High Notes, Vol 8 No 3, February 16 2007

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From the Principal

High Notes Publication
Our webmaster, David Isaacs, has over 800 email addresses to send an html link to parents so that they can quickly access High Notes online. Consequently, next Friday 23/2, will be the last full print run of High Notes. Email addresses on our data base will be sent a reminder email and link to High Notes each week. A limited number of hard copies will be available from the front office on Fridays. If you haven’t yet registered your current email address I urge you to do so. If you have no access to email you can write to me and I will have a copy of High Notes held in reserve for your son. We hope the new arrangements will save time, printing costs and will be more effective in communicating with our community.

High Talent
Phillip Kurts won the state 4.7 Laser championships last weekend. Well done, Phil!

Rifle Shooting Arrangements
We really need a staff member interested in shooting as a sport to help keep our sport functioning. There is an Open Day hosted by Sydney High Rifle Club Inc scheduled for March 17. I encourage anyone interested in the sport to experience it on the day. Boys in Year 7 who want to join rifle shooting as a sport need to have a permit. These permits take quite a while to organise. Mrs Meaney in the front office knows what procedures to follow. You need to act now to be ready for term 2. Boys in Years 8 and 9 with permits may take rifle shooting all year. Rifle shooting is held at Malabar at the small bore range on Thursdays, under the guidance of Mr Peter Wrigley and the Woollahra Rifle Club. Full bore for years 10-12 is held on Saturdays at Malabar. Training is in the morning and competition in the afternoon. Daniel Comben will support our training program in a part time capacity this year. Until the team gets together for the All Schools and GPS meets, individuals are shooting with other clubs at Malabar on Saturdays. If you are registered with a club and taking part in this program, let Mr Ayre know to be exempted from Wednesday sport.

Monthly Giving Plan – Sydney Boys High Building Fund
Our monthly giving plan has now attracted a dozen subscribers. This is a very new scheme and the response so far is modest. Parents and High supporters are gradually becoming aware of the ease and convenience of automatic monthly deductions. In order to speed up a start on our new library and performing arts space, we will need hundreds of monthly donors or many large one off donations. Pick up a ‘green form’ from the office or use the donation form from the High Notes or download one from our website. Do as I do and together we can make a grand vision into a reality.

‘Global Plus’ Co-payments, Transport Levies and Music Fees
Once numbers are established, invoices will be generated and posted from week 4 term 1. All students who are being transported to sports are to be invoiced at $40 per season. Students accessing music tutor services will be invoiced for their lessons.

I introduced the Global Plus proposal in High Notes on 10/11/06. I have not had any written feedback about the possible impact of its implementation. The Sports Council at its recent meeting voiced mixed opinions about how individual sports might be affected by global plus. There has been a recommendation made to me that junior students should be exempted from Global Plus payments. The rationale is that High encourages participation and a co-payment might inhibit participation, particularly when High Junior School students are experimenting with different sports and activities. Comparisons and choices between sports or activities on the basis of cost might become divisive and counter productive. If we truly believe in Years 7-9 as being about individual development (so the argument runs) why restrict choice and make financial arrangements more complex? Why not leave co-payments to the High Senior School where most of the resources are consumed, where most coaches operate and where students have demonstrated commitment to the sport or activity? A further extension of the argument says: ‘Just increase the school fees for the senior school by $100 and use the extra funds in the co-curricular program. ’

In the context of our GPS competitors with $20k. per annum fees, High offers great value. However, we are struggling to maintain standards in a market of rising coaching and OH&S costs. Before a final decision is made on these important matters I would appreciate feedback at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Clearance Form Arrangements
Students should prepare for Clearance Forms to be signed at the end of first semester as well as at the end of the year. Students in semesterised history and geography in stage 4 need to change subjects and teachers and need to return texts and/or materials. Students completing summer sports may owe co-payments or workbook purchases or transport levies or kit or sports reports for The Record. Students in the performance music program need to meet their payments for semester one lessons. The forms will be personalised as usual, to minimise the effort required to comply.

