High Notes, Vol 8 No 2, February 09 2007

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From the Principal

Busy GPS 2007 Season Opener
It was an exciting Raschke Cup for second grade, hosted by High last Saturday. I was pleased to see our boys held on to one point leads in the vital end play of sixty seconds against Scots and Grammar. They did not panic and showed they could handle the pressure. It was a good effort to make the final. It was pleasing to see so many games played on our new SBHS courts 1 and 2. Once the landscaping is finished I'm sure the courts will be a very pleasant sporting environment. In first grade tennis, the hot and windy conditions made playing tennis difficult. Matt King and Ivan Cerecina showed character to tough out a 3-set win against younger, but tournament hardened, Grammar opponents. Ben Lee was heroic in his tight 3 set loss to a much more experienced opponent. He showed big improvement and looks headed for a great season. The 14Cs cricket kept their unbeaten record intact!

Traffic Flows
The new arrangements for entry and exit at gate 2 seem to be working. Most people are mindful of the entry and exit turning arrows. Further road markings, barriers and signage will be installed, once the traffic flow arrangements have been tested for a month.

Playground Areas
Boys are asked to respect the new basketball area and to refrain from defacing the surface. Basketball is the only game to be played on those courts. Touch football is not to be played. Year 11 boys are reminded not to congregate in the area beneath the overbridge between Killip Wing and the Main Building during school time. If required, I can find another area in the school to satisfy the esoteric needs for senior handball courts. Even better, leave the junior "polygon" to the Year 7 and 8 boys. The cricket nets are not to be used unsupervised by a teacher or coach. I have asked for a set of operational protocols to be drawn up by the cricket committee. If these meet with OH & S committee approval, the ban may be relaxed for certain senior players, trained in net safety usage procedures.

Sydney Boys High School Committees
I remain convinced that committees comprising staff, students, parents and Old Boys can be very effective in achieving their purposes -devolved policy-advice, planning, program implementation, financial administration and recommendations for executive action. Such committees meet when necessary to achieve their goals. These committees control varying but significant amounts of money in their budget allocations. Each year at Sydney Boys High staff members are invited to join committees and to become involved in deciding on our future and accomplishing something for the well being of the boys. Committees are required to send a copy of the minutes of their meetings to the Principal. Students, parents and Old Boys are most welcome to participate in appropriate committees to make a contribution to life at High. Committees meet on Friday mornings from 0900 when scheduled in a rotating roster that includes staff and Faculty meetings. Please show your interest and get involved.

Student Welfare Committee
This committee, chaired by John Walker (HT Student Welfare) is comprised of Year Advisers, Assistant Year Advisers, special project coordinators (Peer Support, Peer Mediation, Leadership Portfolios), School Counsellors, a P & C representative and interested staff members, including the Principal. The committee plans, coordinates and allocates funds to all student welfare programs in the school.

The Finance Committee
Chaired by the Principal, this committee prepares, manages and accounts for the Educational Programs section of the Budget. It also makes recommendations to the School Council on the school's financial priorities for each year. Its members are all program managers, that is people empowered to sign orders on behalf of the school. The School Administration Manager and the Teachers Federation Representative are members. The Principal reports to this Committee on the financial position of the school once per term.

The Literacy Committee
Chaired by Marina Trompetter (HT English) this committee aims to improve literacy for personal development in the junior school and literacy for better examination expression in the senior school. Representatives from various departments assist to implement the Literacy Plan. Targeted students are offered Thursday afternoon lessons to improve their writing. Additional essays and feedback loops are being created to allow boys time and opportunity to practise literacy skills.

The Environment Committee
Mary Ann Cradock informally runs this committee which has the purposes of planning, development and maintaining the school external environment. It modifies and amends the site plan for gardens and recreation areas. The committee recommends worthwhile projects to further the goals of the plan. As well as staff / parent / student working bees, this group recommends plants to the Principal. Its work is supported by two part time Groundsmen.

The Professional Learning Team
John Beringer is the chair of this committee. Its role is to prioritise and approve staff requests for professional learning involving School Funds in the context of the School Strategic Plan 2006-08. An additional role is to work with the senior executive to plan and run School Development Days and the Executive Development Program. It is also responsible for preparing and managing a budget that is audited annually.

