High Notes, Vol 7 No 8, March 24 2006

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From the Principal

High Talent
Sustainable Living Challenge participants from Year 10 2005 were recognised for their entries. Kevin Lee, Edward Deng and Aditya Keswani were awarded High Commendations, with Joseph Lai and Sabeeh Hussain earning commendations. Congratulations boys! Well done to Gehan Karunaratne and Adrian Jeyendra who were selected in the combined GPS XI for cricket. Yu Lin won 1st place in the NSWFA Novice #1 division and a bronze medal in the Gilt Series 2006, Men’s Epee. Well done, Yu. Old Boy brain surgeon Paul Silberstein was featured on ‘Australian Story’ recently, describing his surgical innovation in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. Recent Old Boys Kae Yen Wong and John Shin are exhibiting several paintings at Harrington Street Artists Cooperative Gallery – a tick for the Arts! Congratulations to our junior and intermediate debaters who won their divisions of the UNSW Invitational Debate. Congratulations also to Terry Ly, Victor Nguyen, Jaime Tao, Weiping Lu, Danny Ng, Warren Trac and Ping Du who have been selected to represent Sydney East Region at the CHS Inter-regional Volleyball Carnival to be held at Taree from 28 to 30 March.

Canteen Committee
The management and volunteers helping in the canteen asked me to convey their thanks to the School Prefects for their great efforts in helping at the Canteen during term 1. Coke Zero is to be supplied in the vending machine along with water, powerade, sprite zero and diet coke. Don’t forget that our salads, sandwiches, wraps, rolls and fruit salad are made fresh daily on the premises, not bought in pre-prepared. Our prices are still way below commercial rates for prepared food. Don’t forget to use our lunch ordering system.

School Behaviour and Dress
I am concerned that our standards are slipping in behaviour and school uniform compliance. Staff members are complaining to me about students attempting to eat in classrooms, about running and pushing in corridors and about boys not doing up their ties and not tucking in their shirts. Ties are supposed to be worn with the collar button done up and the knot of the tie pushed up to the throat. There is a trend for ties to be hung lower and lower down the chest. This looks slovenly and is pointless. I urge boys to comply with the school’s dress code. From next week, students can expect staff to enforce the school dress code more energetically, including school detentions for persistent offenders. Similarly, disrespect for the school is shown by running in corridors, eating in class and discarding rubbish inappropriately inside and outside the school. Let’s smarten up the way we present ourselves. Showing pride in your school comes via showing pride in your dress and demeanour!

Behaviour on Buses
Regrettably, I have to bring up the matter of behaviour on buses. I received a complaint from a passenger on a 394 bus who comes past our school every day. She complained that she was brushed aside by a senior student of this school as he boarded the bus at 8:40 at Kingsford and that the same boy deliberately occupied a seat while passengers were standing – contrary to the conditions of free bus and train travel for school students. That inconsiderate student tarnished the reputation of the school. Behave yourselves on public transport boys!

Job Skills Lacking – SMH 13/3
Employers want universities to place more emphasis on communication skills in undergraduate courses. Creativity, initiative, oral business communication and problem-solving skills need development. These ‘employability skills’ are nurtured in English, social science and visual arts courses, co-curricular activities and leadership courses at our school. When you do school service, charity work, research for a project or dream up a new solution to a problem, you are making yourself more employable. Employability starts with communication. I urge boys and their parents to see the value in writing more, more fluently and more expertly, for specific purposes. Do not complain about being given non-assessable writing tasks – embrace them as opportunities to practise necessary skills.

Newington Matches
High hosted Newington for senior competition without much success except in cricket where both the first and second elevens are right in their contests. In second grade basketball the other GPS teams have decided that go-to man Ray Huynh has to be shut down and they were prepared to double team him all the time to do it. As our defence tired late in the game we could not stop the tall Newington players making fast transitions and our offensive players did not keep moving all the time, thus cutting down our options. We went scoreless for over 5 minutes and we closed out 65-35. In first grade, our boys were playing in the land of the giants with two Newington players a head and shoulders over our players. Nevertheless, ‘in your face’ defensive tactics broke up the Newington attack and our boys had a great first quarter to be down only 18-22. As substitutes moved in and out of the game our defensive intensity and communication waned a little and Newington started to use their big men better. They moved away to lead 46-27 in the break. It was difficult to get near the basket with attempted shots being rejected or thwarted by tall timber. Our boys persisted and scored 50 points in the game but were outgunned. In tennis we still can’t find a way to win the 5th vital match. Our boys fell just short again this week against a Newington team that played their doubles quite well. In singles, Hai Le had his best game of the season, overpowering a big hitting Newington No3, 0 and 1. Mitch Kelly and Matthew King won well. At McKay, our boys bundled out Newington for a modest 130. In reply we were 4-112 at stumps, needing one good partnership to secure first innings points. I saw some patient, grafting batting by Eddy Pham and Matthew Fetherston, until Eddy had a rush of blood after hitting a good 4 and mistimed an on drive. Gehan looked the goods until he attempted a lofted off drive against two short cover fieldsmen and was caught at mid off.
Dr K Jaggar
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Educational Access Scheme (EAS)

Most tertiary institutions that participate in the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) participate in the EAS. Students are eligible to apply if they are an Australian citizen, a New Zealand citizen, or a permanent resident of Australia. The student must demonstrate that his educational performance during Year 11 and/or Year 12 has been seriously affected by circumstances beyond his control.

Students applying for EAS will need to download their booklets and application forms from the website: www.uac.edu.au. The school counsellors are sent only a small number of booklets for distribution. If you require a Confidential Statement of Support completed by the school counsellor it is important that students begin the process early in the year.

The responsibility for sending the finalised application to UAC rests with the individual student.
E. Harman and S. Plummer
School Counsellors

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Words of Wisdom

“I have never in my life learned anything from any man who agreed with me.”
(Dudley Field Malone 1882 - 1950)

"Fall seven times, stand up eight."
Japanese Proverb

"Looking at the proliferation of personal web pages on the net, it looks like very soon everyone on earth will have 15 Megabytes of fame."
(M G Siriam)
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Public Speaking

Four students will be competing in the Rostrum Voice of Youth Competition over the next two weeks. They will present a prepared speech in the first round. Best of luck to John Aclis, Hayden Shilling, Chris Lopes and Sundeep Wason..

