High Notes, Vol 7 No 40, December 15 2006

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From the Principal

Final Edition for 2006
Thank you to all staff, students and parents who contributed to the publication of High Notes in 2006. In particular, our thanks go to Lynne Williams for her efficiency and professionalism as editor of High Notes. Even though the newsletter gets a little bulky at times, I think it serves its purpose of keeping the school community informed about what is going on at High. Thank you to everyone who helped make this a memorable year at High and compliments of the season to you all.

As we wind the year up I would like to thank the High staff for their collaborative approach to teaching, learning and administration this year. We have some mile stones to remember, not the least of which was the timely publication and distribution of The Record, thanks to Mr Barris and his team of editors, writers, photographers and proof readers. The High Flyer publication has lifted the spirits of some High stalwarts and I look forward to future publications. Our facilities development will be finished off in the new year with landscaping works around the new basketball courts and the installation of the new demountable building. Schools are about academic results and the benchmark is HSC performance. Next week we will know how good a year this one has really been.

High Talent
Congratulations to our volleyball team for their bronze medal at the Australian Schools championship in Melbourne. Despite injuries to two key players the depth of the team supported their good result. In juniors cricket our boys won the Barberus Cup from Melbourne High for the first time – a sign of good things to come in the cricket program.

End of Year Reports
All boys should be bringing home their reports. Clearance Forms are out for everyone. Reports are waiting for collection. Boys need to book times on the sheets outside Mr Dowdell’s office. Boys are expected to talk to me about their progress. I encourage parents to ask their sons for their reports.

Electronic High Notes
A reminder that next year we will be using all available email addresses to send home our publication electronically. Unless parents let us know in writing that this arrangement is not acceptable, we will assume we have your permission to use your supplied email address to send you a reminder email with a direct link to High Notes on our website. We will be restricting the print run to the known number of parents without email addresses or who have declined to have the information used for communication purposes.

School Within a School
Our junior high school organisation will commence in 2007 with Years 7-9 operating as a stand alone entity for many activities. Sport will be on Thursdays for Years 7-9. Assemblies will be divided into two sessions on most occasions. Special events focussing on Years 7-9 will be organised for their benefit. Year Advisers and Assistant Year Advisers will be devising communication strategies, program interventions and counselling support on a targeted basis. For the senior school, Years 10-12 will wear the senior uniform, have their attendance recorded electronically, be eligible for senior study passes and have access to library laptops for research and study purposes. Programs and skills development targeted at improving HSC results will be high priority for the senior school.

School Certificate results 2006
Congratulations to the mathematics staff for their 2.03 standard deviations effect size score in the School Certificate test. Our boys performed at a mean of 93.37, 25.5 marks higher than the state mean. History was next at 1.39 followed by geography 1.37, computing skills 1.21, English 1.20 and science 1.18. Standard deviations are usually 10-12 marks in these tests, so our boys are performing at 1.4 SD or 14 to 15 marks above state mean across all the tests. Our target is 1.5. In Computing Skills every boy scored within the highest achievement band (mean 93.2) vindicating our policy of not offering computing studies as an elective in stage 5.

Parent Mentors
Thank you to the 66 parents who have registered as parent mentors for 2007. Names and contact details of new families will be emailed to you before the end of term so that you can arrange to make contact with your mentored families in the new year. I hope that this initiative has the desired outcomes of enhancing connection between new families and school life as well as facilitating a smoother transition from primary to secondary school for the boys.
Dr K Jaggar
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Academic Achievement List – Year 9 2006

Congratulations to the following boys in Year 9 whose excellent academic achievements in Semester 2 are recognised.

Points were awarded as follows - High Distinction: 6, Distinction: 5, Credit: 3, Pass with Merit: 2 Pass: 1, with the qualifying total being 40 points from 8 subjects.

Adrian ANG
Yiming CAO
Jeffrey CHEN
Benjamin DIEP
Matthew DINH
David FAN
Desmond HI
Vincent KHOU
Victor LAM
Harrison LANE
Brian LAU
Matthew LAU
James LEE
Aolin LI
Kang LIM
Victor LIM
Daniel LO
Edward LU
Maxeem MIKHA
Daniel SHAN
Wilson SZET
Matthew TONG
Victor UNG
Michael YIU
Shorson ZHANG
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Anti Bullying Policy

It is important that we are all aware of the anti-bullying policy at SBHS. Please take a moment to read through this and discuss with your son.

