High Notes, Vol 7 No 5, March 03 2006

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From the Principal

The Record 2002
By now all current students who were at High in 2002 should have received their copies of The Record. My congratulations go to Mr Gainford who delivered by the deadline of Speech Night. He has done a great job again. To save on postage, if you are in contact with students who were here in 2002, let them know that they can collect their copies of The Record from the school. Captains’ reports need to be completed each season. We welcome literary contributions at any time. Drop boxes have been set up on ‘p’ drive for staff to deposit electronic copies of material for The Record. We need further cooperation from students, coaches, Old Boys and staff if we are to achieve our goal of 100 editions by 2010, the centenary year of the publication.

High Notes Editorial Policy
High Notes has become very time consuming to edit and format for printing. My Memo 02/04 is more honoured in the breach than in the observance. Sports reports are becoming big productions of up to four pages in length. These reports should be limited to two pages. Detailed match descriptions have their place in The Record. High Notes is designed as a weekly newspaper rather than a magazine. Two page templates have been created by Lynne Williams. I shall start enforcing the existing editorial policy when publication difficulties arise. We do not want to dampen MICs’ or student writers’ enthusiasm, rather channel it into appropriate publications. Please limit all High Notes entries to two pages. Self-regulation is preferable to editorial intervention.

New Parents Welcome Party
On Tuesday a large crowd of 150 or more gathered together to socialise and set up channels of communication to support co-curricular activities carried out at various Year levels. It was heartening to see so many new parents took up our invitation to get together. Various speakers urged parents to get involved in school life in various ways. I spoke about the importance of Parent Year Groups as bodies unconstrained by constitutions, with a direct line to the Principal, and a mandate to discuss Year specific issues. An energetic trio played music. Sailing provided the catering and the P & C refreshments. Parents of Year 7 boys enjoyed the video presentation of their recent camp, edited with skill and dedication by Mr Hannon. The Year 8 Parent Group, led by Julie Blomberg and Alice Paul, organised the evening most efficiently. Thank you also to Valda Roser for her decorations. I hope the evening leads to an active engagement by more parents in school affairs over coming years.

Premier and Minister visit High
The Premier, Morris Iemma, and the Minister for Education and Training, Carmel Tebbutt, visited High on Tuesday to launch the new policy on measures to stop cheating and plagiarism in HSC courses. A 20-hour training module is in preparation at the Board of Studies designed to teach students about their responsibilities as researchers and writers, and a statement will be devised that senior students must sign, declaring their intentions to conduct themselves responsibly and with integrity in their stage six schooling. Our visitors asked students about their project work in Mr Devlin’s Extension History class. Adam Farrow-Palmer and James Morgan were asked questions about their attitudes towards cheating. Mr Storey lobbied on behalf of the school for a new library. Ms Tebbutt visited the library and senior study. We argued that High should be placed on the major capital works list for a new library. She said she would see what she could do but did not want to raise false hopes in us.

(I urge parents to keep emailing or writing to their local members, telling them of the need to support a new library for High).

Sports Success
It was very satisfying as a spectator to see how enthusiastically our students are participating in their Saturday sports. I was really pleased for the 2nd grade basketball that they could pull off back to back wins against King’s and Scots. The boys have been free throwing really well, rebounding effectively and cutting down turnovers in the back court. Ray Huynh’s direction, ball handling and three pointers have inspired his team. The boys look like winners and have kept their composure when it counted. It’s great to see more wins among junior A and B sides too. It proves that a good program with good coaches and positive team attitude can carry boys a long way towards overcoming height and reach disadvantages.
Dr K Jaggar
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From The Library

Two fabulous novels I read over the holidays – from a donation by an ex–parent.
Just before the holidays last year The Andrews Library at Sydney Boys High received a donation of wonderful novels worth roughly $2500. I have had a very enjoyable time reading two of those novels over the holidays and since.

Headlong by Michael Freyn.
This novel was short-listed for the 1999 Booker Prize. It is as totally humorous as its cover (and the subject / inspiration for the novel) - Brugel’s sly, The fall of Icarus. The painting depicts a pastoral coastal scene of shepherds and ploughmen totally missing the cataclysmic event of the winged Icarus falling to his death from flying too close to the sun. The viewer sees just a pair of pale well fleshed legs thrashing as a body disappears into the sea.

Freyn’s hero, Martin Clay, is writing his first academic paper. However he ironically suffers from a questing academic interest in just about everything including appropriating his new wife’s speciality – Art of the Middle Ages and he can’t get started on his paper.

Martin becomes convinced that a totally boorish, gun toting aristocratic neighbour has several old masters and one very special “lost” Brugel in his falling down “old pile” of an ancestral home. Martin is alarming his wife by his inability to focus and his inclination to “stray” romantically. He decides to make good financially by diddling his neighbour out of the Brugel. As the twists and turns of the plot unfold so also unfolds a gleeful and playful satire on the use and abuse of intellect. Headlong was a stimulating and refreshing read. It’s a pity it didn’t win the Booker.

Last night I finished Aloft by Chang-Rae Lee. This novel touches many of the issues of our time – Mac Mansions, how to make money and lose it, care for the aged, being married to a person with a mental illness, suicide, abortion and relationships with adult children and of course mixed race families. In fact it clicks into just about every Oprah moment but the myriad issues did not appear forced as the tone hovered above the desperate, only once becoming frantic- when Jerome had to fly his dying daughter to an unfamiliar airport in a fog. It is no surprise that he escapes in his aeroplane. What strikes us about Jerome is his ordinariness. He is like us.

The title is worth some reflection. Jerome succeeds without appearing to try. In fact he castigates himself for his laid back almost drop-out behaviour. Is he in fact too remote? Is he guilty of neglect? Is he responsible for the troubles which afflict his family? My husband thought so. He had to put the book down. I wasn’t so sure. Maybe I suffer from Jerome’s syndrome myself. Despite Jerome’s obvious sense of humour the book is not at all funny but it reflects our lives back at us for our judgement like any good literature. It is certainly a worthwhile read.
Veronica Crothers

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English Notes

Year 11 are settling into the demands of their Preliminary Course. This is a crucial year for them, a time to master those skills essential for success in the HSC. Writing is of course the key and with this in mind I urge all the boys to view every writing task undertaken in class as an opportunity to improve their skills in this area. The following essay is a fine example of a class task which has been written and then re-written by the student in an effort to master both content and the essay text-type. The result, as you can see, is a coherently structured, fluent and insightful response. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.
M Trompetter
Head Teacher English

‘Ode On A Grecian Urn’ – An analysis by Alvin Chiu Year 11
What insights into the concept of change are offered and how are they conveyed?

