High Notes, Vol 7 No 9, March 31 2006

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From the Principal

Student Awards Scheme Cohort Assemblies
Nearly 346 students were awarded medallions or plaques at our annual awards assemblies last week. Each year the participation has grown until this year: 244 (2001), 337 (2002), 347 (2003), 413 (2004). My inquiries have revealed that students are being told that the scheme is too hard to qualify for awards. Ironically, most of the half categories introduced are merely rewarding boys for what we want them to do anyway – like compete in carnivals or attend school or special events. Nevertheless, Mr Beringer has since held Year Meetings where he has presented information about the scheme in an effort to reverse the aberration of 2005 and encourage broad participation. Current students in Years 9,10 and 11 should know that a Special Award is required for eligibility to be on the ballot for School Prefect. However, candidates only have to demonstrate that they will achieve the award in the current year, by Founders Day, to be eligible. In essence, you still need 4 of the 5 possible awards to qualify. Would you want any less of a standard for our Prefects?

Major purchase for the Library
The school has ordered a secure trolley with charging ports and twenty laptops to provide a mobile computer lab for use in the school library. The funds for this initiative have been provided by accumulating donations to the Sydney Boys High School Library Fund which is targeted at running and maintaining the existing library and archives room. The Library will have a secure roller laptop trolley to transport, charge, secure and protect 20 laptops. Initially, these laptops will be available for loan by seniors for study purposes, after registering as senior study users upgraded to researchers on Mr Dowdell’s special card. The laptops will be fully configured with DET software and be wireless compatible. The cost of the package (a recently approved expenditure item at a P & C meeting) is $37,497.90. Our Library internet access capacity will be effectively doubled. I believe donors to the Fund will see this addition to our Library services as a great outcome of their ongoing support.

Ken Baret and the High Club Honoured
On March 20 at the Outterside Centre, around 25 people representing the School Family gathered to witness the unveiling and dedication of a plaque, commemorating the contribution of Ken Baret and the High Club, to the development of the second stage at the Outterside Centre. Speeches by Lee Ruth, Chairman of the SHS Foundation, and Norm Lammerton, President of the High Club, were followed by the unveiling ceremony, caught on camera by James and Nicholas. In particular, Ken was the driving force behind completion of the Centre and in my time, as the prime instigator of the second pontoon project. Ken worked tirelessly for the school up until the last few months before his passing last weekend. Ken Baret’s association with the school spanned eight decades –he possessed are deep corporate knowledge of our affairs. He will be sadly missed by all.

Sir Roden Cutler Charities and Sydney University Regiment
Last Tuesday I was pleased to represent the school, along with Old Boy Will Clegg, at a recent function at the University of Sydney Regiment Officers Mess for Sir Roden Cutler Charities. Colonel Boss and Major Monsour approved the distribution to over 300 members of our fundraising brochure to attract donations for our Sir Roden Cutler VC Memorial Gates project. Sir Roden was heavily involved with the regiment throughout his life.

At the function we also discussed with Chris Williams, Deputy Chairman of the charity, how Year 11 can assist the charity’s work. He outlined a plan to make the 29th of May a big charity fund raising day. As well as providing an honour guard of cadets for the Governor-General’s unveiling of a statue of Sir Roden at Manly Village Public School, High has been asked to provide people to raise money for the charity by collecting along the route of a proposed celebrity wheel chair event from Manly to Moore Park. I am giving Year 11 advanced warning that the school expects all of you to get involved on that day.

Sydney Boys High Building Fund reaches first target!
It is with great pleasure that I can announce that we have made the first fundraising goal of $300k. for our new library and performance space. Patience and perseverance will be needed if this school community is going to strive to realise its long cherished dream of a new library. The DET has taken our application for a major capital works grant to the regional committee but our prospects are bleak. Historically, self-help has been our road to asset acquisition. This year we are looking for substantial donors among alumni and parents to really kick our appeal along. In the mean time, contact with MPs prior to the election helps to build our case.
Dr K Jaggar
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Chess Thrives at Sydney High

A comprehensive program for all age groups has been introduced at Sydney High in 2006 to provide opportunities for boys to play chess both recreationally and to compete, following from concerns of Year 7 parents in 2005 that such opportunities were very limited for junior boys. The school has appointed coach and organiser Alex Feldman to expand the chess program, and particularly to provide tuition and help for the junior boys. This program will build on the work of Mr Harvey who has organised competition chess for many years at High.

Structure of the program

Term 1

  • Beginners and intermediate players - Monday morning: 7:50-8:50 in Room 104.
  • Intermediate and advanced players - Tuesday after school: 3:20-4:20 in Room 104. As this clashes with Cadets, any boys interested in Chess and Cadets, please see Alex.
  • These sessions are not mutually exclusive and boys are welcome to attend either or both.
  • “Selection Tournament” – this is where players can demonstrate their competence which will help with selection of players into teams - Friday lunchtime in Room 104.

