. The CSM's rank is normally Warrant Officer Class Two (WO2)

Company Quarter Master Sergeant (CQMS) is responsible to the Senior Under Officer for the day to day management of the unit's stores and equipment, including uniform clothing. In the field on bivouacs and camps he is responsible for issue and accounting of rations and the supply and resupply of water and other consumables. The CQMS is normally a staff sergeant.

125th Anniversary Dinner- 14 Nov 08
The Officer Commanding SHSCU (OC SHSCU) , MAJ Knowles has announced the following appointments for the dinner :

Dining President
CUO Anthony Ho
Dining Vice President
CPL Michael Do

They will be assisted in planning of this important event by a representative committee and the Dining Advisor, 2LT Clegg.
Richard Knowles


0409 304 611
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Year 10 PDHPE

Crossroads Seminars 2008
On Tuesday 26th August 2008 a series of presentations will be held for Year 10 as part of the mandatory PDHPE program.

The community organisations involved are WAYS (Waverley Action for Youth Services), Positive Life NSW and the Motor Accident Authority. These organisations create an awareness of issues relevant to young people today and the community support available.

The presentations will be held during periods 1 – 4 in the Senior Study, gymnasium and rooms 102, 103 and 202. The organisation of the day will be provided to each student prior to August 26th.

The cost of the presentations is $16, payable at the office on or before the day.
G. Stein

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From the Library

Big Thanks
To Julie-Anne and Matt King for thinking of the library when tossing Matt's HSC Study Guides. These types of books are greatly used by our students for exam preparation. Good luck to Matt who is off on a Tennis Scholarship to the University of North Carolina in a couple of days.

Big Thanks also
To Simon Zhang who also gave us many of his very valuable HSC Study Guides.

Study Guides
The library staff went through the books to be processed to prioritize all useful books for HSC preparation and are currently covering all of these. We will be displaying them very soon on the newspaper table as a reminder to our boys to use them.

Mobile numbers for library over dues reminders
Thanks to a very determined effort by the school executive and teachers time spent at roll call can now be put into teaching. As a result for some time library staff and our intrepid office boys have been struggling to get overdue resource reminders to each boy individually. With the advent of SMS messaging and the current DET email to boys individually this problem may be resolved with student and parent co-operation. A short SMS- "you have overdue books" will be a reminder to boys who have mobiles or the parents of those who do not to check their DET email or the High portal to either renew online or to return over dues. Unfortunately the usual detentions will apply to students who keep books and prevent others from accessing valuable resources.

Apologies to David Mc Donald, father of Ryan in Year 9 for calling him John in an earlier thanks for a donation. Also another thank you for Australian Historical Studies Journal, Visitor Destination and E Tourism. Pamphlet files can assist HSC candidates– While to some extent the internet has replaced the need for these this library has kept and maintained the very good collection built up years ago and many really good students do borrow them and find them helpful. We are considering making them a non renewable overnight loan so they are not hogged. English and Ancient History students in particular should use the Library Catalogue as well as the Internet to access these. Veronica Crothers Librarian

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P&C Parking

If you haven't been to a parking event before, a Sydney Swans Event is a great time to start. All parking tickets for Saturday 30th have been pre-sold to Swans members. We simply collect the tickets, and show drivers where to park.

Student Award Scheme
Boys who help out at Parking events earn points towards the student award scheme, which encourages and recognises participation in a wide range of school activities. P&C Parking Co-ordinator

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SBHS Debating

1. Check your email- get in the loop!
How many times can I say this? Please read the details in the emails carefully and let me know if there are any problems, you can not debate, want to chair a debate, etc... You will miss opportunities to debate, attend events and receive up to date information if you are not on the list and actually reading the information!

2. GPS results and website
The GPS debating association has its own website (www.gpsdebating.com), and all results (from First Grade, all B teams, right down to Year 7) are listed here. NB- 7b's are not listed because the GPS does not provide an adjudicator for that division.

We had a mixed week at shore, with the Year 10 A's, Year 9B's and year 7A's remaining undefeated.
Please ensure you report your results to Ms Brewer!

Our results so far are as follows:

Year level Round 1- Iggies Round 2- Kings Round 3- Shore
Firsts Lost Won Won
Seconds Won Won Lost
Thirds Won (forfeit) Won Won
10A Won Won Won
10B Won Won Lost
9A Won Won Lost
9B Won Won Won
8A Won Won Lost
8B Won Won Lost
7A Won Won Won
7B Won Lost Lost

3. Debating dinner- September 13
Information about the debating dinner is on the opposite page. Payment is to be made to the front office by Friday September 5th.
Ms Jocelyn Brewer
MIC Debating

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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2008 Debating Dinner

Traditionally the Debating Dinner is held on the Saturday after the final GPS debate and celebrates the strength of debating talent at High- 2008 will be no exception (except it will be held a week later!). The dinner is also our opportunity to thank our staff and coaches. There will be a comedy/fun debate starring our coaches, with parents providing their expert adjudication skills to decide the winner.

