High Notes, Vol 9 No 19, June 20 2008

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From the Principal

High Talent
Congratulations to WO2 Anthony Ho on his promotion to Cadet Under Officer, effective 14/6. Anthony has been posted as SUO Senior Under Officer, Sydney High School Cadet Unit. Well done to Jesse Chen (Year 9) and Patrick Horton (Year 11) on their selection to attend the State Senior Music Camp, June 14-19, administered by the Performing Arts Unit of DET. Well done to Patrick Desmond on being selected as a state SRC representative. It is good to see boys developing leadership skills. Great teamwork by the Year 9 Da Vinci Decathlon team saw them take out the gold medals and trophy at Knox. Year 10 boys were not far behind with bronze medals. This is a high stakes program. Congratulations to Ms Eggleton and all concerned.

Payment of General Service Contributions
Late June and early July are critical months for cash flow each year at High. DET funding comes in two instalments, in February and late July. The percentage of contributions received from Years 10 and 11 is lower than that from other years so far. We spend everything we receive to provide services and resources for your sons during the year. I urge all parents who are intending to pay school fees to do so before the end of term 2. Payments by instalments can be negotiated. There is arguably no better value for money in secondary education than a place at High.

Relationship with Centennial Parklands
It is unhelpful to our relationship with Centennial Parklands when I receive complaints from Rangers about staff members, parents and Old Boys asserting that ‘we own these grounds’, when questioned about their activities at the McKay Sports Fields. The Sydney High School Foundation holds a Deed of Licence to use the fields at certain times, under certain conditions. We say that we never claim ‘exclusive use’ over this area of Centennial Park. All our efforts to build up trust can be destroyed by arrogant, careless and inaccurate assertions by members of the School Family. Please be sensitive to the relationship when interacting with Centennial Park personnel.

Congratulations to boys travelling on buses
I received a welcome email from a member of the public who catches a bus each morning from the city to Kensington and congratulated our boys on their behaviour. She writes: ”I am always surprised how energetic and polite they are as they leave the bus and say ‘thank you’ to the bus driver….I do work in the service industry and see every day how some actions can make your day much easier or harder.” It is good to receive positive feedback and to have reaffirmed that High boys know how to behave!

Student Reports
Parents of boys in Years 7, 9, 11 and 12 should have received first semester reports. A handful of reports remain. Please ask to see a report if you have not yet been shown one.

Da Vinci Decathlon
One of the talent development activities organised by the talent development Committee and managed this year by Ms Eggleton, is the Da Vinci Decathlon held annually at Knox Grammar School. This is a prestigious competition for extension and creative problem solving. There are 10 challenging activities to be undertaken: science, art and poetry, engineering, English, creative producer, forensic sleuth, games of strategy, mathematics, general knowledge and code breaking. Participants need to have a variety of talents and skills to be successful in this competition.

Students who qualify for the academic achievement list are invited to apply for this competition. Teams need to have members with expertise in the various disciplines involved. Given the success of Years 9-10 this year, I urge boys in Years 7 and 8 to investigate the areas covered by the decathlon and to prepare themselves for future competitions.
Dr K A Jaggar
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From the Library

FULL TEXT DATABASES – check your local library website!
The Sydney Boys High Library Fund is currently paying fees to access three full text databases. These databases can be accessed from home through the portal. They are Crikey, which is a current affairs database commenting on media stories, JStor which is an academic database and which I highly recommend to senior boys and the Sydney Morning Herald Archive. However, there is another very valuable source for academic databases and that is your local library and its network of library affiliations. Randwick Library has at least 20 quite expensive databases available to card holders (and card holders of other libraries). Local libraries have budgets in the hundreds of thousands and can afford some really great resources.

To access online full text databases from all local libraries go into http://nswnet.net.  YOU CAN ONLY DO THIS IF YOU HAVE A LOCAL LIBRARY CARD!

Mrs Crothers experimented with King Lear and there are five pages of references to full text articles online to be obtained from Randwick Library’s databases.

*(Internet search hint – You need to narrow your search NOT get the broadest search – use advanced search techniques and narrow by publication date, country and anything else you can think of)
Mrs Crothers

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From English

Earn $1000* during the school holidays!
The Sydney Theatre Company and Sydney Morning Herald are offering you the chance to win big bucks and kudos for your literary genius. All you need to do is write a one act play and submit it in this year’s STC/SMH Young Playwright’s Award competition.

Two winning scripts – one from the Senior (11 & 12) and Junior (7-10) divisions – will be read in a staged reading following an intensive two day workshop. The workshop will be conducted by a team of Australia’s leading theatre directors, dramaturges and writers.

Turn your writing talents to the theatre and get yourself in the running for this unique competition. If you have ever even considered writing a script for the stage, this is your chance to give it a go and have your work read by professionals – and hopefully rewarded! Don’t miss this amazing once-in-a-youthtime opportunity.

Deadline for applications in Friday August 8th. For entry form and writing advice, see Ms Jassy in the English staffroom.

*Financial reward subject to your ability to win the young Playwright’s Award.
Ms Jassy

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Classics at Sydney High

2008 is proving to be a busy year for students of Classical Languages at Sydney High. A number of interesting activities have already taken place and many more are planned for the year.

At the University of Sydney on Friday, June 6th, some of our Classics students took part in the annual Reading Competition. Two of our students, Christian Katsikaros and Thomas Wilson, qualified in Greek for the FINALS of this prestigious and longstanding competition. The finals will be held at Sydney Grammar School on July 29th. Highly commended was Julian Byrnes.

SBHS was well represented in the Latin as well, with Christian, Thomas and Julian being awarded Certificates of Commendation for their rendition of the Latin text. Julian deserves special mention here. Latin is no longer one of his subjects, but he put in the work and practice to achieve this fine result.

The task was as follows: Competitors had to read aloud, with clarity, accuracy and expression, some lines of a Greek or Latin poem which they had prepared well in advance of the competition. The poetry was in the original, unsimplified form (i.e. about two and a half thousand years old!), written by two of the greatest poets of the Graeco-Roman era – this year, Ovid, and the slightly adapted prose passage was by the great historian, Herodotus, where he tells of Croesus, the richest man in the world.
Mrs C Werner

THE YEAR 9 READING COMPETITION will take place on August 21st, at St Aloysius College, North Sydney. There will be a choral piece and Solo piece (a choice of prose, from Cicero’s IN VERREM, and a poetry piece taken from Vergil’s AENEID X). Year 9 Latin have started preparing for this.

