High Notes, Vol 7 No 3, February 17 2006

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From the Principal

Visit to our Library by Linda Burney MP
It was heartening to encounter a politician with a genuine interest in our school and its unique situation. On Tuesday, Ms Burney observed our Library in operation, full of boys accessing computers, reading or studying independently. She appeared to appreciate the primitive nature of our 1963 facility and was impressed by the density of student use. She also understood the commitment of our Foundation which continues to risk its asset by mortgaging the Outterside Centre to finance school projects to be repaid by parents. She acknowledged the great P & C contributions to the school. The Study Centre investment by parents was $375,000 plus interest (out of $625k total) and took seven years to pay off. The Canteen refurbishment and amphitheatre project investment by parents, the Foundation and old boy donors was $105,000 (out of $175k total) after an appeal to mark the 75th anniversary of our school at Moore Park in 2003. The government contribution has been $320k towards two projects that have cost $800,000 to finance since 1996.

We stressed that the school community wants a new library and we want to be placed on the capital works list for $1.75 million. If that were to happen, we would finance the Performing Arts Space. The worst case scenario is that we only get a Joint Capital Works Grant for $300k in which case a first floor extension with a performing arts space or classrooms underneath would be affordable at around $800k. In either scenario, our fundraising impetus needs to increase.

Thank you to the individual parents who wrote to the state members urging them to build us a new library. Well done to Ms Mary Ann Cradock who showed Ms Burney around so knowledgably. Thank you also to the Year Group parent leaders who organised letter writing.

My thanks are extended on your behalf to Mr Steve Storey, our Federation Representative, who facilitated the visit through his personal contacts and stated our case for a new library most persuasively. Thank you to Raymond Roca for his ICT skills to create a presentation highlighting the state parliament districts and High student numbers residing in each. It certainly impressed Ms Burney and she has undertaken to show it to her colleagues. Thank you to Caroline White for her research efforts. Families are urged to continue writing to their local members, particularly in ALP seats.

Premier’s All Rounder Awards
As reported elsewhere in this edition, the Premier dedicated the All Rounders Ceremony to the memory of Mitchell Seow. I was pleased to see that most of our recipients attended in person to stand beside the Premier and have their pictures taken. High at 27 awardees, was ranked 7th behind runaway leader James Ruse (81), but closer to Sydney Girls (30). Baulkham Hills, North Sydney Girls, PLC and Sydney Grammar had more than us. The benchmark has been set for other years to follow. Despite the very large number of recipients, the group represented only 1.5% of the 65,000 HSC candidature. It was a big occasion for all the students and their proud parents.

Charities Policy 2006
After consultation with the Charities Coordinator, Ms Plummer I am proposing a structured model for High’s charity fund raising. Rather than decide on charities each year, I suggest one charity should be the target for each academic year, as follows: Year 12 - Youth Off the Streets, Year 11 - Sir Roden Cutler Charities Inc., Year 10 - Lak Saviya Foundation (Tsunami relief to our Sri Lankan high school connection), Year 9 - Boggabilla High School, Year 8 - Jeans for Genes ( Sydney Children's Hospital Medical Research) and Year 7 - Stewart House.

Charity Committees should be formed for each Year. Each charity will be allowed one Mufti day per year. Each Year group will have an assembly where a guest speaker from the allocated charity can speak with students. In addition, the whole school Charities Committee proposes to organise a John McLean presentation regarding setting and achieving goals and overcoming difficulties. This would be organised as a school incursion and funds raised could be allocated amongst the charities.

Saturday Sports Report
Highlight of the weekend was the great escape by the first XI who got out of gaol after a very sporting declaration by Grammar. I apologised to Mr Kourtesis for not staying after tea to see what I thought would be an impossible run chase in the remaining overs allocated for the day. Thanks to inspired cricket from Eddy Pham and Adrian Jeyendra, the boys pulled off a most unlikely outright win. Congratulations. Earlier that afternoon, Grammar exposed our lack of tournament tennis practice to record a comfortable win in the tennis 6-3 to grab the points. The contest was even in the doubles until new pairing of Ivan Cerecina and Matthew King lost a tight 3 set encounter. Mitchell and Matthew were untroubled in their singles matches. Hai Le fought hard in long rallies but was outmuscled. David, Daniel and Ivan struggled with nerves and lack of match play. Tennis is in a rebuilding phase and will improve.

