High Notes, Vol 8 No 28, September 14 2007

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From the Principal

High Talent
Congratulations to the Junior Chess Team that retained the Junior Chess League State Championship for 2007. Dominic Nguyen, Dawen Shi, Ilya Bonch-Osmolovskiy (Year 8) and Ennes Mehmedbasic (Year 7) won 3 matches to one against Knox. Well done to the athletics team members who braved the weather and APEC to compete at last Saturday’s athletics carnival. A great effort from Lucian Tan, Dominic Bowes and Zid Mancenido with Edwin Montoya-Zorrilla as 4th speaker in winning the Karl Cramp debating competition. Congratulations to Jamian Vuong (7R) who won a gold medal in the recent ICAS Computer Skills competition. Excellent NSW CHS Athletics results were earned by our team this week. Dinghua Xiao broke the school discus record with a 42.08m throw for a silver medal and won another in shot put with 14.23m (both in 16 years events). Harrison Lane ran 9.36.14 for silver in the 15s 3000m while Michael Denny-Smith posted a smart 58.54 for the 17+ 400m hurdles. Dakshika Gunaratne showed his consistency as an athlete with a bronze medal in the 17+ 110m hurdles. Good luck to these athletes and the rest of our team in the GPS carnival.

Information Evening on Acceleration
More than sixty parents and students attended last week’s information evening on subject acceleration. The purpose of the evening was to introduce parents to the policy on subject acceleration and to outline the processes developed by the school for the identification, selection and management of subject accelerants. For those who were unable to attend or who may wish more specific information on a particular subject, the relevant information can be found on our website www.sydneyboyshigh.com. Go to the navigation bar and click on ‘curriculum’ then click on ‘subject acceleration’ then select a subject. For information on how to complete an ‘Independent Learning Plan’ follow the previous pathway but click on the ILP file.

Information evening for subject selections Year 8-9 and Year 10-11 The response to these sessions was very pleasing with in excess of 100 parents and students at each presentation. Mr Dowdell delivered an informative, fast paced account of Board of Studies policy in relation to SC, Preliminary and HSC qualifications and courses and outlined a history of our curriculum offerings. He described the processes for scheduling classes and allocating students to elective groups. Selection sheets were issued to Year 10 families along with a booklet explaining the courses offered by High. The Year 8 group received a booklet outlining the stage 5 courses and electives. I encourage families to attend future relevant information evenings.

Premier’s Debating Challenge – Year 11 ‘Karl Cramp’
Teams from 110 high schools contested the 50 year old competition for the trophy presented by an ex-Inspector of Schools. High had won the title on 10 occasions, Cheltenham Girls, once. High defended the proposition that ‘hosting APEC was worthwhile’. While conceding that there were inevitable opportunity costs in staging such an event, our team argued that: the gross diplomatic benefit derived from the exercise, the landmark decision on trade in resources, the ‘Sydney Declaration’, the reopened trade protocol talks, the benefits for international relations to Sydney, Australia and the Region of the 21 leaders meeting together and the security lessons learnt from staging a world class political event, were ‘worthwhile’. Australia had to play its part in an increasingly ‘global society’. Civil liberties were curtailed in certain areas as a relative cost for a bigger logistical investment in security. The negative wanted to narrow the ‘worthwhile’ test to Australia and tried to draw a distinction between hosting APEC as opposed to having APEC. Their line was that the cost to the economy, freedom and to the Australian identity made the staging of the event not worthwhile. They argued that: the trade deals were going to go ahead anyway without a conference; that the event produced economic loss to businesses and reduced tourist access and income; that security and hosting costs ran to $320m and that the mockery of our security system by the ‘Chasers’ War on Everything’ amounted to a national identity disaster. They offered the Sydney Olympics as an event which was worthwhile to host.

Further arguments were made on both sides about the impact on civil liberties caused by citizens being locked out of public places on security grounds, police abusing their wide powers and demonstrators being allowed to protest but being herded into defined areas to express their freedom of speech. National identity was debated as being increased by world wide media exposure or diminished by the embarrassment of security breaches by a comedy team. In a close decision, the multiple defences of the hosting proposition held up against determined rebuttal. Our boys had more experience and the effectiveness of their own rebuttal carried the day. Congratulations on a well deserved competition victory. Thank you to Mrs Berger for mentoring the team this year.
Dr K Jaggar

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From the Library

Farewell and Thank You To an Outstanding Volunteer Parent
This week Mallika Tin-Loi (mother of Christopher in Year 9) finished an incredible 18 months of voluntary work assisting the Library. In that time Mallika gave Sydney Boys High 2 full days a week. Mallika’s assistance was particularly valuable as she is a very experienced librarian with formidable IT skills. Mallika has just retired from the University of NSW Library and felt that her skills could assist Sydney Boys High.

