High Notes, Vol 9 No 15, May 23 2008

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From the Principal

High Talent
Zid Mancenido and Anosh Sivashanmugarajah (Year 12) won through to the Regional Final of the Plain English Speaking Award. Well done, boys! Great work in the canteen by Karen Barry and Tracey Trompp in providing great food selections for our boys. Try the new line – sweet corn and chicken soup! A belated congratulations to Phillip Kurts who was first in division 1 at the CHS sailing regatta at Belmont, sailing his 29er. Well done to Serdar Bolen, Junior Rugby coordinator, for his organisation of junior rugby and the publication of High Way Rugby, our junior rugby manual. I commend it to you. Congratulations to the 15A football team last Saturday for “outstanding sportsmanship and allegiance to the good name of “High””. When opposing coaches write in praise of our boys it makes us all feel proud to be associated with the school.

Australian College of Physical Education – Practicum Students
Last year, following through on an initiative by Mr Ayre (HT Sport), we trialled a model in which multiple practicum students attended High in a part time block on Thursdays. Students were able to gain both experience of teaching and hands on instruction during sport. This year we are consolidating a practicum model. Dr Ganderton has produced a detailed document explaining the nexus between schools, tertiary institutions and the Institute of teachers in pre-service training. Our Practicum Coordinator, Ms Boukatos, has been developing materials and processes as a result of her experience in mentoring two ACPE students (Christy Beynon and Liam Wright) this year. As a result of fruitful discussions with ACPE management, we are ready to accommodate multiple students in the winter program. Two models are proposed. Thursday students spend all day at High in 3 sessions: morning – observation / teaching, middle- reflection with ACPE supervisor, afternoon- sports sessions with the fitness group or others by negotiation. Elite scholarship athletes with coaching experience and / or qualifications work with Saturday sports teams. Details of training schedules and fixtures attendance will be negotiated on a case by case basis with the MICs of each sport to be accessed.

Jeans for Genes – Year 8 Community Service Project
When our students bring their $2 for mufti day on August 1 each year, it is good to know where the accumulated funds will be going. The slogan is: ”Raising funds for today’s scientist for tomorrow’s children”. This is a worthy cause. The organisation is a major fundraiser for the Children’s Medical Research Institute [www.cmri.com.au ]. Approximately one in twenty children has a genetic fault. Scientists are researching birth defects, cancer and epilepsy in the hope of preventing them occurring in children or at least minimising their impacts. Such vital research consumes a great deal of money. Year 8 boys might consider volunteering to collect for the cause outside of school hours. We hope that students involved as Year 8 leaders will research more about their service project and inspire others to raise more money for the Institute. Go to www.jeansforgenes.org.au for more information.

Schools Peace Initiative
The Sydney Peace Foundation is challenging schools on the question of whether peace is both a local and global priority. You are invited to contribute to an online peace gallery and to report on peace projects undertaken at your school. If you are concerned about peace in its broadest context, go to www.sydneypeacefoundation.org.au and find out more about how you can be involved.

Rugby coaching arcs up
Welcome to our Sydney University rugby players (T. Coolican, O. Aitken, N. Phipps and J. McMahon) who have joined our coaching team to help out with skill development for first and second grade. Also, it’s great to see a dozen Old Boys coming to High to put something back into the sport. With help from Mick Aldous and Jason Tassell, things are looking good for our program. All that is required now is for boys to believe in themselves and do the work – three times per week. There was a big turn out of students for High Rugby Kick- Off Day at McKay last Saturday. With junior players signing up for the season and getting ‘High Rugby – Believe’ T-shirts and boys obviously enjoying the game, the atmosphere was very positive. The Rugby Committee parents supported the event as recorders and cooks and distributors of rugby packs. The sport is in good hands.

Sir Roden Cutler Day
This Friday, May 23, all of Year 11 will be collecting for Sir Roden Cutler Charities. In partnership with military personnel from Victoria Barracks, groups of boys will solicit donations from the public at Central, Town Hall, Hyde Park, Circular Quay and Bondi Junction. A morning session 0730-0900 and a lunch session 1200-1400 will be arranged with boys signing collection tubs in and out at designated sites manned by soldiers. Between 1000 and 1100 all the boys will be fed at the SCG, where activities are being held prior to the launch of the wheelchair roll. Twenty boys will accompany wheelchairs from the SCG to Parliament House. At the conclusion of the lunch sessions at 1400, boys will return their tubs and are then free to go home. Students are reminded that full school uniform is mandatory. Research shows that passers by will donate to well dressed school students regardless of the cause because they appreciate young people giving up their time for charitable work – but only if they look good.
Dr K A Jaggar

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Public Speaking

The Legacy Junior Public Speaking Award will be held in July and try outs will be conducted in Week 6. Two students will be selected to represent High in the competition. Interested junior students must attend coaching sessions on Tuesday mornings at 8am. These coaching sessions are designed to develop confidence and expertise in the art of public speaking. Besides learning how to successfully compete in competitions, the skills developed in coaching enable students to speak with greater confidence and clarity in the classroom.

