High Notes, Vol 9 No 13, May 09 2008

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From the Principal

High Talent
Congratulations to Spencer Llewellyn (11) on his selection in the NSW U-18 basketball team. Well done also to Alasdair Brown (11) on his selection in the Sydney U-17 field hockey team and the CHS Open team. In the NSWJCL two day Autumn Tournament, hundreds of chess competitors played ten rounds. Dawen Shi (8.5) came 2nd, Ben Encel (7.5) was 15th , Edward Naoumov (7) 23rd and Leon Sheldon (7) 27th. Congratulations on your efforts boys! In the Whitlam Institute’s “What Matters” writing competition Leo Lou was runner up with his entry “Stem Cell Research”. Daniel O’Keefe has been selected by the Sydney Rowing Club to compete at Henley Royal Regatta UK to contest the Fawley Cup for U-19 Quad Sculls – a prestigious event. Congratulations Daniel!

All My Own Work
All students who sit for one HSC examination need to have completed the 5-module online course “All My Own Work”. Log on to http://amow.boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au/quiz.html and complete the modules. It is the student’s responsibility to complete this task. Time has been provided to Years 10 and 11 on Thursday afternoons. Year 11 subject accelerants need to comply promptly.

UNSW/SBHS/SGHS Mathematics Extension Club
Returning this year on May 6, 15 invited students from Years 9, 10 and 11 will extend their mathematical understanding and liaise with 15 talented mathematics students from SGHS. The students will engage in enquiry-base exploration of mathematics problems and develop skills in presenting their findings to an audience. Mr Peter Brown, Lecturer, UNSW School of Mathematics & Statistics will mentor the students in the program. I would like to thank Professor Michael Archer, Dean of the Faculty of Science, for his ongoing support of this gifted education initiative.

Participation in Co-curricular activities in the Senior School and scholarships
Universities seem to be moving towards online form filling involving verifications by the Principal or nominee. This requires logging on and submitting passwords and unique identifiers. It consumes more of our time. Students who want online reference services from Mr Ayre or me should be aware that we have a policy of recognising only those who are currently participating. Our detailed online comments will be reserved for those we know are involved now. Parents should also be aware that a student’s final year commitment to sport and other activities is considered very favourably by university admissions personnel because it demonstrates a balanced approach to life, self-organisation, team work and self-discipline, in the face of pressures to perform academically. The UAI alone is reducing in importance for selection committees that are increasingly trying to find the best people for their faculties, those who fit their vocational profile after graduation.

Law at UNSW
In December last year I was one of a group that discussed with Professor David Dixon the proposed changes to admissions policy in the Faculty of Law at UNSW. Just as medicine has the UMAT aptitude test, the top 12 UK universities have an LNAT test for aptitude to study law. UNSW is considering using a modified version of such a test. Their thinking is that a combination of multiple choice items and essays will sort out the most suitable candidates for Law who have qualified as eligible via a benchmark UAI. What they are looking for are students who can: structure an argument, express themselves logically, economically and clearly, extract key information from data sources, and think about key principles and issues. Once again this approach demonstrates that the outcomes from schooling that are valued are related to specific literacy skills. All students need to be conscious of developing theirs.

University of Sydney, Faculty of Economics and Business, Scholarships dinner
On Tuesday I was a guest at this dinner to honour scholarship recipients. There were 102 scholarships shared by students from 54 schools, 5 from High. There were many categories that our students should be aware of. These awards included: ‘Outstanding academic and sporting achievement’, ‘all round excellence’ (Kelvin Yu), ‘excellence in academic achievement’ (Edward Deng, Louis Yang), ‘excellence in extracurricular endeavour’, ‘outstanding achievement’, and ‘Scholarship Entry Award’ (Michael Chen, Tzu-yun Hsiao). Once again the trend towards recognising all round achievers was evident. I urge teachers and students to become fully aware of the tertiary opportunities for recognition of achievement in its widest sense.
Dr K A Jaggar

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National Assessment Program

Literacy and Numeracy Assessment
The purpose of the National Assessment Program is to assess the literacy and numeracy learning of students in all Australian schools in Years 7 and 9.