As a result of her efforts the Andrews Library now has a huge complement of websites all vetted by SCIS – the Education Department Library service – on its database. These websites were personally chosen by the Librarian to reflect the needs of a current High School Syllabus. This, as well as the 45 computers available to boys in the Andrews Library, is a significant indication of the contribution school libraries make to the aggregation of IT skills and research skills of High School students. Thank you Mallika for assisting our library to take this step forward.

As part of her fabulous contribution our library staff is particularly appreciative of the individual cataloguing of a huge number of books which were not on the Departments copy cataloguing database. This has had the effect of digging the library out of an intake overload. Mallika has refreshed our staff’s skills as well and that also was a wonderful opportunity which is appreciated by the Librarian in particular.

Best wishes for your future Mallika.
Mrs V Crothers - Librarian

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Year 9 & 10 Excursion to Golden Harbour Restaurant

On 24 August, Years 9 and 10 Chinese classes went on an excursion to the Golden Harbour Restaurant in Chinatown to taste some of the traditional Chinese dishes. After recess, we met at the Senior Study Centre to watch a movie.

The movie was called ‘Hero of Heaven and Earth’, which was about a group of Chinese warriors guarding a special material that is supposedly a part of Buddha himself. The film was very interesting, but it was hard to see since the projector wasn’t very big. The light coming from outside was also excessive, leading to a hindered cinematic experience. Nevertheless, the movie was overall satisfactory, and we especially paid attention to the details in the hopes of winning some prizes (from the quiz on the film later on).

We then split into two groups catching different buses to Chinatown. Upon arrival, we were greeted by the waiters and escorted to the back tables. Each table had around six seats, and together, we took up five or six tables. The first course arrived on our tables within minutes, and consisted of little steam buns containing shrimp. We each had one portion (be it a steam bun, a portion of noodles or a portion of rice) from each dish. There were about six or seven dishes in total, and each was as delicious as the last. The variety was fabulous, with dishes containing all sorts of meats, vegetables and other foods. During our meal, Ms Yang and Ms Zhang walked around the tables, giving five questions about the movie to each table. The prizes included chocolate bars and lollies.

2:40 pm marked the end of our excursion, and what a delicious excursion it had been. We parted with the restaurant and made our way towards Central, our stomachs full. It has been a great excursion and the Year 9s will probably get to experience it again next year!

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Student Representative Council 2007

The Student Representative Council for 2007 have worked together under a capable executive assisted by our teacher advisor, Ms Branigan. We have worked as a committee to try and make a few essential changes and put forward some proposals to assist the student body of the current and future Sydney Boys High School.

As secretary of the current SRC, I have been asked to share with the staff, students and parents of Sydney Boys High school, some of our achievements so far in 2007.

A major issue for the SRC and one that had been one of concern in previous years is the state of the bus lines on the Anzac Parade side of the school. Every afternoon as students line up for the school buses to go home, a large amount of dust is kicked up. Students have voiced concern to their SRC that this environment is not only very dirty and unhygienic but also potentially dangerous for health reasons, especially for those with respiratory problems. The executive put together a proposal with photo documentation and have presented this information to Dr Jaggar. We are hopeful future plans concerning building development of this area of the school will now include an asphalt car park similar to the one on the Cleveland Street entry to the school.

The other major issue the SRC of 2007 have been addressing is the expectations and image of the SRC at Sydney Boys High School and the potential of the organisation to nurture leadership ability within the school context.

A recent non-profit BBQ organised and put on by the SRC was to raise awareness of the existence of the SRC and to make students aware that the SRC exists to improve life at High for them. The low prices on the day were a treat in response to voiced concern over the recent increased prices at the canteen.

As part of the plan to develop the role of the SRC of Sydney Boys High School for the future, a number of SRC students have attended two regional SRC meetings, where student leaders from schools throughout the region meet and discuss how the SRC is run and what they have achieved. It is also an opportunity for students to get involved in State SRC and student leadership forums.

Together with two other Year 11 students and Ms Branigan, I recently attended a regional meeting, hosted by Fort St High School. The main concern voiced from the schools that attended the meeting was their part in changing their own school environment.