School Uniform Policy
Students are reminded that this is a full uniform school. I have been disappointed at the dress standard I have observed in the opening couple of weeks. Let us all do our collars up, push our tie knots up to our necks and tuck our shirts in. We need to demonstrate pride in ourselves and in our school. Correct dress shows that we care.

Teachers are reminded that they get the standard of uniform compliance they will accept. Negative consequences can be applied for students not wearing uniform. Senior executive support is there to assist individuals trying to make a stand against sloppy standards. If we worked together our boys would lift their game.
Dr K Jaggar
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Lockers New Procedures for 2007

Year 7
All students in Year 7 have been allocated a locker and issued with a lock and two keys without charge. This occurred early in Week 2.

Year 8
Year 8 students were not automatically allocated lockers this year. Students who required a locker for the year registered with Mr Beringer, paid a [non-refundable] fee of $10 to the office and were then allocated a locker. About 80 Year 8 boys requested lockers.

Years 9 – 12
The 100 lockers remaining were then made available to students in these years on a first come, first served basis. There are still 14 lockers not allocated.

Special Cases
Boys in Years 8 – 12 who have a medical or other reason which they believed requires them to have the use of a locker were asked to make a case to Mr Beringer early in Week 2. Three such requests were heard and lockers were allocated in each case.

Locks and keys
Only the locks and keys supplied may be used. If a key is lost, a replacement charge of $5 per key will apply. All locks and keys will be collected during the clearance process at the end of the year.
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P & C Meeting

7.30 pm Wednesday 21 February
Staff Common Room
All Welcome

Guest Speaker: Mr Richard Ayre (Head Teacher- Sport)
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Speech Night

An invitation to Friends and family of 2006 prize winners to attend Speech Night on
Tuesday 20 February 2007 at 7.30pm
in the Great Hall.

Congratulations to all 2006 prize winners.

You will receive your prizes at Speech Night on Tuesday 20 February at 7.30pm in the Great Hall.

Students are reminded to arrive 30 minutes before the starting time and advise their Year Adviser for Academic and Special Prizes or Mr Ayre for Sports awards that they are present.

There will be a rehearsal Period 3 on the day.

See Mr Walker if there are any queries regarding the night.
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Important Tennis Notice

Firstly, I wish to thank all of the tennis boys and tennis parents who assisted with parking last Sunday; and Serdar and our senior boys for patiently guiding our first time parking volunteers. You parked 375 cars and raised $5,625 for tennis and our school, a fantastic job by all!

Secondly, ALL tennis parents please note, that due to unforseen circumstances the Tennis General Meeting had to be brought forward one week and will be held on:

Wednesday 21 February 2007 at 7.00 pm in the Library

Please put this date in your diary and come along to assist your son’s sport.
Gabriele Klocker
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From the Canteen

The Canteen Committee would like to offer a huge thank you to Maree Phillis who did an excellent job running our canteen during Term 4

As many of you are now aware, our long serving Canteen Supervisor, Christine O’Reilly, has decided to call it a day and will not be returning from long service leave. We would like to gratefully acknowledge all her efficient and dedicated hard work in our canteen over a period of 10 years at SBHS

To Lyn Haines, our new supervisor, we extend a very warm welcome. Lyn comes to our school with large amounts of both hands on and managerial experience in the food services industry and will be a valuable asset to our school.

We hope you will add to that welcome by flocking to the canteen and sampling her food, some examples of which as listed below!!

Mediterranean Roast Vegetable and Couscous Salad with mint yogurt Dressing Very popular Chicken Caesar Salad
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UN Youth Association Annual Conference


The United Nations Youth Association of Australia is holding their annual conference over the weekend of the 9-11th March 2007.

This year’s conference will have the theme of “Changing Climate Change”.

The annual event brings together over 100 high school students from around NSW. Delegates attending the event hear from informative and engaging speakers on a plethora of issues including human rights, youth empowerment and related matters. Delegates also take part in issue based and interactive workshops. On the final day, delegates represent a member state of the UN in a model United Nations General Assembly debate.

This is an excellent opportunity for the boys to implement their general knowledge and debating skills, meet new people and be involved in community matters.

