High Notes, Vol 7 No 4, February 24 2006

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From the Principal

Swimming Carnival
Our recent school swimming carnival was well organised and well patronised, despite the overcast conditions. Star of the day was 14 years age champion, Jeffery Jiang, who registered 5 wins for 40 points. Anton Komarov was 16 years champion with 38 points, followed by Alexander Belokopytov, 15 years (35), Timothy Gollan, 12 years (33), Andrew Reis 17 years (32) and Andrew Ye, 13 years (32). Congratulations to all age champions. Thank you to at least 163 competitors who had points recorded on the day. I encourage the first 4 or 5 point scorers in each year to continue daily training at their local pools and to register for our season training rebate as recognition of extended private efforts to raise the standard of competitive swimming. Thank you to Mr Ockert for his organisation of the day and to all officials and recorders, particularly James Rudd and David Isaacs.

122nd Speech Night
On Tuesday our Speech Night celebrations were successful, with broadcaster John Stanley (1973) as guest of honour. In an interesting speech, he outlined the changed international role of the media since 1969. He recalled sitting in the Great Hall, witnessing with the rest of the school the moon landing, observed from his perspective at the rear of the hall as a white patch on a distant, tiny square of TV screen. It was ’clunky’ and unreliable technology back then, but the boys were in awe of what they were seeing. Now, images from personal mobile phones are beamed out of disaster, terrorist and criminal incidents around the world and picked up and broadcast by media outlets. Media are pervasive, powerful and problematic in their effects on modern society. He entertained us with his story about interviewing students at school using the end of his tie as an imitation microphone. He ‘covered’ the major event of political significance at High – the removal of the fence between SGHS and SBHS. Mr Stanley witnessed the last premiership rugby season for High in 1973. Coincidentally, moon flights had been ended by that time. He concluded with a question as to what would happen first, more moon walks or another rugby premiership for High.

An edited version of my address is reprinted below.

“On this 122nd occasion our school community gathers to celebrate the achievements of our students. The young men of this graduating year are particularly special to me because we started together at High in 2000. I have had the very great privilege of sharing six years of secondary education with them.

"The year 2005 was marked by the ground breaking signing of a Deed of Licence between the Department of Education and Training and the Sydney High School Foundation to allow the Foundation to redevelop and manage the four school tennis courts for 10 years with a 10 year option. It is no small thing for management control over a slice of public real estate to be entrusted to an incorporated body. This is the first such agreement to be negotiated and I hope it paves the way for other school communities to use their school community organisations to share in partnerships for the betterment of school sites. After 6 years of effort by the Tennis Committee, their vision is to be realised at last. Among other tireless workers in the cause, I would like to single out the special efforts of Mr Terry Hayes, who has had so much to do with this happy outcome, and is currently involved as a volunteer in the project management of the reconstruction. Tony Pereira, Helen Tuthill, Ken Clemens, Lee Ruth, Laurie Heil and our patient tennis coach Carl Nielsen, played important roles in bringing this arrangement to a positive conclusion after so much frustration and delay pursuing various options. The school will benefit greatly from the new facility.

"I express my thanks to all those who have contributed towards building a new library and performing arts space. So far we have $250,000 invested in term deposits. Valda Roser continues to promote our fundraising efforts and is slowly establishing a giving culture. Our school community will continue to press the government to provide us with a new library to replace our inadequate 1963 facility in time for our 125th anniversary. Our internal refurbishment is proceeding well with room 402 expanded, a new history book room constructed and the space fully equipped for interactive learning. Additional shelving was erected for the English book room and the mathematics staff room. The High Store was extended and an office for the Tennis Professional partitioned. The first stage in our new cricket nets project was completed as a retaining wall was built into the bank perpendicular to McDonald Wing.

"Our school is more successful when parents are involved in school life. Thank you to all the parents who have helped our students over the last 6 years. I acknowledge tonight, particularly, the work of outgoing Year 12 parents John Kaldor and Mary Sinclair, who have contributed so much time to the Foundation, the P & C, the Music Committee and the Soccer Committee. Thank you too to John and Marilyn Mittelheuser for your work in the P & C, the Foundation, the Outterside Management Committee and with the Year Groups.”

"The Higher School Certificate Our largest ever cohort of 201 sat for the HSC 2005. 27 boys made the Premier’s All Rounders List, a 50% increase on 2004. At least 142 students received UAIs of 90 or more. We have information on 190 university offers to our students so far. Frank Cai was 4th in Extension 2 Mathematics and 7th in Extension 1. Alan Dam was 5th in Extension 1 Mathematics. Vinh Pham was 7th in 2-unit Mathematics. Omar Salem was 5th in English Extension 1. Given the size of the cohort the HSC results were quite respectable overall….

"I would like to acknowledge all the great students and personalities who did not qualify for awards here tonight. Their participation and effort ensured the standard and tested the quality of the performances of those who did.

"Bruce Dawe, a celebrated Australian poet, once dedicated a poem entitled ‘Presences’ to his students. 'This would I say: love life for what is always beyond you, the perfume of a girl who has gone just as you entered the room, the ripple on the bright pool of the fish already swimming elsewhere …the smile on the face that is turned ever so slightly away from you, no insult intended, so that you are never sure whether what you saw ever really happened (girl, fish, smile) until the very last when you know and the pencil falls, blunted'.

"I am confident you will envision life at the cutting edge, or just over the horizon, but clearly conceived. You will enjoy challenges in many spheres that are just out of reach. You won’t have to write about imaginary experiences, you will go on and have them. You will strive to understand what must be deduced or inferred. I trust your education at High has given you the breadth, depth, flexibility, resilience, drive and balance to go on and love life outside your comfort zone. Do it for yourself. Do it for Mitch. Congratulations on your fine achievements so far and good luck in your lives ahead. "

Old Boys Union
I offer my apologies for any distress caused by my error in sending out invoices for Years 8-12 including the new fees for OBU Extended Student Membership. The membership fee for students enrolled in or before term 1, 2005 remains at $33. Payment of $198 in total secures an additional 10 years of student membership on leaving the school. The new rate of $45 applies to incoming students only. Year 7 students and new students in any year are subject to the new rates. An overall payment of $270 entitles a student to an Extended Student Membership for 10 years after leaving school. Some confusion was apparently caused by invoices having two options presented. They related to a choice between making a yearly payment or a once only payment. Parents should ignore one of the options when responding to the invoice.
Dr K Jaggar
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Safety Issue: Dangerous Drop offs

Several members of staff have drawn my attention in the last week to a growing problem of parents dropping of their children at school. The main issue is at the Cleveland Street entrance where parents are stopping near the entrance to drop their children off. This is a very dangerous practice as cars are being forced to wait on Cleveland Street thus risking a rear end collision. Also cars making a right hand turn into the school are often left half in the driveway and half on the road. When dropping off students please proceed into the school to the far end of the gymnasium.