The SBHS SRC plans for the remainder of the year include putting on the annual Trivia Night, which has always been a great success and I hope we will have plenty of staff and student support.

At the most recent SRC meeting, students voted towards some changes for the SRC of 2008.

Congratulations to the following students who will be receiving their SRC badges for being committee members for 2007:

Michael Pham 7E
Jamian Vuong 7R
Serag Saleh 7T
Zafar Mohamed Rizvi 7S
Suman Prusty 7M
Harry Heo 7F
Michael Wong 8T
Carl Pan 8S
Samir Kinger 8F
William Stefanidis 8M
Isnad Zaman 8R
Shanaz Razeen 8E
Nafiz Chowdhury 9F
Kevin Sheng 9R
Dominic Edgtton 9E
Liaison Officer :  David Nam 10E
Christian Katsikaros 10M
Bryant Apolonio 10S
Nicholas Wong 10M
Kang Lim 10R
Swei Tang 11
Vice President : Alexander Shapilsky 11
Anthony Ho 11
President :Varan Perananthan 11
Arun Kununakarun 11
Liaison Officer : Mihri Desai 11
Publicity Officer :  Anosh Sivashanmugarajah 11
Alvin Leung 11
Secretary :Danny Fu 11
Arthur Wang 11
Treasurer :  Ishan Nadkarni 11
Kevin Le 11
Yu Lin 12
David Hu 12
Kelvin Wong 12
Li Wu 12
Terry Ly 12
William Tran 12
Cambridge Wong 12
Richard Yang 12
Girish Panicker 12
Sharangan Maheswaian 12
Andrew Leung 12
Martin Liang 12
Michael Shen 12
SRC Prefect Representative : Yun Zhe Guo 12

If students have any suggestions for possible changes or issues that they would like raised at the next meeting, please let your Year SRC member know.
Danny Fu
SRC Secretary 2007

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Student Welfare

We are very fortunate to have two significant speakers who will address our next two P&C Meetings:

Next week, on Wednesday 19 September at 7:30, Mr John Walker, Head Teacher of the Student Welfare Committee will talk to parents about the Values Education program at Sydney Boys High. The Welfare Committee concerns itself with all aspects of our boys’ personal, social and academic well-being. It also develops and coordinates initiatives to foster recognition of individual talent and leadership.

On Wednesday 17 October at 7:30 pm, Mr Paul Garufi, the Department of Education’s Drug and Alcohol Consultant for the Sydney Region, will talk to parents about drugs, alcohol and teenagers. He is a specialist in the field and has a wealth of experience in talking to students, teachers and parents about these complex issues.

Both meetings promise to be very enlightening with time allocated to answer any questions you may have, and I urge you to join us in great numbers!
Fabienne Ovadia
(Parent representative on Welfare Committee)

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Strongman Competition

40 Strongmen, 4 Challenges, Maximum power. 1 Ultimate Champion.

YES! It’s that time of the year again. It’s STRONGMAN TIME. At Lunchtime on Monday 17 September come watch the big men of High Rumble for the annual Junior and Senior Strongman Title. This year will be bigger and better than ever with last year’s Junior and Senior champion going head to head for the senior title plus many new Budding Strongmen vying for an upset win

Date: Monday 17 September
Start Time: Lunchtime (extended lunch)
Entry Fee (competitors): $5
Maximum Competitors: 20 Juniors (U15yrs i.e. don’t turn 16 this year) 20 Seniors (over 15yrs).
Theme: (compulsory for all Strongmen): Superheroes

Food for Sale:

Hot Dogs                $2.50 
Drinks                  $1.50
Combo                   $3.50
Other Entertainment     Band 

Skins Special Offer continues
I have been able to negotiate a 20% discount with the company Body Science in regards to their compression garment range similar to the commonly known SKINS range. All you have to do is log on to their website at www.kompressorz.com register as a shopper and at the bottom of the purchase page type in the Friends Code: sbhs and you will get an automatic 20% discount with free freight. These tights are state of the art and by personal experience are thicker, more compressive and more resilient than skins or many other equivalent brands. They also include both upper body/lower body/full length or part length variations. For recovery and training comfort they are an essential garment for sport enthusiasts.

Train Hard, Play Hard

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Year 10 Crossroads Presentations 2007
On Tuesday 28 August, Year 10 students attended a series of presentations by Waverley Action for Youth Services (Adolescence and Sexuality), Positive Speakers Bureau (People living with HIV/AIDS) and the Motor Accident Authority/Wheelchair Basketball Roadshow (Road accidents and their consequences).

