High Notes, Vol 8 No 33, November 02 2007

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From the Principal

High Talent
Congratulations to both the top grades of basketball for their courageous victories on Saturday. They are proof that perseverance, skill and team work can overcome physical disadvantages. Well done too to our 1st cricket team who bowled so well against Joeys and stayed patient for a long time with the bat.

Main Building Staircase Leadlight Windows
The Year 12 (2006) gift to the school has been installed. The leadlight windows on the first floor landing complement the existing centrepiece window completed as an HSC work some time ago. Thank you to Phillip and Valda Roser for seeing the job through to the end and negotiating with the craft people to make this vision a reality. The gift was both very appropriate and timely.

Staff changes
After a selection process undertaken by Mr Walker I am pleased to announce student welfare positions for 2008. Congratulations to Mr Steve Codey who will be taking over from Ms Walles as Year Adviser for Year 9 as of term 4, and to Mr Hugh Howey who will be Assistant Year Adviser (Year 7, 2008) working with Ms Susanna Lim.

Swipe On Attendance Monitoring
The trials for swipe attendance monitoring are going ahead with all years now swiping to log in their attendance. It is our intention to make the process permanent from the beginning of next year if the number of swiping outlets can meet the demand from 1100 boys.

Rugby Restructure
Following on from last week’s announcement about the new Junior School Coaching Coordinator’s position, I am pleased to announce that Mr Paul Scrivener has agreed to take over as Head Coach for the 1st XV in 2008. To support Paul in his role we will be seeking the services of a Team Manager for First Grade Rugby and two Assistant Coaches, one each for the backs and forwards. I am planning to have a Defensive Coach for rugby at all senior grades as well. Preparing a team for a GPS season is too difficult a task for one person. Additional school resources will need to be devoted to the sport and we will be calling on the Rugby Committee and High Rugby Friends to assist in raising additional funds to support the program. We will be seeking technical and coaching assistance from Sydney University Sport. We see a seamless future pathway for talented rugby players to articulate into Sydney University Rugby, having been mentored by that club during their enrolment at High.

New Pianos
The music staff have been trying out the two new pianos purchased for the music rooms by the P & C. I would like to thank the P & C Executive for their vision and efficiency this year, particularly in the way they have disbursed P & C funds for worthwhile school projects. Our music students will benefit from this donation for a generation. Targeted P & C donations can really help specific school activities. Are you a financial member of the P & C?

Student Mentors
I need more volunteers from boys in Year 8 now. We need to make our twenty new students feel welcome when they come into Year 9 next year. I would like to think that at least all our SRC members would be student mentors, but all boys are welcome to volunteer. Participation will earn Student Awards Scheme points. I have 10 volunteers from Year 10. I would really like another 10 so that each new student has a mentor. Year 7 into 8 is covered. Thanks boys. We had too many volunteers. We will need you next year!

London: School sports plan to combat looming obesity crisis
14 October AFP
The government on Monday launched a campaign for greater participation in sports at school to combat the growing threat of obesity that the health secretary said was comparable to global warming. According to government-commissioned research half of all Britons will be obese in 25 years if current trends are not halted; furthermore, 86 percent of men will be overweight in 15 years and 70 percent of women in 20, it suggested. "For the first time, we are clear about the magnitude of the problem: we are facing a potential crisis on the scale of climate change, and it is in everybody's interest to turn things round," said Health Secretary Alan Johnson. Prime Minister Gordon Brown launched a new 100-million-pound programme Monday aiming to increase from two to five the number of hours of physical education in schools per week. Some 2.3 million pounds has already been set aside in the last 10 years to increase the number of hours of sport in school. But Schools Secretary Ed Balls said sports facilities alone would not stop the phenomenon in its tracks. "There's a role for schools in showing leadership," he said. "But it's what parents and kids do at home and after school which matters most.