The Talent Development Committee
Chaired by Tom Dolan, this committee promotes special talent development programs and encourages strategies to arrest underachievement. It has responsibility for the implementation of the Gifted Education Policy at High. It has a set budget but it also has access to Training and Development funds. It can authorise the purchase of resources or equipment, hire personnel, or buy time for projects. Its funds are used to subsidise high level competition participation by students.

The Occupational Health, Safety and Injury Committee
Steve Codey is the chair of this important committee. Other members are Lynne Williams and the principal. Co-opted members are the Deputy Principals and Neil Patterson (General Assistant). The role of the committee is to assess the risks inherent in the school's operations and to recommend appropriate courses of action to the principal concerning hazards. A safety audit is carried out each term. All staff, students and parents have been provided with an appropriate mechanism to report hazards to the committee. The committee is responsible for ensuring that the school meets the auditing benchmarks in respect to consultation, chemical registration, instructions for the use of dangerous pieces of equipment and record keeping for accidents, injuries and near misses.

The Information, Communication and Technology Committee
Chaired by John Prorellis (Head Teacher Administration), this committee manages communication systems in the school. The school's network and its software are major priorities. Roll outs of fixed data projectors are proceeding. Decisions on the allocation of hardware, the employment of technical support personnel and on the allocation of time to web site development are made by this committee. John Prorellis manages the network with James Rudd (Technical Officer), David Isaacs (Web site manager) and Romesh Abeysuriya (network support).

Sporting Committees - Sub-committees of the P & C
Besides Masters in Charge of GPS sports, parents, staff, old boys and students join various committees for sport. These committees are technically sub-committees of the SBHS P & C Association. All sports should have a managing committee, and their roles and membership should be registered with the P & C, in order to be covered under voluntary workers insurance legislation. They submit budgets and raise funds and plan programs and support the various sporting competitions. If sports committees run accounts outside the school account (rowing, rugby, basketball, cricket, sailing, rifle shooting), then financial statements have to be submitted each September to the P & C to be checked by the P & C honorary auditor.

Co-curricular P & C Sub-committees -The Debating Supporters Group
Chaired by Jocelyn Brewer, this group is made up of parents, students and Old Boy coaches. It plans and implements the development and competition debating programs. It is responsible for the selection and management of teams and coaches throughout the season.

Co-curricular P & C Sub-committees - The Music Committee
Chaired by Mary Myerscough (Year 9 parent), this committee comprises staff representatives from music as well as interested parents. The performance music program is managed by this committee. It plans and manages music tours. The principal purpose of the Council is to raise funds for musical instruments and sheet music. Music Tutors are hired and managed by the school and students are invoiced for their services.

The Sports Council
Chaired by Richard Ayre, HT Sport, this Committee is made up of representatives of all the sporting sub-committees and the Principal. The committee makes recommendation to the Principal on sports policy, facilities and dress regulations. It considers and makes recommendations on the total sports budget. It responds to AAGPS issues.
Dr K Jaggar
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From the School Counsellor

Our School Counsellors, Estelle Harman and Susy Plummer are available for consultation by parents, caregivers and students on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and alternate Fridays in 2007. You can phone the school to speak with a counsellor or to make an appointment to discuss any concerns.

Waverley Action for Youth Services (WAYS) holds parent workshops throughout the year focused on adolescent issues. This year they are organising a number of workshops covering topics such as Alcohol and other Drugs, Sexuality and Relationships, Peer Relationships and Bullying, Resilience and Self Esteem. For further information and times please contact the Education Officer on 9365 2500.

"Managing HSC Stress" a recognised and helpful program is once again being offered in Term one by the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). The program commences 6 March and sessions will be conducted over four consecutive Tuesdays between 4 and 5.30pm at the Health Psychology Unit, Royal North Shore Hospital. This program is free of charge. For further information and bookings please call Rebekka Tuqiri or Jacobine van Kessel on 95144309 or 95144077.

UTS are also taking enrolments for the "Taking Charge" program for teenagers who may be experiencing stress, anxiety and depression and having general difficulty coping. This program runs in Term 2 and further information can be accessed via the above numbers.
S Plummer and E Harman
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Speech Night

An invitation to Friends and family of 2006 prize winners to attend Speech Night on
Tuesday 20 February 2007 at 7.30pm
in the Great Hall.

