High Notes, Vol 7 No 36, November 17 2006

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From the Principal

High Talent
The prestigious Music Encore performances of HSC works had three of our students nominated – Paul Pang and two accelerants, James Mackay and Richie Xu. Paul has been invited to perform – congratulations! For Art Express, the state display of HSC major works, accelerant Raymond Roca had his work retained for first stage judging – well done! Our Year 8 debating team – John Aclis, Antony Paul, Max Phillis & Puneet Baweja - won the Janene Best Memorial Shield at Hurlstone Agricultural College. We have not won this trophy before so this was a great effort.

New Library – Monthly Giving Program
We have a bold vision for a two stage Library – Performing Arts Space. The estimated cost of the combined project is in the order of $4m. Stage One requires $1.8m. We have $400k. We need to increase our rate of fund raising significantly. The Sydney High Development Committee has been busy building a communication and marketing strategy designed to underpin our fund raising efforts for the new library and performing arts space. One proposal was that a monthly giving program was likely to be attractive to parents and friends of the school. During a recent telephone survey of 100 parents, randomly selected, our volunteer researchers found that the concept of a monthly giving program to help fund our development goal, would be supported by our parents. Such a mode of credit card regular deductions fits into the budgetary planning of many people better than finding lump sums to donate. Consequently, we have set up an arrangement with the ANZ Bank so that automatic monthly deductions from credit card accounts can be effected.

The process works like this. Names and credit card details of donors are sent each month to the bank electronically, on a nominated date. There is a spreadsheet sent for each monthly amount to be deducted – eg $50, $40, $30 or $20. The bank processes each spreadsheet separately, deducts the amount from the credit card account for each donor and charges the school 0.8% on each transaction. At the end of the financial year, the school extracts the total for donations made by each donor within the tax period July 1-June 30, using macros devised by the bank and sends each donor an annual statement as evidence of tax deductible donations. Parents can opt in or out of the scheme at any time as long as they notify the school in writing before the agreed date each month when the spreadsheets will be transmitted to the bank. The school is only contacted by the bank in the event of a card default or error in details supplied.

An information sheet with payment slip details will be distributed next week after the scheme is launched officially on Orientation Day (21/11) and at the P & C Annual General Meeting (22/11). There will be follow up brochures and a telephone campaign to encourage donors to sign up. I will be the first name on a spreadsheet to demonstrate my support for the program and as a show of commitment to raising the money needed for our great 125th anniversary project. I trust a large number of parents will join our program during the next few months of our campaign. The cause is a fine one.

Cricket Nets
The new cricket nets have been completed and are state of the art. A run up extension was necessary as the retaining wall wings reduced the overall available length of the planned run ups. This section will be laid with the artificial grass retrieved from the previous cricket nets. The retractable nets will be locked away in their boxes after use. In winter the space will be popular for ball sports with its even surface. The space is not supervised at present and the surrounding area is still under construction with debris and stones spread around. Students should stay away from the area unless a teacher/coach is present and structured training sessions are taking place.

New Basketball Courts
By the end of this week the four concrete pours for the basketball courts will be complete. After a couple of weeks curing, the surface and posts contractor will arrive to prepare the court surfaces, erect backboards and rings and mark the lines. Your cooperation during this process is requested.

The Record
After a mammoth effort by Mr Barris and his committee, for the first time in more than a decade, The Record will be published and distributed in the same calendar year as the events it records. On your behalf I congratulate him on this achievement and exhort the school community to help us make this the beginning of a culture change at High – one where we take corporate responsibility for a timely recording and publishing of our current affairs. To bed down such a culture change, another senior member of staff, Mr. Bigelow, has volunteered to take on the job of Executive Editor of The Record for 2007. We are seeking help from staff members for the roles of Summer and Winter Editor. These roles will be to assist in the collection of captains’ reports, photographs, results and information about sports and co-curricular activities for each season. The changeover date is technically after the Founders Day Assembly, but this year we have had to wait until Remembrance Day to do it. Let us make The Record a focal point of our accountability –to ourselves as much as to our community!
Dr K Jaggar
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Secure Internet Browsing and Email

Important message for ALL students.
On 20 November, the school will be switched over to “Secure Internet Browsing and Email”, a DET initiative for all schools. Under this system all students and staff will be required to login to the DET Portal (http://portal.det.nsw.edu.au) for internet browsing and email.

All students will be issued with a Department username and password. Also students will be issued with a Department email address. The email address will be in the format: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The username and password will be needed by students to access this email address. It will also be needed every time you wish to browse the internet from school.

Web based email accounts such as Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail etc will not function under this new system, and are completely blocked.

When you wish to login to the school network, you will login as usual with the username and login that you do now. However, when you wish to browse on the internet, you will be prompted to enter your Department username and password. Also, if you wanted to check your Department email (ie. @education.nsw.gov.au) you will need to enter your Department username and password.

Although the change over is 20 November, it is advisable that you login before this date, as the first time you login you will be required to change your password and you may experience difficulty with this if you leave it until after the 20th.

You can find out your username and password from the SBHS Student Portal, accessible by clicking the “Students” link at the bottom of the Sydney Boys High website (www.sydneyboyshigh.com).