[Given that Australians have a lifestyle not that dissimilar to the British, we have cause for concern here too about obesity. This school has at its heart the healthy mind, healthy body principle. Those parents reluctant to allow boys to participate in team sports for two seasons might consider how their decision could affect the long term well being of their sons. Good habits learned at school can carry someone throughout their life. In addition, team skills are important vocational training qualities. This news from London further legitimises our school policy of three training sessions per week for all sports.]
Dr K A Jaggar

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SHS Old Boys Union

Did you know?
Did you know that the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade can trace its origins to the Department of External Affairs that was first established in 1901? Since that date, five old boys of Sydney High have headed the Department with responsibility for foreign or external affairs: Sir John McLaren (1887), 1929-1933 (as Secretary of the Prime Minister's Department); Sir Alan Watt (1918), 1950-1954; Sir James Plimsoll (1933), 1965-1970; Sir Alan Renouf (1936), 1974-1977; and Dr Peter Wilenski (1955), 1992-1993. James Plimsoll and Peter Wilenski have also acted as Australia's Permanent Representative to the United Nations in 1959-1963 and 1989-1991 respectively.

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The Children’s Medical Research Institute and Jeans for Genes, being a nominated SBHS charity, are organising a new fundraiser program, Gift Wrap for a Cause. This year gift wrapping will take place at Myer Bondi Junction, Sydney City and Parramatta from 7-24 December and at Rhodes Shopping Centre from 15-24 December. The idea is simple – customers purchase a Christmas item and Jeans for Genes volunteers wrap it for a small donation. Currently they are seeking volunteers who would like to assist staff gift wrap at the above locations. This is a perfect opportunity for students to fulfil their Duke of Edinburgh community service or receive community service award points for their school award system. Students need to be 16 years or older. Information and clear instructions will be provided to students before they commence. A certificate and reference letter (when requested) will be forwarded to students for inclusion in their resume. For further information and to apply go to the website www.jeans4genes.com.au and click on How Can I Help/School Genie/Special Event Genie.
S Plummer
Charities Coordinator

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From the Canteen

We know how busy life can be for today’s parents, which is why we’d especially like to thank our loyal volunteers for their contribution to the smooth running of the canteen. Volunteer help is vital in ensuring healthy food for our boys and an ongoing income stream to the P&C for allocation to worthy school projects.

We’d like to say thank you by rewarding our volunteers with the chance to win a $10 Canteen voucher for their sons.

All volunteers have to do is turn up for duty as usual and sign the duty roster book. A draw will be held each month for the lucky voucher winner. Remember, if you find you can’t make your shift, just call a fellow parent on the roster and arrange a swap.
From the Canteen Team

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Fitness Assessment September 2007

The PDHPE faculty has given cardiovascular fitness extra importance this year with the usual 10% of a student’s assessment devoted to their overall fitness profile as well as 10% for their cardiovascular fitness and their 1.6Km performances during the 2007. This was done to reward those students who maintained a high level of aerobic fitness during the year as well as those students who made the effort to improve as the year went on. This practice will continue next year so that a student who gains a distinction or high distinction in PDHPE is an example of a high level of personal fitness.

For an assessment of 90% or better, a student was required to run the 1.6km in a time of 6 mins 30 secs, approximately, depending on the age of the student. An assessment of 50% or better, required a time of between 7 and 8 minutes, depending on age. A result of 10% or less means the 1.6km run was completed in a time greater than 9 mins 30 seconds.

There were some outstanding performances again this semester including Andreas Purcal (7T) 6m 07s, Sam Lane (8.5) 5m 28s, Michael Ambrose (9.1) 5m 24s and Harrison Lane (10.3) 5m 08s
* Fastest time held by Paul Watzlaff of 5m 00s set in 2003

There were also some great improvements during the year as students tried to improve on their personal best. This aspect is as important as recognising the high achievers. Notable Year 7 performances included Felix Wu (7E) 11m 14s > 8m 59s, Michael Lee (7F) 12m 10s > 9m 23s, Max Jones (7M) 7m 43s > 6m 31s, Jamison Tsai (7R) 11m 08s > 8m 46s, Shubash Quazi (7S) 10m 06s > 7m 56s and Toby Funston (7T) 11m 00s > 8m 21.

