High Notes, Vol 8 No 13, May 18 2007

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From the Principal

High Talent
Well done indeed to Lachlan Deacon, Chapman Siu (Year 12), Matthew Wong (Year 11) and Dominic Wong (Year 10) for their selection in the NSW Regional Concert Band to perform at the Opera House in July. It is great to see so many music representatives. Congratulations to Oliver Konakoff and Victor Nguyen (Year 12) for their selection in the NSW CHS team in volleyball to play in the Trans Tasman competition in June.

UNSW / Sydney Boys High and Sydney Girls High Mathematics Extension Club
As part of our Numeracy Plan, we desired to enter into partnership agreements with universities as part of our talent development initiatives. The Head Teachers of Mathematics, Paul Bigelow and Geoff McLauchlan, and Professor Michael Archer, Dean of Science, negotiated the program. Fifteen talented boys and 15 girls from Years 9-11 will be mentored by a lecturer from the UNSW School of Mathematics and Statistics, Mr Peter Brown. The program is designed for eight weeks during terms 2 and 3. The objectives of the program include: extending students’ learning and enabling them to liaise with other talented mathematics students in small groups, enabling students to pursue enquiry based exploration of mathematics problems and developing students’ skills in presenting their findings to an audience. I believe this will be a terrific opportunity for selected students to broaden and deepen their mathematical understanding and to develop as people. I commend the program to those fortunate enough to be nominated.

SWAS – Third Millennium Learning Styles
Dale Spender likes to report cutting edge education trends. In the Herald (10/2/07) she exhorted the PM to “get with the program”. Rather than his re-emphasis on the basics and content, she advocates educators should develop a heightened sensitivity to current youth learning styles – screen based watching followed by individual manipulation, experimentation and information creation. Spender highlights the tension between “the old routines and the new individuality” in education. The ‘old education’ was about content, revision, study and memorisation for examinations; whereas as the ‘new education’ is about making sense of and managing the unknown. Students today need to develop the skill of “on-the-spot information-making”.

Spender asserts that 25% of Australians now work from home for at least some of the time. While one might contest the quantum of the statistic it is indicative of a trend towards individuality in working relationships. There is a catch to being an individual – you have to come up with new ideas and information without direct supervision. In short, everyone has to “use their brains” in the “information economy”. The emerging Australian workforce will need creativity and ingenuity to produce the ideas, solution and systems for this economy to thrive. Spender suggests that 70% of Australians now need the skills to make information through observation, analysis, experimentation and evaluation. Students are quick with digital activity and inventiveness but need adult support and guidance in evaluation and critical judgement of information.

What would we have to do in the junior school to satisfy the imperatives of the ‘new education’? Units of work prepared for students in Years 7-9 would have an emphasis on heuristic (discovery) learning. Assessment tasks would allow flexibility for individual approaches. Knowledge of content would become secondary to the processing of data into information and information into knowledge. Critiquing and evaluating WAN and school sources would be a feature of student reporting on topics of study, rather than a simplistic regurgitation of the received view of content. A thorough grasp of the concepts and assumptions of topics is always a pedagogical priority but the content these concepts seek to explain is not confined to what is in the textbook. We need to adjust our thinking a little so that the ratio of our students’ time spent on ‘new education’ skill building as opposed to content mastery is altered.

High Notes Distribution - Student Collection
I have had feedback from several sources that High Notes is not being accessed by as many students as it used to when delivered to classrooms in hard copy. The policy has been that 250 hard copies are printed each Friday while all boys receive an email link via their personal DET email accounts to access the publication on pdf or html. Over 825 parent contact email links are sent each week. Parents desirous of receiving a hard copy were asked to register with the front office and a copy was reserved for their son to collect. In order to ascertain more clearly what acceptance of electronic High Notes there is, I have asked the ICT people to gather data on students accessing High Notes. In addition, the number of collected copies each week will be monitored. The school has purchased additional plastic display boxes holding approximately 50 copies of High Notes. As of this week, four of these will be positioned in high traffic areas and students invited to take one. The take up rate of this offer will be monitored also. We value good communication at High and we are committed to making it effective.