The poem ‘Ode On A Grecian Urn’ by John Keats, offers insights into the power of the imagination and the suggestions of change being inevitable. Keats highlights his concerns about fading beauty and the impermanence and suffering of life through an immaterial subject. The main concept offered is that the urn is an unchanging, beautiful object, a contrast to men who suffer many changes.

In stanza 1 Keats begins by personifying the urn through his imagination as an “unravished bride of quietness”. The metaphor suggests beauty that is untouched and still; a quiet beauty that is unchanged. The creator is long dead but the urn is “fostered” by “silence” and “slow time” and thus lives on. The phrase “slow time” implies that time has not stopped for the urn but is prolonged so that the beauty of this object does not suffer change brought by normal time. Keats personifies the urn as a “sylvan historian” as it provides a historic record. This metaphor indicates the urn’s significance to history by depicting a different time and culture. In the final four lines of this stanza intense activity is caught in history and embedded on the urn as a Greek relic. Through the use of rhetorical questions, Keats conveys vivid images depicted on the urn.

The poem begins with a paradox in stanza two, “heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter”. The purpose of this paradox is to suggest that the music created and heard by the imagination is sweeter than music heard by the “sensual ear”. Keats describes the ability of the imagination to visualize perfection unattainable in reality. The narrators comment “thou canst not leave thy song, nor ever can those trees be bare” suggests that this music will forever be sweet, the piper will forever play under the forever green trees. Keats tries to express the idea of the images depicted on the urn as never changing. The following stanza illustrates lovers on the brink of a kiss. Even though the lovers will never be able to engage in life, their youth and passion will remain unchanged. Keats tries to show that art has the advantage over reality of being perfect and unchangeable. The repetition of “never” reinforces the idea that life on the urn will never change.

The idea of a world which is unchanging is further unravelled in stanza three. The trees will forever experience spring. The piper will forever pipe songs which will be forever new. It also highlights the idea that the love depicted on the urn is superior to reality. The narrator expresses joy on pondering the urn’s scenes. The word “happy” is repeated to emphasise the superior life on the urn when compared to real human life in which people suffer heartbreak and illness. Stanza three juxtaposes the world of art with reality. This is highlighted through the differentiating qualities of the two situations. In reality, trees shed their leaves and experience all the seasons. In reality, the piper will stop playing, in reality the lovers’ passion and youth fade due to the process of time. The underlying message being conveyed is that everything in life has a beginning and an end. One must experience change if one is to experience life.

Keats uses questions to involve and hold the reader in stanza four e.g “who are these coming to sacrifice?”. The town illustrated in this stanza contains homes which are forever “emptied”, “silent” and “desolate”. It seems to show that the image was a real moment in time that has been captured and implanted into the urn forever. The town experiences no changes. The final three lines raise questions about the truth of this scene. In reality a town will never remain empty and desolate, life would go on and the forces of change would act upon life.

In the final stanza the narrator addresses the urn in the same style as in stanza one. “O Attic shape” suggests classical elegance. It is followed by admiration, “fair attitude”. The word “attitude” reinforces the personification of the urn by involving womanly features. The phrase “tease us out of thought” suggests that the silent urn will forever remain a mystery, whilst it is a source of inspiration elevating the reader into a forever unchanging world. After all the admiration expressed by the narrator, he admits the limitations of the world of art, “cold pastoral!”. Art embraces everything with life, whilst in reality it is lifeless, inanimate and unchanging. The urn is personified as a friend who would communicate the message about truth and beauty, which is forever unchanging in art but in reality nothing continues without change.

In the poem ‘Ode On A Grecian Urn’ Keats offers insights into the concept of change. Overall, Keats aims to highlight the inevitability of change in life juxtaposing it to the forever unchanging world of art.
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Year 7 Camp Haiku

Haiku is a nifty little poetic form which captures a feeling and a moment, rather like a snapshot. Here are some more of the lyrical wee snaps taken by Year 7 at Camp a few weeks ago.

All that lovely food!
How hungry am I right now?
A great meal indeed.
Leon Li

Scullery was hard.
We had to wash the dishes,
But we got lollies.
Vincent Wang

My socks feel so wet,
My sailing boat capsizing.
Childhood fear comes back.
Daniel Li

Drenched with the ocean
Wind breezing by, sails fly high,
Satisfaction soars.
Tahmid Shahriyar

I’m in bed talking,
George is so loud - Oh my God,
He’s so annoying.
Leo Lu

I saw the target,
My heart started to beat hard.
I aimed and…bullseye!
Samuel Beston

Waiting in the bus,
We’re finally going home,
Speeding down the road.
Andrew Chan
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High Societies

Under the umbrella of the Talent Development Committee students have the opportunity to form ‘societies ‘, vehicles for shared common interests of an intellectual nature. Societies may be linked to faculty areas such as the Economics Society or the already active French Society. Students may form a group to engage in competitions outside the regular curriculum such as the Australian Business Week’s Global Enterprise Challenge. Perhaps students would find the Philosophy Society or the Poetry Society a stimulating environment?

Societies must be registered with the Talent Development Committee. Registration forms are available from Mr Dolan in the Social Science Faculty. For successful registration societies must have the following;

  • A patron (member of staff)
  • Expression of Interest (a list of ten students who have expressed a willingness to participate)
  • Mission Statement (The aims of the society and reason for existence)
  • Activities (an outline of proposed activities)

Registered Societies will have access to designated rooms for meetings, use of audio-visual equipment and become eligible for funding from the TDC.

Interested students should check the Talent Development Notice Board in the McDonald Wing or contact a member of the Talent Development Committee.

D Matsos (LOTE)
H Howey (Soc Sc)
J Eggleton (English)
E Choy (Maths)
S Gorney (Science)

T.Dolan (Social Science)
Talent Development Co-ordinator

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Invitation to Year 7 Parents

Please come along to the first meeting of the Year 7 Parent Group 2006 at 6:30 pm Monday, 20 March in the Staff Common Room, Sydney Boys High School (near the main office).