1.6km results for 2007

Percentile band No. of students in each percentile band
Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10
  Feb Sept Feb Sept Feb Sept Feb Sept
90 – 99 6 10 12 15 22 33 30 22
80 – 89 5 6 17 11 14 15 12 18
70 – 79 1 10 6 14 18 12 18 11
60 – 69 9 16 11 18 21 28 19 8
50 – 59 22 17 21 21 16 10 21 18
40 – 49 14 22 21 20 21 20 17 19
30 – 39 27 18 25 11 24 14 14 18
20 – 29 16 25 21 24 16 16 10 16
10 – 19 41 34 28 17 32 13 21 15
0 – 9 27 18 14 26 6 6 12 17
Non-starters 12 3 4 3 6 13 6 18

Mean results for each year group 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007.

  Feb 04 Oct 04 Feb 05 Sep 05 Feb 06 Sep 06 Feb 07 Sep 07
  Year 10   58%   63%   56%   62%   57%   65%   59%   55%
  Year 9   47%   52%   49%   60%   43%   52%   56%   63%
  Year 8   38%   57%   36%   49%   41%   52%   49%   50%
  Year 7   26%   44%   32%   46%   29%   48%   38%   44%

An honour board recognising the high achievers in the 1.6km run over the years will be placed in Room 901 next year.

Date Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10
2003 Danny Fu 6m 55s Quan Nguyen 6m 04s Andrew Reis 5m 44s Paul Watzlaff 5m 00s
2004 Alasdair Brown 6m 13s Alastair Taylor 5m 39s Richard Xu 5m 53s Attilla Szabo 5m 11s
2005 Keiran Taylor 5m 55s Cameron Reeves 5m 35s Alastair Taylor 5m 45s Harry Walker 5m 28s
2006 Andrew Ye 6m 15s Stephen Yoon 5m 56s Jeremy Ireland 5m 38s Matthew Fsadni 5m 33s
2007 Andreas Purcal 6m 07s Sam Lane 5m 28s Kevin Sheng 5m 29s Jeremy Ireland 5m 03s

Our goal remains to have all Year 10 students by the end of 2009 able to score a minimum of 50% for cardiovascular endurance by running the 1.6km in 7 minutes or better.

G. Stein

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Sydney High Water Polo

Water Polo Returns to High
Waverly 2nds 20 v 2 High

Captain James Menzies led an enthusiastic team for High's first water polo game in three years, on Saturday. After only one training session High had an inevitably dismal start, trailing at half time by 13-0. The third quarter saw a vast improvement with only a 2-1 deficit, and 7-2 second half, with both goals going to the captain. High has a few points to work on, but had an encouraging re-entry into the water polo competition.
Miss Evans

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Basketball: Shootin' Hoops

High vs. Joeys Term 1 2007

1st Loss 63-52 H.WALKER 27
2nd Win 57-35 A.LE 19
3rd Win 17-10 S.WANG 4
4th Win 29-19 J.TAO 6
5th Win 29-26 D.YU 15
6th Win 36-22 P.WANG 10
7th Win 23-19 Team Effort
8th Win 27-17 Team Effort
16A Loss 32-40 D.PENG 12
16B Loss 24-26 B.YANG 8
16C Loss 23-28 Team Effort
16D Loss 23-37 H.LI 5
15A Win 40-26 S.YOON 16
15B Win 33-17 V.VO 14,7 REB
15C Win 42-20 L.WANG 12
15D Win 52-5 J.LEE 30
15E Win 39-26 A.ZHANG 10
14A Win 26-25 A.YE 10
14B Loss 18-25 S.BESTON 7
14C Win JOEYS Forfeit
14D Win 32-23 D.CHEN 20
14E Win 64-12 Team Effort
13A Loss 63-2 D.LIANG 2
13B Loss 41-3 J.LO 2
13C Win 25-13 H-T. LIN 10
13D Win 19-8 T.CHIN 8
13E Loss 59-16 B.CHAU 12

