High Notes, Vol 8 No 30, September 28 2007

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From the Principal

End of Term
Thank you to all staff, students, parents and volunteers who have made this long term three so productive. We have changed over to summer sports so parents need to be prepared for new season arrangements. It is with great regret that High says farewell to Ms Lisa Gowran – a High stalwart of 16 years standing. Lisa has been our Egyptologist and ancient history guru. She has brought unflagging enthusiasm and love of her subject to history teaching – qualities to which many cohorts of students have responded warmly. She brought flair and energy to the position of Marketing Officer this year. We wish her well at Cromer High. She will be missed.

RTA Camera
I have had notification that a speed camera will be installed on Cleveland Street in October to enforce 40 and 50 kph speed zones. Its location was not disclosed but is likely to be midway between SBHS and SGHS. These cameras are deadly and there is no appeal mechanism!

High Talent
Well done indeed to James Mackay, Muhamed Mehmedbasic, Aaron Tse, Wayne Wang (Year 12) and Zhi Zu (Year 11) – these boys were nominated for Encore, the prestigious performance of HSC major works by the best music students in the state. I believe this year we have had the most nominations – ever.

Year 12 Farewell
I was very pleased with the way that the class of 2007 said goodbye this week. The tone of the speeches was positive and the atmosphere was convivial and relaxed. I believe this year’s leavers have made the culture change to a celebration of achievement and a sharing of experiences that bring us together. It was good that Ms Luithle came back from the Central Coast to join us and say goodbye to her Year group. My address is reprinted below.

Good afternoon parents of Year 12, staff, students and the class of 2007 we are saying farewell to today. Welcome to you all. We set aside this assembly each year to celebrate the achievements of Year 12 and to enact a rite of passage to close their secondary schooling. This year had a strong group of scholars, had within it bonded teams of sportsmen, contained role models for others, generated leaders with initiative, worked as co-curricular groups, and functioned as organising committees and as parking and charity collectors.

The Year 12 accomplishments in 2007 included the continuing success of first grade volleyball at CHS and GPS level – undefeated in both competitions. Our first grade basketball made history in the CHS knockout, placing third. In an era of sports high schools, this was a very significant achievement. Ironically, the team that received the most public attention and about which I received several congratulatory letters and emails – was the first XV. One King’s Old Boy from the 1930s was particularly impressed at the way our team stuck to the task right to the end. I want to thank the boys again for their courage and perseverance in what was a very difficult season. Our first grade debating team was a good thing beaten by a one-man band from Smiths Hill in the Hume Barbour final and unlucky in its GPS season. The CHS tennis team made it through to the CHS state knockout finals for the Stan Jones Cup.

I would like to honour several groups of Year 12 students today. To the keepers of High traditions, the boys I shall call ‘double firsts’ represent the epitome of dedication to the school’s purposes because they put in so much extra time and effort in their HSC year to represent their school. Dakshika Gunaratne played GPS combined cricket, medalled in athletics and played 1st XV rugby. Matthew Fetherston played 1st XI cricket, represented at combined GPS, swam for the school and was a stalwart in the 1st XV. Gehan Karunaratne played combined GPS football and 1st XI cricket. Tom Castleton was in the 1st XI cricket and football and represented in athletics. Michael Coutts featured in cricket, rugby and first debating. Aaron Shuttleworth was in 1st XI football, Regional athletics and rowed in the 2nd VIII. Victor Nguyen played regional level volleyball and first grade basketball. Frank Jin played firsts rugby, medalled at athletics and played cricket. Others in the ‘Double Firsts’ are named in the farewell program.

Another group of boys, hardly held in any less esteem, I label the ‘One-Two Club’. These boys also represented High in GPS sports at first grade and second grade level. David Kim was in the 1st VIII, the 2nd XV and the athletics team. Oliver Konakoff played state level volleyball and second grade basketball. Other notable one-two students were: Moussa Farhat (basketball and rugby), Harry Walker (basketball and football), Alexander Vertoudakis (basketball and rugby), Tasneef Rahman (cricket and rugby) Tom Hurrell (rowing and rugby), Alexander Le (basketball and volleyball) and Louis Yang (cricket, rugby and athletics).