Term 2

  • Interschool competition run by NSW Junior Chess League - Friday afternoons after school.
  • 7 teams entered, including 4 Junior teams (years 7 & 8).
  • Draft teams will be released in the coming days.

Currently in our competition
Joe Banh 12S - 6 points, Dmitriy Shurapey 9T - 5 points Edward Lu 9F, Anthony Hopkins 9F, Mi Zhou 12T, Charley Peng 9R, James Pham 11F - all on 4.5 points. There is a large group on 4 points with only 1 round to go.

Call for chess set containers – chance to clean out some cupboards

Chess is urgently in need of new containers for the chess sets. Please supply any 1 to 2 litre plastic containers such as ice cream containers or similar to the chess group.

Further calls for parent participation will be called for closer to the Term 2 competition.
Deborah Encel, Parent Chess Group Helper
Alex Feldman, Chess Coach

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From Athletics

On the 18 March Athletics ran a BBQ at Bunnings, Mascot. We raised $1230 from some much needed coaching. Thanks to Mr Codey, Mr Burrell, Mr & Mrs Masalehdani, Roger Burrell, Richard Xu, Matthew Wong, Aaron Chong and Danny Ng for their hard work on the day. A very special thank you to Valda Roser for all her hard work fundraising at the school and the help she gave athletics in the lead up to the BBQ.
Robert Devlin
MIC Athletics

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From Volleyball

On the 21st of March, we versed Kingsgrove High in Round 2 of the CHS Volleyball State Knockout. After having the match postponed by 2 weeks due to various reasons, the High boys were ready for a win. From the go, good hitting and receiving led High to easy points, helping us take the first set 25-15.

The second set started out the same way. Good reception from Wei Ping, Dizon and Jamie helped set up numerous plays. Good hitting from Terry and Victor also contributed to the lead in the second set. The big boys, Ping Du and Warren put up good blocks, putting pressure on the Kingsgrove attack. We won the second set 25-18.

As we had a 2 set lead, we decided to try out some new things in the third set. With Alex taking control of the setting predominantly and letting Victor hit more, we cruised to an easy 3 set victory.
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Words of Wisdom

“The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what other people think or say or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness or skill. It will make or break a company ...a church ...a home. The remarkable thing is we have a choice everyday regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. We cannot change our past ...we cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude ...I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. And so it is with you ... we are in charge of our attitudes.”
(Charles Swindoll 1934 - )

Nihil est in intellectu, quod non fuerit in historia, et omne, quod fuit in historia, deberet esse in intellectu.
[“Nothing is in intellect which has not been in history, and everything that was in history should also be in intellect.”]

"To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong."
(Joseph Chilton Pearce)
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Year 7 Parents Meeting

with Year 7 Advisor Ms Veronica Crothers and Ms Jenni May, Head Teacher, Welfare
All Year 7 parents are welcome to our next Parents information evening on April 11 at 7.00 pm, in the staff Common Room at Sydney Boys High. Our guests are Veronica Crowthers and Jenni May who will discuss the transition of our boys into High School and the programs offered to support their personal development.

At the conclusion there will also be a general discussion session. This is your opportunity to put forward any issues or concerns you may have concerning the transition into Year 7.

For more information please contact your Year 7 Convenors David McDonald at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or Shirley Tickner on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

We look forward to seeing you at the Parents information evening.
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Rowing Notes

The big events approach with the Head of the River on Saturday and the CHS championships directly following on the Monday and Tuesday. This Friday the Rowing Assembly will be held in the Great Hall where the Captain of Boats, Blake Angell, will introduce the senior crews to the school. Matt Ling, stroke of the 1st Year 9 quad will speak on behalf of the junior shed. Parents are welcome and are requested to sit in the front of the assembly.

Last Saturday was the Gold Cup Regatta where we were one of the few schools to have every crew that was entered make the start and complete the race. There were strong performances from several crews but the year 8 2nd quad of James Whiting, Max Philis, Andrew Blomberg, Nam Nguyen, Haden Schilling and coached by Mr Coan managed a very competitive performance in the A final. The 1st year 10 VIII also performed well as recounted below.Overall our year 8 quads performed very well with 6th year 8 quad also making the A final.

Junior photos were taken this Wednesday and all that remains for the majority of rowers is the working bee commencing at 10.00 am on April 2 at the sheds. It will involve boatloading for CHS and a general clean up of the boatshed. Your attendance would be appreciated.
C. Barris

There was sporadic weather on the day of the Gold Cup regatta at Riverview. Bursts of rain were followed by sun and then wind and rain once more, yet High rowers were not deterred. Despite these odd conditions there were some promising finishes from the junior crews on the last race of their season, which in a way turned out to be the start of the 1st Year 10 VIII season. After underperforming for most of the season, in which we beat Scots once and they beat us twice, we were looking to start afresh with the introduction of Joshua Hui, who brought with him a lack of size, Pacific Islander flair and some decent writing skills into the crew.