This year's Debating Dinner is being held on Saturday September 13 in the Great Hall at 6pm. The cost of the dinner will be $30 per adult/student. A special price for siblings under 10 years of age has been negotiated at $20.

Bookings must be made by Friday 5th September

Payment for the dinner can be made at the main office. NO bookings can be accepted after this date as catering numbers must be finalised.

What should I do? Detach the form below, and pay your money at the main office
Any Questions? Email the Debating Support Group This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Can you help with dinner set up? Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Alice Paul
Dinner Co-ordinator

Student Name ____________________________________________
Year/ Roll class __________ 
Number of adults attending ______ @ $30 = _________ 
Number of U/10 attending ______ @ $20 = _________ 
TOTAL Number of people ______ TOTAL $ ________ 
Do you have any special dietary requirements? Vegetarian? 

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Music Notices

Showcase Concerts
The first ever combined selective schools music concert was held at Sydney Girls High School on Sunday the 29th of June in their Multipurpose Hall. Thank you to all the students who participated and parents and family who attended this fabulous evening of music. The concert included students from seven selective high schools, with the Orchestra conducted by Christopher Bowen and Stage Band by the legendary Judy Bailey. All the boys involved had a wonderful day and left the hall inspired. This eventuated to SGHS playing in our combined orchestral item at the Winter Music Festival held last Thursday directed by renowned guest conductor Stephen Hillinger. The evening showcased a diverse range of music from Folk arrangements to Avant-garde 21st century works. The Winter Music Festival continued through Friday night with our Senior elective students giving a recital of their HSC works. The students played with great musical flair in preparation of their HSC practical performance exam later in the term. Congratulations to all our musicians and we especially wish our HSC elective students the best of luck in their upcoming music examinations.

Piano Competition
The Sydney Boys High School Piano Competition concluded this week with very high standard of performances heard in both the Junior and Senior sections. The competition gave many piano players the opportunity to display their musical talents. Well done to all the boys who participated this year and thank you for all your efforts. We look forward to next year's round of budding pianists. Congratulations to the following winning participants in each of the divisions!

Senior division
1st place: Zhi Zu
2nd place: Jeremy Ireland
3rd place: Dominic Wong and Muhamed Mehmedbasic

Junior Division
1st place: William Baxter
2nd place: Charles Wu
3rd place: Cosmo Liu

Kuringai Concerto Competition
Congratulations to Muhamed Mehmedbasic (Yr 12) who played in the finals with the Kuringai Philharmonic Orchestra at PLC end of term 2. Over 115 competitors entered in the Secondary Schools Kuringai Concerto Competition this year and only 7 were selected to perform in the finals. Muhamed gave a stunning performance of Dragonetti's Double Bass Concerto with a brilliant original cadenza he composed. Well done!

Composition Workshop
The Year 11 elective music students participated in an Australian Day compositional workshop last Tuesday held at MLC Burwood. The boys worked with renowned Australian composers; Paul Stanhope and Damien Barbalar who gave them great insight into compositional techniques used in contemporary Australian works.

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Young Blood: Designers Market

Attention: SBHS students interested in careers in design

Design markets: Young Blood and designboom mart
Buy directly from the cream of national and international design talent, over four days at the Powerhouse Museum. Young Blood brings together the best Australian design talent in one market. Come to the Museum for four days of shopping and rubbing shoulders with some of the industry's finest. Thursday evening also features live entertainment, food and refreshments. Young Blood continues the Museum's commitment to nurturing Australian design talent

Powerhouse Museum, Level 2 courtyard, enter via Macarthur Street

14 August, 6.00pm–9.00pm
15 August, 10.00am–6.00pm
16 August, 10.00am–6.00pm
17 August 10.00am–6.00pm

Free admission to markets, admission to Museum is subject to charges

Designboom Mart
The Powerhouse Museum hosts the first Australian designboom mart exclusively for Sydney Design 08. Curated and presented by the leading independent online publication designboom, designboom marts are staged at design festivals around the world including New York, Tokyo, Seoul and Stockholm, and showcase the avant-garde of international design. Meet and buy direct from the designers. www.designboom.com
Powerhouse Museum, Level 3 forecourt

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SHS Football: The Onion Bag

Attendance at matches on Saturday
At the start of the season I submitted 28 Sydney High football teams for inclusion in the GPS competition. Based on this number, coaches were organised, grounds booked and fixtures organised. On top of this, match day organisation requires fields to be set up and referees to be organised. It is a major commitment and responsibility that extends to all boys who chose to participate in the GPS football program during the winter sport season,

Below is part of an email I received from the coach of the 16Es.