Finally, a large group of boys ‘ the two sporters’ represented their school in GPS competition. Time does not permit me to name all 50 of them but I want to thank them all anyway. Their participation is what makes GPS sport in this school happen. Of significance among them were several multiple school representatives. Anthony Morris (rugby, cricket, swimming and debating), Blaise Prentice-Davidson (cricket, football, debating), Joseph Lai (basketball, football, athletics), Nik Levanic (rugby, cricket, athletics), Lachlan Deacon (cricket, rugby, performance music) and Weiping Lu (basketball, volleyball, cadets) stand out.

I was inspired for my parting offering to Year 12 today by the words of Thich Nhat Hanh, a Vietnamese Buddhist monk. In ‘Being Peace” he writes: “There is a Zen story about a man riding a horse which is galloping very quickly. Another man, standing alongside the road, yells at him, Where are you going?” and the man on the horse yells back, “I don’t know. Ask the horse”. I think that is our situation. We are riding horses that we cannot control.”(p65) Although published twenty years ago, the monks words relate to many examples of historical horses out of society’s control.

I think a contemporary example is the so-called ‘War Against Terror’. It is a horse we cannot control. Since the trigger of 9 / 11 we have allowed ourselves to gallop with George Bush into any country on the planet in search of terrorists allegedly trying to destroy democracy. The anti-terrorist horse has ridden rough shod over our own civil liberties, allowing imprisonment without trial, rendition and extraordinary government and police powers, couched in anti-terrorist legislation. Governments propagate the politics of anxiety, trying to make us see external and internal dangers so that we will leave it to them to keep us safe and so that we will acquiesce in allowing them to expand their powers over us. Ironically, bureaucracies and local councils are gradually restricting our individual freedom in the name of the security of us all.

As you leave High and your secondary education behind, I hope that you would all have the insight, the intellectual training and the courage, to challenge why society should mount these horses in the future without testing whether they are manageable or can be reined in when they wish to bolt. Without labouring the metaphor any longer, I trust you graduating students have the balance to see the other side’s point of view, beneath the rhetoric of the politicians. I know you can appreciate the poverty, the hopelessness, the political opppression and the sectarian violence fueled by ideologies of hatred, that drive people to use terrorist tactics. Janis Joplin once sang “When you’ve got nothin’ you’ve got nothin’ to lose”. The developing world’s politics of despair oppose the decadence of the developed countries politics of fear. We are the ones who have everything to lose.

The most important Buddhist precept supposedly is to be aware, to know what is going on, not only here but also there. I exhort you all to take the broad view, to consider not only ‘here’ – the immediate personal, local and national interests, but also ‘there’ – the effects of our interests on others, globally. International empathy is in short supply. I trust the breadth and depth of your training will equip you to predict what the next scared horses will do and urge us as a society, not to mount. The future is in your hands. I wish you most sincerely all the best for the HSC and for your tertiary education and careers ahead. It really has been my pleasure to have been your Principal.

High Boys Acknowledged by a Commuter
“Just wanted to send a quick email to commend 3 of your students! I was in an overcrowded train this morning (from St Peters into the City) and three of your students stood up from their seats and let some other passengers sit down (including me). I was delighted by how polite they were! I remember learning this common courtesy at school but I didn't think it was still taught these days. So thanks for teaching them to be considerate and sweet! “ CK

This email is a refreshing affirmation of how the public responds to our students when they do the right thing in unsupervised circumstances. I commend the boys concerned and remind others that the public are watching you, they know where you come from and they expect an appropriate standard of behaviour and dress – as we stipulate in our policies, published in your diaries. You represent to them what ideal public education is all about. Let us not disappoint them!
Dr K Jaggar

Road Safety Around Schools
The City of Sydney will be increasing enforcement operations around school zones as part of a campaign to improve safety around schools. There are concerns for safety due to inappropriate and dangerous stopping and parking behaviour by parents dropping off and picking up their children.

We have been advised that City of Sydney Rangers will soon be actively monitoring and visiting schools to educate drivers to ensure that they comply with the road rules. They will also be issuing penalty notices where applicable.

The Rangers may be in plain clothes and can book drivers without approaching the driver; that is fines will be sent to offenders by mail.

