High Notes, Vol 8 No 24, August 17 2007

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From the Principal

High Talent
Nicholas Lochner (Year 11) scored a try against Sydney Grammar in the last 1st XV game of the year. Nick has worked tirelessly at No 9 all season and deserved his kick and chase reward.

Valé Jim Norrie
Jim Norrie (1940) was a passionate High supporter and a fine example of the talented all rounder that the school ethos is founded upon. On Monday, August 6, he was honoured at a funeral service attended by a detachment of school cadets. At school, Jim played 1st XI cricket and 1st XV rugby. He represented at GPS and CHS cricket, once opening the batting with the legendary Arthur Morris. He continued his sporting career playing rugby for St George and Easts and cricket for Randwick. He graduated from RMC Duntroon and served in the 17th (1943) and 2/2 (1944-45) Infantry Battalions. After the war he as ADC to the Governor of NSW (1946), a RMC staff instructor (1949) and went on to serve again in Korea with the 3rd RAR (1952-53). His next posting was as CO of a training battalion (1953-55) followed by service in Training Command HQ (1955-57) and as an instructor at the School of Infantry in England (1957-59). He spent a couple of years at Fort Leavenworth, Texas, at the prestigious Command and General Staff College before returning to Australian Army HQ (1963-65) and RMC Duntroon (1965-68). He was appointed as Military Attaché to South Vietnam(1969-70) and Commandant of the Jungle Training Centre (1971).

General Norrie is best known for his work in Papua-New Guinea, first as Joint Force Commander (1972) and then as Commander of the PNG Defence Force (1973-75). He helped steer the country towards independence. Jim returned to Australia as GOC, Training Command (1976-77). After such a distinguished and varied military career, Jim was appointed Secretary and General Manager of the Australian Jockey Club (1977-84) where his energy, enthusiasm, forthright manner and great administrative experience, transformed and expanded the organisation. Jim rounded off his career as Chairman of Nashi Pear Orchards, a large fruit exporter based in Shepparton. Jim served as President of SHSOBU (1993-1999), bringing experience, integrity and passion for High to the position. I had many pleasant interactions with Jim at SHS Foundation meetings, and particularly at Anzac Day ceremonies. Since 2000 he has attended and laid the wreath of remembrance every year his health allowed, until overcome by the effects of Parkinson’s disease. He had a fall in May, preventing him from attending the dedication of the Sir Roden Cutler Gates. Sir Roden and Major General Jeffery were friends of Jim’s.

When I spoke to Jim he was always positive, optimistic and interested in how the current cohort of boys was faring at High. He was forward looking, not dwelling in the past, but inspired by the possibilities of the future. He was a wise, upright and honourable man who spent his long working life serving with distinction his country, his community and his school.

End of Season Celebrations
As Association Football and Junior Rugby celebrated the end of their seasons last week, I briefly outlined our sports development plans for 2008 at those dinners.

Six steps to a better future in Rugby

  1. Maintain a positive attitude towards the sport. Believing in ourselves and the strength of our program is a big first step towards taking some action to improve both.
  2. Develop a disciplined training culture. Until all teams A-C train three times per week and prepare in the off season with either another training based GPS sport or an off season weights and fitness regime, we will not reach the standard of fitness required in the modern game. A training log for all students would help centralise and record each student’s training.
  3. Support the effort with increased coaching. I have committed the school to injecting more funds via the sports levy to support rugby coaching at all levels. ACPE students will assist but the school needs to find expertise to drive the 3-session program.
  4. Build connections with Sydney University Sport and NSW Rugby. We need to explore connections with these organisations with their expertise, personnel and possible post-secondary sporting pathways for our athletes.
  5. Promote High Rugby Friends. This group of interested Old boys and parents is trying to spread the support base for High Rugby. Its membership drive and fund raising activities need the support of the wider High community. I see this organisation as providing ongoing support to the coaching program.
  6. Recruit rugby playing students. We need to have more rugby players. Our new Year 9 intake could really boost our playing strength in later years if suitable boys apply. The rugby community needs to talk up the program in our local communities and let people know about our plans and opportunities for boys who want to be sportsmen-scholars.