The 2nd Year 10 VIII however were coming off the back of a steady season in which they managed to take down Scots a few times, and coming very close to Iggies, were looking forward to taking that season a few steps further to strong Gold Cup race. However courtesy of the race marshal, they were disadvantaged at the start. Despite this the 2nd Year 10 VIII managed to pick up and get up there with the other crews. Still it seemed that the unfortunate start took its toll, as they could only manage to beat a “badly coxed” King crew.

However the 1st Year 10 VIII managed to pull a finals berth after beating Scots by a few good boat lengths, and coming very close to King’s. All the losses of the year were now meaningless, as we were now racing in the final, and we had settled the score with Scots.

After rowing back to the Riverview pontoon, we were greeted by our satisified coaches. There was Big Barris who managed a smile at our results, and Mr. G. “Smiley” Barris who always smiles. We were informed of a large 3 1/2 hour or so gap between our arrival and our final at 2:15. We caught our breaths had drinks, food, looked at not only the races that were on, but also our fellow female competitors to kill some time, and then went back to our meeting place an hour before our race for some meaningless conversation and great advice from Mr G. Barris to do with tape and band aids.

After psyching up, taking out of our heads Mr Barris’s advice on tape we got on the water. We were ready to have our shot at the seemingly untouchable Shore, Newington and Kings who were slightly better than us on the day. When the hooter went, High came off the start with speed, strength and aggression, taking an early lead. Shore were strong though and after a few hundred contested metres managed to take the lead but Kings and Newington were still behind and still reachable goals. High did not give up, leading Kings and Newington for a long way, but when we reached the bend the two other crews, with the advantage of the inside lanes, made a push and overtook to beat us by a short time, yet the day was a promising event, being the fourth fastest 1st Year 10 VIII on the day.

With the Head of the River in a week, what a time during the season to peak. From a spectator’s point of view, it is definitely a day worth going to on the school calendar, so I urge all to go and support the 1st Year 10 VIII, and all the other Sydney Boys High crews competing.
Shahar Merom and Joshua Hui

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Old Boy, New Author Visits School

On Tuesday (if you were part of the Z’OURS community), you would have met author, Old Boy and businessman, Bill Widerberg who has recently written his first novel about crime involved with the big boys in the Australian Economy : “The Big End of Town.”

We really enjoyed meeting the multi-talented Bill who told us about the difficulty of publishing in Australia, and a little about his life. Bill was the Sales Manager who brought Toohey’s share of the beer market up to 50% with the success of the slogan, “we feel like a Tooheys or two”. Bill’s career as a marketer was spectacular until 1989 when he was fired from Bond Corp for asking embarrassing financial questions. Although this ended Bill’s working life it kick-started his writing career. The book is fiction, but has been influenced by Bills experience in Australia’s most prestigious boardrooms.

Bill has donated two copies of his book to our growing Old Boys Collection. The Z’ours Committee can’t wait to read “The Big End of Town”, and write a review of crime fiction incorporating a controversial era in Australia’s corporate history. Congratulations Bill and we hope to receive a copy of your next novel due this June.
Michael Lee - Year 7
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P&C Announcement

Annual Joint Meeting of P & C Associations Sydney Boys High School and Sydney Girls High School
will now take place on Wednesday 14 JUNE 2006 at 7.30 pm Great Hall, Sydney Boys High School NOT 21 June 2006 as previously advertised on school calendars.

Please make a note of the new date and plan to be there.

Our speaker will be Louise Remond, Clinical Psychologist, Health Psychology Unit, University of Technology, St Leonards Campus, Royal North Shore Hospital co-author with Dr Sarah Edelman of
Taking Charge: A guide for teenagers -Practical ways to overcome stress, hassles and upsetting emotions

Watch this space for more information about this presentation at High.
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Year 7 Immunisation Program 2006

  • Hepatitis B
  • Varicella (Chickenpox)

Vaccinations for Year 7 students will take place on Wednesday 5 April when a team of specially trained registered nurses will be visiting the school.

It is very important for any child who receives the first dose of Hepatitis B vaccine to receive the second dose (on 8 August 2006) in order to complete the course.

Parent information kits have been distributed this week. If you would like your son to be vaccinated, please complete the Consent Forms in these kits and return completed forms to the collection box in the Main Office by Monday. Alternatively, boys can bring the forms with them on Wednesday.

Boys who do not bring the completed consent forms will not be able to take advantage of this free service.

Year 7 students who are absent for the first vaccination clinic will be able to receive the Varicella (Chickenpox) vaccine during the second visit (on 8th August 2006) if they have a signed consent form. These boys are entitled to receive a free course of Hepatitis B vaccine through their GP.

Further information about the program including translated material for parents is available at www.health.nsw.gov.au 

After the boys have been vaccinated they will be given a Record of Vaccination to take home so that you can keep their immunisation records up to date.

If you have any queries, please contact Mr Beringer.
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Expressions of Interest - Hindu Scripture Classes

There are a small but significant number of Hindu students at High and currently no scripture classes on Friday mornings to cater for them.

