High Notes, Vol 7 No 30, September 22 2006

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From the Principal

High Talent
Congratulations to our Chess team who won the NSW Junior Chess Team title for the first time in 15 years, defeating 2005 champions Baulkham Hills High 3.5-0.5. Dominic Nguyen, Declan McCrea-Steele, Dawen Shi, Ben Encel. Well done to Yu Lin for his Division A bronze medal in fencing. In Division B Julian Byrne was awarded silver and Addison Clune, Caillin McKay and Samuel Sathiakumar bronze medals. A good effort boys! In the National Analytical Chemistry Competition our team was one of several representing NSW. Shane Fernando won a gold medal and Mack Wan and Joshua Han earned silver medals. Congratulations to our 8-man chess team that won the inaugural GPS Chess Competition, hosted at High on Tuesday. We defeated SGS quite convincingly, illustrating the depth of talent that has been nurtured by our expanded chess program managed so well by Mr Alex Feldman who ran the competition too.

Athletics Assembly
At our annual athletics assembly, dual Olympian Peter Hadfield spoke about his late teen development as an athlete and about overcoming his disappointment at not being selected for the national team. He planned a punishing training regime of 40 hours per week to make certain that he reached his goal of representing Australia at Olympic level in the decathlon – the hardest event of all. At the same time he was employed as a social science teacher at East Hills Boys High. Just like Ian Thorpe has stated, Mr Hadfield stressed ignoring what you cannot control – other performances and the context of competition. He set personal, measurable, achievable, incremental goals and judged his performance against these self-directing benchmarks. Mr Hadfield is an inspirational example of maximised performance in a wide variety of endeavours. He spoke with great conviction and polish. My speech to the assembly is reprinted below:

"Good morning and welcome to our Special Guest, Mr Peter Hadfield, athletics coaches, team members, parents, staff and students. On the eve of the annual GPS Athletics Carnival we congregate to honour our athletics team at the traditional Athletics Assembly. Tomorrow’s carnival is the biggest event in our athletes’ lives in terms of crowd size and atmosphere. To the school every position in every event counts. Athletics is a foundational sport from which other sports in summer and winter derive benefits, whether in speed and agility or endurance. I wish Athletics Captain Roger Burrell and his team success tomorrow – particularly in our goals to beat TAS and get closer to Scots or Newington.

"This morning I want to recognise the innovation and administrative competence shown by Mr Robert Devlin as MIC of Athletics this year. He has attracted coaches and more competitors. You all owe him your support. Thank you to Davina Strauss who has worked with our boys on skills sessions in hurdles and field events. Edward Ovadia has shown persistence with the High Harriers group training on Mount Steele. Jason Tassell is running speed and endurance sessions twice a week to which all boys are invited. Well done again to Wayne Baldock who manages our whole school athletics program and gives it interest and meaning with his organisation. Congratulations to the PE staff who have introduced term testing of the 1.6k run. I saw some great improvements by Year 7 boys. Mr Ayre, our Head Teacher Sport, has supported athletics strongly. At the carnivals, Mr Codey gives great management assistance, as do our perennial helpers, Mr Gainford and Mr Creer. We have benefited from expert parental know how of Mr and Mrs Morrow. To all those who helped - thank you for your efforts. Together we will make athletics stronger in the years ahead.

"Les Perry was a fine Australian distance runner who represented Australia at the Helsinki Olympics in 1952. He admired Emil Zatopek, the great Czech runner who was unbeaten in 38 races between 1948 and 1952. Les risked arrest and bluffed his way through the guards to visit Zatopek in the USSR compound. Les and Emil jogged 20 laps of the training field together and talked about athletics and their lives. They had a meal and spent the evening together and became good friends. Emil said he felt honoured by Les’s visit. As Les departed Emil promised that after the finals he would give him his Olympic uniform.