Try outs for the Legacy Award will be held on Monday morning at 8.00 am in room 204. Two students will be selected from years 7, 8 or 9.
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P & C Parking - 23 April

Volunteers are needed for P & C Parking to raise funds for the school. The next day is during the Easter holiday.

We need helpers on Sunday 23rd April from 10.00 am as the game starts at 1.00 pm.

Please reply to Lyndell Evans on 0411 430 394, or to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
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Sailing - Tri Series Final Day

End of the Sailing Season
Sydney Boys High has worked hard to compete in the Tri Series. We sailed against Cranbrook, Scots and Sceggs Redlands to name but a few. They are tremendous opponents.

The last day of racing was slow. The participants were enthusiastic but the wind was none existent. After the first race (nearly two hours long!) the course was shortened. Of course just then the wind picked up and our sailors were flying!! Race Two and Three were over in less than an hour each. The most successful Pacer sailors included Brian Lung, Roy Wong, Tom Sun and David Toh. Hot on their heels were Tadeusz Davenport and Nikita Slinko – boys to watch out for in the next season.

The Laser Division was won decisively by our very own Phil Kurts. He blitzed the opposition winning almost every race. On the final day as he rounded the last mark he was several boat lengths ahead.

Our racing season has drawn to an end and we hope that more “potentials” join us for fun on the water in Term IV. If you are interested see Mrs B in the English Staffroom or speak to our Captain of Sailing Mohamed Mehmedbasic.
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Year 8 Parent Group

An Invitation to Year 8 Parents
This year’s first meeting of the Year 8 Parent Group will be held on

Wednesday, 29 March at 7:00 pm

In Room 104 (just down the corridor from the Staff Common Room which is near the School Office).

We encourage you to come along.

Parent Group meetings are an ideal opportunity to meet other parents in your son’s year, raise questions, make suggestions and air any concerns you may have. Please bring your diary, as we will be setting the dates for our meetings for each term for the remainder of the year.

Any specific agenda items may be emailed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it before 5:00 pm on Monday 27 March.
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Music Notes

Music Parking
Thank you very much to all students and parents who helped out with the music parking on Sunday the 26th of March, your time and assistance is greatly appreciated. Funds raised will go towards the purchase of much needed new instruments and print music. Award scheme points apply to the students who volunteered.

Annual Music Camp
The Annual Music Camp will be held for all music ensemble members from the 29th-31st of May except for the training concert band. Training Concert Band will have a separate weekend day camp to be held at the end of term 1. Notes for the music camp have gone out to students, please ensure to pay to the main office and return the attached slip to the music staff by week 9 at the very latest. It is compulsory for all students in the music ensemble program to attend as there will be a performance in the Great Hall at 6pm on the Wednesday (31/5/06) back from camp. If there are any concerns of difficulties, please advise the music staff as soon as possible.

Sydney Youth Orchestra
Congratulations to Muhamed Mehmedbasic in yr 10 along with former high student Raj Kumar for their outstanding performance in the highly acclaimed Sydney Youth Orchestra last Thursday night. Their programme included works by Prokofiev, Tchaikovsky and the world premier of Smalley’s Piano Concerto #2. Thank you to the elective music students who came and gave their support. A most enjoyable evening for the music staff and students who attended

Meet the Music Concert
The Meet the Music concert held on Wednesday and Thursday night was a great success. All the boys enjoyed listening to the Sydney Symphony perform Mozart’s Violin Concerto and the ‘New World’ Symphony by Dvořak (the latter of which will be performed by the school orchestra). Also heard was the world premier of Liza Lim’s work Flying Banner, and Gabrielli’s Brass Fanfare, contrasting the pervious two works.

Parents of all music ensemble members, could you please provide the music staff with your contact details by filling in the below slip and returning it to the music staffroom as soon as possible so that we are able to contact you about any upcoming events involving your son’s participation. This will enable us to communicate with you more effectively and efficiently. Thank you very much. (Please print the information.)

Kind regards,
Music staff. (Debra Gilmore, Rita Miller and Suzanna Lim)

Son’s Name: _____________________________________________  Roll class: _________________

Parent(s) Name: _________________________________       Contact No. : _______________________

Email: _____________________________________________       Music Ensemble(s): _______________

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Cross Country Carnival 2006

Annual Cross Country Carnival
Thursday 13th April 2006
1.20 - 3.00 pm  
Moore Park, Mount Steele
Mr Prorellis, Mr Kesting I/C

Student Information

Parents: Your son will be dismissed earlier than usual on Thursday 13th April 2006


1.40 pm      17+  OPEN       3 km    3 Loops
1.55 pm 16 years        3 km    3 Loops
2.10 pm 15 years        3 km    3 Loops
2.25 pm 14 years        2 km    2 Loops
2.35 pm 13 years        2 km    2 Loops
2.45 pm 12 years        2 km    2 Loops


  • After the Athletics Carnival, students are to walk back to school.
  • Students are to cross the road at lights only
  • Stay in school grounds, then move over to the venue when the bell rings
  • When your race is called go to the starting area whether you are running or not.
  • Non runners will stay in the starting area until directed to move by the Marshals
  • At the finish you will be given a place ticket
  • If you are in the first 15 places you go to the first 15 table and have your name recorded
  • All runners to proceed with finish ticket to your house table
  • Tell the teacher your name and finishing position
  • After the race you will be dismissed by a teacher
  • Non runners will have names marked off at the end of the race


  • Everyone attends
  • You must run in shoes
  • Stay on the course and follow directions from course marshals
  • Spectators must stay within 20m of Cleveland St and are not permitted on the course
  • Winning house determined by the lowest total of the first ten runners to finish
  • Award Scheme qualifying standard -compete & finish
  • Top ten runners will comprise the provisional school team to compete at the zone.
  • Only the first 15 places will be timed
  • Cross Country Champions will be selected from this event (pending the outcome of any appeals that may arise). Any MIC ruling is final

Additional Info:

  • The School Cross Country is the first qualifying event within the CHS Competition.
  • The first 10 runners for each age division will make up the school team for the Eastern Suburbs Zone Carnival.
  • The first 12 runners at the Zone Carnival will compete at the Sydney East Regional Carnival and the first 10 runners from Regional Carnival go on to the NSW All Schools Carnival.