In NSW the National Assessment Program replaces the Basic Skills Tests, English Language and Literacy Assessment (ELLA) and Secondary Numeracy Assessment Program (SNAP). The national assessment is designed to provide information on student performance across a number of levels of achievement.

The results of these tests will provide useful information for teachers and parents. In particular, they will help to inform teachers in their ongoing efforts to address the literacy needs of their students across all subjects.

There will be three sections in the Years 7 and 9 Literacy Testing. Language Conventions (Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation) and Writing will occur on Tuesday 13th May. Reading will occur on Wednesday 14th May. Numeracy Testing will occur on Thursday 15th May and all Years 7 and 9 students are required to bring a calculator for the calculator section of the test.

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Public Speaking

We have two senior competitions taking place over the next couple of weeks. On Friday May 16 Zid Mancenido will compete in the prestigious Lawrence Campbell Oratory Competition at Trinity Grammar School. All students are invited to come along and support the school. Also, Anosh Sivashanmugarajah and Zid Mancenido are representing High this week in the Local Final of the Plain English Speaking Award.

Students in the Junior school were also successful at the end of last term with Christopher Pinto earning 2nd place in the Regional Finals of the Rostrum Voice of Youth Competition.

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From the Canteen

Keen to try out the fabulous range of food in our canteen, but pressed for time?

Desperate for pasta or rice boxes, sweet chilli wraps or foccacia but keep missing out?

We have a wide range of hot food on offer and limited oven space. While we try very hard to second guess what all you boys (and teachers) will want to eat on a given day, it is very hard to get it right without your input.

The answer is simple!

Order ahead and reserve what you want!

Simply call at the canteen first thing in the morning, place and pay for your lunch order and it will be ready and waiting for you at lunch time.

How easy is that!

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English Report

The half yearlies are well and truly upon us now, and all over the school our students are knuckling down to some serious study. As we creep ever closer to the pointy end of the school year, it’s good for the boys to take stock of what they have achieved and work out strategies to improve their skills. For Year 12s this might involve attending special study days.

The RIDE THE HSC WAVE lecture programme offers a number of lectures that could help some of our students to clarify their ideas about and approaches to the modules they are studying for the 2008 HSC. At Eastgardens library Thursday 5/06 from 6 – 7:30pm Lyndall Hough will speak about approaches to the PHYSICAL JOURNEYS section of Paper 1. Lyndall will also speak about WRITING UNDER PRESSURE at Eastgardens Library on 12/05 from 6 -7:30pm. (Book on 9366 3888)

At Bowen Library, Monday 16/06 from 6:30 – 8 pm Gillian Lovell presents strategies to deal with Paper 1 Section 3, the compulsory journeys question. (Book on 9314 4888) On Monday 23/06 Waverley Library hosts two useful lectures for our students delivered by Larry Grumley - from 6 – 7:15pm he speaks about BRAVE NEW WORLD/BLADERUNNER and from 7:15 -8:30pm KING LEAR. (Book on 9386 7733) Each lecture is $5 to attend and you pay on the day, but bookings are essential.

Our HSC Extension students could benefit from attending the ETA HSC Extension 1 Day at Abbotsleigh School in Wahroonga on Sunday May 18. The morning session from 10:30am -12pm focuses on the texts and connections to the elective, and the afternoon session from 1pm to 2:30pm is geared to examine independent investigation and composition. The cost of this study day is $40; places will be very limited so contact the ETA on 9572 6900 and book while there’s still room.

All senior students (10-12) are eligible to enter the Sydney Morning Herald Young Writer of the Year competition. This is a wonderful opportunity to compete against other gifted writers for this prestigious prize. Finalists will participate in a public reading of their work at the MCA and the winner will be published in the Saturday edition of the Herald. Students interested in entering should go to http://www.heraldeducation.com.au/pagedetail.asp?intpageid=1016&intsectionid=1 and look at the winning story from last year, Daniel Fudge’s AND THE BOND CANNOT BE BROKEN.

Another reminder to Seniors to check out the events at the Sydney Writers’ Festival. If you go back to High Notes for April 11 you will find our suggestions on some appropriate events for our boys. Students should go to www.swf.org.au to check out all the courses and events available, and to book where possible.