Saturday saw a valiant effort from the 16Es achieving a respectable 2-1loss against Grammar F under difficult circumstances. Simon, Tristan and I were quite disappointed that only 4 boys had arrived 10 minutes prior to kick-off. We were contemplating a forfeit but 6 had turned up by game time with another pinched from a different team making up the compulsory 7. The 16Es played the first half with 7 versus 11 on the field, with Grammar having plenty of subs. Jia arrived at half time after call outs were made to see where the rest of the team was. Apparently somebody (in the team) had been spreading mis-information that the game had been cancelled...

Unfortunately this type of thing has been an all too regular occurrence in recent years, particularly boys arriving with just minutes to spare before kickoff. It is time that all players took into account the affect that their actions have on others. It is unfair on the coaches of which a large proportion provide their services at both training and match days on a volunteer basis. It is unfair on the opposing team who arrive at the game expecting an even and competitive contest. Finally it is unfair on the boys who do actually honour their commitment to the team and turn up at least 30 minutes prior to kick off.

Players are obligated to attend all scheduled matches on Saturdays. This applies in particular to Year 12 students during the trial HSC period. Boys failing to do so may be excluded from the football program and not be recognised as having participated in GPS sport on reports, references and award schemes. Absences will need to be explained as per normal school absence policy. (i.e parental note and/or doctors certificate)

Wet Weather procedures
Each week relevant wet weather numbers will be published for grounds we are playing at. As most of these are recorded messages, take careful note of the day/date that the message applies to, as they are subject to change. Better still ring on the morning of the game (i.e Saturday not Thursday!) for the most up to date message.

GPS round 5: Saturday 16th August
GPS round 5 is against Newington this weekend with games at McKay, Newington College fields and Rosedale reserve. Check draw for details on school website (upcoming events). www.sydneyboyshigh.com

Venue information for this weekend Wet Weather
McKay 3 & 4 Sydney High home grounds located in Centennial park 9339 6670
Buchanan 1 & 2 Newington home grounds  located in Newington College, 200 Stanmore Rd, Stanmore 9432 6460
Rosedale Reserve Newington home grounds located Lyminge Street, Croydon Park 9432 6460

Details of MPW/ McKay and CP fields can be found at: www.cp.nsw.gov.au/map
Details of Buchanan fields can be found at www.aaGPS.com/schools/newington.html

Match Reports from matches v Shore

1st Grade v Shore Won 1-0
High dominated the majority of the match and created several excellent chances in the first half. The midfield, led by Pat Locke, continually caused the Shore defence headaches, with strong challenges and quick, clever distribution. High's defence was strong and committed and were rarely threatened. Even the loss of keeper and captain Lachlan Street late in the match was not enough to stop a determined High from securing a deserved victory thanks to a last minute Anton Paul header, after having one controversially cleared of the line moments earlier.

2nd Grade v Shore Lost 0-1

16D v Shore Won 1-0
This week's game against Shore started very positively with High camped in Shore's half for the first ten minutes. High peppered the goal throughout the first half with Harry Vi hitting the post and High squandering three open goal situations. However, High had to be wary of the counter attack as one Shore striker had a lot of pace. Thankfully, one of the defenders was always on hand to destroy any chance of a goal scoring opportunity. The second half started off in much the same way, with High peppering the goalmouth with crosses and shots. If anything, High dominated the match further in the second half, as Shore struggled to get the ball past our midfield and into our half. The inevitable goal eventually came with Ian Lu being put through into a one on one situation that was finally put away. High continued their dominance for the rest of the match without getting anything to show for it. A truly dominant display in which Shore did not have one shot on goal throughout the match, Harry Vi being a star performer in the midfield. Ian Lu was the goal scorer.