At the College St campus the seconds basketball came up against a tall well-drilled side and played well defensively. Six consecutive calls for technical errors, mainly travelling, changed the fortunes of the game. Ray Huynh led from the front and was everywhere. Despite turnovers and adverse calls, the team went to half time 18-25 down. The second half was a real arm wrestle, with committed defence from both teams and missed scoring opportunities. Both sides scored 29 points. In first grade, a similar pattern emerged. Grammar had better rebounders, forcing more low percentage shots from our team. They led by 6 at quarter time. The game was lost in the second quarter as Grammar came out and jumped us with several quick baskets winning the half 50-30. To their credit, our team focused hard in the third quarter and won it 25-24. Unfortunately, they ran out of players and steam in the final quarter and lost it 22-28. Victor Nguyen looked the goods bringing the ball up the court. Harry Walker and Dale Sun did not sink as many of their usual 3-pointers. Newcomer Patrick Gallego drove hard to the basket and will earn more court time in future. Fewer turnovers in general play would bring our boys closer to their opponents next week.
Dr K Jaggar
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Speech Night Invitation

An invitation to Friends and family of 2005 prize winners to attend Speech Night on
Tuesday 21 February 2006 at 7.30
in the Great Hall.

Congratulations to all 2005 prize winners.

You will receive prizes at Speech Night on Tuesday 21 February at 7.30 in the Great Hall.

Students are reminded to arrive 30 minutes before the starting time and advise their Year Adviser for Academic and Special Prizes or Mr Farrington for Sports awards that they are present.

There will be a rehearsal Period 3 on the day.

See Ms May if there are any queries regarding the night.
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Regarding Mitchell Seow

Please find following the reproduction of an article which appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald on Tuesday, 14 February regarding Mitchell Seow:

A Lost Life Celebrated at Premier's Ceremony

Awards News Wrap IT WAS a bittersweet day for Jenny and James Seow as they sat among other proud parents at yesterday's awards ceremony.

One by one, 800-odd beaming students filed past the Premier, Morris Iemma, each clutching a trophy bearing witness to years of hard slog and dedication.

The Premier's awards for all-round excellence in the Higher School Certificate recognise students who achieve a mark of 90 or above in 10 or more units.

With a mark of 99.6, 18-year-old Mitchell Seow was one of the best and brightest. But he never made it to yesterday's ceremony. On January 14, he collapsed and died at a friend's birthday party.

Collecting the award in his place was his best mate and fellow Sydney Boys High student, Bryan Wrench. At his side were Mr and Mrs Seow and Mitchell's elder brother, Nick.

"He was my best friend," said Nick. "I just feel very empty without him. I'd thought we'd make it through life together, do things brothers are meant to do ... watch out for each other."

Just what caused a healthy, athletic teenager to collapse and stop breathing remains a mystery. The Seow family is awaiting the coroner's findings after an autopsy failed to reveal the cause of death.

But Nick believes had his brother survived, he would have ended up the chief executive of a major corporation. He was fascinated by business and had a University of NSW scholarship to study finance waiting for him.

The Seow family wants Mr Wrench to keep Mitchell's award, as a token of the close friendship the boys shared since entering Sydney Boys High in Year 7.

Mr Wrench said Mitchell would be remembered as a consummate all-rounder; a keen rower, soccer player, debater and prefect.

At his funeral last month, attended by the whole of Year 12, the rowing team formed the guard of honour. Mrs Seow said: "He was just a happy kid who loved clowning around and going out with his friends. We are very proud of him."

A Big Thank You

The Seow family wish to thank the school community for their kind words and condolences after the passing of Mitchell. It was an unbelievable turnout at the funeral. We were very moved to see how much his friends from Year 12 2005 thought of him and what mateship meant to them. We’ve been inundated with calls from people who attended the service, commenting on what a wonderful school Mitchell must have attended and how impressed they were of the young men, especially wearing their blazers in the 100 degree heat.

A special thank you to Con Barris for organising the guard of honour with all the rowers and their oars. It was a spectacular sight. If Mitch was watching, we are sure he’d be wearing his infectious grin. It was an unforgettable send off, which we will hold dearly in our hearts forever.