To protect students from bullying and foster a school culture where bullying is unacceptable

Bullying is repeated repression, physical, verbal or psychological, of a less powerful individual by a more powerful individual or group

Students have been victims or perpetrators of bullying at SBHS Staff and students need to be aware of strategies to identify and respond to incidents of bullying Meet Department requirements


  • To implement and maintain a whole school approach to address the problem of bullying
  • To increase self esteem and to build self-efficacy
  • To enhance learning readiness and the learning environment
  • To empower students to be proactive in problem solving associated with bullying
  • To heighten awareness at a whole school level


  • Identify the needs of our students and develop strategies to meet these specific needs
  • All students to have strategies to deal with bullying, whether a victim or witness, and these will be proactive
  • All bullies to have strategies to curb bullying tendencies
  • To maintain and expand on the Living Skills program which identifies types of bullying behaviour and appropriate strategies for teachers and students to combat it
  • Students to accept and value difference as a fact of life
  • Regularly survey students to elicit feedback about their perception of the prevalence of bullying, where it occurs and general satisfaction with school life [QSL survey, Living Skills surveys]
  • Maintain a peer mediation scheme which assists students to resolve minor conflicts and to heighten students’ awareness of this process through student diary, High Notes, teachers
  • Publish a student grievance procedure in Student diaries and Living Skills lesson material
  • Produce a decrease in bullying incidents
  • Staff to recognise that all incidents of bullying are unacceptable and to be proactive in addressing this issue

Policy in Action

Student Program

  • All students will be made aware that bullying is unacceptable behaviour and that there are procedures in place for dealing with this problem [student diary/ living skills/ assemblies/ high notes/ performances]
  • All students will adhere to school rules about bullying
  • All students will participate in surveys on the occurrences of and opinions about bullying
  • All Year 10 students will participate in phase 1 Peer mediation training [living skills] and volunteer Year 10 students will participate in the school peer mediation program intensive training
  • Prefects will participate actively in identifying and reducing the incidents of bullying and setting a role model
  • All Year 7 students participate in Peer Support, aimed at building friendships, challenging stereotypes and encouraging assertive behaviour

Staff Program

  • Staff should be active in identifying and eliminating bullying behaviour while on playground supervision, in the corridors, in the classroom, at sport venues.
  • Teachers should report suspected victims of bullies to Year Advisers for early intervention and monitoring.
  • Teachers should support and participate, where possible, in welfare programs designed to assist the elimination of bullying [eg. Peer mediation, peer support, peer tuition/mentoring, Living Skills etc]
  • Staff will be inserviced on anti-bullying policy and become aware of different strategies for combating bullying

Procedures for staff dealing with bullying incidents

  1. Teachers respond to all incidents of bullying
  2. All incidents to be reported on Yellow cards and passed to relevant person [outside class to Deputy Principals, within class to Faculty Head teacher or Deputy Principal]
  3. Perpetrators and victims to be reported to relevant Year Adviser for follow up/monitoring
  4. Deputy, HT Welfare or Year Adviser to inform Counsellor of all major concerns. All referrals, apart from self referrals, need to go through the Year Adviser
  5. If a pattern of bullying emerges through RISC system [yellow cards] parents are interviewed and a plan of action implemented
  6. All physical forms of bullying will result in detention/s and possible notice of intention to suspend and go through the Deputy Principals.

Procedures for students

  1. Believe that any form of bullying is not acceptable
  2. Two options are available for victims and witnesses
    1. report the incident of bullying to your class teacher, teacher on playground duty, Year Adviser or Head Teacher Welfare
    2. Peer Mediation is an alternative if preferred. You can request a mediation through the Peer Mediation Co-ordinator. The incident is not reported on the RISC system and remains confidential.


Procedures for Parents
If you suspect your son is a victim of bullying please

  1. Contact Year Adviser and they will liaise with counsellor and HT Welfare to address your concerns
  2. The school will liaise with parents on a regular basis until your son feels safe.
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Prestigious Award for Old Boy, Joseph Suttie

Joseph Suttie, an Old Boy and Dux of 1994 has been awarded a General Sir John Monash Award in the study area of cardiac imaging.

The General Sir John Monash Awards are the nation’s most prestigious postgraduate scholarships, focused on developing and supporting outstanding young Australians who can make a difference to Australia’s future and become leaders in their fields and of the nation. The Awards are Australia’s equivalent to the British Rhodes Scholarships and the American Fulbright Awards.

To meet the selection criteria, award winners must demonstrate outstanding levels of academic excellence, leadership qualities, and altruism demonstrated through community service. They must also hold Australian citizenship and present a well-defined study program leading to the degree of PhD, DPhil or equivalent, or to a relevant professional Masters Degree.

The introduction of Cardiac imaging heralds the non-invasive detection and treatment of cardiac disease. Dr Suttie plans to lead the introduction of these new technologies and train the medical profession in their use.

Joseph will study for a PhD at Oxford University. He will study novel techniques in Cardiac Imaging for the detection of ischaemia and cardiac failure. Joseph says current methods of detection are invasive and carry potentially life threatening complications of stroke, cardiac arrhythmias, myocardial infarction or vascular dissection. Joseph plans to lead the introduction of new imaging (non invasive) technologies in Australia and to train the medical profession in its use.

Joseph believes new non-invasive methods of diagnostic assessments will enable early detection and treatment of cardiac disease, particularly in persons of marginalised socioeconomic status, even those with low or intermediate risk.