High vs. Joeys Term 4 2007

1st Win 94-55 S.DONG 37
2nd Win 54-51 L.TENG 11
3rd Loss 26-44 B.LAU 8
4th Win 25-12 Team Effort
5th Loss 10-19  
6th Loss 15-47  
7th Win 33-25  
8th Win 27-17  
16A Win 42-41 M.LI 19
16B Win 50-23 V.VO 12
16C Win 39-13 J.PHAM, H.TRAN 8
16D Win 34-10 J.DU 6
16E Win 66-6 B.CABANILLA 14
15A Win 36-23 N.AUTAR 14
15B Win 34-29 IZNAD ZAMAN 11
15C Win 21-13 Team Effort
15D Win 25-17 VINSON 7
15E Loss 36-6 Team Effort
14A Loss 26-24 S.REZENBRINK 7
14B Loss 19-20 J.YANG 9
14C Win 42-18 J.NA 14
14D Loss 14-34 B.CHAU,K.VISVAA
14E Loss 10-43 W.BAXTER 6
14F Win 50-4 B.LEE 20

This week against Kings
1st and 2nd grade play Kings at Kings in their new multi-million dollar gym this Saturday. Both teams are coming off two very good wins at Home. It has been a long time since we got a double home win (firsts and seconds both winning), can we do it away??? Be there to see it happen!!! Remember High aims to win over 50% of their games in firsts and seconds this season! Currently the seconds haven’t lost a single game and the firsts are at 50%! Be there to support them!

Mr Hayman's Player of the Week: Stephen Dong
 The first grade suffered a disappointing loss to Grammar last week. Determined to lead by example, captain Stuart Sugito held a meeting with the team about having self belief and backing themselves confidently in games. The team took responsibility for their actions practising as individuals on their scoring moves and shooting endlessly preparing for St Josephs during the week. The preparation paid off with every player on the team scoring. Perfect practice = confidence. Defensively High took 11 charges and out-rebounded a much taller St Josephs side. St Josephs had 3 unsportsmanlike fouls and a disqualifying foul in the second half. The first grade side is continuing a tradition of relentless persistence and courage to play within the rules, take a charge or draw a foul from a larger opponent and make the free throw they have practised. Well done boys. A win this week will make up for Grammar…

In particular one player had an outstanding game. Stephen Dong scored 37 points, 11 rebounds, 5 steals. He shot 17/22 from the free throw line. His preparation paid off. All players should learn from this example and put in the work instead of complaining to or about the ref!

Field Goal 9/21 (42.9%)
3-Pointer 2/4 (50%)
Free Throw 17/22 (77.3%)
Points 37
Total Rebounds 11
Personal Fouls 4
Turnovers 0
Blocks 0
Steals 5

B. Hayman

A great thanks to the following people for doing the 1st and 2nd Grade Statistics.

Christopher Chiam
Oliver Sabau
Caillin McKay

15As Match Report
The game started off with High taking the lead. The play we were taught gave us easy points and Joeys had to resort to fouling us to stop us from scoring. Joeys had 8 fouls in the first 10 minutes giving us easy baskets. Our free throws improved dramatically from last week with no one missing both free throws on any occasion. Overall our teamwork and our patience on court improved from last week and that’s what won it for us this week. The guards worked the team very well and the forwards grabbed lots of rebounds with everyone playing their part. Special mention must go to Nikhil for playing a very strong position at low post this week scoring 14 points. A 13 point win is the biggest win we’ve had and we hope more wins come our way in future games.

1st Grade Match Report
Score: 94-55 (Win) Top Scorers: S.Dong 37, K.Iyer 12, J.Tassell 10
First grade came up against a very physical Joeys side on the weekend, hungry after a disappointing 3-point loss against Grammar. Dinghua Xiao and Ping Du matched the physicality of the Joeys forwards early in the game, grabbing crucial rebounds on both ends of the court. Midway through the first quarter Joeys got out to a 10 point lead through a couple of easy transition baskets, but numerous free throws from Stephen Dong and solid defence from Stephen Yoon brought the margin down, with a free throw after the buzzer putting High 1 point ahead going into the second quarter. From there on it was all one way with High blowing the game wide open through great long range shooting from Josh Tassel and Kartik Iyer. With a 14 point lead at half time, High came out firing once again, knocking down their shots in the 3rd quarter to further expand the lead out to 25 points after 3 quarters. The fourth quarter saw some brilliant individual skills via Stephen Dong, whose amazing 37 points thrilled and entertained the massive crowd. We were relentless in further pushing out the lead, with the margin jumping out to 39 points at full time. Thanks to all the guys who came out to watch us play on Saturday and cheered positively for High.
Stuart Sugito
1st grade captain

