High Notes, Vol 7 No 34, November 03 2006

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From the Principal

High Talent
Matthew Fetherston hit a spectacular but controlled 194 in the opening GPS game against Grammar. Solid support knocks by Dakshika and Reuben were a feature of the impressive 320+ score. Coach Howey declared on the fall of Matthew’s wicket and sent Grammar in to bat. They lost 5 quick wickets, setting the scene for a great finish at St Paul’s College oval next Saturday. It would be terrific if a few more spectators were on hand to see our boys take on Grammar. Congratulations to Paul Pang for his selection in Encore for HSC Music performances and also to Year 11 accelerants, James Mackay and Richard Xu – excellent work boys!

SBHS Transport Policy
Transporting students to school sponsored activities is becoming increasingly important. At High, we are mindful of the duty of care issues of students travelling on their own or in public buses. Greater time on task at sports training is achieved if groups of students arrive more punctually. Where we can, we would like to facilitate transportation to venues. Three great benefits for school managed bus services are: safety, efficiency, punctuality.

I have asked the P & C to fund a replacement for our aged 21 seater. A 29 seater would be ideal. Two years ago the school bought a very old 50 seat bus as an experiment. The demand for its services has increased rapidly. At the moment we have access to 4 licensed big bus drivers. I would like to trade in that bus for a more modern replacement. We are actively seeking tax deductible donations for replacement buses. See our website for donation details to Australian Sports Foundation –‘facilities and equipment’ –bus.

Mr Ayre, as Head of Sport, will be responsible for the coordination of sports travel. He has arranged for several sports to be bussed to their venues. Until now, the cost of buses for sports transport was the responsibility of individual MICs. The school will now book and pay drivers, maintain buses and determine schedules for students. In return, beneficiaries of the service will be invoiced $40 as a transport fee for the sports season. In a 16-18 week sports season, this represents very good value on a per trip basis and is heavily discounted on the government bus rate.

Sports to benefit from the summer season service are: Sailing (36 boys), rifle shooting (6), rowing (116) and 9-10 basketball (55). During the season, buses will be used as a service for difficult to get to venues, such as away fixtures to Kings, Riverview and Shore. Round trips will be organised where possible. These services will be on a ‘first come first served’ basis at $5 per trip paid to the driver. If enough boys show interest, 50 tickets will be pre-sold. Where boys are taken on excursions or trips to special venues using the big bus in lieu of hiring a government bus, then commercial rates for trips will apply.

Use of Tennis Courts
Boys are reminded that the new tennis courts are not for social tennis. For term 4 I want all boys using the courts to be in tennis teams and to bring the right gear to change into to practise. The Tennis Pro is running a business on these courts and appropriate dress and decorum are expected. A girls school is likely to have a permanent booking on two courts in the mornings before school and afternoons after school when we are not scheduled to be using the courts. Keen tennis players should bring their gear and book to play at lunch time or at our arranged afternoon sessions 3:30-4:30.

Speed and Endurance Training
Junior tennis players, basketballers, sailors and cricketers should be doing the sprint training sessions on Monday afternoons with Jason Tassell. The service is provided to build a higher base of personal fitness. MICs and coaches are asked to urge their team members to attend these sessions on top of their skills work.
Dr K Jaggar
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Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize
Start clicking NOW in order to enter by 13 March 2007

Theme for Secondary Schools Section
Interpret Contemporary Life in Australia with an emphasis on images of Australians going about their day-to-day lives within their environment. Images that reveal a deep connection between the photographer and their subject/s will be well received by the judges.

Division 1 – Years 11-12 –total $34,000
Best work Prize $17000 plus $17000 to the winning student’s school

Division 2 – years 9-10 – total $4000
Best work $2 000 plus $2 000 to the winning student’s school

Division 3 – Years 7-8 – total $2 000
Best Work $1 000 plus $1 000 to the winning student school

See Art Department for specific criteria [but your photo can be digital]

phone enquiries to 02 9247 6666
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P & C Parking – 10 November

So far I have 2 parents and 2 boys who have volunteered to help park cars on 10 November. I need about 6 more parents and 6 boys, and hopefully a few experienced helpers amongst them.