Congratulations to all 2006 prize winners.

You will receive your prizes at Speech Night on Tuesday 20 February at 7.30pm in the Great Hall. .

Students are reminded to arrive 30 minutes before the starting time and advise their Year Adviser for Academic and Special Prizes or Mr Ayre for Sports awards that they are present.

There will be a rehearsal Period 3 on the day.

See Mr Walker if there are any queries regarding the night.
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From PD/H/PE

PDHPE Web Page Update and Enhancement
I am pleased to announce that the PDHPE web page has been enhanced and updated for 2007, to make it even more informative for both students and parents.

The most important development is the introduction of coaching videos for basketball, cricket, rugby and soccer. The process has taken over 12 months and I would like to congratulate and thank Tony Hannon (Video production) and Brian McDermott (Voice over) for their commitment and professionalism which has produced a high quality resource that I am sure will be of great value to the skill development of our students. I would also like to thank the students who performed so skillfully in the video clips - Brian Chan (Soccer), Damitha Fonseka (Cricket), Sam Gribble (Rugby) and Harry Walker (Basketball).

The practical assessment videos have been updated for 2007. These videos will give students and parents a demonstration of the assessment criteria for the basketball, cricket, rugby and soccer units. There has been a modification to the rugby assessment to give greater parity between assessments. Thank you to those students who acted as subjects for the assessment videos - Harrison Lane (Cricket and soccer), Leonard Teng (Basketball) and Nelson Ridges (Rugby) and to Romesh Abeysuriya who shot and edited the videos. .

The 1.6 Km run benchmark times have been updated for 2007 in an attempt to build on the improved aerobic fitness of our junior students. Our aim is to have all Year 10 students able to complete the 1.6 Km run in seven minutes or better by 2009. The times for Years 8, 9 and 10 have been reduced by 15 seconds on the 2006 times and will be 8m 45s, 7m 45s and 7m 15s respectively in 2007. The benchmark time for Year 7 will remain at 10 minutes which is in the 5th - 10th percentile for 12 and 13 year males.

My thanks also to David Isaacs the school's web master, who put the web page together in a very attractive and user-friendly fashion.

I would recommend every student and parent look at the PDHPE web page. To get there go to the school's web site, click on curriculum then click on PDHPE.
G Stein

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Weights Room

Welcome back to all those boys continuing on with their strength programs for 2007. For those of you yet to re-start or those who would wish to begin I would urge you to get a move on. The term is ticking by quickly, GPS sport has re-commenced, and winter sport is fast approaching. So whether you are in Year 7 or Year 12 strength training should form an integral part of your physical preparation. ACT NOW! Don't be under prepared. Your opponents won't be. I guarantee it!

Sign - in/Gym Fees
There will be a change to the way you sign in to the weights room happening over the next few weeks. You will now be required to sign in by swiping your student I.D card. For the time being however this will be done manually as per last year. You will also be able to sign in for school at the same time. There has also been a change to the structure of fees for the weights room. You will now be able to pay up front for the year ($150) or per term ($45). A strength program is only effective when being completed and updated year round so I urge you all to sign up for the year. Who knows? You might be massive come Christmas holidays.

Many boys recommencing have neglected to re-acquaint themselves with the gym rules and etiquette. So from next week some of you may be re-commencing your quest to become the push-up and sit-up champions of the world. The penalty for non conformity will now be- 1st offence- 50 push-ups + 50 sit-ups. For every offence after that add 50 more of each. Some boys would already be around the 3-400 mark by now. Not much room or energy left for a workout after that. This is the last warning to please fix up the little things. There's a human trait called discipline. And it makes a huge difference. Bring a towel, use it, put weights away, warm-up properly, work safely, use deodorant, work with intensity, work in with others, etc, etc, etc. Common sense things. Discipline yourself or pay with pain.

Speed & Agility Sessions Sessions
will commence Monday 12 February with a speed and agility session on the indoor basketball courts from 12.55-1.30 pm as well as an outdoor (Moore Park West) speed session on Wednesday 14 February from 3.15-4.45 pm. These sessions will run weekly at those times until the end of term. For all boys who want to improve their speed/agility/fitness these sessions are a necessity.