Next, a few dramatic announcements. This year SBHS is fielding two Theatresports teams – an intermediate and a senior team. Many thanks to their wonderful coach Mrs Yvette McDonnall, who has been working tirelessly to prepare them for the physical and intellectual challenges that lie ahead. If you would like to support the teams you can simply turn up at the heats and, for $5 payable at the door, watch them compete for glory and a good laugh. The intermediate team is up against teams from Alos, Shore, St Andrew’s, and Strathfield Girls at St Aloysius College in Milson’s Point this Friday May 9 at 7pm.

Our seniors will be playing a mysterious range of schools we’ve not yet been told about at Tara Anglican School for Girls at North Parramatta at 7pm on Tuesday May 13th. Please come along and support your friends as they struggle to out wit their opponents.

We also look forward to Ms Jassy’s Year 10 drama class’s performances at Fast and Fresh, the schools based competition for short plays. Our students will be performing their self-devised plays at the Riverside Theatre in Parramatta. We’ll keep you posted about the details.

Finally congratulations to Leo Lou of Year 9 who, for his essay on stem cell research, was awarded the runner up in the Whitlam Institute WHAT MATTERS? Writing competition. What a fantastic achievement!
Ms Trompetter
HT English

Reading Torque… Deputy Principal Robert Dowdell shares with us some of his favourite reads.

‘I enjoy reading books written by a large number of authors: Jeffrey Archer, Desmond Bagley, Dale Brown, Dan Brown, Tom Clancy, Harlen Coben, Michael Connelly, Robin Cook, Patricia Cornwell, Michael Crichton, Clive Cussler, Ken Follett, Frederick Forsyth, Dick Francis, John Grisham, James Herriot, Jack Higgins, Alistair MacLean, James Patterson, Richard North Patterson, Kathy Reichs, Matthew Reilly, Wilbur Smith, Craig Thomas, Morris West.

If I read a book by an author and enjoy it I then search out other books that he or she has written. Most of these authors combine a theme with good storytelling: Tom Clancy's novels feature Jack Ryan and involve the CIA, Patricia Cornwell's stories usually relate to Medical Examiners, Clive Cussler's stories revolve around maritime history and discovery of shipwrecks, Dick Francis's stories always have a link to horse racing (he was a former jockey), John Grisham's novels usually involve lawyers, Kathy Reichs's novels revolve around forensics (the TV series Bones is based on her and her novels).

I have recently finished reading a book by Richard North Patterson called The Race. It was based on the American presidential primaries (Republican party) and posed the question: Can an honest man be elected president? I enjoy reading books which relate to the American political system and which combine information about the process with an interesting story. I am currently reading Prisoner of Birth by Jeffrey Archer. It is apparently a reworking of the story of The Count of Monte Cristo.

Reading is a very enjoyable pastime for me. I read each night and usually turn the light out after dropping my book for the third time.’
Robert Dowdell
Deputy Principal

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School Student Transport Scheme (SSTS)

School Student Code of Conduct Ð Students travelling on buses must:-

  • Dip school bus pass or pay the fare when joining the bus. This is particularly important as the data collected from the on bus fare collection system may be used for service planning purposes
  • Use school specials when provided
  • Vacate seats for adults when requested
  • Follow the driver's instructions about safety on the bus
  • Respect the needs and comfort of other passengers
  • Behave appropriately at all times (e.g. no offensive language, no throwing things)
  • Protect bus property (e.g. no vandalism)

Students are reminded to:-

  • Only use the school bus pass for its intended purpose i.e. for travel between home and school (does not include travel to and from sporting activities)
  • Maintain possession of the school bus pass at all times.

During 2008, authorised officers will be deployed to inspect Code of Conduct compliance on school bus services in the Eastern Region. Students who are found to have breached their obligations may lose their travel entitlement and possibly incur an infringement.

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Educational Access Scheme (EAS)

Most tertiary institutions that participate in the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) participate in the EAS. Students are eligible to apply if they are an Australian citizen, a New Zealand citizen, or a permanent resident of Australia. The student must demonstrate that his educational performance during Year 11 and/or Year 12 has been seriously affected by circumstances beyond his control.