If you can help on Friday 10th from 5.00pm until 8.00pm, please let me know ASAP so that I can add your name to the roster.
Lyndell Evans
P & C Parking co-ordinator
0411 430 394
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
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Cadets Promotion Courses

During the Term 3 holidays, Sydney High School Cadet Unit sent Sergeants Wei Ping Lu, Anthony Ho and Corporal Jack Wachsmann to the annual Senior Leader’s Promotion Courses. These courses are specially designed to train and qualify selected members of the Australian Army Cadet Corp in becoming the leaders of the future. Successful graduates from the courses are highly proficient in the areas of leadership, field craft, ceremonial drill as well as the execution of administrative tasks required of Staff Officers. All candidates passed the course with Cpl Wachsmann nominated for Student of Merit.

Congratulations to the following cadets. Their new rank and appointments are listed below:

- Sgt Lu to Cadet Under Officer with the appointment of Unit Senior Under Officer
- Sgt Ho to Warrant Officer Class 2 with the appointment of Company Sergeant Major
- Cpl Wachsmann to Sergeant with the appointment of Orderly Clerk.

Interested in joining the cadet unit? More information can be acquired from the members of the cadet unit.
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Notice to All Year 11 Parents

In 2002 the current Year 12 parents hosted a Welcome Party for us and we are now returning the favour with a Farewell Party for them on Friday the 17th of November from 6.30 pm - 8.30 pm.

All Year 11 parents are asked to make a contribution towards this event by either donating a plate of finger food (sandwiches/sushi/spring rolls/mini bagels/dips/fruits etc); a flower arrangement; or a small cash donation. Whichever option you choose, please contact us promptly so that the event can be organised.

  • If you choose to send in food, there are platters available at school that your son can take home the day before the party, however you would need to deliver the food after school on the Friday. If you are able to help with food please contact Judy Fetherston on 9327-3757 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
  • If you choose to donate flowers, or are able to help with creating nice flower arrangements contact Gabriele on 9523-7898 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
  • If you are unable to assist with food or flowers you may choose to make a donation. Donations can be paid into the ‘Y12 Farewell account’ at the school office.
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From the Basketball Master

GPS Code of Behaviour and Supporting Your Peers
It has been extremely pleasing to see such large crowds of supporters at the first grade basketball this season. Every supporter who stays and watches the 1sts to the end of the game each week is greatly appreciated by all involved. In particular canteen sales at home games have gone up. This is very important to keep the standard of coaches who we want anchoring our top teams working with the students of our school. Every student who purchases a drink and hot dog for lunch from the canteen is directly supporting his future coaching. Last week vs Kings we won every ‘A’ grade game and the firsts. This is the first time I can remember this happening and it is fantastic! Our basketball program is on the rise in terms of results.

Last weekend it was disappointing to lose a close game in the first grade to Grammar. More disappointing than the result were the actions of our student supporters. We have no need to have a chip on our shoulder and feel like the officials or others are against us. We have the best coaches and staff members, the best uniforms, a two court indoor facility on site, excellent parental support and smart, athletic students. If we continue to act in a manner which makes us appear to be of lesser stature to everyone involved then we will be treated that way. Our students are smart enough to understand the consequences of their actions. To directly quote Dr Jaggar “They need to be more self-disciplined.”

The GPS code of behaviour for spectators consistently talks about one word: “positive”. We love to see the amazing skill of our players in the firsts and make a large noise which is positive when we score or play fantastic defence. The problem is that when things are not going as planned we tend to look for excuses. It is not acceptable to make noise during an opponents free throw shot. It is not acceptable to start blaming the official. Come to the game to cheer for your friends and school when we need it. When we are down by a margin, instead of targeting the other school or officials, try to encourage and instil confidence in the players from our school. Be a part of the positive experience. I have printed the GPS code for spectators below:

GPS Code of Behaviour For Spectators:

  • Parents are asked to make their presence and support as positive as possible
  • If your school is host, parents are asked to assume some responsibility for making visiting parents feel at home
  • When visiting another school, the host school’s premises and rules should be respected.
  • Parents should never seek, during or immediately after a match, to give advice to coaches, umpires/referees or to players
  • Barracking may be enthusiastic, should be positive rather than negative, avoiding excessive attention to the individual. A good example should be set by applauding skilful performance and play regardless of school.

Go High Basketball!!

Old boys who wish to officiate at games can be paid by the basketball budget. We currently have a shortage of officials and wish to educate our current students to get involved in future years. I will try to include a referee segment into our High Notes from time to time.

MAUVE 51 is awarded a throw-in from the end-line. She passes the ball with such velocity that it misses all of the players and goes out of court at the other end of the court.