Telephone Library Fundraising Campaign
Commencing after May 21, volunteer parents will be calling their peers requesting pledges of financial support for our Monthly Giving Program. I have signed up for this myself and find it a painless way of making a contribution to this critically important project – a new library and performing arts space for High. We are trying to gauge the acceptance of the monthly giving option among our parents. Parents who have supplied telephone contact details to the school and wish to be removed from any list of fundraising requests should let the school know by email or telephone and their wishes will be respected. However, I urge all parents to at least listen to other parents letting them know what the school is trying to achieve. To gain support for our project we have to make current parents aware of our goal. I also feel obliged to the people who have donated $400,000 already who are waiting patiently for us to get closer to making the dream into a reality.
Dr K Jaggar

High Store Mid Season Sale
Football training jerseys on sale now
"GEZ" assorted colours & sizes, normally $35 now reduced to $25
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SHS Old Boys Union

Did you know?
Did you know that Sir Roden Cutler (1934), who was Governor of NSW 1966-1981, is not the only old boy of Sydney High to have exercised vice-regal functions? Sir James Plimsoll (1933) was Governor of Tasmania 1982-1987. Two old boys have also held the position of Lieutenant-Governor of NSW and have administered the government for at least one period during their term of office. Sir Frederick Jordan (1897) was Lieutenant-Governor 1934-1949 and James Spigelman (1962) has been Lieutenant-Governor since 1998

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Boggabilla Exchange

The annual exchange with Boggabilla Central School takes place next month and our return visit is in week 5 of term 3. The school needs billets and if you are interested please see Mr Barris ASAP. Priority for the return visit will be given to those who are taking billets. Below is a proposed itinerary. Our exchange with this school located on the Queensland border began five years ago. Their students are not eligible for the exchange unless they attain 80% attendance. Two students this year will be involved in work experience with the Fire Brigade.

Tuesday 11 June

6.30 am      Students arrive at school. 
7.00 am      Leave Boggabilla Lunch en-route 
6.30 pm      Arrive in Sydney Dinner at Abbotsford, SBHS to provide. 
Wednesday 12 June 

7.00 am     Rise and Shine Breakfast while others pack up, etc 
9.00 am     Arrive at SBHS Introduce billets, 
11.00 am    Sausage sizzle lunch 
11.20 am    Leave for Powerhouse Museum for music workshop. Girls to Hairdressing? Billets welcome. 
*           City Country touch game if this possible for a quick game at school 
            Basket ball game also 
5.00 pm     Have Pizza for dinner in Hall, SBHS to provide. 
            Take train to State of Origin Football game, then students make 
            own way home with billets. 
Thursday 13 June 

9.00 am     Students arrive at SBHS with billets 
9.30 am     Depart for Aquarium visit. No billets 
3.00 pm     Return to SBHS, Relax in gym and go to billets home 
Friday 14 June 

9.00 am     Students arrive at SBHS and pack bus 
10.00 am    Bus to drop students at Maroubra beach for a surf
11.00 am    Morning tea, touch and departing formalities on Maroubra beach 
11.30 am    Lunch at South Maroubra 
            Depart for Boggabilla 
            Dinner en-route 
            Arrive back at Boggabilla very late.
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SHS Foundation

The Sydney High School Foundation Inc. Report to Members
On behalf of the Committee of Management, I am pleased to present the 21st Annual Report of The Sydney High School Foundation Inc., and to table the Balance Sheet for the financial year ended December 31, 2006.

I am happy to report this last year has been one of heartening achievement and I thank all of my fellow committee members for their active and constructive assistance.

Later, our Treasurer, Ken Clemens, will expand on our financial results which resulted in a net profit of $146,689 (previous year $24,535). This included a $130,000 bequest from a very generous Old Boy. It should also be noted that our net assets now stand at $5,303,190.00 (previous year $5,156,501)

This financial year has been particularly rewarding and much has been achieved. Our continued progress reflects the dedication of committee members and the co-operation of many members of the School family.