The Year Group meetings are an ideal opportunity to meet other parents in your Year, to raise questions, make suggestions and air any concerns you may have. The Year 7 Parent Group is open to all Year 7 parents. In previous years, the group has put together a Year 7 contact list; organised social functions for Year 7 families; started up a Year 7 chess club including coaching; nominated a Year 7 parent to the P & C Executive.
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Words of Wisdom

"A real leader faces the music, even when he doesn't like the tune.

"Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there."
(John Wooden 1920 - )

Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though chequered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the grey twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.
(Theodore Roosevelt 1858-1919)

Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.
(Lou Holtz 1937 - )

It is less of a problem to be poor, than to be dishonest.
(American Indian Proverb)

“History will never accept difficulties as an excuse.”
(John F Kennedy 1917 – 1963)
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SBHS Debating 2006

Registrations for Debating are NOW OPEN www.sydneyhigh.org.au/debating 

Registrations will close on Friday March 10th. If your home computer doesn’t work for registrations please come to school and use the library computers. Ensure your details are correct before submitting information. All students must register for 2006.

Coaching has commenced.
Year 7 - Fridays from 3.20-4.30pm in 603, 606, 607 (subject to change).
Year 8 - Wednesdays from 3.20pm in 607 and 608 (subject to change).
Year 9 - Fridays from 3.20pm until 5pm in room 608.
Year 10 - see Daniel and check your email.
Senior debaters- watch your email inbox for more details.

Debating Supporters Group (DSG)
Is holding its first meeting of the year THIS Tuesday March 7th at 6.30pm in the Staff Common Room. This is an opportunity for parents to become involved in fundraising and events that assist us in further strengthening the Debating teams at High. If you have items for the agenda send them to John Evan, DSG President at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

The Eastside Debating Competition
has commenced and runs on every Friday night in March. Each week the teams (which will rotate) and venue information will be emailed to you, so don’t forget to CHECK YOUR EMAIL.

Parking Day
We have another parking day on Sunday March 5th starting from 2PM. Please email Craig Phillis, Debating’s Parking Co-ordinator at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you are able to assist for a few hours.

Further information can be obtained from Ms Jocelyn Brewer, MIC Debating by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by visiting www.sydneyhigh.org.au/debating.
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Fitness Assessment February 2006

The PDHPE Department has again assessed the physical fitness levels of our junior students. The most important health-related test is the 1.6km run for cardiovascular endurance. Our standard Moore Park West course was used for the assessment.

An assessment of 90% or better required a student to run the 1.6km in a time of 6 mins 30 secs, approximately, depending on the age of the student. An assessment of 50% or better, required a time of between 7 and 8 minutes, depending on age. A result of 10% or less means the 1.6km run was completed in a time greater than 9 mins 30 seconds.

Each student in Years 7-9 should have a copy of their assessment schedule and results for February 2006 in their PDHPE theory books. Parents are encouraged to review their son’s results with them.

There were some outstanding performances again this semester including
Dominic Cheung (7S) 6m 23s,
Andrew Ye (7E) 6m 53s,
Sam Darcy (8.1) 6m 12s,
Clinton Jiang (8.6) 6m 15s, J
eremy Ireland (9.1) 5m 46s,
Harrison Lane (9.3) 5m 50s,
Daniel Campion (10.6) and Alistair Taylor (10.5) 5m 44s.
* Fastest time is held by Paul Watzlaff 5m 00s set in 2003. It is our goal to have all Year 10 students at 50%, or better, (1.6km in 7 minutes) from 2007.

1.6km results for February 2006

Percentile band

No. of students in each percentile band

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

90 – 99





80 – 89





70 – 79





60 – 69





50 – 59





40 – 49





30 – 39





20 – 29





10 – 19





0 – 9










Mean results for each year group 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006.









Year 10








Year 9








Year 8








Year 7








G. Stein,

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Rowing News

This Saturday the seniors and Year 10 VIIIs will again have an early day at Penrith. We are all hoping for improved performances as the Head of the River draws near. With SIRC we can aim to improve our times as every 500 metres is timed and all crews will be aiming to better last week’s times. The opposition looks particularly fast this year but improvement is still possible.

The Junior Shed had some very encouraging performances on the Hen and Chicken course and I would like to thank the efforts of the junior coaches, Robbie Girdler, James Gerofi, Liam Bennet, Troy Polis, Mr Coan, Mr Hespe and Mr Gainford. Last weekend we recorded 7 seconds, 3 thirds and 1 fourth at the Newington Regatta, quite a promising effort.

Information about the combined Rowing Dinner will be circulated to the rowers shortly. This year the money for the dinner will be collected by the front office. The cost is $20 for rowers and $30 for parents and it is BYO.
MIC - Rowing

A couple of solid weeks have passed through the Sydney High Rowing unit. The week leading up to the St Joseph’s regatta, held in Iron Cove two Saturdays ago, the senior sheds underwent another intensive selection process, comprising of both erg testing as well as single scull races for the positions in the top crews. Congratulations to the unchanged 1st VIII (Tiedgen, Cunningham, Szabo, Gribble, Angell, Shao, Farrow-Palmer, Pham) who again demonstrated their skill and prowess, confirming their position once again as the top eight rowers in both selection modes. Slight changes were made to the 2nd VIII (Kim, Hurrell, Mackay, Louie, Song, Linegar, Shuttleworth, Lee) with Kevin Lee (Year 11) working his way back into the crew with courage, ambition and determination.

Since then the crews have competed in both the St Joseph’s Regatta and last weekend the Newington Regatta (Juniors) and the Sydney Regatta, held out at the Sydney International Regatta Centre in Penrith. The Year 10 VIIIs, returning from their Melbourne holiday, as well as the senior A and B squads (the senior IVs and VIIIs) made the trip out to Penrith to gain invaluable racing experience along the Head of the River Course, one of the top courses in the world. The Year 10 VIIIs as well as the IVs recorded some disappointing results, though not without promising signs from each of the crews. The two VIIIs followed suit, with some lacklustre rowing and concentration lapses spelling a disappointing result for the VIII.