Students applying for EAS will need to download their booklets and application forms from the website: www.uac.edu.au. The school counsellors are sent only a small number of booklets for distribution. If you require a Confidential Statement of Support completed by the school counsellor it is important that students begin the process early in the year.

The responsibility for sending the finalised application to UAC rests with the individual student.
E Harman and S Plummer
School Counsellors

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SBHS: Foundation Years

This week, the history of the School’s years at Castlereagh Street covers the sports of rifle shooting and cricket. Future issues will cover the sports of rugby, athletics, tennis and harriers.

Rifle shooting
Sydney High School’s first extra-mural sporting activity was rifle-shooting. In December 1883, just two months after the foundation of the School, Alick C K Mackenzie won the “All Schools Match” at the National Rifle Association’s meeting.

Indeed, in these early years, rifle shooting was the School’s most successful sporting endeavour. Sydney High School boys were often placed in the “All Schools Match” throughout the 1880s.

In the 1886 Inter-Colonial Match against Victorian cadets, the NSW team of 15 consisted of 8 boys from Sydney High. In the return match, held in Victoria in 1888, the entire NSW team consisted of Sydney High boys.

The rifle club, unlike the other sports, was a sub-committee of the School cadet corps, and probably benefited from the corps’ superior organisation and support from the Department of Public Instruction. Such support was not forthcoming for any other school activities.

Cricket is said to have had an early impetus at Sydney High School because of the Headmaster’s fame as an inter-colonial cricketer. The first matches were therefore played in 1884, the School’s first full year of existence.

In the early years, matches were played against Newington College, St Joseph’s College, Sydney Grammar School, St Philip’s Church of England Grammar School, Royston College, Queen’s College, the Electric Telegraph Department and the Staffs of the Mental Hospitals.

Alick Mackenzie is said to have been the mainstay of the original 1884 XI. He was later a member of the State team, playing 48 matches between 1888 and 1907. Having no ground of its own, Sydney High teams played on their opponents’ fields. The School magazine of 1888 reported:

For cricket, we tramp the city and suburbs, and find no spot in all the world to call our own. “Play on your ground” we always say, as we have none.

St Joseph’s College at Hunters Hill was always a preferred venue since the High team was invited to stay on for tea in the College dining hall. The hall was then part of a large weatherboard building, the stone building then being in course of construction.

By the end of the 1880s, cricket was, however, organised on a sporadic basis as one old boy, H S Dettmann (later Headmaster of Sydney Grammar School) who enrolled in 1889 recalled:

... There was no organised sport except, or until, the first Annual Athletic Meeting, but I played in cricket matches on the Mount Rennie mud wicket at Moore Park, either with or against S E Gregory, then an Old Boy (he hit a ball over the tram-line), and in a mixed team of old and present boys at the Association (ie, Sydney) Cricket Ground, when I cut my head on the fence in mis-fielding a boundary hit - few schoolboys then had any experience of an enclosed ground.

There was talk of a similar combined match against Newington, with T W Garrett leading them and "Joey" Coates leading us, as he had once led New South Wales; but poor old "Joey" was already having trouble in stumping about with the aid of an umbrella. In my last two years [1891 and 1892] I take credit for fathering (and mothering) a real Eleven, without any staff help at all, except "Joey's" hearty sympathy and a five pound note that he gave us to buy material - and five pounds went a long way in those days. After being beaten by most of the Second Elevens of the big schools, we learned a little psychology, and challenged the first teams, with notable success. Coates offered bats, once used by P S McDonnell, the great Australian XI hitter, for any school match score over 50, and they were won by H B Lusk, afterwards the best batsman in New Zealand, against Shore, and by myself against Grammar - the Sydneian of that day says I gave seven chances, but that now seems to me unlikely. But, apart from the Headmaster's practical blessing, we had no help from anybody.
SHS Old Boys Union

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Library Building Fund

2008 Fundraising campaign
This is a call for volunteers to assist with this year’s Library Building Fund fundraising efforts. All materials and instruction supplied, easy work in your own time, for one or two weeks in June.

If you haven’t found a way to volunteer in the school yet, this great opportunity to assist in a very tangible way toward the building of the new library.