"The 10,000m was the first track event decided. There were no heats. Les nervously sprinted the first lap in 63 seconds, hit the wall after 20 and later retired. Emil Zatopek won gold in dominant fashion in Olympic record time. Before the heats of the 5,000m Emil sought out Les and advised him to follow on his shoulder and copy his tactics. In the last lap Zatopek even turned around to wave the Australian on. Les was inspired to run a personal best and qualify for the final. In the final, Zatopek had a couple of strong competitors but pysched them out and burned them in the straight to win his second gold of the games. Les Perry ran another PB to finish sixth. He didn’t win a medal but he took away a prize, Emil Zatopek’s Olympic singlet and shorts. More importantly he had a gold medal experience for life.

"As this vignette demonstrates, athletics is about more than strengthening the body and mind. It is about character and camaraderie. Each athlete knows what the other has gone through to be competing. Athletics is about self-discipline and respect. It is more about how you compete than whether you win. More of you should embrace it.

"In this context, it is my very great privilege this morning to introduce an icon of Australian athletics as our guest speaker. Peter Hadfield represented Australia in decathlon, the supreme test of training versatility and all-round ability. He was ranked No 1 in decathlon for a decade 1976-1985 and remained undefeated by an Australian athlete during this time. He was voted NSW Athlete of the year on four occasions. At his second Commonwealth Games in 1982, he won a silver medal behind the great Daley Thompson. Peter is a dual Olympian (1980 & 1984). He was chosen as captain of the Australian Athletics team.

"In his professional life, Peter was a secondary school teacher with a degree in economics. Since retiring from athletics he has been a regular commentator at Olympic and Commonwealth Games, a sprint trainer for the Cronulla Sharks and the Penrith Panthers.

"Mr Hadfield founded PCM Productions and is currently Marketing Communications Manager for Australia Post. Peter finds time in his schedule to write, publishing a book on “How To Get Fit While You Watch Television’ and is even a professional guitarist. He is a very involved charity worker, representing the Humpty Dumpty Foundation, the Prostate Cancer Institute, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and the Handicapped Children’s Centre. This year he was awarded an OAM for his services to sport and the community.

"We could not have a better example of a highly accomplished all rounder to address us this morning. Please make welcome Mr Peter Hadfield."

45th UNSW School Mathematics Competition
I was privileged to attend the presentation ceremony again this year, chaired by Professor Cowling. In the junior division, certificates were awarded to Jacob Cao, David Fan, Edward Lu and Andrew Tan. There were 43 awarded overall. There were 19 prizes and certificates. From High Yu Sun and John Wormell were successful. In the senior division 33 certificates were awarded. Richard Liu and Senthil Thillainadesan earned one. There were 15 prizes and certificates. Vinh Pham, Jamie Tao and Rishubh Verma were successful. Anthony Morris won third prize overall. Congratulations to all boys who entered the competition and to our recognised participants. The guest speaker at the ceremony was a lecturer in law, studying for a doctorate in pure mathematics. She spoke about the applications of mathematics to problem solving in commercial law. Dr Michael Hirschhorn, senior lecturer and administrator of the competition, outlined its history since the 1000 competitors in 1962. He spoke of the frequency of questions involving Fibonacci numbers and Pythagoras’s theorem over the years, and of how questions are composed and contributed by scholars at the university. I encourage all mathematics students interested in competing to seek out and recommend mathematics problems books for reference in the library. The UNSW Coop bookshop has many.

GPS Athletics Carnival
Our first goal at the GPS carnival was achieved – we beat TAS in both divisions. We have shown that with more dedication from our seniors, we could have been quite competitive with at least Newington. Our U-13 results were promising: Shadman Ali 100m. 2nd. 200m 3rd, Chris Morrow high jump 2nd, Andrew Ye 90m hurdles 3rd. The 4 x 100m relay team was smooth in a close run 4th. In U-14: Jeremy Ireland ran a strong second in the 1500m and Joshua Tassell was placed 3rd in the 200m. The U-15 4 x 100m team relay had a slow first change but ran a good 3rd just outside their CHS time. Danny Fu placed 3rd in long jump. Ty Linegar ran well in the 1500 U-16 for third. Frank Jin was 3rd in the U-17 long jump – our only result. In the open division Justin James ran courageously but was beaten by a late kick into second place in the 1500m. Harrison Lane (Year 9) ran impressively in the Open 3000m for 7th in 10 minutes. Maintain your training and skill development all year boys. We aim to beat a metropolitan GPS school in one division in 2007!
Dr K Jaggar
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Nantien Excursion