All students must also read the DET Acceptable Usage Policy available from the SBHS Student Portal.
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From the Library

MS Readathon
Congratulations go to John Aclis as he was a finalist in the Sun-Herald MS Readathon Ultimate Story Competition. John has won a Penguin Books pack filled with great titles such as:

Specky Magee & the Great Footy Contest by Felicia Arena & Gary Lyon
Philomena Wonderpen by Ian Bone
I’m Being Stalked by a Moonshadow by Doug Macleod
Love Cuts by Ian Bone
Runcible Jones: The Gate to Nowhere by Ian Irvine
Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White
Dragonsight by Paul Collins
Theosora’s Gift by Ursula Dubarsky
The Greeblies by Robert Greenberg
Number 8 by Anna Fienberg
Doubting Thomas by Morris Gleitzman
Kid’s Night In: A Feast of Stories by various authors

The Ultimate Story Competition involved John in writing a sequential chapter to a children’s story that is published in the K-Zone magazine each week. The judges’ letter told us John is to be greatly congratulated as this was a very high standard competition, and to be a finalist in such a competition required a very high standard of writing. Well done, John.
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SHS Rifle Shooting Committee: Annual Dinner

Invites all rifle shooters, parents, ex-shooters and supporters to the
to be held on FRIDAY, 24 November, at 7.00 pm
at the
Canterbury League Club
26 Bridge Road, Belmore
(at the Dynasty Restaurant)

Cost: $25 - $30 per person
RSVP before 20 November 2006
Mrs. Kim Tong
9785 1553
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
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Art e Facts

Correction to closing date
Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize

Start clicking NOW in order to enter by 29 December 2006 for judging on 13 March 2007.

Theme for Secondary Schools Section

Interpret Contemporary Life in Australia with an emphasis on images of Australians going about their day-to-day lives within their environment. Images that reveal a deep connection between the photographer and their subject/s will be well received by the judges.

Division 1 – Years 11-12 –total $34,000
Best work Prize $17000 plus $17000 to the winning student’s school

Division 2 – years 9-10 – total $4000
Best work $2 000 plus $2 000 to the winning student’s school

Division 3 – Years 7-8 – total $2 000
Best Work $1 000 plus $1 000 to the winning student’s school

See Art Department for specific criteria [but your photo can be digital]
phone enquiries to 02 9247 6666
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Public Speaking

On Friday 10 November John Aclis, Hayden Schilling, Zid Mancenido, Kelvin Yu and Matthew Coutts competed in the Eastern Suburbs Public Speaking Competition at Scots College. The boys delivered prepared and impromptu speeches which were both engaging and insightful. Congratulations to Zid who placed 2nd in the Intermediate section.

This competition ends a very busy and successful Public Speaking season. We look forward to continued success next year!
MIC - Public Speaking
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7.30pm, Wednesday 22 November 2006

  • We need your support
  • Office bearers urgently sought
  • Assistant positions are open and would suit parents who have limited time to spare

Even if you don’t want to be part of the executive, we urge you to attend and take part in this important aspect of your son’s life at High!
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From Rowing

Highlights of the Rowing Calendar
This weekend only the 1st and 2nd VIIIs will be competing in the Head of the Parramatta time trial. It is due to a dispute over registration with the Rowing Association so the majority of our crews will have to wait until next year to compete against other schools. Our first row so to speak is the family Regatta where all families can come down and have a row. It starts about 11.00am with the boys having a shortened row before parents and other family members hop into the boats.

Important dates are:

Sat 18 Head of the Parramatta SRC
Thurs 23 Senior A & C Camp Abbotsford
Thurs 30 Senior A, B, C Camp ( no yr 10 ) Abbotsford
Sat 2 Family Regatta day 11.00am Abbotsford
Mon 4 Senior A & B Camp Abbotsford
Tues 5 Rowing Committee Meeting 7.30pm Common Room
Thurs 7 Senior A & B Camp Abbotsford
Sun 10 Junior F Camp Abbotsford
Mon 11 Junior D & E Camp Abbotsford
Tues 12 Seat Racing C,D,E Hen & Chicken
Wed 13 Year 10 VIIIs visit by Melbourne High Abbotsford
Thurs 14 Senior A & B Camp Abbotsford
  Year 10 VIIIs visit by Melbourne High Billet
Fri 15 Senior A & B Camp Abbotsford
  Year 10 VIIIs visit by Melbourne High Billet
Sat 16 Shed Race Ryde Bridge
  Year 10 VIIIs visit by Melbourne High  
Mon 18 Shed Ergometer School

Our President Craig Phillis shares his thoughts
With the family regatta two weeks away, I think about what rowing means to my family and what it involves. Surprisingly, whilst I am involved in committee matters and organisational aspects, the involvement for me is very satisfying (I hope Maree thinks the same).

Our Saturday commences early, organising our three boys for breakfast all at a rush, a quick wash and out the door. First port of call is Nanas (bleary eyed) where we drop Sam and Nick for the morning. Nana would not be happy with a 5am start. Then it’s off to the shed for our 8am arrival, fortunately for me Max is in the juniors.

Our journey to the shed takes us through Lane Cove providing us with an opportunity to check what Riverview and St Josephs are up to. Our fleeting glimpse suggests loads of hard work, and given the vocal instruction through the loud hailer heavy work on the technique is the go.

On arrival at the shed there is the general commotion of the seniors returning from the early session and the rush for breakfast and the juniors arriving to start their day. The rowing staff can be seen looking for coffee, and some a bite to eat. The parents arrive and start preparing the vegetables and drinks for the BBQ. The bread man arrives with his trays of buns fresh from the oven ready to be cut.