Delegates attending the annual conference may be selected into the state and territory teams and find themselves representing youth around Australia and potentially the world!

It is also a good experience and gives you a taste of what MUNA (Model United Nations Assembly) events are like. There are several MUNA competition which SBHS enters each year.

The conference is held at the Collaroy Conference Centre, Collaroy from 6pm on Friday until 4.30pm on Sunday. Boys with Saturday sport commitments can go to the conference after sport.

The cost is $140, however depending on the number of students interested in attending each place will be subsidised from the school debating and talent development budget.

Students who are interested in attending the conference should email Ms Brewer at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or write a short statement about why they would like to attend the conference by Friday Feb 23rd.

More information can be found at http://www.unya.asn.au/nsw 
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SBHS Debating

Anyone can join debating - no experience is necessary! Information packages are now available from Ms Brewer.

If you have not debated before at Sydney Boys, please collect the information handout and return the necessary pages in coaching.

If you are returning to Debating this year you just need to collect the calendar and Code of Conduct to sign and return in coaching.

Coaching runs from 3.20 pm to approximately 4.30-4.45pm (depending on your year level). Coaches are still being finalised, so your coach may change around a bit in the first term until we lock in numbers of Debaters in each year and the Coaches get their uni timetables etc.

If you cannot attend training in Term 1 due to summer sporting commitments, please still collect the registration info and sign up now so we can plan for the number of debaters accordingly.

Year 7  603/606/607   Tanvir Ahmed, Faraz Amin, Romesh Abeysuriya
Year 8  506/507       William Clegg (OS til 02/03/07)
Year 9  608           A “Julia”  - TBC then Liz Ames (from March)
Year 10 401           Gabriel McManus
Seniors 403/404       Hamish Nairn, Sriram Srikumar, Tom Kaldor

Each year Sydney University Debates Committee holds a High School Training day - this year it is on Friday Feb 22. This day is recommended for boys who have not debated in primary school and would like an introduction to debating to bring them up to speed. The cost of the day is $30 and notes and more information can be obtained from Ms Brewer. Places are limited so get in quick!

THE EASTSIDE COMPETITION - starts in 2 weeks
Our first debate of the year is in The Eastside Competition which starts with a home debate VS Scots on Friday March 3 and runs on every Friday in March. Teams for round 1 will be set in coaching on Feb 23 and more information will follow via email.

Round 1:  2 March:   Sydney Boys vs Scots
Round 2:  9 March:   Sydney Boys vs Reddam
Round 3:  16 March:  Sydney Boys vs Grammar 
Round 4:  23 March:  SCEGGS vs Sydney Boys 
Round 5:  30 March:  Sydney Girls vs Sydney Boys

PARKING- Can you help us out on FEB 17?
THANK YOU to everyone who helped with parking on Jan 7.

Once again we are seeking your assistance with parking in order to raise funds for coaching. If you haven't helped out with parking before, I especially urge you to get involved and donate your time. Helping is really easy and a vital source of income for the Debating Program.

Sat FEB 17    - Foundation Cup Roosters v West Tigers @ Aussie start 5pm
Fri APRIL 27  - Super 14 HSBC Waratahs v Chiefs @ Aussie start TBC       
Sat JUNE 2    - Swans v Essendon @ the SCG game starts at 7pm

Please email HARLEEN KAUR if you are able to help out- This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

The first Debating Supporters Group (DSG) meeting of the year will be held on Tuesday March 6 at 6.30 pm in the Staff Common Room. This is an opportunity for parents to become involved in fundraising and events that assist us in further strengthening the Debating teams at High. Please come along!

Ms Jocelyn Brewer
MIC Debating
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
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New Parents Welcome Party Invitation

You are cordially invited to attend the
Sydney Boys’ High School
New Parents
Welcome Party 2007

to be held in the Great Hall, Sydney Boys High School
Tuesday 27th February 2007
6.30 pm to 8.30 pm

This will be a great opportunity for new parents to meet each other and to meet other members of the School Family.