For more details, please contact Steve Saunders
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Mobile: 0411-851-412

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Rowing Reunion Dinner

The Rowing Committee hosted a Rowing Reunion Dinner on the last Friday of Term One, 11th April 2008. This was to celebrate 85 years of GPS competition in the 125th anniversary year of the school.

With 190 people attending from the 1930s up until our present rowing community the camaraderie was palpable. As well as Joseph Waugh, OBU President, attending, we had past Olympic Rower, Ian Luxford (1970), past masters, coaches, parents, supporters, 16 Captains of Boats, interstate and overseas travellers and so many who have pulled on the oar for High.

Jack Singleton (1990) was once again an entertaining MC and it was terrific to hear interviews from the floor conducted by Old Boys, Richard Luxford (1976) and John Croll (1981). Our Principal, Dr Kim Jaggar, welcomed the past rowing community and overviewed the future of rowing while the Captain of Boats, Daniel O’Keefe, gave an inspiring insight into his experience of rowing for High. The sense of occasion was enhanced with the naming of the ‘PJ Day’ single scull by MIC, Mr Barris, and coach, Oliver Wilson (2002).

The Old Boys appreciated having the senior current rowers attending, enjoyed listening to the senior string ensemble and particularly loved the running display of old photographs, film footage, newspaper headlines and memorabilia. It all came together as a very special event with lots of positive feedback form Old Boys.

The success of the night was due to the time, effort and commitment contributed by the reunion organizing committee - Katharine Deacon, Geoff Andrews, Anita Bezjak, Peter Ambrose, Richard Luxford and John Croll with help from Joseph Waugh, Nada Andrews and our archivist, Louise Graul. Thank you to all those who attended and helped on the day and during the evening. We were also able to raise some funds for the rowing program and equipment.

Congratulations to our Captain of Boats, Dan O’Keefe, who has been selected in the GPS Rowing Team to row at Henley in England.
Julie Blomberg
President Rowing Committee

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Year 8 Parent Meeting

An invitation to Year 8 Parents

Dr. Jaggar will be joining us on

Wednesday 14th May at 6.30pm in the Staff Common Room

The topic for discussion will be

“Teaching and Supporting Gifted and Talented Students”

If there is any other specific item that you may wish to discuss at this meeting

please e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it no later than 10th May 2008.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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Letters Re Absence/Lateness/ Early Leave

When your son returns to school from being absent he is required to provide a letter of explanation signed by a parent or guardian. If your son is going to be late for school a note is also required.

If your son has an early leave note he is required to have his note signed by either Mr Beringer, Mr Dowdell or Mr Prorellis before 8:55 am and handed in to the Main Office immediately after. Each letter should be signed by a parent or guardian with the name, date and roll class of your son printed clearly. Your son needs to pick up a leave pass from the Main Office before he leaves the school.

If you require leave for your son please, apply in writing and address your application to the Principal, Dr Jaggar, stating the reason and length of time of the leave. Your son must then present this application to Dr Jaggar for permission for the leave. Please remember to apply before the leave and not after. The Principal must approve all leave applications.

The Principal must approve all leave applications.

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Gala High Rugby Kick-off day
9am-12noon Saturday 17 May at McKay Oval, Centennial Park

  • Trial Games for all 13s, 14s & 15s
  • Training for Senior Teams
  • Information for Parents
  • BBQ & Canteen

All parents are asked to attend to support their boys, meet other parents and learn about Rugby arrangements for the season Game times etc will be advised next week

Key Rugby Dates

Saturday 17 May Gala Rugby Kick-off Day (Internal Trials) McKay Oval
Saturday 24 May External Trials Vs SCEGS & Hurlstone Away
Fri 30 May – Sun 1 June Trial Vs The Armidale School Armidale Trip
Saturday 14 June Trial Vs Sydney Grammar Rushcutters Bay
Saturday 21 June 1st Round GPS Vs St Josephs College Hunters Hill 

Senior Rugby
The Rugby season is heating up. Most senior players have been involved in training, trying to perfect the many skills required to compete in one of the most elite school boy competitions in the world. Several new players, including Ben Wang and David Peng have committed and have strengthened our playing ranks. The senior players know what they are up against and do not deserve to have to constantly deal with the negatives about what they are trying to do.