Where should the ball be put back into play?
a) Where the centre line meets the side-line, with the ability to pass the ball into both the front and forward court?
b) Where the ball went out of play?
c) Where the ball was thrown in from?
d) Qué?

Art. 17.3.1 says that: A player taking a throw-in shall not… cause the ball to touch out of bounds, after it has been released on the throw-in. And Art 17.4, Penalty says: The ball is awarded to the opponents for a throw-in at the place of the original throw-in. Therefore c) is the answer.
B. Hayman
MIC Basketball

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P&C Tennis Subcommittee AGM

P & C Subcommittee Tennis AGM and General Meeting
Wednesday 8 November 2006
7.00 pm in the Board Room

The AGM will be followed by a General Meeting. During 2006 Tennis at High underwent major changes - a new MIC, Ms Crothers and four new tennis courts for our boys to enjoy. At the General Meeting you will have the opportunity to inform yourself about the 2007 program and to discuss issues / present ideas on how tennis at High could be further enhanced. Please note that at the AGM all positions will be declared vacant and Tennis, like all sports at SBHS, needs the active support of ALL parents. Your attendance at this meeting will be highly valued and I am looking forward to see you there.
Gabriele Klocker

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From the Office

When your son returns to school from being absent he is required to provide a letter of explanation signed by a parent or guardian. If your son is going to be late for school a note is also required.

If your son has an early leave note he is required to have his note signed by either Mr Beringer, Mr Dowdell or Mr Prorellis before 8:55 am and handed in to the Main Office immediately after. Each letter should be signed by a parent or guardian with the name date and roll class of your son printed clearly. Your son needs to pick up a leave pass from the Main Office before he leaves the school.

If you require leave for your son please, apply in writing and address your application to the Principal, Dr Jaggar, stating the reason and length of time of the leave. Your son must then present this application to Dr Jaggar for permission for the leave. Please remember to apply before the leave and not after.

The Principal must approve all leave applications.

Another email service for parents
Parents who supply the school with an email address can now have two useful information streams. A reminder about High Notes with a link to the current edition can be emailed to you each week. An updated report on your son’s attendance record can now be sent to you on a daily or weekly basis. To get your electronic High Notes, enter your email on the High Notes page of http://www.sydneyboyshigh.com .

If you would like to have your son’s attendance record sent to you send your email address to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please include your son’s name and date of birth in the email.
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Debating Supporters Group AGM

Tuesday 14 November 6.30 pm
Teachers Common Room, SBHS

All parents of Debaters are invited join us for the final meeting of the year. To submit items for the agenda please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
Ms J Brewer
MIC Debating

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Building Fund Appeal: 125th Anniversary Library Project


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The High Armada

The sailing page in High Notes has acquired a new name. We hope you enjoy our news and images each week.

This week we send a special thanks to the Parent Committee for 2006/2007. It is their support that enables our program to continue in such a successful way. The committee for 2006/07 are:

President - Ann Kurts
Treasurer - Bruce Coppa
Secretary - Selma Mehmedbasic

This week the boys were put through their paces with a new course and a demanding training program. Adam, our coach, has structured a program which caters to all sailors and the boys are relishing the opportunity to sail in a competitive environment.

The Breakfast Team of the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia and Pacific Sailing School
Are offering 3 fully funded scholarships to their
Learn to Sail Program
To sailors from Sydney Boys High.

The sailors will receive training on International J24 Yachts and opportunities to crew on members’ yachts at the conclusion of the course. The courses are run during school holidays from the Cruising Yacht Club in Rushcutters Bay. See Ms Boukatos for further details.
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High Cricket Bulletin

Day 1 of the opening round of the AAGPS competitions produced a series of landmarks for High cricketers across the board as well as introducing our new development direction with team training on sport afternoons and coaching support on Saturdays. Highlights from last Saturday include Matthew Fetherston scoring 194 (1st.XI), Dakshika Gunaratne taking 5 wkts including a hat-trick (1st XI), half centuries scored by Kishan Perera (15As) finishing with 70, Arun Krishnan (16Bs) a power innings for 57, William Shao (14Cs) retired at 51and Yasar Chowduhury (14Cs) with 44, who missed retiring at 50 through a mathematical error on the scorebook.

The 5th XI recorded our first win for the 2006 / 07 season Saturday morning just in front of the 14.Cs recording its victory.