Mr Coan finishes his brew and Mr Gainford rounds up the Year 8 boys amid murmurs and they move to shells. With the inevitable departure the boys slip quietly away. The movements in unison, the oars flick and the shed falls into silence.

As the boys leave, parents take in the tranquil setting with its fabulous view, the soft tones of conversation, is a panacea.

In no time flat the boys begin to arrive back after their outing, the smell of the BBQ in the air; the washing of the boats and it is all over. The boys depart only to repeat the process the next weekend.

The shed for parents is a place for friendly discussions, the opportunity to watch the boys grow both in stature and skill, the building of new friendships and the mischief they get up to.

I can understand why the “shed” becomes a second home and the memories etched in their minds for life.
Craig Phillis
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From Basketball

Basketball - Well Done 1st Grade!
Congratulations to first grade, defeating Riverview! Captain Harry Walker said after the game that he believes in his team. At the start of the season he “looked at the players around him and knew he would be in for a good season”. This confidence and belief in each other is the key to their success. Their resilience after a 50 point loss the previous week is a true reflection of the type of student that SBHS produces. Coach Alex Hayman is doing an amazing job. This week the firsts play at home against Newington. The 15s age group are at home and Newington school is not far from our school. I urge all students of SBHS to support your team. Newington is on paper the best side in GPS. SBHS are on paper, as far as the other school’s are concerned, not a chance. Come and see what happens this week!!

After the first of two free throws by BLUE 5, because of a technical foul called on RED 9, RED 12 requests a substitution for RED 8. When is the substitution allowed?

a) At the time of the request?
b) After BLUE 5’s last free throw is successful?
c) After BLUE 5’s last free throw, successful, or not?
d) The next time that the whistle blows, after the ball has been put back into play?

Art.19 October 2005 amendments says: If a free throw is followed by a throw-in at the centre line extended…. The time out or the substitution shall be granted after the last free throw for both teams whether the last free throw is successful or not.

Therefore c) is the correct answer.

Because of a few, isolated, incidents over the last couple of weeks I thought that I would change direction this week and not ask a question but simply quote a rule.

What is the definition of a Technical Foul? |
A technical foul is a player non-contact foul of a behavioural nature including, but not limited to :

  • Disregarding warnings by officials
  • Disrespectfully touching the officials, the commissioner, the table officials or the team bench personnel.
  • Disrespectfully communicating with the officials, the commissioner, the table officials or the opponents.
  • Using language or gestures likely to offend or incite the spectators.
  • Baiting an opponent or obstructing his vision by waving his hands near his eyes.
  • Delaying the game by deliberately touching the ball after is passes through the basket.
  • Delaying the game by preventing a throw-in from being taken promptly.
  • Falling down to fake a foul.

Personally I hate technical fouls with a passion; however there are occasions when they do become a ‘necessary evil’. Referees are instructed to use this rule as a last resort, however whenever a player/coach does transgress, they must expect to have the Referee make this call.
B. Hayman
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From Tennis

14s Tennis vs, Riverview
"With efforts non the less sincere We will overcome them year by year"

Our school song, how true it is, but for 14s Tennis, it doesn't take years, just one season. In term 1, these boys were rattled and beaten convincingly by a Riverview side straight out of Prep School. But for these Year 7s, it was time for revenge on 11 November, this time in Riverview's backyard.

The morning session produced some well orchestrated tennis, with long rallies, lots of determination and the High Spirit on show once more.

The As started off well with George and Vivin winning a close doubles 6-5 (7-3 in the tiebreak), Vivin in particular showed his class as a great doubles players with some high-quality passing shots. With the late withdrawal of Kit Man, Dennis and Daniel were forced to pair together for the first time, and could not seem to get it going, losing in a close match. The heat certainly was taking its toll, but in Singles our A1, George Panas stood up tall, shattering his opponent's confidence with some blistering tennis, winning 6 - 0, our first donut win for the year. Messieurs King and Cerecina better watch their back, this young kid has the ability to claim a spot in senior teams. What he may lack in height, he certainly makes up for in raw passion; a glowing example of the High Spirit once again.

In the Bs, Simon and Marcell combined well, showing that Fairland fight, easily accounting for their opponents 6-3. Simon then went on to face an opponent who he described 'as better than George' and was unable to convert good opportunities, going down 6-4. The same can said for Charlie, Marcell and Kevin Phan, who all lost in very close matches. Perhaps in better conditions, we may have seen some wins.

On a day where both Senior Sides had less than memorable days, the 14Cs certainly were the shining light in a miserable day for High Tennis. Praise and thanks must go to the team of Ian Lu, Lawrence Lu, Gabriel Garayalde and Jonathan Mok who combined to win 5 rubbers to 1 over a well drilled Ignatius side. Due to lateness of players because of confusion to the new draw and maps not being rightfully distributed on Friday, the teams were forced to play singles first. Ian played brilliant tennis, overpowering his opponent to win 6-4. Lawrence, on the court next to him, equalled his doubles partner producing a 6-3 win, out classing his opponent. Gabriel was next on court and simply out smarted his Riverview opponent, winning 6-4. With 3 rubbers in the bag, High were on the verge of an upset victory at Riverview, something that has not been seen in a long time. Team talks made by myself fired up the boys and gave them greater drive to want to succeed, needing only one doubles victory; the boys came back with both doubles to the name of High. Ian and Lawrence managed to hang in and yet again outthink their opponents, winning 6-5 (7-5 in the tiebreaker). Gabriel and Jonathan had an easier time winning 6-3, coming up against a combination who were not used to the hot conditions. Certainly the fitness training implement by Peter Pereira and myself on Thursday worked wonders and gave the boys the added kick they needed.