Thank you once again.
James, Jenny and Nicholas
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Student Support Service

This is a welcome back to all students, and in particular a warm welcome to all new students in Year 7 and their parents. This is just a short reminder to all members of the school community that the school takes an active role in trying to develop a positive learning environment and the continuation of racial harmony in the school. This school takes pride in the fact that as a multicultural school we have had very few racial problems over the years between members of the school community. We encourage all students and parents, and particularly Year 7, to take advantage of the many extra curricular activities within the school to develop long lasting friendships with their peers. If students or parents feel they are being discriminated against on the basis of race they should immediately contact Mr S Codey the school’s anti racist officer. The matter will be dealt with as soon as possible and all discussions with Mr Codey are confidential.
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From Mathematics

Science Journal: Prime-number proofs chalk up more success
February 03, 2006
By Sharon Begley
The Wall Street Journal

Classic math problems can derail a mathematician's career. "You usually can't solve them," says mathematician Daniel Goldston of San Jose State University, so devoting your career to one is likely to leave your list of accomplishments a bit short.

Mathematicians are not letting a little thing like daunting odds deter them, however, and as a result one of the most romantic subjects in math -- prime numbers -- has recently seen what Kannan Soundararajan of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, calls "spectacular progress. Only five years in, and already this has been a great millennium for primes."

Ever since Euclid proved that there are infinitely many primes (though they get sparser the farther out on the number line you go), claims about primes have proliferated like rabbits. In many cases, mathematicians know in their hearts that a claim is true but, to their chagrin, can't prove it.

That used to bother only those who inhabit the rarefied world of abstract math, where discussion of a "pseudo complex structure on a manifold X of dimension 2N is a C-module structure on a tangent bundle" counts as small talk. But now that primes are the basis for codes that encrypt financial data as well as national-security transmissions, making sure that mathematicians' hunches about primes are actually true matters in the real world, too.

A prime is a number whose only factors are 1 and itself, like 2, 3, 5, 7 and 18,793, not to mention 2 multiplied by itself 30,402,457 times minus 1 (the largest prime discovered so far, announced on Christmas; testing ever larger numbers for primeness, while doable, is very time consuming). Like the atoms from which the world of matter is constructed, primes are the raw material from which the whole world of numbers can be assembled because every number can be written as the product of primes. For instance, 18 = 2 x 3 x 3. They are also beacons of simplicity and purity -- minimalist art in the otherwise rococo landscape of math.

Yet primes' simplicity belies their mystery. "There are so many basic questions about prime numbers that we can't answer, and many things we think are true but can't prove," says Prof Goldston.

His quarry is a centuries-old claim called the twin-prime conjecture. It asserts that there are infinitely many primes separated by 2, like 29 and 31. The largest known twin primes are the numbers 16,869,987,339,975 times 2 multiplied by itself 171,960 times plus 1, and that product minus 1.

But just because mathematicians have found a bunch of twin primes doesn't mean there are endless pairs, as claimed. Lots of crackpots have taken a stab at proving the claim, to no avail. Pros have also claimed to have a proof, only to retract it when competitors have spotted an error.

In three papers submitted to math journals for publication, however, Prof Goldston and two colleagues have come as close as anyone in history.

"We weren't actually working on the twin-prime conjecture, because the feeling was there's no way to attack it," says Prof Goldston. Instead, he and Cem Yildirim of Bogazici University, Istanbul, thought they might prevail against a weaker claim, namely, that there are infinitely many primes separated by gaps way smaller than the average spacing.

They succeeded, proving that if the average gap between primes in some region of the number line is, say, 10 trillion, you can nonetheless find gaps as small as you care to.

Their proof suggests that there are infinitely many consecutive primes that differ by only 16, which is getting close to the 2 claimed by the twin-prime conjecture. "They're tiptoeing up to it," says Prof Soundararajan.

The breakthrough surprised even its architects. "A year and a half ago I was convinced I'd die without solving" the twin-prime conjecture, says Prof Goldston. "But now we're so close."

The popular image of mathematicians has them staring into space seeking inspiration, but Prof Goldston scours old papers to find nuggets that might apply to his quest. Since 1999 he has collaborated with Prof Yildirim. Their first proof, unveiled in 2003, had a mistake. When Janos Pintz of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences helped fix it, he became part of the "GPY" team.