Five steps to improve our underachievement in Football

  1. Develop a disciplined training culture. All teams A-C need to be training 3 times per week. Footballers need the ‘miles in their legs’ and the team cohesion in moving plays from defenders to midfield to attackers. It takes time to build team understanding. We can never regain our premiership standard form until increased, sustained training occurs. The school ‘training log’ and off season regime for non GPS footballers in summer are positive steps towards building a higher fitness and strength base.
  2. Coaching support. Our program needs a professional Coaching Coordinator for each of the Years 7-10 to oversee the appropriate training regime and skills development for A-C teams. Old Boy coaches and volunteer parents can be used on D-F teams to focus on exercise and organised fun. I committed the school to finance an expanded coaching program if suitably qualified and available people can be recruited.
  3. Increase parent participation in the Football Committee. Football is one of the two sports with the highest number of participants, yet its organising committee is very short on numbers. Football is a difficult sport to administer because of the number of teams and venues and the need to set up nets. We need more parents to help with many aspects of the administration of the sport.
  4. Negotiate pathways for players. With our connections in Sydney University Sport, we need to develop pathways so that talented players can carry on playing football at university. We need to show parents and students how pursuing excellence in their sport can provide opportunities in the tertiary sector.
  5. Recruit footballers to High’s program. If we implement a deeper and broader coaching structure, the program will have greater credibility and will attract more players to apply to enter the school. We need to use our wider school community to ‘sell’ the program once we have achieved the quality of coaching and discipline that will produce results on the paddock.

Dr K Jaggar

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Learn to Row

A successful Learn to Row program has been running out of “The Sheds” on Sunday mornings since the beginning of 2007. Now supported by several community colleges, participant numbers have jumped. Volunteer coaches are desperately needed to accommodate this rise in participants. The coaching session goes from 7:00 till 9:00 Sunday mornings for a period of six weeks with the most recent course having started on Sunday, August 12. Volunteer coaches will row/cox as part of the crew they are coaching. So if you think you could get back into a boat and row three to four slow kilometres as well as putting something back into the school please contact Ross Bowey on 0428 519 705 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it as soon as possible.

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From the Rugby Master’s Desk

“It’s a fine line between pleasure and pain”. Pleasure and pain, an interesting combination, and I saw both at Weigall last Saturday.

First the pleasure. It was pleasing to see the amount of support given to the 1st XV, the majority in uniform or sporting the High colours. It made me proud to see how everyone responded to the call earlier in the week. It was pleasing to see Nicholas Lochner score our only GPS try with a piece of individual brilliance. Hopefully this will become a part of his repertoire every game from now on. It was pleasing to see the 15B and 13B teams get up for wins in evenly contested matches. It was pleasing to hear Dr Jaggar speak so positively about the future of High rugby after the 1st XV match. He has always been one of our strongest supporters. Finally it was pleasing to see Serdar Bolen with a smile of satisfaction on his face after the game. In the face of great adversity this season he has carried himself with dignity and has been a great role model for the players.

A number of people commented on my article in last week’s High Notes and my reference to the Olympic Creed. 90% of me believes in the importance of the struggle in sport and life, and the reward for effort. However the other 10% believes in the importance of the “win – loss” column as sport and life is also about winning and losing. It is important for everyone to experience both winning and losing. Taking a chance, going outside our comfort zone, making mistakes, losing are important parts of the learning process. What is equally important is the feedback and learning from the mistakes so that performance improves enough to turn similar situations in the future into victories. Losing hopefully also develops empathy for those who are defeated so that we become gracious in victory rather than arrogant. What is also needed in this process is courage and commitment and this is the painful part.

I noticed a lot of pain on the faces of players who drew their match, came close to winning and who were beaten by substantial margins. There is no doubting our courage but I wonder about our commitment.