For catering purposes please RSVP by 22nd February 2007 by completing the form below and returning it to the School Office.

(If you have previously responded to the invitation recently posted to you, there is no need to complete the RSVP form below.)

Welcome Party
I/we will be able to attend the Welcome Party for the Parents of Year 7 2007 
to be held on Tuesday February 27th, 6.30 pm in the Great Hall, Sydney Boys’ High.
Please print below name(s) of person(s) attending and your son’s class.
Mother’s name: ___________________________________

Father’s name: ___________________________________

Son’s class:   ___________________________________
Please return to School Office by February 22nd in an envelope marked WELCOME PARTY RSVP

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Basketball: Shooting Hoops

High vs Kings

Term 4 2006

2nd LOSS 67-64 A.LE 16, D.HU 10, D. NG 6 REBOUNDS
3rd LOSS 20-25 J.TRAN 8
4th RAIN DNP  
6th WIN 26-9 C.LIU 6, D.HUANG 6
7th WIN 39-33 M.CHEN 8, C.PALANA 8
8th WIN 25-23 J.LAI 8, D.TRAN 6
16B LOSS 21-12 B.YANG 6
16C LOSS 35-21 No scorers provided
16D RAIN    
16E LOSS 25-12 No scorers provided
15A WIN 38-25 J.SUTTON 11, S.YOON 7
14A WIN 23-19 M.WONG 7
14B LOSS 12-15 A.CHIN 4
14C DRAW 17-17 D.CHANDRA 10
14D LOSS 23-24 A.HO 11
14E LOSS 9-32 M.WEI 4

Term 1 2007

1st LOSS 65-52 H.WALKER 14
3rd LOSS 19-35 B.SUN 8
4th WIN 27-16 A.WANG 9
5th WIN 23-16 A.NG 6
6th WIN 43-17 D. HUANG 12
7th WIN 46-6 R.TRAN 9
8th WIN 18-15 J. HSIAO 3
16A LOSS 38-34 A.YANG 12
15A LOSS 29-24 J.SUTTON 12+’BEST D’
15B LOSS 28-30 V.VO 14
15D WIN 29-17 H.VI 8
15E LOSS 9-24 Z.GUO 4
14A LOSS 24-23 A.YE 9
14B WIN 24-22 A.CHIN 11
13A LOSS 23-15 D.LIANG 5
13B LOSS 29-2 N.NAN 2

MIC Hayman's Overview
“It was very disappointing to have lost so many close games this week. However it wasn’t that long ago that we didn’t even get close against Kings! Many players need to remember what it was like (back then) to have your self-esteem hammered every week when you stepped on the floor to represent this great school. Bring everything you have from the jump ball and want it more than your opposition on Saturday. Push your team to new levels of confidence. Juniors need to get onto our new courts and hoop every day full court-don’t be scared off the flat by the seniors” Also from now on, the ‘Your Call Ref’ section will be inside shooting hoops!

14As Match Report
Score: 25-26 (Loss).
Top Scorer: A.Ye 9
At the start of the game we were confident because we had beaten Kings last term. High took an early lead when Kings produced a few too many early fouls. The shell drill that we had been practising so much was played the best we had ever done and Kings had trouble putting the ball in the hoop. High had a substantial lead. During the second half Kings applied more pressure and High had trouble bringing the ball up the court and resulted in a lot of turnovers. They also found a way to break through our shell drill. Kings scored 8 unanswered points closing in on High. Then Michael Wong produced an ankle breaker and that lifted High’s spirits. At full time Kings were fouled according to the Kings ref and given two free throws at 25-25. Missing the first and scoring the second, High was closely defeated 25-26.
By Andrew Ye of the 14As


Last week’s question was: 7 BLUE receives a pass from 8 BLUE and is knocked over by the force of the pass. However 7 BLUE at no stage loses control of the ball and without lifting his feet off the floor he manages to stand back up.

The call should be:
a) Travel on 7 BLUE?
b) Technical foul on 8 BLUE for throwing the ball too hard?
c) No call because 7 BLUE did not lift his pivot foot?