First XI (Day 1) HIGH 9 for 349 (declared) - V - GRAMMAR 5 for 35
High won the toss and batted and put together a massive first innings total. Matthew Fetherston with 194 gave a chanceless batting display and was ably supported before the declaration. With 14 overs to bat Grammar faced the High bowling attack and was in for another surprise with Dakshika Gunaratne taking 5 wkts for 20 including a hat-trick. Congratulations to all on a great opening to the season. A Match Report - cricket website.

Second XI (Day 1) HIGH 10 for 115 & 0 for 33 - V - GRAMMAR 3 for 187 (declared)
With all of Day 2 to put together a total, a declaration and to put the pressure on Grammar to go for an outright will take some application and grunt!! No Match Report received

Third XI (Day 1) GRAMMAR 9 for 166 (declared) - V - HIGH 2 for 26
In an up and down day dominated per session by each team with the bat or ball, Grammar finished with 9 for 166 with Mihir Desai taking 3 wkts for High. With 11 overs to stumps High got off to an untidy start with two soft dismissals to be 2 for 26 at stumps. This match is winnable if the remaining batsmen show some grunt and knuckle down to use the whole of Day 2 to score 2.3 runs per over for the remaining 141 runs for victory. Match Report - cricket website.

Fourth XI GRAMMAR 0 for 75 - defeated - HIGH 10 for 74
A better prepared Grammar XI outplayed an undisciplined High batting performance that had 7 batsmen out to catches. Alistair Taylor scored a chanceless 31 and Daniel Campton 13 to be the only scores of note. In reply Grammar was assisted by High through 5 dropped catches off the tidy bowling of Tom Lindeback 0/ 15 and Lachlan Deacon 0/25. Match Report - cricket website.

Fifth XI + VII HIGH 5 for 94 - defeated - GRAMMAR 10 for 93
The “rusty gates” proved they still have “it” in being the first team to record a High victory on the opening of the GPS Season as described by their Captain in the match report. Grammar batted first and was soon in disarray as High bowlers, struggling to find the pitch helped Grammar to 20 odd runs in their score before cleaning them up. Subeeh Hussain 3 for 8 was the main wkt taker, with Rommo Pandit Adnan Husaini and Radeshan Baskaran taking 2 wkts each. Dexter Isaacs (26n.o.) and Raymond Jang (19) were the main run scorers in High’s innings. Match Report - cricket website.

16 As (Day 1)
No Match Report received

16 Bs GRAMMAR 8 for 116 - defeated - HIGH 10 for 99
Grammar batted first and finished at 8 for 116 in their allotted overs. High then in chasing Grammar’s score were 9 / 30 until Arun Krishnan (57) and Nick Lindeback (14) took High to 25 balls to go and 25 runs needed when the brilliant stand ended. High’s bowling saw Nick Lindeback with 3 wkts, Stanley Chin 2 wkts and 1 wkt each from Matthew Wong and Tasneem Chowdhury, Match Report - cricket website.

15 As (Day 1) HIGH 10 for 188 - versus - GRAMMAR 1 for 60
No match Report received.

15 Bs GRAMMAR 9 for 120 - defeated - HIGH 10 for 9
No Match Report received.

14 Bs GRAMMAR 9 for 120 - defeated - HIGH 10 for 99
Grammar batted first and finished at 9 for 120 in their allotted overs. Best bowling Nathan Kok 4 wkts, Shanaz Razeen 2 wkts, Samir Kinger, Leo Lu and Rahib Azwad one wkt each. High went into collapse mode and were 5 / 21 and not looking good until Nathan Kok (32), David Chan (14), Shanaz Razeen (8) and Rahib Azwad (6) rescued their team to get within 21 runs from Grammar’s total. Great effort boys considering some very ordinary umpiring decisions

comprising Botong Cheng (A/Capt), Samir Kinger (A-V/Capt)Vino Anandaselvakumar, Yasar Chowdhury, Isaac Everleigh, Ryan Gu, Dominic Cheung, Henry Sit, William Shao, Matthew So, Vincent Wang and Eric Zhu put together an amazing performance to win the match with 4 overs to spare. Grammar won the toss, batted first and was all out for 135. Wicket takers were Dominic Cheung 3 wkts, Samir Singer , Vino Anandaselvakumar each with 2 wkts and Nathan Kok 1 wkt. High the went to the crease and William Shao 51(retired), Yasar Chowdhury 44 (retired) and Leo Lu 31 n.o. were the main run scorers. Well done to all boys on their first win. (Editor’s note – strange that certain names appear in both the 14Bs and 14Cs- coincidence??)