The 1st XV’s commitment was in question during the vacation training sessions prior to the King William game, a game they could have won. This prompted some team soul searching leading up to the St Joseph’s game. Some teams believe they only have to train one afternoon, one morning and one lunch time in order to play and win. On Wednesdays I have listened to a coach ask his players why he doesn’t get all players to training or why he doesn’t hear from players prior to not turning up on Saturdays. Teams have played on weekends under strength as players have had other priorities. One speaker at the Junior rugby dinner commented that three players arrived late for their Kings match. I have witnessed at first hand the number of players missing from the Monday and Wednesday afternoon training sessions. Another speaker at the Junior dinner referred to and thanked “the few players who turned up to training each week.” I have been on the Rugby Committee for the past eight years and the situation has always been the same. 15 – 20 committed parents working very hard for the players. Given we have over 200 boys playing rugby there are a lot of High parents who do not share the same commitment as others. The next Rugby Committee meeting and AGM will be held on Wednesday 29 August at 6.00 pm in Room 901.

There is no doubt we play with courage on Saturdays. But if we were more committed Monday through Friday in-season and during the off-season perhaps we wouldn’t have to be so courageous on Saturdays.

There are some solutions offered to help High rugby. A few new players to the school may help but it won’t solve the problem. The new players may find themselves without any support from the players around them. The proposal of selection criteria for 1st and “A” teams to include mandatory off-season strength and fitness programs may help but it won’t solve the problem. There would be no need for such rules if players did the work voluntarily as part of their responsibilities as an elite athlete. Playing in a lower division may help but it won’t solve our problem. Without a change in the commitment of the current players we have, we will find ourselves in the same situation, just playing at a lower level, some working hard while others putting in a minimal effort for that “important” win.

Can the 16As turn around a 38 point deficit to Grammar in 12 months? Similarly can the 15As turn around a 3 point deficit, the 14As a 10 point deficit and the 13As a 12 point deficit in 12 months?

I guess the answer depends on whether the players are committed enough to do what is required in terms of the strength, fitness and skill training during the off-season in Term 4 and Term 1 2008. If they are not then the pain of last Saturday wasn’t painful enough and they should expect more pain in the future.

I have included with this report the statistics of our 2007 season as well as the 2002 season, the last year we played in age groups, for comparison.
G. Stein
MIC Rugby

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Rugby statistics

2007 season’s results

Played Won Drew Lost Won > 30pts Loss > 30pts
100 32 2 66 (66%) 11 34

2002 season’s results

Played Won Drew Lost Won > 30pts Loss > 30pts
106 25 2 79 (74%) 3 26

2007 GPS results

Played Won Drew Lost Won > 30pts Lost > 30pts
66 24 2 40 (61%) 7 22

2002 GPS results

Played Won Drew Lost Won > 30pts Lost > 30pts
63 6 0 57 (90%) 0 22

SBHS Rugby Results 2007- Trials

  Cran 28/4 HAg 2/5 SCEGGS 5/5 Chev/Ox 12/5 TAS 19/5
  1sts   Rained out L 5 – 13 W 14 – 10 L 0 – 31 L 10 – 24
  2nds   Rained out NG L 0 – 50 SJC 17A L 15 – 19 L 0 – 50
  3rds   Rained out NG L 0 – 50 SJC 17B L 0 – 52 Oxley 2nds L 0 – 73
  4ths     -   -   - W 15 – 0 BC 16F’s NG
  16A   Rained out NG W 12 – 0 L 5 – 8 W 27 – 17
  16B Rained out L 0 – 45 NG L 7 – 8 L 5 – 35   
  15A   Rained out NG L 17 – 24 L 5 – 19 L 5 – 10
  15B Rained out L 0 – 40 NG NG L 0 – 39
  14A   Rained out NG W 50 – 0 Shore 14E W 50 – 0 W 56 – 7
  14B   Rained out NG W 50 – 0 Shore 14F L 0 – 80 Oxley 14A’s L 6 – 36
  13A   Rained out NG W 40 – 12 L 5 – 8 L 17 – 34
  13B   Rained out L 15 – 41 NG L 5 – 17 L 7 – 12