On Friday 1 September, the three Year 8 Chinese classes went on a trip to Nantien temple to better learn the Chinese culture and to understand Buddhism. We got on the bus and left Sydney for the long trip to Nantien Temple in Wollongong. The bus trip was a bit rowdy but at least everyone was happy. We finally reached the temple one and a half hours after we left Sydney. We met our guides for the day T.S. aka Superman and Song. We went to a courtyard in the temple where we did the ancient art of tai chi with a reverend from the temple. Our guides explained that tai chi would leave us calm and refreshed but most people didn’t seem to agree with that!

Next we went to a museum in which there was a collection of stamps with the animals of the Chinese Zodiac on them. We were shown tiny engravings. The artist had used sharpened grains of rice to make the artworks. After this we were taken into the main shrine hall which was absolutely massive. Before entering the hall we were told to take off our shoes so as not to dirty the floor inside and to be respectful. The hall contained 5 towering statues of the Buddhas who represented different things. We were shown various symbols by our guides and taught what they meant and represented. We were shown instruments that the Buddhist monks used while chanting prayers. After that we went to the shrine at the front of the temple. We then had a vegetarian lunch in the cafeteria.

The lunch was a different experience for many people since you couldn’t really tell that it was all vegetarian. With our stomachs full we headed off to the conference centre where we were shown a PowerPoint presentation of what Buddhism means and what it means to be a Buddhist. So after the presentation we headed back to the buses for the journey back. I think that the day was fun and enjoyable; we learnt many things along the way that we did not know before about Buddhism. Thanks to Ms Zhang, Ms Yang and Mr McDermott for supervising us on the day. Austyn Guo 8ChA

On Friday 1 September every Year 8 Chinese class went to Nantien Temple. Our time there was very exhilarating. After a 1 ½ hour trip by coach, we all thought that the temple would be massive. As we entered the gates to the temple, there was a pagoda which I too was so willing to visit but the opportunity never arose.

When the coach rumbled to a halt in the temple, everyone was so eager to start their wondrous adventure. Unfortunately shock came upon everyone when we heard that tai chi was our first activity. We met a monk, whom we had to call reverend and to whom we had to bow. The exercise was relaxing.

After that we proceeded to learn about the main shrine. We had to take our shoes off before entering. The guide talked to us about the 5 legendary Buddas who are seated at the back of the shrine in 5 different colours. Everyone was shocked to see what they supposed was a swastika on their chests. The guide later corrected us saying that it was the sauvastika which was the opposite of the swastika. The 32 auspicious marks weren’t all mentioned but most were quite grouse.

Next we approached the prayer shrine. It was devoted to a god with 1000 arms and eyes. We all thought the god who held a sword and spear was a representation of our symbol of crime and justice. Really, the god was supposed to rid evil from everyone’s minds.

For lunch we ate a Buddhist’s vegetarian meal which consisted of tofu rice, vegetables and a juicy spring roll, which sadly had no meat. Errhh! After lunch we had a Dharma talk in a theatre-like room. We learnt all the aspects of Buddhism and saw a funny Australian monk (not joking).

After that we went back to school after such an interesting and relaxing day.
Robert Lu
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Chess News - Victory at last!

After a campaign spread over two terms our Junior team finally became NSW champions after a 3.5-0.5 win against Baulkham Hills. High last won the title 15 years ago. Congratulations to Dominic, Declan, Darwin and Ben.

GPS Invitational Chess Tournament
Last Tuesday High hosted the inaugural GPS Invitational Chess Tournament. 6 schools sent their best 8 players ( any age) for a one day tournament played in the Great Hall. Scots were unable to attend.

Final results were; High 50.5, Sydney Grammar 47, Newington 36.5, Shore 26, Riverview 25, St. Josephs 23 and King's 16.