During the year in review we:

  • Finalised an agreement with the Dept of Education regarding the construction and maintenance of the tennis courts
  • Identified, contracted and completed a management agreement with a licensee for the use of the courts outside school usage
  • Completed the building of the Tennis complex which was officially opened in September 2006.
  • Negotiated, designed and implemented three Trusts viz:
    • Seow Trust
    • Prizes Trust
    • Killip Trust
    and devised an investment strategy which will continue to be beneficial to the school and protect the capital of each Trust.
  • Applied for and were successful in obtaining funding from the Federal Government from the Invest in our Schools Project. This has enabled the building of new cricket nets and basketball courts.
  • At Abbotsford there have also been more improvements. We installed broadband service and wireless router, commissioned experts to advise us on the most economical way to air-condition the premises; this work is on going. Appointed a caretaker and kept the Barris Cottage tenanted.

The two pontoons continue to concern us. We spent more funds in repairing them and it is clear that substantial funds will be needed in the foreseeable future to upgrade them.

We were affected by an adverse decision of the Canada Bay Council and much effort was devoted during the year to overcoming this problem.

The management of the Outterside Centre is in the hands of a committee consisting of members representing the whole school family. We are especially indebted to Bob Outterside and John Mittelheuser both of whom devote considerable time and energy to this important committee.

During this financial year the Venue Officer, Judith Shuttleworth, has been hampered by our imposed inability to generate income from the Outterside Centre. Foundation therefore commenced exploring the feasibility of generating income from other venues within the school.

The High Store, under the very able leadership of Michelle Gentele, continues to prosper and makes a very considerable contribution to our finances. We are committed to installing on-line purchasing through our web site www.shsfoundation.org.au. We are also actively extending the range of products on offer including offering phone cards and allied products. None of this would be possible without the willing co-operation of Michelle and her band of helpers. Suze Greenslade and Derry O’Rourke offered many positive suggestions and Suze continues to act for the Foundation in assisting the Store.

We are now well into the second 5 years, of our 20 year lease, of the McKay Oval and Fairland Pavilion from the Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust. There are emerging problems in this arrangement and Foundation is taking steps to solve them.

Our Treasurer, Ken Clemens has set the bench mark by which future financial planning will be measured. His masterful control of budgeting and finances made a significant impact on the way we handle administration and our financial affairs. He is most ably assisted by our loyal and dedicated accountant, James Hseih who has rendered many years of service to the Foundation. Terry Pullinger, the Foundation Secretary, continues to offer advice and carry out the secretarial duties of the Foundation. His continuing assistance is gratefully acknowledged.

As this is my last report as Chairman I would like to place on record my personal appreciation of the co-operative and effective backing offered to me over the last 3 years by all of the executive and delegates to the Foundation.

The next 10 years presents the Foundation with very significant known and anticipated challenges and I can only hope my successor has more success than I did in motivating Foundation of the need to address these problems now so we can look forward to a relatively trouble free future.
Lee Ruth

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On Saturday 5 May 2007, Albert Nguyen and Ian Ho competed in the Under 13s Schools State Championships (Individuals). Caillin McKay and Anirban Ghose competed in the Under 15s division.

Caillin and Anirban both had a rough day. Caillin lost two bouts 4:5 which pulled his rank down by about ten. Anirban similarly faced 4:5 defeats and encountered the same problems as Caillin.

Albert did well in the poule round, but was unlucky to lose 9:10 in the direct elimination stage and only placed 24th. Ian Ho had a tremendous day; he was seeded top ten after the poule round and fought strongly to finish 5th overall. In comparison, Grammar sent seven competitors and their highest ranked was 10th.

On Saturday 12 May 2007 we sent five teams to fence at Newington in the Schools State Championships (Teams).

Our Under 15s team (Anirban Ghose, Maxwell Phillis, Andrew Wu and Brian Jian) did very well to achieve personal bests on the day. The team defeated St Andrews 5:3 and was only narrowly beaten by a strong St Aloysius 3:5.

Our fourth team was unfortunately seeded low and had to fight hard against the “A” teams of Newington and St Ignatius. Jourdan Hsiao, Andrew Liu and Shek-Him Yuen did well and managed to win several bouts.

Our third team was also seeded low; nevertheless they were able to win one third of their matches. Samuel Sathiakumar, Alfred Sin, Patrick Tang and Godwin Wang were able to steal a bout from Hills Grammar, one of the favourites to win this competition. They also defeated the Newington “D” team 5:0.