SBHS Rugby Results 2007- Trials

  New 26/5 Shore 2/6 River 16/6 SJC 21/7 Scots 28/7 Kings 4/8 Gram 11/8
  1sts   L 0 – 65 L 0 – 90 L 0 – 100   L 0 - 81 L 0 - 102 L 0 – 111 L 8 – 82  
  2nds   W 12 – 0 5ths L 5 – 24 6ths Rained out L 3 – 31 6ths L 0 – 10 6ths L 0 – 39 6ths L 7 – 10 3rds
  3rds   W 24 – 0 Knox 7th L 7 – 46 7ths Rained out L 0 -43 7ths L 12 – 20 7ths L 7 – 74 7ths D 12 – 12  
  4ths   W Forfeit Bark 7th NG Rained out   ----   ----   ----   ----
  16A   W 34 – 0 B’s L 0 – 32 B’s Rained out W 15 – 5 D’s W 15 – 12 C’s W 39 – 0 E’s L 0 – 38  
  16B   W 22 – 10 Cran C’s L 10 – 15 E’s Rained out W 37 -14 G’s L 19 – 22 D’s   NG L 0 – 24  
  15A   L 0 – 35 L 0 – 65 Rained out L 0 – 44   D 5 – 5   L 0 – 45   L 12 – 15  
  15B   W 12 – 0 F’s L 0 – 55 D’s Rained out L 0 – 46 D’s W 20 – 5 C’s L 0 – 40 D’s W 24 – 22 C’s
  14A   W 58 – 0 C’s L Rained out W 41 – 5 D’s W 31 – 5 C’s W 50 – 14 C’s L 0 – 10  
  14B   W 34 – 5 D’s L Rained out L 10 – 15   W 15 – 10 E’s W 29 – 17 E’s L 0 – 50 C’s
  13A   W 41 – 0 C’s L 0 – 19 B’s Rained out W 14 – 0 D’s W 19 – 12 D’s L 0 – 31 B’s L 12 – 20  
  13B   L 22 – 24 E’s L 7 – 22 F’s Rained out L 5 – 41 E’s W 24 – 0 F’s W 48 – 10 F’s W 19 – 15 C’s
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Basketball Committee AGM

Thursday 30 August, 2007
Room 901
Upstairs from the basketball gymnasium
All welcome

All Office Bearer positions are open for nomination. These positions are as follows:

Chairperson, Treasurer, Senior Events Co-ordinator, Junior Events Co-ordinator, Parking Co-ordinator, Secretary, End of Season Function Co-coordinator, Canteen Co-ordinator and Post Game Function Co-ordinator.

In addition we are looking for parents who can help with the score table on Saturdays for firsts and seconds.
B. Hayman
MIC Basketball

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Weights Room

Welcome to all boys beginning their strength training and to many of you continuing on. In the morning it really is the place to be with resident DJ Bill Wang mixin’ it up (or so he says). We have now surpassed the 200 mark. That’s 200 boys who have used the weights room from the beginning of this year. Our next goal is three fold. A) ensuring all boys are consistent with their strength training and come every term to improve their previously made gains; B) improved use of the weights room for more team training sessions; C) Improved use of ancillary equipment in the weights room i.e sleds/agility ladders/speed chutes/plyometric hurdles and boxes/boxing equipment/power bags/harnesses etc; D) and of course further increasing student use.

Personally the most important of these tasks is the one regarding team sessions. The moment we find a team of boys TOTALLY committed to training we will gain success. It’s as simple as that. Success is synonymous with commitment. It will never be attained when only part of the team is committed. And when I say commitment I don’t mean verbal. I mean physical commitment. I spoke to the 15As after their narrow loss to Grammar in the final week of GPS Rugby and the message was simple. If they want to go the next level where losses are turned into wins they individually must take ownership of ‘their team’ (and I highlight the words ‘their team’). They must insist that anyone allowed to join ‘their team’ is committed physically to the team’s goals. I personally wouldn’t want to play alongside anyone who wasn’t completing all the training to the level that I was. What’s the use? You will always be covering for them and they will never play to their potential. They say sport can teach you a lot about life. Well the lessons you learn from playing alongside totally committed friends are far more valuable than playing with those who go through the motions. Some of you have had a small glimpse of what is possible with commitment. My challenge to you all is to surround yourselves with the same commitment. At least give yourselves a chance of success.