The victorious High team was; Jason Cohn(10), Dominic Nguyen(7), William Cao(12), Dimitriy Shurapey(9), Declan McCrea-Steele(8), Charley Peng(9), Dawen Shi(7), Ben Encel(8).

Next Wednesday we will be sending 4 teams to Scots to compete in their open tournament.
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Eastern Suburbs Parent Support Group

For parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
You are invited to a morning tea to establish an ongoing parent support group for parents/carers of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Date: Thursday, 28 September, 2006
Time: 10.30 am – 12. 30 pm
Waverely Teahtreete
Waverley Library
32-48 Denison Street
Bondi Junction
NSW 2022
Phone: 9386 7709

Please RSVP to Jillian 0409 556 0452

If you are unable to come to morning tea but are interested in attending the ongoing meetings (which will be on a monthly basis in the evening) please call Jillian with your contact details

A support group run by parents for parents!
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From the Basketball Master

The Annual Old Boys Games were played last weekend. It was fantastic to see such a great representation from the Old Boys. Our students had a great time as did the parents of the boys. It was an exciting celebration of High Basketball.

In the Second Grade game the Old Boys played many athletes who were to later appear in the first grade game. This made it difficult for our side that consisted mostly of Year 9 students! The school played very well and proved difficult to defeat. Alex Lee made some spectacular three point baskets but eventually Old Boy, Jack Boag was too strong close to the basket.

In the Old Boys First Grade team Daniel Boorman, Jack Boag and Rhys Gencur all proved to be tough to score on as they could all dunk and were well over 6 foot 4. The Old Boys boasted 3 Captains of basketball and 3 GPS basketball representatives. However the amazing fast break aerobatics of Victor Nguyen, inside presence of Wei Zhuang and outside shooting of Harry Walker were the keys to success for the School who were eventual winners 60- 45. (H.Walker 16 pts)

The 2 hour Coaching Co-ordinator session was a huge success. Our talented school and external coaching staff turned up for the event on a Saturday. Our plan of attack for this season was discussed. Many coaches asked for extra training sessions. Enthusiasm is at an all time high and so are our results. I am looking forward to working with such a great group of staff and students again this season. Go High Basketball!!

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NSW Interschools Snowsports Championships

Ty Linegar, Harry Walker and Josh Freiman recently represented Sydney Boys High at the NSW Interschools Snowsports Championships. The championships were held in Thredbo, and the first day of skiing saw not snow, but unrelenting rain pelting down from the sky. The little snow that was left on the mountain began to fade away, and the three amigos headed off in the rain and fog to the first of their two races, the moguls. They waited and waited, in the freezing and wet conditions for their numbers to be called, with Ty Linegar as first runner. Although Ty completed the turns with grace his jump was not so beautiful, as he over-rotated and rather spectacularly crashed. Harry was to follow with a pretty well rounded run, whilst Josh saw good turns followed by an awkward attempt at something in the air. All together, the team was a little disappointed with their runs, but were glad to have it over with and to get out of the disgusting conditions.

The following morning the SBHS team unfortunately awoke to much the same conditions; more rain, more wind, and more cold. That day was time for redemption, with the Skiercross. After many warm up runs, the team checked out the course: It consisted of many sharp berms and intense rollers, but the rain had made the snow soggy, so it was quite a slow course. Ty was again the first down the course with a fairly solid run, and returned to give the others tips and advice. Harry had a quick run with Josh also entering a decent time. Overall the team was quite happy with how they felt in the races, coming tenth overall, quite a considerable achievement against all the private and public schools in NSW.

With their duty done, they returned to school, battle wearied, yet proud to have represented their school at State level skiing.
Ty Linegar
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Athletics Results - Years 9 & 10

Best Overall Results [Year 10]
29 Thomas Lindeback
28 Daniel Simpson
28 Andrew Tang

Andrew Tang 28
2nd Simon Yang 24
3rd Alvin Leung, Simon Ting 21

Best results for each event
Long Jump
: Andrew Tang 2.6, Michael Bock, Daniel Chim
Shot Put: Simon Yang 10.38, Ricky Ratnayake, Jun Dai
800 metres: Andrew Tang 2.56, Lucian Tan, Jun Dai
High Jump: Andrew Tang 1.45, Simon Yang, Simon Liu, David Fan
Javelin: Andrew Tang 33.6m, Daniel Chim, Sean Lee, Marco Sun
100 metres: Andrew Tang, Simon Ting