Opening/Closing Times
Pay attention! The Weights Room opening/closing times for 2007 are:

Mon 7.15-8.45 am and 3.30-5.00 pm
Tues 7.15-8.45 am and 3.30-5.00 pm
Wed 7.15-8.45 am
Thurs 7.15-8.45 am and 12.30-1.20 pm and 3.30-5.00 pm
Fri 7.15-8.45 am

In addition to these times the weights room will be available for use by seniors in 1st or 'A' teams who are completing a strength program for their chosen sport (Years 11 & 12) everyday from 8.45 - 12 noon but only under the supervision of the Strength & Conditioning Coach. Check with me daily as to whether or not he will be able to supervise. I must stress however that you do not plan your sessions around this time thinking the weights room will be open. I have made these times available to try to help as many boys as possible to complete their programs but this is my own time. Don't abuse the privilege.
Weights Room Strength & Conditioning Coach

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Rowing Highlights

The racing season has started in earnest with several strong performances at the Sydney Grammar School Regatta. The 3rd IV rowed strongly given that it had several novices racing for the first time. Chris Andrews stroked the crew with former 2nd VIII coxswain Jason Phu at 3, Ishan Nadkarni at 2, Nathan McDonnell at bow and coxed by Year 9 rower Andrew Blomberg, an encouraging performance.

The first Year 8 quad of Max Connell, Kevin Lin, Koren Fang, Jonah Petrie and Anthony Chung also performed creditably.

This week the regatta is at Iron Cove and the best viewing is from Rodd Point. The draw for each Saturday is available outside the Maths and History staff rooms from about Tuesday of the week. It is also available on NSWRA website at www.rowingnsw.asn.au some time during the week. Boys normally row at the same time each week though there are some variations. This week is an earlier week due to the regatta being at Iron Cove and the boys need to row there before the race.

The Year 10 VIIIs are in Melbourne this week for the return races of the exchange against Melbourne High.

The Rowing Calendar is available on the school website under Summer Sport/Rowing but we will reprint the remainder of the season next week after the next committee meeting.
C Barris
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Rifle Committee Meeting

Thursday, 15 February at 7.00 pm
Staff Common Room

I'm writing to urge all rifle shooters, parents, and supporters to attend the meeting. I greatly appreciate any support.

It is most important that parents of junior shooters get involved to ensure continuity of the program. You can ask questions, and raise and discuss issues on how coaching and GPS training could be improved.

We need the support of ALL parents and your attendance at the meeting will be greatly appreciated.

* Secretary position to be filled
* Open day on the 17/3/07
* The proposal of the JW Sweet air rifle range.

Hope to see as many of you as possible there!
Kim Tong (Treasurer)
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A Message from the Anti Racist Contact Officer

Welcome back to school to staff, students and all members of the Sydney High Community. A special welcome to all new members of the school in Year 7 and their parents. This is just a reminder to all members of the Sydney High Community that racism has no place at this school and will not be tolerated. In recent years, although gaining more and more media attention, very few issues of racism have been raised about any racist behaviour within the school. The school and I will endeavour to make sure that this continues in the future.

If any member of the school family, in particular students, believes they have been discriminated against on the basis of their race or have been racially abused at school they should contact Steve Codey in the Social Science staffroom on extension 122.

All correspondence is treated confidentially and immediate action will be taken to resolve the problem or concern.
Steve Codey

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Music Notes

Ensemble rehearsals have commenced this week with most of the rehearsal days and times remaining the same. (Please check below for any changes.) Ensemble lists for 2007 are posted outside the music staffroom, please check to see which ensemble(s) to attend and the relevant times - any problems or changes that need to be made, see the music staff.

This year, we are looking to expand our Marching band for the ANZAC Day march which will incorporate TWO rehearsals a week involving ALL members in Intermediate concert band and Senior concert band. Rehearsals will be conducted by Matthew Capper from the Australian Navy at 7:30am on Monday and Wednesday mornings at Moore Park West during term 1. Intermediate and Senior concert band rehearsals will resume at the beginning of term 2 as usual.

All students learning an instrument with a tutor at school please contact your tutors if you haven't already done so to arrange lesson times for this year. The new billing system from last year will continue with the school invoicing the students twice a term for their instrumental lessons and payments made to the school at the front office. To ensure the smooth running of this process, we would greatly appreciate payments made within two weeks of receiving the invoice. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Symphonic Wind Ensemble (SWE)
Symphonic wind ensemble; selected students to attend rehearsals on Tuesdays at lunchtime in room 201 from 20th February (Week 4). Please check the list outside the music staffroom next week.