That was not the only benefit of the error. The proof contained a sub-proof, like an accurate chapter in a flawed book, that Ben Green of the University of Bristol, England, and Terry Tao(*) of UCLA used to prove a counterintuitive claim: that there exist special number sequences, called arithmetic progressions, containing as many primes as you can imagine.

In such progressions -- such as 5, 11, 17, 23, 29, 35 ... – the numbers are the same distance apart; here, 6. The longest such sequence, discovered in 2004, contains 23 primes starting with 56,211,383,760,397 and increasing by 44,546,738,095,860. Prof Green and Prof Tao raised that 23: You can find a progression with 1 million primes, one with 10 trillion, or any other number, they proved.

Other prime claims elude proof. The Goldbach conjecture, which dates from the 1700s, says that every even number greater than 2 is the sum of two primes (20 = 7 + 13, for instance). Everyone believes it's true, but no one has proved it. Still, the millennium is young.

(*)Terry is an Australian mathematician who now works in the US.
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Music Committee

Music committee meeting will be on Monday 20th February 2006 at 6:30pm in the staff common room. New parents welcome to attend.

Music Ensemble Rehearsals Music ensembles have begun with two rehearsals already held. Please check your name on the ensemble lists outside the music staffroom and attend the relevant rehearsals as the attendance record will determine whether you receive a music pocket in the future.

Instrumental Hire
There are still a few instruments available to hire out, please see the music staff if you are interested. All students in the instrumental program should have already organised lessons with a tutor either with the school or outside of school. School tutor contacts are posted on the music noticeboard outside the music staffroom.

Important Music Dates in Term 1 and 2 to Remember

21 Feb
Speech night – Symphony Orchestra – 6.30pm. Performance Uniform – long sleeve white shirt, tie, blazer (if owned) 27 Feb Music Committee meeting, Common Room, 6.30pm

10 April
Year 12 Music assessment Performance Soiree – 6.00pm Great Hall

7 May
Year 7 Music Camp, SBHS, 9.00am BBQ lunch 1.00pm Concert 3.30pm 8 May Music Tutor Soirees – check with your son’s tutor. 11 May Year 11 Music performance Soiree, 6.00pm

May 15
Music Committee meeting, Common Room, 6.30pm Music tutor soirees, 4.00pm - check with your son’s tutor. May 29 - 31 Annual Music Camp, Merroo Conference Centre (departs 8.00am) May 31 Concert in Great Hall at 6.00pm

June 3
Cabaret Night, Great Hall 7,00pm

China Tour
The China tour is on this year September/October. We would like to encourage all students who are interested in this tour to see the music department as soon as possible. This is a great performance and travel opportunity involving educational and cultural exchange.
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Drama: Short and Sweet

Year 9 and 10 students have the opportunity to see 10 exciting short plays in the Short and Sweet programme on Thursday February 23 at the Seymour Centre at 7:40 pm. Short and Sweet markets itself as ‘the biggest short play festival in the world’ – what Tropfest is to film, Short and Sweet is to theatre. It’s terrifically important that students attend because as a part of their mandatory classwork they will be devising plays to submit to the Fast and Fresh competition, a festival of short plays by young people from all over Sydney. Curious? Check out the website at http://www.fastandfresh.org.

For us to secure a booking for this exciting programme we asked that students bring in their $22.00 by Friday the 17th, but we offer this reminder and will accept payment on Monday for those who didn’t quite get organised. Please bring in the dosh to the office and give your drama teacher your permission slip as soon as possible!
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From the P&C

Like to be more involved in parents’ activities at High and contribute to the boys’ education and well-being?

There are vacancies on the P&C for the positions of secretary, assistant secretary and Year representatives for Year 9 (one position), Year 10 (one position) and Year 11 (two positions). Below is a description of the secretary’s and assistant secretary’s duties. The list is a guide only. We expect that these office bearers will work with each other and discuss any changes to the duties if either raises it.


  • Maintain an up-to date email distribution list of P&C members
  • Maintain an up-to-date email distribution list of P&C Executive members
  • Prepare outgoing P&C correspondence
  • Liaise with School Administration/High Notes editor to facilitate communication between P&C and School about P&C events, venues and dates
  • Liaise with SGHS P&C Secretary to coordinate the annual joint P&C General Meeting
  • Attend and take minutes at General Meetings
  • Prepare and distribute agenda for General Meetings in consultation with the President and Assistant Secretary
  • Liaise with Assistant Secretary about P&C matters
  • Deputise for the Assistant Secretary when required at Executive Meetings.