We all need to take particular care at the moment while the new tennis courts are under construction. It is hoped that in the future we will be allowed to widen this gate by the RTA. We are hoping to have two exit lanes (one left and one right hand turn lanes) and one entrance lane.
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From Music

Speech Night
Congratulations to all the musicians in the Symphony Orchestra who played on Speech Night. Your performance was memorable and outstanding.

Paul Pang our Year 12 soloist gave a stunning performance of Chopin’s Scherzo playing with great passion and musicianship.

Thank you to all the students for all your help and commitment.

Congratulations to the following students: Jason Kok (Yr 11), James Mackay (Yr 11), and Alasdair Brown (Yr 9) who have been selected after extensive auditions to partake in the NSW Performing Arts Unit Ensembles. Both Jason and James will be performing in the Symphonic Wind Ensemble and Alasdair in the String Sinfonia. These boys are highly talented and committed musicians and have earned their positions in these prestigious ensembles.

Music Committee
A Music Committee meeting will be held on Monday 27th February at 6.00 pm in the Staff Common Room. We would especially encourage all Year 7 parents who have just joined the music ensemble programs to attend this meeting.

China Tour
The Music tour to China will be happening in Sept/Oct, please see the music staff for any information. The number of students attending this trip will be finalised, hopefully, by the end of this month.

Musicianship Classes
4th grade and 5th grade musicianship classes will begin in week 6 on Friday afternoons from 3:30-4:30 pm in room 201. Please see the music staff for more information.

Music Ensemble
Program All ensembles have been rehearsing for 3 weeks now. If a student needs to confirm his position in one of the ensembles, first check the roll list outside the music staffroom and then see the music staff if there are any discrepancies.

Most instruments have been distributed but there are still clarinets and flutes available for loan. Please make arrangements as soon as possible.
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From the Library

2006 is likely to be a watershed year for the library in many ways. The Building Fund is likely to reach the $300,000 mark needed to approach the State Government for assistance. The Education Department is being lobbied to address the issue of funding a new library building. Please keep the letters and emails going to point out the inadequacy of our library. It is easy to email your state member via the Parliamentary Web Site link. Parent generosity over the last few years is now likely to reap its reward. Many thanks to those parents who have been so generous with their donations to both the Building Fund and the Library Fund!

This year the Library Fund will purchase wireless laptops to allow classes and individual students to borrow computers to use in the library or other areas under the supervision of a class teacher. A trial of 10 laptops and the system itself is envisaged at first. Thanks to this fund staffing continues to be paid to open the Library at 7.30 am allowing students to come in early to work on assignments, homework etc.

Last year the Library Fund purchased a piece of library software called G Proxy which enabled the library’s Catalogue to be accessed by students from home (after logging on to the school website and following the library link). This enables students to check if our library has a resource students may need for assignments. Parents who are sometimes asked to check local libraries for desperate students are reminded to check our library catalogue first. (It even tells you if the book is out on loan)

Thanks to Ross Farrington (PE Department) for thinking of our library and donating many useful books.

How much is our library used? A recent statistic from our wonderful IT service team: -

Year Login Count
2002 5761
2003 30936
2004 27367
2005 34961

This is computer usage! Total loans were a record last year as well.

Speaking of our wonderful IT service team – big thanks to our intelligent High graduates who work for our school – James Rudd and David Isaacs. They have put the G Proxy catalogue onto the Novell network as a Library Enquiry icon. This makes it easy for teachers and students to access our catalogues from teachers’ desks or any computer in the school. It is now even easier and more logical for teachers to check the library’s catalogue for relevance to topics they are teaching and refer students to our collection for resources they may want investigated. Students working on the internet can check for availability of alternative print and audio visual resources without moving off their computers.

Welcome news is the arrival on Fridays of the new school Archivist - Mrs Julia O’Hare. Student Archivists wishing to assist Mrs O’Hare and thereby earn Award points for their bronze, silver or gold medallion can now sign on with Mrs O’Hare on Fridays.

Parent volunteer readers are needed to vet novels for Mrs Crothers for the Literacy Circles Library initiative. (Novels will be provided through your sons liaising with the library) Please contact Mrs Crothers by email on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Welcome also to our new Library Prefect Douglas Chang. Douglas will be active in publicising the Library by running the Z’ours Committee and assisting with the creation of the Library Blog. He will also assist with Orientation Day Activities. Z’ours Committee please look for a meeting announcement early next week. (Award Scheme applies!)

Herald in the Classroom apology. A new person running this at the Herald has resulted in some hiccups this term. Hopefully these will be sorted out shortly. Students and parents are reminded that the library staff need to see receipts to order the Herald for students. Parents are also reminded that at 30c a paper the Herald is a cheap family newspaper and a good way to encourage general knowledge and literacy skills. At present 59 newspapers are being ordered daily by our boys. Next term’s daily paper will cost $15. Please order before the end of this term.
Mrs Crothers
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Reflections on Year 7 Camp

On the 13th, 14th and 15th of February, Year 7 went on their orientation camp to Narrabeen. We were given challenging activities. “I liked the 12 metre ropes! It was exhilarating!”
(Francis P 7M)

Archery was a test of skill, sailing was fun for some and dangerous for others. “Abe, our instructor, gave us a long lecture after we broke a boat. Every second there seemed to be a capsize happening.”
(Luke V 7M)

Archery was a test of skill and the canoeing and kayaking were great for exploring the lake. The camp was gruelling for some, at times traumatising. “The high ropes freaked me out!”(anon) but a lot of fun for everyone.
(William S 7M)

P.S. The after dinner night-time activities revealed considerable sporting skill in Year 7 2006. So watch out for them in our G.P.S. teams!
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From Sailing

The sailing season is well under way for Term 1 at Sydney Boys High. Term 1 is our traditional competition term. We are in the midst of the Tri- Series at Woollahra and looking ahead to CHS sailing at Belmont.

The first of the Tri Series saw a wonderful start by High sailor Phillip Kurts. He made a convincing 1-1-1 win in his Laser 4.7. That is he won all three races held on Saturday 11th February.

The Pacer fleet was not so successful but we look forward to their next encounter this coming Saturday.

Phillip has been on a roll and last week competed at Abbotsford in a Sabot. He went on to win the SNSW Zone. He came first on handicap in the Senior one-up division. A stunning effort, well deserved by a talented High student!