Sixty of the 171 students who attended the presentations were surveyed. Each respondent was asked to rank the presentation 1 – 10 (1 = low, 10 = high) and offer a comment. The comments were optional. Fifty two students provided comments, of which 129 (84%) were positive, while 25 (16%) were negative. Many students included “fun and informative” in the one comment.

Waverly Action for Youth Services presentations scored a mean of 7.5 out of 10 (7.9 in 2005 survey). Comments included:
Informative/Educational (23 comments)
Fun (12)
Boring (4)
Entertaining, Great, Not that useful (2 each)
Learned to express myself, Friendly people who knew what they were doing, Insightful with content not covered in PDHPE, Did not teach more than already covered in PE theory, Informative but generally I knew about the topics beforehand, Interesting, Awesome, Insightful, OK, Learned a lot (1 each)

Positive Speakers Bureau presentations scored a mean of 6.9 out of 10 (7.5 in 2005) Comments included:
Informative/Educational (12 comments)
Boring (7)
Good lesson (6)
Interesting story (3)
Good insight into the issue of HIV/AIDS and protective sex, Enlightening, Effective a real life story, Insightful, Learned a lot (2 each)
Unique information, Interesting if a little depressing, Informative and touching, Story on positivity appreciated, The speaker was friendly and easy to talk to, Doesn’t really give much advice, Can’t understand him, Concrete understanding of risks, Pointless just a story about a person’s life (1 each)

Motor Accident Authority/Wheelchair Basketball Roadshow presentations scored a mean of 9.3 out of 10 (9.0 in 2005) Comments included:
Fun (33 comments)
Informative (11)
Awesome, Not enough time (3 each)
Entertaining (2)
Effective real life case, Great, Cool, Inspiring, Eye opening, Showed the benefits and drawbacks of wheelchairs, Fun but motor accident comments unneeded, The talk about how the man was once a normally walking person was eye opening (1 each)

Thank you to all those students who took the time to provide feedback about the presentations.
G Stein

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Minutes of P&C Executive Meeting

Monday 3 September 2007

Attendance: Simon Chan, Geoff Andrews, Megan Eriksson, Max Montanaro, Marianne Leitch, Seh Hang H’ng, Barbara Taylor

Apologies: Toni Lindeback, Shane Brown

Minutes of Previous Meeting
Accepted: Geoff Andrews
Seconded: Barbara Taylor

Matters Arising from Previous Minutes
$5k loan repayment contribution towards tennis courts covered by tennis parking event.

P&C is not being asked to contribute towards refurbishing kitchen at the back of Great Hall. Geoff Andrews circulated ‘Guidelines for subcommittees for collection of funds at functions’ for comment. Note to be added about cross checking against stock audits. Suggestion for cash box to contain a sheet on which each deposit into the box can be noted.
ACTION: Geoff Andrews to distribute guidelines to subcommittees.

Treasurer’s Report
No receipts since last P&C Exec. Expenditure since last Exec Meeting = $6k for 2nd instalment on data projectors, and $17,657 to Building Fund for new Library.

$40k on term deposit rolled over @ 6.3%

School is paying for the newly-acquired second-hand bus. P&C to set aside $20k p.a. over 5 yrs ($25k p.a. over 3 yrs?) with a view to replacing Coaster bus as requested by Dr Jaggar.

By 30/9/2007 P&C expects receipts of $6k from Swans Parking on 2/9/2007 and $5-10k from Canteen for Term 3. $15k will then be spent on replacement pianos as per budget.

This should leave approx $10k in main account at start of financial year 1/10/2007, plus $40k on term deposit.

Insurance- Proposal to increase P&C Insurance premium by $165. This will increase cover for equipment and stock in Canteen from $5k to $20k, and will also include Music Sub-committee activities (before or after school hours).

Moved: Geoff Andrews.
Seconded: Megan Eriksson.

ACTION: Geoff Andrews to confirm with the School and the Foundation that their insurance covers locations and items in which the P&C and its sub-committees may carry out activities or have involvement.

Year Group Reports
Megan Eriksson (Year 10) had attended Values Day, run by John Walker, Welfare SBHS.

Overall aim is to overcome any staff reluctance to teaching Values Education, and to make the sessions relevant and interesting for the students. Concern was expressed about students’ lack of respect for a guest speaker at a recent assembly.