Usually, the loud outside critics do not understand the complexity of the issues involved in playing Senior Rugby at High and take the easy option of writing us off. However, I am surprised and disappointed that some of the players are receiving flak from within. The students who are beating the drum the loudest are looking for the easy option and are prepared to ride on the success of others, instead of doing the hard work themselves.

Yes, it is obvious that High is trying to rebuild Rugby and again has to rely on a committed group of courageous senior boys. It is these players who are prepared to do all the training and put their bodies on the line for the school. It will be these boys who will be better prepared for the challenges of life. Many Institutions and businesses are beginning to recognise the value of this type of student and what they bring to their organisation. Sydney University is already taking a keen interest in some of these players who not only perform academically but respond strongly to sporting challenges. Now, from the coaches, the following senior players are to be congratulated for their regular training regime.

Grigori Astafiev Nelson Ridges Chris Andrews James Ip
Alexander Belokop Alexander Belokop Robert Chen Robert Chen
Alden Kwok Alden Kwok Josh Hui Shahar Meron
Jason Nguyen   Calum Martin Daniel O’Keefe
    Danny Ng Michael Denny Smith
    Ben Palau  

Trainers of the Month
Alden Kwok and Robert Chen

Last year our squad had to jump from the 13s to the 15s. The As played against GPS As and were often dealt with harshly. However, our As are unsinkable in spirit and loved the tough encounters. This year they should be better equipped to play at speed, should have better vision than last year, and should be tighter in teamwork than ever before. It will be a tough season but much will be learned by the end of it, for their turn in the senior sides of 2009. The Bs, wisely, were played against lower grade sides from the other schools and had some classic games. The last one of the season, against the excellent Grammar Cs, included a gutsy comeback to take out the game in the last seconds. They too show the optimism of the combined Years 11 and 10 who make up our whole squad of enthusiasts. They play for the enjoyment which Rugby can provide, no matter the odds, no matter the outcome.

JUNIOR RUGBY (13s, 14s & 15s)
Junior Rugby is off to a flying start this season with more players, more teams, more coaches and a coordinated training program supervised by Junior Rugby Coaching Coordinator, Serdar Bolen. A very successful Try Rugby Day for Year 7 will allow us to field four 13s teams this season. Numbers are also up in the 14s and 15s and we are hopeful of fielding 3 teams in each age group. Junior boys interested in trying Rugby are invited to play in the trials on Saturday 17 May to see how they like it.

Serdar has done a great job organising 14 old boy coaches, including many former 1st XV players, to provide expert coaching to all our Junior teams. He has also developed a very useful High Rugby Guide outlining the basics of the game, which will be given to all players.

Training for all Junior Teams is

Mondays 3.30 - 5pm Moore Park West
Wednesdays 3.30 - 5pm Moore Park West
Thursdays 1.30 -3pm McKay Oval

All players are expected to attend each training session. Parents are requested to ensure their son attends each session. Attendance will be taken into account in team selections each week.

A High Rugby Handbook with the season calendar, ground locations, training times, coaches and team managers, contacts and other useful information will be distributed to all players/parents in the near future.
P Scrivener

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Rugby Committee Meeting

The following is a summary of the meeting held on 26/3/08:

Serdar Bolen, Kel O’Keefe, Geoff Andrews, Peter Ambrose, Julie Blomberg, Sanita Vezjak, Ben Friis-O’Toole, Geoff Stein. Apologies: Katharine Deacon

State Junior Rugby Championships
We have informed the junior rugby hierarchy that we will not be applying to host an age group of the championships this year, instead laying the ground work for an application in 2009.

Treasurer’s report
Current account balance is $2634.33

Player recruitment
G. Stein is going to a GPS MICs rugby meeting on 5/5/08. It looks like we will be fielding 13 teams this year. (Opens x 2, 16s x 2, 15s x 3, 14s x 2 and 13s x 4)

Coach recruitment
Three more Old Boy coaches have signed on, Nick Bull, Damitha Fonseka and Ben Stamati. We look forward to their contribution to High Rugby.

Internal trial for juniors
Date 17th May at McKay at 9am. Senior players are invited to support the junior players on the day. This event will kick off the season for us. It is a family day to encourage all parents to become involved in their son’s rugby. A promotion flier in the High Notes and emails will be arranged to advertise the day.

