High Notes, Vol 8 No 20, July 20 2007

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From the Principal

Welcome Back
Term 3 is always very busy and students need to be really well organised to accommodate the demands of study, examinations and sports season changes. Staff changes for this term are:

In Social Science, Ms Brewer has been replaced by Mr Moody for this term but she will continue to run GPS debating; in Science, Ms Damianos joins us, replacing Ian Cox and Ms Karagiannis moves to the part time position; in Sport, Ms Meaney has been appointed as Administrative MIC for Rifle Shooting, with reponsibility for purchasing, licensing, student recruitment and promotion, liaison with SHSRC Inc and the P & C Rifle Committee.

High Talent
Our Junior A and B, Intermediate A and senior Chess teams have been successful and reached the Regional finals. Well done to Alexander Feldman and his boys. Congratulations to Zid Mancenido and Edwin Montoya-Zorilla (Year 11) for their effort as runners-up in the UNYA-NSW competition. They have qualified for the national final in Adelaide held in December.

Sir Roden Cutler Charities – Wheelchair Roll
Our Year 11 boys were very effective fundraisers in support of Sir Roden Cutler Charities. They gave of their time in various ways but predominantly as collectors during two sessions – morning peak and lunch time. They collected some $8.4k on the day and, combined with their mufti day proceeds, have made a sizeable contribution to the charity.

Chinese Consul Visit 28/6
The Chinese Cultural Consul, Mrs Zhao Li and the Education Consul visited our school at the end of last term accompanied by parents Simon Chan and Lucy Chen. The Librarian, Ms Crothers, was presented with over 70 items as a gift from the Consulate – books, DVDs and CDs. The generous donation will hugely enrich our resources for the study of Chinese, and will provide new perspective for students of history, geography and visual arts.

CHS Volleyball Knockout – Three in a Row
The Open Volleyball team scored a straight sets win over last year’s finalists Great Lakes College to increase High’s CHS knockout record to three in a row. Coach Michael Kay had his team working out with Jason Tassell to give them the spring and the stamina to dominate the opposition. Good preparation was aligned with strong team discipline and adroit coaching to secure the victory. Congratulations to all the boys on a fine display of sustained team work.

Digital Projection and Sound Rollout
I have authorised another six rooms to be fitted with digital projectors in cages and sound systems at an approximate cost of $3k per room. This semester we are targeting Departments with high levels of readiness to implement ‘blended delivery’.

Wireless Connection Rollout
Two terminals have been installed in the library and one in 605. Our intention is to broaden outlets to widely increase remote connectivity. In conjunction with our twenty laptop mobile trolley, we intend to connect rooms on the same level as the library – 402, 403, 404. Teachers can then borrow the trolley from the library for students to use the laptops in classrooms. We plan to supply a trolley for use in McDonald Wing as the next priority.

Panel Training Opportunities
We need as many parents as possible to be trained as panel members for the recruitment process of local selection. It is quite usual for us to need five or more panels per year for various employment selection purposes. If you are interested in being included in our pool of trained parent panel members, there are two training opportunities coming up on August 21 and September 4. Please contact Mr John Beringer for details.

Monthly Giving Program – Update
There are now 40 of us making monthly contributions to the SBHS Building Fund. Donors are giving from $10 to $50 per month. This month’s total was $1200. Over time, I am confident that the monthly giving program will make a significant contribution to the new library project. Thank you all sincerely. All donors should have received a statement of total donations and a receipt with the SBHS Building Fund ABN included for tax purposes. If anyone was a monthly donor in the period July 1, 2006 to June 30, 2007 and did not receive a letter, please contact Ms White in the school office.
Dr K Jaggar

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United Nations Youth Association

The Perez De Cuellar Shield
We’re off to the national finals in Adelaide!

On 27 June, four senior boys headed over to Parliament House to compete in the state round of the Perez De Cuellar competition.

This annual competition simulates the format of the real UN Security Council in New York, but puts it inside a mock environment. Fifteen pairs of students, each representing a country, were selected from preliminary rounds a month earlier to discuss global issues while competing for the Perez De Cuellar shield.