Learn at sea in the Young Endeavour - Australia’s national sail training ship.
Young Australians aged 16 – 23 can apply for a challenging youth program on Young Endeavour. It increases self awareness, teamwork and leadership skills not to mention sailing ability!

Selection is via a ballot.

Cost is $1,495.00
How to Apply -
Online at www.youngendeavour.gov.au 
Call 1800 020 444

For more information you can speak to Ms Boukatos in the first instance.

CHS Regatta, Belmont, NSW
The Combined High Schools Regatta will take place at Belmont, Lake Macquarie from 18 – 22 April 2006

The SBHS Sailing Committee has organised accommodation, food, boats and entry to the event. The cost to students is $250.00. Contact Ann Kurts 9363 2335 if you wish to attend or require more information.
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Words of Wisdom

"The reading of all good books is like a conversation with all the finest men of past centuries."
(Rene Descartes 1596 – 1650)

"The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas."
(Linus Pauling 1901 – 1994)

"You can tell whether a man is clever by his answers. You can tell whether a man is wise by his questions."
(Naguib Mahfouz 1911 - )

Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did.
(Newt Gingrich 1943 - )
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Athletics – 2006

Welcome back after the holidays. At the end of last year’s athletics season Dr Jaggar sent out a call to the boys at High to get committed to the program. I have reproduced two extracts from High Notes on the developments Dr Jaggar wants to see in Athletics this year.

Dr Jaggar - 16 September 2005
Mr Devlin's team needs more athletes. We are set up to run a bigger program for 2006. All we need is more willing participants. We are now in our second year of offering athletics to the whole school as a sport. Our GPS team trains separately as we help them to prepare for athletics meets held each weekend during the season. High does not have very many athletes. We need every single one we have competing in our team. I urge boys to get involved in athletics competitively. See Mr Devlin about joining the GPS training squad before the end of the summer season. Have a go. Get into off season training. Join the team NOW.

Dr Jaggar - 23 September 2005
The points score table below illustrates the situation we face. We need athletes to participate in both division and championship events. We need professional coaching for our best dozen athletes. We need to extend the length of the training season for athletes. We need to set modest targets. Finish in every event. Do not get disqualified. Register a height, a distance or a time. Set your personal goals based on times derived from previous carnivals in the season published on the website. Pick an opponent. Pace yourself according to your PB. It is time to get serious about athletics!

Senior Winner Senior High Junior Winner Junior High Year
398 155.5 726 317.5 2005
370 164 683 324 2004
412 182 667 295 2002

If you’re not happy with the above table, if you think you can make a difference, if you have the courage and the conviction, then we would love to see you at the training sessions NOW.

Training Sessions
A lot of changes are happening this year. Devina Struss has started training long jumpers and sprinters on the Flat on Tuesdays at lunchtime. She will begin training hurdlers at the end of this term. She has committed herself to these training sessions for the whole year. Also on Tuesdays, after school, the ‘High Harriers’ long distance running club are meeting at the ‘Bat and Ball’ fields (across the road from the Gym) to train for the up coming carnivals. These training sessions are open to any athlete who wants to improve their skills and techniques. Remember, we need to train and prepare for all our carnivals: school, CHS and GPS.

School Award Scheme
Athletics now is a separate category on the School Award Scheme. To get a point athletes have to attend every training session (listed below) over the five-week session. The athletics season is short, therefore, we need to start training early and be committed to the program.

Bunnings BBQ
Finally, we have a BBQ coming up on the Saturday 8th March to raise funds. Any and all help from the Athletics community would be greatly appreciated.

Athletics Timetable - 2006
School & CHS Carnivals Training  
Wednesday April 12 2006
   School Athletics Carnival, SAF (Kensington) (all day)
Thursday April 13 2006
   School Athletics Carnival, SAF (Kensington) (am)

Friday June 23 2006
   Eastern Suburbs Zone Athletics, Hensley AF (East Gardens) (8:00am - 3:15pm)

Monday August 7 2006

   Sydney East Area Athletics Carnival, SIAC (Homebush) (pm)

Tuesday August 8 2006
   Sydney East Area Athletics Carnival, SIAC (Homebush)

Friday September 8 2006
   CHS Athletics Championships, Homebush

Tuesday lunch on the flat with

Davina Strauss (Hurdles, Sprints, Long Jump & High Jump)


High Harriers Running Club meet at the Bat and Ball (across the road from the Gym) Tuesdays after school (3.30 to 4.15)




GPS Athletics Season – Carnivals Athletics Season – Training
Week 5 , Term 3

Saturday August 19 2006
   SGS/NC Invitation Athletics, SAF (Kensington)

Monday – 14/8/06

ES MARKS - All Athletes

Wednesday – 16/8/06

McKay - Seniors/Moore Park West - Juniors

Thursday – 17/8/06

McKay - Juniors /Moore Park West - Seniors

Week 6, Term 3

Saturday August 26 2006
   SIC/TKS Invitation Athletics, Homebush Athletics

Monday – 21/8/06

ES MARKS - All Athletes

Wednesday – 23/8/06

McKay - Seniors/Moore Park West - Juniors

Thursday – 24/8/06

McKay - Juniors /Moore Park West - Seniors

Week 7 , Term 3

Saturday September 2 2006
   Conveners Athletics Carnival, Homebush Athletics


Monday – 28/8/06

ES MARKS - All Athletes

Wednesday – 30/8/06

McKay - Seniors/Moore Park West - Juniors

Thursday – 31/8/06

McKay - Juniors /Moore Park West - Seniors

Week 8, Term 3

Saturday September 9 2006
   TSC/SHS Invitation Athletics, SAF (Kensington)
   CHS Athletics Championships, Homebush


Monday – 4/9/06

ES MARKS - All Athletes

Wednesday – 6/9/06

McKay - Seniors/Moore Park West - Juniors

Thursday – 7/9/06

McKay - Juniors /Moore Park West - Seniors


Week 9, Term 3

Monday September 11 2006 Week 9 A
   GPS Athletics Assembly, Great Hall, 11:10am

Saturday September 16 2006
   AAGPS Athletics Championships, SIAC 1&2 (Homebush)

Monday – 11/9/06

ES MARKS - All Athletes

Wednesday – 13/9/06

McKay - Seniors/Moore Park West - Juniors

Thursday – 14/9/06

McKay - Juniors /Moore Park West - Seniors

Please get involved, support out efforts and enjoy Athletics during 2006
Robert Devlin
MIC Athletics

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High Cricket Bulletin

We have another 4 weeks to travel before the conclusion of our Term 1 cricket and most of our teams are now up and running with managers and scorers, but we are very much in need of parent support for our 16B, 15B and 14B teams. All we are seeking is to have team members’ parents assist with managing the game plan and scoring and the boys would feel a lot more confident.