Instrumental Recruitment Night
The instrumental recruitment night held last Monday evening was a wonderful evening with our music tutors performing impressively on their instruments to demonstrating the luscious sounds of their instrument. Students had the opportunity to talk to the tutors afterwards and arrange lesson times. If you were unable to attend the evening and have any questions about the instrumental ensemble program or learning/hiring an instrument, please contact us in the music staffroom as soon as possible on 9361-6910 (Ext. 109). We look forward to a highly productive and exciting new year for the music ensemble program in 2007.

Music Committee Meeting
Our next music committee meeting will be held on Monday evening the 26th of March in the Staff Common room. We encourage all parents of students involved in the music ensemble and new year 7 parents to attend the meeting.

Ensemble Rehearsal Times for 2007

Monday 7:30am Marching Band (Intermediate and Senior concert band members)
Tuesday 8:00am Intermediate Stage Band (Room 201)
Wednesday 7:15am Intermediate Stage Band (Room 201)
  7:30am Marching Band (Moore Park West)
  8:00am Chamber Choir (Room 201)
Thursday 8:00am Chamber Choir (Room 201)
Friday 8:00am Symphony Orchestra (Room 201)
  8:00am Junior Stage Band (Room 101)

As of term 2, Marching Band members will attend their normal ensembles i.e., Intermediate concert band on Mondays 7:30am in room 201 and Senior concert band on Wednesdays 8:00am in room 201.

Request for Contact Details
Parents of all music ensemble members, could you please provide the music staff with your contact details by filling in the below slip and returning it to the music staffroom as soon as possible so that we are able to contact you about any upcoming events involving your son's participation. This will enable us to communicate with you more effectively and efficiently. Thank you very much. (Please print the information.)

Kind regards
Music staff

Son's Name: _____________________________________ Roll class: _________________

Parent(s) Name: ______________________________ Contact No.: ___________________
Email: ________________________________________________________________________       
Music Ensemble(s): ____________________________________________________________

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Basketball: Shooting Hoops

High VS Grammar

Term 4 2006-(last time)

1st LOSS 87-73 H.WALKER 38
2nd LOSS 73-46 A.LEE 10
3rd WIN 38-34 J.TRAN 12
4th WIN 37-29 A.WANG 12
5th LOSS 19-23  
6th WIN 26-14  
7th WIN 22-18 R.TRAN 10
8th WIN 31-15 J.LAI 8
16A LOSS 28-46 A.YANG 10
15A LOSS 39-29 S.YOON 10
15B LOSS 31-36 M.WANG 10, 7 REB
15C DRAW 35-35 IAN LU 12
15D WIN 47-15 W.LEE 14
15E WIN 23-20 I.LI 10
14A LOSS 49-12 N. AUTAR 6
14B WIN 24-17 K.LIU 8
14C WIN 14-6 A. MOKDAD 6
14D LOSS 24-12 D.CHEN 6
14E LOSS 57-4 V.ZHENG 2, M.WEI 2

Term 1 2007-(this week)

1st 5th overall In Raschke Cup
2nd 2nd overall In Raschke Cup
3rd WIN 23-21 T.LY 7
4th WIN 25-22 J.WILSON 8
5th LOSS 9-12 A.NG 6
6th WIN 28-12 S.YANG 8
7th WIN 23-19 R.TRAN 9
8th DRAW 14-14 J.HSIAO 6
16A WIN 38-32 J.TASSELL 10
16B LOSS 17-42 B.YANG 11
16C LOSS 13-38 M.YIN 4
16D LOSS 18-31 A.CHAN 6
16E LOSS 15-31 D.LAM 9
15A WIN 46-24 S.YOON 16
15B LOSS 32-16 V.VO 6
15C WIN 17-13 L.WANG 8
15D WIN 22-13 J.LEE 8
15E LOSS 15-18 I.LEE 6
14A LOSS 34-22 A.YE 8
14B DRAW 25-25 D.NGUYEN 10
14C LOSS 21-13 N.LEONG 5
14D LOSS 24-13 A.ZHANG 8
14E LOSS 38-10 M.WEI 8

Another Great Start to the 2nd Season
Another good improvement especially from the A 1st 5th overall In Raschke Cup 2nd 2nd overall In Raschke Cup grade teams, with 16As and 15As turning their losses into great wins. We're expecting more improvement in our results as our new courts are now opened. It's worth celebrating but hey 8 rings (4outdoors 4in gym) isn't enough for 28 basketball teams is it???????????