Assistant Secretary

  • Maintain and distribute an up-to-date contact list of P&C Executive members
  • Attend and take minutes at P&C Executive Meetings
  • Prepare and distribute agenda for Executive Meetings in consultation with the Vice President and Secretary
  • Deputise for the Secretary when required at General Meetings
  • Receive and sort incoming correspondence to the P&C
  • Liaise with Secretary with regard to incoming correspondence
  • When required, assist the Secretary in administrative duties undertaken in support of the P&C

If you’d like to nominate for any of these positions or find out more please speak to one of the office bearers or Executive members. The President may be contacted on (m) 0418 427 994.

President - Shane Brown
Vice President - Simon Chan
Junior Vice President - John Evans
Treasurer - Andy Chow
Assistant Treasurer - Suzanne Harkins

Executive members (Year Representatives):
Antoinette Farrow, Sue Levy, Barbara Taylor, Jenny Brown, Neena Bhandari, Alice Paul

P&C meetings are held on the third Wednesday of the month during school term. The next meeting is on Wednesday 15 March 2006 at 7.30 pm in the Staff Common Room.
P&C Executive February 2006
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Words of Wisdom

"Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So…get on your way.”
(Theodor Seuss Geisel [Dr Seuss] 1904-1991)

Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.
(Lou Holtz 1937 - )

"Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself."
(Chinese Proverb)
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Fundraising: Coffee Orders

Elbon Coffee - Last orders with payment to cashier at Main Office by Tuesday February 21 (end of lunch) with delivery on Friday – February 24 (Orders sent home with boys)

Variety of Coffee  Elbon Special  Elbon Special  Elbon Special  Colombian  Colombian  Colombian Total($)
Style one Plunger Plunger Plunger Plunger Plunger Plunger  
Style two Espresso Espresso Espresso Espresso Espresso Espresso  
Pack Weight 250g 500g 1kg 250g 500g 1kg  
Price $8.00 $15.00 $30.00 $8.00 $15.00 $30.00  

Buyer’s Name

Type of Payment:   Cheque___           Cash___       Credit Card___
Card Type          Bankcard___        MasterCard___      Visa___   
Expiry Date ___ / ___ 
Card Number           _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _
Cardholder’s Name ____________________________________________
                             (please print)
Cardholders Signature _________________________________ Bus.Phone:_________________

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Welcome Party Invitation

You are cordially invited to attend the
Sydney Boys High School
New Parents Welcome Party 2006

To be held in the Great Hall, Sydney Boys’ High School Tuesday 28th February 2006 6.30pm to 8.30pm

This will be a great opportunity for new parents to meet each other and to meet other members of the School Family. For catering purposes please RSVP by 20th February 2006 by completing the form below and returning it to the School Office.

RSVP Welcome Party
I/we will be able to attend the Welcome Party for the Parents of Year 7 2006 to be held on Tuesday February 28th, 6.30pm in the Great Hall, Sydney Boys High.

Please print below name(s) of person(s) attending and your son’s class.

Please print below name(s) of person(s) attending and your son’s class.
Mother’s name: ____________________________

Father’s name: ____________________________

Son’s class:   ______________

Please return to School Office by February 20th in an envelope marked "WELCOME PARTY RSVP"
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Rowing Events February 06

The racing season has begun in earnest and I have included accounts from various participants in their respective crews and races.

Year 10 2nd VIII Race Report- Shore Regatta
The Year 10 2nd VIII unit consisting of eight rowers arrived at the rowing sheds at 9:30am ready for the first race of the racing season. Some were focusing with the psyche-up music pumping in their ears, some were talking and watching TV as their ‘focus’ for the race and one unusual gentlemen who thought ‘eating’ was the answer before the race munched on a burger.

At about 10:00am, Mr Barris put up the flag at half mast in memory of Mitchell Seow and we wore black bands for the race. Our coaches (Mr C Barris and Mr G Barris) gave us a pep talk. The race plans clear and simple in our heads, we got changed and sat down on the pontoon thinking about our job as individuals.