The Ds managed to produce some fine tennis, but were unable to capitalise on their opportunities, with Michael, Weicong and Daniel all losing 6-3, but young Sujay Sulagme made a name for himself by winning singles 6-1, easily accounting for his lesser opponent, then combined well with Michael to win 6-5 in doubles.

All in all, our boys are starting to use their heads when they have their backs against the wall to the might of the GPS schools; we need to continue to out think our opponents on courts. With this we have the making of a very strong side that shall go on to represent High in senior grade in later years
Daniel Ong

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From the Weights Room

Well done to all boys who continue to turn up regularly and work hard at achieving their strength and fitness goals. There is a continuing and steady increase in the number of boys willing to do so with currently 150 regular trainers. Keep it up. There is no substitute for hard work, discipline and an iron will.

Bring a Friend
This offer is open to all those boys currently using the weights room. For the remainder of the term you can bring a mate or fellow sporting team member to the gym and no fee will apply. And this will also allow these boys to continue over the holidays as per timetable below. We need all boys who are vying for ‘1sts’ or ‘A’ squads in all sports to be completing strength and conditioning and speed and agility training on a regular basis. Having half a team fit and strong is just not going to cut it. It’s one in all in. So fire up the lazy ½ and get them motivated. You don’t want to be the one passed over for selection in an A team because you were the one not prepared to do the hard work. This hard work starts now. Don’t think that hiding in the lower grades of another sport for summer will not be noticed. It has been noticed and noted. You have been warned.

Sprint Training
A small change has been made to the time for the Monday speed and agility session. This session will be now be held at lunch instead of after school and will commence at 1 o’clock precisely. All sports are invited as are all ages. Be there, be on time, be ready to go. We only have 30mins to work with.

Outstanding fees
To those who still have outstanding fees please make sure they are paid ASAP so that clearance forms can be finalised and reports given.

Year 12 Departure
As per last year all departing Year 12 students are offered a half term fee of twenty dollars so that they may whip themselves into shape for the post HSC celebrations to come. There is a ‘Beach Weights’ program for you all and yes it does contain some ‘Curls for the Girls’. Not long to go so you better get in and pump up. You are also invited to use the gym over the January break but be warned. No bludgers will be tolerated. Set a good example to all the up and coming boys and work hard when you are here.

Christmas New Years Holiday Timetable
During the holiday break it is absolutely essential that you all work diligently at keeping individual strength and fitness levels high so that we can charge into next years GPS without having to go through the ‘get fit again quickly to play routine’. To help with achieving this the weights room will be open over this holiday period from Wednesday 3rd Jan 2007. The times and dates are as below. Team sports that are already using the weights room will have their own individual session times and dates organised through coaches and MICs. Medical Clearance and contact details forms are to be obtained from the Weights room and must be returned otherwise you will be unable to use the gym during these times.

Wed 3/1 12-2pm Weights 2-3pm Sprint training
Fri 5/1 12-2pm Weights 2-3pm Sprint training
Mon 8/1 12-2pm Weights 2-3pm Sprint training
Wed 10/1 12-2pm Weights 2-3pm Sprint training
Fri12/1 12-2pm Weights 2-3pm Sprint training
Mon 15/1 12-2pm Weights 2-3pm Sprint training
Wed 17/1 12-2pm Weights 2-3pm Sprint training
Fri 19/1 12-2pm Weights 2-3pm Sprint training
Mon 22/1 12-2pm Weights 2-3pm Sprint training
Wed 24/1 12-2pm Weights 2-3pm Sprint training
Fri 26/1 12-2pm Weights 2-3pm Sprint training

Mon 29 January Normal Opening and closing times resume

Food for thought
“We only fail because we give up trying”
- Wayne Bennett - Bronco’s, Queensland and Australian Rugby League Coach
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Tennis P&C Subcommittee AGM

Annual General Meeting of the SBHS Tennis Subcommittee on Wednesday 8 November 2006