The Regional Final of the Plain English Speaking Award will take place on Monday, with Anosh Sivashanmugarajah and Zid Mancenido representing High. We wish them the best of luck.

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Library Building Fund

2008 Fundraising campaign
This is a call for volunteers to assist with this year’s Library Building Fund fundraising efforts. All materials and instruction supplied, easy work in your own time, for one or two weeks in June.

If you haven’t found a way to volunteer in the school yet, this is a great opportunity to assist in a very tangible way toward the building of the new library.

For more details, please contact Steve Saunders
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Mobile: 0411 851 412

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English Report

In Term Two it’s very much nose-to-the-grindstone at High, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have any fun. Some of the enrichment activities the English and Drama faculties have been delivering to the boys have been both incredibly helpful and enormously entertaining.

On Tuesday a select group of Year 11 and Year 12 Extension 1 students participated in a schools workshop in the Sydney Writers Festival held at Parramatta Riverside Theatre. Run by Ursula Dubosarsky, NSW premier’s Prize-winning author of The Red Shoe and The Word Spy, this workshop reinforced the importance of research as part of the writing process- something that students all too often neglect.

Recently all High’s drama students were fortunate enough to attend a fantastic playbuilding workshop at NIDA, in which the talented third year students performed and coached our boys in the skill of collaboratively devising dramatic performances.

To help Year 10 in their study of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet we have arranged an excursion to see the Sydney Theatre Company’s performance of Romeo and Juliet at the Wharf Theatre in the afternoon on Monday May 26th. Directed by Wayne Blair, this new production will place Shakespeare’s tragedy into a modern Australian context, as a fabulous mixed cast of Indigenous and non-Indigenous actors explore the interrelated opposites of love and hate in an accessible and beautiful production.

We trust that the students will welcome these opportunities to enrich their understanding in so many ways, and thank the dedicated teachers who have gone to so much trouble to make these excursions possible, particularly at this time Ms Barr, Ms Jassy and Ms Eggleton.

Don’t forget about the Sydney Morning Herald Young Writer of the Year contest. Entries close Friday June 27. I’ll leave you with this final thought from the amazing American writer, Susan Sontag.

Reading usually precedes writing and the impulse to write is almost always fired by reading. Reading, the love of reading, is what makes you dream of becoming a writer.
Ms Trompetter

Reading Torque
Reading Torque this week comes from our Science Faculty’s Brian Webb who gives us a guided tour of The Three Trillion Dollar War in the back of his imaginary carbon-neutral Hummer.

I recently was given The Three Trillion Dollar War, by Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz and Harvard academic Linda Bilmes. It is about the true cost of the invasion of Iraq, and while its message is one that is widely suspected - that lots of money was spent by the Bush administration on an unpopular war - it provides such brilliant detail that you don't just feel cynical about the Iraq invasion, but positively outraged at the human and social cost that will last for generations.

What I really like about this book is that it challenges short term views of economic costs. Stiglitz and Bilmes painstakingly measure the future costs of the Iraq war. They look at how much it will cost to look after those soldiers injured in the conflict and how little the US government has planned to provide for them. Of the 751,000 servicemen that have been discharged by December last year, 224,000 had applied for disability benefits. The Authors predict that disability benefits alone will require $372 billion alone.

Returning servicemen suffering brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, amputations and spinal cord injuries are facing long waiting lists, bureaucratic delays to treatment and compensation.

Other costs are also measured, such as lower productivity in the US economy due to lost labour, extra health care costs, the effects of increased oil prices on the world economy, and the costs to the Iraqi people and other countries.