We are seeking to gain expressions of interest from parents of students who would be interested in attending Hindu scripture classes if they were to be made available starting in term 2.

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) has suitably qualified members available to instruct the boys in the Bhagavad-Gita, Srimad Bhagavatam and the teachings of Gaudiya Vaishnavism.

If you would like your son to participate in Hindu scripture classes or have any suggestions for establishing them, please both complete the form below and return to Ms Brewer in the social science staffroom OR email Ms Brewer at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

We will contact you with more information shortly.


Yes!   I would like my son ____________________________ 
of class __________  to participate in Hindu scripture classes.
My email address is        _____________________________
Signed                             _____________________________

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SBHS Debating 2006

Are you receiving emails about debating each week??? A large number of addresses that were supplied in the registration process were incorrect and are bouncing back to me. 

If you registered for debating and are NOT getting the team information each week you need to send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it stating your name, your sons name, his year and your phone number so that you can be added to the mailing lists.

The semi finals will be held AT HOME on May 6 and the finals AT HOME on May 19. Teams for these dates will be announced at the end of the term and once the results have been tallied. Thank you to everyone who has participated in Eastside this year, feel free to come along to watch the finals.

Debating is a privilege not a right at High
With over 130 debaters in 2006, I have no time, nor patience for those who wish to be a disruption to coaching. ANY student who creates disruptions, by calling out, being disrespectful to their coach or to others in the session etc will be asked to leave the session. "Repeat offenders" may not be allowed to continue with debating.

The following dates have been added to the Debating calendar

June 2nd- Social Debate vs St Joseph’s College @ HOME 6pm.
June 16th- Social debate vs Barker College @ HOME 6pm.
June 23rd- Social Debate vs SGHS for year 7 and 8 @HOME from 3.30pm.


The DSG has a new email address- This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Information relating to all DSG matters such as meetings agendas and minutes, the home debate supper roster and parking will be emailed to you from this address.
The next meeting is THIS Tuesday April 4th at 6.30pm in the Teachers Common Room. ALL WELCOME!

For more information contact Ms Jocelyn Brewer, MIC Debating by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or visit www.sydneyhigh.org.au/debating 
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Music Notes

Music Parking
Thank you very much to the students and parents who helped out with the music parking on Sunday the 26th of March, your time and assistance is greatly appreciated. Funds raised will go towards the purchase of much needed new instruments and print music. Award scheme points apply to the students who volunteered.

Annual Music Camp
The Annual Music Camp will be held for all music ensemble members from the 29th-31st of May except for the training concert band. Training Concert Band will have a separate weekend day camp to be held at the end of term 1. Notes for the music camp have gone out to students, please ensure to pay to the main office and return the attached slip to the music staff by week 9 at the very latest. It is compulsory for all students in the music ensemble program to attend as there will be a performance in the Great Hall at 6pm on the Wednesday (31/5/06) back from camp. If there are any concerns of difficulties, please advise the music staff as soon as possible.

Music Tour to China
Unfortunately, the music tour to China has been cancelled due to the lack of numbers required for the tour. We apologies for any inconvenience caused and we’ll endeavour to host another music tour sometime in the near future.

Parents of all music ensemble members, could you please provide the music staff with your contact details by filling in the below slip and returning it to the music staffroom as soon as possible so that we are able to contact you about any upcoming events involving your son’s participation. This will enable us to communicate with you more effectively and efficiently. Thank you very much. (Please print the information.)

Kind regards,
Music staff. (Debra Gilmore, Rita Miller and Suzanna Lim)

Son’s Name: _____________________________________  Roll class: _________________

Parent(s) Name: __________________________         Contact No. : ___________________________

Email: ______________________________________      Music Ensemble(s): ________________

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Cross Country Carnival 2006

Annual Cross Country Carnival
Thursday 13th April 2006
1.20 - 3.00 pm  
Moore Park, Mount Steele
Mr Prorellis, Mr Kesting I/C

Student Information

Parents: Your son will be dismissed earlier than usual on Thursday 13th April 2006


1.40 pm      17+  OPEN       3 km    3 Loops
1.55 pm 16 years        3 km    3 Loops
2.10 pm 15 years        3 km    3 Loops
2.25 pm 14 years        2 km    2 Loops
2.35 pm 13 years        2 km    2 Loops
2.45 pm 12 years        2 km    2 Loops


  • After the Athletics Carnival, students are to walk back to school.
  • Students are to cross the road at lights only
  • Stay in school grounds, then move over to the venue when the bell rings
  • When your race is called go to the starting area whether you are running or not.
  • Non runners will stay in the starting area until directed to move by the Marshals
  • At the finish you will be given a place ticket
  • If you are in the first 15 places you go to the first 15 table and have your name recorded
  • All runners to proceed with finish ticket to your house table
  • Tell the teacher your name and finishing position
  • After the race you will be dismissed by a teacher
  • Non runners will have names marked off at the end of the race