Christopher Tang, Chang Liu 24
3rd Daniel Chiu 22

Best results for each event
Long Jump
: Daniel Chiu 2.40m, Nathan Chan, Christopher Tang
Shot Put: Chang Liu 10.44m, Benjamin Lee, James Ip
800 metres: Daniel Chiu
High Jump: Chang Liu 1.50m, Nathan Chan
Javelin: Nathan Chan 29.56m, Zhi Zhu, Jackson Yip, James Ip 100 metres: Chang Yiu, Christopher Tang

Thomas Lindeback 29
2nd Daniel Simpson 28, Lawrence Boikov 23

Best results for each event
Long Jump
: Thomas Lindeback 2.45m, Lawrence Boikov, Daniel Simpson
Shot Put: Thomas Lindeback 11.21m, Lawrence Boikov, Mark Spencer, Winson Lee
800 metres: Jonathan Culibao, Thomas Lindeback, Lawrence Boikov
High Jump: Brynley Pfull, Thomas Lindeback
Javelin: Daniel Simpson 33.50m, Thomas Lindeback, Jonathan Culibao
100 metres: Daniel Simpson

Dean Huang 25
2nd Eric Ang, Muhamed Mehmedbasic, Andrew Tse 20

Best results for each event
Long Jump
: Dean Huang 2.80m, Kenny La, Caly Yang
Shot Put: Dean Huang 11.90m, Zid Mancenido, Matthew Coutts, Andrew Tse
800 metres: Matthew Coutts 2m 54
High Jump: Muhamed Mehmedbasic 1.50m
Javelin: Tam Mai 27.50m
100 metres: Dean Huang, Matthew Coutts.

Kevin Wang 24
2nd Anton Komorov, Joshua Lee, Alexander Dovan 21

Best results for each event
Long Jump:
Anton Komorov 2.60m, Garland Huang
Shot Put: Anton Komorov 10.90m, Kevin Wang, Joshua Lee
800 metres: Andrew Leung
High Jump Ian Luong 1.50m
Javelin: Joshua Lee 30.60m
100 metres: Joshua Lee

Koeun Na 26
2nd Matthew Lee
3rd Charles Yang, Kevin Lam

Best results for each event
Long Jump
: Winson Ma 2.40m, Matthew Lee
Shot Put: Koeun Na 11.20m, Timothy Joo, Kevin Lam
800 metres: Daniel Campion, Charles Yang
High Jump: Matthew Lee, Brian Lung
Javelin: Kevin Lam 37.30m
100 metres: Charles Yang, Koeun Na

Best Overall Results [Year 9]
28 Justin Chow
26 Jason Nguyen
25 Maxeem Mikha, Grigori Astafiev, Alexander Belokopytov

Edward Lu, Matthew Osinski, Matthew Tong 24

Best results for each event
Long jump
: Michael Yiu 2.60m, Matthew Osinski
Shot Put: Matthew Lau 10.10m, Brian Lau
800 metres: Matthew Tong
High Jump: Edward Lu 1.55m, Michael Yiu, Matthew Osinski 1.55m
Javelin: Matthew Osinski 23.90m, Matthew Lau, Matthew tong
100 metres: Matthew Tong, Wilson Szet, Edward Lu

Adrian Ang, Jacky Chen, Shorson Zhang 24

Best results for each event
Long Jump
: Daniel Shan 2.60m, Shorson Zhang, Jacky Chen, Cong Xie
Shot Put: Jacky Chen 9.95m, Daniel Shan
800 metres: Anthony Tsiailis High Jump: Shorson Zhang 1.47m, CongXie
Javelin: Daniel Shan 32.50m, Anthony Tsiailis, Lawrence Png
100 metres: Adrian Ang, Anthony Tsiailis