THE YEAR 8 LATIN CAMP will take place in September, at Elanora Heights Conference Centre. Three days filled with exciting activities are planned. Registration forms have arrived and students will be receiving information packages before the end of term.

THE EXCURSION TO THE ITALIAN FORUM is being organized, and Year 8 students can look forward to a day of pizza, gelato and, of course, Roman History.

YEAR 7 LATIN examination results were pleasing, indicating a positive and diligent attitude from our new students of Classics. Congratulations, Year 7, on your efforts. At the moment, Year 7 students are exploring the fascinating topic area of Roman Beliefs and Mythology, which of course included the many gods and goddesses, the Underworld, and even the Werewolf! Students have been making good use of the time allocated to Classics in the Computer Lab., not only for research of culture topics, but in their use of the excellent programme, Cambridge Latin Course On-line. Learning has been enhanced by the blended delivery of Classics at Sydney High, as indicated by the excellent results this semester.

YEAR 12 LATIN STUDY DAY was held at Santa Sabina College, Strathfield, on Friday, 30th May, and was a day of lectures dedicated to HSC texts. Excellent and entertaining talks were presented by Terry Ryan, from Newcastle University, Roger Pitcher, Head Teacher Classics at Sydney Grammar, and Dexter Hoyos, University of Sydney. There was a valuable Question Session at the end of the day presented by a panel of HSC markers. The day was a great success, and a valuable experience for our students.
Ms D Matsos

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Year 8 Parents' Dinner

Come and enjoy a night out with other Year 8 parents While the boys dance and party, the parents of Year 8 will be relaxing, laughing and enjoying a relaxed meal.

To coincide with the Year 7, 8 and 9 Sydney Boys and Sydney Girls dance night

Date: Monday June 23rd, 2008

Time: 7.30 pm to approx 10.00 pm

Venue: Lebanon And Beyond (BYO)
Shop 3, 187 Alison Road
Randwick, NSW 2031

Phone: 9326 5347

RSVP: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
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High Store News

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Did You Know

The cruise liner QE2 moves only six inches for each gallon of diesel that it burns;

The microwave was invented after a researcher walked by a radar tube and a chocolate bar melted in his pocket.

Women blink nearly twice as often as men.

There are more chickens than people in the world.

There are only four words in the English language which end in ‘dous’ - Tremendous, horrendous, stupendous and hazardous.
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English Report

We are still tinkering with the details of our Year 12 student centred revision programme but hope that by early next week we will have announced the study groups. Each group is made up of students from a number of classes, and therefore the students will be able to draw on their different class experiences in response to each week’s revision question. Our vision is that within these groups the boys will share ideas, ask each other questions, benefit from group discussion, peer edit and mark each others’ scaffolds and responses, and offer each other encouragement and support. What we are yet to finalise is exactly where in cyberspace these students should get together to do this, but in the meantime, with the groups formed, students can negotiate ways of doing this independently. This is an opportunity for them to take some initiative that can make a huge difference to their development and confidence in English. We look forward to seeing the students embrace the programme and meet with ever greater successes in the tasks and HSC exams ahead.

Write Now is a creative writing competition set up jointly by the Sydney Morning Herald and the Sydney Writers Festival. Entrants are asked to pick from three ‘story starters’ provided by award-winning children’s authors then continue the narrative, completing a short story of up to 1000 words. Over 3800 entries were submitted from students from all over NSW and the ACT. Huge congratulations to Daniel Keogh of Year 8 who was awarded highly commended in this extremely competitive competition. We thought you should have the opportunity to read his excellent work too, so we’ve published it in High Notes this week. Enjoy it before dark – it’s a bit creepy!
English Faculty

This week in Reading Torque Social Science teacher Hugh Howey explains how one of his favourite Australian books helped shape his perspective on life.

AB Facey’s autobiography A Fortunate Life is a remarkable story about a man whose hardships through early 20th century Australia make for an ironic title.

Facey’s childhood was one of struggle, growing up in rural Western Australia. After being raised by his mother, he became a farmhand at 8 years of age with little or no education. After surviving the rigours of Australian bush life, Facey then goes on to describe his experiences through WWI, the Depression, his unexpected longevity and how he found happiness in his marriage to his wife, Evelyn.

This is a truly encouraging story about a man in a generation that pioneered Australian life. As a member of generation X-Y, the book helped me to put my own fortunate life in perspective, and take very little for granted.
Hugh Howey

Daniel Keogh’s Highly Commended Write Now Competition Entry

I want to. I think.

If I don’t, then I’ll explode wondering and that outcome’s worse. Well, almost.

The thing I know is I’ll come back different. That’s okay, if it’s good different. But what if it’s not? Just say I came back bad different. That’s what bothers me the most. What if I never recover?

If the others knew I felt like this, they’d tease me for the rest of my life. That’s a certainty.

I could try and explain to them, but I don’t think they’d get it. Actually, I know they wouldn’t. They’d think I was strange and I’ve spent my life trying to ‘unstrange’ myself in front of them.

My hands are still in my pockets. I realize my left fist hasn’t let go of the twenty bucks that’s sitting there. The paper is stuck to my palm and whoever’s face is on that note hasn’t had a whiff of air for at least ten minutes. But it’s like if I keep it there, hidden away in the dark lining of my jeans, then nothing can happen. I can pretend I’m not standing here, trying to convince my other hand to drag itself out and bang on the door of number Thirty One Patterson Parade.

You see, if someone answers the door then I’ll have to – do it. And that means, well I don’t know what that means and… suddenly the door handle is turning. I check my hands. They’re still in my pockets.

Someone on the other side of the door is about to come out and it’s too late to run.

I’m petrified from the possible terror lurking behind the door. My heart is pounding. I gaze, cowering, at the slowly opening door and, I finally catch sight of an old woman with rancid skin that smells more horrible than a peanut butter sandwich left out in the sun for three days.

Her eyes are bloodshot and she looks so starved that I can see the shape of her bones when she beckons me inside.

‘Aaaaaaaaaah,’ she sighs, ‘it’s you. We’ve been expecting you. Come in, come in’. Something about her voice confirms my doubts about coming here. And who does she mean by “we”? Everyone knows that this elderly lady lives alone.

I venture inside and up a set of old, creaking stairs surrounded by wallpaper that is a yucky dirt brown colour. It’s so aged that it is peeling off the wall and covered with moths. The moths were probably laying their eggs in the cracks between the wall and the wallpaper.

By far the most sickening thing is the smell, which makes my eyes water and my brain scream to run out of the house and down the street and to not stop running. But still, I move on. I won’t back down from the dare.