Video Competition
Record footages of your game this season! The best video footage created will be shown at the basketball dinner!

14Ds Match Report
: 13-24 (Loss)
Top Scorer: A.Zhang 8
The match started with many players anxious to start the second half of the season on a high note. At first, both teams struggled on the offensive end with no teams scoring too many baskets. The second half was a more action packed game with both teams scoring more consistently than the first half. Sloppy passing by Grammar led to some easy baskets for High who started closing in on the lead. Eventually, Grammar scored a couple of baskets and had a final score of 24. High eventually had a total score of 13 with the final score being 24 - 13.
By (put your name in next time!)

Raschke Cup 2007

Last weekend High played some impressive basketball both at Shore (1st grades) and at High (2nd grades). We'd also like to thank everyone that came and helped out on the day especially at the basketball canteen. Results of the day are as below.

First Grade
Newington vs High 37-17/ St Ignatius vs High 35-22/ High vs St Josephs 38-28
Over all position: 5th

Pool A Wins Losses Cup points
Scots 3 0 6
Shore 2 1 5
Grammar 1 2 4
Kings 0 3 3
Pool B      
Newington 3 0 6
St Ignatius 2 1 5
High 1 2 4
St Josephs 0 3 3
Finals: Newington 31 beats Scots 28

Second Grade
High vs Scots 22-21/ High vs Grammar 27-26/St Josephs vs High 23-22
Finals: Shore vs High 29-23
Over all position: 2nd

Pool A Wins Losses Cup points
Shore 2 1 6
St Ignatius 2 1 5
Kings 1 2 4
Newington 1 2 3
Pool B      
High 2 1 6
Scots 2 1 5
Grammar 1 2 4
St Josephs 1 2 3
Finals: Shore 29 beats Highs 23

*Reminder to all 13years team captains, please hand in your match reports by Monday to Mr Hayman
*Match Reports should be handed in electronic form or emailed to Mr Hayman by 12pm Mondays
* ~Brought to you by Johny Shih
   ~Thank you to Mr Hayman for all his contributions to basketball and information
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High Cricket Bulletin

Welcome to our Year 7 boys who have chosen cricket as their summer sport and to the senior boys in Years 9, 10 and 11. We trust you have a successful Term 1 at the crease when batting or bowling.

The Cricket Section has a Website which has all the cricket news and information you need such as Team selections, AAGPS Rules ands By Laws, results and reports, location maps for all venues and grounds and contact numbers for the Cricket Sub Committee. You will find it at www.sydneyboyscricket.info 

All proposed Group 2 team selections are now to become "Provisional Team Selections" for each Saturday of Competition and will appear on the Cricket Website. On Wednesday and Thursday Sports afternoons all Attendance Rolls will be called at 1-0pm sharp and the Provisional Team members will have to confirm their attendance. Players who are not present at Roll Call will be marked absent as these are the players who are letting their teams down by not arriving at matches on Saturdays

A General Meeting for Parents and Supporters, Coaches and Cricket Sub Committee Members will be held on Wednesday 14th FEBRUARY 2007 commencing at 6-0pm in Room 901 on the 1st floor of the Gymnasium.

Important that we have a big roll up as there are several issues that we need Parent input on such as a proposal on Co-Payments by cricketers, Hosting of the Australian 5 Highs Carnival in Sydney and proposed China Cricket Tour

Wednesday 14 March 07 at 6-00 pm in Room 901 at the upper level of the school gymnasium. Agenda item will include the Annual Cricket Dinner organisation and Awards to be presented. Please diarise this date and come along

Will be held on WEDNESDAY NIGHT 4th APRIL commencing at 6-30pm for 7-0pm in the Great Hall. The cost will be $25-00 per person for Dinner and Soft drinks and Tea and Coffee will be available. It is a BYO night for Parents. Raffles and Trivia will be part of the evening

GROUP 1 TEAMS (Two day fixtures)

1st XI (day 1)
HIGH 10 125 & 2/10 - versus - KINGS 7 decl. 129
High won the toss and batted. After being 3 /7 early Gehan Karunaratne played the anchor role and Tom Castleton with some late order hitting were the main contributors. In the field Dakshika Gunaratne took 2 early wickets but Kings steadied to be 2/55 at tea. After tea Reuben George, Kogulan Sriranjan and Aditya Naik put pressure back on Kings to have them 5 /90 but once again through poor fielding and catching it allowed them to pass High 7 wickets down. An interesting 2nd Day could see High at their best, pulling off an outright. See Cricket Website match report.