Our new cricket nets are virtually ready but due to the location restriction when it was finally put in place saw the run-ups shortened thus restricting their effectiveness. However, all was not lost and we now have the chance to complete an extension of the run-ups through a re-evaluation of the site area and approval. As a result that will add $2,800 to the cost which we in the cricket section will have to raise. As we have a facility in the Australian Sports Foundation, which allows us to raise money for projects and donors can claim TAX DEDUCTIONS we are embarking on this project over the next 2 weeks. Donations of $50, $100, $200, $250 or even a sponsor for $2,800 allows us to cement this opportunity. With the current commitment from our cricketers I look to our School Cricket community to have the same belief in our boy’s cricket facilities to give them the best available, to achieve the best results. Join me as we aim for that target.

will be held to assist new and prospective Cricket Scorers on Thursday 9th NOV at 5-0pm in Room 901 (Gymnasium). The session will take approx one hour depending on numbers. Please advise Laurie Heil by email of your intention to attend.

We have two Year 7 boys, Sivan Sivayogarayan and Hashan Subasinghe (both in plaster with broken arms) who came to me worried about their chances of playing in a team when their plasters were off. Of course there’s no problem with that request but both of these boys then volunteered to score each week for the 14 As which they have now done for 2 Saturdays. This is commitment! Well done to both boys from the Cricket Committee, parents and players in the 14As.

Good luck to all Group 1 teams for Day 2 of their matches this week.
Laurie Heil
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Basketball: Shooting Hoops

High VS Grammar Term 4 2005 - (last time)

1st LOSS 73-56 D.SUN 20
2nd LOSS 54-31 K.HUANG 11
3rd LOSS 56-28 M.POPESCU 7
4th LOSS 54-38 J.KIM 11
5th LOSS 26-27 L.WONG 7
6th WIN 25-10 T.LY 13
7th LOSS 26-27 J.LU 10
8th WIN 32-17 J.PHU 10
16A LOSS 12-23 M.BOCK 4
16B WIN 24-23 A.LEUNG 7
16C LOSS 20-30 B.LEE 10
16D LOSS 12-22 S.LIU 4
16E WIN 30-12 B.LUNG 12
15A WIN 38-27 J.PARK 8
15B WIN 25-20 C.REEVES 7
15C LOSS 21-9 S.KE 3
15D LOSS 18-44  
15E LOSS 56-13 M.FENG 14
14A LOSS 52-12 J.SUTTON 4
14B LOSS 11-16  
14C WIN 19-8 V.VO 8
14D LOSS 12-14 L.LI 4
14E LOSS 11-73 I.LI 4

Term 4 2006 - (This week) 

1st LOSS 87-73 H.WALKER 38
2nd LOSS 73-46 A.LEE 10
3rd WIN 38-34 J.TRAN 12
4th WIN 37-29 A.WANG 12
5th LOSS 19-23  
6th WIN 26-14  
7th WIN 22-18 R.TRAN 10
8th WIN 31-15 J.LAI 8
16A LOSS 28-46 A.YANG 10
15A LOSS 39-29 S.YOON 10
15B LOSS 31-36 M.WANG 10, 7 REB
15C DRAW 35-35 IAN LU 12
15D WIN 47-15 W.LEE 14
15E WIN 23-20 I.LI 10
14A LOSS 49-12 N. AUTAR 6
14B WIN 24-17 K.LIU 8
14C WIN 14-6 A. MOKDAD 6
14D LOSS 24-12 D.CHEN 6
14E LOSS 57-4 V.ZHENG 2, M.WEI 2

Although this is an improvement - We can do better than this. As our Captain of Basketball said after the game-“We are disappointed to have lost to Grammar…we expected to win.” This is the right attitude to have. We work harder and smarter. We have great players. Believe in yourselves. Congrats to Firsts beating Kings!