Suggestion to invite John Walker to speak at a future P&C meeting about Values Education. ACTION: Simon Chan

Foundation Report
Quotes being obtained to refurbish showers and airconditioning at Outterside Centre

Negotiations still ongoing re McKay playing fields.

Quotes still too expensive for school shirts with emblem. Concern expressed about quality control if sourcing from overseas (eg cotton impregnated with formaldehyde)

Library Fundraising Telephone Campaign
Formal report to be presented at next meeting. Approx. $ 1500 per month for monthly contribution by direct debit and approx $ 21,000 per annum including annual contribution. ACTION: Steve Saunders

P&C Parking Event 2 September 2007
Thank you to Alice Paul for organising the volunteers for this event, and to Geoff Andrews for the timely reminder about the date. Expected income from this event is $6k.

Open Day
Being organised by Ms Lisa Gowran. Volunteer member of P&C will provide tea/coffee & cakes from 10 am to 12 noon.

Draft flyer circulated that could be used as a handout on Open Day.

ACTION: Barbara Taylor to email draft to Exec members for comment.

International Night
Great Hall fully booked for Saturday nights for the rest of 2007. Suggested date is Friday 9th November 2007. Lead time is too short for this to be a major fundraiser, but any profits will be donated towards new library. Year groups to send emails asking for food to be donated by parents with restaurants/catering businesses. Suggestion of keeping ticket price low if margin can be made by selling drinks. ACTION: Simon Chan to find out whether school can sell wine by the glass if children attend the function. Year Groups to ask for ideas for entertainment. ACTION: To invite pianist Paul Pang

125th Anniversary Functions
Julie Blomberg has offered to help co-ordinate an event for SBHS as a separate function to the Anniversary Ball as a joint event with SGHS.

Chinese New Year Function
Planned for Feb 2008 by the Development Committee.

Other Business
Electronic Changeable Sign
ACTION: Barbara Taylor to follow up on quote provided to the school in July, and report back to P&C Exec. Suggestion that Dr Jaggar may want to add an electronic sign to the P&C “wish list” for 2008.

Garbage Bins
Concern expressed again about litter in the school grounds. Bins were recently replaced, but replacement bins swivel so that contents are emptied on the ground when boys kick the bins. 240 litre wheelie bins are available at Bunnings for $105 each.

ACTION: Simon Chan to ask Dr Jaggar whether P&C could purchase some wheelie bins with lids (chained in place to prevent use as cricket stumps?) Concern also expressed about the lack of facility to recycle bottles and cans.

City of Sydney does not currently collect recyclable bottles and cans from schools.

ACTION: Simon Chan to ask Dr Jaggar about the possibility of introducing one or more recycling bins (near the canteen?).

Year 12 Cocktail Party
Unanimous decision to discontinue this event because Year 12 students and their families are formally invited to an Assembly and Afternoon Tea.

Orientation Day
Suggestion for Canteen to offer some food for sale at Orientation Day on 20 November.

ACTION: Barbara Taylor to contact Raewyn Duffy to discuss this possibility.

Next Meeting: 6.00 pm Monday 5 November 2007

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Minutes of Meeting of SBHS Basketball Committee

Thursday, 31 August 2007

Attending (20+): Ross Walker, Peter Teng, Ina Teng, Inge Sugito, Paul Koerber, Bruce Gordon, Rohit Autar, David Morrow, Ish Rajendram, Mark Paul, Shirley Tickner, Alex Hayman, Tracy Tassell, Ben Hayman, Vince Salomon, George Chow, Christina Chow, Jason Tassell, Ron Sutton,

Apologies: Angie Ward, Jennifer Jones

The meeting began at 7:30.

Item 1 – Election of officers
Vince Salomon elected as president.
Ron Sutton elected as secretary.
George Chow elected as treasurer.
Peter Teng elected as senior events coordinator.
Rohit Autar elected as junior events coordinator.
Shirley Tickner elected as parking coordinator.
Christina Chow elected as canteen coordinator.
Inge Sugito elected as a post-game functions coordinator, with a second spot still vacant.
Jennifer Jones and Bruce Gordon elected as scoring-table personnel.
Tracy Tassell elected as end-of-season function coordinator.

Item 2 – Old Boys Game
Ben Hayman reported the date for the old-boys game is set for Sunday, Sept 16. SBHS has gained access to the gym from noon until 3pm. The second-grade game will begin at 12.15pm. The first-grade game begins at 1pm. A meeting of all coaches (The Coaching Co-ordinator session) is scheduled from 2pm to 3pm.