It is worth noting that the Roads and Traffic Authority increased penalties for traffic and parking offences in school zones from 21 May 2007. The new fines and demerit point increases include:

  • Double parking - $231 fine and two demerit points
  • Stopping on or near a children’s/ pedestrian/marked foot crossing - $308 fine and two demerit points
  • Disobey No Stopping sign - $231 fine and two demerit points

Parents are encouraged to drop their children off within the School grounds for the safety of all concerned.

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Sailing Committee Annual General Meeting

Saturday, 20 October 2007 at 8.00 am at Woollahra Sailing Club Board Room

All welcome

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Weights Room

I would like to remind all boys that the weights room will be open during the holidays at the times listed below. For those boys who are yet to start their strength programs for summer sport, the holidays are an ideal time to start as the pressure of schoolwork is minimal and time is not a problem.

Holiday Timetable

Week 1 1/10/07-5/10/07

Monday 7 am – 9 am
Wednesday 7 am – 9 am
Friday 7 am – 9 am

Week 2 8/10/07-12/10/07

Monday 7 am - 9 am
Wednesday 7 am - 9 am
Friday 7 am - 9 am

Skins Special Offer Continues
I have been able to negotiate a 20% discount with the company Body Science in regards to their compression garment range similar to the commonly known SKINS range. All you have to do is log on to their website at www.kompressorz.com register as a shopper and at the bottom of the purchase page type in the Friends Code: sbhs and you will get an automatic 20% discount with free freight. These tights are state of the art and by personal experience are thicker, more compressive and more resilient than skins or many other equivalent brands. They also include both upper body/lower body/full length or part length variations. For recovery and training comfort they are an essential garment for sport enthusiasts.

‘Some people dream of success….. while others wake up and work hard at it’

Strength & Conditioning Coach

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SHS Old Boys Union

Did you know?
Did you know that the MLC group of companies can trace their origin back to the foundation of the Citizens Life Assurance Company Ltd in 1886? Citizens Life Assurance became the Mutual Life and Citizens' Assurance Co Ltd in 1908. Four old boys of Sydney High have held the position of General Manager of the MLC Assurance Company: John Garvan (1888); Arthur Eedy (1886); Milton Alder (1903); and Frederick Deer (1926).

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Annual Combined GPS Church Service

The President, Ian Clarke, and members of the GPS OBU Council invite you and all friends in the GPS Community to attend this annual service.

Venue: Shore Chapel, North Sydney (Parking is available off Union Street)
Date: Sunday, 21 October 2007
Time: 9.00 am

Morning tea will be served following the service.

The ecumenical nature of our service enjoys the warm support of Headmasters and Clergy.

Reverend Nick Foord, an Old Boy, (80) has kindly arranged the service and the inclusion of the Shore Boys’ Choir.

Dr Timothy Wright, Headmaster of Shore will give an address.

Students, Old Boys and Parents are warmly invited to join us in this joint worship.

RSVP by 25 September 2007 to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it – Anita Pampalian

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Year 8 Soccer Picnic

Date : Saturday 29 September
Time : Starting at 11 am, finishing whenever
Location : Centennial Park, on the inner SBHS soccer field (ie same place as last year for 14As)

Bring your own picnic, join in the parents versus boys game or barrack (for the parents) from the sidelines. Everyone welcome - hope to see you and your family there
Enquiries : Robyn Connell 0438 800 873

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125th Anniversary Ball and Cabaret

Friday 21 November 2008

In conjunction with Sydney Girls High School, we are holding an Anniversary Ball and Cabaret evening on Friday 21 November 2008.

If you are interested in volunteering to be on the organising committee for this important event in the School’s calendar, please contact Lynne Williams on 9361 6910, ext 114

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Music Notices

Encore Nominations
Congratulations to James Mackay, Wayne Wang, Aaron Tse, Muhamed Mehmedbasic and Zhi (George) Zu, for their outstanding performances in their HSC practical examinations. All five were nominated for the prestigious Encore to be held early next year at the Sydney Opera House. Well done to all our HSC music students who have shown real commitment to music throughout their school life. We wish them all the best in their written exam next term.