15C v Shore Draw 1-1
This week, we played again away from home against a strong Shore outfit. With a tightly contested first ten minutes, we held our defence inside the goal box, and repelled attack after attack. Finally, Shore scored through sheer luck when a foot was thrown at the ball and it rolled through the goal. From that point onwards, both teams lifted their efforts to gain control and momentum in the match. With at least ten shots at goal in the first half, we deserved a goal and came off the field feeling a little cheated. With the words of Coach S. Sheldon still ringing in our ears, we started the first half with ferocity to match our opponents. Special mention must go to M. Rozsa and V. Sethi for continuing their golden run in resolute defending. From a powerful kick coming from the boot of Rozca, V. Wang ran onto the great through ball and scored from an extremely tight angle, befuddling both Shore goalkeeper and defence. With a chance for victory even closer, we gained more momentum through good crosses from M. Reid and unyielding defence from Leo. Leo matured this match with a much improved throwing technique and standing up against tripping tactics from Shore's forwards. Unluckily the match ended again in a draw, with the score at 1-1. Several great saves from keeper L. Sheldon helped us stay in the match. Special thanks must go Cameron Morrison for playing another game with us after finishing the 15 D's game. With a newfound hunger for victory, next week we look forward to another strong encounter and a great time.
Iftiar Khan
Captain 15C

14As v Shore Loss 1-3
The game was off to a poor start when, our keeper, was elbowed in the face, releasing the ball that was in his hands, straight to the foot of a Shore boy, who went on to put the ball in the back of the net. This all in full sight of the ref, who went on to award the goal. With blood gushing from Anton's mouth he was subbed off, and I made the change to go in the goals. John stepped up and slotted an equalizer minutes later. In the second half, our keeper made a triumphant return, but it wasn't to be. High going down 3-1. Man of the match: John Kim
Al Hughes

Dolan Cup Golden Glove Golden Boot
14D-22 Allen Fu (14D) 0 Jerry Zhou (14D) 10 Simon Hoang (5th) 3
5th-18 Ben Encel (16D) 1 Ian Lu (16D) 9 Michael Zhang (16D) 3
16C-18 Leon Sheldon (15C) 2 Sudam Dias (14D) 6 Alex Xie (16C) 3
16D-17 Raghib SIDDIQUEE (15A) 3 Mark Lucchitti (5th) 4 Kang Lim (7th) 3
7th-17 Christian Katsikaros (16C) 3 Hung Neo (7th) 4  
14C-14 Sameep Sandhu (16B) 4 Jann Pallandi (13A) 3
15D-13 Josh Sutton (2nd) 4 Leon Sheldon (15C) 3
15E-13 Tim Zhong (7th) 5 Vincent Wang (15C) 3
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SHS Cricket

Cricket is a team sport which has a variety of rules and formats that games are played in, to accommodate boys of all ages. When boys select their sports for Term 4 it is expected that they will play the full season which is Term 4 and Term 1 the following year exposed to coaching and working in a team to enable them to learn and truly assess their progress and enthusiasm for that sport. Should cricket be your choice for this season, we require all cricketers to complete the full season and be available for our school teams on Saturdays. For those at High contemplating a move to cricket from another summer sport, mid way through a season, they must first of all inform their current MIC or Sport Coordinator of their chosen sport of their desire and receive approval from the Head Teacher of sport to make the change. Now for some updates for this season.

Australian Five Highs Carnival
This year the Carnival will be conducted one later than usual, that is instead of the following week of our last AAGPS fixture, there will be one week break before the team will depart for Adelaide, this year's location for the carnival. As a result boys selected in the 1st XI will need to address their planning for commitments to school and external engagements to facilitate being available to travel as a member of the team. The Five Highs XI will be selected on form shown in the AAGPS Competition and will be announced no less than one month prior to the Carnival. Players will be required to pay for travel fares, a Carnival subsidy (which provides meals, drinks socials included in such) and will be billeted by the Adelaide High School

Year 7 & 8 Cricketers- To enjoy your cricket more
In Term 1 many young students from Year 7 this year selected cricket for their summer sport who had not been exposed to cricket at primary school, or in junior competitions outside of school. Whilst some struggled with the game at first as the Term1 continued so did they with the help of coaches. To enable cricketers in this Year to enjoy their cricket more and become more skilful at the game so that they can achieve not only personal pride in their improvement but also become more competitive, we will be conducting skills clinics for this group at the first summer sport days. In addition specialty coaching will occur on an age basis at the nets and in on-field scenarios. In addition some Q&A sessions for the boys to understand better some of those "strange rules" that they confront in match situations will be an element of our preparation. As a result of this approach, boys will be able to gain the best from their chosen sport, achieve self satisfaction and enjoy the company of their friends in a team environment of a Saturday

Brisbane Tour
In December we have a tour to Brisbane for an Under 15 Team and we are also negotiating to take an Under 14 representative team as well to compete over 3-4 days against Brisbane High School and other schools. All boys will be eligible to try out for the final teams selected to participate in the tour. It is not a "closed shop" as we want boys to aspire to achieving the standard perceived for each age group and then testing it against their peers interstate. Players have to be Under 15 and Under 14 as at the 1st September 2008 to qualify for each of these teams. If you turn 15 or 14 on the 31st August you are eligible to play. Squads of 20 players will be formed in late September and selections will occur late October and will also have training sessions in the second week of the school vacation period (6th- 10th October).