If you can give either one morning or afternoon it will make a tremendous difference. I also think that you would want to see your boys in action at least once.

Friday 10th MARCH - Parking roster. 5-00pm start. Volunteers required to advise Cricket Coord.

Wednesday 29th MARCH - Cricket Sub Committee Meeting. 5-30pm in Common Room

Friday 31st MARCH - Parking Roster. 5-00pm start. Volunteers required to advise Cricket Coord.

Saturday 8th APRIL - Cricket Dinner & Presentation – 6-30pm for 7-0pm in the School Great Hall

Day 1 of the clash with Kings for both 1st and 2nd XIs sitting in 2nd and 3rd spot on the Premiership tables and at stumps we had achieved mixed returns

1st XI – The 1st grade boys have yet another fight on their hands after letting Kings back into their match at White Oval. After an excellent start to have Kings 4/26, and then 6/70, High dropped several chances. Kings went on to post 208, and High are 1/23 in reply.

2nd XI – This match is being played on a new pitch at Kings Old Boys oval, normally solely a rugby field. Kings won the toss and put High in to bat, so they were obviously unsure of how it would play. It became clear early on that the pitch was holding up and occasionally staying low. High lost early wickets and never recovered, managing only 40 in their first innings. In reply, Kings passed High’s score without loss, but then lost 7 wickets in 29 minutes. Kings declared at tea with a lead of 75. The High batting order was reversed for the 2nd innings to keep our batsmen safe for tomorrow, and the tailenders played well to give High some hope of getting back into this one.

15As Kings 2 decl. 295 -v- High 0/8 (rain stopped play 20 minutes early)
Kings won the toss and decided to bat with both opening batsmen scoring centuries. Whilst High held Kings in check early with its bowling and fielding the pressure that was applied fell away and Kings were able to dictate to the bowlers and put pressure on the field where mistakes crept in. To the team’s credit at no time during the heat of the day did they give up trying.

14Bs No report submitted.
A need for parent support is critical to this team both in administration and team discipline. At 1-30pm only 4 players were present (to their credit), 5 present at 1-35pm and finally at 2-00pm the last players arrived to make up the XI. I had cause to have to leave umpiring the 13As match to apologize to the King’s coach and parents and brokered a reduced match in the hope that more arrived for the game. As a result a game was played, but from my position on the adjacent ground I was disappointed with the behaviour of the boys on the sideline when they were batting. The issues have been addressed at a team meeting.

13As Kings 5/89 defeated HIGH 10/88
Kings won the toss and sent High into bat and we lost our first wicket with only 7 runs on the board. Michael Phung (A/Capt) then took the crease and with Leon Sheldon put together a slow but solid partnership of 47 runs before Leon was out for (12) looking to push the score along. At drinks High was 4/66, after drinks the wheels fell off as batsmen chased runs, which was disappointing as a score of 100 – 120 was achievable. Kings then batted and had to be reminded of the 30 retirement rule as one opener had scored 42, and then High’s fieldsmen sprang to life with taking 2 catches (Samuel and Krishan) and effecting 3 run outs. Main Scorers Michael Phung (29), Leon Sheldon (12), Eric Ovadia (9). Wicket takers were Krishan Sivayogarayan took 1/16 (off 4 overs) Samuel Beston 1/15 (3 overs) and Saif Haque had good figures of 0/2 runs (off 4 overs). One that got away that could have been a victory, but a big improvement in the fielding and catching. Well done boys

13Bs Kings 4/204 defeated HIGH 10/69
In a disappointing display by our opponents who batted past the 30 runs retired rule in the belief that 50 was the retiring score, their opening batsmen hammered 100 runs before we produced the rule book. As soon as the openers retired High set upon Kings and in great teamwork running out three of their batsmen and taking a great catch to dismiss the fourth batsman. High’s fielding had improved 100% on their previous week’s performance and it was a job well done. More concentration with our batting is needed and we will work at this during sport each week. Best batsmen were Leo Lu (15 n.o), Pasan Pannila (13), Nathan Kok (9), Samir Kinger (7) and Andrew Huynh (4). The wicket that was taken was caught by Nathan Leong from Kenneth Nguyen’s bowling who took 1/29 (5 overs) well done boys a great improvement.

13Cs Kings 2/42 defeated HIGH 10/39
In a low scoring game Kings won the toss and produced some fine accurate bowling and High were held to a team total of 39 being dismissed in the 23rd Over of the reduced 25 Over match due to a late start. High batsmen did not value their wickets enough and many were out to very poor shots. However once in the field we showed the value of fielding drills from sport last week and many fours and singles were saved with great efforts. Main scorers Iftiar Khan (5), Michael Wong (4) Matthew Ho (2) and Henry Sit (1). Our best bowler was Derek Wei who took both wickets and finished with 2/17. Well done boys the fielding was terrific to watch

Laurie Heil- MIC

Good luck to all sides playing against Kings and Scots this Saturday.

Cricket Quiz
Question 12:
How many ways is it possible for a batsmen to be dismissed?
Email your name & answer to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
Answer 11: Joeys is leading both the 1st and 2nd grade cricket premierships after four rounds.
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Tennis: Networking

Sat 18th Feb - Kings vs High (R2)
Kings 8 - High 4
Dbls 1: 2-6,7-6,6-4:
Dbls 2: 6-4,6-1
Dbls 3: 3-6, 2-6
Singles 1: 4-6,1-6:,
Sgls 2:6-3, 6-2:
Sgls 3: 3-6, 0-6:
Sgls 4: 6-3, 6-0:
Sgls 5: 2-6, 3-6:
Sgls 6: 2-6, 5-7
On Saturday, a better drilled High first grade team came up against Kings at home. In the preseason, we suffered a cruel 12-0 loss to their side, however, this time the result was much closer.

In the doubles, Mitch and Hai played fantastic tennis and showed incredible mental strength and teamwork to outlast a tough Kings duo in an intense 3 setter. Matt and Ivan worked together a lot better and were clinical in their victory over their opponents. David and Daniel had no such luck, unable to match the teamwork of their opposition.

Mitch fought hard in his singles against a formidable opponent; however, a crucial break at the end of both sets was enough to allow his opponent to sneak out the win. Matt had a much easier time, smashing winners from all areas of the court, to post a comfortable straight sets victory. Daniel played great tennis in the first set, however was unable to keep up the intensity in the second. Ivan was ruthless in attack and dropped only 3 games in his match. Hai played against an in form player, and while there were some splendid rallies, his opponent was too much on the day. David looked to have the upper hand in his match, after leading 5-1 in the second set; however he crumbled and lost the match in straight sets, and with that the tie.