Jason Nguyen 26 2nd Maxeem Mikha 25
3rd Phillip Kurts 24

Best results for each event
Long jump
: Leonard Teng 2.80m, Phillip Kurts, Danny Lam, Nishan Abeysuriya
Shot Put: Maxeem Mikha 9.75m, Jason Nguyen, Yuen Chan
800 metres: Maxeem Mikha
High Jump: Phillip Kurts, Nishan Abeysuriya 1.45m, Danny Lam, Thomas Harvey
Javelin: Jason Nguyen 22.20m, Phillip Kurts, Patrick Desmond
100 metres: Phillip Kurts, Jason Nguyen

Grigori Astafiev, Alexander Belokopytov 25
3rd Jacky Li 23

Best results for each event:
Long jump
: Ting Gao 2.60m, Grigori Astafiev, Jacky Li
Shot Put: Alexander Belokopytov 11.20m, Grigori Astafiev
800 metres: Jacky Li, Darren Nguyen
High Jump: Grigori Astafiev, Jacky Li
Javelin: Grigori Astafiev 26.20m, Victor Zhang
100 metres: Sam Burnham, Alexander Belokopytov

Justin Chow 28
2nd Weiang Zhang 22
3rd Shota Shimada, Samuel Binns 21

Best results for each event
Long Jump
: Justin Chow 2.70m, Stephen Dong, Matthew Tang
Shot Put: David Peng 9.75m, Roy Chen, Justin Chow
800 metres: Timothy Siu
High Jump: Justin Chow, Stephen Dong 1.50m
Javelin: Justin Chow 30.00m, Weiang Zhang, Roy Chen
100 metres: Justin chow

Masnun Kayes 24
2nd Sonny Lei, Kerod McPherson 21

Best results for each event
Long Jump
: Samuel Wan 2.65m, Stanley Chin, Steven Ke, Sonny Lei
Shot Put: Steven Ke 10.80m, Arun Krishnan, Patrick Horton
800 metres: Charley Liu, Masnun Kayes, Nicholas Lindeback
High Jump: Jack Wachsmann, Alan Yang, Masnun Kayes
Javelin: Patrick Horton 26.50m, Sonny Lei, Kerrod McPherson
100 metres: Masnun Kayes, Kerrod McPherson
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Sailing Families

Please join us for our ANNUAL AGM and WELCOME TO THE NEW SEASON
Snacks provided

Wednesday 18 October 2006 at 7.00 pm
Board Room
Sydney Boys High
Contact Ann Kurts to RSVP 0412 283 692
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A Special Note to All Year 12 Parents

On Friday 17 November (6.30pm - 8.30pm) the parents of Year 11 will host a cocktail party to farewell the Year 12 parents on behalf of the P & C and the whole school family.

The function will provide an opportunity to say your farewells to each other and the school in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere and for the P & C to say thank you to you for the input you have had in the school over the last 6 years.

You will receive a personal invitation to the function shortly, please diarise this date so you can plan to be there.

Looking forward to seeing you at the function.
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Music Notes

Congratulations to all our music students who were elected as Prefects; Alex Vertoudakis, Richie Xu, Samson Lou, James Mackay, Louis Yang, Lachlan Deacon and Bill Sun. Well done on their achievements, we are all very proud of them.

The information evening for the Music tour to China this Monday will be at 6pm in the Great Hall and will hopefully answer any questions or concerns you might have. If you are not able to come and are still interested in joining the tour, please feel free to contact one of the music staff at school for information (9361-6910 Ext. no. 109). We look forward to seeing you there.

China Music Tour 2007 Expression of Interest
The Music Department in collaboration with the Australian Chinese Culture & Arts Group will be organising a 16-day music tour to China in the 2007 July holidays. This is a wonderful opportunity for the students to perform in the Beijing International Youth Carnival 2007 with other youth bands from 21 countries worldwide.

As well as participating in the Grand Parade in Wang Fu Jing and the music show of Olympic Opening Music, students will visit renowned tourist sites around Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Nan Jing. The anticipated cost of this tour will be approximately $2000 which includes all meals, accommodation, and entries.