Our seconds started roughly, and only managed to beat the Newington “C” team by one bout. Julian Byrnes, Mitchell Hammer and Boris Zolotarev only took a bout from Oxley College, the other favourite to win this competition. In their final match, our seconds taught Barker a lesson, defeating their “C” team 5:0. The first match in the finals for our second team is against St Aloysius.

Our firsts (Patrick Duffy, Amadeus Klocker and I) started the day with a fierce match against Grammar. Each team fielded a left hander and it was a difficult match for all fencers. The score was level at four each after the eighth bout. Amadeus Klocker claimed a nail-biting victory and did our school proud; we won 5:4. Grammar will not be sleeping the next time we meet – in the first match of the finals. We rounded the rest of the day off comfortably, defeating Barker “B” and St. Andrews 5:0 each.
Yu Lin

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Oli and Victor to lead NSW
The Oliver Konakoff and Victor Nguyen combo that has led High’s undefeated 1st Grade Volleyball team over the last 2 years has been selected to lead the NSW CHS team to play New Zealand next month. Selections were made at the Inter regional championships held last week at Penrith. Oli and Victor were representing Sydney East Region along with Alex Le, Terry Ly and Ping Du. Sydney East Region finished 2nd to Hunter region in a very close and hard fought final. Alex Le and Terry Ly were selected as reserves for the state team. The Trans Tasman tournament is to be held at Port Macquarie. The NSW team will compete with 3 other teams: New Zealand North Island, New Zealand South Island and Queensland.
M Kay

1st Grade Victorious once again
1st grade Volleyball: SBHS vs. SCOTS
The game was played out at Scots but was a victory for Sydney High. Once again the dominance of Sydney High Volleyball was proven as the first grade team dominated the first set. With some clear hitting that shook the ground from Ollie and Victor, the Sydney High team blasted through the first set with 25-10. As the second set progressed the High team showed some clear innovation in play with some saves from Alex and some consistent hitting from Dizon, High’s unswerving play was dominant with the set in our hands at 25-11. The final set was concisely won with some interruptions but nevertheless ingenious play from our middle Jamie and from Terry with some devastating spikes down the line. The set was won at 25-18, but the match was obtained through clear control and authority with a 3-0 set victory.
Weiping Lu

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Amnesty International

Last term, Sydney Boys Amnesty International, in concert with the Sydney Girls Amnesty International ran a Human Rights Day during an extended lunch. The aim of this day was to raise awareness about human rights and human rights abuses around the world. Director and National President of Amnesty International Australia, Georgina Perry came as a guest speaker, encouraging students to get involved in defending human rights through Amnesty International. After some short speeches describing some of our current campaigns, people were invited to write or sign letters, providing support for Amnesty and showing students that they can help make a difference.

We wrote defending human rights in Darfur, Indonesia and Mexico, and continued the pressure on the US Government regarding detention of enemy combatants at Guantanamo Bay.

Amnesty International is involved in many global campaigns to save the lives of the victims of human rights abuses. If you are interested in contributing to this worthwhile cause, and preventing injustices around the world, Sydney Boys Amnesty International group meets at lunchtime on Thursdays in room 204.

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Visual Arts

Congratulations to Tom Castleton for making it into the Mosman Youth Art Exhibition with his two fantastic photographs below. It is a very professional exhibition in terms of the standard of work displayed and is held in the Mosman Art Gallery. The Art staff encourage all of the Art, Photography and Design students to take advantage of all the opportunities available to enter work.

Year 10 Visual Arts have completed a unit of work exploring movement and sculpture. A diverse range of work is now on display around the school [main building corridors and Macdonald wing]. The work ranges from whimsical busts to conceptual pieces.

Year 9 Visual Design have completed their CD design brief with some very professional pieces emerging from the boys’ first task. Notable designs from Aaron Tran, Kai Wen Su, Jimari Bastable, Christopher Tin-Loi, Harry Zhuang and James Whiting all displayed a professional level of technical expertise and understanding of the client demands and the market.