Managers Wanted
Our Year 7 and 8 teams require managers on each AAGPS Competition Saturday to assist with the off-field organization, scoring (where necessary) and assisting the boys in their preparation to bat, The commitment would be for 7 weeks in Term 4 (incl. a trial match) and 8 weeks in Term 1 2009 Remuneration is available for regular managers and applications can be made by emailing me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Laurie Heil
MIC Cricket 


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The New South Wales Fencing Schools League competition began this Saturday. We were able to put in 6 senior teams and 7 junior teams, quite possibly the highest number of teams we've ever put in. As a result, our MIC Ms May was running around desperately trying to get everyone organised. I was persuaded to referee, which was only fair, given the amount of teams we have put in this year. Special thanks go to Maxwell Phillis, who did an outstanding job of getting the mini teams organised, and Boris Zolotarev, who stayed after his match to coach a mini team.


The Firsts went down to St Patrick's in their first match in a tightly fought match, ending it 4-5. Everyone fenced very well, often scoring points to draw ahead in bouts, only to have St Patrick's learn our strategy and win it, and vice versa. It kept everyone guessing until the end. The match against Barker A was less close, with us winning 6-3.

The Seconds defeated the Cs 5-4, and barely lost to Sydney Grammar C 4-5.

The Cs went down to the Seconds and were soundly beaten by Sydney Grammar C 0-9. They were also missing a member of their team, as he had an HSC exam (French speaking) that day.

The Es and Fs had a bye this week.


Sydney Boys High Minis A Team Report
Last Saturday our U13 A's fencing team did extremely well winning both of their bouts against SBHS G's and St Ignatius. It has been a great way to start off our schools league, and the fencers had a lot of fun.
Mathew Chan 8T

The Mini Ds went 0-9 against Aloysius A and 1-8 against Sydney Grammar B.

The Mini Es went 1-8 against Aloysius B and 1-8 against Newington A. I was judging the first match and could see that the Aloysius fencers were finding it harder and harder to score points against Sydney High, and the Es were well rewarded for their efforts by a win in one of the final bouts.

The Mini Fs went down 0-9 against Aloysius C and Newington B.

The Mini Gs went down to our Mini As and then went down to Aloysius D 2-7. They were fairly optimistic, however, with one of them being heard to comment "Fencing is fun even when you lose." It has been a fairly good start to the season. Could those teams which are fencing this Saturday please get your reports to me or Ms May after the match? Congratulations to everyone for a good start to the season
Julian Byrnes
Fencing Captain

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SHS Rugby: The Garlic Sack

You can't buy spirit... If we could sell we'd be rich

Shore "Shell-Shocked" by High
Maybe not every team managed to "shock" the boys from the North, but some teams really stepped up a level this week putting the pressure on Shore. Notably the 16Bs recorded their first win of the GPS season along with the 13Ds with their first win of the year. The big highlight however was the 16As who followed through with the performance of the year so far, going down 12-0 to a Shore 16As side which last year piled on over 60 points against them. Aside from games against traditional rivals Grammar, I cannot recall an As team coming this close against a GPS As team since moving to correct age groups last year, Well done!. The 13As started of strong with great continuity to open the scoring account unfortunately lost their composure and let in a few tries. The 14As got off to a shaky start and couldn't repeat last week's big win (65-0) and went down to a sleek Shore team. The opens played bravely to go down narrowly to Shore 4ths.

Team of the Week
16As- What a performance against Shore, a GPS win is looking very promising this week

Player of the Week
Leon Li 15As- Hits hard. Hits fast. Hits often. May have taken some hits to the head as well
David Tran 16Bs- Stellar performance, two tries to seal the win for his team

Coach of the Week
David Vien 16Bs- First win for his 16Bs, good work… mostly by the 16Bs players though

Supporter of the Week
Robert Chen- took a hard setback on the chin, and came out to support the senior boys

Senior XV Report
The Sydney High Opens XV came up against a Shore 4th XV side. The game started out with good intensity, with high making an early break through some clever backline work. Unfortunately Shore were the first team to score points through two tries, the second being a skilful solo kick and chase. High hit back in the second half through some strong running from Nelson Ridges who muscled his way over the try line. The game was locked this way for the remainder of the match, Shore escaping with a 12-5 win.