  • Everyone attends
  • You must run in shoes
  • Stay on the course and follow directions from course marshals
  • Spectators must stay within 20m of Cleveland St and are not permitted on the course
  • Winning house determined by the lowest total of the first ten runners to finish
  • Award Scheme qualifying standard -compete & finish
  • Top ten runners will comprise the provisional school team to compete at the zone.
  • Only the first 15 places will be timed
  • Cross Country Champions will be selected from this event (pending the outcome of any appeals that may arise). Any MIC ruling is final

Additional Info:

  • The School Cross Country is the first qualifying event within the CHS Competition.
  • The first 10 runners for each age division will make up the school team for the Eastern Suburbs Zone Carnival.
  • The first 12 runners at the Zone Carnival will compete at the Sydney East Regional Carnival and the first 10 runners from Regional Carnival go on to the NSW All Schools Carnival.

You are also invited to join the Sydney High GPS Cross Country Team. GPS Cross Country is a Winter Sport and three age divisions ( U14, U16, Opens) compete on Saturday mornings. The season spans across terms 2 and 3 and involves 11 Saturday morning carnivals. All are welcome to join.
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Basketball: Shooting Hoops

High VS Shore

Term 4 2005 (last time)

1st LOSS    94-53   H.WALKER 20
2nd     LOSS    68-31   S.SUGITO 11
3rd     LOSS    15-56   A.LE 6
4th     LOSS    54-15   J.TAO 6
5th     LOSS    24-41   J.XIE 8
6th     LOSS    23-44   M.LIU 10
7th     LOSS    19-49   J.LU 11
8th     LOSS    20-21   J.PHU 6
16A     LOSS    19-31   D.NG 4
16B     LOSS    29-30   J.SHIH 13
16C     WIN     27-18   C.YANG 9
16D     LOSS    22-20   B.WANG 6
16E     LOSS    21-17   B.LUNG 6
15A     WIN     19-18   M.LAU 6
15B     LOSS    45-7    D.SHAN 4
15C     LOSS    42-17   T.TRAN 6
15D     LOSS    16-35   N.WONG 7
15E     LOSS    16-44   V.UNG 4
14A     WIN     23-15   J.SUTTON 7
14B     LOSS    26-29   M.LI 10
14C     LOSS    19-27   V.VO 11
14D     LOSS    28-32   L.LI 10
14E     LOSS    23-34   H.VI 12

Term 1 2006 (last week)

1st LOSS    81-55   D.SUN 17
2nd     LOSS    56-39   R.HUYNH 21
3rd     LOSS    41-24   A.LE 6
4th     LOSS    34-63   J.TAO 11
5th     LOSS    26-29   R.TRAN 9
6th     LOSS    23-33   A.WANG 12
7th     WIN     31-25   J.LU 13
8th     WIN     40-13   A. CHONG 10
16A     LOSS    26-25   M.BOCK 8
16B     LOSS    21-25   E.ANG 5
16C     WIN     31-28   H.GU 13
16D     LOSS    15-20   M.LEE 6
16E     LOSS    17-23   B.LUNG 9
15A     LOSS    45-38   S.DONG 11
15C     LOSS    46-14   A.TRAN 5
15D     LOSS    22-54   T.ZHONG 10
15E     LOSS    14-49   A.LI 6
14A     WIN     30-27   J.RAJENDRAN 10
14B     WIN     21-17   A.KOERBER 7
14C     WIN     32-8    A.KUGENDRAN 9
14D     WIN     26-21   J.CASTILL0 10
14E     LOSS    17-27   D.PAPERNY 4
13A     LOSS    54-20   A.YE 13
13C     LOSS    58-4    J.TANG 4
13D     LOSS    63-2    M.TICKNER 2
13E     LOSS    54-4    J.KIM 2

The 14s age group is on FIRE!
Last season they won 3.5% of their games overall. As an age group this season they have won 42% of games played! An example of their improvement can be seen above. Their term 4 results from this season were mostly close losses. This term they won 4 of 5 vs Shore. The current year 7s should be able to do the same next season. Keep working on your game champions! What a great season from everyone.

We have improved on our amount of wins from last season by 5%. The ‘A’ grade teams from all ages have improved from 28% wins to 53% wins. This is a massive effort from all involved. The next step for us as a school is to be able to compete at the opens level. We have new uniforms, new coaches, new attitude and a new culture. Keep a ball in your hand during the off-season gentlemen! I can’t wait for term 4!
Mr Hayman
MIC Basketball