Dr Joseph Suttie is an advanced trainee in cardiology at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney. Joseph holds a Bachelor of Medical Science (First Class Honours) and a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of New South Wales (UNSW). He was recognized as Doctor of the Year (Intern) in 2002 and as the Best Teaching Registrar in 2005.

Joseph shares himself with multiple community service and leadership activities ranging from volunteer fire-fighter to working with the St Vincent de Paul Society helping homeless and marginalized people in New South Wales. He has been active in several aid programs, delivering medical aid to the developing world and assisting the homeless in Sydney.

He was a student representative on the UNSW Academic Board and Director/Treasurer of the Australian Medical Students Association, where he founded a National Ethics Committee and National Ethics Essay Competition.

Joseph served with the Army Reserve (in the University of NSW Regiment.). He trains the Sydney Boys High School Army Cadet Corps and debating teams and he was recently recognised with a debating prize named in his honour for his twelve years of “old boy” service to the school.
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Year Nine Architecture Excursion To UNSW

On Monday the 4 December 2006 Year 9 Architecture classes went to UNSW for the Sustainable Living Challenge Awards Day. They visited the exhibition of projects from schools all over the country. Year 10 Architecture competes in the Sustainable Living Challenge by designing a model for a sustainable building, usually a domestic house.

This year’s finalists Anthony Ho and Nathan Chan were showcased. Their rationale was to create a sustainable building which didn’t compromise lifestyle and in fact showed how being sustainable can enhance lifestyle. They designed and presented a model for a restaurant which was committed to sustainability, e.g. by producing ingredients on site or using local produce. The building had many active and passive sustainable features.

Kevin Le and Peter Nguyen received a high commendation for their innovative house which featured roof top gardens and water collection among other things. These students and others were really committed to their projects and enjoyed the challenge. Year 9 enjoyed the day and gained some valuable insight and inspiration for their projects next year.
Ms C Reemst
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From The Library

The Library Heralds return!! (With no hassles we hope) There is a new system for obtaining the Sydney Morning Herald through the library next year. You will pay a lot less if you order for the whole year - $10 a term not $15. The cost is going to be $40 for the year! Please pay at the office and show us your receipt.

The Library strongly recommends that students, particularly Seniors, participate in this very cheap activity as you will benefit as readers, writers and conversationalists.

If you pay now your paper will begin from day one. You will not be allowed to pay late any more!
Mrs Crothers
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Attention Debating Parents

Debating has 4 parking days at the start of 2007-

Sunday JAN 7th- Soccer @ Aussie Stadium game on at 7pm
Sat FEB 17th- Foundation Cup Roosters v West Tigers @ Aussie start TBC
Friday APRIL 27th- Super 14 HSBC Waratahs v Chiefs @ Aussie start TBC
Sat JUNE 2nd- Swans v Essendon @ the SCG game starts at 7pm

Once again we are seeking your assistance with parking in order to raise funds for coaching. If you haven't helped out with parking before, I especially urge you to get involved and donate your time. Helping is really easy and a vital source of income for the Debating Program, which this year over 120 boys were involved in.

Please put these dates in your diary and let us know if you can attend and help out by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

THANK YOU! To Harleen Kaur (Angud Chawla in Year 8’s mum) who has kindly offered to take over the role of Debating’s Parking Co-ordinator in 2007.
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Tennis Parking

Thank you to all the boys and parents who gave up their time last Saturday to raise funds for our tennis programs.

It was great to see so many new faces; our trial of using only two experienced parents/boys together with a large number of new and inexperienced ones worked very well indeed, the total raised was $4,860.

Our next parking day is on Sunday, 11 February 2007. For this parking day we will need two pairs each (parent/son) from the 16s, 15s and 14s and if you are able to help out that day please volunteer and send an email to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Remember parking is very easy, if you have never helped before, Serdar and our experienced parents/boys will quickly show you what you need to do.
Gabriele Klocker
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Your Call Ref!

24 MAGENTA is fouled whilst in the act of shooting a two point field goal, the shot is successful and he is about to have the ball put at his disposal for his free throw when 15 MAGENTA and 7 GOLD have fouls called on both of them for pushing and shoving each other.

What penalties should there be and how should the game resume?

a) The double foul cancels out, 24MAGENTA takes his shot and the ball is alive and in play at the end of his shot?
b) 24 MAGENTA takes his shot and then the ball is put back into play using the directional arrow?
c) 15 MAGENTA receives two free throws, followed by 7 GOLD receiving two free throws, followed by 24 MAGENTA having his one free throw and the ball becoming alive and in play at the end of his shot?

42.2.3 ,Fouls in special situations, tells us that all equal penalties against the teams … shall be cancelled … therefore a) is the way to go.