Experience the Passion of GPS Rugby
All players and parents are asked to support the other teams in your age group and then stay to cheer on our senior team in the games against Newington at Newington College this Saturday. This is the 5th round of the GPS season. Game times & fields are in Upcoming Events on the School website www.sydneyboyshigh.com

Editor's Matches of the round
Some advice on highlights for this weekend. The 14As are a fickle team who really turn it on at times. The 16Bs have been hitting good form, and should have a good game. The 13s are all great to watch. The two big ones are the opens match and the 16As. The opens need your support and are building momentum to Grammar, whilst the exciting 16As have a great chance for their first GPS win.

Rugby End-of-Season Dinner
Tickets for the 2008 Rugby Dinner for all rugby players and parents, at 6pm on Saturday 6 September in the Great Hall, are on sale now. Cost is $30 per person. Get your team tables together for this very important night and book early as there are only 220 places.

Rugby Email News List
Parents, if you did not receive an email last week with all the details for last Saturday's games, please email or call your parent Age Group Coordinator
13s: Julie Connolly This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it 0418 470 203
14s: Peter Daniels This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it 0400 872 550
15s: Anita Bezjak This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it 0408 021 584
16s: Julie Blomberg This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it 0416 061 759

Match Results vs The Shore School 2 August

Team Result Score Man of the Match
Senior XV Loss 12-5 Nelson Ridges
16As Loss 12-0  
16Bs Win 12-7 David Tran
15As Loss 57-0 Leon Li
15Bs Loss 73-0  
14As Loss 35-5  
14Bs Loss 38-19 Prashan Prabaharan
13As Loss 31-5 Julian Edgtton
13Bs Loss 39-0  
13Cs Loss 51-0  
13Ds Win 37-15  

Age Group Reports
16s: Persistence has finally paid off for the 16 B's. The team ground out a 12-7 victory over Shore, in which all the points were put on in the first half. Man of the Match easily goes to David Tran, who scored both of the team's tries before coming off the field with a shoulder injury, the result of his fearless attitude. Great scrambling defence in the 2nd half sealed the win, which was surely aided by some tough fitness sessions during the previous week.

15s, 14s, 13s: Captains please submit match reports to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by Sunday after the game (2-4 lines)

Quote of the Week
"The French are predictably unpredictable." -Andrew Mehrtens

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Volleyball Report

High's 2nds turned up at the High Gym for the match against expecting a repeat from the hiding we gave them two weeks earlier. After a brief warm-up, High cruised past the first set 25-4 on the back of some 20 consecutive serves from Chris Morrow ensuring that the most we had to do was to walk about 3 metres to high-five him every now and then. In the second set, few missed serves and basic passing errors had Newington level with us - for about 5 minutes, before some consistent hitting from Ivan Li and Hugh Huang got us over Newington 25-11. The third set became a more of a training exercise as High breezed past Newington 25-7 with consistent setting from Sam Wan and Merlin Li patrolling the net. All in all it was just another day at the office for High Volleyball as we look to go undefeated throughout the season. Our thanks to Mr. Kay and Dr. Ganderton for waking up early on a cold Saturday morning to watch us play.
Tony Wang

First grade started the second round of GPS volleyball with a well played 3-0 win over Newington College. The match began with strong jump serves from Nishan Abeysuriya which left the opponent speechless and Daniel Shan's surprising second hit attacks added to the barrage. Consistent setting from Shorson Zhang set Ritam Mitra and Merlin Li up for deadly attacks, which led to our domination over Newington. Solid blocking from the middles Warren Trac and Chris Morrow widened the gap even further and brought an easy win for High: 25-12, 25-14, 25-18.
Shorson Zhang

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SBHS Rowing Committee

All Rowing Parents and other Interested Parties are invited to The Annual General Meeting 2008 at 7.30pm, Tuesday, 19 August in the Staff Common Room

All positions are declared vacant and are up for nomination and election. With many Year 12 parents 'retiring', we need lots of new faces on the Committee, from all Years. Come along, be part of the team and support our Rowers in 2008/9

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SBHS & SGHS 125th Anniversary Cabaret Night

Sydney Girls High School & Sydney Boys High School have great delight in inviting you to the Anniversary Cabaret to celebrate 125 years of education for both schools.

Friday 21st November 2008, 7:00pm - 12:00am. The Shannon Room, AJC Function Centre at Randwick Racecourse

Come and dance to the Shy Guys band, MCs Jessica Rowe and Jack Singleton. Featuring Little Pattie and other performs.