1st Grade Match Report
: 55-81 (loss).
Top Scorer: D.Sun 17
High entered the last week of competition eager to end the season on a positive, however, they were facing a 2nd placed Shore, still in contention for the premiership without veteran centre Victor Wei. The game started evenly with both teams matching each other. Shore scored easily through offensive rebounds, but High stayed in touch through a dominant performance by centre Wei Zhuang, who scored again and again on the big defenders marking him, and another fine display of shooting by guard Harry Walker. The 2nd quarter saw Shore slowly pull away as High away too many offensive rebounds, allowing Shore easy put backs under the basket. However, strong rebounding by Moussa Farhat in the latter part of the quarter, coupled with good hussling from guard Victor Nguyen and some great drives and accurate free throw shooting from small forward Dale Sun kept High within striking distance entering in the half time break. High started the 2nd half brightly. Led by Lewis and his characteristic aggressive defense and Pat Gallego’s useful contribution off the bench, High quickly reduced the 16-point deficit to 8 points. However, Shore’s trademark full court man defence was able to slow High’s scoring, and once again, they pulled away. Shore continued to pull away in the last quarter, but High kept coming back with a strong drives from future star Justin Chow and tough defence. However, in the end, though High had put up a strong fight up until the end, it was not enough, and Shore were deserved winners 81-55. When the final siren sounded, ending the long basketball careers of several of the players, I reflected on a long season which was characterised not by the results, but in the amount of effort the boys put in every week. I am extremely proud of the boys who have played with me, by my side, against bigger, taller and more fancied opponents. Lastly, I would like to thank everyone, from the coaches and the parents who worked in the canteen, to all the boys who came to watch us play for such an enjoyable 6 years of basketball at High.
Francis Wong
Captain of Basketball
- Another excellent report from Francis Wong. He has been a superb Captain. B. Hayman

16Bs Match Report
: 21-25 (loss).
Top Scorer: E.Ang 5
The match started with Shore scoring continuously and High being forced to take outside shots due to their massive center (2meters). This allowed Shore to take a good 6-0 lead before we finally got back on track. It was zone against zone but it proved a heavy disadvantage to us as their center continuously placed the ball near the hoop and grabbed his own rebounds until he scored. Beside from that, he was also able to put his hands straight up, catch the inbound and put it straight in without interference. It wasn’t long before Matt (our coach) had to call a timeout to put a full stop to this. Shore had substituted him off at the timeout and this allowed us to score till we broke even. Second half saw our scoring slowing and Shore again pulling the lead. A second timeout was called early when they sunk a three pointer against our zone. Back on court, High was down by 7points and in possession. After a few passes that swung the zone around twice, Eric Ang took a shot that he would normally not take. A three pointer. The foul was called as one of Shore’s players had jumped right into him and the shot itself made a beautiful entry through the hoop! That pulled the lead back to 4 and lifted our spirits to push out everything we’re worth. Before long, the lead was down to 2 and High possession of the ball. But the team began to be rushing for the win and we saw the ball rebounded by their center. However quickly changing to a double team the giant hesitated and began pivoting a few times then passing it out to a guard who was also marked. To our dismay the eight-second rule wasn’t called and Shore was able to do a full court pass bouncing into the hands of their player standing under our ring. No whistle for three in the key and a point blank was scored, securing the game off with their four point lead. It was however great play by the 16Bs. Alvin and Dean played excellent defence already on the giant center at the end. Great assists and dribbling by the two Daniels (Chiu and Campion) and a great three pointer proving to the team that hard work will get you on the court a lot more from Eric. That ended our season with 4wins and 3losses and I’ll be seeing this great combination as a team one last time at the basketball dinner. Great thanks to our coach Mat Lam for all his efforts this season.

~Brought to you by Francis Wong, Johny Shih and Justin Liang.
~Thank you to Mr Hayman for all his contributions to basketball and results information from each week

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Tennis: Networking

Sat 25th March – Shore vs High (R7)
Shore 12 - High 0
Dbls 1: 4-6,4-6:
Dbls 1-6,2-6
Dbls 3: 0-6,4-6
Singles 1: 1-6, 2-6
Sgls 2: 6-2,0-6,1-6
Sgls 3: 0-6, 1-6
Sgls 4: 4-6, 3-6
Sgls 5: 4-6, 4-6
Sgls 6: 3-6,4-6
High came up against the red hot Premiers, Shore on Saturday. While we played some of our best matches of the season, the well drilled Shore team was too consistent on the day.In the doubles, Matt and Mitch had a slugfest and were unlucky to lose in 2 tight sets. Daniel and David played fantastic together, however were simply outclassed. Hai and Ivan also gave it their all but their opponents were too steady.

Mitch struggled to play his game and lacked consistency in his singles, while Daniel could not keep up with his opponent’s high level of hitting. Ivan put on a great display of hitting but could not sustain it throughout the match while Hai was unable to find the lines. David played a high quality game, and was involved in long rallies throughout the match. Matt saved his best for the last match of the season, and grabbed the first set, however, was unlucky with the line calls and lost his composure in the next two sets.

I’d like to thank Dr Jaggar, Coach Carl and Russell, and all the wonderful, enthusiastic parents who have supported, helped and cheered us throughout the season. Thank you to Mrs. Kelly for providing her trademark, delicious professional labeled rolls, Mrs. King for preparing scrumptious party pies and muffins and Mrs. Cerecina for providing tasty fruit every home game. A big thank you also goes to our MIC Ms Tuthill, who will always be remembered as the best MIC ever; for her effort, dedication, hard work and humour.