Special Offer
I have been able to negotiate a 20% discount with the company Body Science in regards to their compression garment range similar to the commonly known SKINS range. All you have to do is log on to their website at www.kompressorz.com register as a shopper and type in the Friends Code: sbhs and you will get an automatic 20% discount with free freight. These tights are state of the art and by personal experience are thicker, more compressive and more resilient than Skins or many other equivalent brands. They also include both upper body/lower body/full length or part length variations. For recovery and training comfort they are an essential garment for sport enthusiasts.

Special Mentions
Special mentions go to the following boys for commitment to fitness speed agility and strength training at SBHS: Warren ‘how big can you get’ Trac, Ping ‘this year’s the year’ Du, Charles ‘where’d you get those guns’ Yang, Bill ‘DJ’ Wang, Leo ‘the natural’ Gordon, Danno/Vin/Rob (if all rowers and rugby players had their commitment we’d be strong), Shanaz ‘soon to be massive’ Razeem. Greg ‘Superman’, Josh ‘Mr Speed’ Tassell, and Matt ‘the terminator’ Jones.

Train Hard, Play Hard
Weights Room Strength & Conditioning Coach

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SHS Old Boys Union

Did you know?

Did you know that the George Cross, which was established by King George VI in 1940 to recognise acts of the greatest heroism or of the most conspicuous courage in circumstances of extreme danger by civilians, is the highest civilian award for bravery? Like the Victoria Cross, which is the highest military award for bravery, and which was awarded to Roden Cutler (1933), the George Cross has also been awarded to one old boy of Sydney High. George Taylor (1936), a Commonwealth government vulcanologist, was awarded the George Cross for “continuous conspicuous courage in circumstances of extreme danger” during the Mount Lamington volcanic eruption in Papua New Guinea which killed 2,942 people in 1952.

SHS Old Boys Union

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Letters Re Absence/Lateness/ Early Leave

When your son returns to school from being absent he is required to provide a letter of explanation signed by a parent or guardian. If your son is going to be late for school a note is also required.

If your son has an early leave note he is required to have his note signed by either Mr Beringer, Mr Dowdell or Mr Prorellis before 8:55 am and handed in to the Main Office immediately after. Each letter should be signed by a parent or guardian with the name, date and roll class of your son printed clearly. Your son needs to pick up a leave pass from the Main Office before he leaves the school.

If you require leave for your son please, apply in writing and address your application to the Principal, Dr Jaggar, stating the reason and length of time of the leave. Your son must then present this application to Dr Jaggar for permission for the leave. Please remember to apply before the leave and not after. The Principal must approve all leave applications.

Another email service for parents
Parents who supply the school with an email address can now have an updated report on their son’s attendance record can sent to them on a daily or weekly basis.

If you would like to have your son’s attendance record sent to you send your email address to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please include your son’s name and date of birth in the email.

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Music Notices

Sydney Region Music Festival
Congratulations to the Jazz Group (Diminished 5iths) for their outstanding performance at the Sydney Region Music Festival last Tuesday evening at the Sydney Opera House. The group raised the roof with their energetic and sophisticated performance of an arrangement by Muhamed Mehmedbasic of Marcus Miller’s Run for Cover. Well done also to Ben Wilcox (Yr 7) who played with the Sydney Regional Band in the same concert.

Piano Competition
Well done to all the participants of the piano competition in its second year running. The standard of the competition has increased this year with great enthusiasm to be commended particularly in the junior section. The winners will be announced in the High Notes within the next few weeks and awards will be presented at the Music assembly in Term 4. The winners will also perform at the Small Ensembles Concert at the end of the year. A wonderful effort from all who competed. Many thanks to those who came along and supported the performers. And to our special guest adjudicator, Paul Pang (2006).

GPS Music Festival
All successful students in the GPS Music Festival are to collect a permission note from outside the music staffroom and return signed forms to the music staff as soon as possible. Rehearsal and performance is at The King’s School, Parramatta on Friday 31st of August and Saturday 1st of September 2007.