I reach the top of the stairs and I move along a hall until I reach a door that is so ancient that the wood has decayed and mould has grown over it.

I open the door and stumble into a room. The walls are supposed to be white in colour. I think. They are so aged that there are gigantic cracks running sometimes from wall to wall and most of the colour has faded so that the walls look a dirty grey colour.

The floor is made of wood that has rotted and feels soft. There is almost no furniture. There’s a saggy couch with rips all over it and a chair in much the same condition.

An old fashioned fire-place sits on one side of the room, and I think I see small creatures flickering about in the shadows.

The old woman follows close behind me and, in a gruff voice invites me to sit on one of her derelict couches.

I then inform the lady of how yesterday I had overheard someone talking of weird stuff happening in this house and waited to see her response. I intentionally left out telling her that I was only here because of a dare that had earned me twenty bucks. She thought I had just come for a visit.

‘I know what you’re here for,’ she says, ‘it’s it’s a dare isn’t it… hmmm?’ I start to feel guilty. ‘We hear everything that goes on in this street’ she whispered, her voice gradually getting lower.

I try to change the subject. ‘Um well,’ I stumble, ‘but who did you mean by “we”?’ ‘Oh,’ the lady mutters, ‘I mean them’. She points to the fire-place and moths start pouring out of it.

I leap off the couch, throw open the door, and run straight into another cloud of moths.

I blame the others for this. If they hadn’t given me this stupid dare I wouldn’t be here.

I’m fighting through the moths and I try to remember where the stairs and furniture are.

I can’t get through the moths. I don’t think I’ll make it. They’re pressing harder against me. I’m suffocating. My head is spinning. I hear my friend’s voice echoing inside my head. ‘Weird stuff happens in that house’.

I am getting dizzier by the moment. I see pictures of my mum and dad and the rest of my family in my mind. I also remember the others.

‘No,’ I think to myself, ‘I have to keep going’.

I can feel myself getting constantly weaker, my breathing is getting shallower.

My knees give way beneath me and I feel like giving up. But once again I am spurred on by images of my family and friends.

Finally, as if through some miracle, I make it outside.

I let out a cry of triumph. People turn their heads to look at me. Kids laugh at me as mothers attempt to shepherd their children away. I eventually look at myself and I notice why I am being regarded as a freak.

The moths had eaten my clothes!
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Sydney Boys High School: The Foundation Years

After School
As the 1880s moved on, the group of alumni of Sydney High School continued to grow. By 1892, there were sufficient numbers and interest for the formation of the Old Boys’ Union. (The history of the OBU is, however, outside the range of these articles.)

A great deal was to be expected of the old boys of Sydney High, as the following reflection in the December 1888 issue of the School magazine suggests:

"There will be some, we know, who are going, and whom we shall miss very much, either as old friends, brilliant scholars, energetic committee-men, and who will always buy the – no, we mean who will always keep the memory of the school warm in their hearts, and not forget the fellows they worked with, or the masters who loved them best to instruct them, however much in books, certainly in the more important things of life, good habits, liberal ideas, and what, we hope, succeeded most, how to think; and gave them into their hands, if not always a casket of knowledge for their own use, at any rate a master key to unlock the books of ages and storehouses of time; enough of the principles underlying natural philosophy to go further, if it must be, without a living guide. "

Unusually for the times, the Headmaster showed a concern for the boys’ future employment. It is reported that, one morning, the Headmaster remarked to his senior class that while the School was intended to act as a stepping-stone to university, “it was hardly possible that all the High boys would go on to the University”. The 1933 history of the School continues the tale:

"He then went on to say that there were other careers open to people than those requiring a University education, and his friend, Mr R Teece, had told him of excellent openings for Sydney High School boys in the Australian Mutual Provident Society. Many acted on this advice, and thus the fact that so many AMP Society’s senior officers are Old Boys is explained. "

Many of the old boys of the Castlereagh St school went on not only to positions with the AMP, but also to great positions in Australia and the world in academia, politics, public service, sport, business and commerce, the armed forces and the law.

However, given the stated aims of the School, the old boys from Castlereagh Street who followed academic pursuits were perhaps the most outstanding of their fellows, as the following selection suggests:

Sir Grafton Elliot Smith (1883-1888), who was among the first enrolments in 1883, was the most “famous” old boy of his generation. A world-renowned authority on the brain, an Egyptologist and anthropologist, he became Professor of Anatomy at Victoria University of Manchester, 1909-1919 and Professor of Anatomy at University College, London, 1919-1936. He was President of the Anatomical Society of Great Britain and Ireland in 1924-1927 and Vice President of the Royal Society, 1913-1914.

Sir Samuel Henry Egerton Barraclough (1884-1889), after completing post-graduate work at Cornell University, returned to teach at Sydney High in the 1890s. He went on to lecture at Sydney University and became Professor of Mechanical Engineering, 1915-1941 and President of the Australian Institute of Engineers, 1935-1936. He was knighted in 1920 for service in World War I.

George Campbell Saxby (1884-1887) returned to the School as a mathematics teacher in 1893, became Deputy Headmaster for one year in 1912 and then returned as Headmaster of Sydney High School, 1925-1933.

Richard Arthur Wearne (1885-1886) became the first Principal of the Ipswich Technical College in Queensland, 1901-1918 and then became Principal of the Central Technical College, Brisbane, 1919-1932.

Stephen Jason Johnston (1887-1890) became an Economic Zoologist at the Technological Museum in Sydney, 1898-1906 and lecturer in Zoology at Sydney University, 1918-1922. His work is commemorated in the naming of a frog parasite, the Parapolystoma Johnstoni.

Walter George Woolnough (1888-1890) became Professor of Geology at the University of Western Australia, 1913-1919 and Geological Adviser to the Australian Government, 1927-1941.

Herbert Stanley Dettmann (1889-1892) became Professor of Classics at Auckland University, 1908-1922 before returning to NSW as Headmaster of Sydney Grammar School, 1923-1940.

SHS Old Boys Union
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Music Notes

Music Parking
There will be a Music parking on next Friday 27th of June starting at 5pm for a 7pm game. Please let the music staff know if you are able to help out; we would be very grateful for any assistance.

Combined Selective School Music Festival
The first ever combined selective schools music concert will be held at Sydney Girls High School on Sunday the 29th of June at 12pm in the Multipurpose Hall. There will be a BBQ dinner for all the students participating before the concert at 6pm. We encourage all parents to attend this fabulous evening. The concert will include students from various selective high schools and will be directed by special guest conductors; Judy Bailey and Christopher Bowen. A list of students is posted up outside the music staffroom on the noticeboard for orchestra and stage band. There is a cost of $12.50, payable on the day to the music staff. Please check to see your nominated ensemble.