I urge all the junior players to train hard, and strengthen their mentality, and I hope that they will be able to take High tennis to even greater heights than before.Finally, I’d like to thank Mitch, Matt, Daniel, Hai, and Ivan for making my last season so memorable and fun. I’ll always remember the good times we had this season. You guys are awesome and I’d like to wish you all the best in the future. Further congratulations to Mitch and Matt on their selection onto the combined GPS team.

With that, I’d like to wrap up my last tennis report by reminding everyone to ‘enjoy the game, have fun, and dominate’.
David Cao
1st Grade Captain

The 16s had a magnificent ending rubber against shore. The As were soundly beaten, with only Alex and Cary providing ample resistance, and coming oh-so close to taking their singles matches as well.

The Bs were bolstered by the late inclusion of Nick Hayes and James Ip, whom both provided sterling performances. Nick was finally challenged competitively for once, and James made amends for his singles loss in the Cs. Daniel Chim has had a very up and down season but came through with a good win for the final match of the season.

In the Cs, Alex and Edwin came back from injury and it was as if they never left. Ds were devastating once again. Congratulations for Jonathan, Tam & Alex for being unbeaten the entire season


16’s A’s
0 - 6
4 - 2
4 - 2
6 - 0
S3,Alex Yeung/S4 Cary Cheung 5-6
D2 Ip/Hayes6-3,S2D Chim6-3
S3 A Dovan6-2 S4 T Mai6-2
14’s A’s
4 - 2
0 - 6
0 - 6
3 - 3
D1,Edward Qui/Mohit Tug.6-3
S1,Richard Bi 5-6(7-5)
D1,Frank Li/Justin5-6(3-7)
3/6 A’s
1 - 5
3 - 3
3 - 3
5 – 1
S4,R Luo 4-6,S2A Alaganar4-6
S2 E Deng6-4,T Ly/M Shen6-5
D,Matt/Robin6-5S4V Lui6-2
S1,Sicong6-1S2,Jason Fang6-4
S4 Eugine 6-0
13’s A’s
1 – 5
2 – 4
1 – 5
0 -  6
S,William Chen 6 – 5(7-5)
S,K.M.Cheng6-2, D.Li 6-5(7-4)
S,Gabriel Garayalde 6-4
S, Dennis Kim 6-5


On a crisp autumn Saturday evening, tennis enthusiasts with family and friends attended the annual Tennis Awards and Dinner night. As the 130 boys and families made their way to the hall, decked up with balloons and candles, resounding to the sounds of the school jazz band and Disc Jockey, there was much to celebrate.

It was a night where achievements were recognised and players were inspired to excel. There were insightful speeches, peppered with humour, by guest speakers, tennis greats Russell Barlow and Dennis Colette, Dr Jaggar and the SBHS Tennis captain David Cao and the coaches Carl and Russell. There was much enthusiasm among the boys as finally the school would have its own tennis courts.

Master of Ceremonies Mrs Rouna Daley kept the momentum going with her quick wit all through the night. Amidst a sumptuous meal catered by Spit Roast,brains were tested with a rather difficult Quiz. The table of Year 8s won the tie-breaker and the huge box of chocolates, much to the envy of others!

However, there were some very exciting raffle prizes to be won too,sponsored by NSW Tennis, The Australian Tennis Museum, SCG/Aussie Stadium,Flight Centre (Northbridge), Bunnings Warehouse, Indian Tourist board, Rebel Sport at Broadway, Amalgamated Textiles, Morffew Photos, Maya Sweets and others. It was a grand finale to a good season thanks to the incredible hardwork put in by Mrs Helen Tuthill, the sub-committee and the many boys and their families who contributed their time to make this event such a success.
Neena Bhandari

Thanks to coaches for results.
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High Cricket Bulletin

A disappointing finish to the season with weather being the cause for several matches to be abandoned due to unprepared turf pitches. Well done to the 1st.XI that finished on a positive note and my commiserations to our teams who were sitting in good positions to record wins. Also a special mention for our Year 7 and 8 teams who have shown that High is establishing a broad base of talented young cricketers who have improved weekly during Term 1. To the boys in the Under 14 A and B teams and the 13A, 13B and 13C teams plus the rotation players well done and congratulations on your commitment and performances.

CRICKET DINNER and PRESENTATION of AWARDS – Saturday 8th April 6-30pm for 7-0pm
This is the last reminder that tickets for the Dinner must be purchased by NO LATER than 1-0pm on Tuesday 4th APRIL due to the final dinner figures being required by the Caterers. The Cricket Dinner is the finale of our season and this season we are awarding a “Junior Cricketer of the Season” taken on the performances of members of the Under 16, 15 and 14 teams and “Year 7 Rookie of the Season” Award for the best performed player from our 13A, b and C teams. Trans Harbour medals will also be presented to our Year 9 team from the 2004 /2005 season.