Item 3 – Strategic Plan
George Chow reported on three primary objectives that have been identified. The three are coaching services, player development, and ensuring adequate funding to support the coaching services and the basketball program’s equipment needs.

George listed the key goals for coaching services as:

  • upgrading coaching through a senior core group
  • establishing a coaching development and succession program for junior coaches by bringing in old boys and other talent through basketball associations
  • retaining coaching talent within the school to ensure continuity and consistent coaching principles
  • appointing an assistant coach to first grade
  • creating a coaching-mentor position to primarily support the junior coaches, and
  • providing financial help for people to attend accreditation courses, such as refereeing courses for old boys.

He listed the key focuses for player development as having:

  • all A-grade teams coached by Level 1-accredited coaches
  • participation in a Friday night competition for Year 8 to Year 11 boys
  • a Junior Firsts player-development program
  • a senior-player succession program
  • a coaching mentor available for privately paid coaching lessons, if desired, and
  • a strength-and-fitness program.
He listed the focuses for supporting coaching services and equipment needs as:
  • canteen activities
  • parking-day allocations for sporting events, and
  • other activities such as the proceeds of raffles and auctions

George reported the major sources of revenue for 2006/07 paid for coaching services that, along with old-boy loyalty, enabled the school to field up to 30 teams in the GPS competition. They also went towards hiring courts for training, travel costs, and equipment. For the 2007/08 season, the equipment costs will include such items as new basketballs, scoreboards and pole pads for the outdoor courts, and kit bags for the coaches, entailing referee shirts, polo shirts, whistles, whiteboards, etc.

George reported the basketball program has now succeeded in paying off the debts of the program previously run at a loss. The program now run by B Hayman will be the first year the funds can be fully invested back into the program.

Item 4 – Coaches’ report
Alex Hayman reported on SBHS’s third-place finish in the state schoolboys knockout. Not only was it the school’s best finish ever, by far, but SBHS was the only non-sports high school in the finals field. Alex said he was very happy with the latest trials for the new season, remarking the playing level was completely different from previous times. He said, with the success of agility-training sessions with Jason Tassell, boys playing club basketball, and Vince now added as his assistant, the first-grade team can realistically pursue a goal of winning at least half of its games this 2008 season.

Item 5 – General business
The committee discussed ideas for how to assure wider involvement in the activities necessary for sustaining the program, such as helping with event parking, operating the barbecue on game days, etc. The coaches reported one difficulty in assigning the tasks to particular teams on particular days is the fact that most game times are only established during the week of the game. Christina Chow offered to compile an information leaflet for Ben to pass out to all players, detailing the off-court help expected from players, or their families, in relation to the program. Ben approved the idea.

Vince reported he is working on providing reversible singlets for all first- and second-grade players. The singlets would be the property of the school. He also asked everyone involved in the program to watch for anything they can contribute to raffles. Ben says he has a signed singlet from NBA MVP player Dirk Nowitzki for the raffle.

An old boy (H Feng) has offered to record every first- and second-grade game on video. Jason Tassell offered to provide the necessary camera.

Bruce Gordon recommended laying a grass fringe around the outdoor basketball court, in part to keep surrounding gravel and rock off the courts. Discussion involved how to raise money for putting as many as 10 basketball hoops along the sides of the court. Ben said providing more shooting facilities for the school was important.

The committee thanked those parents now retiring from the committee in particular the Walker family.

The meeting closed at 8.30 pm.

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Tennis AGM

Invitation to all Tennis parents and interested parties

P & C Subcommittee Tennis AGM
Wednesday 26 September 2007
7pm in the Staff Common Room

Mr Richard Ayre has kindly agreed to take over as MIC Tennis. At this meeting you will have the opportunity to inform yourself about the 2008 tennis program, discuss issues and present ideas on how tennis at High can be further enhanced. Please note that all positions will be declared vacant. Like all sports at SBHS, tennis needs the active support of ALL parents and your attendance at this meeting will be highly valued. I am looking forward to see you there.
Gabriele Klocker

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SHS Old Boys Union

Did you know?
Did you know that Rhodes Scholarships were created under the will of Cecil John Rhodes, the British colonial pioneer and statesman, who died in 1902? Selection for a Rhodes Scholarship is based on qualities of character as well as on intellect. Rhodes hoped that the Scholarships, for residence at Oxford University, would educate future leaders of the English-speaking world.