You are also invited to join the Sydney High GPS Cross Country Team. GPS Cross Country is a Winter Sport and three age divisions ( U14, U16, Opens) compete on Saturday mornings. The season spans across terms 2 and 3 and involves 11 Saturday morning carnivals. All are welcome to join.
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Tennis: Networking

Sat 18th March – Newington vs High (R6)
Newington 8 - High 4
Dbls 1: 1-6,4-6:
Dbls 2-6,0-6
Dbls 3: 6-2,5-7,6-4
Singles 1: 6-3, 7-6
Sgls 2: 6-3,6-1
Sgls 3: 2-6, 3-6
Sgls 4: 3-6, 3-6
Sgls 5: 6-1, 6-0
Sgls 6: 2-6,2-6
Last Saturday saw High involved in a competitive rubber against Newington – with us going down narrowly 5-4. It was a fantastic effort by the players, regardless of the loss.

In the doubles, Matt and Ivan held their nerves, teamed up well and played some great tennis to win a tight 3 setter. Hai and Mitch were outclassed by their opponents, while Daniel and David struggled with their teamwork and consistency.

Mitch swept passed his opponent in straight sets, playing a well controlled match. In the end, it was his power and precision that proved too much for his opponent. Matt also enjoyed victory, out hitting his opponent in all the rallies to win in comfortable style. Hai barely raised a sweat in his match – completely crushing his opponent with his deadly ground strokes, losing only a game in the entire match. Daniel also showed fantastic form, and the score was not indicative of the quality of his match. Ivan came up against a pumped up opponent, and there was a lot of great rallies, however, his consistency wasn’t there on the day. David struggled to contain his nerves, and had a nightmare of a match, going down in a less than impressive match.

With just one more game left for High for some of the players, we look forward to going all out and giving it our best one last time this weekend against Shore (premiers for 2006).
David Cao
1st Grade Captain

Sat 18th Mar – High vs Newington (R6)
DBLS1 1-6, 3-6
DBLS2 0-6, 4-6
DBLS3 6-3, 4-6, 1-6
No.1 1-6, 0-6
No.2 6-2, 6-2
No.3 2-6, 2-6
No.4 6-2, 6-1
No.5 3-6, 2-6
No.6 0-6, 0-6
After suffering a complete defeat at the hands of Riverview last week, we were determined to get a few individual wins, if not beat Newington altogether.

Chapman and Nikita paired up well and played some good tennis, but were unable to match the play of their opponents. Thomas and Henry started out of rhythm and lost the first set rather quickly. However, they regained their composure and contested the second set fiercely, and it could have gone either way. After the first set, Nelson and Jordan looked ready to take our only doubles win for the day. Unfortunately, they took their feet off the accelerator and let their opponents run off with the next 2 sets.

Chapman started his first few games brilliantly, drawing game point after game point. Now he needs to learn to convert them at will. In our next singles, Thomas outplayed and outclassed his physically intimidating opponent to deliver a convincing win for the team. After suffering from his extremely long doubles game, Nelson did not play his best tennis but still managed to win some games. In Henry’s singles, after dropping the first two games, he raised his tennis to a new level and ploughed through the rest of the match, dropping only 1 game in the next 13. Jordan and Nikita played fine tennis, but due to a lack of match-play, they were ineffective in their attacks.

As promised, High managed to win several matches. With this foundation in mind, we will enter the final round next week looking for a win.
Henry Liu
2nd Grade Captain


16’s A’s
4 - 2
4 - 2
5 - 1
6 - 0
Cary Cheung & Jason Cohn
Most successful
Danny Fu, best of B’s
Nick Hayes, most improved
Awesome team!
15’s A’s
4.5 – 1.5
4.5 – 1.5
5 - 1
6 - 0
Dbls2:Hau Neo/Victor Lim6-2
D,Huda/Lee6-3,S4J Ireland6-0
14’s A’s
4 - 2
1 - 5
2 - 4
6 - 0
D1 E Qui/Mohit 6-1,D2 Hui/ Trang 6-3 :S Qui6-1,S3 Hui6-3
S2 Kevin Sheng, R.Bi 5-6
D1 Chan/Li 6-2, S1 J Chan 6-1
3/6 A’s
1 - 5
4 - 2
2 - 4
4 – 2
S4,R Luo 6-5,S1B Zolatarev4-6
Sgl 3.V Lui 6-3,J Fang 6-4
Dbls2 Issaev/Stadnik6-1
13’s A’s
3 – 3
4 – 2
4 – 2
1 - 5       
S1G Panas6-4,2VGeorge6-4,S3 W Stefandis5-6(7-4)S4Chen6-5
S2 William Stefandis 6-3
S4 Kit ManCheng6-2

The 16As had a point to prove against Newington on Saturday, who appeared to be the weakest side in the competition. For whatever reason, complacency or otherwise, we found ourselves in a struggle early on, with the number 1 doubles falling. Fortunately we rallied to win the second match. In the singles, Ben was out-hit after making a late comeback; while Alex and Cary had good wins against respectable opposition. Jason played the best match without doubt, coming through 6-2 in quick time as well. We ended up prevailing by the slender margin of 4-2, but as the saying goes, ‘a win is a win’. We will look to emulate this in the final round against Shore this week, and thus end the season on a strong note.

C1 Doubles of James and Matthew were a shock loss but made up for it in their singles matches. The Ds were again in awesome form, especially Jono, Tam and Alex, all posting 6-0 scorelines. Well done.

Thanks to coaches for results.
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Rowing News

The season reaches its climax for junior rowers this weekend with the Gold Cup Regatta. It is best viewed from the grounds of St Ignatius. Last Wednesday the combined boatshed dinner was held where captain of year 10 rowing, Robert Chen, stroke of 4th year 8 Quad, Andrew Banh, stroke of 1st year 8 Quad, Sam Darcy, stroke of 3rd year 9 Quad, Johan Santoso, stroke of 1st year 9 Quad, Matt Ling and the Captain of Boats, Blake Angell introduced the crews to the dinner and gave a brief report on the season.

The following is from Blake Angell Captain of Boats:

The Sydney High Regatta has been and gone, with races being held for all crews from 6th Year 8 Quad, all the way up to the 2nd VIII’s, with the 1st VIII’s not racing owing to a shortage of crews due to the Nationals regatta held at the same time. Congratulations to the 1st (Blomberg, Ambrose, Darcy, Denny-Smith c:Schilling) and 2nd (Whiting, Phillis, Nguyen, Chen c:Radhakrishnan) Year 8 Quads who both managed to secure second place in their respective heats. The day was a great success and thanks to all volunteers who helped out on the day.