1st grade standings table Played Won Lost For Against Points
Newington 2 2 0 183 125 4
Shore 2 2 0 144 111 4
St. Ignatius 2 1 1 142 126 3
Grammar 2 1 1 145 146 3
High 2 1 1 164 166 3
Scots 2 1 1 141 145 3
Kings 2 0 2 134 187 2
St. Josephs 2 0 2 100 147 2

14Bs Match Report
Score: 24-17 (Win).
Top Scorer: K.Liu 8
During the game, we started off with a 7-0 lead then the opposition came back but we were always in the lead. By the second half of the game, the score was 18-9 and I had 4 fouls on me. Kevin Liu scored the majority of points (8) with Andy Shen scoring 7 points. The game finished as a victory of 24-17.
David Nguyen (14B’s Captain)

14Cs Match Report
Score: 14-6 (Win).
Top Scorer: A.Mockdad 6
The first half against Grammar was a close one. Two High baskets brought us to a 4-0 lead. Michael Liu Li scored brilliant free throws but Grammar managed to penetrate our defence and end the first half 6-4 High's way.In the second half, High's defence rose and Grammar only managed to score one basket. High broke through Grammar's defence with another three baskets, two easy ones from Cornelius Do's fast breaks. High claimed the match 14-6.
Denny Chandra (14C’s Captain)

14Ds Match Report
Score: 12-24 (Loss).
Top Scorer: D.Chen 6
On Saturday, 28th October, the 14d's had a match against Sydney Grammar. The game started with Grammar scoring a few shots. Soon, Daniel Chen scored the free shot and made some lay-ups. As the game went on, Andy scored three free shots and made two lay ups. Unfortunately, Grammar also managed to score. Brendan Leo scoreda shot at the end, bringing the score to 24-14. Best shooter was Andy Ho.
Kenneth Nguyen (14D’s Captain)

14Es Match Report
Score: 4-57 (Loss).
Top Scorer: V.Zheng 2 M.Wei 2
It was such a tough game against Sydney Grammar. The first half resulted in 2 to 32 that we were losing by a lot but I scored the basket. In the second half, the game ended in 4 to 57. The last basket was scored by Vinson (no. 54). From this game, we could see there is plenty of improvement needing to be made. We sure need more practice.
Max Wei (14E’s Captain)

Basketball Parking Last Sunday

The parking fundraiser for the Sydney FC game was a great success. Many thanks to the following students and parents who gave their time and effort last Sunday, we managed to raise $2 210 for basketball! Thank you to the following people who helped out on Sunday:
Josh Sutton (Y8) and dad
Ron Anthony Paul (Y8) and dad Mark
Kumi Abeysuriya (mum of Nishan Y8)
Harry Walker (Y11) and dad
Ross Michael Tickner (Y7) and dad Rod
Mary Carroll (mum of Samuel Y7)

We have been allocated another parking day on Sunday 19th November, 2-5pm. It is an A-League game - Sydney FC v Adelaide United FC. Please contact Shirly Tickner if you’re able to help at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or phoning her on 0410 445 209.

Student award scheme applies

*Reminder to all team captains, please EMAIL your match reports by Monday to Mr Hayman
~Brought to you by Stuart Sugito and Johny Shih
~Thank you to Mr Hayman for all his contributions to basketball and information

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Music Notes

An important change to the billing in the MUSIC PERFORMANCE PROGRAM
Please be advised of a change to the billing system for instrumental lessons. The school will invoice the students from the start of term 4. Payments need to be made directly to the school for your son’s lessons.

It has come to our notice that there are many outstanding fees and all outstanding fees need to be paid by the end of week 3, term 4. Non-payment puts the program’s continuation in jeopardy. If you have any financial difficulties, please discuss this in confidence with the music staff as soon as possible.

Thank you.

China Music Tour 2007
The Music Department in collaboration with the Australian Chinese Culture & Arts Group are organising a 16-day music tour to China in the 2007 July holidays. This is a wonderful opportunity for the students to perform in the Beijing International Youth Carnival 2007 with other youth bands from 21 countries worldwide.

As well as participating in the Grand Parade in Wang Fu Jing and the music show of Olympic Opening Music, students will visit renowned tourist sites around Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Nan Jing. The anticipated cost of this tour will be approximately $2850 which includes airfare, all meals, accommodation, and entries.

The information evening for the Music tour to China was held on the last Monday of Term 3. If you were unable to attend but are still interested in joining the tour, please contact one of the music staff at school for information (9361-6910 Ext. no. 109) or collect a copy of the Itinerary and permission note from the Music staffroom.