At 11:00am, we headed towards the start line at Hen and Chicken Bay. Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side. With the nervous and tense situation carried as a burden, the wind somewhat made the situation worse.

At 11:15am, it was our time to shine. The race starters lined us up calling us ‘Kings’ instead of ‘High’ for some peculiar reason. Little did we know that the wind was blowing us onto a buoy in the middle of the start line! As the horn was about to blow for the start of the race, we were in line with the buoy. In concern, the whole crew looked back to see what the commotion was about. The race starters didn’t give a hoot about the situation ahead of us. To our dismay, while we were unsettled the horn blew unexpectedly. Since we were trained by our coaches to row at the horn no matter the situation, like the good men we were, we rowed straight into the buoy. All four bow side rowers in the crew hit the buoy with a Clank! What a wonderful start to the first race! A late start and a buoy hit.

For the first few hundred metres, the race was tight between Newington, Joeys, High and Cranbrook (Shore was nowhere to be seen). Our rating came to a steady rhythm capped at 34. But as fatigue started settling in, our technique started to get sloppy. Efforts during the middle may have been effective thanks to our coxswain in keeping up with Joeys and Newington but due to the buoy hit and the late start, our momentum was slowly falling down the hill which led Joeys and Newington to disappear from our view.

But we did not give up. We stayed with Cranbrook the whole race but in the end our self-esteem was nowhere to be seen which led to being 14 seconds behind Cranbrook. Finally the race was over. We were not happy but we took the race as a ‘bad’ training session. We know the Year 10 2nd VIII have plenty of potential and this will be shown in the later weeks. To all the die hard fans out there, sorry about the performance this week. We promise better results next week.

Good luck to all the High crews racing in the Scots Regatta next week.

Year 10 1st VIII Race Report- Scots Regatta
The first Year 10 VIII arrived on Saturday morning for the Scots Regatta in high spirits buoyed by the fact that conditions were perfect for rowing. After some light stretching and a quick pep talk delivered by Mr Barris Jnr the crew was fired up and ready to race.

We rowed to Hen and Chicken and when it was time to race we were drawn in these lanes, High Lane 1 Grammar Lane 2, Scots Lane 3 and Shore Lane 4

Our start to the race was less than perfect and we were struggling at the 500m mark. However we managed to hold the gap for the next 500m gaining on a few crews and in the final 500m we rowed through Scots to beat them easily. We finished with a respectable third result and if we improved our start we could have been 30 seconds faster.
Daniel O’Keefe

Some of the approaching highlights in addition to our regular regattas and camps are the Year 10 trip to Melbourne to row on the Yarra against Melbourne Boys High, the boatshed dinner in the Great Hall on Wednesday March 22 where for the first time all rowers and their families will be at the one dinner, the Rowing Assembly for all 10, 11 & 12 rowers and their families and the CHS championship after the Head of the River which involves rowers from all age groups.

Mon 13 Senior A & C Camp Abbotsford
Wed 15 Yr 10 Melbourne exchange Yarra River
Thurs 16 Senior A & B Camp Abbotsford
  Yr 10 Melbourne exchange Yarra River
Fri 17 Yr 10 Melbourne exchange Yarra River
Sat 18 SJC Regatta Iron Cove
Mon 20 Senior A & B Camp Abbotsford
Thurs 23 Senior A & C Camp Abbotsford
Sat 25 Newington Regatta Hen & Chicken
  Sydney Regatta SIRC
Mon 27 Senior A & C Camp Abbotsford
Thurs 2 Senior A & B Camp Abbotsford
Sat 4 Tues 7 TKS Regatta, NSWRA Regatta Senior A & B Camp SIRC Abbotsford
Thurs 9 Senior A & C Camp Abbotsford
Sat 11 SHS Regatta Hen & Chicken
Mon 13 Senior A & C Camp Abbotsford
Thurs 16 Senior A Camp Abbotsford
Sat 18 SGS Hen & Chicken
Mon 20 Senior A & B Camp Abbotsford
Wed 22 Boatshed Dinner 6.30pm Great Hall
Thurs 23 Senior A & C Camp Abbotsford
Sat 25 Gold Cup Regatta Lane Cove
Mon 27 Senior A & C Camp Abbotsford
Thurs 30 Senior A Camp Abbotsford
Fri 31 Rowing Assembly 11.30am (parents welcome) Great Hall
  Senior A Camp Penrith
  Senior B & C  Camp Abbotsford
Sat 1 GPS Head of The River SIRC
Mon 3 CHS Championships SIRC
Tues 4 CHS Championships SIRC
Wed 5 Boat cleaning Abbotsford
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Basketball: Shooting Hoops