The Sydney Grammar Regatta also took place on the 18th of March with impressive improvements from the senior crews. It was the last regatta of the season held in Hen and Chicken Bay before the Gold Cup at Lane Cove and Head of the River on the 1st of April for the senior crews. The senior crews have undergone another shift in the lead up to this big event. Congratulations to Tommy Hurrell who managed to secure a seat in the 1st VIII for these upcoming weeks.

The annual boatshed dinner is also fast approaching. The event, to be held on the 22nd of March, will, for the first time, comprise of all crews, junior and senior, in one fun and excitement filled night.

All crews now look towards the Gold Cup regatta this Saturday. This marks the end of the season for junior crews and the final regatta before the Head of the River for the senior crews.

I strongly encourage all members of the High family to attend the Head of the River on the 1st of April (buses available, see the office). It is arguably the biggest event on the GPS sporting calendar and the boys appreciate your support incredibly.

As all summer sports draw to a close may I recommend that all captains hand their season reports to the MICs of their sports. Below is a season report from Brynley Pfull whish is just one example of a suitable report. See your MICs for proformas.

2006 Season Rowing Report Year 10 VIIIs Rowing
I really enjoyed it until the 2005/2006 season started. Everything was now slightly more intense, the training, the coaches and the commitment. Ah yes, the end of innocence and the beginning of the famous shed sleepover. It feels as if it were only five months ago.

Initially it was great fun No races for ages and sleepovers once a fortnight. Term four passed fairly quickly rowing-wise. Our rowing was enjoyable and we were steadily improving. A visit from Melbourne High was fun, and assured us we could win.

Heaven forbid, I was almost looking forward to 2006 rowing by the end of 2005. How wrong I was. After an intense week, of rowing, during the holidays, we were all prepared to return and attack the New Year with force.

As school started we found out that shed sleepovers would for us occur every week. I could hardly contain my glee at this wonderful prospect. And so every week on a particular day, we rowed and ate a surprise dinner. This dinner always consisted of steak or chicken, potatoes, pasta and vegetables. Then after completing one’s duties one could happily settle down to some homework. At around ten, it was bedtime. Looked forward to by everyone in the sleepover, it is a reason to be happy and tired the next day.

When you wake up with a headache at five o’clock the next morning and realise that you have only had five hours sleep at the most, there is a feeling that you get that tumbles around in your head and brings tears to your eyes. This is sickness mixed with tiredness, but the beautiful quiet early mornings when we hear only the drips of water from the blades as we are feathering and the sound of the blades pushing against the water that tells us we are pulling hard, brings the charm of rowing to all the crew. This in a two hour row, breakfast and school.

The whole season was not always based around these joyful ventures. Do not be fooled, we raced too when we had a chance. Every Saturday we turned up two or three hours prior our race to contemplate life, or rowing.

Each Saturday was exhausting, painful. Then I got up. But the races too proved to be exhausting and exhilarating. The distance of 1650 metres seems rather long when you’re racing. But what a thrill! People shouting, coxswain shouting, even the coaches shouting.

The trip to Melbourne came and went (see earlier fun report). As the season progressed, two regattas were held at the Sydney International Rowing Centre at Penrith. This meant early morning starts, arriving the sheds at 6 a m. Although we lost races our times improved and enabled us to hold our heads high.

Our crews have changed over the season, trying new blends, seat changes and rowers coming and going. Our coaches have tried to muster motivation to get the right combination. It is also the crews who have provided their own motivation striving with their ergs and times at the gym to show we can still be competitive, although the results give us a healthy reminder of the strength of the opposition we are never intimidated or overawed.

There was success over the season; we beat Scots in a tight race by around three seconds or so. Who said we always come last?

And so I come upon the present, where we are reaching the zenith of our rowing season. Last week we almost beat Riverview, so watch out Head of the River. We are looking forward to the Gold Cup Regatta and the Head of the River.

Year 10 coaches, Mr. Barris and George Barris have been invaluable to us all season. Spurring us on when we were tired and smiling when we weren’t and sometimes when we were. We are indebted to both of them. Thank you both for a great season. Mr Daish who repairs our boats and keeps them in good order, thank you.

Another group of people who must be thanked are the parents who go out of their way to come and cook us dinners and look after us. Without their help, shed sleepovers would have been terribly difficult. Thanks to all our parents who drive us to those early starts.

A special thank you to everyone in the rowing program. It really is a great community and almost always runs smoothly.
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High Cricket Bulletin

This week’s notes comes from the southern suburb of Sydney (called Melbourne) where there is a “Gold Rush” going on. Not only that, I have witnessed athletes attaining the ultimate in their sport through personal goals, hours of training , dedication, self belief, mental discipline, but displays of old fashioned guts and determination as well. In a number of interviews, the athlete’s backgrounds have been discussed and many of them have sound academic qualifications which show that the combination of sport and study can compliment each other. In witnessing these athletes it made me wonder how many of our young cricketers have set their goals on attaining the highest in their chosen sport in addition to academic success. We now have one Saturday to go to complete the 2005 /2006 GPS Competitions, following an encouraging showing of several teams who went for “gold” last Saturday on Day 1 of Round 7, with the 15Bs taking our first “medal”. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd XIs and 15As are now in “medal winning” positions if they maintain their form and focus.

It is important to our cricketers to receive recognition for their efforts throughout the season and no better way than to finish the season on a positive note to confirm that their personal efforts were worthwhile.

You now have less than 2 weeks to secure your tickets for the Cricket Dinner and Presentation to be held on Saturday 8th APRIL 2006 in the Great Hall commencing at 6-30pm for 7-00pm. A great night is assured as we present the batting, bowling and team awards during the course of Dinner. You will then experience the Senior XIs presentation as they reflect on the season and on team members in an off-beat manner in addition to door and raffle prizes and a trivia quiz that will test the teams. The cost is $30-00 for adults and $25-00 for students. A reminder to the boys that SCHOOL UNIFORM is the dress of the evening.

CRICKET SUB-COMMITTEE MEETING- Wednesday 29th.MARCH 2006 at 5-30pm
Please note the earlier starting time and change of location to the Common Room in the main building. This will be our second last meeting for the season, the final one being to settle all accounts and confirmation of the 2006 /07 Training Plan. At this meeting we will finalize the Cricket Dinner and also the need to appoint (1) a Parking Coordinator; and (2) Hon Treasurer, as Kieran Lewis is stepping down due to personal commitments

It would be pleasing to see some new parents attend who assist our up and coming junior teams and take on some of the support roles we need for our teams

During the “off-season” all kits are checked and replenished where necessary in preparation for next season Next WEDNESDAY from 3-0pm through to the Cricket Sub-Committee Meeting I will be in attendance at the gymnasium to receive all outstanding cricket kits. Please ensure that all used match balls plus practice balls areincuded in the kits. I will also accept kits at the Cricket Meeting.