Tickets: $150 per person. This includes dinner, pre-dinner drinks in the Panorama Room, drinks from 7pm until 12am, parking and entertainment.

Dress: cocktail/lounge suit

RSVP: RSVP and pay by 26th September 2008. Guests are welcome to organise their own table of 10. Please advise if a  if a vegetarian meal is required.

SBHS Contact: Ms Louise Graul, Ph 9361 6910, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Pay to office by cash or cheque made payable to: Sydney Boys High School
Visa or Mastercard: card number, expiry date, cardholder's name and telephone number

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2008 SBHS Football Dinner

SBHS Football will celebrate the efforts and achievements of our boys as well as acknowledge staff, coaches and supporters at the SBHS Football dinner on Thursday 4th September.

The coach of each team will be invited to attend the dinner as a guest.

Players are asked to take responsibility on a team-by-team basis for any end-of-season gifts to their team's coach.

The dinner will be held on Thursday 4th September Great Hall 6.30pm

The cost of the dinner will be $30 per adult and student. For children under 11 yrs old there is a special rate of $20.

Payment for the dinner must be made at the Main Office by Friday 29th August.

Boys to wear school uniform at the dinner. BYO Drinks.

Please detach the form below and hand it in with your payment at the Main Office. Tickets are limited.

2008 Football Dinner
Student Name: ____________________________________

Year/Roll Class ____________________
Football Team   ____________________
TOTAL Number of adults __________ @ $30 per adult = $ ___________
TOTAL Number of students ________ @ $30 per SBHS student = ______
(Special rate of $20 for family members under 11yrs = $20 per child) 
TOTAL $ _________ 
Do you have any special dietary requirements? 
 Vegetarian 
 Other: Please state __________________________________________
 YES! I can help on the day with setting up the hall, table decorations etc.
Helper's name and contact details : 
Email address: ______________________________________________________________
Phone Numbers : _____________________________________________________________

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Roving Eye Photography Competition

Roving Eye - Young Australian Photographer of the Year
Competition closes 29 August- see www.exposeyourworld.com or posters around the school for details

For those aged 21 years or younger who are not working professionally as a photographer. Australian citizens eligible.

Single image entry
Three themes to choose from:

  • People (one finalist)
  • Place (one finalist)
  • Event (one finalist)

Overall Winner
The overall winner of the Young Australian Photographer of the Year single shot entries wins an extraordinary experience. Spend four-nights in an Australian capital city of your choice at a hip Vibe Hotel, and capture the essence of the city for a stunning eight-page display to be featured in the Australian Traveller magazine.

Get published! Finalists will be published in the beautifully presented coffee table books and each finalist will receive a copy. These top quality books are produced by ASUKABOOK and are used to promote RovingEye's contributors at International trade fairs throughout the world. A selection of the finalists' works will feature in the Australian Traveller magazine.

Get seen!
Each finalist's photo essay will be printed by Pixel Perfect Prolab and feature in an exciting exhibition to be held in Sydney. Finalists will be invited to attend the opening night, along with VIP sponsors, RovingEye clients and special guests. The exhibition will subsequently be on display at the 2009 Photo Imaging Expo in Sydney where 10,000+ photo industry professionals will visit. Join RovingEye. Retain copyright. Sell your images! All competition entrants whose work is at the RovingEye standard will be accepted as contributing photographers. Their work will be actively promoted and sold around the world and they will be on the list for commissioned work. http://www.exposeyourworld.com/pages/prizes.cfm

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Rugby Dinner 2008

Help celebrate another great year of High rugby by attending the 2008 End of Season Rugby Dinner.

When? Saturday, 6th September 2008, 6.00pm. for 6.30 pm
Where? Great Hall, Sydney Boys' High School
Who? Players, parents, friends, coaches and supporters of High rugby.
Why? Because the friendships made through High Rugby last a lifetime
? $30/person. Payable to the school office by Friday 22/8/08.

Please note that this is a BYO alcohol function for adults. Maximum seating 220.

Please find attached the amount of $_________ for ________ x $30/person,
as payment for tickets under the name of ______________________________,

roll class _____ , rugby team* ________
No. of adults ________   No. of students_________ 
*Team details are important for seating arrangements. 