High v Grammar

Term 1 2005 Results

1st LOSS    77-60   C.CONWAY 33
2nd     LOSS    47-37   H.WALKER 10
3rd     WIN     40-34   K.WONG 14
4th     WIN     42-27   M.POPESCUI 6
6th     LOSS    42-16   J.PHU 8
7th     WIN     48-21   (UNDEFEATED)
16A     LOSS    20-40   J.TAO 8
16B     LOSS    17-36   D.HU 6
15A     LOSS    16-69   G.LO 4
15B     WIN     40-27   A.TAYLOR 18
15C     LOSS    8-30    G.SAVIT 4
15D     LOSS    12-62   C.YANG 4
14A     WIN     37-27   D.SHAN 12
14B     LOSS    17-37   M.YUI, J.PARK 6
14C     LOSS    6-62    S. KE 4
14D     LOSS    10-36   M. FENG 4
13A     LOSS    26-43   S.YOON 9
13B     LOSS    17-49   F.LI 4
13C     LOSS    17-44   J.VOH 7
13D     LOSS    14-27   D.ZHANG 7


Term 1 2006 Results (This week)

1st LOSS    100-77  H.WALKER 30
2nd     LOSS    54-47   R.HUYNH 22
3rd     LOSS    67-39   M.POPESCU 7
4th     LOSS    27-50   J.TAO 17
5th     WIN     22-17   A.WANG 6
6th     LOSS    21-27   R.XU 7
7th     WIN     24-22   J.LU 10
8th     WIN     16-9    A.CHONG 6
16A     LOSS    34-16   D.YU 8
16B     WIN     27-17   D.CHIU 8
16D     WIN     39-22   J.DAI 14
16E     WIN     16-13   B.LUNG 8
15A     WIN     31-26   J.TASSELL 10
15B     LOSS    13-41   S.ZHANG 6
15C     LOSS    12-28   K.LIM 6
15D     LOSS    46-14   L.TRAN 4
15E     LOSS    35-14   T.ZHONG 6
14A     LOSS    25-31   S.YOON 6
14B     LOSS    19-24   A.KOERBER 7
14C     WIN     37-29   V.VO 13
14D     LOSS    24-31   I.LU 10
14E     LOSS    19-36   H.VI 13
13A     LOSS    73-4    A.YE 12
13B     LOSS    53-6    N.AUTAR 4
13C     LOSS    48-5    B.DO 2
13D     LOSS    94-0    NO SCORER
13E     LOSS    68-0    NO SCORER

A great improvement on the number of wins and close games. Well done to 15As winning both this year and last year. Our newcomer Year 7s will see their results rise if continuous effort is placed in their training. Most teams went through that time in basketball for the first term - you will see an improvement boys - keep the effort up!

Basketball Coaching Staff fact for the week
Mr Hayman was the Most Valuable Player in NSW Basketball Under 21 competition when he was 18. He represented the Parramatta Wildcats. He currently plays for the Norths Bears in the professional league called Waratah Australian Basketball League. This team is a feeder team for the National Basketball League. Mr Hayman played with the Sydney Kings in the pre-season prior to becoming a teacher at SBHS. Stay tuned for more Mr Hayman/other basketball staff facts!


Yr 7 House Basketball
House basketball returns for another year of matches and great fun! House basketball competition is run during lunchtimes with 10 minute halves. Houses are divided into two groups of three where they have a round robin competition. The winner of each group goes into the finals to play for the house basketball champions. Last year, house basketball started with the current Year 10s division then opens division and ended with Year 8s. This year it has been decided that the Year 7s are going to be the ones to start first! So know each other in your houses Year 7 and play for your house pride! Notices will be posted in the school gym when your draws are ready.
Last year’s results (Year 10 is Year 9 of last year):
Year 10 champion: Saxby
Opens champion: Torrington
Year 9 champion: Fairland

Year 7 After-School Competition
It’s exciting, it’s fun, it’s competitive and it’s free! Year 7s this year get the opportunity to play in the after-school competition on Wednesday against schools in our local area. It’s a great chance for you all to gear up to get a few wins under your belt! These afternoon competitions generally have you guys playing against schools that aren’t as well equipped as the GPS schools. They provide an excellent start for players to being used to pressure and skill developing. More information coming soon!