Percussion Ensemble
Percussion ensembles are well on the way with rehearsals on Monday and Tuesday mornings. Practice is held from 7:30-8:30am (Juniors – Monday Rm101, Seniors – Tuesday Rm201) and is conducted by our Marching band director; Matthew Capper. Thank you to the music committee who have supported us in the recent purchase a wonderful marimba. Please see the music staff if you are interested in joining.

GPS Concert
Congratulations to the following boys who have been chosen to perform in the GPS Concert at Kings on September 1.

Tables are of the format 'Surname, Given Name, Year, Instrument'

Symphony Orchestra      
Li Tian Yu 9 Bassoon
Cheung Brendan 9 Cello
Lin Kevin 8 Cello
Li Benjamin 9 Clarinet
Wong Matthew 10 Clarinet
Wilson Thomas 10 Flute
Wong Michael 8 Flute
Wong Wilson 12 Fr Horn
Mehmedbasic Ennes 7 Oboe
Brown Lachlan 10 Percussion
Siu Chapman 12 Trombone
Wong Dominic 11 Timpani
Brokman Andre 9 Violin
Funston Toby 7 Violin
Kok Nathan 8 Violin
Lieu Nathan 11 Violin
Luo Steven 11 Violin
Mickovski Kiril 11 Violin
Sun Tom 11 Violin
Truong Gary 11 Violin
Tsai Jamison 7 Violin
Yeung Alex 11 Violin
Zhang Leon 7 Violin
Zhang Schuman 11 Violin
Kok Nathan 8 Violin

Concert Band      
Alto Ji Remi Ji 11 Alto Sax
Jun Marco 11 Alto Sax
Goh Vincent 9 Bass Clar.
Chen David 8 Clarinet
Han James 9 Clarinet
Kim Albert 11 Clarinet
Mai Tam 11 Clarinet
Nguyen William 11 Clarinet
Rosengarten Toby 11 Clarinet
Tong Matthew 10 Clarinet
Foo Derrick 7 Flute
Luo Daniel 9 Flute
Phillis Maxwell 9 Flute
Beston Samuel 8 Percussion
Niu Guangzhi 9 Percussion
Ho Anthony 11 Tenor Sax
Nadkarni Ishan 11 Tenor Sax
Zu Zhi (George) 11 Trombone
Chan Abraham 10 Trumpet
Kim Sean 9 Trumpet
Siu Timothy 10 Trumpet
Wong Yale 8 Trumpet
Shi David 11 Clarinet

Burston Timothy 10 Tenor
Chan Timothy 8 Treble
Hayes Nicholas 11 Bass
Kwok Nathan 11 Tenor
Tran William 12 Bass
Vuong Jamian 7 Alto
Wang David Li 8 Tenor
Wong Erick 9 Tenor
Renzenbrink Scott 7 Alto

Stage Band      
Mehmedbasic Muhamed 11 Bass Guitar
Sutton Josh 9 Tenor Sax
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Debating Dinner

Traditionally the Debating Dinner is held on the Saturday after the final GPS debate and celebrates the strength of debating talent at High - 2007 will be no exception. This year the dinner will feature a comedy/fun debate starring our coaches and Year 12 debaters, with parents providing their expert adjudication skills to decide the winner.

This year’s Debating Dinner is being held on Saturday September 1 in the Great Hall at 6pm. The cost of the dinner will be $30 per adult/student. A special price for siblings under 10 years of age has been negotiated at $20.


Payment for the dinner can be made at the main office. NO bookings can be accepted after this date as catering numbers must be finalised.

WHAT SHOULD I DO? Detach the form below, pay your money at the main office, give to Miss Brewer on Friday night debating (NOT HER STAFFROOM)


Student Name _________________________________

Year/ Roll class __________

Number of adults attending ______ @ $30 = _________

Number of U/10 attending ______ @ $20 = _________

TOTAL Number of people ______ TOTAL $ ________

Do you have any special dietary requirements? Vegetarian? ______

YES! I can you help on the day with setting up the hall, table decorations etc. ______

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SBHS Basketball: Shooting Hoops

First grade trials were underway on Tuesday 14 August and a list of people that made it through the initial cut was made. Those who were cut are not to be discouraged, as Second grade trials follow immediately next Tuesday and anyone who plays significantly well in their team would be considered to move up a team.