Johny Shih
Thank you to Mr Hayman for all his contributions to basketball and information

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SBHS Cricket

Day 1 of the 2007-08 season was a guide as to the impact of the concentration on basics of cricket during last season. With many new boys taking on cricket we were faced with the dilemma of wanting our teams to be competitive in the GPS competitions as well as being the sport that the boys could enjoy participating in. With that consideration we adopted a back to basics approach with technical support on a limited basis whilst we developed coaching support for our teams.

Last Saturday in our first day on the fields we saw some encouraging results, as well as identifying areas where we can direct our coaching energies in taking further steps to help our boys become more proficient in the great game of cricket. Whilst some of the younger teams faced large scores to overcome, at no time did we see High teams give up and to the credit of all, (except for some absentees who let a couple of the teams down), our results herein are encouraging.

Well done to all concerned and my best wishes for our Group 1 teams, several which are poised on the possibility of victories.

Oh, by the way! That 14C team from last year with 11 wins from 14 matches and now the 15B team not only won their trial match against Grammar, but continued on and was our first team to record a victory for this season. These lads have “attitude” and that is a “winning attitude”. They don’t look for excuses, they accept minor hiccups in the field and when batting, they work as a team and most of all they have self belief in their abilities and that of their team mates. Nothing seems to faze them and perhaps some of our cricketers could learn some valuable lessons in talking with, or even watching them!

I umpired this match and, after posting a moderate 139 runs, they were looking down the barrel of a run barrage by St Joseph’s when they put on 40 runs without loss in the first 5 overs. Some ordinary fielding saw some possible chances, missed but out of the blue some unbelievable catching, tight bowling and hustle in the field saw them claw back and then grind Joey’s to extinction in their 30 overs. Never once did they think they would be defeated. The best I could do was just walk away at the end of the game shaking my head in admiration of a group of boys who do our school proud.

Around the Grounds

Group 1: Day 1, Progressive Scores

1st XI
HIGH 4 -76 - V – ST JOSEPH’S 10 -132
St Joseph’s won the toss and batted. High took a while to settle into a bowling rhythm but picked up wickets regularly and had the opposition all out for 132 after lunch. High put in place a game plan of making Joey’s bowl to High. Andy Liu and Avindu Vithanage put on 49 for the first wicket and we then lost 3 quick wickets before the close of play but still remain in a strong position going into day 2. Wicket takers Kogulan Sriranjan 5/22, Karan Rao 2/44, Andy Liu 1/18 and Kieran Taylor 1/1. Run scorers Avindu Vithanage28 and Andy Liu 23n.o.

2nd XI
HIGH 4 -21 - V - ST JOSEPH’S
A hard day in the field as Joey’s ground out a solid score of 262 but not without High taking all 10 wickets. The best bowling came from Sharma 3/35 (15 overs), Bangalore 3/76 and Pedneker bowled steadily for 11 overs finishing with 0/28. In to bat and High then paid the price of not following the team’s match plan which cost it 3 unnecessary wickets and has left the remaining batsmen a job to do on Day 2. No match report submitted

3rd XI
HIGH 3 –30 - V - ST JOSEPH”S 3 – 275
Declared A good effort from an undermanned 3rdXI who did not give up in the field and which unfortunately lost 3 quick wickets at the end of a telling fielding session. Run scorers William Lin 8, Matthew Wong 8 and Toby Rosengarten 8 n.o. Wickets were taken by Nick Lindeback 2/40 (9 overs), Damien Tse 1/41(8), Ryan Sutton 1/32(6.4) and an economical effort and steady bowling from Timmy Lin with 0/27(7).