1st XI DAY 1 - High 4 /112 -versus- Newington 10 /130
An interesting finish to Day 1 and a real opportunity to put Newington away on Day 2 with a pressure bowling performance supported by a top fielding effort. No match report submitted.

Wicket takers in the Newington innings were Malik Razeen 4 /19 and Dakshika Gunaratne 4 /16

2nd XI DAY 1 - High 10 /135 -versus- Newington 4 /36
Not to be overshadowed on Day 1 High have put itself in a position to finish the season on a positive note. It will take adherence to the match plan to keep the pressure on Newington by taking wickets early and positive fielding support. No match report submitted.

3rd XI DAY 1 - High 5 /86 -versus- Newington 10 /206
A day of dropped catches allowed Newington to get off the hook and reach a challenging total. It will take another determined effort to deny them a win. A match report appears on the website.

Wicket takers Arty Surendran 4 /64 , Girish Panicker 2 /20 and Michael Coutts 2 /17

15A DAY 1 - High 10 /209 - versus- Newington 2 / 15
A proud day for the 15As who passed 200 for the first time this season on the back of an all round batting performance and a last wicket stand of 28 between Timmy Lim (7n.o.) and Roshan Kashyap(34). The run scoring spree was led by Kerrod McPherson (55), Alisdair Brown (30), William Lim(17), Arthur Kourtesis (13), Harrison Lane(12), Nakul Pedneker (12)

In a fiery burst of 6 overs before stumps Kerrod Mcpherson snapped up 2 Newington wickets. A detailed match report appears on the cricket website.

15B HIGH 6 /146 - DEFEATED - Newington 9 /145
How good a day it was for the team with their resounding victory over the well fancied Newington. Some marvelous batting, supported by the bowlers and a sound fielding effort gave the boys everything they deserved for their perseverance and grit. This team has certainly turned the corner since its draw performance against the 16Bs 2 weeks ago.

Run scorers Nakul Pedneker (47), Raghav Saggar (25), Maxim Mikha (23), Arun Krishnan (12n.o.) and Julian Byrnes (8n.o.) Wicket takers – Tasneem Chowdhury 3 /4 (2 overs), Raghav Saggar 3 /16 (5 overs), Arun Krishnan 2 /22(5 overs) and Anthony Hopkins 1 /22 (4 overs)

A full match report appears on the cricket website.

14B Newington 5 /148 - defeated - High 10 / 76
Run scorers David Ma (45), Hugh Huang (10) and Oliver Fio (5n.o) Wicket takers were William Lee, Rafat Kamal and Hugh Huang who took one wicket each. A match report appears on the website.

13A Newington 0 /76 - defeated - High 9 /74
This team has been showing the signs that it can be a competitive unit with two or three changes to balance out the overall strength. Unfortunately, our bowling let us down again with too many loose balls being bowled which gave Newington many bonus runs as a result. This has been a good debut by this group in Term 1.

13B Newington 5 /130 - defeated High 10 /38
Wicket takers. Isaac Everleigh 2 /19( 3 overs),Leo Lu 2 /24 (5 overs) and Samir Kinger 1 /15(5 overs).

Run scorers were Nathan Kok (13), Nathan Leong (8), Isaac Everleigh (1) and Andrew Huynh (1).

A match report appears on the website.
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Basketball: Shooting Hoops

Statistics of High vs Riverview, 11/3/06.

FG = field goals 3PT = 3pointers FT = free throws PTS = points TR = total rebounds PF = personal fouls AST = assists TO = turnovers BS = blocks ST = Steal MIN = time on court in minutes

High 1st Grade

##      Name            FG      3PT     FT      PTS     TR      PF      AST     TO      BS      ST      MIN
4   *H.Walker       4/18    3/12    6/6     17      7       0       4       4       0       2       40:00
5       J.Chow          0/0     0/0     0/0     0       0       0       0       0       0       0       DNP
6       L. D’Avigdor    0/3     0/0     2/4     2       2       2       1       2       0       4       6:58
7       *D.Sun          8/16    0/1     1/2     17      4       4       5       5       0       1       27:31
8       V.Nguyen        0/2     0/0     2/2     2       0       2       0       1       0       0       5:31
9       *F.Wong         4/11    0/4     2/2     10      5       3       8       8       2       5       40:00
11      *W.Zhuang       6/8     0/0     1/3     13      8       2       3       3       0       4       33:17
12      *M.Farhat       4/5     0/0     0/1     8       6       5       0       0       0       3       24:44
13      V.Wei           0/1     0/0     0/0     0       2       2       1       1       0       0       9:43
14      P.Gallego       1/3     0/0     3/3     5       1       2       0       1       0       1       12:16
                1st Half        1st Half        2nd Half        2nd Half        Game            Game
Total FG    15/36           41.7%           12/31           38.7%           27/67           40.3%
3PT FG           1/8             12.5%           2/9             22.2%           3/17            17.6%
Free throws      3/5             60%             14/18           77.8%           17/23           73.9%

Riverview 1st Grade

##      Name            FG      3PT     FT      PTS     TR      PF      AST     TO      BS      ST      MIN
4   *T.Neal         6/10    0/3     5/6     17      7       4       2       5       0       1       34:47
5       A.Akoy          1/3     0/0     3/5     5       6       3       0       3       0       0       10:56
6       *S.Diacos       0/3     0/0     0/0     0       1       4       0       0       0       1       6:02
7       M.Burns         2/7     0/4     2/2     6       2       2       2       1       0       0       19:13
8       *W.Robertson    1/2     0/0     0/2     2       7       3       2       2       0       2       22:54
9       *P.Bell         7/20    0/3     4/8     18      7       2       7       4       1       2       37:59
11      A.McFarland     2/8     1/3     1/2     6       5       3       1       5       0       2       18:12
13      *M.Lanzetta     0/0     0/0     0/0     0       0       0       0       0       0       0       2:52
14      J.Maneski       3/6     1/4     0/0     7       2       1       0       4       0       1       19:18
15      J.Daneel        2/4     0/0     0/0     4       4       1       0       4       0       1       8:07
10                      1/10    1/5     1/2     4       2       2       2       1       0       1       19:40
                1st Half        1st Half        2nd Half        2nd Half        Game            Game
Total FG    11/35           31.4%           14/38           36.8%           25/73           34.2%
3PT FG           1/11            9.09%           2/11            18.2%           3/22            13.6%
Free throws      9/13            69.2%           7/14            50.0%           16/27           59.3%
                        Riverview       High                            Riverview       High
Free Throw Pts              16              17           Total Rebounds      52              43
3Pt Points               9               9            Team Rebounds       9               8
Pts/Possession           0.54            0.64         Dead Ball Reb       7               3
Pts off turnovers        21              18           Off Rebound %       38.5            25.6
2nd Chance points        10              3            Def Rebound %       74.4            61.5
Pts off Bench            32              9            Total Rebound %     54.7            45.3
                Qtr1    Qtr2    Qtr3    Qtr4    Total
Riverview   25      7       15      22      69
High             13      21      15      25      74