Thank You From the MIC Basketball

It has been a great term. Every term in the past three seasons have seen improved results. Your son’s self esteem and attitude towards sport is becoming more positive as he begins to see his hard work paying off. This is only because of great people being involved in the program. Great Staff. Great parents. Great Old Boy and external coaches.

Thank you to all the parents who helped the students get to the matches each week and stayed and supported their son’s team on Saturday. In particular thank you to the dedicated parents who worked in the canteen on Saturdays. I am really impressed with the rise in parent participation organized by the few parents who are recruiting ‘friends of High Basketball’. Mr Walker and Mr Gordon are on top of it.

The parking has made a smooth transition from last season’s coordinator Kumi Abeysuriya to the current Shirley Tickner who is doing a fantastic job.

The Post Game function spread on Saturday organized by the parents and Christina Chow has become legendary. Our Captain of Basketball has been able to make some outstanding speeches thanks to his team’s fine performance. The Captain of the school has the crowd support at an all time capacity cheering and urging on the School’s number one basketball team.

Captains are submitting reports to the High notes and statistics are being recorded vigorously. Coaching staff are more enthusiastic than ever and have been set bench marks for their teams to achieve by the MIC.

The Chairperson Vince Saloman has continued his tireless support of the school as a first aid person and coach. My sincere appreciation must also be given to the all office staff, the Head of Sport, Richard Ayer, the deputy principal Mr Dowdell and the principal Dr Jaggar for their support of Basketball at SBHS.

I am really looking forward to term 1 and the future of High Basketball as are the students of the school.
B. Hayman

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From Rowing

Melbourne Rowing Exchange, Junior Camps, Shed Race and Boat Naming
This Saturday is the annual Shed Race where all or most crews from our school race against each other from Homebush Bay to our pontoon. It is a handicap race and the handicapper is Mark Prater who aims to have all crews finishing at the same time. The 1st yr 9 quad won the race last year and these same boys are now trying to win this year’s free hamburger.

The race starts at 7.30 am so crews have to boat by 6.30 am. We start at this time to avoid river traffic and the ferry that crosses the river. After the race the boys will clean their boats thoroughly for the break and at 10.00 am we will name our new four and scull. These boats will be named the David Lucombe and the Steve Tiedgen respectively. All rowers are expected to stay for the naming but it should wind up by midday.

The Melbourne Exchange happened this week and I would like to thank the following families who took billets and made the exchange so successful Santoso, Deacon, Ling, Horton, Kwok, Ridges, Eriksson, Chen and Belokopytov. Melbourne High will enter our shed race for the first time so on Saturday there will be over 120 boys racing from our shed.

The junior camp just completed proved to be quite successful but due to the weather the selection seat racing could not take place. Many thanks to all the coaches who coached and supervised the various sessions and to the parents who had their first experience of camp life- hungry boys and no sleep.

Thanks to the coaching of James Gerofi, Robbie Girdler, Mr Gainford, Mr Hespe, Mr Coan, Head Coach Mark Prater, George Barris, Oliver Wilson, Yaegan Doran, Dominic Grimm and Karl Kruszelnicki.

The other unique and exceptional aspect of our camps are the involvement of the senior boys. Many thanks to Tom Hurrell, Captain of Boats, Jason Phu, Ty Linegar, Andrew Pham, Andrew Huang and David Kim for staying over and assisting with the duties.

This year all the junior crews will be selected by seat racing but this will now take place during January camp although the year 8 quads are very close to final.

This weekend signals the end of the on the water training for this year and it begins again for the various groups according to the Rowing Calendar in January.
C. Barris
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High Wins Bronze at Australian Schools
First Grade and the 16A’s spent last week in Melbourne competing in the Australian Schools Volleyball Championships. Three venues and 35 courts were used for the 350 competing teams. Both teams finished in 3rd place bringing home medals for the first time at the National level. This was despite injuries to Victor Nguyen and Weiping Lu which kept them off the court for most of the tournament.

1st Grade Volleyball Report
The final event on the calendar saw High’s 1st grade venture down south to the volleyball heartland, Melbourne, to compete in the annual Australian Volleyball School’s Cup. The tournament hosts over 3000 players representing 104 schools from across the country.

High arrived confident with numerous accolades collected throughout the successful year. Touching down on Sunday the team hoped to salvage a medal at the traditionally disappointing week of competition.

The first three days saw the completion of the round robin stage with High placing on top of its pool, amassing a convincing 5 wins and 1 loss record. High remained unfazed against its much larger adversaries, although losing two players to injuries early in the week. Warren Trac’s presence on the net was felt with numerous blocks on his opposing position. Sam Lee’s faultless passing from the backcourt allowed Alex Le to utilise his wide repertoire of sets to send back a barrage of hits.

They were well supported by Terry Ly and his onslaught of spikes , hitting the floorboards countless times.

High battled the elite teams of the division on the following day eager to make the final four. Although losing to hard hitting NZ team, Penrose, High bounced back with a comfortable victory over Loxton and in the process qualified for the semi final. David Dizon’s communication and hustle in the backcourt let to a low error rate with Ping Du stepping up superbly to fill in the missing spot vacated by injuries.