Students and parents interested in coming on the tour need to complete the form below and return to the music staff as soon as possible. We will be holding a meeting on Monday 25th of September at 6pm in the Great Hall to provide you with more information.


Student’s Name: _____________________________________  Roll Class: ________________

Parent/Guardian Name: _____________________________________________________________

Phone No. ____________________________  Mobile No. ________________________________

Email: ____________________________________________________________________________

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High Cricket Bulletin

The 1st XI has had our first “win” for the season in the A.W.Davidson Shield, albeit on a forfeit by the opposition, but we have no problems in going one-up at this point. We have targeted the Davidson Shield this season which also gives players the opportunity to be recognized for their form and commitment to High’s endeavour to reach for the top this season.

Several parents have contacted me regarding planning transport for the oncoming season and requested match times to facilitate their transport arrangements for their families. Unfortunately there is not a specific answer that I can supply, other than to direct them to our Website weekly for Group 2 teams.

However by way of explanation this may assist in some small way to solving some of the dilemma:
Group .1. Teams are 1st, 2nd & 3rd XIs, 16A & B, 15A and 14As – who play Two (2) Day matches
Group .2. Teams are 4th & 5th XIs, 15B & C, 14A, B & C, 13A, B & C –who play One (1) Day matches.

The Group 1 Teams (as above) Specifically the 1st and 2nd XIs, play 7 Rounds which means they know for the season that they will play 4 matches at Home (8 weeks) and 3 matches away (6 weeks) at the Host School’s grounds, commencing at the same time, on the same ground each week. The remaining teams are allocated a ground and start time the week prior to the start of their match so they at least know when and where they will play for 2 weeks.

The Group 2. Teams (as above) play 14 Rounds are not so fortunate.

When our 1st XI Plays Grammar on the 28th October, all of our Group 2 teams also play Grammar, but on Day 2 of the 1st XI match against Grammar, our Group 2 teams play Shore. This occurs throughout the programme with the initial match for Group teams playing the same school as the 1st XI but playing a different school the following week.

The grounds and match times are set weekly by the Sports Masters for Group 2 and advised to me by close of school Tuesday and the details go immediately to our Website as well as a list on the Gymnasium NOTICE BOARD for all boys to view. All boys are issued with a SBHS CALENDER 2006 (blue cover) which itemizes all that occurs during the year including Sport and shows the Group 1 & 2 Teams’ schedule. A pocket size SPORTING FIXTURE 2006 is available to all boys which also indicates the rotations for both Groups.

This does not solve the problem for your transport arrangements but it may assist in some small way.

Three schools are difficult to get to by public transport, namely The Kings School, St. Joseph’s College and St.Ignatius (Riverview) and last season we trialled use of the school bus to Kings which proved successful. This season we are expanding it to include the other 2 schools for all MORNING FIXTURES where early starts are awkward for public transport. The cost will be a flat $5-00 for a return booking. A one way trip will be the same cost. Booking sheets will be handled by a travel coordinator designated at school. This will also be offered to the Basketball teams who have morning matches.

CRICKET CAMP: Friday 29 Sep – Sunday 1 October 2006
The cricket camp is being conducted for the Open Squad and those participating are seeking selection in the 3 Senior XIs. Dependent on the final nominations, we will be offering the vacancies to interested players from the Under 16 and Under 15 teams. The cost will be $70-00 per player, which includes 2 nights accommodation (paid), food and transport costs. The accommodation is at the Outterside (Rowing) Centre. Players will be required to have parent permission forms signed and submit payment to the 1st XI Coach, Mr. Hugh Howey, by 1-0 pm on Wednesday 27 Sep.

Joining instructions and programme will be distributed on that date.

We have had considerable delays in confirming grounds and facilities available due to recent rains disrupting Local Councils’ and CP Trust’s pre season maintenance shut down and we have been advised that we will know by Friday 22nd Sep what can be released to us.

SELECTION TRIAL MATCHES – Saturday 23 September 2006
Please check the Cricket Website for details which will display times and locations for these matches. At these trials players will be regularly rotated through batting and bowling stints so that all have the opportunity to participate. We need parents to volunteer their help on the sidelines padding up players and sharing drink duties. Please make yourself known to me on Saturday.