The continual selection process is set to continue this week, with continued testing of both sculling and erg times to determine the fastest combination for the senior crews as we look ahead to the King’s regatta to be held this Saturday once again out at Penrith.
Blake Angell
Captain of Boats

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Music Notes

Music Parking
Our next music parking will be on Sunday the 26th of March from 12pm for a 3pm game. This parking day will be conducted by the students and parents of the Senior Concert Band. The boys have benefited greatly over the years from the energy and time put into fundraising through parking, now it is your turn to contribute to this important fundraising event. We would greatly appreciate your help on this busy day. Please see the music staff as soon as possible for further information. This will help support the purchase of new instruments (Oboes and French Horns, and the repair and purchase of percussion instruments). Award scheme points apply to students who participate.

Annual Music Camp
The Annual Music Camp will be held for all music ensemble members from the 29th-31st of May except for the training concert band. Training Concert Band will have a separate weekend day camp to be held at the end of term 1. Notes for the music camp will be going out to students this week and next week, please pay at the main office and return the attached slip to the music staff by week 8.

Parents of all music ensemble members, could you please provide the music staff with your contact details by filling in the slip below and returning it to the music staffroom as soon as possible so that we are able to contact you about any upcoming events involving your son’s participation. This will enable us to communicate with you more effectively and efficiently. Thank you very much. (Please print the information.)

Kind regards,
Music staff.

Son’s Name: _____________________________________     Roll class: _________________

Parent(s) Name: _________________________________     Contact No. : _______________

Email: __________________________________________     Music Ensemble(s): __________

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Fencing Registration

Fencing at SBHS is a winter sport only. If you are interested in joining the SBHS fencing team please return the form below to Ms May, MIC Fencing no later than Thursday 9th of March.

Please put the completed form into the envelope marked ‘Fencing Registration Year 7’ on Ms May’s door, room 305.

If you have any questions regarding fencing at SBHS please see Ms May at recess on any day, or during lunchtime on Wednesday 8th of March.

There is no co-payment for Year 7 fencers, but you need to buy a fencing glove.
You might choose to buy your glove privately or order it through JG Fencing, available only at your first fencing training session on the 6th of April. A deluxe washable glove costs $40 and a limited number of leather gloves are also available for $25. Please bring money or a cheque made out to JG Fencing, since payment is required before any order can be placed.

If you wish to purchase your own protective gear, jackets are available for $135, under-plastrons for $50. A kit - mask, jacket and under-plastron - is available for $283.50.

I _______________________________________ of Class ______ would like to be part 
of the SBHS fencing team in 2006.
Student’s signature:     _________________________________  Date: ________
Student’s email address: _________________________________________________
Parent’s Name (please print): ____________________________________________
Parent’s Signature:           ____________________________  Date: ________
Parent’s e-mail address:      ____________________________________________

YEARS 8-12
In 2006 all Y8-Y12 fencers have to sign the commitment form below prior to registration. The forms are to be placed into the envelope on door 305 (Ms May, MIC) marked ‘Fencing Registration Y8–Y12’ no later than Thursday 9th of March. Places are limited.

A co-payment of $50 is required by Y8-Y12 students to cover lost/unreturned equipment.

Masks and steam foils will be provided by the school on a share basis only, however all Y8, Y9 and Y10 fencers are required to buy their own protective jackets ($135) and under-plastrons ($50). Y11 and Y12 fencers can choose to either buy their own, or to hire jackets and under-plastrons at competitions.

If you choose to buy the optional mask in addition to the jacket and under-plastron a value kit is available for $283.50. .

You may choose to buy your gear privately, or order it at the school from JG Fencing, but ONLY at your first fencing training session on the 5th of April. Please bring the money or a cheque made out to ‘JG Fencing’. Payment is required before any order can be placed. Please note that no student will be able to fence without protective gear.

If you have lost or misplaced your glove, deluxe washable gloves are available for $40 and also a limited number of leather gloves for $25. .

I _______________________________________ of Class ______ would like to be part 
of the SBHS fencing team in 2006.

I will be available to represent SBHS in the NSW Schools Championships in Term 2, and in the NSW Schools Fencing League in Term 3, if asked to do so.

Timetable is available on the NSWFA website: www.nswfencing.com.au

Student’s signature:     _________________________________  Date: ________
Student’s email address: _________________________________________________
Parent’s Name (please print): ____________________________________________
Parent’s Signature:           ____________________________  Date: ________
Parent’s e-mail address:      ____________________________________________

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High Cricket Bulletin


A strong all round performance from The King’s School, our opponents last Saturday, in Round 5 of the GPS competition. The value of having School Boarders forming the nucleus of the teams, access to Turf pitches and Nets for practices and games, certainly provides formidable opposition to High and other schools. Irrespective of final scores in matches, there was a positive air in our teams and we are gradually learning to bat out our allotted overs, albeit without achieving big totals. The latter will occur, when our player’s skills, concentration, determination and the will to win, all come together in future matches.

A JOB WELL DONE - As we go to press this week we say farewell to our Editor-in-Chief, Kieran Lewis from High Notes and the popular weekly Quiz. Kieran has commitments which preclude him from contributing as much time as he has in the past, not only with High Notes but many other areas in support of cricket. He has done a great job with the notes and supply of information and his contribution will be missed. On your behalf and from all in High Cricket I thank Kieran for his dedication and on a personal note I thank him for his support and loyalty and I will miss being “reminded” that he was waiting on my supplement to complete High Notes each week.

PARKING ROSTERFriday 10th MARCH 2006 – I have only received 2 offers of assistance to date for this parking duty and in addition to requesting 2 players from each of the 1st through to the 5th XIs we need at least 6 adults (parents) to assist. Please give this date some thought and advise me by email. The reporting time is 5.00 pm each evening.

Our next parking will be on the Friday 31st March 2006

TEAM SCORERS – For the good hearted parents who help our junior teams by scoring (or “”copy scoring”) on their behalf we thank you for your efforts. It would also be appreciated if all scorers can (a) list the player who takes a catch(es), (b) List the player who fields a ball that creates a run-out, and (c) List the name of the wicketkeeper. These statistics are very important to all members of the U.16 down to the U.13 teams as they score points for Awards. Your attention to this will make for some happy cricketers.