GPS Music Festival Photos
The Kings School has produced a 20 page colour album of photographs of the GPS Music Festival held earlier this year. They are selling these at $20 per unit and the school will be ordering some for purchase. If you wish to buy one, please make payments to the front office no later than Friday 19th October (week 1, term 4).

Percussion Ensemble
Percussion ensembles are well on their way with rehearsals on Monday and Tuesday mornings. Practice is held from 7:30-8:30am (Juniors – Monday Rm101, Seniors – Tuesday Rm201) and is conducted by our Marching band director; Matthew Capper. Thank you the music committee who have supported us in the recent purchase a wonderful marimba. Please see the music staff if you are interested in joining.

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High Store

Spring/Summer Price List 2007-2008


From -


Please arrange for boys to be fitted as
early as possible:  6-8 weeks delivery from order)

PANTS: Trousers - Junior, Dark Grey w/w
Trousers - Senior, Light Grey w/w


SHORTS:   Grey


BELTS: Black leather




SHIRTS: Sky Blue and White, Short Sleeve


  Sizes 10-14


  Sizes 16-22


  Sizes 24-26




  Sky Blue and White, Long Sleeve


  Sizes 10-14


  Sizes 16-22


  Sizes 24-26




  Up to size 16


  Size 18-22


  Size 24-26




SOCKS: Woollen or Cotton Knee High


  Cotton Anklet Sock in SHS colours


  Sport Socks in SHS colours


TIES: Junior






  Old Boys


  GPS. Old Boy




CAPS: Sky Flexifit




BAGS: Backpack


  Sports Bag




MATHS Grid Book A4
Grid Book 96 Page










MUSIC Music Book




ART: Artist Paints


  Canvas 18" x 24"


  Visual Art Diary A4


  Visual Art Diary A3




  DT Apron










  Polo (house colours)


New Microfibre Longer Leg:


      Black Baggy with SHS Print


  Sport Socks


TRACKSUITS: (sold as separates)


New Microfibre Jacket


New Microfibre Pant










  Socks (White SHS Colours)


  Water Bottle- SHS Crest




Cricket: Polo Shirt (White with crest)  
  Short Sleeve


  Long Sleeve


  Caps (Brown) Baggy Style


  Hat (Natural)- Greg Chappell




Volleyball: Top




Rowing Zoot Suit


  Colorado White L/S T-Shirt


  Rugby Socks


  Rugby Jersey 12-14


  Rugby Jersey 16-22


  Rugby Jersey 24-28








  House Badge


  SHS (metal)


  Rowing (metal)


  Orchestra (metal)


  Rifle (metal)


  SBHS Lapel Pin (metal)


Mug with SHS crest incl Gift Box


SHS Sticker


Bridge Scorers


Address Book


Double Pack Playing Cards


School Centenary Book


Pencil Case (school crest)


Silverware: Sugar or fluted spoon






Letter Openers


Coat Hanger




SHS Lanyard


Car Sticker


SHS Cufflinks


SHS Foldable Chair $49.50 Car Number Plate Covers $44.00

Polo Shirt with SHS Logo $49.50
Supporter Jersey $75.00
Rugby Jersey (Original) $60.00
Supporter Polo $35.00
OBU Tie $27.50



GPS Pocket $22.00
Music Pocket $22.00
Prefect Top Pocket $22.00
Prefect Bottom Pocket $38.50
Embroidery Line $16.50
Remove Embroidery Line $22.00
Full Braiding $70.00
Dry Cleaning $11.00
Service Charge $30.00

Clothing Pool

A recycled section operates within the High Store shop.  Items such as blazers, shorts, trousers, jumpers, rugby/soccer tops & boots, tracksuits can be sold on a commission basis - the shop retaining 1/2 of the sale price.

Please ensure that when sending items for sale, you include your name and address.
All items sent should be clean and in good condition.  Shirts are gladly accepted as a donation.


Accepted payment methods include - Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, EFTPOS or cheque made payable to the "HIGH STORE"

Opening Times

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday from 10:30am to 1:30pm
Telephone: 9331 7075

Goods and Services Tax

GST is included on all prices listed

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SBHS Debating

GPS Results and new website
The GPS Debating Association now has its own website- www.gpsdebating.com – all results from First Grade, all B teams, right down to Year 7 are listed here.