Sydney Boys High Jazz in the Courtyard
Come along to the Sydney Boys High School Jazz in the Courtyard concert. Join us on Sunday the 12th of November 2006 at 3:00pm in the school’s Courtyard for a great afternoon of fun, and be entertained by our fantastic Jazz bands. Bring your Picnic blanket and basket and enjoy the wonderful music. Boys in Stage Bands need to be at school by 10am for the workshop beforehand and lunch will be provided at around 1pm-2pm for all the students.

Uniform: Usual white shirts with Colourful Ties
To Bring: Instruments and accessories

SBHS Spring Music Festival
This year’s Spring Music Festival will be a twilight concert starting at 5pm on Sunday the 19th of November in the school’s Great Hall. All members of the music ensemble program except for stage bands are to attend. Information and order forms are outside the music staffroom and tickets can be purchased through the main office and picked up from the music staff once payment is made. Tickets will also be sold on the night, but we encourage you to buy them prior to the performance so the concert will begin promptly on time. We also ask that all students bring a plate of food to share (tea and coffee will be supplied) as there will be a short interval in the middle of the concert. We look forward to a wonderful evening of quality performances by our talented musicians and hope you are able to attend to support their efforts and hard work.

Music Awards Assembly
Our first music awards assembly will be held on Monday the 20th of November at 11:10am in the Great Hall. This assembly acknowledges the boys’ continuing contribution and achievements in the music program and will highlight some outstanding performances this year. All parents and family most welcome to attend this assembly. We hope to see you there.

Price: $10.00 per head or $25.00 per family.

Please complete and detach the form below and return to the music staff by Friday 10th of November 2006. (Week 4, Term 4)

Spring Music Festival Ticket Order
Name of Student:  _______________________________    Roll Class: _______________
Number of tickets required:       Single: _______    Family: _______             

Total cost:       $ ____________
Type of payment:  Cheque______  Cash ______  B/Card______  M/Card______  Visa______
Name on Card:  _________________________________________ Expiry Date: __ __ / __ __
Card No.     __ __ __ __       __ __ __ __       __ __ __ __       __ __ __ __
Signature: ________________________________________

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Fundraising: Coffee Orders

Order by end of Lunch Tuesday 14th November
Friday 18th November (orders sent home with boys)

Funds Raised contribute to the 125th Anniversary Project New Library and Performing Arts Space

Combined Orders >3kg filled anytime
All  orders taken during coffee drives

Buyer’s Name ______________________________________  Class ___________

Coffee Weight Cost Style
(please tick)
Quantity Subtotal ($)
Elbon Special 250g $8  Plunger     
500g $15  Plunger     
1kg $30  Plunger     
Columbian 250g $8  Plunger     
500g $15  Plunger     
1kg $30  Plunger     


Type of Payment: __ Cheque    __ Cash   __ Credit Card 
Card Type: __ Bankcard __ Visa __ MasterCard

Expiry Date: ___ / ___ Card Number __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ Cardholder’s Name __________________________________________
(please print) Cardholders Signature ______________________________________ Bus. Phone _________________

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Double Bay Brightstars Competition

Do you watch Australian Idol and wish it could be you? Can you sing, dance or play a musical instrument? Yes? You need to enter the Double Bay Brightstars idol competition. This is your chance to be discovered!

Auditions will be held on Saturday 28th October and Saturday 4th of November at Double Bay Public School, 80 William Street, Double Bay – all you have to do is rock up, fill in an entry form, pay your $15 entry fee and audition for our judges.

Registration and Audition Times:
12 years and under – 12pm - 2pm
13 – 18 year olds between 2pm - 4pm

The GRAND FINAL will be held on Saturday 11 November

Asha Kuerten from CD:Live (Fox8 show with Molly Meldrum) will be judging the Grand Final! 20 finalists will be chosen to take part and all finalists will win a professional photographic package (including hair and make-up) from Arthaus Studios valued at over $1100.

A Grand Final Winner will be chosen from each age category (12 and under, 13 and over) with the Grand Prize each of one year of agency representation from Brightstars Talent Agency located in Paddington (part of the prestigious Artist & Entertainment Group).

This is your chance – don’t miss it! For any enquiries ring John Murray on 0417 259 128.
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From the Canteen

New: Slushies have arrived in two delicious flavours:
Tropical: $1.50
Pink Lemonade: $1.50

Coming Soon
Red Rock Deli Chips: $2.00

Plus - look out for interesting new salads!

We aim to keep prices down and try to absorb price rises from our suppliers however, we regret that the price of some ice-creams have had to rise and chicken pies are now $3.30
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