1st XI King’s 10/208 and 8/62 -d- High 10/116 and 8/121 ( first innings loss)
Best bowling first innings Adrian Jeyendra 4/30 and Edward Pham 2/22. Run scorers first innings Edward Pham (33) and Matthew Fetherston (25). Second innings batting Edward Pham (34) and Edward Hibbert (32). For match report see the cricket Website.

2nd XI Kings King’s 7/115 -d- High 10/40 and 10/90 (outright)
For match report see the cricket Website.

3rd XI, 4thXI and 5th XIs.
For match comments see the cricket Website.

16A King’s 7/198 -d- High 9/107 and 1/59 (First Innings loss)
Best bowling from Kevin Lam 2/25(12 overs) Karan Rao 2/48(13 overs) and Daniel Simpson 1/3 (6 overs). Main run scorers Dominic Bowes made 46 n.o. in the first innings with Varan Perananthan (31n.o.) and Daniel Simpson (17 n.o.) still at the wicket in the second innings at the close of play. For match comments see the cricket Website.

16B High (16B) 10/198 -drew with- High(15B) 9/136
Run scorers were led by Nicholas Lochner (30. retired), Damien Tse (22) and Ziggy Harrison-Tikisci (19). Main wicket takers, Hari Bhrugubanda 3/14, Arun Karunakaran 2/3, Mikir Desai, Toby Rosengarten and Damien Tse took one wicket each. For “bragging rights” see the cricket Website for a match report.

15A King’s 8/295 -d- High 10/78 (38 overs) and 10/34 (outright)
Run scorers Kerrod McPherson (32) and Nakul Pendekar made 25. For match comments see the cricket Website.

15B High (15B) 9/136 -drew with High (16B) 10/198
Run scorers Razeen Ahmed(32.retired), Rohit Shenoy(22) and Tasneem Choudhury(17). Main wicket takers were Anthony Hopkins 2 / 26, Tasneem Choudhury 2 / 29 and Razeen Ahmed 2 /52. Lachlan Brown, Rohit Shenoy and Julian Byrnes, each took one wicket. For “counter bragging rights” see the cricket Website.

14B Scots 7/250 (30 overs) -d- High 10/66 (29 overs)
Main run scorers were William Lee (33), Liam Aylmer (4) and Shajil Kumar (2). Six bowlers took one wicket each. For match report see the cricket Website.

13A Scots 6/163 -d- High 10/59
Wicket takers for High were Vino Anandaselvakumar 2 for 8 (2 overs), Michael Wong 1 for 13 (5 overs) and Eric Ovadia 1 for 13 (3 overs). Main run scorers Michael Phung 12 runs and David Chan 7 runs. For match report see the cricket Website.

13B Scots 8/193 -d- High 10/65
Main run scorers Andrew Huynh (9), Yasar Chowdhury (7n.o.) and Shimon Danziger (6). Wicket takers Leo Lu 2 wkts for 26, Samir Kinger 2 wkts for 33 with Andrew Huynh and Pasan Pannila taking one wicket each. For match report see the cricket Website .

13C Scots 5/210 -d- High 10/33
Run scorers Abdullah Sarker (9), Ryan Gu (3). Main wicket takers Rahib Azwad 3 wkts for 25 (4 overs) and Iftiar Khan 1 wkt for 26. For match report see the cricket Website.
Laurie Heil
MIC Cricket

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Tennis: Networking

Sat 25th Feb - Scots vs High (R3)
Scots 9 - High 3
Dbls 1: 6-3, 5-7, 1-6:
Dbls 5-7, 6-3, 3-6
Dbls 3: 1-6, 1-6
Singles 1: 6-4, 6-2 :,
Sgls 2: 7-5, 7-6:
Sgls 3: 1-6, 1-6:
Sgls 4: 0-6, 4-6:
Sgls 5: 3-6, 6-4, 6-3:
Sgls 6: 1-6, 3-6
High played at home under less than desirable conditions. The gust and glaring sun looked to be the obstacles in our quest to beat Scots. In the pre-season, the score was less than impressive. However, this time around we looked to be right in the contest. In the doubles, Mitch, Hai, Matt and Ivan all suffered long, cruel 3 set losses. Both pairs looked to have the upper hand, however, were unable to keep their composure and last it out in the third set. David and Daniel were swept away by their more drilled opponents. However, they vow to win at least a set in the next few weeks, as they turn up the heat on the competition. In the singles, Mitch once again out hit and out served his opponent, winning comfortably in straight sets. Matt had a harder time against his opponent; however, his strategic play was too much for his one dimension opponent. Daniel tried hard, but couldn’t match his opponent. Ivan said that he played ‘the best he has this season’, hitting many great shots, however it was unfortunate that his opponent ‘played better’. David played during the windiest time of the day and tried to outclass his opponent with drop shots. However, the Scots voodoo struck leaving David flabbergasted at his loss. Hai played ‘off his fanny’ and showed flair and power to win in three sets. The chances to win were there, however, we were unable to convert these chances. After heading back to the drawing board, we look to improve our results this weekend as we journey to Hunters Hill for a much anticipated match against our cerise opponents.
David Cao
1st grade captain

Dbls 1: 0--6, 3-6
Dbls 2:4-6, 6-4, 4-6:
Dbls 3:3-6, 0-6:
Sgls 1: 5-7, 0-6:
Sgls 2:0-6, 0-6;
Sgls 3:6-3, 4-6, 0-6 (forf):
Sgls4: 0-6, 0-6:
Sgls 5:1--6, 1-6:
Sgls6: 2-6, 5-7.
A disappointing result but a fine effort pretty much sums up the day. Against a well-drilled Scots 2nd Grade, High’s performance definitely wasn’t 100%, but the High Spirit could clearly be seen. In Doubles 1, the opponents made few errors, and these were not taken advantage of by Henry and Boris. Consistency was nowhere to be seen, and this led to our downfall. In Doubles 2, Thomas and Nelson had great consistency, but their reluctance to hit the ball hard cost them the match. In Doubles 3, the new combination of Chapman and Jordan seemed to be working, but their lack of match-play together became evident as the game progressed and holes emerged. In his No.1 Singles, Henry fought to keep up with the hard-hitting Scots man, but the failure of his serve in the second set, as well as the loss of consistency, wasn’t good enough. As our No.2 player, Boris’s game wasn’t up to scratch, and his inconsistency and impatience were disappointing. Thomas’s match was full of drama. After winning the first set and being down in the second, Thomas reached new heights of incredibility, suffering four cramps at the same time, leading to his forfeiture. Chapman’s opponent was the same one he took on during the trial matches, and the result showed Chapman’s lack of relative improvement. After the psychological setback of losing his doubles in a 3-setter, Nelson couldn’t refocus and lost his singles in a hurry. Jordan, who has newly stepped up into the 2nds, played fine tennis but lacked experience, resulting in his close loss in the second set. The result wasn’t ideal, but the boys held themselves well and were great representatives of High. With extra practice and game play, it is inevitable that this team will only get better and better.
Henry Liu
2nd Grade Captain