Art. 25.2.3 tells us, in part*. It is a violation if the player (who has fallen, is laying or sitting on the floor) the slides, rolls, or attempts to stand up while holding the ball. Therefore a) is the answer.

Now for this weeks “point to ponder” BLUE 22 is driving towards the basket when RED 15 sets a guarding position in front of BLUE 22. BLUE 22 moves to go around RED 15 who slides sideways in an attempt to continue guarding BLUE 22. BLUE 22 makes contact on RED 15’s torso . What should you call?
a) Blocking foul on RED15
b) Charging foul on BLUE 22
c) Double foul
d) Phone Super Junior 1sts Coach Alex Hayman and ask him




*Reminder to all team captains, please email in your match reports by Monday to Mr Hayman
* ~Brought to you by Johny Shih
   ~Thank you to Mr Hayman for all his contributions to basketball and information
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Sydney Boys High Cricket

The three Under 13 teams took to the field last Saturday and performed creditably after only an assessment trial and afternoon clinic before hand. The 13As pulled a well drilled Kings team, whilst the 13Bs were impressive in their efforts and were capable of a victory which made Kings fight off a challenge and the 13Cs, mainly newcomers to cricket, did remarkably well considering their limited cricketing experience. Well done for your enthusiasm, on-field efforts and for the committed turn up to the games which saw us field 3 full teams plus reserves.


1st XI (Day 2) KINGS 7/129 & 4/134 -defeated- HIGH 10/125 & 10/135
Batting Tom Castleton 48 Gehan Karunaratne 40 2nd Inngs Kerrod McPherson 42, Matthew Fetherston 27.See Website match report. See Cricket Website for match report

3rd XI (Day 2) KINGS 10/232 -defeated- HIGH 10/60 & 10/126
High batted poorly in its first innings losing early wickets and a middle order collapse had High at 7/42 with only Nick Lochner (26n.o.) adding any respectability to the final total of 60. Kings then batted and at 5/52 were under pressure but a 104 run partnership paved the way to their final total. High then showed some grit after a dismal start in its second innings but fell 46 runs short and were beaten outright. Best bowling Nimal Sridharam 5/23. Run scorers Shiva Sheth (23) and Ziggy Harrison-Tikisci (38) . See Cricket Website match report

16A KINGS 3/369 -defeated- HIGH 10/80 & 8/105
Finishing at 6/23 on Day 1 High continued batting and were all out for 80. Run scorers were Nick Lochner (30), Harrison Lane (25) and Arthur Kourtesis (14). Batting a second time and showing some mongrel and determination to stave off an outright, High were still at the wkts at 8/105 at stumps. Run scorers Nakul Pedneker (27), Avish Sharma (26), Arthur Kourtesis (15). Best bowling in Kings innings was Timmy Lim who took 2/56 and Avish Sharma took one wkt. See Cricket Website match report.

15A KINGS 10/200 -defeated- HIGH 10/106
High resumed on 1/20 chasing 200 on Day 2 but poor application and shot selection saw High all out for 106 in the 46th over. Run scorers Andy Liu (18), K.Taylor (16) and Nafiz Chowdhury (16n.o). A team with talent that requires leadership and maturity in their approach to matches. See Cricket Website match report.


5th XI (20/20 fixture) HIGH 8/121 -defeated- KINGS 10/56
High batted and were 2/6 before Rommo Pandit 43n.o. and Dexter Isaacs 31 helped steady the innings after some unacceptable on field cricket earlier by several of High’s batsmen and the team finished at 10/121. Kings then took the crease and were soon in trouble and ended up all out for 56. Rommo Pandit took 5/9 off 4 overs and Adnan Husaini took 2/5 from 2 overs. See Website match report.

6th XI HIGH 9/120 -defeated- KINGS 3/90
Results only submitted.

15B KINGS 7/204 -defeated - HIGH 10/100
A most improved team who were all out for 18 runs against Kings in Term 1 2006 and put 100 on the board for the first time. Bowling honours went to Tim Molloy 3/63 and Nelson Wang 2/16 but the team catching and fielding was the stand out. Run scorers were Jia He (24), Liam Aylmer (18) and Rafat Kamal (14).
See Cricket Website match report.