  • The meeting was attended by Veronica Crothers, Terry Hayes, Tony Pereira, Branko Cerecina, Gabriele Klocker, Julie-Anne King and Suzanne Gae Hastings.
  • There were no apologies.
  • The Treasurer reported that total income in 2005-2006 had been $24,812.50. Total expenditure was $24,741.00. The closing balance is $178.90.
  • New tennis courts:
    Everyone is delighted with the new tennis courts and visiting tennis parents are very impressed. Concern was expressed that the courts would be kept clean of bat droppings. Cleaning of the courts is reported by the Principal as being the responsibility of the courts contractor, Carl Neilson, and needs to be done every 2nd day. The Principal wants Mrs Crothers to be responsible for keeping the key. The courts are not to be used for social tennis, only for the training of teams. Two seats are still missing from the courts. The school General Assistant is to be requested to install the seats. The one-year warranty on the courts includes the seats. It was felt that the sand mix in the paint had given the courts an excellent surface.
  • Fundraising:
    It is anticipated that at least 6 parking nights will be needed to raise funds for Tennis this year. Parking is in future to be allocated to Year groups. All parents whose children play GPS Tennis will be rostered on for parking and will need to arrange swaps with parents from other Years if they are unable to attend on the night. In this way parking will not be burdensome on just a few parents but will be fairly shared by all and attendance should only be required once a year. Mrs Crothers was requested to take on the job of parking co-ordinator as she has best access to contact details.
  • The MICs funding requirements will be held over until the new MIC has had time to discuss these with the Principal. It was suggested that as no new parents attended the Annual General Meeting that the first meeting on Wednesday 11 February 2007 be used as a tennis parents welcoming meeting where committee funding through parking allocation would be the major topic on the agenda. Parking co-ordinators for each age group are needed and will be requested to volunteer on this night. The boys are to be given a written invitation from the committee to encourage all tennis parents to attend on the night. The arrangements for the Tennis Dinner will be made at this meeting.
  • It was also requested that a special communication in High Notes explain to parents that “parking” raises money for the benefit of all boys and that all boys’ parents as well as the boys who play the sport need to give up a night of their time to support sporting and extra-curricular committees. On average a “parking night” can raise $2.5 thousand for the Tennis Committee. This assists in the payment of coaching fees (and if enough is raised – Tournament Fees - for the Tennis boys)
  • The flow of information between coaches, the MIC, the managers and the players was discussed to prevent disarray on match days. Mrs Crothers explained that as she does not have time allocated during school hours to run tennis she is developing a similar email strategy to that running in debating. It has taken several weeks to check and database boys’ mobiles and emails against team lists. Team lists in fact have only just been finalised by team managers. On Tuesdays the GPS tennis draw is announced for the following Saturday. It can be then emailed to players, coaches, teaching staff supervisors and Saturday managers. On Wednesday and Thursday the managers adjust teams to suit any players who have been injured or who have impossibly pressing engagements. Mrs Crothers then needs that list to send to Saturday managers who may be different to the teachers supervising tennis as a sport. Under this new management strategy Saturday managers and coaches need to come and see Mrs Crothers where she is on duty in the library on Wednesdays or Thursdays to pick up balls and keys or to run off scoresheets. It is going to be advisable to develop a system of team captains to run this errand if coaches and managers run out of time. Where a Saturday manager is not a school teacher he or she must develop close email contact with Mrs Crothers and may need to use reliable student go-betweens. Mrs Crothers is going to obtain keys for managers to be able to access courts, a ball cupboard in Mr Gainford’s room and the room itself in her absence as she is managing the firsts and could well be at an “away” game. In order to solve the problem of being a manager down until Mr Boros has returned from leave Alex Zinzopoulos has been approached to take the 16s for Saturdays.
  • As the contact lists have now been developed all players will be emailed a list of players’ phone numbers, mobile numbers, suburbs, email addresses. They already have the MIC’s mobile number and email address. Managers have already given their teams their contact details. All of this can now be put on one page and along with the wet weather number will be emailed to all tennis players by the end of this week. Players are advised to bring this information with them on Saturdays. Players should be aware that they are meant to turn up to tennis no matter what the weather is like as they will have to forfeit if they do not turn up. In really ridiculously bad weather they can ring the wet weather number.
  • The committee and Dr Jaggar felt that it would be beneficial to all to create a tennis website. Mrs Crothers said that she does not have the time to create this. Perhaps this could be the responsibility of a Tennis Prefect or a team of interested and capable boys who would like to perform a worthwhile service to their school.
  • Mrs Crothers has discussed the absence of first aid kits with Mr Ayres the HT Sport and has been awaiting further communication. Kits and Ventolin puffers will be purchased as a matter of health and safety and issued to all team managers.
  • Dr Jaggar has said that he is not paying for coaches to attend Saturday matches at this point.
  • Dr Jaggar has agreed with Carl Neilson and Mrs Crothers in that it is not beneficial for teams for students to have divided loyalties to two different sports in one season.
  • Several members of the committee discussed the excellence of the sprints trainer we have at the school and tennis boys are advised that this training is free. They can discuss their participation with the sprint coach and the tennis coach
  • Several committee members discussed encouraging the entrance of boys into competitions. It proved to be impossible to enter the Strathfield Schools Tennis Tournament in November as Year 11 were doing exams and Year 10 are at their final stage Outdoor Education Camp at the time. Dr Jaggar is interested in entering the Stan Jones knockout at the beginning of the winter season next year. It was suggested that it is an easy matter to look up the Tennis Competitions for boys and to publish this to encourage our students to gain competition experience. This will be able to be found on the Tennis noticeboard outside the Library.
  • Only the best tennis players will be offered winter tennis in 2007.
  • The Principal expects that Carl will run a Tennis Camp in January.
  • It was suggested that swifter access to the parking reconciliation sheet would serve as a more immediate reward to parents who had raised this money for their son’s Tennis Committee.
  • It is proposed that the Tennis Dinner be held on Saturday 31 March. The Great Hall is to be booked.
  • The next Annual General Meeting is to be immediately scheduled on the calendar for 26 September 2007.
  • Julie-Anne King was elected as the new President of the Tennis Committee
  • Branko Cerecina was elected as Secretary.
  • Gabrielle Klocker was elected as Treasurer.
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Thank You from the Canteen Committee

The Canteen Committee would like to offer a huge thank you to our 2006 canteen volunteers and invite each one of you to our


To be held
Friday, 1 December at 2.00 pm |
(in the courtyard near the Canteen)

By the way, don’t forget to put your name down now on the 2007 roster and be assured of getting a time to suit.