2nd XI (day 1)
HIGH 10/110 - versus - KINGS 7/142
High won the toss and Batted. Losing its first wicket for 5 the remainder of the day saw steady wicket losses in a very mediocre batting performance and lack of application. Main run scorers were MP Coutts 19, Blaise Prentice-Davidson 12, Karan Rao 12, MD Coutts 10 and Roshan Karanaratne 10. Kings then batted and were traveling well when they lost their first wicket at 48 and their second wicket at 96 until a fine spelling of bowling from Daniel Simpson who in 7 overs took 4 /14, Karan Rao 2 /26 (9 overs), Alisdair Brown 1 /11 (4 overs) and tight controlled bowling by Michael Coutts saw Kings struggle to the lead. Day 2 could see an interesting finish to this match, but our field placements and fielding, plus batting application will need to be sharper to achieve a victory.

3rd XI- No Report filed

16A No Report filed

15A (day 1)
HIGH 1/20 - versus - KINGS 10/199
Kings won the toss and batted putting together 199 before being bowled out. Wicket takers for High were Andy Liu 3/9 (8 overs), Kieran Taylor 2 and Brian Kelly, A Vithanage, Bill Wang and Shadman Ali one wicket each. Day 2 will start with Andy Liu (9n.o) and Kieran Taylor (1n.o) at the crease. See Website match report.

14A (Day 1)
Kings batted first and were held in check by the High bowlers with good line and length bowling early only to let it slip away through sessions of sloppy fielding and loose bowling spells. Kings were finally dismissed for 251. Wicket Takers were Pasan Pannila 3/39(10 overs), Kumudika Gunaratne 2/32(10 overs.), Derek Wei 2/19 (7 overs) and Andrew Huynh with 2 wickets. The job is in front of our boys next week but with application and sound shot selection the task is not impossible. See Website match report.

GROUP 2 TEAMS (One day fixtures)

4th XI No Report filed

5th XI
HIGH 9 (decl) 85 - defeated - GRAMMAR 10 /14 All out, & 5 /38
A MUST READ WEBSITE Match Report for an amazing match!! Tom Lindeback took 6 wkts for 2 runs including a hattrick, Alistair Taylor 3/5 and Lachlan Deacon 1/4 finished Grammar off. Lachlan Street (19) and Alistair Taylor (13n.o) our main scorers. The report's well worth reading for the sequence Tom got his wickets!!

GRAMMAR 10/191 - defeated - HIGH 10/92
Grammar won the toss and batted. High put in a good effort in dismissing all of the visitors, their first achievement this season with 7 bowlers figuring and Nelson Wang taking 4/17(6 overs). In the field David Ma took 2 catches as Keeper, while Jia He and Nelson Wang contributed with Nelson taking a one-hander well above his head. High replied and the batting didn't match the bowling effort, but saw Jimari Bastable (37) continue his good form with efforts of David Ma(11), Tim Molloy (9), Liam Aylmer (7) and Oliver Fio (6) the only other contributors. See Cricket Website match report.

GRAMMAR 10 /178 - defeated - HIGH 10 /104
Grammar batted first and ended up with 178 through a mixture of loose bowling, fielding and mixed luck. Eric Ovadia took 3 22(6 overs) and Shanaz Razeen 1/23 (5 overs) supported by Iftiar Khan, Howard Tran and Tristan XU. High then batted and at 3/16 looked set for a dismal response but Eric Ovadia (22), David Chan(20), Howard Tran(19) and Shanaz Razeen saw High post a creditable 104 in the 27th over. See Cricket Website match report

HIGH - defeated - GRAMMAR
THEIR 7th SUCCESSIVE WIN - The team members were so excited in telling me how they went individually in the game as they came off; they forgot to mention the final scores. This team's attitude and approach to each match is a credit to them and is an example that several of our other school teams could take onboard to improve their performances.