The complete season’s results are now available.

Debating Dinner- September 1
This year the debating dinner grew to accommodate nearly 140 guests! It was a great night and a fabulous way to celebrate the end of another successful season. While, once again, being narrowly beaten by Iggies in First Grade, we still had plenty to celebrate. It was great to see so many people in attendance. The coaches each gave a short run down and announced the Debaters of the Year. Our congratulations go to :

Year 7    Christopher Chiam
Year 8    David Chan 
Year 9    Antony Paul 
Year 10   Christopher Evans 
Year 11   Dominic Bowes 
Year 12   Kelvin Yu 

The night concluded with 'The Great (and Hilarious) Debate' between the coaches and Year 12 - the topic was “That We Don't Need Debating Coaches”. The coaches took the affirmative side, attempting to do themselves out of a job! The Year 12s responded accordingly with completely irrelevant and off topic suggestions and by a unanimous decision it was decided that we do need coaches and we look forward to hopefully seeing them all back next year.

Ms Jocelyn Brewer
MIC Debating
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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SBHS Rowing

Rowing Season Launch 2007-08
Parent Orientation
Saturday 20th October 2007

If you’re like me you won’t know everything about rowing so come along and acquaint yourself with what goes on at the High rowing sheds.

All senior parents are needed to help with the boys camping at the sheds at least once during the season and all the junior parents need to help at the Saturday BBQs.

Program for Parents
9.00am - Years 7, 8, 9 orientation and tour of the sheds
10.00am – Morning tea (coffee/tea and croissants)
11.00am – Years 10 & 11 outline of rowing camps

Highlights include

  • The season calendar with important dates
  • Expectations of the boys
  • Expectations of the parents
  • Outline of camp duties for senior parents – presented by parents, Andy Freiman and Geoff Andrews
  • Outline of Saturday BBQ duty for junior parents – presented by Steve Whiting and Peter Ambrose
  • Tour of the kitchen
  • Meet the rowing teachers, coaches and committee

Together we can make it a great rowing season

Julie Blomberg
President 07-08

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Parent Mentors

We are looking for new parent mentors

A Parent Mentor is an informal contact person who will welcome New Parents into the School Community and is available to them to help them through the difficulties encountered in their first year at the School.

The aim is to have every parent of a new boy starting at the School matched up with a mentoring parent already at the School. The role of the Mentoring Parent is

  • To actively contact the new parent and make them welcome and be a friendly face in a big organisation.
  • To make themselves available by phone or in person or by email as they see fit.
  • To help the new parent with any simple query about the education system and the way the school works.
  • They will be a point of contact for all the trivial questions that might plague a new high school family.
  • To advise the new parent of the appropriate channels of communication at the school for serious matters eg Year adviser, School counsellor etc
  • To act as a propagandist for the School and the great benefits of being involved in all the facets of their son’s education.

The scheme is informal, without a lot of structure and depends for its success on the enthusiasm of the Mentors.

The scheme has worked extremely well in its first year and has not been at all onerous.

All the Mentor Parents this year have enjoyed it tremendously and the New Parents have been extremely receptive and grateful for the contact.

As there is an attrition rate every year we need new Mentor Parents.

Please join us as the more parents we have the easier is the task.

Could you please contact Charles Ovadia on 9386 1221 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Or send your details to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Or fill in the form below and return to the Principal’s Assistant

Name: ______________________________________

Email Address: _____________________________

Contact Phone

Home: ____________________________

Mobile Phone: ____________________

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SBHS Cricket

Well done to the 66 boys who attended last Saturday’s assessment trials and Team Selection sessions at the school nets and surrounds. Whist the weather got off to a poor start and it was generally chilly throughout the whole session all players put in very well and most covered all areas of assessment. It was also encouraging to see the commitment and improvement in many of the Year 7 boys. Players who did not receive a net assessment on the Saturday will be given the opportunity at sport on Thursday so we then have seen all of our Year 7, 8 and 9 cricketers