16s As
 6 - 0
4 - 2
5 - 1
5 - 1
DBLS 2, Cary/Jason 6-3,Sgls Cary 6 – 4
SglsDanny Fu6-0,DanielChim6-2
Nick Hayes,Alex Shapilsky 6-0
Dbls 2Tam/Alex 6-2,Sgls Tam6-3
15s As
 3 - 3
3 - 3
5 - 1
3 - 3
Dbl2,Lee/Huda 6-1, J Ireland 6-0
Dbl2,Siu/Chin6-0,S Chin,Twu6-2
Dbl1,Dinh/Cham6-5,Ting Gao6-0
14s  As
 3 - 3
3 - 3
1 - 5
3.5 – 2..5
Sg 4.Derek Trang 6-2
Sgl1,Ben Soroka 6-3,K Sheng6-5
Dbl 1.Declan/Justin 6-3
Dbl2,Wei/Andrew6-5,S A.Wu6-3
3/6  As
 3 - 3
3 - 3
5 - 1
4 – 2
 Roger Luo sgls 6 – 3
A Klocker/E Deng 6 – 4
Sgl Matt Wong 6-3,Eric Liu 6-3
Sgl 1.Robin Chen 6-1,Vassily Issaev 6 - 3
0 – 6
2 – 4
2 – 4
2 - 4      
Dbls 2 Lawrence/Sunny 1-6
Sgls George Panas 3 -6
Dbl Dennis/Viv6-3.SglsVivin 6-2
DB1Sujay/RonSgKit Man6-5,7-2

The 16As were confident heading into the fixture with Scots’ College. However Scots’ looked the goods in the warm-up, and weren’t short on confidence either. Two bouts of lateness didn’t help us, but it seemed to help with Ben and Alex playing an excellent doubles, fighting back from 5-3 down (and a match point) to record a 7-6 victory. Ben played a flawless singles (winning by default), while Jason lost narrowly again. However, the latter keeps improving and that is all we are after. Alex and Cary, at 3 and 4 respectively, battled tenacious opponents and their own nerves to record close wins. We scored a 4-2 victory, our first for the year, and we will be looking to build on that next week against St. Joseph’s College.
Peter Pereira
Coach of 16As

25 March, at Great Hall Sydney Boys High 8:00 pm

Watch this space for further details re purchase of tickets, raffle prizes and TENNIS COURTS UP DATE!

Tennis Committee,
Sydney Boys High

Thanks to coaches for results.
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Athletics Timetable - 2006

School & CHS Carnivals Training  
Wednesday April 12 2006
   School Athletics Carnival, SAF (Kensington) (all day)
Thursday April 13 2006
   School Athletics Carnival, SAF (Kensington) (am)

Friday June 23 2006
   Eastern Suburbs Zone Athletics, Hensley AF (East Gardens) (8:00am - 3:15pm)

Monday August 7 2006

   Sydney East Area Athletics Carnival, SIAC (Homebush) (pm)

Tuesday August 8 2006
   Sydney East Area Athletics Carnival, SIAC (Homebush)

Friday September 8 2006
   CHS Athletics Championships, Homebush

Tuesday lunch on the flat with

Davina Strauss (Hurdles, Sprints, Long Jump & High Jump)


High Harriers Running Club meet at the Bat and Ball (across the road from the Gym) Tuesdays after school (3.30 to 4.15)




GPS Athletics Season – Carnivals Athletics Season – Training
Week 5 , Term 3

Saturday August 19 2006
   SGS/NC Invitation Athletics, SAF (Kensington)

Monday – 14/8/06

ES MARKS - All Athletes

Wednesday – 16/8/06

McKay - Seniors/Moore Park West - Juniors

Thursday – 17/8/06

McKay - Juniors /Moore Park West - Seniors

Week 6, Term 3

Saturday August 26 2006
   SIC/TKS Invitation Athletics, Homebush Athletics

Monday – 21/8/06

ES MARKS - All Athletes

Wednesday – 23/8/06

McKay - Seniors/Moore Park West - Juniors

Thursday – 24/8/06

McKay - Juniors /Moore Park West - Seniors

Week 7 , Term 3

Saturday September 2 2006
   Conveners Athletics Carnival, Homebush Athletics


Monday – 28/8/06

ES MARKS - All Athletes

Wednesday – 30/8/06

McKay - Seniors/Moore Park West - Juniors

Thursday – 31/8/06

McKay - Juniors /Moore Park West - Seniors

Week 8, Term 3

Saturday September 9 2006
   TSC/SHS Invitation Athletics, SAF (Kensington)
   CHS Athletics Championships, Homebush


Monday – 4/9/06

ES MARKS - All Athletes

Wednesday – 6/9/06

McKay - Seniors/Moore Park West - Juniors

Thursday – 7/9/06

McKay - Juniors /Moore Park West - Seniors


Week 9, Term 3

Monday September 11 2006 Week 9 A
   GPS Athletics Assembly, Great Hall, 11:10am

Saturday September 16 2006
   AAGPS Athletics Championships, SIAC 1&2 (Homebush)

Monday – 11/9/06

ES MARKS - All Athletes

Wednesday – 13/9/06

McKay - Seniors/Moore Park West - Juniors

Thursday – 14/9/06

McKay - Juniors /Moore Park West - Seniors

Robert Devlin
MIC Athletics

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Basketball: Shooting Hoops

High VS Scots

Term 4 2005 (last time)