Showcase Concert
Our Winter Showcase Concert will be held on Thursday the 31st of July (Week 2, Term 3) in the Great Hall. All students in musical ensembles will be performing. On the Friday 1st of August, Yr 12 HSC Elective music students will be performing their HSC repertoire in preparation for their practical exams. You are invited to come and hear them in the Great Hall at 6:30pm. Please note these dates in your diaries and stay tuned for further information.

Piano Competition
The Sydney Boys High School Piano Competition will be commencing again in week 2 next term on Mondays and Tuesdays lunchtimes till week 4, to be held in the Great Hall.

There are two categories this year; Junior (Years 7-9) and Senior (Years 10-12). The performance time limit for the Junior section is 3 minutes and Senior 5 minutes. The entry fee is $5.00 which is to be paid with the entry form.

Please enrol by this term so that times and performance pieces can be arranged before the start of the competition.
Entry Fee: $5.00
Check Music Noticeboard for timetable in the week 1, Term 3 for competition list.

Name: _______________________________________   Year: __________
Title of Piece and Composer: ___________________________________

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Applications for enrolment in 2009: Years 8 - 12

If you have siblings or friends who are interested in enrolling at Sydney Boys High in 2009 for years 8 - 12 we would appreciate you passing on this information. Limited places available. Applications available from Monday 23rd June 2008.

Limited places available. Application forms are available from the school or visit www.sydneyboyshigh.com and click on the link to Enrolments.

Applications close on 31 July 2008
Sydney Boys High
School Moore Park,
Surry Hills 2010
Phone: 93616910
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Parent-Teacher Interviews

for Years 10, 11, 12 will take place on Thursday, 26 June 2008 3:00pm – 7.30pm

Please note the following arrangements –

  • Boys from all years will be dismissed from class at the conclusion of Period 5 (2:15 pm) on this day. School Special buses will run to normal schedules and there will be supervision in the Junior Quad of boys waiting for these buses.
  • Boys in Years 10, 11 and 12 have been issued with details of arrangements for interviews. They should complete the Record of Appointments section in consultation with their teachers. It is the responsibility of boys to negotiate interview appointment times with their teachers.
  • Details of interview times with teachers should be recorded in the Record of Appointments section of the booking sheets. Teachers will sign to confirm the appointment.
  • If a teacher is unavailable this fact should be recorded in the Record of Appointments section and signed by the teacher as confirmation.
  • All interviews will take place in the Great Hall and adjacent classrooms in the Main Building. Details of locations of teachers have been provided.
  • Interviews should not exceed five minutes’ duration. If there is insufficient time, a further appointment may be made for a later date, or contact by telephone arranged.
  • Timing of appointments should allow for movement from one location to another between interviews.
  • Tea and coffee will be available for parents throughout the evening in the Main Foyer.

Interviews for parents of boys in Years 7, 8 and 9 will be held on Wednesday, 2 July, from 3:00 pm

  • It is the responsibility of boys to negotiate appointment times with their teachers.
  • Details of interview times with teachers should be recorded in the Record of Appointments section (see note sent home with students). Teachers will sign to confirm the appointment.
  • If a teacher is unavailable this fact should be recorded in the Record of Appointments section and signed by the teacher as confirmation.
  • All interviews will take place in the Great Hall and Rooms 101 [Music, Visual Arts], 102 [TAS] and 106, 107 [Mathematics].
  • Interviews should not exceed five minutes’ duration. If there is insufficient time, a further appointment may be made for a later date, or contact by telephone arranged.
  • Timing of appointments should allow for movement from one location to another between interviews.
  • Tea and coffee is available for parents throughout the evening in the Main Foyer.
  • Please be sure to bring this record of appointment times with you.
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From Languages

More about Chinese Eisteddfod
Do you still remember Steven Bradbury? He was the Australian ice skater who won gold at the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics. What made his win memorable was not only the sheer luck of all his competitors crashing into each other when rounding the final corner, but the stunned expression on his face, that delayed realisation of the immensity of what he had achieved.

I was asked to relate what I felt when I was competing in the 2008 Chinese Eisteddfod, and the Steven Bradbury analogy seems somewhat suitable. Indeed, I too happened to win by a bizarre fluke. Out of the eight initial contestants in my heat, only six turned up on the day. “That’s a fifty-fifty chance of getting a medal” you say, “I can do that standing on my head” you say. You probably would think that the odds of winning were stacked in my favour. Well, you would be wrong. You weren’t there to see the other six contestants. Whilst I was trying to force my half-memorised poem into my frontal lobes in the last dying minutes, the other six were aloof, eyes wandering confidently around the room, already visualising the emotional impact their orations would have on the judges, the parents and the rivals. I knew they were out of my league, because to them, the term FOB had only one meaning: Fabulous Oriental Being. Then the competition began, with the tinkling of a brass bell.

Ok. What really happened was that five of the remaining six contestants forgot half their texts mid-recital. This left me and last year’s champion. She chose to deliver the ambitious, emotionally charged five-minute prose piece. In fact, she focused so much on the emotional aspect that she managed to pause midway, allowing tears to swell in her eyes for additional effect. Unfortunately, the judges saw through those crocodile tears, and instead awarded me first prize. It was also unfortunate that our other senior competitors Caly Yang and Tom Sun did not receive any awards, as they had landed themselves in the midst of formidable veterans, whose astounding performances simply couldn’t be topped.

On behalf of all the High participants of the 2008 Chinese Eisteddfod, I would like to thank Ms Zhang for her essential guidance and experience and for making this experience possible year by year. I would also like to wish all future contestants good luck. I guess the important thing is to have fun and not take it too seriously. However, if you don’t get an award, you don’t have to take it on the chin like a mature adult; you can just attribute your loss to the fact that the winners wasted money on Chinese poetry recital tuition courses and tear-inducing eye drops.
Simin Yang - Year 12

On Saturday, 31st of May, people gathered at Strathfield girl’s high for the national Chinese Eisteddfod. This year was the largest turnout in the history of the eisteddfod, and the extra number of people made me nervous. …More competition? Having entered last year, I was very worried about retaining my 2nd prize. However, when I thought about all the hard work I put into my practice, I felt confident that I would win a prize.