To Fenny Woo, one of our wonderful volunteers, who came up with the marvellous recipe for a Vietnamese noodle salad which has proved so popular with the boys

This time from Christine (our Canteen Manager who is currently on long service leave) and from Karen, our dedicated canteen assistant, who want to express their very sincere thanks to Year 12 of 2006 for their very thoughtful gifts.
Thank you boys.
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From the Office

When your son returns to school from being absent he is required to provide a letter of explanation signed by a parent or guardian. If your son is going to be late for school a note is also required.

If your son has an early leave note he is required to have his note signed by either Mr Beringer, Mr Dowdell or Mr Prorellis before 8:55 am and handed in to the Main Office immediately after. Each letter should be signed by a parent or guardian with the name, date and roll class of your son printed clearly. Your son needs to pick up a leave pass from the Main Office before he leaves the school.

If you require leave for your son please, apply in writing and address your application to the Principal, Dr Jaggar, stating the reason and length of time of the leave. Your son must then present this application to Dr Jaggar for permission for the leave. Please remember to apply before the leave and not after.

The Principal must approve all leave applications.

Another email service for parents
Parents who supply the school with an email address can now have two useful information streams. A reminder about High Notes with a link to the current edition can be emailed to you each week. An updated report on your son’s attendance record can now be sent to you on a daily or weekly basis. To get your electronic High Notes, enter your email on the High Notes page of http://www.sydneyboyshigh.com.

If you would like to have your son’s attendance record sent to you send your email address to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please include your son’s name and date of birth in the email.
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The High Armada

A cloudless blue sky; a cool sea breeze and crystal clear waters! What more could the sailors of the High Armada want during the morning sailing last Saturday?

The day’s races kicked off with an unusual start, in that there seemed to be less competition on the water. There was a feeling of confidence on the start line especially from the laser sailors, Muhamed, Anthony and Jed. Not only was there less competition on the water, we had one major advantage over the other participants of the race…

We were briefed on race tactics and rules from our very dedicated coach, Adam South. Last Monday, he came to our school and conducted a tutorial which provided us with the expertise that enabled us to have the confidence to edge our way to the front. We’re hoping he will continue to provide us with these tutorials.

Our lasers and sailors were well prepared for the day ahead. We secured remarkable rankings in the first half of the fleet resulting in very positive signs for upcoming events.

In the Pacer division, the results were varied with Tadeusz and Nikita coming out on top. Although our beginning sailors were still “learning the ropes”, the veterans of last season proved a worthy adversary to the opposing vessels. There was much jostling at the start line and this is an area we need to develop.

All in all, everyone was satisfied with their achievements and can only improve their performance in the weeks to come.

This week’s featured sailor is Anthony Ho.

Why did you start sailing?
I started sailing as it’s a physically and mentally demanding activity, much different from others. I find sailing at High, a way of spending time thinking strategically without being pressured by an audience. I can make decisions and follow through a course and test whether I have made the right move.

What’s your favourite part of sailing?
My favourite part of sailing is no matter what happens, it always end with smiles and laughter (even if some of us fail to race competitively).

What’s the worst thing that happened?
The worst thing I encountered in my years of sailing was when I played chicken with a seaplane.

If I could sail any boat, it would be…
a Lagoon 440 catamaran. It possesses the same qualities of a cabin cruiser without compromising the sailing experience.

The Breakfast Team of the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia and Pacific Sailing School

...are offering 3 fully funded scholarships to their Learn to Sail Program to sailors from Sydney Boys High.

The sailors will receive training on International J24 Yachts and opportunities to crew on members’ yachts at the conclusion of the course.

The courses are run during school holidays from the Cruising Yacht Club in Rushcutters Bay.

See Ms Boukatos for further details.
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Basketball: Shooting Hoops

First Grade Celebrates Another Victory over St Ignatius

Final Score: High 78 – Riverview 74
Top Scorers: V Nguyen 23, H Walker 21

After Riverview led Shore by 5 with a minute to play, and High lost to Shore by 50, the stage was set on the weekend for a big upset at Riverview’s Gartlan Centre.

First grade did not disappoint, taking control of the first quarter in a matter of possessions, knocking down shots and stopping the Riverview offence. The first quarter ended with High ahead by 10, confident shooting, composed offence and attention to defensive technique making the difference.

The second quarter showed much of the same, the team’s confidence and composure carried on as players came off the bench. Justin Chow, Oliver Konakoff, Pat Gallego and Alex Vertoudakis replaced Victor Nguyen, Stuart Sugito, Moussa Farhat and Wei Zhuang, and myself throughout the quarter as if the starting five never left the floor.

The third quarter showed a slight drop in intensity and composure which let Riverview back in the game to lead by 3, however in the fourth quarter High wrapped it up, playing intelligent basketball to put a premiership contender away by 4 points.

Victor Nguyen controlled the game, playing his natural game and exploiting some inexperienced defence, playing as the man behind the wheel of the offence. High’s composure and intelligence was too much for a young but athletic Riverview team. We are now 2-2, having only played one home game so far.
By Harry Walker
Captain of 1st grade

High v Riverview

Term 4 2005 (last time)

1st WIN 55-53 H.WALKER 25
2nd LOSS 71-35 J.CHIU 7
3rd LOSS 54-15 M.POPESCU 6
4th LOSS 34-18 J.WILSON 6
5th Rain   Game not played
6th Rain   Game not played
7th Rain   Game not played
8th Rain   Game not played
16A Rain   Supported the 1st
16B Rain   Game not played
16C Rain   Game not played
16D Rain   Game not played
16E Rain   Game not played
15A LOSS 29-41 D.PENG 8
15B LOSS 37-15 C.REEVES 11
15C WIN 32-29 B.LU 12
15D LOSS 13-40 L.TRAN 4
15E LOSS 8-20 V.UNG 6
14A LOSS 42-14 A.PAUL 9
14C LOSS 48-9 T.XIAO 7
14D LOSS 12-28 I.LU 24
14E LOSS 8-74 M.LEE 6