Overall, High fought hard; all the players should be proud of their performances. As we head into the middle of the season, I’m sure all the players are beginning to play some of their best tennis, and we should expect better results next week against Scots.
David Cao
1st grade captain

Dbls 1: 0--6, 1-6
Dbls 2:1-6,4-6:
Dbls 3:1-6,1-6:
Sgls 1: 3-6,0-6:
Sgls 2:3-6,2-6;
Sgls 3:0-6,2-6:
Sgls 4: 3-6,1-6:
Sgls 5: 0-6,3-6:
Sgls6: 0-6,0-6.
Last Saturday, High travelled to Kings to play under sweltering conditions. With Henry being unable to play, everyone played up a position and Kevin Mak came in as No 6. In the No 1 doubles, Boris and Kevin teamed up and played some aggressive tennis, losing mainly due to unforced errors. In the No 2 doubles, Thomas and Nelson lost the first set, but the pair stepped up their game in the second set to lead 4-3 at one stage. However, the pair broke down under the pressure and heat and lost the match. Chapman and Nikita played a strong match, but in the end lost out to a more consistent pair.

In the singles, Boris stepped up as No 1. Boris played some pretty good tennis in the first set, but in the second set, his “crazy” shots came back. Thomas battled strongly as No 2 but soon gave way to fatigue and the heat. Chapman has improved significantly from pre-season and very much equalled his opponent in many respects, except King’s consistency in their home courts was too hot to handle. Likewise Nelson, Nikita and Kevin all fought hard, but I guess fitness proved to be a deciding factor in the end. Despite our loss to King’s, it was good to see improvements in some of our players, such as Nikita, who has improved in many aspects of his game, probably due to holiday training. Good one!
Thomas Wong
2nd Grade Captain


 1 - 5
3 - 3
2 - 4
6 - 0
A1 Ben Le6-5(7-5),Jason Cohn5-6(7-5)Dbls A2 5-6
B1&B2 Dbls 6-3,Sgls D Chim6-1
C1 Dbls 6-4, Sgls M Rusli 6-3
D1&2 6-3/4, Sgls N Hayes 6-1
 1 - 5
3 - 3
1 - 5
2 - 4
Dbls 2: 4-6, Sgls 1:D Lam:6-1
Sgls 2: Hau Neo 4-6
Dbs2:6-4, S:Hoang6-1,Ireland6-4
Dbls 2,6-4,Sgls Diep,Siu 4-6
Dbls1:6-4,Sgls T Yu 6-1
 3 - 3
1 - 5
1 - 5
1.5 – 4..5
A’s Dbls 2:6-4,Sgls E Qui 6-5(7-5), E Hui 6-5
Dbls1 4-6. Sgls K Sheng 6-2
C’sDbls 4-6, Sgls J Chan 6-2
D’sDbls 15-6(8-10),A Wu 6-3
 0 - 6
1 - 5
0 - 6
0 – 6
A’s;Dbls,AJ/Anthony 4-6 SglsR.Luo 5-6
Sgls Victor Lui 6-5
(Victor ansdTerry also plyd 5ths)
Sgls E.Stadnik 3-6, S.Lou 3-6
0 – 6
1 – 5
1 – 5
Lawrence Lu 4-6,George Panas
4-6, carried the Dbls1.
B’s Sgls 4 Kit Man Chan 6-4
C’s3 Kit Man Chang 6-0
D’s Dbls 2:4-6, Sgls 2: Gabriel Giarayalde 6-0

As & Bs
: Ben Lee was finally able to chalk up a victory in a tight encounter that should give him confidence for the rest of the season. Jason was brimming with confidence and excitement about his match but was unfortunate to lose 5-7 in the tie break. Daniel Chim rebounded from his mauling at the hands of Grammar last week to post an easy 6-1 win. Danny Fu has the best serve in the team on his day, but was unable to find his rhythm to capitalise on it and make it a much easier match.

Cs & Ds: The shock of the day came when James Ip lost in what probably was only his 3rd loss in the past two seasons of GPS tennis. William Chan played for nearly an hour in the scorching heat to finish 5-6 down. Jono was extremely impressive, playing a high risk game with powerful returns; hitting the As would have been proud of. Nick Hayes had some very strong serving to post yet another easy win.
Allan Chau
Manager 16s

Thanks to coaches for results.
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Basketball: Shooting Hoops

High v Grammar

Term 1 2005

1st LOSS    114-61  D.SUN 25
2nd     LOSS    72-36   M.LEVY 9
3rd     LOSS    39-11   M.POPESCU 3
4th     WIN     19-10   H.DANG 9
5th     WIN     20-14   C.WONG 4
6th     LOSS    7-12    M.KELDOULIS 3
7th     DRAW    21-21   F.CHEUNG 9
8th     WIN     8-2     J.PHU 4
16A     WIN     33-32   TEAM EFFORT
16B     WIN     30-17   P.LOCKE 8
16C     WIN     34-8    C.YANG 10
16D     LOSS    11-9    R.JI 3
15A     LOSS    40-27   L.TENG 10
15B     LOSS    26-18   C.REEVES 8
15C     LOSS    30-26   S.KE 4
15D     WIN     17-15   M.FENG 7
15E     LOSS    7-47    W.MA 4
14A     LOSS    28-16   L.GORDON 6
14B     LOSS    34-16   A.KUGENDRAN 6
14C     LOSS    34-10   UNKNOWN
14D     WIN     30-16   I.LU 8
14E     LOSS    46-22   Z.GUO 6

Term 1 2006 (This week)

1st LOSS    119-62  H.WALKER 27
2nd     WIN     71-48   R.HUYNH 25
3rd     LOSS    60-43   M.POPESCU 12
4th     WIN     36-27   J.TAO 11
5th     LOSS    39-34   L.WONG 10
6th     LOSS    15-25   A.WANG 7
7th     WIN     23-18   J.LU 13
8th     WIN     31-13   J.PHU 9
16A     DRAW    23-23   D.CAMPION 8
16B     LOSS    21-25   D.CHIU 10
16C     WIN     22-12   C.YANG 8
16D     WIN     20-14   J.DAI 7
16E     DNP             
15A     LOSS    39-40   J.TASSELL 10
15C     LOSS    28-13   S.ZHANG 6
15D     LOSS    34-12   M.YIU 4
15E     LOSS    28-13   S.ZHANG 6
14A     LOSS    25-30   J.RAJENDRAN 7
14B     LOSS    33-34   M.LI 8
14C     LOSS    21-29   D.ZHANG 6
14D     LOSS    23-29   C.NGUYEN 6
14E     LOSS    18-23   R.SIVA 10
13A     LOSS    45-18   A.YE 12
13B     LOSS    33-18   N. AUTAR 8

Sydney Kings
If the Kings win this year they will have won four years in a row setting NBL records. Get down to the Entertainment Centre (Chinatown) with a few mates and watch the grand final! It’s a great night out and you will learn a great deal from watching the best teams and coaches in the nation!