The final day saw High face Billanook in the semi final, a team we had previously overcome earlier during the week. With this in mind, 1st grade entered the match hopeful for a similar result. However High was defeated in straight sets despite Weiping Lu’s valiant return from a twisted ankle. The team’s complacent attitude carried on into the bronze medal playoff with the team surrendering a comfortable lead in the final set to go down 15-13. On-Court Captain Oliver Konakoff led the team brilliantly throughout the tournament, displaying composure down the stretch.

Ultimately High was rewarded with a bronze medal (a Sydney High first) as a result of higher ranked team Penrose not being from Australia. Jamie Tao was named player of the tournament, rising to the occasion when called upon, performing consistently in all ten matches.

A big thanks goes to Mr Kay along with old boys Junyang Sim and Yaegan Doran for their dedication and commitment during the event.
V. Nguyen

16A’s Volleyball Report
The Under 16s were finally in Melbourne on Sunday, the 3rd of December, 2006, after a year of hard work and training. We dumped our bags into our 4 star accommodation and headed off to register and go grocery shopping.

The following day we played our first two matches. Our first opponent was Luther. Five minutes into the match, we had our coach, Yaegan, wondering what was going wrong, and us constantly checking the score line of 1-9. A timeout at this stage helped and, taking the set, we demoralised the opponents and took out the second set as well. Some incredibly smooth serving by Steven Ke was the highlight of the match.

Next up was Mount Scopus. Even thought we’d already played a match a few minutes before, we were more than ready for this one. After the match started, that thought changed. Once again, we trailed by 5 or 6 points within minutes of starting the match. Shorson Zhang starting blasting through some power serves, hitting the opposing captain in the face, resulting in some angry antics. Our middle blockers Ritam Mitra and Daniel Shan(who was running on the coffee spilt on his bed) were great in putting the pressure on the hitters, and this gave us a more than easy victory in the end, another straight sets victory for the day.

On Tuesday we came up against Seaford. Once again, a bad start was shaken off by our team and some incredibly powerful cross court hitting by Stephen Dong took apart their defence. Sam Wan made an incredible running backset tip, while Thomas Nguyen’s consistent setting provided the remarkable kill spikes that went straight to ground on the other side. Helped along by an inconsistent setter on the other side, we won again in straight sets.

Finally, the team faced some tough competition against Villanova. For once, we had a great start, but a sneaky setter and a very powerful left-armed outside meant our team’s gaps were exposed. Although the team put in a strong effort, we lost closely in straight sets.

Nowra was our first game on Wednesday. We were naturally cocky, as we had beaten this team before in the Sydney High Tournament. We managed to take a set off them in the second, but lost the third narrowly. Two losses in a row had shaken our team, but we had a breather and psyched ourselves up for the Kincumber game. They had two huge players, and this intimidated us. But we grouped together and knew we had to win it. The team started crushing Kincumber, with Nishan Abeysuriya the standout performer. His spikes went straight through the blocks, and with a triple block headed by Stephen Dong to finish off the match, the team knew how much potential it had.

Our only match the next day was against Lyneham. This match was not such a big frontier for our team to overcome either- we won in straight sets 25-15, 25-16.

On Friday, we won the wrong match. Playing in the semi-final in the morning, we were once again defeated by Villanova in what was a cruel end to our campaign. We had leads of over 6 points in each set, both of which were cut down to a very small losing margin of 2 or 3 points. This was a crushing blow, and the team was down. However, we picked up the pieces and set out to convincingly win a bronze medal playoff- against Luther.

We didn’t want to be cocky this time- but that’s the way it always ends up. A strong first set by our team almost cancelled any doubts we had about going home without a medal, but after the first set, the team was having- too much fun. Some hilarious rallies started taking play, but we lost the set. Not taking it too hard, we put on the first set’s starting 6 players again- and even they had a tough time of it. Luckily, some awesome plays set up by the setters Sam and Thomas meant Daniel and Steven Ke could come through with great hits down the middle. We won the match and the medal by 2 points, finishing 3rd overall out of 12 teams in our division.

A huge thanks to Mr Kay for making this Melbourne trip a great one, to Sandy and Vickie, our team “managers”, and especially to Yaegan Doran for helping us reach higher goals in volleyball, and all the hard work he put into our team this year.
R. Mitra
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Music Notes

Music Awards Dinner
Thank you to all the parents and family for your support over 2006 with the music ensemble program, from all the performances to the annual music camp. We look forward to another wonderful year in 2007 with many more exciting performance opportunities to come.
Music Department @ SBHS

Annual Visual Arts Exhibition
Congratulations to the Visual Arts Staff for putting on such a wonderful exhibition last Tuesday evening. The displays featured many outstanding works of art students from the colourful hybrid animal sculptures by year 7’s to HSC Art Express nominated works. We would like to especially thank all the students who provided the entertaining music: Jeremy Ireland, Brian Lau, Samson Lou, James Mackay and the Diminished 5ths (Muhamed Mehmedbasic, Alex Vertoudakis, Ashwin Thomas and Ivan Cerecina).