14B KINGS 1/71 -defeated- HIGH 10/70
High lost the toss and was sent in to bat and after a steady start the match changed with disruptions and injured players on both sides. A batting collapse after the first drinks break really identified our need to improve our batting skills and running between wickets as Kings produced accurate and consistent bowling. Kings batted and fired off at nearly 8 runs an over and passed High one down in the 9th over. Run scorers Iftiar Khan (23), Shanaz Razeen(13), Krishan Sivayogaryan (10) and Eric Ovadia (8). Bowling belonged to Eric Ovadia who took the only wicket. See the Cricket Website for a complete report.

14D KINGS 10/153 -defeated - HIGH 10/76
High won the toss and through inexperience put Kings in to bat on a bowler’s wicket but battled on and had them all out for 153. Wicket takers were Rahib Azwad 2/0, Saif Haque 2/27, Vino Anandaselvakumar 1/10, Tahmid Shahriyar 1/17, and SaqibBhuiyan, Sheikh Siddiqui and Ryan GU 1 wkt each. High batted and against a creditable attack gamely put together 76 before the last wkt fell. Run scorers were Saif Haque (25), Rahib Azwad (22n.o) . See the Cricket Website for the full match report.

UNDER 13A KINGS 7/84 -defeated- HIGH 10/28
Best batting from Alexander Hughes (13), Krishnendu Dutta (5) and Emtiazul Hoque (4). Best bowling Emtiazul Hoque 2 wkts, Christopher Oei 2 wkts, Branavan Jeyarasa and Wade Yang one (1) wkt each

UNDER 13B KINGS 5/158 -defeated- HIGH 9/99
Best batting from Hiram Yu (26), Luke De La Cour (10), Ahdil Ansareen (8), Suman Prusty (8) and Tom Connelly (5)

UNDER 13C KINGS 7/199 -defeated- HIGH 10/30
Best batting from Harry Heo (6) and Derrick Foo 3 runs. Best bowling Benjamin Lee 2 wkts, Allen Fu, Vincent Chen, Jeremy Yao, Harry Heo and Michael Pham one (1) wkt. each.

This Award is based on 1 pt for each run, 5 points for player who effects a run-out, 5 pts for a stumping, 10 pts for a catch, 20 pts for a wicket and 5 pts for participation in a school team. Players in the rotation each week are credited with 5 pts. Points after Round 1. are Luke De La Cour (55), Emtiazul Hoque (49),Christopher Oei (45), Benjamin Lee (45), Tom Connelly (35), Ahdil Ansareen (33), Hiram Yu (31), Harry Heo (31)Alexander Hughes (28), Michael Pham (26), Vincent Chen (26), Wade Yang (25), Jeremy Yao (25), Allen Fu (25), Lucas Fang (13), Suman Prusty (13), Ben Wilcox (10), Krishnendu Dutta (10), Brian Lam (8), Derrick Foo (8), Zafar Mohamed (6), Kenny Zhang (6), Shi Feng (6), Peter Wu (6), Shumit Hoque (5), Minwoo Yim (5), Sooraj Prakash (5), Dhruv Sabharwal (5), Kevin Krahe (5), Wilson Lin (5), Jim Kourourkas (5), Sanbib Ahmed (5), Tian Ling (5), William Yeung (5), Rotation players Naya Rahman (5), Adrian Phan (5).

NOTE; some points will alter when scorebooks are reviewed at sport when eight (8) catches are identified by the players concerned. 13A missing 1 catch, 13B missing 3 catches and 13C missing 4 catches.
Laurie Heil
MIC Cricket

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Rifle Club Open Day

Saturday 17th  March
9am - 12pm
Anzac Rifle Range
Franklin St, Malabar

Friends and Family Welcome

Try shooting yourself for FREE at the Sydney High Rifle Club Open Day

No licence or permit required, but proof of identity is needed on the day
Parents/guardians permission required for participant under 18 years of age
Minimum age: 12 years

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