Basketball Committee AGM
Our Basketball Committee AGM is Thursday 30 August at 7pm. It will be held upstairs from the basketball gymnasium in Room 901. All Office Bearer positions are open for nomination. The positions are as follows:

  • Chairperson
  • Treasurer
  • Senior Events Co-ordinator
  • Junior Events Co-ordinator
  • Parking Co-ordinator
  • Secretary End of Season Function Co-ordinator
  • Canteen Co-ordinator
  • Post Game Function Co-ordinator

In addition we are looking for parents who can help with the score table on Saturdays for firsts and seconds. Please come and support your son's summer sport choice.
Kind regards
B Hayman

Thank you to Mr Hayman for all his contributions to basketball and information
Johny Shih

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SBHS Cricket

Welcome to all new cricket enthusiasts and existing team members as we approach the 2007/2008 Season which promises to be step one in the “new breed” of High Cricketers challenging the AAGPS standings of other schools.

Following-up on last year’s tremendous performances of our Year 7 and Year 8 Teams and the competitiveness of these groups, it augurs well for the future of cricket at High and provides a sound selection base for our senior XIs in future years.

High will be host for The Australian 5 Highs Carnival in December with the best 1st XIs from Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney vying for the coveted prize at Carnival’s end. The Barberis Cup Year 9 Team will travel to Melbourne in December to defend the Barberis Cup won last season from Melbourne High.

The All Nations Cup will be contested in two divisions in December this season to allow more members of the cricketing fraternity to participate with the Finals being held in March 2008

In addition to these activities we have innovations that will see all benefit from our Wednesday and Thursday Sports afternoons with a new support concept which will be announced in detail in September through our Website. I look forward to seeing you all enjoy your cricket and successes that will come with it through your efforts this year. Now for an update on current planning:

Expressions of Interest- Open Squads
Current and new cricketers interested in attending trials for selection in the 1st and 2nd XIs are invited to indicate by email their interest and availability to attend sessions as well as the Open Squad Camp to be conducted on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 SEPTEMBER 2007 - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Details required in your nominations are;

  • Full Name
  • DOB
  • Year & Class
  • Home Phone No
  • Mobile No
  • Email Address:

ALL nominations are to be received by no later than 5pm on Friday 31 AUGUST 2007. Camp details will be available on the cricket website as from 22 August 07

Expressions of Interest- New Positions
This season we are introducing a system to ensure all junior teams (Years 7 and 8) have regular ground support on match days with the appointment of Managers to control equipment and assist with scoring and or umpiring. The positions are open to Parents, Old Boys and ex-students, as well as current senior students and will be subject to remuneration which will be paid monthly. The term of the appointments will be for the 14 weeks of the cricket season.

Training will be provided in the basics of scoring and umpiring for interested persons with an after hours training forum at the school in September on a date to be published in these notes.

Annual General Meeting – Cricket Committee – Election Of Office Bearers
Parents, current managers and coaches and interested supporters are advised that the AGM is to be held on Wednesday 29 AUGUST 2007 commencing at 6pm in the Common Room of the main Administration Building. All are welcome as the 2007/2008 Season programme will be outlined as well as information on the exciting new Development programme for Wednesday and Thursday Sport afternoons.

In other areas of the Cricket Development Programme there are provisions for a Level 1 Coaching Accreditation Course as well as Junior Development Clinics leading into what will to be an exciting new era for cricket at High as we aim for the top.

Cricket Website
As from Wednesday 22 AUGUST all details for the cricket season will appear on the Cricket Website at www.sydneyboyscricket.info together with dates and information about new developments for our section. The time is right to start your weekly look at “cricket-in-progress” bulletins that will be appearing.

Don't Forget – Check the website each week starting from Wednesday 22nd August 2007
Laurie Heil
MIC Cricket

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