Desperately seeking web designers
Visual Arts Leadership Portfolio- This portfolio would require students to create and maintain a virtual gallery website to link to the school site to display the art students are producing at SBH. See Ms May in Art Staffroom to apply

Images removed for the HTML version of High Notes are available in the PDF version

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Design Competition

thesource Design Competition is now open! Put your creative talents on display by entering thesource Design Competition. You can enter on your own or with a group of friends.

Awesome prizes and a chance for national recognition!
Want to win $$ and a chance to receive national exposure of your creativity?

The winning entry will receive $2,000 and a chance to have their design and/or elements of their design selected for National Youth Week (NYW) 2008. The design may be applied to the NYW print and promotional products such as the NYW website, postcards, posters, t-shirts, flyers and temporary tattoos.

The runner up will receive $1,000.

What is this competition about? National Youth Week (NYW) 2008 will be held from 5-13 April. thesource is running this design competition for all young people, aged 12-25 years, to discover a suitable fresh design look for NYW 2008. The winning design and/or elements of the winning design may be applied as the imagery for NYW 2008 and may appear on the NYW print and promotional products.

NYW is the largest celebration of young people in Australia. Thousands of young people aged 12-25 years get involved in NYW each year through organising, running and attending NYW events and participating in a variety of NYW competitions, online polls and discussion forums. High schools, universities and TAFEs also take part in the celebrations. NYW 2007 was a great success with hundreds of live events held across Australia.

The aim of NYW is to encourage young Australians aged 12-25 to celebrate their youth, recognise the contributions they make to their communities and provide an opportunity for young Australians to voice concerns or issues relevant to them. For more information about NYW, check out the website www.youthweek.com

Ready to start pushing those pixels? Create an amazing digital flat image design and you could score recognition of your talents and great cash prizes. Make sure you get your entry to us by 5.00pm AEST 18 June 2007.

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SBHS Debating

1. Are you getting the Debating emails?
Information regarding teams, selections and debates is emailed to parents regularly. If you are not receiving this information you need to email me to get on the listing! Send a message to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with “ADD TO Year X group” in subject line and indicate your name/your son’s name, Year group and home suburb. Email addresses that bounce will be deleted from the address book. Don't forget to check your email each week!

2. Joining Debating in 2007
If you haven’t started debating yet this year, it is now a bit too late to join as coaching has been running for a term and GPS Selections will be being held in the next few weeks. Join us next year!

3. GPS Selections/Trials
Selections for Years 7-9 will run over the forthcoming weeks. Specific details for how this will run for each Year group will be emailed to students and parents (and posted on the noticeboard). It is your responsibility to read the information and respond accordingly if you wish to try out for a GPS Team. See Point 1!

4. Eastside Debating Finals- This Friday
Congratulations to the teams from Years 9, 11 and 12 who have made it through to the finals of the Eastside Debating Competition, which are to be held on Friday May 18th at Sydney Girls High School. All debaters are invited to attend as spectators.

5. Social Debates
We have social debates scheduled for Friday June 1st against Joeys and Friday June 15th against Barker (Note the date change),both are home debates. Please schedule in and look out for the email announcing teams closer to the time.

6. Debating Supporters Group
The next Debating Supporters Group (DSG) meeting of the year will be held on Tuesday June 5th at 6.30pm in the Staff Common Room. This is an opportunity for parents to become involved in fundraising and events that assist us in further strengthening the Debating teams at High. Please come along!

7. Parking - Vital fundraising
Our next parking date is coming up and we are seeking your assistance with parking in order to raise funds for coaching. If you haven't helped out with parking before, I especially urge you to get involved and donate your time. Helping is really easy and a vital source of income for the Debating Program.

Saturday, June 2- Swans v Essendon at the SCG. Game starts at 7pm

Please email Harleen Kaur if you are able to help out- This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Ms Jocelyn Brewer
MIC Debating

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Sydney High Football: The Onion Bag

Managers for teams on Saturday
High football is desperate for any parents wishing to undertake the role of team manager/organiser on match days. Please contact me if you are willing and able to help out your son’s team this year.