Marching Band
Rehearsals have begun for Marching Band on Wednesday mornings at 7:30am with director Matthew Capper from the Australian Navy. ALL students in Intermediate and Senior Concert Bands are expected to attend. 2006 was a great success but in 2007, we hope to see even more boys in brown blazers representing our school proudly in the Anzac Day March.
Please note the first rehearsals in 2007 will be on Monday the 5th and Wednesday the 7th of February at 7:30am.

Rehearsal for SGHS Speech Day Awards
Members of Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Choir and Senior Bands are needed to play in the Sydney Girls High Speech Day Awards and as a return of favour the girls will perform with us at our Speech Night Awards. Please note the following rehearsal times below and have your instruments on the day and go straight to the allocated venue for the combined practice sessions.

A roll will be marked for attendance and will go towards next year’s award scheme.

Speech Day awards on Friday 15th of December 2006:
Orchestra and Choir – 9 am to 11 am in MPH
Stage Band – 11 am to 11:30 am

Students need to be at the Girls school with their instruments (cases leave at school) and music by 12:30pm for set-up and warm-up. The presentation will be at 1pm and conclude approximately 2:30pm on which students should return to school for period 6.
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Basketball: Shooting Hoops

The highlight for the 06/07 season so far is 1sts grades win over Riverview in round 4 of the GPS competition. Victor Nguyen and Harry Walker were dominant with 23 and 21 points respectively. Wei Zhuang (12 points 5 rebounds), Moussa Farhat (10 rebounds), Stuart Sugito (13 points) and Justin Chow (8 points) also played key roles in the great win!!!

Statistics of High vs Riverview, 11/11/06.

FG = field goals
3PT = 3pointers
FT = free throws
PTS = points
TR = total rebounds
PF = personal fouls
AST = assists
TO = turnovers
BS = blocks
ST = Steal
MIN = time on court in minutes
* = Starters

High 1st Grade

##    Name           FG    3PT    FT    PTS    TR    AST    TO    ST    MIN
4    *H.Walker      7/23   5/18       2/2   21     4     0      1     1     35:26
6    J.Chow         3/4    2/2    0/0   8      2     0      3     1     22:10
7    A.Vertoudakis  0/0    0/0    0/0   0      0     0      1     0     2:33
8    *S.Sugito      6/14   1/4    0/0   13     2     0      3     1     25:30
9    *V.Nguyen      6/17   4/6    7/10  23     6     2      2     4     32:18
11   *W.Zhuang      6/12   0/0    0/2   12     5     0      2     2     27:03
12   P.Du           0/0    0/0    0/0   0      0     0      0     0     00:00
13   *M.Farhat      1/4    0/0    0/0   2      10    0      1     1     28:32
14   O.Konakoff     0/4    0/0    0/0   0      4     0      0     1     12:40
15   P.Gallego      0/1    0/0    0/0   0      1     0      0     0     11:43
Totals              29/79  12/30  9/14  79     42    2     14     12       

Riverview 1st Grade

##   Name           FG     3PT    FT    PTS    TR    AST    TO    ST    MIN
4    *J.Aldrige         4/7    0/0    2/2   10     2     0      1     0             27:21
5    *N.Kirwan      3/9    0/0    5/8   11     11    0      5     1     32:18
6    N.Martinez     0/4    0/1    0/0   0      2     0      2     0             14:41
7    *T.Neal        8/21   1/2    2/3   19     2     1      3     2     26:04
9    *P.Bell        8/18   0/0    3/6   19     8     0      7     0     32:42
10   J.Manevski     0/1    0/0    0/0   0      2     0      2     0             18:03
11   A.McFarland    1/2    0/0    1/3   3      2     2      2     2     10:04
13   Z.Stenmark     0/1    0/0    2/4   2      4     0      0     0     5:31
14   *A. Akoy       1/3    0/0    1/2   3      16    0      2     0     19:18
15   J.P.Daneel     0/3    0/0    0/2   0      2     0      1     0     10:29
Totals              28/73  1/3    17/31 74     61    2      25    6          
                       Riverview      High
Free Throw Pts         17              9
3Pt Points              3             36
Pts/Possession          0.63           0.77
Pts off turnovers      17             13
2nd Chance points      13              6
Pts off Bench           5              8
Total Rebounds         62             41
Team Rebounds          10              8
Dead Ball Reb           7              4
Off Rebound %          45.1           26.9
Def Rebound %          73.1           54.9
Total Rebound %        59.2           40.8
              Qtr1    Qtr2    Qtr3    Qtr4   Total
Riverview       13      21      23      17      74
High            25      16      13      25      79

Statistics may be slightly off as it is hard to keep track of every move on the court.