Term 4 2006 (this week)

3rd LOSS 14-49 J.TRAN, L.STREET 4
4th LOSS 30-24 A.WANG 13
5th     Result not handed in
6th LOSS 15-31 D.HUANG 6
7th LOSS 15-41 A.WANG 6
8th LOSS 14-15 J.LAI 6
16A LOSS 50-12 D.PENG 3
16B LOSS 14-53 J.LI 4
15B LOSS 25-46 V.VO 11, C.NGUYEN 6
15C LOSS 25-21 I.LU 8
15D WIN 27-26 J.JIANG 6
14A LOSS 20-21 M.KOBRAS 8- WELL PLAYED 14A’S! Close results will=wins soon
14B WIN 20-19 A.CHIN 8
14C LOSS 6-31 N.LEONG 4
14D LOSS 13-41 A.HO 7
14E LOSS 12-38 M. WEI 7

Once again a massive improvement! This is the most exciting part of our week! Basketball rules!! Year 8 and 9 boys are reminded to attend junior firsts training. You could play first grade any week! Head coach Alex Hayman gives expert tuition for free and works with your talent. 3:30-4:30 Mondays in our gymnasium! Victor Nguyen for president!

Video Competition
Record footages of your game this season! The best video footage created will be shown at the basketball dinner!

*Reminder to all team captains, please hand in your match reports by Monday to Mr Hayman
~Brought to you by Johny Shih
~Thank you to Mr Hayman for all his contributions to basketball and information

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Music Notes

Sydney Boys High Jazz in the Courtyard
The Jazz in the Courtyard picnic concert held last Sunday was a lovely afternoon with music played by our Stage Bands and Jazz Ensemble. The Junior Stage Band entertained us with numbers like the Pink Panther and Moon River whilst the Senior Stage Band ‘brought the house down’ with the theme from Shaft and even included a performance of their own composition that they formulated in the workshop earlier that morning. The Jazz Ensemble featured Muhamed Mehmedbasic on bass, Ivan Cerecina on guitar, Ashwin Thomas on kit, Alex Vertoudakis on trumpet and Guest vocalist, Chamberlain Zhang on vocals performing Stevie Wonder’s hit; Superstitious. Thank you to all the parents and friends who came along to listen and support the hard work of our students.

Music Awards Assembly
Our first music awards assembly will be held on Monday the 20th of November at 11:10am in the Great Hall. This assembly acknowledges the boys’ continuing contribution and achievements in the music program and will highlight some outstanding performances this year. All parents and family most welcome to attend this assembly. We hope to see you there.

Music Committee Meeting
There will be a parent music committee meeting held on Tuesday the 28th of November in the Staff Common Room at 7pm. We would like to invite all parents; new and old, whose son is involved in the Music Program to attend this meeting, particularly parents of Year 7 students. We look forward to seeing you there.

SBHS Spring Music Festival
This year’s Spring Music Festival will be a twilight concert starting at 5pm on Sunday the 19th of November in the school’s Great Hall. All members of the music ensemble program except for stage bands are to attend. Information and order forms are outside the music staffroom and tickets can be purchased through the main office and picked up from the music staff once payment is made. Tickets will also be sold on the night, but we encourage you to buy them prior to the performance so the concert will begin promptly on time. We also ask that each family bring a plate of food to share as there will be pre-concert drinks and nibbles in the courtyard at around 4pm for parents. This is a great opportunity for parents of boys in the music program to meet and chat with other parents. We look forward to a wonderful evening of quality performances by our talented musicians and hope you are able to attend to support their efforts and hard work.
Price: $10.00 per head or $25.00 per family.

There will be a game on at the stadium and parking at the school on the Sunday, please allow extra travel time as there may be heavy traffic.

China Music Tour 2007
The Music Department in collaboration with the Australian Chinese Culture & Arts Group are organising a 16-day music tour to China in the 2007 July holidays. This is a wonderful opportunity for the students to perform in the Beijing International Youth Carnival 2007 with other youth bands from 21 countries worldwide.

As well as participating in the Grand Parade in Wang Fu Jing and the music show of Olympic Opening Music, students will visit renowned tourist sites around Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Nan Jing. The anticipated cost of this tour will be approximately $2850 which includes airfare, all meals, accommodation, and entries.

The information evening for the Music tour to China was held on the last Monday of Term 3. If you were unable to attend but are still interested in joining the tour, please contact one of the music staff at school for information (9361-6910 Ext. #109) or collect a copy of the Itinerary and permission note from the Music staffroom.

Annual Music Awards Dinner

This year’s Annual Music Awards Dinner will be held on Sunday the 3rd of December at 7pm in the school’s Great Hall. It is a night to acknowledge the wonderful talents and continuing commitment of our boys in the Music Ensemble Program. All students in the program, families and friends are cordially invited to attend this evening that recognises all the achievements of our students over the whole year.

There will be great entertainment by our fantastic tutors as is the tradition, and certificates and trophies given to all the music ensemble members.

The cost of the dinner will be $25.00 per head

Please make payments to the front office by no later than Monday the 27th of November 2006 (Week 7) as we need to finalise numbers for catering. We greatly appreciate your prompt reply and look forward to your company on that evening.