High Way Rugby manual
A draft copy was tabled. High Rugby Friends are paying for a colour cover. There will be 200 copies printed and distributed to the junior players.

Meeting concluded 7.25pm

Next meeting: Wed. 26th May 2008, 6pm in Room 901. All are welcome to attend.
G. Stein
MIC Rugby

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1.6 km run record tumbles
Congratulations to Sam Lane (9.3) who shattered the existing all time 1.6Km run record of 5m 00s, set by Paul Watzlaff in 2003. Sam ran 4m 53s in the 2nd of the 1.6km assessment runs for 2008.

Congratulations also to Prashan Prabaharan (9.3) who equalled the previous Year 9 record of 5m 24s in the same run.
G. Stein

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High Store Price List

Autumn/Winter Price List - 2008


From -




Please arrange for boys to be fitted as
early as possible:  6-8 weeks delivery from order)

  DT Apron






PANTS: Trousers - Junior, Dark Grey w/w
Trousers - Senior, Light Grey w/w







BELTS: Black leather




SHIRTS: Sky Blue and White, Short Sleeve


OTHER: Water Bottle with SHS logo


  Sizes 10-14


  Brita Water Filtration Bottle


  Sizes 16-22


  Brita Filters


  Sizes 24-26








  Sky Blue and White, Long Sleeve




  Sizes 10-14


  Polo (house colours)


  Sizes 16-22


  Black Baggy with SHS Print


  Sizes 24-26


  Sport Socks




TRACKSUITS: (sold as separates)


  Up to size 16


  Taslon Jacket


  Size 18-22


  Taslon Pant


  Size 24-26








SOCKS: Cotton Knee High


  Singlet (NEW design)


  Cotton Anklet Sock in SHS colours


  Short (NEW design)
HIGH Training Top


TIES: Junior


  Socks white with SHS. colour








SOCCER: Jersey (sky with brown collar)


  Old Boys


  Shorts Brown Baggy


  GPS. Old Boy














RUGBY: Jersey:




  up to Size 12


BAGS: Backpack


        Size 14-22


  Sports Bag


        Size 24-28


        Shorts (new style rugby)


MATHS Grid Book A4




  Grid Book 96 Page


  Scarves knitted in SHS colours
















  House Badge


MUSIC Music Book


  SHS. (metal)




  Rowing (metal)


ART: Artist Paints


  Orchestra (metal)


  Canvas 18" x 24"


  Rifle (metal)


  Visual Art Diary A4


  SBHS Lapel Pin (metal)


  Visual Art Diary A3


      TENNIS: Junior Polo Shirt


        2nd to 5th Grade Polo Shirt




Mug with SHS crest (gift boxed)


SHS Sticker


Bridge Scorers


Address Book


Double Pack Playing Cards


School Centenary Book


Pencil Case (school crest)


Silverware:  sugar or fluted spoon






Letter Opener






SHS Plaque


Car Sticker


Coat hanger


SHS Foldable Chair


SHS Cufflinks


Car Number Plate Covers $39.95


Polo Shirt $49.50
Supporter Jersey High Spirit $75.00
Rugby Jersey (Original) $60.00
Suppoter Polo Fleece Jumper (New Design) $69.00
OBU Tie $27.50

BLAZERS - Additions


GPS Pocket $22.00
Music Pocket $22.00
Prefect Top Pocket $22.00
Prefect Bottom Pocket $38.50
Embroidery Line $17.50
Full Braiding $70.00
Dry Cleaning $11.00
Service Charge $30.00

Clothing Pool

A recycled section operates within the High Store shop.  Items such as blazers, shorts, trousers, jumpers, rugby/soccer tops & boots, tracksuits can be sold on a commission basis - the shop retaining 1/2 of the sale price.
Please ensure that when sending items for sale, you include your name and address.
All items sent should be clean and in good condition.  Shirts are gladly accepted as a donation.


Accepted payment methods include - Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, EFTPOS (Direct Debit) or cheque made payable to the "HIGH STORE"


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 10:30am to 1:30pm Telephone 9331 7075


G.S.T. is included on all prices listed.

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