1st LOSS    63-56   H.Walker 16
2nd     LOSS    62-44   S.Sugito 11
3rd     LOSS    43-34   M. Popescu 11
4th     WIN     38-30   J.Sun 10
16A     WIN     36-13   M.Bock 9
16B     LOSS    9-13    D.Chiu 3
16C     WIN     37- 18  B.Lee 10
16D     WIN     30-10   S.Liu 12
16E     LOSS    3-38    W.Ma 2
15A     LOSS    36-24   J.Park 6
15B     LOSS    31-21   C. Reeves 7
15C     WIN     41-11   B.Yang 8
15D     WIN     30-14   No scorer provided
14A     WIN     16-15   J.Sutton 5
14B     LOSS    14-15   A. Kugendran 4
14C     WIN     22-19   No scorer provided
14D     WIN     14-13   No scorer provided
14E     LOSS    3-17    No scorer provided

Term 1 2006 (This week)

1st LOSS    75-60   H.WALKER 25
2nd     WIN     45-33   R.HUYNH 21
3rd     LOSS    44-60   G.ZINGER 13
4th     WIN     23-17   J.TAO 7
16A     WIN     42-12   C.TANG 12
16B     WIN     28-20   A.TSE 6
16C     LOSS    23-34   B.LEE 6
16D     DRAW    21-21   J.WONG 6
16E     LOSS    21-12   B.LUNG 8
15A     LOSS    45-30   J.TASSELL 10
15C     WIN     16-9    K.LIM 8
15D     WIN     44-14   D.LO 14
15E     LOSS            No scorer provided
14A     WIN     34-15   S.YOON8 &11 STEALS
14B     WIN     42-18   A.KOERBER 16
14C     WIN     41-10   A.KUGENDRAN 14
14D     WIN     47-10   S.YUNG 12
14E     WIN     44-7    J.CASTILLO 3
13A     LOSS    36-6    A.YE 2
13B     LOSS    47-4    N.AUTAR 4
13C     LOSS    55-3    B.LEO 2
13D     LOSS    62-2    Y.WONG 2
13E     LOSS    32-6    Y.CHAN 2

What a massive week for Sbhs basketball!
Wins and more wins! The ‘a’ grade teams are performing very well under the quality coaching staff provided.

In the firsts, playing against ‘a few imports’ made the game tough. A quality shooting performance from h walker kept high in the game. The seconds continue their domination over their opponents….

The future looks fantastic; go the 14s and 15s age group. 13s should be encouraged by looking at the 14s results; keep working hard and you will see the improvement.

All boys in the 13s, 14s and 15s age group should be looking to get into representative basketball. See mr hayman (pdhpe) for details.

Alex attended Cranbrook School and began playing basketball in Year 8. He represented the first grade team there from Year 9-12 with success. He was also chosen to represent Australia as a schoolboy basketball player in his final year. During this year he represented Northern Suburbs basketball and won the Sydney and State Championship. He attributes much of his success to getting into representative basketball early. Alex finished school with a Band 6 UAI (scholar athlete!) The following year Alex trained with the Sydney Kings and received a full scholarship to Colorado College in the USA. He played significant minutes for his team in his first season and returns each off-season to coach at SBHS. “Play Reps as early as you can- is the key to success”- A Hayman

1st Grade Match Report
Score: 75-60 (loss).
Top Scorer: H Walker 25
Facing arguably the most improved team from last year, Scots College, High were prepared with their game plan and focused on causing an upset. From the tip-off, it was evident Scots forwards C Pongrass and H Lee would be a factor, both standing at about a head taller than the whole High side. The first minutes of play were patchy with our opening points coming from an open three pointer from Harry Walker. Defensive monster Francis Wong played full court man on Steven White which proved effective forcing him to make rash decisions resulting in turnovers. The first quarter also saw talented point guard Victor Nguyen drive baseline and posterising Chris Pongrass with a 1 meter mini hook shot. This excited the crowd and resulted in some strong plays ending the first quarter 18-16 in High’s favour. The second quarter was not looking good with star shooting guard Harry Walker playing unruly defense sending him into foul trouble. This gave Victor Nguyen extended minutes where he shone with great penetrating moves creating shots for team mates. Dale Sun hit a few jumpers in the period but was unable to convert his usual running jumpers in the key. After the intermission, High went onto a 6 point run with quick successive points off a full court High press defence. Francis Wong led the way in the period with elegant full court outlet passes to teammates for easy transition baskets. This however was not the full story. Scots were able to consistently get to the ring from the likes of Steven White and were able to cause havoc among the High defence with Moussa Farhat once again fouling out after a very impressive 15 board effort. The last quarter saw young talent Justin Chow play a few quality minutes and Lewis d’Avigdor scoring some impressive baskets. The end of the game saw Scots edging out High by 15 points in a tightly contested game.

2nd Grade Match Report
Score: 45-33 (win).
Top Scorer: R Huynh 21
After a well and long deserved victory from last week against King’s, High were pumped with confidence knowing they had prepared well for the 7th placed Scots. High opened up the game once again with full court pressure defence which constantly forced the Scots squad to buckle under pressure. As a result High were able to gain possession and attempt many more shots than their opposition. The game was close throughout with consistent inside jumpers from Alex Lee and a few impressive half court sets with great finishes coming Alex Vertoudakis on a free throw line jumper and once again solid moves down low from Eugene Wong. At the end of the third quarter the score line was three points in Highs favour. The last quarter opened up with High on a 10-0 scoring run. At times when High looked shaky on defense defensive stopper Kenny Huang would grab crucial rebounds and make solid stops. After the Scots star shooting guard got into foul trouble early he returned in the fourth quarter hoping to guide his team to victory, however High’s full court pressure remained too much and the Scots guards were unable to get settled into their mid and long range jump shots. Full credit goes to David Hu who has been consistently grabbing boards and playing good basketball despite his limited minutes behind veteran forwards Eugene and Kenny. The final minutes of play saw High hang onto a 12 point lead, despite shooting sensation Stuart Sugito being held to minimal points.
Raymond Huynh,
Captain of the best 2nd Grade team in 5years

16As Match Report
Score: 42-12 (dominating win!).
Top Scorer: C.Tang 12
This was the biggest thrashing I’ve ever seen from my grade. From the moment the 16Bs finished, the As were all hyped up and mentally switched on. The game started with High playing tough solid defence and smashing offence. By the end of the first half the game was precisely over. Second half saw Scots giving up on defence and allowing High to take the lead even further. Throughout the game, Chris Tang ripped through all their players and added a beautiful finishing touch to his moves. “Super Rookie” Warren Trac showed Scots his massive rebounds that simply took out hope for Scots in getting easy put-ins. Excellent shooting skills from Danny Ng and David Yu extended the lead. Patrick Locke grabbed numerous boards and scored proving that he was As material (B players were in shock when the coach wanted him to be tried out for the As). Unfortunately the As couldn’t achieve the “more than 30 points” goal set by the coach in the second half but still finished the game with more than triple Scots score.
Johny Shih,
spectator from the 16 “B”easts.