You will find these grounds immediately opposite the driveway entrance into the Gold Car Park for the Aussie Stadium and Sydney Cricket Ground, Driver Avenue, Moore Park. We will also be utilizing these grounds with 8-30 am start times during the AAGPS competitions. All matches must be completed by no later than 12 noon on match days due to Special Events parking on the fields.
Laurie Heil
MIC Cricket

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Fitness Assessment September 2006

The second fitness assessment for 2006 has been completed by the junior students. The most important assessment is the 1.6km run for cardiovascular endurance.

For an assessment of 90% or better, required a student to run the 1.6km in a time of 6 mins 30 secs, approximately, depending on the age of the student. An assessment of 50% or better, required a time of between 7 and 8 minutes, depending on age. A result of 10% or less means the 1.6km run was completed in a time greater than 9 mins 30 seconds.

There were some outstanding performances again this semester including
Andrew Ye (7F) 6m 15s, Michael Phung (7F) 6m 18s, Saif Haque (7F) 6m 19s, Clinton Jhong (8.6) 5m 55s, Stephen Yoon (8.2) 5m 56s, Jeremy Ireland (9.1) 5m 38s, Harrison Lane (9.3) 5m 50s, Matthew Fsadni (10.2) 5m 33s, Daniel Campion (10.6) 5m 46s. * Fastest time held by Paul Watzlaff of 5m 00s set in 2003.

1.6km results for 2006

Percentile band No. of students in each percentile band
Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10
  Feb Sept Feb Sept Feb Sept Feb Sept
90 – 99 1 13 3 17 12 21 24 32
80 – 89 2 8 10 15 4 17 14 19
70 – 79 2 11 8 12 8 9 13 25
60 – 69 6 22 11 13 16 14 18 19
50 – 59 12 11 20 16 16 9 24 14
40 – 49 13 22 17 23 13 25 19 18
30 – 39 14 11 16 21 25 25 32 17
20 – 29 26 25 25 22 30 22 9 11
10 – 19 52 42 48 25 30 25 8 10
0 – 9 49 11 16 14 24 11 17 8
Non-starters 2 5 8 2 2 2 2 6

Mean results for each year group, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006.

  Feb 03 Oct 03 Feb 04 Oct 04 Feb 05 Sep 05 Feb 06 Sep 06

Year 10







 57%  65%

Year 9



47% 52%  49% 60%



Year 8



 38%  57%





Year 7

 31%  43%







In 2007 the faculty is considering a component of a student’s final assessment in PDHPE be devoted to cardiovascular fitness and the 1.6km results, in an effort to lift our current fitness levels.
G. Stein

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Fundraising: The Record


Here is a way you CAN HELP!

Take tax deductible advertising in “The Record” our Annual school magazine.

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(All prices include GST)

Please supply art work in .pdf if possible. An invoice will be sent for payment once proof has been accepted.

Further enquiries contact Valda Roser
email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   or
leave voice message at School 9361 6910

Thank you for supporting this important aspect of school life.
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From the Canteen

Two New Computers for the school library
Sydney boys high canteen committee
Wishes to announce
The gift of two new computers
To the school library

This fantastic addition to our library was made possible by our extremely hard-working
And dedicated canteen staff
Led by manager Christine, our large team of volunteer parents and friends and by
All our loyal canteen customers

Food for thought
Last week of term is approaching and Canteen staff are running down supplies …
…so it is especially important that you order in advance to secure your favourite lunch…
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From the High Store

For your school uniform needs, and much more…

Announcement to Parents
New earlier opening at 9.00am on Wednesdays from now on for your convenience

Drop your son to school and then pop in to the High Store!

Opening Hours:
Monday: 10.30am – 1.30pm
Tuesday: 10.30am – 1.30pm
Wednesday: 9.00am – 1.30pm
Thursday: Closed
Friday: 10.30am – 1.30pm

For more information call Michelle on 9331 7075 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners cards accepted
Please make cheques payable to: High Store

The Sydney High School Foundation Inc. “working together for our school”
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