The remaining outstanding cricket kits can be handed into the PE Dept during the coming week OR if this is inconvenient to our managers, at the Cricket Dinner on Saturday 8th April.


1st.XI HIGH 10 /190 -DEFEATED- NEWINGTON 10 /130 and 10 /190
Day 2 saw High finished the job they started on Day 1 and overhauled Newington and went on to make 10 /191 to take first innings points. Newington batted a second time and was all out for 196. Best batting came from Matt Featherstone (27) and Adrian Jeyendra (20). Wicket takers in Newington’s second dig were Adrian Jeyendra 3 /39 and Edward Pham 3 /39. Well done to the lads in finishing on a winning note. Final GPS Points Standings – St.Joseph’s (45), Riverview (35), King’s (34), Grammar (29) HIGH in 5th.(26) and Newington (26), Shore (24) and Scots (4).

2nd.XI HIGH 10 /135 - DREW with- NEWINGTON 4 /38
Due to pitch condition and weather no play was possible. Final GPS Points Standings - St.Joseph’s (49), Riverview and Kings (39), Grammar and Shore (30), HIGH in 6th (22) and Scots (3)

3rd.XI HIGH 5 /86 -DREW with- NEWINGTON 10 /206
We will take the draw in this match as we were in with a chance with 2 not out batsmen going well and 5 wickets in hand. Weather and pitch saw play abandoned.

Match abandoned on Friday 24th by Newington due to the state of the pitch and weather.

15A - HIGH In a great winning position on Day 1 .
No match report submitted.

Match abandoned on Friday 24th. by Newington due to the state of the pitch and weather

On behalf of all of the players in the cricket section I would like to sincerely thank all parents who assisted with umpiring, scoring and managing our school teams. Although only a small number I am hopeful that we receive some fresh faces in the remaining roles in the 2006/07 season. I would also like to acknowledge the fantastic job the Mums and Dads who supported our 1st and 2nd XIs for the high standards set at our GPS Luncheons for the visiting GPS schools. High’s lunches are considered equal to the best by the majority of boys from visiting schools.

Also to the teachers who have assisted on Wednesdays and Thursdays at sport my personal thanks for your assistance and support you gave to the players during these sessions. In particular to the extra effort you gave on Thursdays in taking assistant coaching roles with the Year 7 and 8 cricketers.
Laurie Heil

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Fundraising: Elbon Coffee Orders

Easter is fast approaching! Giving Elbon Coffee as an Easter gift makes a great substitute for Easter Eggs

Last orders with payment to cashier at Main Office by the end of Lunch Tuesday April 4 with delivery on Friday April 7 Orders will be sent home with the boys.

Variety of Coffee ELBON
COLOMBIAN   Total $  
Pack Weight 250g 500g 1kg 250g 500g 1kg
Price $8.00 $15.00 $30.00 $8.00 $15.00 $30.00

Pack Weight 250g 500g 1kg 250g 500g 1kg
Price $8.00 $15.00 $30.00 $8.00 $15.00 $30.00
Students Name    ___________________________________    Year    ____________
Type of payment:   Cheque  ____      Cash  ____      Credit Card ____
Card Type:         Bankcard  ____    Mastercard ____ Visa  __
Card Number:     _ _ _ _    _ _ _ _    _ _ _ _    _ _ _ _  Expiry Date:   ___  /  ___      
Cardholder’s Name:  ___________________________________________________
                                        [please print]
Cardholder’s Signature:  ________________________ Bus. Phone: ______________

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Paddington Public School 150th Anniversary

150th Anniversary Celebrations (Sesquicentenary)
Friday 5 May 2006 & Sunday 7 May 2006

The Paddington Model School opened for enrolments on Monday 5 May 1856, by order of The Board of National Education, with Mr Thomas Harris as its first Headmaster. On Friday 5 May 2006, the school will commemorate 150 years of continuous public education on the same site, with Mrs Sue Mootz as its current Principal.

Paddington Public School cordially invites all its ex-students, ex-teachers and staff, and their families, to celebrate with us this most significant and historical occasion over two days, Friday 5 May and Sunday 7 May 2006. Past school members are most welcome to attend both event days.

Anniversary Information
To learn more about the 150th Anniversary Celebrations, we suggest that you should:

► Visit the schools’ website at www.paddington-p.schools.nsw.edu.au and follow the links to the Anniversary information page and then the Online Response Form.
Complete the Online Response Form as soon as possible (enter your contact details as well as other information for planning of the events, incl. the ‘Path of History’). You need to register for the celebrations by completing the Online Response Form. Even if you are unable to attend the Anniversary Celebrations, the school would still like to document your (past school) details to preserve for its historical records.
► At any time you can keep in touch with the school and the Sesqui Planning Group by using the email address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
► If you do not have internet access, please contact Maria Hoareau, Sesqui Planning Coordinator, at the school on phone 9361-6730 or by fax 9360-9319.
► Mark the dates in your 2006 diary and tell other former Paddington Public School colleagues about the upcoming celebrations.

Come and celebrate with us in May 2006
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