16Bs Match Report
Score: 28-20 (win).
Top Scorer: A Tse 6 (1 free throw 1 field goal 1three pointer).
Let’s start with the highlight of the match. Andrew Tse sunk a perfect three pointer. Now onto the game. With our entire squad and our metro-asian coach Matt Lam back, what else could have been better? Other than my friend being paid to eat a sandwich. The game started off with high leading 4-0 due to good teamwork. Scots boys weren’t letting the game slip out of their reach that easily though, but we were tougher and persisted. High taking the lead to 15-6 at half time was a nice confidence source for us. The game continued and High kept a high morale and took the lead all the way to the very end. It was a great team game with: great shooting by Pat Locke, sinking four out of four of his free throws and Eric Ang with his open shots just inside the 3 point line. (It would be nice if you increase your range by 10cm!) Alvin Lueng and Dean Huang grabbing numerous rebounds and superb drives, Keerth and Nathan doing superbly inside the key, Zid’s broken arm which reminded us that we were to take it to the extremes for the win, and a welcome back to Michael Myronenko who played so well and proved that he wasn’t out of touch. Last but not least, our vice captain with his great defence whenever he’s on, no roaring this time for the offence though and myself in charge of fast breaks. But this IS the 16Bs that has defeated Scots and Grammar. And soon Joeys will join the list too. Great work team.
Daniel Chiu,
Captain of the 16 “B”easts

Captains please send in your match report to Mr Hayman by lunchtime on Mondays! An electronic copy preferably. Would be good to see more reports from our 14s too! What a great age group coming up!
~Brought to you by Francis Wong, Johny Shih and Justin Liang.
~Thank you to Mr Hayman for all his contributions to basketball and information
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Unity in Diversity - 100 years of SHS Membership of the AAGPS

The name of Denis Joseph Sullivan (1873-1952) has been mentioned in connection with Sydney High School’s entry into the AAGPS. He was employed at High as a teacher of modern languages from 1905-1914. However, it was his organisation, as sports master, of the sporting side of the life of the School that helped build the case for admission to the AAGPS. The following piece comes from the Record of June 1914 when Mr Sullivan left to take up an appointment at the newly opened Sydney Technical High School.

D J Sullivan Esq, BA
It is with regret that we have to report the great loss which our school has sustained by the removal of one of the oldest and most popular of our staff, we refer to Mr D J Sullivan, BA.

His long service at the Sydney High School had made him familiar with all its activities, and his unflagging energy in the interests of sport will long be remembered. His name, indeed, on that account alone, has become a household word. His kindly nature endeared him to one and all. No task to forward boys’ interests was too irksome for him, no pains too great to assist them along the narrow path of learning. His sound knowledge, ripe experience, and genial good nature fitted him admirably for the position he held.

Whether on the football field as coach, and, on occasion, as centre-forward, or on, the cricket field, or out diverting himself, like some "leviathan of the deep" in the placid waters of Bondi, or as an officer of the School Company, he proved himself a "thorough sport." In the internal working of the school, no master has done more thorough and conscientious work, which will long be remembered with gratitude by any boy worthy of the name. A fine disciplinarian, his class was always a model of order and industry, and not a boy but felt a pleasure in the class work. With regard to the social life of the school, we all know with what zest Mr Sullivan joined in concerts, debates, and such other functions not forgetting the mock banquets ready to sing, recite, or speak, at a moment's notice, and always delightful to listen to.

Endowed with the true Milesian humour and gift of oratory, he could entertain the school by the hour, had time, on such occasions, permitted. Well, despite all his lovable and excellent qualities, we were unable to keep him with us; for, much as he would have liked to stay, when one's interests are at stake, it is a case of carpe diem, and old ties and associations are broken. But Mr Sullivan may feel sure that, whatever the future may have in store, and wherever he may be, he will always bear with him the best of good wishes from his old pupils, in whose hearts there can never be for him anything but the greatest esteem and affection.
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P & C Welcome Party

The 2006 Welcome Party for all our new parents at Sydney Boys High School was a great success and was attended by over 180 people. It was fantastic to see so many enthusiastic new members of the school community. Once again WELCOME!

Everyone agreed that the evening was a great way to learn more about the school and to meet and get to know each other.

A big 'Thank You' to all the parents, the Principal, the P & C, the speakers, the staff, the Prefects and all other helpers on the night. Everyone's effort was greatly appreciated and made this evening a great success.

A special thank you to the Sailing Committee for the catering, to Mr Hannon for the video presentation, and to members of the Senior Jazz Group for the musical contribution. Thank you and welcome.
The Year 8 Parent Group
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Cricket Dinner & Award Night

8th APRIL 2006 at 6:30 pm

  • door prize
  • quiz
  • not many speeches
  • awards
  • raffle

Come and support SBHS cricket at its annual blue (and brown) ribbon event $30 adults $25 players
Soft drink provided, wine for sale, BYO
Money to office by Tuesday 4th April 2006

STUDENT NAME   _______________________________________    ROLL CLASS    ________
Type of payment:   Cheque          Cash            Credit Card

Card Type:              Bankcard        Mastercard      Visa    Expiry Date: ____/____
PAYMENT FOR: __________ Adults __________ Players ________ Team
TOTAL AMOUNT PAID: $___________________________                    vegetarian
Card Number: _______________________________________
Cardholder’s Name: ________________________________________________________  (please print)
Cardholder’s Signature: ___________________________________________  Bus.Phone: ____________________

------------------------------ (Office Use Only)

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