Basketball Coaching Staff Fact for the Week
Matt Conacher (14As Coach) Matt left St Josephs College to attend an American High school in Year 10 to pursue his dream of playing professional basketball. In his senior year in High School his team was the most successful team in America with many players being drafted to the NBA and many players including himself going to American Colleges. After one year of College Matt returned to Australia where he has continued his studies in finance at Macquarie University. Matt played with the West Sydney Razorbacks that season during their Grand Final appearance against the Sydney Kings! Keep your dreams alive boys…SBHS gives you all the opportunities to be a scholar athlete!

2nd Grade Match Report
Score: 71 – 48
Top Scorer: Raymond Huynh – 25
Yet another Saturday where High seconds would dress up in school uniform and watch another tough match for the High thirds. This week however would be different, in more ways than one. From the tip off High were prepared for the King’s game plan. Immediately after their first basket King’s pressed with full court pressure, High were ready and broke it calmly with a well executed play drilled numerous times through with super coach Mr Hayman. It soon became evident High were in for a tight match after consecutive three pointers from the High guards including a nicely banked one from Stuart Sugito. A full court press was also put on from the home side and King’s were taken by surprise throwing many wild passes and giving High easy baskets. The first quarter looked to end in a four point advantage for the home side only for a King’s guard to nail a half court shot at the buzzer.

The second quarter was a big warning to other GPS seconds who believe High are ‘easy beats’. The quarter was played with determination and strong full court pressure leading to numerous easy baskets for High. Alex Lee, Kenny Huang, Jaffe Chiu and Alex Vertoudakis were monsters in the backcourt constantly hounding the ball and being rewarded in two out of every three possessions. At times when the High side had to play against half court defence the opposition was left with no answers for Eugene Wong. It was unbelievable the amount of talent he unleashed with solid moves all around and grabbing many offensive rebounds at will and only stopping to give the opponent a chance. At half time the High lead was up to 14 and it could be sensed the lead was not going to diminish.

The final half of the game could be summed up in three words, PRESS, TEAMWORK and EUGENE. Not only did High work as a unit in breaking the oppositions press defence, our own defence was highly effective. The end of the game became a blow out with the King's side only having one play which was ineffective and having no idea how to guard small yet big player Stuart and running jumpers from Alex Lee. The final score ended up being 71-48 High’s way and as promised High seconds are looking for another few wins so stay tuned for the most explosive team in the school!
Raymond Huynh
2nd Grade Captain

5th Grade Match Report
Score: 34 – 39
Top Scorer: L.Wong – 10
MVP: L.Wong.
MIP: N. Tran
After a victory under our belt from last week against Grammar, High 5ths ventured to the King's home ground hoping to start a winning streak. Unfortunately High were only able to field 8 players (6 fully fit) due to injuries.

After losing the tip-off, High was quick to regain possession, and with a swift pass to sharp shooter Richard M, he was able to convert the opening shot of the game with a high angle bank shot. However, King’s reacted in a highly aggressive manner. Their style of play broke our defence and no-calls on both ends resulted in an 18-9 trail.

King’s came out of the half determined to put this game away. They were able to convert a high percentage of their fast breaks into points resulting in their lead extending to 32-16 mid-way through the 2nd half. After a timeout, a combination of a solid zone defence and a high pressure man-to-man caused many turnovers from King’s. Excellent shooting from the guards, Leslie and Danny, who combined for 3 threes, was a great confidence boost. Good drives from Albert despite his injuries helped cut King’s lead to 34-29 with 2 minutes on the clock. Unfortunately, after baskets were exchanged, King’s sealed the game with a basket with 20 seconds on the clock as High looked for the steal.
Jeffrey Xie
The mighty 5th Grade Vice Captain

16Bs Match Report
Score: 21-25 (loss).
Top Scorer: D.Chiu 10
It was a hot day and the team was incomplete. With only 7 of our 11 players turning up, more time was to be played by each of us. Our peers let us down because the game was decided by stamina. The match started off with High leading 5-0 through good drives and fast breaks. However King’s were able to make their return with the advantage of physical strength and height. The score at the half time mark was 8-8. Second half changed the atmosphere of the game. Number 35 from King’s started his miraculous streak of making ridiculous fade away shots. After the lead slowly dripped away from us, their morale was flared at each shot being sunk. Finally the whole game faded away as their whole team started sharp shooting, sinking in a three and rarely missing a shot. Due to the factor of the heat and 1.6km run from Friday, our players were not in the best form for this game and could not afford to use up more energy for man to man defence. King’s kept up the zone defence and, with their height advantage, made it rather hard for us to reach the basket. In the end King’s were able to extend their lead to 4 points after we caught up and the game ended at a loss for High. Thank you to Patrick L, Zid M, Keerth V, Johny S, Andrew T and Alvin L for turning up to the game and playing brilliantly. Maybe an opponent morale breaker play would help next time. We’re sure to bring back good news in the coming match against Scots (last year resulted in a very low scoring game).
Daniel Chiu
Captain of 16Bs.

Yr 7 House Basketball Competition Match #1:
Fairland vs Ruby Tuesday 21/02/06.
The match started off with many basketball enthusiasts observing the quality of our new basketball players. Fairland however proved themselves, slowly dominating the match with good positioning and movement on the court, allowing easy passes leading to fast breaks and open shots. Whilst on the defence side they showed great pressure on the court forcing the opposition to have their shots attempted reduced. However Ruby was not finished at half time despite the score not looking extremely satisfying, with great spirit they started helping each other out in their own half of the court to get the ball across to the other half. This eventually led them to scoring opportunities and luck just wasn’t with them as many of their shots just rolled out. The final score was 14-2 Fairland’s way. Better luck next time, Ruby! Well played, Fairland!

Basketball Training Sessions
Hank Foster’s training session:- focus on the most important aspect of the game, scoring. Hank Foster runs training sessions for players that simply want to work on scoring. Players of all age groups and teams are welcome to attend, it’s $10 per session. Check it out on Monday mornings with Hank for more details. The results of his training sessions have been eye witnessed by many in the 16s, and proved to be very effective. All ages welcome.