Thank you to David Fan, Ishan Bapat and Caillin McKay for doing the stats for 1sts/2nds every week. We are looking for one more helper to support Caillin when David and Ishan do the HSC. See Mr Hayman if interested.

1sts/2nds Training

1sts and 2nds have Holiday Training on the 22nd-25th of January 9am-12pm each day.

The Raschke Cup will be played the following week. The Raschke Cup is an exciting event where all 1st and 2nd grade basketball teams get to play fast 20 minute running clock halves against all the other teams in the GPS on one day. 1sts are at Shore while High will host the 2nd grade competition. Juniors please come and support the top teams!

A reminder for all to get practicing during these summer holidays. Take advantage of the long break and come back for the second half of the season a bigger and better player than ever before. See Mr Hayman for a free cool skills card. You can graph your improvement during the break. Sydney High Basketball rules!!!

See http://www.sbl.com.au/sbl2004/  for Mr Hayman’s stats in Sydney Basketball League!

Article/Website assistants

Anyone interested in helping out with the shooting hoops article and the basketball website, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Award scheme applies and juniors are especially welcomed.

~Brought to you by Samson Lou, Stuart Sugito and Johny Shih
~Thank you to Mr Hayman for all his contributions to basketball and information
~Mr Hayman also wishes to thank all staff for their efforts this term. We cannot compete without the awesome staff…..

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High Cricket Bulletin

McKay Oval will be up and running for 2007(Term 1) and the good news is that our representations appear to have convinced the Centennial Park Trust to relocate the Vibrations Concert which now means Round 5 1st. XI GPS Cricket will be played at “Home”and the 2nd. XIs Rounds 4 and 6 will be at “Home”.

An eye catching headline to a very disappointing return for billets for the Barberis Cup players from Melbourne High last week. Whilst I understand most of the reasons for being unable to assist, it was the lack of information and effort by the players to address this in the first instance with their parents. However, having said that, my sincere thanks to the “mums” (and Dad’s) who billeted and prepared lunches etc for our visitors. To Gina Kourtesis, Jennifer Brown, Stephanie Richards, Lynda Brown (Lachlan – “”the Manager” Brown’s Mum) and especially to Mrs. Iyer who took 2 billets and to the Head Teacher of Sport, Mr Ayre and his wife Jan who took 4 billets at the last minute. And another, to Rebecca Coutts who phoned me in response to a desperate last minute calls for help, but eventually was not required. Thank you one and all.

Day 1 of the Barberis Cup at Kensington Oval saw Melbourne win the toss and elect to bat and they were soon in trouble losing 4 /25 in the early overs. However a solid batting performance from Siddarth Singh (66n.o) in the middle order saw Melbourne finish at 9 /167 in their 50 over. Best Bowling Nakul Pedneker 4 /19, Razeen Ahmed 2/19, Timmy Lim and Roshan Kashyap one wkt each. High then started the chase and at 0 /42,with Shreyas Iyer (19) and Razeen Ahmed (18) looked well on the way to achieving a victory and in an embarrassing display of batting skills lost 9 wkts /18runs and we were all out for 74 runs. At this point Melbourne were confident of retaining the Cup.

Day 2 Friday. at the Waverley College ground Melbourne won the toss and elected to bat and started to build an innings as our opening bowlers were wasting the use of the new ball. The skipper Alisdair Brown then made a double bowling change and Melbourne didn’t know what had hit them with wickets tumbling at will for them to be all out for 86 with Siddarth Singh (13) their run scorer from Day 1 top scoring. Best bowling Razeen Ahmed, Alisdair Brown and Harrison Lane each took 2 wkts, Timmy Lim and Roshan Kashyap one wkt each. High started the chase and the rest is history, our opening pair of Shreyas Iyer (29n.o) and Razeen Ahmed (47n.o) played sensible cricket to guide High to victory for no loss of wkts over Melbourne’s Score of 86.

The 2 Day Tournament formula with High losing 10 wkts to Melboune’s 19 wkts to High’s, the Barberis Cup was won by High for the first time since it’s revival in 2003.

To complete the tournament the traditional “Fat Man’s Race” between the two teams was conducted and won by High and in a 15 Over Per Side and an unbelievable last ball Tie occurred. Remarkable ?/!!?

The team: Alisdair Brown (Capt), Razeen Ahmed, Shreyas Iyer, Avish Sharma, Nakul Pedneker, Hugo Richards, William Lee, Timmy Lin Arthur Kourtesis, Roshan Kashyap, Harrison Lane and Anthony Hopkins. Support group Varan Peranathan (Team Coach) Lachlan Brown (Manager) and Mark Lucchitti (Scorer)

MPW 15 saw High bat first and put together 202 in their allotted 50 overs with Shadman Ali finishing with 73n.o. and Kieran Taylor made 52. Mt.Albert Grammar started the chase and quickly built a base to go on and finish with 4 / 203 in the 38th over. Wicket takers were Kieran Taylor with 3 wkts, Brian Kelly and Kumudika Gunaratne one wkt each. Presentations were made at the conclusion of the match and High were thanked for their effort in providing 2 teams. The High Combined XI also were defeated by the High/Mt Albert Composite team.