In the 103 years since a Rhodes Scholarship was first awarded in NSW in 1904, 10 recipients have attended Sydney High. The first old boy Rhodes Scholar was Ethelbert Southee (1907), in 1913. He was followed by Raymond Kershaw (1914); Arthur Wheen (1914); Alan Watt (1918); Ian Edwards (1919); David Stout (1947); John Bailey (1951); Ian Dawes (1961); and David Griffiths (1962). The most recent was Anthony Abrahams (1991), in 1998.

SHS Old Boys Union

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Year 8 Soccer Picnic

Date : Saturday 29 September
Time : Starting at 11 am, finishing whenever
Location : Centennial Park, on the inner SBH soccer field (ie same place as last year for 14As)

Bring your own picnic, join in the parents versus boys game or barrack (for the parents) from the sidelines. Everyone welcome - hope to see you and your family there
Enquiries : Robyn Connell 0438 800 873

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125th Anniversary Ball and Cabaret

Friday 21 November 2008

In conjunction with Sydney Girls High School, we are holding an Anniversary Ball and Cabaret evening on Friday 21 November 2008.

If you are interested in volunteering to be on the organising committee for this important event in the School’s calendar, please contact Lynne Williams on 9361 6910, ext 114

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Music Notices

John Morrison Jazz and Stage Bands Festival
Last Sunday our Junior Stage Band and Jazz Group; Diminished 5ifths competed in the NSW Jazz Festival held at the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre in Penrith. They performed wonderfully in the Stage band and Jazz ensemble sections respectively. Junior Stage opened the performances at 9am and competed against various schools of different levels. They played enthusiastically for the audience and adjudicators. The Jazz group stunningly opened their section of the competition and blew the audience away with their ‘Exceptional’ performance, as remarked by adjudicator; John Morrison. Their performance highly impressed renowned jazz performer John Morrison who commented on their report that they were a ‘First Class Ensemble’. Diminished 5ths took out first place in their category, congratulations to all them, we are all very proud of your achievements.

HSC Music Practical Exams
Our Yr 11 accelerants and Yr 12 music students played for their HSC practical exams on Wednesday. We wish them well on their written exams coming up and commend them for are their hard work and dedication leading up to their exams.

Piano Competition
Congratulations to the following boys on their achievements in the piano competition held early this term. Well done to all the students who participated in this annual event and many thanks to those who came along and supported the performers. Presentation will be held at the Music Awards Assembly in Term 4.

Senior Division
1st Place – Zhi (George) Zu
2nd Place – Nathan Kwok
3rd Place – Brian Lau
Highly commended – Garry Luu and Dominic Wong

Junior Division
1st Place – Guangzhi Niu
2nd Place – Vivian Le
3rd Place – William Baxter
Highly commended – Evan Wong, Nathan Kok, Ben Wilcox and Peter Wu

Percussion Ensemble
Percussion ensembles are well on its way with rehearsals on Monday and Tuesday mornings. Practice is held from 7:30-8:30am (Juniors – Monday Rm101, Seniors – Tuesday Rm201) and is conducted by our Marching band director; Matthew Capper. Thank you the music committee who have supported us in the recent purchase a wonderful marimba. Please see the music staff if you are interested in joining.

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Parent Mentors

We are looking for new parent mentors

A Parent Mentor is an informal contact person who will welcome New Parents into the School Community and is available to them to help them through the difficulties encountered in their first year at the School.

The aim is to have every parent of a new boy starting at the School matched up with a mentoring parent already at the School. The role of the Mentoring Parent is

  • To actively contact the new parent and make them welcome and be a friendly face in a big organisation.
  • To make themselves available by phone or in person or by email as they see fit.
  • To help the new parent with any simple query about the education system and the way the school works.
  • They will be a point of contact for all the trivial questions that might plague a new high school family.
  • To advise the new parent of the appropriate channels of communication at the school for serious matters eg Year adviser, School counsellor etc
  • To act as a propagandist for the School and the great benefits of being involved in all the facets of their son’s education.

The scheme is informal, without a lot of structure and depends for its success on the enthusiasm of the Mentors.

The scheme has worked extremely well in its first year and has not been at all onerous.

All the Mentor Parents this year have enjoyed it tremendously and the New Parents have been extremely receptive and grateful for the contact.

As there is an attrition rate every year we need new Mentor Parents.

Please join us as the more parents we have the easier is the task.