HIGH 2 –48 - V - ST JOSEPH’S 4 – 275
Declared Justin Hajj 3 wkts and Ashwin Ramesh 1 wkt. Run scorers Daniel Morgan 13 and Shejil Kumar (on promotion to opener) 21 n.o and Ben Encel on 6 n.o. See Match comments on our Website

HIGH 10 -109 - V - ST JOSEPH’S 2 - 21
Run scorers were Hashan Subasinghe 31, Michael Phung 27 and Ryan McDonald 13. Wicket takers Sheik Haque 1/9 and Hashan Subasinghe 1/12

No match report submitted

Group 2: Full Match Scores

4th XI
No match report submitted, following last week’s trial victory.

ST JOSEPH’S 8 -251 - Defeated - HIGH 10 -61
Wicket takers were Shenoy, Silveria and Ubaldi 2 wkts each with Kamal and Oliver Fio taking one wkt each. Run Scorers Silveria and Shenoy 13 runs apiece . See Match Comments on our Website

HIGH 7 – 139 - Defeated - ST JOSEPH’S 8 -93
Run scorers Henry Sit 20, Ishman Bari 19, Shanaz Razeen 17 and Krishan Sivayogarayan 14 Wicket takers Krishan Sivayogarayan 3/2 (4 overs), Shanaz Razeen 3/15 (4) and Iftiar Khan 1/7(4). See Match comments on our Website

15Cs and 15Ds
Games were cancelled by the Host School due to wet weather.

ST JOSEPH’S 5 -274 - Defeated - HIGH 10 -82 (30overs)
After a four off the 1st ball we lost 2 quick wickets before 2 partnerships of 18 and 35 gave the score some respectability and finally reaching our total with the remaining batsmen chipping in with a few runs each. Our bowling then took a hammering all over the park as Joey’s passed our score in 12 overs and then put together their total with several batters retiring for the loss of only 5 wkts.Our run scorers were Emtiazul Hoque 14, Dhruv Sabharwal 12 and Shi Feng 7. The wicket takers were Dhruv Sabharwal 1/7 Brian Lam 1/23 and Ethan Lieu 1/24.

ST JOSEPH’S 7 – 207 - Defeated - HIGH 10 -32
Wicket takers for High were Vincent Chen 3/27, Allen Fu 2/33 and Zafar Rizvi and Jeremy Yao with one wkt each. Run scorer for High was S.Undries ??!! I gather no batsman reached double figures!!

Australian 5-Highs Carnival- Billets Required

We now have one month to the Carnival which is being hosted by High this year. We need to accommodate some 52 boys from other States and the response thus far has been to say the least very poor. As we expect billet support when we travel interstate to Melbourne as we will this year with the Barbaris Cup we will be looked after by that school. It is our turn to reciprocate in these annual events which the boys enjoy as well as make new friends and learn new skills. Members of the 1st and 2nd XI as well as the cricket community as a whole can email me and advise as to how many billets you could assist with. It may only be one, but every offer helps. Where boys from other teams assist we will endeavour to arrange for them to be included in the week’s events.

Billets are required for Sunday night 2nd Dec until and including Thursday night 6th Dec and all teams will depart from Sydney Friday evening 7th Dec. All nominations are required by no later than Friday 23rd. November to email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Laurie Heil
MIC Cricket

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SBHS Debating

Annual General Meeting of the Debating Supporters Group

Tuesday, November 6 at 6.30 pm in the Staff Common Room.

All parents of the Debating Community at SBHS are invited and encouraged to attend the AGM in order to review the past season and to plan for 2008.

This is your opportunity to contribute to shaping the program and the future of Debating at High. Next year there are due to be some significant changes and additions to the program, so to find out more about these and to elect office bearers for 2008 please come along and participate actively in your school community.

Debating is not a spectator sport!

If you have feedback to provide regarding the 2007 season and cannot attend the meeting please forward it to me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Items for the agenda and apologies for the meeting should be sent to The DSG Secretary, David Rudder at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Ms Jocelyn Brewer
MIC Debating

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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