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Adults Learn to Row Program

Sunday, 10 August – 21 September 2008
7.00am – 9.00am 6 Sessions of 2 hours
Cost $275.00 incl. GST

The Outterside Centre
5 Teviot Avenue, Abbotsford

Come down to Abbotsford this Sunday and bring your friends with you. Fantastic opportunity to learn Rowing in Sydney in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Whether you are a complete novice or have some previous experience, everyone is welcome. Rowing is the ideal aerobic sport for the entire body as it is low impact and low injury. You'll enjoy the ultimate team activity as well as the magic moments of early mornings on the water. All our coaches are 'old boys' who volunteer their time to make a contribution and they even organise a BBQ breakfast afterwards for everyone to enjoy in this stunning location!

Learning Outcomes At the completion of the course participants will possess the following skills and knowledge:

  • Basic knowledge of rowing style and boat rigging
  • Basic navigation rules and river etiquette
  • Ability to row with a crew in a racing shell

Safety Note: Participants must be able to swim 50 metres and tread water as a safety requirement. All participants must sign The Sydney High Foundation's Indemnity Form, stating swimming ability, before they are allowed on the water.

Under 18's must be accompanied by a participating adult.

To make a booking or for more information: Please contact Judith Shuttleworth, Foundation Venues Manager, on 0427 070 569 or at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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High Store Price List

The High Store is your store. This uniform and memorabilia shop is located under the Great Hall, next to the Industrial Arts staffroom and facing the Flat. High Store profits are returned to the school. The High Store is open four days a week - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - from 10:30am to 1:30pm. Additional opening times are generally advertised in the High Notes.

Autumn/Winter Price List - 2008


From -




Please arrange for boys to be fitted as
early as possible:  6-8 weeks delivery from order)

  DT Apron






PANTS: Trousers - Junior, Dark Grey w/w
Trousers - Senior, Light Grey w/w







BELTS: Black leather




SHIRTS: Sky Blue and White, Short Sleeve


OTHER: Water Bottle with SHS logo


  Sizes 10-14


  Brita Water Filtration Bottle


  Sizes 16-22


  Brita Filters


  Sizes 24-26








  Sky Blue and White, Long Sleeve




  Sizes 10-14


  Polo (house colours)


  Sizes 16-22


  Black Baggy with SHS Print


  Sizes 24-26


  Sport Socks




TRACKSUITS: (sold as separates)


  Up to size 16


  Taslon Jacket


  Size 18-22


  Taslon Pant


  Size 24-26








SOCKS: Woollen or Cotton Knee High


  Singlet (NEW design)


  Cotton Anklet Sock in SHS colours


  Short (NEW design)
HIGH Training Top


TIES: Junior


  Socks white with SHS. colour








SOCCER: Jersey (sky with brown collar)


  Old Boys


  Shorts Brown Baggy


  GPS. Old Boy














RUGBY: Jersey:




  up to Size 12


BAGS: Backpack


        Size 14-22


  Sports Bag


        Size 24-28


        Shorts (new style rugby)


MATHS Grid Book A4




  Grid Book 96 Page


  Scarves knitted in SHS colours
















  House Badge


MUSIC Music Book


  SHS. (metal)




  Rowing (metal)


ART: Artist Paints


  Orchestra (metal)


  Canvas 18" x 24"


  Rifle (metal)


  Visual Art Diary A4


  SBHS Lapel Pin (metal)


  Visual Art Diary A3




Mug with SHS crest (gift boxed)


SHS Sticker


Bridge Scorers


Address Book


Double Pack Playing Cards


School Centenary Book


Pencil Case (school crest)


Silverware:  sugar or fluted spoon






Letter Opener






SHS Plaque


Car Sticker


Coat hanger


SHS Foldable Chair


SHS Cufflinks


Car Number Plate Covers $39.95


Polo Shirt $49.50
Supporter Jersey High Spirit $75.00
Rugby Jersey (Original) $60.00
Suppoter Polo Fleece Jumper (New Design) $69.00
OBU Tie $27.50

BLAZERS - Additions


GPS Pocket $22.00
Music Pocket $22.00
Prefect Top Pocket $22.00
Prefect Bottom Pocket $38.50
Embroidery Line $17.50
Full Braiding $70.00
Dry Cleaning $11.00
Service Charge $30.00

Clothing Pool

A recycled section operates within the High Store shop.  Items such as blazers, shorts, trousers, jumpers, rugby/soccer tops & boots, tracksuits can be sold on a commission basis - the shop retaining 1/3 of the sale price.
Please ensure that when sending items for sale, you include your name and address.
All items sent should be clean and in good condition.  Shirts are gladly accepted as a donation.


Accepted payment methods include - Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, EFTPOS (Direct Debit) or cheque made payable to the "HIGH STORE"


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 10:30am to 1:30pm Telephone 9331 7075


G.S.T. is included on all prices listed.

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