Captains please send in your match report to Mr Hayman by lunchtime on Mondays!
http://www.sydneyhigh.org.au/basketball for updated information about basketball and game-times.
Brought to you by Francis Wong, Johny Shih and Justin Liang.
Thank you to Mr Hayman for all his contributions to basketball and information.

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Rowing News

The racing season is at the midway point with the juniors gearing up for the Gold Cup Regatta at Riverview on March 25, and seniors going through their final selections before the Head of the River on April 1.

The Sydney High Regatta is on March 11 and all parents are asked to volunteer to assist on the day. The Rowing Committee looks after the catering aspect of the regatta and the school staff ensure the on water functioning of the Regatta with assistance from boat race officials from New South Wales Rowing.

We still need 30hp speedies to assist for the regatta and if you have one that can be available for the day could you please contact Mr Barris. Mark Ridges provided one last year and is doing so again.

The Melbourne trip for Year 10 VIIIs occurred last week but it is probably best relayed by Brynley Pfull

Last week the Melbourne Rowing Exchange loomed like a hot air balloon ever closer. Anticipation filled the rowing community. But a hot air balloon could not compare to the fun we had. All of a sudden we awoke to find ourselves on the rickety white bus wondering where we were. The ten hour trip ahead seemed jolly and inviting, and we couldn’t wait to sit on uncomfortable seats for the whole day. iPods seemed the order of the day, and a few eyes glazed over. It seemed the hot air balloon was in flight..

The first stop was McDonalds, where I bought the famous English muffin for only a dollar. They say time flies when you’re having fun and we reached Melbourne eight hours later, after a stressful broken tyre about an hour from Melbourne. Thank you Chris Watson and Mr. Barris for driving the whole day.

On arrival, the bags were unpacked and we met our billets. Most of us knew the Melbourne High boys as we had billeted them last November. So we went home, my billet and I, and met his family. He had a nice house, at least seventy years old. You could imagine my pleasure as I was introduced to my temporary room; it contained a double bed, a television with Xbox, a stereo and computer. Luxury, I thought at the time.

Life moves too fast, though, for one to enjoy life’s enjoyments. The next day was a refreshing ten to six wake up, and then to rowing, where our boats had been put together by Mr Daish and Mr Tim Wilson. We appreciate this very much, thank you.

The Yarra was rather a flat river with perfect rowing conditions. We rowed into the CBD and back again. After an economic breakfast we did the same thing again. Then the High boys hit Melbourne. Numerous policemen, more than usual, roamed the streets. Word of our arrival had obviously spread fast.

We went straight to the Crown Casino with money jingling in our pockets. We headed straight to the games arcade to play that claw game. Many were successful and many a chocolate was eaten. Then we attended the cinema, and saw a light movie; Jarhead. All about the fun and happiness of being a marine. Home we went, on the very comfy train to Williamstown.

The next day I could hardly believe my luck; a genuine 4:50 wake up! I literally bounded out of bed, ready to attack the new day. We raced Melbourne High on their own river that day. Our first race a tragic loss, we put our heads together to decide to win. And win we did. The next two races we beat them, our minds almost as bendy as the Yarra. Whew! How exhilarating!

With spirits almost reaching the sun and burning to a crisp, we went off to the city. Some people decided they quite liked the idea of sitting at a computer screen for a few hours, so off they went. This is called LANing, and is rather a fun sport, I am told.

The rest of us walked around the city, admiring city skyscrapers and surprisingly fun comic book shops.

As the sun began to sink behind a creamy sky, our minds turned to our homes. We were missing them, it is true. Yet another night, alas! But the ten hour bus trip almost made up for it. After dinner the presents were given. My billet’s family were extremely nice. By the time we realised it was Saturday morning and the day of departure, we all wished we could stay for a few more days.

After what seemed like an extremely fast bus trip, we were home. And yes, before you ask, I bought another English muffin! Small in size I know, but big in bargain!

Thank you very much to Mr Barris, Chris Watson, Mr Daish, Mr Wilson and George Barris. This trip was wonderful and would have been impossible without you. George, we love your pirate shirt.
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From English

All Year 7 students will be participating in the English Language and Literacy Assessment (ELLA) on Tuesday 7 March. The results of these tests will provide information about the literacy skills of students and will indicate where any student may need help. Reports detailing individual student results will be provided to parents in June.

As part of our Extension and Enrichment focus in English we will be offering a program of interesting and creative lunch-time activities for particular Year groups in Room 204 at lunchtimes commencing Friday 24th, Ms Boukatos has organised the following program of events for Year 9 students:

Year 9
Friday 24th Feb
‘A Talk On Anime’ by Chris Evans
Friday 3rd March
A presentation of student created web-pages
Friday 10th March
A documentary providing a social and historical background to Macbeth and Elizabethan England
Friday 17th March
A presentation of student created filmed readings of Macbeth

In addition to the activities outlined above we will also be providing on-going opportunities for our Year 12 students to consolidate their understanding of modules being delivered in both the Advanced and Extension Courses. As well as on-going revision writing tasks which can be collected from the boxes outside the English staffroom we will be providing a lunch time program of viewing and discussion pertinent to HSC Modules. The first of these offerings is as follows:

Year 12
Lunch time - 27th-28th February
A film viewing of Hamlet will be available in Room 203

Year 12 students wishing to take part in HSC Student Study Days for English Courses please see Ms Trompetter for more details ASAP.
Ms Trompetter
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Year 7 Camp Haiku

Haiku is a nifty little poetic form which captures a feeling and a moment, rather like a snapshot. Here are some of the lyrical wee snaps taken by Year 7 at Camp last week.

Kayaking is fun.
Rowing quickly builds muscles,
Helps to impress girls.
Paulo Castillo

The fluttering sail,
The dark glittering water
Are joined by the wind.
Austin Ly

Up on the ropes course
Adrenaline flows through me -
I’m king of the world.
Leon Sheldon

Walking on the wire
I sneak a peek right below;
My heart plunges down
Vivin George

Legs aching with pain
 I floated without worries,
And I passed the test.
Nikhil Autar
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Fundraising: Special for Sydney Boys High School

14 TRAVEL BAGS FOR SALE only $25.00 each !!

  • Approximately 50 x 30 x 25 cm
  • Sturdy black sports /travel bags valued in excess of $40.00
  • Features end and side compartments with zip closure to main body of bag as well
  • Carry handles with Velcro and shoulder strap

Selling on a “First come First Served” basis Collect bags and pay at Cashiers office Don’t delay!!