You soon realize that $3,000,000,000,000 is a best case scenario. Stiglitz and Bilmes identify how this money could have been spent on many other things such as public health and education, anti-poverty programs and measure that increase the long-term wealth of our societies. For my money, The Three Trillion Dollar War is a great contribution to changing our society's priorities.
Mr Webb

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School Student Transport Scheme (SSTS)

School Student Code of Conduct
Students travelling on buses must:

  • Dip school bus pass or pay the fare when joining the bus. This is particularly important as the data collected from the on bus fare collection system may be used for service planning purposes
  • Use school specials when provided
  • Vacate seats for adults when requested
  • Follow the driver's instructions about safety on the bus
  • Respect the needs and comfort of other passengers
  • Behave appropriately at all times (e.g. no offensive language, no throwing things)
  • Protect bus property (e.g. no vandalism)

Students are reminded to:

  • Only use the school bus pass for its intended purpose i.e. for travel between home and school (does not include travel to and from sporting activities)
  • Maintain possession of the school bus pass at all times.

During 2008, authorised officers will be deployed to inspect Code of Conduct compliance on school bus services in the Eastern Region. Students who are found to have breached their obligations may lose their travel entitlement and possibly incur an infringement.

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SHS: Foundation Years

This week, the history of the School’s years at Castlereagh Street covers the sports of tennis and harriers.

The Sydney High School tennis club was formed in September 1888. A court was marked out on the playground at Castlereagh Street and activities commenced thanks to the Headmaster’s generous donation of a “box of tennis material” and Mr Piddington’s gift of a set of tennis balls.

The club’s initial high expectations were dashed in what was possibly the school’s first inter-school tennis match against Sydney Grammar School on 7 December 1888. Sydney Grammar’s second grade team trounced the High hopefuls by 30 games.

This was possibly the last inter-school tennis match for many a year as the deteriorating state of the playground at Castlereagh Street led to the development of skills that were of no use when transferred to the courts of other schools. In 1889, one boy wrote in the school magazine:

There is a huge hole in the tennis-court, an ornamental one, and some of our tennis-players, I know, have been practising quite a long time lobbing their strokes into this hole so that the other man can’t get ‘em. That’s about the only stroke some of them know. If this hole were filled up, they would perhaps be able to start playing tennis, and I hope it will, considering how vastly successful we have been in our tennis matches up to now.

Nothing is heard of tennis again in the annals of the School until the re-establishment of the tennis club in 1899.

“Harriers” is a name applied to the members of a “hare-and-hounds” team. The members of the team would go on a cross-country run emulating a traditional English hunt. The “hares” laid the scent which the “hounds” followed. The “scent” was usually paper torn into fragments and scattered along the way, hence the alternative name of “paper chase” for the activity.

The following is an account from an 1889 edition of the school magazine:

The school harriers held a splendid run on July 24th. The hares were Watt (our champion) and Freeman (our sticker) and who received seven minutes grace from the slow pack and ten from the fast pack. The run being over about eight miles of La Perouse and Botany country, the scent was all that could have been wished, but the pack was fooled oftener than once by the strategy of the wily hares. About two miles from home, on the Bunnerong Road, the scent ran out, and at this point the pack was all of a heap; so from here there was a good run home.
SHS Old Boys Union

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First of all, I’d like to extend a warm welcome to the new fencers who’ve joined us this year and their parents. It’s always nice to see new faces in the fencing community and we hope you enjoy fencing. To everyone else, welcome back and enjoy the start of a new fencing season!

Senior Schools State Championships Individual (10/05/08)
Unfortunately, we didn’t do as well in the individual championships this year as we did last year, but it was the first tournament of the season. Boris Zolotarev did best, winning three of his five bouts in the pools round of the competition, and got through to the second round in the direct elimination round, just losing 12-13. Julian Byrnes won two bouts in the pools, but was knocked out in the first elimination round 12-15. Addison Clune was unlucky in the first round, only winning one bout, but due to some excellent fencing got through to the second elimination round, unfortunately being matched against the national fencer Adam Olivieri.

Teams (17/05/08)
If our individual results were disappointing, our team results certainly made up for it. We put in three teams this year. The teams were: Julian Byrnes, Addison Clune, Mitch Hammer and Boris Zolotarev (As), Anirban Ghose, Caillin Mckay, Maxwell Phillis (Bs), Henry Mack, Swei Tang, Nazim Uddin and Patrick Hsiao (Cs).

The As and Bs both go through to the finals, ranked 7th (As) and 8th (Bs) which will be held on 31/05/08 at Newington College. The Bs fenced exceptionally well, not only winning two matches, stealing two bouts from the dreaded Riverview team before being defeated 2-5.

The Cs had a bit of bad luck being placed in the same pool as Riverview and our B team. They went down to their more experienced opponents, but they put up a good fight. Good work, everyone, and good luck for the rest of the season!