Please fill in, detach and return the slip below to the Main Office with your payment.

Annual Music Dinner Ticket
Name of Student:  _______________________________    Roll Class: _________
Number of tickets required: _________            
Total cost:               $ _________
Type of payment:         Cheque ___    Cash ___    B/Card ___    M/Card ___    Visa ___
                                               (Please tick one)
Name on Card: ____________________________________ Expiry Date: __ __ / __ __
Card No.      __ __ __ __      __ __ __ __      __ __ __ __      __ __ __ __
Signature:    ______________________________________________________________

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High Cricket Bulletin

Day 1 of Round 2 of the AAGPS Competition on Saturday 11 November 2006
What a difference 7 days can make on the cricket field and reports and observations from around the grounds highlighted several teams lacking discipline and basic cricket skills in a generally forgettable day for High.

Highlights for the day came from Razeen Ahmed (16Bs) who made 92 n.o and ran out of overs, Kieran Taylor (15 As) who scored his second 50 in consecutive weeks and not forgetting the Under 14Cs as Team of the Week who have now recorded 2 wins and a Draw in their 3 outings. Well done to all concerned.

Due to restrictions on the volume of news for High Notes we have been asked to reduce our reports together with other sports, to cater for all groups within the school. As a result only short results and main performances will appear for each team from the previous Saturday. The coaches and captains’ Match Reports reports will be displayed on the Cricket Website each week and remain until the following Saturday and then replaced. See sydneyboyscricket.info

1st XI (Day.1) HIGH 5 /81 - versus- St IGNATIUS 10 / 267
Team tactics and inconsistent bowling performances allowed Riverview to reach their total of 267. In reply High made a disastrous start losing 2 quick wickets and finished Day 1 at 5/81. It will take some grit and application with the remaining batsmen to pull this contest out of the fire. Website Match Report filed.

2nd.XI (Day.1) HIGH 2 /55 - versus- St IGNATIUS 4 /343
St Ignatius won the toss and batted and although our bowlers toiled well they were let down with some abysmal fielding where 8 catches were put down as the opposition amassed 4 /343. Best of the bowling Karan Rao 3 wkts and Kevin Lam took 1 wkt. High, after a steady start were 2 /55 at stumps. Varan Peranathan (22) and Arunan Kandasamy(17) being the batsmen out. High has all of Day 2 to make a statement out of the current position but a lot will depend on how much ticker the remaining batsmen display. Are we up to the challenge?? Website Match Report filed

3rd.XI (Day.1) HIGH 10 /78 - versus- St. IGNATIUS 6 /229
A lack of discipline and application by High’s batsmen cost the team dearly in their innings and was compounded by poor ground fielding and wayward bowling against Riverview’s batting line-up. Website Match Report posted

4th XI
No report filed

5th XI
No report filed

No report filed

16Bs St IGNATIUS 4 / 131 -defeated- HIGH 7 /130
High was sent in to bat and a great batting performance by Razeen Ahmed gave the score some respectability as High’s batsmen capitulated to be all out for 130. Razeen finished on (92n.o.) with Raghav Saggar (13) and Lachlan Brown (2n.o.)providing the only support. St Ignatius passed High’s score in 20 overs losing 4 wkts. Nick Lindeback best of the bowler 3 /28 and Tasneem Chowdhury 1 /12.Website Match Report posted

15A (Day.1) HIGH 10 /146 - versus- St IGNATIUS 0 /72
After winning the toss and batting High got off to a shaky start but finished on 146 from 50 overs. At stumps on Day 1 St Ignatius were at 0 /72 and will take a monster bowling performance on Day 2 by High to rescue this one. Best batting from Kieran Taylor (51) Andy Liu (17) and Bill Wang (12). Website Match Report filed.

15Bs St. IGNATIUS 5 / 105 - defeated - HIGH 10 /80 (32 overs)
Best batting came from Jimari Bastable (29), Gia He (14) David Ma (8) and Tim Molloy (8n.o.).
Nelson Wang took bowling honours with 4 /14 and Jimari Bastable took the other wkt. Website Match Report posted.

14A (Day.1) HIGH 10 /91 -versus- St IGNATIUS 6 /155
St Ignatius won the toss and dismissed High for a disappointing 91. In reply to High’s score, St Ignatius had some luck with skied balls falling into gaps regularly and slowly built a total until Andrew Huynh came on and in 5 overs took 5/12 to put High back into the contest. With some determination and application on Day 2 High could force a win. Website Match Report filed

14Bs St IGNATIUS 1 / 56 -defeated- HIGH 9 /54
Best Batting Shimon Danziger (14) Vivian Le (6) Sheikh Siddiqui (4) David Chan (4) and Derek Wei (4n.o.)
Best Bowling Derek Wei, Andrew Gong, Shanaz Razeen and Abdullah Sarker took one wkt each.
Website Match Report posted.

14Cs HIGH 5 /135 -defeated- RIVERVIEW 5 /134
Two wins from 2 matches plus a washout has the 14Cs performing as the leading Group 2 team for High with another impressive display. Best batting Leo Lu (29),Raghab Siddiquee (22), William Shao (19), Botong Cheng (19n.o), Leon Li (14n.o) and Yasar Chowdhury (13). Best bowling from Samir Kinger with 3 wkts and Leo Lu and Raghiv Siddiquee taking one wkt each. Website Match Report filed

Laurie Heil
MIC Cricket

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