(Funds raised will be added to the 125th Anniversary Project 2008 The New Library and Performing Arts Centre)

Valda Roser
Fund Raising Co-ordinator

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Fundraising: Upcoming Parking Events

Parking Events are important fundraisers for Sydney Boys High. Previous experience is not necessary. Just bring a smile.

Please contact the relevant co-ordinator to offer your help.

March 2006 Event Help Needed Venue Group Parking Co-ordinator Contact Details
Sat 4 NSW Waratahs v Sharks – Super 14 3.30pm Aussie B' Ball Kumi Abeysuriya
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Sun 5 Hyundai A League Grand Final TBC Aussie Debating Craig Phillis
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Fri 10 NSW Waratahs v Cats – Super 14 7.40 pm Aussie Cricket  
Sun 19 NRL Round 2 Roosters v Storm 2.30 pm Aussie Rifle Bronwen Gordon
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Fri 24 NSW Waratahs v Blues – Super 14 8.00 pm Aussie Tennis  
Sun 26 NRL Round 3 Roosters v Raiders 3.00 pm Aussie Music Alex Burger
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
Fri 31 NSW Waratahs v Cheetahs – Super 14 8.00 pm Aussie Cricket  
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SBHS Debating 2006

Registrations for Debating are NOW OPEN

Please register TODAY!
If your home computer doesn’t work for registrations please come to school and use the library computers. Ensure your details are correct before submitting information. All students must register for 2006.

Coaching has commenced.
As debating is technically a winter sport, you may start coaching in term 2 if it clashes with your summer sporting commitments.

Year 7- Fridays from 3.20-4.30pm in 603, 606, 607 (subject to change).
Year 8- Wednesdays from 3.20pm in 607 and 608 (subject to change).
Year 9 –Fridays from 3.20pm in room 608.
Year 10 –Thursdays from 3.10pm in 603.
Senior debaters- watch your email inbox for more details of sessions.

Students can get MORE INFORMATION about coaching times and location from the daily notices & on THE NOTICE BOARD OUTSIDE 603.

THE EASTSIDE DEBATING COMPETITION Starts AT HIGH on Friday March 3 and runs on every Friday in March. Teams and detailed information will be emailed out early next week (please ensure you have registered in order to start receiving this years emails).

Full details of this year’s debating events can be found on the website.

We have another parking day on Sunday March 5th at 5PM. Please email Craig Phillis, Debating’s Parking Co-ordinator at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you are able to assist for a few hours.

The first Debating Supporters Group (DSG) meeting of the year will be held on Tuesday March 7th at 6.30pm in the Staff Common Room. This is an opportunity for parents to become involved in fundraising and events that assist us in further strengthening the Debating teams at High. If you have items for the agenda send them to John Evan, DSG President at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Further information can be obtained from Ms Jocelyn Brewer, MIC Debating by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
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Unity in Diversity - 100 years of SHS Membership of the AAGPS

Fitting In
Sydney High School’s position as the only State high school in the AAGPS has often led to some interesting interactions with its fellow schools. The following two anecdotes have been gathered from the school’s archives. The first was written in 1987 by Aubrey Colefax, an old boy who attended High in 1916-1920:

 “Then, as now, SHS was the only high school which was a member of the Great Public Schools. This was resented hotly by all the other members, with the possible exception of St Josephs College. We always sensed some kind of affinity with Joeys in contrast to an awareness of a vicious class distinction where the others were concerned. We were referred to disparagingly as "Second Hand Shop" and "Sydney Horse Stables". In my years at SHS and previously, the annual Regatta on the Parramatta River took pride of place in importance over all sporting events. On Regatta night there were gala celebrations through the city's main streets, culminating in a mass attendance at Her Majesty's Theatre. Eventually the Old Boys' Union organised purchase of a boat and necessary equipment and arranged for a first class rowing coach. And so SHS was able to enter in the Championship Eights. I think the year was 1925, and they won handsomely. There were no combined traditional celebrations that night, nor have there been any ever since. No doubt the disappearance of this custom became consolidated by victories by SHS being repeated in the next two succeeding years.”

The second anecdote was provided by former Headmaster, K J Andrews, who joined the School originally as an English/History teacher in 1932.

On my first day the Sportsmaster, Ted Patterson, asked me what sports duties I could undertake.

"I have never played Rugby," I replied, "but I have coached several cricket teams."

"Good!" he said, "You can take charge of the First Eleven. They play in the GPS competition on Saturdays, all day, and always at the other school's ground. We have no ground of our own."

I must admit that I had reservations about this assignment, arising in part from my own schoolboy experiences. When Hobart High School was established in 1913, none of the independent schools would meet High School teams in sporting contests. I remember well going to the Domain ground for football practice and finding the Hutchins School team in possession of the ground. Practice proceeded, our team on one half of the ground and Hutchins on the other. When we asked our teacher to let us have a practice game with the Hutchins team, he said, "No, that is not allowed." And so I wondered how I and my team would get along with other GPS teams, especially as we would always be guests on their grounds, never hosts at our own.

Of course these misgivings were groundless and were soon put to rest. Let me picture a scene that I still recall vividly. We were playing St Ignatius College at Riverview. Their coach, Father Connolly was a congenial companion. During the lunch break, I and my team, plus the two umpires, were ushered into the refectory and seated at a long table set for midday dinner. Boarders and teachers occupied the other tables. A waiter placed a huge joint of roast beef in front of me and, with a sinking heart, I looked at the carving knife and fork by my plate.

I have mentioned that sports encounters at that time always took place at the other school's ground. Sydney High School teams were always the guests. Sometimes I am sure the boys felt a little diffident, if not a trifle ashamed, to find themselves in this position. However the time was ripe for a change.

In 1925, Mr T D Mutch, Minister for Education, had announced at the OBU dinner, that a new school would be built in Moore Park, provided that the Old Boys were prepared to assist in equipping the school and providing playing fields. It was fortunate that the leaders of the OBU at that time were two remarkable men: Robert Thomas McKay and Charles Adnam Fairland.

By the Autumn of 1932 a football field was ready for use in Centennial Park and a turf wicket had been laid down. The ground was first used for football on June 11, 1932, when High were at home for a match with the Armidale School. As the second half of the cricket competition loomed ahead, we were pleased to inform the GPS Cricket committee that in future our home matches would be played on our new ground in Centennial Park.

Of course there were still difficulties to be overcome at that stage: there was no pavilion - the best we could do was to provide a tent for the teams; lunch was served at the school, and cars had to be provided to transport the teams there and back.
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