New Cricket Storeroom- Can you help?
We have received approval for the erection of a storeroom adjacent to the cricket nets to facilitate housing our 2 bowling machines and all of our equipment which overloads the existing storage facilities in the gym. The slab has been completed and on Sunday 30th September (during this long weekend – at short notice due to delivery problems) and then on the following Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th October we are looking for some volunteers to assist at the site on any of the 3 days mentioned.. I will be in attendance for this Sunday (30th) and would hope to have 3 volunteers with me for a variety of tasks. On the following Saturday (6th) and Sunday (7th) we are looking for 2 volunteers to assist each day. We will be at the site for approx 8 hours each day, however even if you can assist for either the morning or afternoon only it would be helpful. Please contact me by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or contact me on Mobile 0417 497 156

Team Managers, Scorers and Assistant Coaches
Thank you to the two parents that volunteered their services to our junior teams at the trials last Saturday. We appreciate your support and it adds to a growing team of supporters for our Coaches who have been allocated to these teams. However, with 17 teams running and 12 of those teams in the Under 13 – Under 16 age groups we are being stretched in allocating 3 officials to each team to cover umpiring, scoring and team match plans. I am encouraging all groups to consider a roster among the parents for the team cricket kit, as well as the scoring and in some cases umpiring to release the coaches so they can organise the team match plan and batting and bowling . The commitment is for 4 hours each Saturday either morning or afternoon.

Leadership and Recognition
We are seeking ex-students and current Senior Students interested in cricket, who may not play but enjoy the game, to consider taking on a Junior team on Saturdays for the duration of limited over matches. At the same time lads in the 3rd and 4th XIs who are organised and prepared to support our junior teams with their match experience in conjunction with their playing commitments, would also be of great assistance. In fact I would like to challenge those who put their hands up, to produce better match plans than we are currently applying and perhaps show us a new approach to this role. We have a remuneration package available to those who are prepared to be support mentors for these teams. It of course would also be a great entry on your CV as you depart the school in Year 12 to join that vast professional, industrial and commercial world of the future.

Website Upgrade
We have now been able to sort out the bugs in the changeover to our new Website server and encourage all to make this your first point of contact each week for results and for any activities that may affect you during the coming week. Our website address appears at the header of High Notes and does not include the word “High” that some lads have mentioned when failing to log onto the site. It’s simply www.sydneyboyscricket.info

Laurie Heil
MIC Cricket

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Alcohol, Drugs and Teenagers

As parents we all wonder how best to discuss the complex issues of drugs and alcohol with our teenage children, and how to guide and assist them to make healthy life choices. Many of us are uncertain of the latest scientific data on drugs; and we often don’t know how much information or misinformation our boys have gathered themselves.

To clarify these issues and to provide a forum for our questions the P&C has invited an expert in the field to address the parents at the October P&C Meeting.

Who : Mr Paul Garufi, Drug and Alcohol Consultant for the Department of Education

When : Wednesday 17 October 2007 at 7:30 pm, in the first week of Term 4

Where: Staff Common Room, Sydney Boys High

Mr Garufi has a wealth of experience in talking to students, teachers and parents about these issues.

As part of Mr Garufi’s presentation there will be ample time allocated to answer any questions you may have. Parents are invited to join us in great numbers for this fascinating meeting.

After Mr Garufi’s presentation the P&C Meeting will proceed as per agenda.

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Canteen Price List

Open Hours
8:30 am - 1:40 pm

Lunch Orders/Breakfast
8:30 to 9:00 a.m. It is to your advantage to pre-order lunches: it saves waiting in queues and ensures you get what you want.

Sandwiches and Rolls

Orders Only

Filling Sandwiches Rolls
cheese & salad $ 2.20 $ 2.80
chicken & salad $ 3.20 $ 3.80
corned beef & salad $ 2.60 $ 3.40
curried egg & lettuce $ 2.20 $ 2.50
egg & lettuce $ 2.20 $ 2.50
egg & salad $ 2.50 $ 3.00
ham & tomato $ 2.40 $ 2.80
ham & salad $ 2.60 $ 3.00
roast beef & salad $ 3.00 $ 3.50
salmon & salad $ 3.00 $ 3.50
vegemite $ 1.20 $ 1.50