Last year, I found a very simple way to win in this competition. The key was practice. I practised again and again, and took in every piece of advice that Ms Zhang could give me and this helped me on my way to success. I’m sure that many people have the ability to do things, the only thing that they need to do is try. This year, I tried even harder; I had a reputation to live up to. Thanks to Ms Zhang for helping me improve my prose and I managed to come 2nd again. The Eisteddfod is a great experience and I believe that you should try it at least once in your school live; it can be very rewarding.
Henry Lu - Year 9
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P & C General Meeting - May 21st


1. Talk by Dr. Ganderton on ‘Moodle and use of computer technology for studies’
This gave insight into the potential for Moodle to enhance students’ interactions and learning experiences. Interested parents can request Dr Ganderton to email them a copy of his PowerPoint presentation. Dr Ganderton was thanked for giving up his time to come and speak.

2. Present and Apologies
As per Register.

3. Minutes of previous meeting
Acceptance moved by Geoff Andrews, seconded by Simon Chan. Accepted.

4. Matters arising from previous minutes
Ongoing Items 7-10 below.

5. Treasurer’s Report - Geoff Andrews
Tabled and attached. Acceptance moved by Geoff Andrews, seconded by Barbara Taylor. Accepted.

6. Principal’s Report - Dr. Kim Jaggar
Assessments and reports are in progress. A student monitoring register is kept for boys anticipated to receive less than 90 UAI.

School has noticed an increasing number of Yr 7 intake is sourced from non-OC (now >50%). Reasons are unclear. Advertising is underway for next year’s intake of Yr 8 and above.

Philip Day Scholarship will be awarded for 1st time in 2009.

Good participation rates for winter sport.

System of electronic roll marking in class may be ready for next year. Discussion of use of swipe cards.

NAPLAN has taken place.

Discussion of effect of computer game addiction on students. Staff development day jointly with SGHS will look at this. Speaker required for next month’s joint P&C meeting with SGHS.

Staff interviews: if system goes towards open ads more parents will need to be trained to sit on interview panels. This is an emerging issue. Universities are showing increasing interest in students who demonstrate all-round competence not just good test results. Consistent with SBHS aim of “Leading the way in all-round education”.

7. Foundation Report – Simon Chan in lieu of Shane Brown
Potential fundraiser: international phone cards for sale at High Store. Confirmed decision to proceed with air-conditioning first floor Outterside Centre.

8 Development Committee Report – Simon Chan
Dr Jaggar and Simon Chan meeting with the Dept of Commerce with a view to proceeding with development of the Library design to Development Application (DA). After lodgement of the DA the Dept of Commerce takes over from the school.

9. Library Fundraising Telephone Campaign – Steve Saunders
Steve needs volunteers for the phone campaign to be recruited by the end of May, with the actual campaign to take place about the 2nd last week of June. Dr Jaggar will prepare an email message to be sent to all Year group conveners for forwarding to parents.

10. Electronic Sign at Cleveland Street entrance - Simon Chan
The sign has been ordered and will be ready in 4-6 weeks.

11. 125th Anniversary Cabaret - Simon Chan
Plans have been finalized. To be held at AJC Shannon Room, Randwick Racecourse. $150/head covers costs. 700 seats to be shared with SGHS.

12. Other Business
Canteen awning: deferred to next meeting.

Meeting closed at 9.35pm.

Sydney Boys High School P & C Association
Treasurers Report: 19.3.08 to 21.5.08
      $     $     $
Current Account      
Opening Balance (19.3.08)     47,083.94
Disbursement from Canteen Sub-Committee     20,000.00
Disbursements to the School - Furniture for New Classrooms 15,000.00    
                                           - Data Projectors 15,000.00    
Disbursement to SBHS Foundation - Tennis Court Loan   10,000.00  
Gift for Guest Speaker - March P&C Meeting   29.99  
Current Balance (21.5.08)     27,053.95
Term Deposit Account      
Opening Balance (19.3.08)     51,933.89
Interest credited 11.5.08     920.46
Payments     0.00
Current Balance (21.5.08)     52,854.35
Both Accounts:Total Current Balance (21.5.08)     79,908.30
Reconciliation with Bank Accounts (21.5.08)      
Current Account: Balance 16.5.08 per Statement   37,053.95  
                         Less Cheque Outstanding (109)   -10,000.00  
                         Balance 21.5.08     27,053.95
Term Deposit Account: Balance 11.5.08 per Statement     52,854.35
Total     79,908.30
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Sydney Boys High and Sydney Girls High Joint P&C function

Professor Don White, Adjunct Associate Professor in Faculty of Engineering at Sydney University, will be our guest speaker at the Sydney Boys High and Sydney Girls High Joint P&C function to be held on Wed 25th June at 7.30pm in the Great Hall of Sydney Boys High. The topic will be 'Environmental Sustainability for our schools'. Professor White has considerable interest in sustainability and conservation and is also the Chairperson of Nature Conservation Council of NSW, Coordinator of Green Shareholders and active in the Zero Waste Network. All parents, staff, friends and families are welcome to attend.
Simon Chan
P&C President

Prof Don White, Chair – Nature Conservation Council NSW
Don had thirty years' experience as a manager and engineer in manufacturing and engineering for the process and chemical industries before partial “retirement” nine years ago. Since then he has brought his experience to bear on conservation issues - particularly by being active in the Nature Conservation Council (NSW) where he currently is the Chairperson and member of several of its internal committees. Don has also become an Adjunct Associate Professor at Sydney University where he is involved in teaching and supervising projects in the Engineering Faculty. He is a member of the Board of the NSW Environment Protection Authority, and sits on several government committees Don and his wife Rosie have three children, and one of these was at Sydney Girls High from 1989 – 1994 and Rosie was active on the P and C in those years.

He will look at the impact of the industrial revolution on climate change and explore some of the issues with which Australia needs to grapple, particularly concerning water and the transition to a clean energy future. He will extend this to the role of education, particularly in schools, and the influence our children can make to our future.
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Library Building Fund

2008 fundraising campaign. Starting soon!
The campaign this year will run from Monday 23rd to Friday 27th June. During this period our volunteers will be calling parents to ask for donations to the Library Building Fund.

If you receive a phone call, please consider donating to the fund, as this is the only way our new library will get built, just as the other benefits our boys now enjoy have been built by the efforts of current and previous parents. The basketball and tennis courts come to mind here, just as there are many other facilities provided by parents.

Currently there is $700,000 on deposit and we aim to have $1,000,000 by early 2009. There are currently 82 monthly donors and we would like to boost this by another 200 this year. The monthly donations are the best way for us to leverage more funds from outside the school, and of course, one-off donations are always welcome.