Statistics may be slightly off as it is hard to keep track of every move on the court.

High vs Newington

Term 4 2005 (last time)

1st LOSS    67-32   H.WALKER 11
2nd     LOSS    44-20   S.SUGITO 6
3rd     LOSS    29-35   J.SUN 12
4th     LOSS    26-20   J.TAO 12
5th     WIN     42-21   A.WANG 15
6th     WIN     33-10   M.KELDOULIS 12
7th     WIN     43-36   M.LIU 12
8th     WIN     83-4    W.ZHANG 19
16A     LOSS    21-39   K.IYER 10
16D     DRAW    16-16   M.LEE 5
16E     WIN     55-12   S.LEE 12
15A     LOSS    15-43   J.TASSELL 4
15B     LOSS    22-20   D.SHAN 6
15C     LOSS    20-16   B.WANG 6
15D     LOSS    11-25   N.WONG 4
15E     LOSS    6-43    T.WILSON 2
14A     RAIN            
14B     RAIN            
14C     RAIN            
14D     RAIN            
14E     RAIN            

Term 1 2006 (last week)

1st LOSS    82-50   H.WALKER 25
2nd     LOSS    64-35   R.HUYNH 13
3rd     LOSS    31-19   J.SUN 4
4th     LOSS    21-20   J.LAI 6
6th     WIN     22-13   M.KELDOULIS 6
16A     LOSS    47-24   DANNY NG 7
16B     WIN     25-20   A.LEUNG 10
16C     LOSS    21-27   C.YANG 4
16D     WIN     31-18   S.LIU 10
16E     LOSS    19-17   B.LUNG 6
15A     LOSS    31-35   S.DONG 7
15B     LOSS    36-24   W.SZET 6
15C     LOSS    34-16   K.LIM 4
15D     LOSS    38-25   T.ZHONG 7
15E     WIN     40-4    C.PENG 12
14A     WIN     37-29   J.SUTTON 12
14B     LOSS    35-19   A.KOERBER 6
14C     LOSS    32-22   J.LEE 8
14D     WIN     32-14   I.LU 6, L.LI 6
14E     LOSS    10-39   J.CHEN, M.FONG 2
13A     LOSS    53-9    A.YE 6
13B     WIN     25-24   N.AUTAR 8
13C     LOSS    56-14   J.TANG 8
13D     LOSS    50-6    M.TICKNER 6

It is great to see some more wins and close games. We have some very close results this week not going our way. The final round is this weekend. Lets turn up half an hour early to cheer on our friends and prepare ourselves properly to win these close matches. First and second grade are fired up for a big weekend vs Shore. If you are anywhere near the Shore courts between 10am and 1:30pm please come and support your school and peers in their final game!

The Basketball dinner is the 31st of March from 6:30pm in The Great Hall. Invitations were given to students two weeks ago at training sessions. Payments can be made at the front office by Friday 24/3. Tickets are limited as always…

Fourth Grade Match Report
With a long anticipated wait for this game and the need to defeat Newington, 4th grade warmed up with great anxiety. Having lost to Newington last season by 5 points with only 5 players, one being sick, we were confident that this game was ours, considering our improved defence. We started the game with confidence but failed to put the ball in the hoop. It seemed that the ball was just too big to fit in the hoop. We closed the first half down 12-7. However, our heads were held up high, and we entered the second half determined to win. Things started out the way we wanted. The ball went in and with 2 minutes left it was tied at 18-18. A small audience to begin with turned out to be quite a crowd, cheering on high school. A crucial intercept by Si-yang Wang and a quick transition basket gave us the lead with 30 seconds to go. However, after a time-out, Newington had possession of the ball with less than 30 seconds. Having scored not a single 3 pointer the whole game, a solid Newington guard pulled up in surprise on the 3-point line, a hand in his face but to our misery, a swish. All seemed to be over. However, the spirit of 4th grade remained and we were determined to have one last shot with around 20 seconds. Jamie Tao ran the court but a Newington player was under pressure and was forced to trip Jamie. Jamie was sent to the free throw line as Newington hit 8 fouls. Down by 1, Jamie had 2 shots. To our disappointment, both were missed. Newington hesitantly grabbed the rebound and was intentionally fouled by Si-yang. However, the player lost his patience and kicked Si-yang. This triggered a huge argument! A few high students came onto the court. However, thanks to Mr. Hayman and other referees who seemed to come out of nowhere, the controversy was broken up. The referee was stumped. After a long pause, he ejected the Newington player and gave a tech foul-2 shots. Bill was chosen to shoot the 2 free throws. Under immense pressure, both were missed. But there was still hope. 4 seconds left. We had the inbound pass. A timeout was called, a play was drawn up and all we need was 1 point to draw or 2 points to win. However, the play was not executed and the ball ended up in the hands of Bill… again. After drawing a definite foul on the 3 point line, Bill chucked the ball up in hope that the foul was called. No foul and the ball hit nothing but the ground. A good game it was. We could blame it on the ref’s poor call at the end, a definite foul, but overall 4th grade showed good sportsmanship and played hard to the end. Well-done 4ths ON A MASSIVE IMPROVEMENT FROM PREVIOUS WEEKS.
Bill Sun
Starting five of 4th Grade.

~Brought to you by Francis Wong, Johny Shih and Justin Liang.
~Thank you to Mr Hayman for all his contributions to basketball and information

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SBHS Debating 2006

Last Sunday March 20, six teams from SBHS attended the UNSW Invitational Debating Tournament. It was quite a gruelling day with one prepared debate and two unprepared debates (with just 30 minutes prep time). In our first competition wins of the season High took out both the Intermediate and Junior Divisions!