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Chess Results

The chess teams have had an excellent start to the year; all six teams have shown great skill and are yet to be defeated. This is a marvellous achievement against tough competition. Well done boys!

Please see below the results for the last two weeks

Results from 9 May 08, Round 1
Senior          4 v 0   Grammar C
Inter A         3 v 0   Cranbrook B
Inter B         3 v 0   Newington B
Inter C         4 v 0   Ascham B
Junior A                Bye
Junior B        4 v 0   St Andrew’s Cathedral B
Junior C        2 v 2   Newington B
Results from 16 May 08, Round 2 
Senior          4 v 0   Ascham C
Inter A         4 v 0   Grammar C
Inter B         4 v 0   Meriden
Inter C         4 v 0   Marcellin
Junior A        4 v 0   Trinity B
Junior B        3 v 1   Cranbrook B
Junior C        4 v 0   Meriden 
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SHS Football: The Onion Bag

Details of Sydney High football 2008
Sydney High has 426 football players and 28 football teams this year.

Pre-season games will be played on: 24 May, 31 May, 14 June. (NB: No games on 7 June)

GPS Competition Starts on 21 June and finishes 30 August

21 June     vs      St Josephs

(No games on 28 June, 5 July, 12 July, 19 July)

26 July  vs      St Ignatius (Riverview)
2 August         vs      Kings School
9 August         vs      Shore
16 August        vs      Newington
23 August        vs      Scots
30 August        vs      Grammar 

Player obligations
Players are obligated to attend all fixtures. Players unavailable to play need to explain their situation with the MIC in the week prior to the match. (Friday is too late). Players failing to do so may be excluded from the football program.

Team Lists
Team lists are posted on the noticeboard outside DT staffroom. Please check each week for updated lists.

Kick-off Times & Venues
Match times and venues are posted on the noticeboard outside DT staffroom on Thurs each week and under “Upcoming Events” on the home page of the school website www.sydneyboyshigh.com.
NB: Match times/venues may not be finalised until a few days before each game

How to get to away games
See www.sydneyboyshigh.com . Click on “Links” from the left side of Home page, and then click on “Venue Information for each AAGPS school”

Contact List
Regular updates eg about wet weather instructions, directions for getting to venues, fundraising parking events etc are emailed to the Football Contact List. To add your contact details to this list, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

End of Season Football Dinner and Awards night
Will be held on Thursday September 4th in the Great Hall, from 6.30 pm Please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you would like to help with this.

Coaches, manages and referees
With such a large number of teams, Sydney High football requires the services of as many parents as possible. If you are able to assist your son’s team by performing any of these roles, please contact me asap.

Trial 1 17th May
High teams played their first trial matches last weekend. Results across all teams were encouraging with many strong victories.

1st grade conceded a late goal to draw 2-2 with Joeys. The most pleasing aspect of the game was High’s passing game, which controlled possession, enabling good attacking options to develop further up field. Notable performances came from Jeremy Ireland, who was solid in defence and creative in attack. ‘Mr Set Piece’ Ronan Casey bagged a double and Daniel Campion for the short time he was on the field, sent the attending GPS selectors into raptures with his elusiveness and composure on the ball.

2nd grade suffered a 2-0 defeat and need to further develop their team play, rather than rely on individual efforts, if they are to figure in the premiership race this year. Anton Paul (Year 10) made his debut and duly took out the players’ player award by an unprecedented margin: a very mature performance. Anthony Tsiailis was another standout performer, continuously involving himself in the play. Josh Sutton, another Year 10 debutant, had a strong game in goals, making several smart saves in a very positive display.

13A defeated Joeys 5-1
The next generation of high footballers were let loose for the first time and managed to score their first goal after only 20 seconds! The unstoppable strike from Ajun Punekar sailed into the top right corner. Ajun scored 3 more to take his individual tally to 4 for the match. The boys have been training hard 3 sessions a week and the cohesion shown in their play is a testament to their effort.

Other match reports
6th grade defeated Joeys 6th 1-0

Sydney High 6th Grade faced an evenly matched Joey’s team, leaving the score at nil all after the first half. But through good play and determination Sean Lee scored the first goal of our season, enabling 6th Grade to win their first match of the season. The score remained unchanged at full time.