Orders and over-counter sales

Filling Sandwiches Rolls
buttered roll N/A $ 1.20
cheese & tomato $ 1.50 $ 2.00
chicken & coleslaw $ 2.80 $ 3.50
chicken & lettuce $ 2.80 $ 3.50
corned beef & tomato $ 2.40 $ 2.80
dagwood N/A $ 3.00
roast beef & tomato $ 2.50 $ 3.00
roast beef, seeded mustard & lettuce $ 2.50 $ 3.00
salad $ 2.00 $ 2.50
chicken or lamb yeeros wrap N/A $5.50
Mini wrap
- chicken & caesar
- chicken & coleslaw
- beef & tabouleh
- lamb & tabouleh

$ 2.80
$ 2.80
$ 2.80
$ 2.80

Available on brown or white
extras 20c

Sushi -  
 - chicken
 - beef
 - tuna
 - salmon
 - veg
  $ 2.60

Cakes Muffins and Fruit

custard tart $2.20
choc chip/Anzac cookies $1.00
Chelsea bun/cupcake $2.00
muffin $2.60
apple, orange, banana $0.80
fresh fruit salad $2.20
finger bun $1.80
banana bread $1.40

Hot Food

Orders and over-counter sales

cheese & spinach puff $2.40
chicken & corn roll $1.30
chicken burger $4.00
chicken puff $2.60
chicken Halal pie $3.40
garlic bread $1.50
lasagne/ravioli/macaroni & cheese $3.00
meat pie (sauce +20c extra) $2.60
pizza pocket $1.60
pizza rounda $1.80
pizza slab $2.30
potato pie $3.40
sausage roll $1.80
sweet chilli chicken sub w/sauce $3.50
hot chick/mayo roll $3.50
hot chick/mayo sandwich $2.80


300ml plain milk $ 1.10
300ml flavoured milk $ 1.70
600ml plain milk $ 1.70
600ml flavoured milk $ 2.40
mineral water $ 1.40
Powerade $ 3.00
Diet 375 ml Coke/Lift/Sprite $ 1.80
600ml Diet Coke/Sprite $ 2.60
Aroona-carbonated spring fruits water $ 1.70
Berri - Long Life Juices $ 1.70
Deep Spring Mineral Water $ 2.00



Cereal bowl $ 2.00
Hot chocolate $ 1.00
Cheese toast $ 1.00
Cheese & tomato toast $ 1.20
Cheese & bacon bun $ 2.20
Croissant – ham & cheese $ 2.40
Raisin toast $ 1.00
Bacon & egg muffin $ 3.00

In addition, various sweets and
are available over the counter

All canteen profits are returned to the school for the benefit of the boys’ education and development. Prices effective 16/7/07. Minor price changes will occur as a direct result of increases by suppliers.

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New Library & Performing Arts Centre

Tax Deductible 125th Anniversary Project

Sydney Boys High School depends upon its community of parents, Old Boys and supporters to further the School’s ethos of the pursuit of all-round excellence.

We have a bold vision for a two stage Library & Performing Arts Centre. With advances in information technology, there is a pressing need to create a facility which is able to adapt and keep pace with meeting the increasing needs of our students. The estimated cost of the combined project is $4m. Stage one requires $1.8m; we have $400k. A new tax deductible monthly giving program has been introduced to help fund our development goal.

We have implemented an arrangement with ANZ Bank for automatic monthly deductions from a nominated credit card. You can elect to give $50, $40, $30 or $20 each month for a period of twelve months. Your nominated amount, along with your name and credit card details will be sent to the bank electronically. At the end of the financial year, the school will issue an annual statement as evidence of tax deductible donations. You can opt in or out of the scheme provided you notify the school in writing five working days before the fifteenth day of each month.

Thank you for helping to make a difference for our boys

Name: _________________ Daytime Phone Number: _______________
Address: _______________________________
Postcode: _ _ _ _
Email Address: _________________________
I authorise SBHS to make the following deductions
from the credit card nominated below:
Card Type: Bankcard __    Mastercard __    Visa __
Monthly deduction for 12 months:
$50 __      $40 __      $30 __      $20 __
Card Number: _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _
Expiry Date: ___/___
Cardholder’s Name:  _________________________________
[please print]
Cardholder’s Signature:  ____________________________

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