Ishan Nadkarni, Nicholas Lochner, Zid Mancenido and Edwin Montoya represented South Africa and Ghana respectively, having passed these preliminary rounds.

The day was lengthened by formal procedure, but the focus was primarily on intense diplomacy and discussion. As the evening progressed and debate drew to a close, a presentation ceremony was held and the two winnings teams were announced.

Among commendation and applause, Edwin and Zid were announced as the runners-up. This pair, alongside the winning team from Wollongong, will travel to Adelaide in December to compete for the national prize, the Evatt Trophy.

This competition is one of many offshoots of Sydney High’s vivid and successful debating program run throughout the year, consisting of regular coaching and subsidies for individual events.
Edwin Montoya- Year 11

There are numerous model United Nations assembly opportunities that boys from the senior years can participate in each year- keep an eye out for these opportunities in High Notes and see Miss Brewer if you are interested.

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From the High Store

Don't forget beanies are available for sale at the High Store for just $20.

Be quick not to miss out, stocks are running down.

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From the Canteen

We are currently looking for a casual Canteen Assistant to work two days per week in the canteen. Please ask around among friends and family to help us find the right person. Interested people should ring Raewyn on 9661 9778 (evenings).

We are currently looking for a casual Canteen Assistant to work two days per week in the canteen. Please ask around among friends and family to help us find the right person. Interested people should ring Raewyn on 9661 9778 (evenings).

Price changes
Unfortunately, we have had to raise a few prices due to supplier increases. We ask for your understanding.

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High wins 2007 NSW CHS Volleyball Knockout
First Grade went through the first 7 rounds of the CHS knockout without dropping a set to meet Baulkam Highs HS in the semi-final. In the early stages, the match appeared an even contest but with 2 strong blocks in succession by Dinghua, the experienced Baulko team began to lose momentum. Weiping, Warren and Ping’s quick hitting through the middle had Baulko’s defence on the back foot. Strong serving by Victor, Terry and Oli gave us many easy points and the match went to High in 3 sets.

The final was against Great Lakes Secondary College and High started badly with very poor serving stats. Great Lakes moved out to a comfortable lead but the High boys dug in to pull their game back into shape. High knew the Great Lakes setter would attack on the second ball and had drilled defensive patterns to counter this strategy. The inability to score from this play frustrated GLSC and allowed High to increase the number of attacking opportunities.

The Great Lakes “game plan” was to limit the number of hits being made by Terry and Oli by using aggressive serving and quick middle attacks but the excellent ground cover by libero Stephen Dong and back court players Jamie and David foiled this strategy. High snatched the first set from an unlikely position.

In the second and third set High put together a barrage of hitting combinations that Great Lakes had no answer for. One of the highlights was a 3 hitter combo finished off by Victor that not even team doctor Yang Sim saw coming. The first grade volleyball team consists of Alex Le, Victor Nguyen, Ping Du, Terry Ly, Warren Trac, Weiping Lu, David Dizon, Jamie Tao, Ding Xiao, Oliver Konakoff and Ritam Mitra.

The win gives High its 3rd consecutive NSW CHS KO title. The shield will live in the trophy cabinet outside Mr Beringer’s office for another year.

Coming up…

High v Scots this Saturday Metro Schools Tournament Sunday 5 August SBHS Junior Invitational Tournament, Saturday 18 August.
M Kay

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Rugby Committee Meeting Summary

The fifth meeting of the SBHS Rugby Committee for 2007 was held on 27/6/07. The following is a summary of the meeting:

Rob Fetherston
Serdar Bolen
Kel O’Keefe
Geoff Stein
Christina Chow
Julie Blomberg
Judy Fetherston
Katherine Deaco
Geoff Andrews


BBQ Gas Bottles and Repairs
Two gas bottles are full and ready for Joey’s match and are being stored in the First Aid room. BBQ repairs were carried out at a cost of $253 + $88 for parts. Both BBQs will need to be cleaned at a cost of $200 plus labour. G Andrews has donated a hot plate to rugby. The President thanked Mr Andrews for his support.