A significant portion of the SHS Football budget comes from money raised through parking. The extra funds enable us to run referee training programs, employ professional coaches to develop our junior talent and the hire of facilities. I’d like to thank the following volunteers who helped out last Wednesday:

Simon Do Yr 7
Cornelius Do Yr 8
Samuel Lane Yr 8
Harrison Lane Yr 10
Tom Lindeback Yr 11
D'Arcy Blaxell Yr 12
Carolyn Penfold
Geoff Taylor and Barbara Taylor.

A special thanks goes to Serdar Bolen for running the parking event and to Barbara Taylor for organising the helpers.

Email contact
I have received a number of requests to receive football information via email. If you email Barbara Taylor at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it she can include you in our weekly football mail out list and receive info on match times, venues, wet weather details and parking events.

Trials Saturday May 12th

1st grade played a cracking trial v St Andrews, running out winners, 4-3, after being up 3-0 at half time. Kurunaratne continued his rich vein of goal scoring form with a double and Luscombe, not to be outdone, curled in a beauty from outside the box. In an up-tempo second half, a resurgent St Andrews stormed back into the game and levelled the scores at 3-3. It took a piece of brilliance from substitute Blaxell to win the match. His angled drive from outside the box, into the top right corner, was as good a strike as you could wish to see.

2nd grade played Oxley College 1st grade. The match was a hard fought affair with Oxley winning 1-0.

In other matches, the 13Cs star shone brightest with a 7-0 win. Captain, John Kim scored a hat trick in the first 15 minutes. The 13As won 4-1 and the 15As and 16As both won 1-0. A new look 4th grade accounted for St Andrews 3-0 as did the 16Bs who won 5-1. Below is a match summery of the 16Bs match provided by Pat Desmond.

It was the first game of the season, and as an eager new team stepped onto the field, we showed St Andrews just how much we’d changed since last season. With a previous result of 2-1, a win to us, we were looking to improve upon this, and that we surely did. The first half saw a multitude of goals, scored by the great strikers Kang Lim and Mark Lucchitti, along with left-mid Leonard Teng. St Andrews also managed a goal, but by half time, the scoresheet saw us ahead, 3-1.

The second half was just as intense, and as St Andrews stepped up their game, so did we, and we delivered some great play throughout the 25 minutes. We slotted in a goal 10 minutes into the half, this one again by Kang Lim and as his personal tally was now 2, the scoresheet read 4-1. We were adamant to increase this lead, and as the St. Andrews players began to tire, we worked only harder, with the long training sessions dedicated to fitness paying off. Yet again, Kang Lim scored another goal, giving him a hat trick and leaving the scoresheet at 5-1, which is how it stayed to the games end.

With this win in hand, mention must be made of the defence, backs Josh Bell (first game since his ankle injury), Nick Wong and Victor Lim, myself as sweeper, who worked together to fend of any attacks by the opponents. The new layout of 3-4-1-2 was fresh to us but we moulded well and everyone played a great game, especially the mid-field. Consisting of Leonard Teng, Avish Sharma, Razeen Ahmed, Stanley Chin and Nick Lindeback, they dominated the ball whenever it was within 20 metres of the halfway line. A very special note is also to be made about the recently promoted keeper Tim Zhong, who played an excellent game with a magnificent save in the second half. New coach Matt is also a great asset and his immense skill in the game [3 years 1st Grade, 1st GPS, 1st CIS] is very welcome and he’s putting a good spin on things. Again boys, a great effort, and as we continue to work hard throughout the season, I’m sure we’ll keep up the results and have a good time doing it.

Match reports
I encourage all teams to submit a match report. As space is limited, keep them short and concise. I will endeavour to put as many in as I can

Planning your day
Reports from staff and coaches from last weekend indicate that most teams had their full complement of players, which is very pleasing. Remember, try to organise your travel arrangements and plan to be at the venue at least 45 minutes prior to kick off. Amazingly I spoke to several Year 11 boys, who shall remain nameless, who didn’t know were McKay 4 was! Please ensure you know exactly where and when your game is and allow plenty of time to find the venue. If you want to compete on the field, you must be properly prepared, mentally and physically before you run out.

Trials this Saturday 19th May
Our last trial matches before the GPS season proper. See details of fixtures and venues below.