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE TWO WINNING TEAMS and everyone who participated. Intermediate - Dom Bowes, Zid Mancenido, Lucian Tan and Calum Martin Junior - Max Phillis, Antony Paul, Justin Chan and Oliver Fio

The final heats are VS SCEGGS AT HOME on 31/03/06 (topic area- The Environment). The semi finals will be held AT HOME on May 6 and the finals AT HOME on May 19. Teams for these dates will be announced at the end of the term and once the results have been tallied.


7 Friday 3.20pm- 4.30pm Evan Solomons
Gabriel McManus
Tom Kaldor
8 Wednesday 3.10pm- 4.30pm Tanvir Ahmed
William Clegg
9 Friday 3.10pm-4.30pm Dr. Joe Suttie 608
10 Thursday 7.45am- 8.45am Daniel Wodak 603
11 Tuesday 7.45am-8.45am Julia Bowes
Julia Fetherston
12 TBC various Hamish Nairn 603

The DSG has a new email address- This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Information relating to all DSG matters such as meetings agendas and minutes, the home debate supper roster and parking will be emailed to you from this address. The next meeting is Tuesday April 4th at 6.30pm in the Teachers Common Room.

For more information contact Ms Jocelyn Brewer, MIC Debating by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or visit www.sydneyhigh.org.au/debating 
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Fundraising: Coffee Orders

Elbon Coffee - Last orders with payment to cashier at Main Office by Tuesday April 4 (end of lunch) with delivery on Friday –April 7 (Orders sent home with boys)

Easter is fast approaching! Giving Elbon Coffee as an Easter gift would make a great substitute for Easter Eggs

Variety of Coffee  Elbon Special  Elbon Special  Elbon Special  Colombian  Colombian  Colombian Total($)
Style one Plunger Plunger Plunger Plunger Plunger Plunger  
Style two Espresso Espresso Espresso Espresso Espresso Espresso  
Pack Weight 250g 500g 1kg 250g 500g 1kg  
Price $8.00 $15.00 $30.00 $8.00 $15.00 $30.00  

Buyer’s Name

Type of Payment:   Cheque___           Cash___       Credit Card___
Card Type          Bankcard___        MasterCard___      Visa___   
Expiry Date ___ / ___ 
Card Number           _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _
Cardholder’s Name ____________________________________________
                             (please print)
Cardholders Signature _________________________________ Bus.Phone:_________________

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Head of the River 2006 - Parents & Supporters Bus

Saturday April 1 2006
We have a special bus ordered to take rowing parents and supporters to Penrith for the Head of the River Regatta.

The bus will leave from the rowing sheds at 8am and return there after the last event, in time to meet the rowers and for the post-Regatta function.

Ticket price is $20 return per adult, children free. Book now to reserve your place. Pay on the bus.

To book your seat(s) phone Grace Reid on 9389 2664 or Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
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Write Your Own Job Description and Get Recognised

Do you have a job within the school, or would like to have a job, eg: sports team captain, library monitor, environmental work? If so, fill in the form below and hand to Miss Ward. (Example below) Each submitted role may then be formally recognised within the student leadership structure of SBHS. This means you can build an official record of your leadership experience for your C.V.

My Job Title is:____________________________________________________________

Jobs I do and assist with:
1._________________________________________________________________________ 2.________________________________________________________________________ 3.________________________________________________________________________ 4.________________________________________________________________________ 5.________________________________________________________________________

I am to be trained in:
1.________________________________________________________________________ 2.________________________________________________________________________ 3.________________________________________________________________________

I publish in the following documents:
1._________________________________________________________________________ 2.________________________________________________________________________ 3.________________________________________________________________________

In my job I demonstrate the following skills:
1.________________________________________________________________________ 2.________________________________________________________________________ 3.________________________________________________________________________ 4.________________________________________________________________________ 5.________________________________________________________________________
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High Store Price List

Autumn/Winter Price List - 2005


From -




Please arrange for boys to be fitted as
early as possible:  6-8 weeks delivery from order)

  DT Apron






PANTS: Trousers - Junior, Dark Grey w/w
Trousers - Senior, Light Grey w/w







BELTS: Black leather


CHAIRS: Action Caribee Folding Chair




SHIRTS: Sky Blue and White, Short Sleeve


OTHER: Water Bottle with SHS logo


  Sizes 10-14


  Brita Water Filtration Bottle


  Sizes 16-22


  Brita Filters


  Sizes 24-26








  Sky Blue and White, Long Sleeve




  Sizes 10-14


  Polo (house colours)


  Sizes 16-22


  Black Baggy with SHS Print


  Sizes 24-26


  Sport Socks




TRACKSUITS: (sold as separates)


  Up to size 16


  Taslon Jacket


  Size 18-22


  Taslon Pant


  Size 24-26






ATHLETICS:  (new design)


SOCKS: Woollen or Cotton Knee High


  Singlet (3 colour design)


  Cotton Anklet Sock in SHS colours


HIGH Training Top


TIES: Junior


  Socks white with SHS. colour








SOCCER: Jersey (sky with brown collar)


  Old Boys


  Shorts Brown Baggy


  GPS. Old Boy


















RUGBY: Jersey up Size 12


BAGS: Backpack


  Size 14-22


  Sports Bag


  Size 24-28


  Satchel Bag


  Shorts (new style rugby)






MATHS Grid Book A4
Grid Book 96 Page


  Scarves knitted in SHS colours
















  House Badge


MUSIC Music Book


  SHS. (metal)




  Rowing (metal)


ART: Artist Paints


  Orchestra (metal)


  Canvas 18" x 24"


  Rifle (metal)


  Visual Art Diary


  SBHS Lapel Pin (metal)






Mug with SHS crest


SHS Sticker


Bridge Scorers


Address Book


Double Pack Playing Cards


School Centenary Book


Single Park Playing Cards


Silverware:  sugar or fluted spoon


Pencil Case (school crest)








Letter Openers


SHS Plaque


SHS Jotter with Pen


Coat hanger




SHS Cufflinks


Car Sticker




Polo Shirt $49.50
Supporter Jersey High Spirit $75.00
Rugby Jersey (Original) $60.00
Suppoter Polo Fleece Jumper (New Design) $70.00
OBU Tie $27.50

BLAZERS - Additions


GPS Pocket $22.00
Music Pocket $22.00
Prefect Top Pocket $22.00
Prefect Bottom Pocket $38.50
Embroidery Line $15.00
Full Braiding $70.00
Dry Cleaning $9.35
Service Charge $30.00

Clothing Pool

A recycled section operates within the High Store shop.  Items such as blazers, shorts, trousers, jumpers, rugby/soccer tops & boots, tracksuits can be sold on a commission basis - the shop retaining 1/3 of the sale price.
Please ensure that when sending items for sale, you include your name and address.
All items sent should be clean and in good condition.  Shirts are gladly accepted as a donation.