Half yearly report tabled. Current balance is $3335.95. Live Earth concert on 7 July hopefully will be a good fundraiser for rugby. Anyone who is able to help with parking on the day should email K Deacon. The remaining two GPS home games will be vital for us as our fundraising has been hampered by recent wet weather.

High Rugby Friends
Dinner 25 July. Money raised will pay for a new scrum machine.

Annual Rugby Dinners
Senior brunch will cost $25/head. The junior dinner will cost $20/player and $25/adult. Senior players may be invited to the Junior Dinner to help Junior – Senior player liaison.

July Rugby Committee Meeting
Date changed from 25 July to 1 August to avoid clash with the High Rugby Friends dinner.

Next meeting
Wed. 1 August 2007, 6pm in Room 901. All welcome.
G Stein MIC Rugby

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SHS Old Boys Union

Did you know?
Did you know that at least 20 old boys of Sydney High have represented Australia in Rugby Union? The first was Stanley Wickham (1889) who played 5 tests in 1903-1905 and the most recent was Chris Whitaker (1992) who played 31 tests in 1998-2005. High’s most capped Wallaby is Peter Johnson (1954) who played 42 tests in 1959-1972. John Thornett (1951) played 37 tests in 1955-1967, 17 of those as Captain in 1962-1967. Chris Whitaker captained the Wallabies on one occasion, in 2003, against Namibia in the Rugby World Cup.

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Letters Re Absence/Lateness/ Early Leave

When your son returns to school from being absent he is required to provide a letter of explanation signed by a parent or guardian. If your son is going to be late for school a note is also required.

If your son has an early leave note he is required to have his note signed by either Mr Beringer, Mr Dowdell or Mr Prorellis before 8:55 am and handed in to the Main Office immediately after. Each letter should be signed by a parent or guardian with the name, date and roll class of your son printed clearly. Your son needs to pick up a leave pass from the Main Office before he leaves the school.

If you require leave for your son please, apply in writing and address your application to the Principal, Dr Jaggar, stating the reason and length of time of the leave. Your son must then present this application to Dr Jaggar for permission for the leave. Please remember to apply before the leave and not after. The Principal must approve all leave applications.

Another email service for parents
Parents who supply the school with an email address can now have an updated report on their son’s attendance record can sent to them on a daily or weekly basis.

If you would like to have your son’s attendance record sent to you send your email address to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please include your son’s name and date of birth in the email.

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Canteen Price List

Open Hours
8:30 am - 1:40 pm

Lunch Orders/Breakfast
8:30 to 9:00 a.m. It is to your advantage to pre-order lunches: it saves waiting in queues and ensures you get what you want.

Sandwiches and Rolls

Orders Only

Filling Sandwiches Rolls
cheese & salad $ 2.20 $ 2.80
chicken & salad $ 3.20 $ 3.80
corned beef & salad $ 2.60 $ 3.40
curried egg & lettuce $ 2.20 $ 2.50
egg & lettuce $ 2.20 $ 2.50
egg & salad $ 2.50 $ 3.00
ham & tomato $ 2.40 $ 2.80
ham & salad $ 2.60 $ 3.00
roast beef & salad $ 3.00 $ 3.50
salmon & salad $ 3.00 $ 3.50
vegemite $ 1.20 $ 1.50

Orders and over-counter sales

Filling Sandwiches Rolls
buttered roll N/A $ 1.20
cheese & tomato $ 1.50 $ 2.00
chicken & coleslaw $ 2.80 $ 3.50
chicken & lettuce $ 2.80 $ 3.50
corned beef & tomato $ 2.40 $ 2.80
dagwood N/A $ 3.00
roast beef & tomato $ 2.50 $ 3.00
roast beef, seeded mustard & lettuce $ 2.50 $ 3.00
salad $ 2.00 $ 2.50
chicken or lamb yeeros wrap N/A $5.50
Mini wrap
- chicken & caesar
- chicken & coleslaw
- beef & tabouleh
- lamb & tabouleh