Venues this weekend Wet weather info
McKay 3 & 4 Sydney High home grounds located in Centennial park 9339 6670
Northbridge Shore (SCEGS) home grounds located at Northbridge. 9956 1135
Castle Cove Park St Aloysuis home ground located at Holly St, Castle Cove 9954 5669
Ruscutters Bay- Reg Bartley Oval Sydney Grammar home ground located at Rushcutters Bay. 9332-5955

Week 4 Trials vs. Various (19/5)

Team Opponent Venue Time
Opens 1 High 2nds McKay 4 12.00
Opens 2 High 1sts McKay 4 12.00
Opens 3 St Aloysuis Castle Cove Park 9.00
Opens 4 St Aloysuis Castle Cove Park 8.00
Opens 5 Shore 6ths McKay 4 8.00
Opens 6 Scots 7ths McKay 4 9.00
16A Shore Northbridge D 11.00
16B Shore Northbridge D 10.00
16C High D McKay 4 11.00
16D High C McKay 4 11.00
15A Shore Northbridge D 12.00
15B Shore McKay 4 10.00
15C Reddam McKay 3 11.00
15D St Aloysuis McKay 3 12.00
14A Shore Northbridge F 1.00
14B Shore Northbridge F 12.00
14C St Aloysuis McKay 3 8.00
14D St Aloysuis McKay 3 9.00
13A Shore Northbridge F 11.00
13B Shore Northbridge F 10.00
13C Reddam McKay 3 10.00
13D St Aloysuis Castle Cove Park 12.00
13E Grammar Reg Bartley oval   9.00

Quote of the Week
'An inch or two either side of the post and it would have been a goal.' Dave Bassett

R. Gifford
MIC Football

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Music Notices

MusicFest is the Australian edition of Fête de la Musique, a unique international event that takes place on 21 June each year to celebrate the summer/winter solstice. Initiated in France 25 years ago, its name and concept have spread throughout the world. At present Fête de la Musique brings together more than 120 countries and 250 cities in an exciting live music celebration. Participating cities include London, New York, Berlin, Rome, Bamako, Tel-Aviv, Havana, Tokyo and Cairo.

The second Australian edition of the Fête will take place Thursday June 21. Sydney Boys High musicians have registered to perform again in this event.

You can view photos of the senior stage band performing at the Maritime Museum in 2006 on the following site: www.musicfest.org.au click on media > photo gallery > Sydney Boys High album (RHS).

Education Week (13-19 May 07)
A number of our senior students will be performing at Eastgardens for Education Expo Week on Thursday and Friday. We would like to invite any parents to come and support the students in this performance.

Annual Music Camp
Our Annual music camp will be held this term from the 28 to 30 of May 2007 (Week 6). Students are asked to collect a note from the music staffroom which includes all required information. All music ensemble members are expected to attend and there will be a camp dinner and concert on the Wednesday evening in the Great Hall. Year 7, including training band, training strings and guitars are all expected to attend.

Piano Competition
The Sydney Boys High School Piano Competition will be held again this year in Term 3. Please stay tuned for more details on the Junior and Senior divisions. This is a wonderful performance opportunity for our piano players to shine and there will be a featured guest adjudicator for the competition.

Ensemble Rehearsal Times for 2007

7:30am Intermediate Concert Band (Room 201)
7:30am Training Concert Band (Room 101)
7:30am Training Strings Ensemble (Room 204)

7:45am Intermediate Stage Band (Room 201)
Lunchtime: Guitar Ensemble (Room 101)

7:15am Senior Stage Band (Room 201)
8:00am Senior Concert Band
7:45am Senior String Ensemble (Room 204)
8:00am Chamber Choir (Room 101)

8:00am Chamber Choir (Room 101)

8:00am Symphony Orchestra (Room 201)
8:00am Junior Stage Band (Room 101)

Music Tuition Scholarships
The music department is offering scholarships to students who would like to play Oboe, Bassoon, Double bass or French horn. Please see the music staff if you are interested.