16A defeated Joeys 2-0
Our first match for the season was up against Joeys. It was a shaky performance without the solid Antony Paul, but it was enough to send the Joey’s kids back home without the points. Our first goal came in the 5th minute when a run down the left wing resulted in a cross which scraped the crossbar, before Mike calmly slotted it past 2 defenders. This was followed by a wave of Joey’s attacks, which all resulted in the Joeys unable to convert. Second half was no different as Avindu was able to connect with ball with a towering header past the keeper, who was left stranded. Our condolescences go out to Jeremy Rajendram, who fell in his "line of duty" by popping an elbow. On the positive side, debutant keeper David Ma produced a man of the match performance with magnificent composure in goals.

Quote of the Week
'Today's top players only want to play in London or for Manchester United. That's what happened when I tried to sign Alan Shearer and he went to Blackburn.' Graeme Souness

Mr R.Gifford
MIC Football
Wk: 9361 6910 Ext:119
Voice mail: 291

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Learn to Row Program

Adults Learn to Row Program
HURRY - Still a few places available!

Sunday, 18 May – 22 June 2008
7.00am – 9.00am
The Outterside Centre 5 Teviot Avenue, Abbotsford

6 Sessions of 2 hours
Cost $275.00 incl. GST

Come down to Abbotsford this Sunday and bring your friends with you. Fantastic opportunity to learn Rowing in Sydney in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Whether you are a complete novice or have some previous experience, everyone is welcome. Rowing is the ideal aerobic sport for the entire body as it is low impact and low injury. You’ll enjoy the ultimate team activity as well as the magic moments of early mornings on the water. All our coaches are ‘old boys’ who volunteer their time to make a contribution and they even organise a BBQ breakfast afterwards for everyone to enjoy in this stunning location!

Learning Outcomes
At the completion of the course participants will possess the following skills and knowledge:

  • Basic knowledge of rowing style and boat rigging
  • Basic navigation rules and river etiquette
  • Ability to row with a crew in a racing shell

Safety Note: Participants must be able to swim 50 metres and tread water as a safety requirement. All participants must sign The Sydney High Foundation’s Indemnity Form, stating swimming ability, before they are allowed on the water.

Under 18s must be accompanied by a participating adult.

To make a booking or for more information:

Please contact Judith Shuttleworth, Foundation Venues Manager, on 0427 070 569 or at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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From the Canteen

To all our current wonderful volunteers...THANK YOU!

As the school year progresses, we often find work situations of our volunteers can change.

It is a huge help to the Canteen staff if you can use the Roster to find someone to swap with and advise staff of the change.

Some volunteers however are forced to drop out entirely, due to pressures of work, so we are in constant need of new Volunteers.

If you have never tried Canteen duty before, it is never too late to put up your hand. Even if you can only manage the odd day here and there, every bit of help counts. Just ring the Canteen and offer your services!

The direct number for Canteen is 9360 4027. Speak with Karen or Tracey.

Remember…all Canteen profits are returned to the school for the benefit of our boys’ education and development. Thank you

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Rugby Trial Games This Saturday
The Rugby season gets underway with our first trial games against other schools this Saturday. Details of teams, game times and locations have been given to the boys at school and are being emailed to all boys/parents who have provided their email addresses.

Parent Age Group Coordinators for the Juniors are

U13: Julie Connolly 0418 470 203, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it except this week when enquiries should be directed to Geoff Andrews 0438 421 886, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

U14: Peter Daniels 0400 872 550, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

U15: Anita Bezjak 0408 021 584, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

TAS Trip Next Weekend
All our rugby teams are looking forward to the annual trip to Armidale to play The Armidale School (TAS) next weekend. The boys leave at 8am on Friday 30 May and return at approximately 5pm on Sunday 1 June. They stay overnight Friday and Saturday on the TAS campus and have a great time.

The cost of the excursion is $90, the same as in 2007. Information sheets, consent and payment forms have been given to the boys and payment must be made to the School Office by Recess, Thursday 29 May.

Rugby Kick-Off Day Last Saturday
Thank you to all those parents who helped at our Rugby Kick-Off Day at McKay Oval last Saturday. It was great to see many of the usual dedicated band of helpers, and a number of new faces, manning the BBQ and Canteen, welcoming the new rugby parents and distributing the Junior Rugby Kits.

Special thanks to our BBQ and Canteen coordinators Julie Blomberg and Christina Chow and to Julie Connolly, Peter Daniels, Steve Gollan and Charles Ovadia for collecting contact details for all the boys in the junior age groups. 

Finally, a very big thank you to Rugby MIC, Mr Stein, and Juniors Coordinator, Mr Bolen, who put the Day together and to Dr Jaggar for his strong support.
Geoff Andrews
President, Rugby Committee

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