Could you please contact Charles Ovadia on 9386 1221 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Or send your details to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Or fill in the form below and return to the Principal’s Assistant

Name: ______________________________________

Email Address: _____________________________

Contact Phone

Home: ____________________________

Mobile Phone: ____________________

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SBHS Cricket

A good win- Season Opener
Last Monday our senior cricketers were in action in the first fixture of the AW Davidson Shield Competition against Heathcote High. The team that represented High was a selected composite team which drew from cricketers who have nominated for the Open Squad Camp to give them the early opportunity to display their talents leading into the season with some encouraging performances emerging. We will be continuing in this approach and where possible we will be including several new players to each Senior XI, but always to maintain the balance of batting and bowling places.

The match started at Heathcote Oval then moved to Anzac Oval in Engadine due to a council booking omission with High winning the toss then batting in a reduced 20 Over innings making 7 – 119 with Nakul Pednekar 33 and Alasdair Brown 24no our main run scorers. In reply Heathcote High were cruising at 0 -58 but High held their nerve. Wickets from Daniel Simpson 2-20(5 overs), Matt Coutts 3-26 (5 overs) and Kogulan Sriranjan 2-25(4 overs) saw Heathcote finish at 7-107 from their allotted overs. A gutsy win and well done to all team members.


Trial Date Years 7, 8 and 9
Net and Skills trials will be conducted on Saturday 22 September from 9-30 am to 1-30 pm at the School Cricket nets. All players will need to have their personal cricket protector, plus bat, batting gloves, and helmet (if owned) plus a drink bottle. Batting pads and thigh guards will be available for use at the nets.

Parents are invited to attend and observe the trials and have questions addressed in respect to cricket participation.

Opens Cricket Camp
A joining instruction will be available to all players concerned on the Cricket Website by Friday 14 September which will also include an equipment list. The cost for the camp is $40-00 per player which is to be paid to the School Office NO LATER than Friday 21 September. It is important to meet the payment deadline so that purchases for the camp can be met from such account. Unpaid fees will exclude nominees from the camp training lists.

Team Managers
We are seeking Team Managers to support our Year 7 and 8 teams each Saturday during the AAGPS Competitions. Managers will be given the opportunity to meet in a forum at a date to be confirmed to look at a blueprint for the role and to offer their views on conducting successful support services for their teams. It is important our junior teams have guidance with team match plans which can be as simple as knowing when to bat first, or not, depending on conditions and batting and bowling sequences. These considerations are very important to many young players who are being given their first opportunity to show their skills as team captains and vice-captains. A remuneration package applies to this role and will be supplied upon request prior to, and at the forum.

Coaches Meeting
A coaches Meeting is to be held at 3-30pm next Wednesday 19 September in the Common Room in the main School Administration building. All coaches are urged to ensure their attendance at this meeting which will cover the coaching plans, team training policy, Barberis Cup and 5 Highs teams, and the proposed remuneration for this season.

Laurie Heil
MIC Cricket

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Basketball Report: Shootin' Hoops

Team Trials Coming
Students who have chosen basketball for their summer sport will be trialed and separated into suitable teams from the coming Wednesday and Thursday. It is expected that most teams will not be finalised until the end of the term or the start of new term. Students should try to play with the strongest team they are capable of in order to further improve their skills and to make their summer sport choice the most enjoyable.

Check the gym notice boards regarding coaches, locations and draws for the 2007/2008 season

Basketball Committee Meeting
The meeting was held on 31st of August and the following people were elected for these positions.

Vince Salomon elected as president.
Ron Sutton elected as secretary.
George Chow elected as treasurer.
Peter Teng elected as senior events coordinator.
Rohit Autar elected as junior events coordinator.
Shirley Tickner elected as parking coordinator.
Christina Chow elected as canteen coordinator.
Inge Sugito elected as a post-game functions coordinator, with a second spot still vacant.
Jennifer Jones and Bruce Gordon elected as scoring-table personnel.
Tracy Tassell elected as end-of-season function coordinator.

Also a great thanks to everyone who attended the meeting and their support for High Basketball.

Parents are asked to support their children as much as possible with their Summer Sport choice. Every extra helper makes a difference. Please see the canteen on Saturdays. All funds go directly back to helping basketball! 320 students-how many parents?

First and Seconds 2007/2008
Congratulations to everyone who made the first and seconds team. The continous effort and hard work put in by these players will surely pay off in the seasons to come. After the Old Boys game this weekend some players to be cut prior to the Summer Sports Assembly! Who will be the guest speaker?

First Grade

Second Grade

Brought to you by Johny Shih
Thank you to Mr Hayman for all his contributions to basketball and information

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