Andrew Bowes, Parking Coordinator of the Cricket Sub Committee advises the Parking Roster for January 2007. He can be contacted on Mobile 0419 286 665. Year groups nominated below are for 2007

Wednesday 3rd.January ( Test Match Day2) - Year 12 and Parents. Please arrive at 8-0am
Saturday 6th January (Test Match Day 5) – Year 11 and Parents. Please arrive at 8-0am
Sunday 21st.January (ODI Aust V New Zealand) – Year 10 and Parents. Please arrive at 12noon

A Cricket Camp for current Year 7, 8 and 9 players will be conducted over the weekend 19th, 20th and 21st January 2007 provided sufficient nominations are received. The purpose of the Camp will be to improve players who are keen to be selected in 14A, 15A and 16A teams in Term 1 as well as identifying players from the Year 8 and 9 groups who can be added to the Senior training lists for future 1st and 2nd XI selections. All nominations for the Camp must be by Email to me stating Full Name, Date of Birth, Home and Mobile contact numbers and correct Email address. If you do not have an email a Fax to 4276 1016 with your details is acceptable. The cost will be $80-00 and a limit of 40 players accepted the cost includes 2 nights accommodation. Closing date for Expressions of Interest is Wednesday 20 DECEMBER at 3-0pm. If insufficient numbers are nominated the Camp will not proceed.

I would like to individually name all who have assisted the Cricket Section over Term 4 but for fear of missing just one who has contributed and the need for more space in our final High Notes for 2006, I have fallen back to group appreciation. To the Mums and Dads who got the boys to training and match locations each week: to the Mums who scored together with the Dads at games; to the parents who cared for team cricket kits after each game: to the 1st and 2nd XIs parents for their dedication to our now famous lunches and afternoon teas; to the senior lads who assisted on sports afternoons together with the coaches; to the team captains and players who took time to submit reports; to all players who represented the School in our GPS teams; not forgetting the ladies in the administration office for their help; to the Head Teacher of Sport and Masters for their input; to our Cricket Committee members; to all of you my, sincere appreciation for your support in helping make Term 4 2006 the best start and best results across all age groups in the last five years. I extend Festive Season greetings to one and all and a bright and Prosperous New Year
Laurie Heil
MIC Cricket

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Learn to Row Programs 2007


Beginner Level: Term 1
Sunday, 18 February – 25 March 2007
7.00am – 9.00am
6 Sessions of 2 hours
$275.00 (Inc. GST)
Co-ordinator & Head Coach:
Ross Bowey, Old Boy 1974
Sydney High Rowing Club  
The Outterside Centre  
5 Teviot Avenue, Abbotsford

Real Rowing for Rigour Racing Shells on the Parramatta River

If you want to learn Rowing in Sydney, then this course of 6 classes is for you. Whether you are a raw land lubber or have some previous experience, come and learn the skills of rowing. If your son is a rower then here is another experience that you can share. If your son does not row then you are still most welcome to join these classes. Rowing is the ideal aerobic sport for the entire body as it is low impact and has a low incidence of injury. You will also enjoy messing about in boats as well as the magic moments of early mornings on the water. Further courses will be planned for Terms 2-4 including Intermediate and Advanced Levels.


Week 1: Weeks 2-6
Orientation to the pontoon area
Racing shell setup
Safety precautions
Fundamental rowing technique
Development of rowing technique
Style correction
Crew rowing

Learning Outcomes
At the completion of the course participants will possess the following skills and knowledge:

  • Basic knowledge of rowing style and boat rigging
  • Basic navigation rules and river etiquette
  • Ability to row with a crew in a racing shell

Other Information

Complete crews are desirable but not essential. Other adult participants from a number of Community Colleges will also be in attendance. Make-up crews can be arranged in the IVs and VIIIs used.
Safety Notes: Participants must be able to swim 50 metres and tread water as a safety requirement. All participants must sign The Sydney High School Foundation Indemnity Form, stating swimming ability, before they are allowed on the water. Qualified coaches will be appointed to take charge of each crew.
Participants should bring: a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, snack, water, well-fitting shorts and top (loose clothing may become caught in rigging), football socks as well as a change of clothes to wear home. All participants must wear suitable footwear (no thongs or sandals) for carrying boats in wet areas.
Absences: In case of illness, heavy rain or bad weather, please contact Ross Bowey on 0428 519705 to make arrangements or reschedule dates.

Expression of interest: Please contact Judith Shuttleworth, Foundation Venues Manager and a rowing parent, on 0427 070 569 or at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
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