Sydney Boys High Cabaret Night
Our Cabaret Night will be held on Saturday 16th June 7.00pm. This enjoyable evening showcases our jazz bands performing a wonderful range of music. Please join us on the fantastic night to listen or dance to the swing of the music. There will be a couple of professional dancers who will help those with Two Left Feet. This will be a great opportunity to meet and chat with other parents of music ensemble members, especially our new Year 7 parents. Please also remember to bring a plate of nibbles and drinks to share with friends and family.

Please complete and return the form overleaf by Wednesday 6th of June 2007 for this fun-filled evening.

Tickets can be purchased through the school’s main office and once payment is received, please bring the receipt to the music staff for ticket collection.

Price: $10.00 per head or $25.00 per family.

Please complete and detach the form below and return to the music staff by Wednesday 6th of June 2007

Cabaret Night Ticket Order

Name of Student: _____________________ Roll Class: ________

Number of tickets required: ___________ Total cost: ____________ 
Type of payment: Cheque____ Cash ____ B/Card____ 

                 M/Card____ Visa____ 

Name on Card: _________________________ Expiry Date: __ __ / __ __

Card No. __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ 

Signature: ____________________ 

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Rowing Fundraising

The new 2007/2008 Entertainment Book has arrived!

.. and is still great value at $60!

This is the best and biggest book yet with even more offers than previous editions. This year’s edition includes offers from restaurants such as Forty One, Nick’s Seafood, Bayswater Brasserie, Café Sydney and Bathers Pavilion and attractions like Taronga Zoo, Luna Park, Hoyts, Greater Union Cinemas, Dendy, Sydney Theatre Co, Sydney Jet and many more....

To order your copy now, complete the order form below and return to Con Barris

Entertainment Book Order Form



No. of Books: _____ x Sydney and/or ____ x Sydney North @ $60 each = $_________ 
Make cheques payable to SBHS Rowing and give to Mr Barris

Child’s Name:(please print)_________________________________ 

Roll Class_________ 

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Weights Room

Winter GPS sports is here with athletics just around the corner and training is in full swing. Don’t forget, boys, that as well as skills and team training you need to also work on sport specific strength, fitness, agility, speed and quickness. To get maximum results for all these qualities you may need an extra session or two. Extra work on weaknesses without ignoring your strengths will make this a more successful year of GPS sport for you all. I’m in the gym every morning and will help with programs/advice if you need it. Take the initiative to prepare early, and prepare thoroughly.

Speed/Agility Sessions
Starting Monday 21/5/07 I will be taking a speed/agility/quickness session on Moore Park West during Mondays lunch (12.55pm-1.32pm). This session will concentrate on sport specific movement skills. It is only short so be on time and gain the most benefit. Wednesdays speed session will also re-start next week (23/5/07) at 3.15pm-4.30pm.This session will be more orientated towards preparing boys for the upcoming GPS athletics carnivals but will be useful to all boys in sport. If you aren’t team training at this time and you are serious about competing this is a must. Be there.

Term payment is $45 (term + 2 week holiday break) or yearly (4 terms + all 2 week breaks + 4 week January holiday period) is $150 and can be made at the office. If you have paid for term 1 and want to change to the year then see the ladies at the office and they will upgrade you. You get a program which you can update every 4 weeks and eventually move into a sports specific strength program if needed plus advice on every thing from exercise correction, diet/supplements, strength/size gains, fitness/speed/agility training, strength/power/ endurance, weight loss etc, etc, etc. This is the biggest bargain on the planet. When you leave school you will pay upwards of $1000 a year at a commercial gym just to walk in the door. Add joining fee ($150), program ($60-$100), any advice (which will only be given for a fee called personal training @ $60-$100 per hour) and you can see the costs adding up (probably approx $1500). Although there is no price to high for keeping fit & healthy why not get 6 years worth of the above at school for a tenth of the price. You’ll leave school with more knowledge and understanding about all aspects of training than 99 per cent of the general public and probably most trainers too. It’s a no brainer. Definitely the smart thing to do.

Hard Work
A pat on the back for Mat Rusli this week who has consistently trained for a lengthy period now and is starting to show the results and noticeably increasing his muscle bulk. Funny what happens when you follow a program with consistency, and put in a bit of hard work. Well done, Mat. Keep it up.

Weights Room
Strength & Conditioning Coach

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