If you don’t receive a phone call, (as it is quite difficult to call the whole parent body) please use the forms available on the school website to make a donation.

We can always do with a few more volunteers to assist with the Library Building Fund fundraising efforts. All materials and instruction supplied, for the week as above. Please join us for this very worthwhile cause!

For more details, please contact Steve Saunders, Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Mob: 0411-851-412
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Rugby: The Garlic Sack

High Battles at Gusty Grammar Grounds
Windy overcast conditions met Sydney High teams at Edgecliff on Saturday. A cold chill swept through Weigall as Sydney High teams took the fields. There were strong performances all round against well drilled Grammar outfits. The 2nds showed great flair in attack, and confidence in defence, whilst the 1sts led for most of the first half, the first time they had the lead against a GPS school since 2005. The 16s also had strong games, the 16Bs going down narrowly and the 16As holding their own against a big Grammar unit.

The 16As played solid rugby, scoring two tries against a bigger Grammar pack. The Bs also played very well, going down by a try. The 15s also gutsed it out, going down narrowly in the As and with brave performances in the Bs and Cs. Expectations where fulfilled from the 14s and 13s and they hit the field displaying a very high standard of rugby, no doubt a result of their new training regime under Junior Coaching Coordinator Serdar Bolen and our old boy coaches.

Team of the Week: 2nd XV- Massive team effort and great defence to improve on last week, forcing a 0-0 draw.
Player of the Week: Gareth Deacon 16Bs- backing up to play three games, including a half in the 2nd XV
Coach of the Week: Steve Storey 2nd XV- His wisdom was invaluable to the 2nd XV’s fine performance
Supporter of the Week: Arunan Kandasamy (1st XV 2007) 1st XV injured flyhalf, still cheering on without cartilage

1st XV (Opens) Report:
High started off in aggressive fashion with Nelson Ridges breaking the Grammar line twice in the opening five minutes. Spirited defence and gutsy determination allowed High to sustain a 3-0 lead for the first thirty minutes. However, fatigue and lapses of concentration let in four tries by halftime. The second half showcased High's resolve with some strong tackling led by captain Robert Chen, Danny Ng, Alec Bel and at the last line by Kerrod McPherson. Lapses in concentration let in four tries in the second half.

Rugby News
Experience the Passion of GPS Rugby: All players and parents are asked to support our teams and then stay to cheer on our 1st XV in the games against St Josephs College at Hunters Hill this Saturday. This is the last game until 26 July (Term 3). Game times & fields are in Upcoming Events on the School website. www.sydneyboyshigh.com

The Rugby Social:
Tickets for the inaugural Rugby Social for Year 10-12 rugby players and partners (7-11pm Friday 4 July in the Great Hall) are now on sale on sale at the School Office ($20/person). Rugby Reunion Dinner: The 2008 Rugby Reunion (the High Rugby Big Night Out) is on Saturday 2 August in the Great Hall, after our home game against Kings. For tickets and information go to www.highrugbyfriends.com or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Get on the Rugby Email News List:
Parents, if you did not receive an email last week with all the details for last Saturday’s games, please email or call your parent Age Group Coordinator
13s: Julie Connolly This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it 0418 470 203
14s: Peter Daniels This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it 0400 872 550
15s: Anita Bezjak This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it 0408 021 584
16s: Julie Blomberg This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it 0416 061 759

Match Results - Trials Vs Sydney Grammar School 14 June

Team    Result  Score   Men of the Match
1st XV  Loss    52-3    Nelson Ridges, Danny Ng, Ben Palau
2nd XV  Draw    0-0     Calum Martin, Joel Livingston, Koeun Na
16As    Loss    20-12   Sam Darcy, Michael Gao 
16Bs    Loss    5-0     Gareth Deacon, Johnny Lieu
15As    Loss    22-5    Leon Li, Jonah Petrie, Yixin Lu 
15Bs    Loss    62-0    Ryan McDonald, Eric Ovadia, Raymond Zhai
15Cs    Loss    38-5    Michael Wang, Kevin Li, Shejil kumar
14As    Loss    34-5    Kae-Yang Wong, Tim Gollan, Kumi Gunartne
14Bs    Loss    24-5    Matthew Petrenas, Prashan Prabaharan
13As    Loss    55-0    Campbell Kwan, Kenny Kuang, Tom Connolly
13Bs    Loss    51-0    Steven Guo, Lyman Zhao, Robin Ko
13Cs&Ds     Loss    55-5    
13Ds    No Game         

Age Group Reports
2nd XV (Opens):
2nd XV played against an extremely well matched Grammar side, most of the game was played on the halfway mark. Defence and attack were a step up from last week against Armidale, the team was unlucky not to capitalise on a few scoring opportunities in the form of line breaks by James Ip and Joel Livingston.

16s: The 16As went into the trial match against Grammar looking to build on their narrow 15-12 loss last year. After about 10 minutes of good forward play the 16s went over the line through outside centre Michael Gao to level the scores 12-12. The Grammar boys managed to score in the last 15 minutes however to finish the game 12-20. The 16Bs went down 5-0 after a thriller of a game. Tight play in the forwards and efficient tackling technique saw some big hits and runs being delivered from the boys. Gareth Deacon and Johnny Lieu played an excellent game.

15s: Shimon Danziger played a full game in the 15Bs after playing a half for the 15Cs, and came on in the 15As for an injury in the last 5 minutes. Great effort! A committed bullocking run by Leon Li got a try for the As, the team showed Great Spirit in defence throughout the match. A few lapses can cost matches. The Bs had a more competitive 2nd half, Ryan McDonald & Eric Ovadia defended strongly. In the Cs Hareshan Karunakaran & Michael Wang made some strong tackles. Attendance to training needs to improve. Let’s do the work, have fun on the pitch and go into contact hard.

14s: 14As were rewarded with a try in their match. Grammar running away with a couple of back to back tries late in the 2nd half to secure their win, a good effort. Try scorer was Kae-Yang Wong . Matthew Petrenas and Prashan had strong matches for the 14 Bs. Attention to detail at the breakdown is our aim this week!

13s: Our 13s are learning the importance of first up tackles and communication. Playing more experienced teams will improve our own game. In the As, Campbell Kwan, Kenny Kuang and Tom Connolly, showed their class in defence and attack with leadership qualities. Steven Guo, Lyman Zhao led well from the pack whilst Robin Ko showed his dash on the wing. Great effort by all our players, keep having fun!