Accepted payment methods include - Cash, Bankcard, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, EFTPOS (Direct Debit) or cheque made payable to the "HIGH STORE"

Opening Times

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday - 10:30am-1:30pm
Telephone 9331 7075
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Canteen Price List

Opening Hours

The Sydney Boys High School Canteen is open between 8:30am - 1:40pm on school days. Any variation to this is advertised to students in the school's daily news bulletin.

Operation and Profit

The School Canteen is in the basement area of the Sir Charles McDonald Building. The Canteen is sponsored by the P & C Association, managed by a committee, and, to a very large extent, staffed in an honorary capacity by parents, grandparents etc of students of the school. Participation by parents is encouraged, and necessary to provide a fast, efficient service. The Canteen provides a variety of wholesome and hygienically prepared foods and drinks. The Canteen is one of the major sources of funds for the P & C Association and profits are being given over towards <LINKY>the new school library project</LINKY>.

Canteen Phone: 9360 4027

Lunch Orders

Lunch Orders can be placed from 8:30 to 9:00am
It is to your advantage to pre-order lunches: it saves waiting in queues - students picking up a lunch order can do so from the side canteen window - and ensures you get what you want.
Breakfast is also available during this before-school time.

Sandwiches and Rolls

Orders Only

Filling Sandwiches Rolls
cheese & salad $ 2.20 $ 2.80
chicken & salad $ 3.20 $ 3.80
corned beef & salad $ 2.60 $ 3.40
curried egg & lettuce $ 2.20 $ 2.50
egg & lettuce $ 2.20 $ 2.50
egg & salad $ 2.50 $ 3.00
ham & tomato $ 2.40 $ 2.80
ham & salad $ 2.60 $ 3.40
roast beef & salad $ 3.00 $ 3.50
salmon & salad $ 2.80 $ 3.50
vegemite $ 1.20 $ 1.50

Orders and over-counter sales

Filling Sandwiches Rolls
buttered roll N/A $ 1.20
cheese & tomato $ 1.50 $ 2.00
chicken & coleslaw $ 2.80 $ 3.50
chicken & lettuce $ 2.80 $ 3.50
corned beef & tomato $ 2.40 $ 2.80
dagwood N/A $ 3.00
roast beef & tomato $ 2.50 $ 3.00
roast beef, seeded mustard & lettuce $ 2.50 $ 3.00
salad $ 2.00 $ 2.50
chicken or lamb yeeros wrap $ 3.50 N/A
Mini wrap
- chicken & coleslaw
- beef & tabouleh


$ 2.50
$ 2.50

Available on brown or white
extras 20c

Sushi -  
 - beef
 - tuna
 - salmon
 - veg
  $ 2.40

Cakes Muffins and Fruit

custard tart/apple slice $2.10
choc chip/Anzac cookies $0.80
Chelsea bun/cupcake $1.80
muffin $2.50
apple, orange, banana $0.80
fresh fruit salad $1.90
fun bun $1.30
banana bread $1.30

Hot Food

Orders and over-counter sales

cheese & spinach puff $2.30
chicken & corn roll $1.30
chicken puff $2.50
chilli pie $3.50
garlic bread $1.50
lasagne/ravioli/spaghetti/hokkien noodles $3.00
meat pie (sauce +20c extra) $2.60
pizza pocket $1.60
pizza rounda $1.80
pizza slab $2.20
potato pie $3.20
sausage roll $1.80
steak sandwich w/sauce $2.50
sweet chilli chicken sub w/sauce $3.50
hot chick/mayo roll $3.50
hot chick/mayo sandwich $2.80


300ml plain milk $ 1.10
300ml flavoured milk $ 1.70
600ml plain milk $ 1.70
600ml flavoured milk $ 2.30
mineral water $ 1.40
Powerade $ 2.50
400ml 100% orange juice with iron $ 2.20
Diet 375 ml Coke/Lift/Sprite $ 1.70
600ml Diet Coke/Sprite $ 2.40
Aroona-carbonated spring fruits water $ 1.50
Berri - Long Life Juices $ 1.50
Switch - flavoured water $ 2.00


In addition, various sweets and
are available over the counter

Prices effective 30.01.2006 Minor price changes will occur as a direct result of increases by suppliers .

All canteen profits are returned to the school for the benefits of the boys' education and development.
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Paddington Public School 150th Anniversary

150th Anniversary Celebrations (Sesquicentenary)
Friday 5 May 2006 & Sunday 7 May 2006

The Paddington Model School opened for enrolments on Monday 5 May 1856, by order of The Board of National Education, with Mr Thomas Harris as its first Headmaster. On Friday 5 May 2006, the school will commemorate 150 years of continuous public education on the same site, with Mrs Sue Mootz as its current Principal.

Paddington Public School cordially invites all its ex-students, ex-teachers and staff, and their families, to celebrate with us this most significant and historical occasion over two days, Friday 5 May and Sunday 7 May 2006. Past school members are most welcome to attend both event days.

Anniversary Information
To learn more about the 150th Anniversary Celebrations, we suggest that you should:

► Visit the schools’ website at www.paddington-p.schools.nsw.edu.au and follow the links to the Anniversary information page and then the Online Response Form.
Complete the Online Response Form as soon as possible (enter your contact details as well as other information for planning of the events, incl. the ‘Path of History’). You need to register for the celebrations by completing the Online Response Form. Even if you are unable to attend the Anniversary Celebrations, the school would still like to document your (past school) details to preserve for its historical records.
► At any time you can keep in touch with the school and the Sesqui Planning Group by using the email address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
► If you do not have internet access, please contact Maria Hoareau, Sesqui Planning Coordinator, at the school on phone 9361-6730 or by fax 9360-9319.
► Mark the dates in your 2006 diary and tell other former Paddington Public School colleagues about the upcoming celebrations.

Come and celebrate with us in May 2006
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