$ 2.80
$ 2.80
$ 2.80
$ 2.80

Available on brown or white
extras 20c

Sushi -  
 - chicken
 - beef
 - tuna
 - salmon
 - veg
  $ 2.60

Cakes Muffins and Fruit

custard tart $2.20
choc chip/Anzac cookies $1.00
Chelsea bun/cupcake $2.00
muffin $2.60
apple, orange, banana $0.80
fresh fruit salad $2.20
fun bun $1.30
banana bread $1.40

Hot Food

Orders and over-counter sales

cheese & spinach puff $2.40
chicken & corn roll $1.30
chicken burger $4.00
chicken puff $2.60
chicken Halal pie $3.40
garlic bread $1.50
lasagne/ravioli/macaroni & cheese $3.00
meat pie (sauce +20c extra) $2.60
pizza pocket $1.60
pizza rounda $1.80
pizza slab $2.30
potato pie $3.40
sausage roll $1.80
sweet chilli chicken sub w/sauce $3.50
hot chick/mayo roll $3.50
hot chick/mayo sandwich $2.80


300ml plain milk $ 1.10
300ml flavoured milk $ 1.70
600ml plain milk $ 1.70
600ml flavoured milk $ 2.40
mineral water $ 1.40
Powerade $ 3.00
Diet 375 ml Coke/Lift/Sprite $ 1.80
600ml Diet Coke/Sprite $ 2.60
Aroona-carbonated spring fruits water $ 1.70
Berri - Long Life Juices $ 1.70
Deep Spring Mineral Water $ 2.00


In addition, various sweets and
are available over the counter

All canteen profits are returned to the school for the benefit of the boys’ education and development.

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The 2007 SBHS Football Dinner

This year, SBHS Football will celebrate the efforts and achievements of our boys as well as acknowledge staff, coaches and supporters by holding the first SBHS Football dinner:

The coach of each team will be invited to attend the dinner as a guest. Players are asked to take responsibility on a team-by-team basis for any end-of-season gifts to their team’s coach.

The dinner will be held on

Saturday 11 August 2007
Great Hall

The cost of the dinner will be $30 per adult and student. For children under 11 yrs old there is a special rate of $20.

Payment for the dinner can be made at the Main Office from now until Friday 3 August. Tickets are limited. Please detach the form below and hand it in with your payment at the Main Office

(Boys to wear school uniform)


Student Name: ____________________________  Year/Roll class: ________
Football Team: ___________________________________
Number of adults: ______ at $30 per adult = $ ____
Number of students: ______ at $30 per SBHS student = $ ____ 
(Special rate of $20 for family members under 11yrs = $20 per child) 
TOTAL $ _________ 
Do you have any special dietary requirements? 
 Vegetarian 
 Other- Please state: _______________________________________________
 YES! I can help on the day with setting up the hall, table decorations etc.
Helper’s name and contact details : ________________________________________
Email address: _____________________________________________________________
Phone Numbers: _____________________________________________________________

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High Rugby Friends

High Rugby Friends Inc. invites you to attend the inaugural

Rugby Supporters Dinner
Wednesday July 25
The Great Hall
Sydney Boys High School

Special guest for the evening is the coach of the NSW Waratahs Ewen McKenzie

Tickets are $40, which includes a two-course sit down dinner. Wine, beer and soft drink will be available for purchase.

This night is an important fundraising event for Sydney High Rugby, and the aim is to raise enough money to purchase a new scrum machine. If you are unable to make it, a donation would be much appreciated. Tables are for 8-10 people, however individual tickets are available.

If you have any queries, please contact: Tom Miller (0415 973 574 – This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) or Ben Friis-O’Toole (0414 383 857 - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

To reserve your place
To pay by credit card, go to www.highrugbyfriends.com/dinner/ - To pay by cheque or cash speak to Serdar Bolen (0414 061 345)

The deadline has been extended until Sunday July 22

We will be accepting payments at the game on Saturday

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