Round 4 finishes up this Saturday and all of our Group 1 teams are in positions that could see them record victories providing we show a bit of fight and mongrel to let these other schools know that we are in it to win it.
Laurie Heil
MIC Cricket

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Learn to Row Programs 2007

Ms J SHUTTLEWORTH - 0427 070 569

Course information for Sydney High Parents & Partners

Beginner Level: Term 1
Sunday, 18 February – 25 March 2007
7.00am – 9.00am
6 Sessions of 2 hours
$275.00 (Inc. GST)

Co-ordinator & Head Coach: Ross Bowey, Old Boy 1974
Sydney High Rowing Club
The Outterside Centre
5 Teviot Avenue, Abbotsford

Real Rowing for Rigour Racing Shells on the Parramatta River
If you want to learn Rowing in Sydney, then this course of 6 classes is for you. Whether you are a raw land lubber or have some previous experience, come and learn the skills of rowing. If your son is a rower then here is another experience that you can share. If your son does not row then you are still most welcome to join these classes. Rowing is the ideal aerobic sport for the entire body as it is low impact and has a low incidence of injury. You will also enjoy messing about in boats as well as the magic moments of early mornings on the water. Further courses will be planned for Terms 2-4 including Intermediate and Advanced Levels.

Agenda -
Week 1:
Orientation to the pontoon area
Racing shell setup
Safety precautions
Fundamental rowing technique

Weeks 2-6
Development of rowing technique
Style correction
Crew rowing

Learning Outcomes
At the completion of the course participants will possess the following skills and knowledge:

  • Basic knowledge of rowing style and boat rigging
  • Basic navigation rules and river etiquette
  • Ability to row with a crew in a racing shell

Other Information
Complete crews are desirable but not essential. Other adult participants from a number of Community Colleges will also be in attendance. Make-up crews can be arranged in the IVs and VIIIs used.
Safety Notes: Participants must be able to swim 50 metres and tread water as a safety requirement. All participants must sign The Sydney High School Foundation Indemnity Form, stating swimming ability, before they are allowed on the water. Qualified coaches will be appointed to take charge of each crew.
Participants should bring: a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, snack, water, well-fitting shorts and top (loose clothing may become caught in rigging), football socks as well as a change of clothes to wear home. All participants must wear suitable footwear (no thongs or sandals) for carrying boats in wet areas.
Absences: In case of illness, heavy rain or bad weather, please contact Ross Bowey on 0428 519705 to make arrangements or reschedule dates.

Expression of interest:
Please contact Judith Shuttleworth, Foundation Venues Manager and a rowing parent, on 0427 070 569 or at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
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New Library & Performing Arts Centre

Tax Deductible 125th Anniversary Project
Sydney Boys High School depends upon its community of parents, Old Boys and supporters to further the School's ethos of the pursuit of all-round excellence.

We have a bold vision for a two stage Library & Performing Arts Centre. With advances in information technology, there is a pressing need to create a facility which is able to adapt and keep pace with meeting the increasing needs of our students. The estimated cost of the combined project is $4m. Stage one requires $1.8m; we have $400k. A new tax deductible monthly giving program has been introduced to help fund our development goal.

We have implemented an arrangement with ANZ Bank for automatic monthly deductions from a nominated credit card. You can elect to give $50, $40, $30 or $20 each month for a period of twelve months. Your nominated amount, along with your name and credit card details will be sent to the bank electronically. At the end of the financial year, the school will issue an annual statement as evidence of tax deductible donations. You can opt in or out of the scheme provided you notify the school in writing five working days before the fifteenth day of each month.

Thank you for helping to make a difference for our boys.

Name: ___________________________ Daytime Phone Number:      _________________
Address: _________________________________________________ Postcode: ____
Email Address: __________________________________________________________
I authorise SBHS to make the following deductions from the credit card nominated below:
Card Type:   ___ Bankcard   
Monthly deduction for 12 months:
Card Number: _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _  Expiry Date:   ____  /  ____  
Cardholder's Name: ________________________________________________________  
                                       [please print]
Cardholder's Signature: ____________________________________ Date: ________

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