ALL RESULTS ARE TO BE EMAILED INTO This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it EVERY SUNDAY EVENING, BY TEAM CAPTAINS
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SBHS & SGHS 125th Anniversary Cabaret Night

Sydney Girls High School & Sydney Boys High School have great delight in inviting you to the Anniversary Cabaret to celebrate 125 years of education for both schools.

Friday 21st November 2008, 7:00pm - 12:00am. The Shannon Room, AJC Function Centre at Randwick Racecourse

Come and dance to the Shy Guys band, MCs Jessica Rowe and Jack Singleton. Featuring Little Pattie and other performs.

Tickets: $150 per person. This includes dinner, pre-dinner drinks in the Panorama Room, drinks from 7pm until 12am, parking and entertainment.

Dress: cocktail/lounge suit

RSVP: RSVP and pay by 26th September 2008. Guests are welcome to organise their own table of 10. Please advise if a  if a vegetarian meal is required.

SBHS Contact: Ms Louise Graul, Ph 9361 6910, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Pay to office by cash or cheque made payable to: Sydney Boys High School
Visa or Mastercard: card number, expiry date, cardholder's name and telephone number

Sydney Boys High School: Class of ____
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Weights Room Annual Strongman Competition

Congratulations to all who participated. Some exceptional results with the overall winners consistent over all 4 disciplines

Bill Wang 17.35sec 2 12 17.84sec 7 7 224m 2 12 18.21sec 1 13 44 2nd
Iftiar Khan 20.29sec 7 7 25.45sec 10 4 137m 7 7 23.93sec 11 3 21 9th
Rahib Azwad 19.26sec 4 10 16.69sec 4 10 120.5m 10 4 28.48sec 13 1 25 8th
Isnad Zaman 22.52sec 9 5 19.94sec 8 6 174m 5 9 20.33sec 7 7 27 7th
James Whiting 20.31sec 8 6 13.57sec 2 12 261m 1 13 20.07sec 5 9 40 3rd
Jack Musgrove 20.12sec 6 8 17.57sec 6 8 199m 4 10 20.15sec 6 8 34 5th
Dominic Edgtton 13.56sec 1 13 14.1sec 3 11 205.5m 3 11 18.29sec 3 11 46 1st
Julian Edgtton 19.65sec 5 9 32.91sec 11 3 93m 12 2 22.01sec 10 4 18 11th
Raghib Siddiqui 25sec 10 4 17.1sec 5 9 160m 6 8 18.27sec 2 12 33 6th
Leo lu 17.75sec 3 11 13.51sec 1 13 123m 9 5 20.60sec 8 6 35 4th
Shuming Wang 35.5sec 11 3 37.55sec 13 1 62m 13 1 28.08sec 12 2 7 13th
Carl Luiker    13  1 20.8sec 9 5 120m 11 3 19.55sec 4 10 19 10th
Sheikh Siddiquee    13 35.5sec 12 2 129 8 6 21.02sec 9 5 14 12th
Anton Komarov 20.21sec 2 12 12.33sec 3 11 160m 1 13 35.05sec 5 9 45 2nd
Shahar Merom 17.53sec 1 13 16.88sec 10 4 123.3m 5 9 33.69sec 3 11 37 4th
Mitchell Kelly 21.1sec 3 11 11.8sec 2 12 127m 3 11 33.49sec 2 12 46 1st
Albert Phan 29.49sec 8 6 19.88sec 12 2 26m 13 1 38.86sec 9 5 14 12th
Danny Lam 60.2sec 13 1 18.2sec 11 3 63m 12 2 43.79sec 13 1 7 13th
Jason Nguyen 31.05sec 9 5 24.62sec 13 1 100m 7 7 39.39sec 10 4 17 11th
Matt Rusli 22.81sec 5 9 10.03sec 1 13 124m 4 10 35.41sec 7 7 39 3rd
Nathan McDonnell 32.28sec 11 3 15.75sec 7 7 89.6m 10 4 35.27sec 6 8 22 9th
Winston Lee 23.62sec 6 8 16.02sec 8 6 81.5m 11 3 39.56sec 11 3 20 10th
Charles Yang 21.39sec 4 10 14.62sec 5 9 136m 2 12 40.29sec 12 2 33 5th
Danny Fu 32.05sec 10 4 16.42sec 9 5 106m 6 8 33.31sec 1 13 30 6th
Michael Bock 32.95sec 12 2 14.29sec 4 10 100m 7 7 34.58sec 4 10 29 7th
Jordan Phung 29.32sec 7 7 15.59sec 6 8 96.5m 9 5 38.52sec 8 6 26 8th

Money raised through the sale of Hot Dogs and Drinks will go towards purchasing a strongman Honour board for the weights room, trophies for winners as well as plaques for yearly strength test record holders. To those who didn’t have a go at the challenges for one reason or another but think they may have what it takes I leave you with this quote. It’s not about physical stature but about how you approach a seemingly unattainable challenge.
Weights Room Strength & Conditioning Coach

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Volleyball Report

This week’s match saw High play against St Ignatius in our first home game of the season though the number of away team supporters seemed to prove otherwise. Nevertheless, this had no effect on us as we continued our winning streak by dominating them in three quick sets straight. The first set accommodated very little action, as our opponent seemed to lose control of the ball once we got it over the net. This proved to lower our hopes for any long, exciting rallies and the set soon came to an end at 25-14. The second set provided a similar situation but probably to greater extents. For a long time, the ball was experiencing one way traffic since it never managed to find its way back to our side of the court. Patrick’s astounding display of 15 serves in a row appeared to be too much pressure for them as the rest of us simply stood on court hardly doing anything. Before we realised, the second set had finished at an embarrassing 25-5. The third set saw St Ignatius pick up their game as they looked as if they began to understand how to play the game only to be contested by Merlin’s remarkable performance at the net, which proved to be too much of a challenged for them. In the last moments of the match, High slacked off but still managed to grab the last set thanks to Hugh diving around the back court to make up the team’s mistakes to wrap it up 25-21. To conclude, the team would like to thank Mr Kay and Dr Ganderton for their constant efforts and assistance in our victories.
Ivan Li
Team Tournament Reports:

On Sunday 8th June High competed in the NSW Schools Cup. Though we played in an unfamiliar Opens division resulting in an extremely bad start to the day, the 17As managed to find its way to finish 4th in a total of 17 teams. Due to the team being half asleep and barely warmed up, we suffered a poor start to the group stages. Alongside us in our pool were West Wyalong, Blue Mountains Grammar School, Baulko 16s and High 17Ds. Despite an unfortunate result in our first match, we were able to maintain our composure and win our next two matches. A special mention must go to Sean for his outstanding serving, which won us at least 10 points. The final match in our group saw us face the giant West Wyalong. With our primary middle blocker Merlin leaving halfway, we found ourselves disadvantaged in height. However, we made up for this with skill and they only just managed to win a match in which the results could easily have been reversed. Stephen must be complimented for taking up Merlin’s role quite securely. Our results in the group stage proved enough to see us through to the quarterfinals, in which we faced our rival Grammar. Though we were confident from a recently victory against them in GPS, we realised too late that this was their 1st Grade team. In spite of this, we put up a fight and made Grammar have to play to their best in order to overcome us. Hugh ought to get the credit for keeping us alive at several times of the match with his expertise in passing and his ability to surprise blockers twice his size with his extraordinary spikes. This however would not have been possible without Tony’s consistent setting. We were unlucky to face such a tough opponent who were more experienced and even went on to win the whole tournament. Special thanks must go to the accompanying staff on the day including Mr Kay, Oli, Yaegan, Karl and Ms Trompetter.
Ivan Li
17As Captain

Despite the gloomy weather SBHS E team demonstrated skills which were unseen on Wednesday training sessions. Our first two games saw us copping a brutal defeat. The highlight was our third game against Baulko to whom we lost 25-23, 25-23, in a very close set of scores for second place. With a little more training the SBHS E team vows that it will claim a set from Baulko in the next tournament. Special mention must go to Simon who picked up over six spikes (some executed with some flashy foot work) and Dominic whose underarm serve scored five points in a row.
Johny Shih

The first match of the day was against one of our own Sydney Boys teams. We won the match in straight sets with Steven’s awesome passing and Edward’s aces in the second set providing great support for the team. It was a fun game that helped our team get into the mood of the tournament.

Shorson’s positive talking helped boost our team’s morale in the first set against Rooty Hill. Great serving by Shane got us some much needed points early on in the set. Despite our best efforts we lost the first set by a mere three points and went on to lose the second.

In our match against Westfields, consistency helped our team grab the first set with Daniel Shan’s great blocking which shut off their main hitter. Sam Wan provided good setting support which allowed us to get a few more full plays. Time limitations towards the end of the second set secured the match in our favour.

Our performance faded against Muirfield. Overall the tournament was a great experience and our team did very well placing fifth in the Open boys.
Matthew Chan
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From the Rugby Master’s Desk

We finished the pre-season last Saturday with our trial against Sydney Grammar School. As with the entire pre-season there were some very positive signs as we look forward to St Josephs at Hunter’s Hill.

Our 2nd XV had a great tussle with the Grammar 3rds to finish with a draw. The 16A, 15A and 14As were all competitive in their matches against Grammar, as they have been throughout the pre-season. Each player must take some heart from those results to know that the gap between us and the other GPS schools is not that great. Sydney Grammar has put a great deal of resources into their rugby program over the last few years and would not be considered an easy opponent, particularly in the juniors.

In the fixtures ahead our B and C teams should find some parity as they have hopefully been matched at a level commensurate with their ability and experience. Our 13s should always remember that we cannot match our opponents in playing experience at this stage. We are on a steep learning curve gaining our experience in ‘bucket loads” each week. We should concentrate on the long term picture. Our goals are to play better next Saturday than we did last Saturday, be better footballers at the end of the season than we were at the start, and better still in four years time than we are now. But it will only happen if all players attend all training sessions, from now until the end of the year.

Unfortunately there were some disappointing occurrences last Saturday as well. We had an embarrassing end to one junior match with the majority of the High team abusing the referee and refusing to shake the opposition hands; a 13 years player sent off for retaliation; a parent approaching a referee at the conclusion of a match and High spectators verbally abusing a referee. My strong advice to those involved is that should a similar incident occur either during or at the end of a match, I will recommend that the team be disbanded rather than have the school suffer any future public embarrassment; that referees are not to be approached by either players or spectators prior, during or after a match and if there are any grievances concerning a match that they should be taken up with myself as the Rugby MIC for High; junior players sent off can expect a minimum of a one week suspension subject to the referee’s report; and that most of the spectator abuse of the referee that I witnessed came from the adult male spectators who should be mindful of the examples they set for their sons and others.

As a colleague of mine says “Don’t get mad, get even”, the best way to improve the quality of refereeing is to pick up a whistle yourself and referee the High home matches. To become qualified is a relatively easy task. The Level 1 Referees course can be done through NSW Rugby www.nswrugby.com.au  and involves eight hours of course work, completed over two nights, passing the Law exam (90%) which can be done online with the law book by your side and one competency field test which I am able to oversee. The cost of the course is $60 which the High rugby committee is willing to cover. Once qualified you can then referee at McKay and give the High teams the perceived advantages other schools are getting from “their” referees.

I look forward to seeing you all at Hunter’s Hill next Saturday to watch our juniors and the 1st XV play one of the memorable experiences a schoolboy rugby player can have, playing Joeys at Joeys.
G Stein
MIC Rugby

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Sydney High Ski Team

Eighteen boys will represent our school in ski races at Perisher Valley in the July holidays. A fund raising effort is currently underway to help with expenses involved in fielding our team. Raffle tickets are currently on sale – see Mr Jones or Team Members (list outside History 2 staffroom) for your supply of tickets…. Prizes for holders of winning tickets include amazing sporting memorabilia and include one or two surprises!!! Please support this unique representative team by buying lots of tickets & thereby increase your chances of winning one of those great prizes !!! For further details/tickets … contact Mr Jones … History Faculty.
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High Rugby Friends Big Night Out

August 2nd 2008

2:00pm - 5:00pm: High 1st XV v Kings
5:30pm - 7:30pm: Wallabies v All Blacks, live in Sydney High Great Hall
7:30pm - late: Join us for dinner and celebration of High Rugby's past present and future

After the success of last year's dinner (a great night with sensational food and words from Ewen McKenzie, which paid for the donation of a scrum machine to the school), HRF has combined with the Sydney High Rugby Committee to present the Rugby Big Night Out - an awesome event featuring something for every High Rugby Friend. Make sure you clear your diaries and get in early to secure the best seats in the house for what is sure to once again be the main event of the Sydney High social calendar!

$60 ($40 concession) for entry, dinner and all entertainment. A bar will be running on the night

Ticket: go to www.highrugbyfriends.com to pay with credit card or emails This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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