2nd Grade Match Report
Score: 47-54 (loss).
Top Scorer: R.Huynh 22
Second grade was shaping up to be a very solid team entering Round 8 of the GPS season. With many powerhouse players not being able to play such as point guard Justin Chow and superstar Lachlan Street second grade were still mentally prepared. The team of ten consisting of an experienced trio including Kenny Huang, Eugene Wong and Raymond Huynh played together for the first time in the season.

The match started off sluggish from the High side with a few careless turnovers resulting in quick baskets from the Grammar side. Early points came from solid moves in the low post from Eugene Wong and Stuart Sugito. The High side was not as alert and awake as the Grammar side and paid the price falling behind by 14 points at half time.

After the intermission High continued its solid zone defence but added a full court press defence to rattle the Grammar guards. Solid defence in the backcourt from Kenny Huang forced crucial turnovers that saw the momentum shift away from the shell-shocked Grammar boys. Although the press worked effectively at times, lapses in the High defence saw easy baskets from Grammar to maintain their lead.

The fourth quarter saw a huge 16 point deficit at one stage get erased from pure High spirit. Our fourth quarter run started off with a jump shot just inside the arc from Stuart Sugito, followed by a transition layup off a well placed Vertoudakis assist. Soon it was clear who the better side was. High hustled down every ball and strung consecutive three pointers to bring the Grammar lead down to 7. The Grammar side however stuck with the High boys and were able to capitalise on our worn out guards by hitting back to back three pointers from the corner pocket. Overall, the High boys hustled and played very well after a poor first half start to the season and will be looking for a few wins this term.
Raymond Huynh,
2nd Grade Captain

5th Grade Match Report
Score: 22-17 (win).
Top Scorer: A Wang 6
With our long anticipated wait for this game and the taste of defeat mingling in our minds, 5th grade was determined to beat Grammar this week. After a few drills, our team was ready. Starting 5 came on using a zone defence whilst quick passes saw us sink quick points. Richard M kept our spirits up with his 100% shooting rate and active calling. Leslie W and Raymond T used great footwork to assist our play. Our tight zone kept the opposition from scoring, with centres Michael C and Joshua T grabbing defensive rebounds. The captain kept play going with his dribbling, burning Grammar as they double-teamed him.

Albert W took charge of the 2nd half with Joshua: Albert charging for the lay-up with Joshua grabbing offensive rebounds and converting them to points. Grammar, frustrated by their inability to score from outside the zone, took to quick passes and lay ups, allowing them to catch up on points. Having worked on fitness, we outlasted them on the court which eventually gave us the win. Great work on assists and offensive rebounds by Leslie earned him MIP, while Joshua and Albert shared MVP with their ability to outplay the opposition. Basketball is a fantastic experience at this school. I ENCOURAGE ALL JUNIORS TO PLAY BASKETBALL IN TERM 4 IF THEY ARE NOT ALREADY!
Cambridge Wong,
5th Grade Captain

16Bs Match Report
Score: 27-17 (win).
Top Scorer: D.Chiu 8
Things didn’t look too good at warm-up because we heard ourselves puffing already. Of course puffing because we were nervous. The first half started with quick fast breaks and a tight zone defence whilst Grammar played a half court 2-2-1 press. Consistent put ups by the captain and shots from Keerth gave us an excellent first half which resulted with our score doubling theirs now and then.

Second half had Grammar play zone too and was a much tougher half as they had time to work out a zone breaker. Swinging the ball until a hole showed up in our defence and then attempting to score through that hole. Thanks to Alvin and Pat for their great defence beneath the ring, their plan was destroyed continuously. However this annoyed us very much because it meant we had to play defence more than necessary so we tried out a few mind games against them. It resulted that they didn’t like their own play being used on them very much and eventually they got grumpy. Things only calmed down when one of their guys fouled out with two minutes left and basketball returned to normal. It was however too late for them as we easily held onto our lead and took the game 27-17.
Daniel Chiu,
16Bs Captain

16Ds Match Report
Score: 39-22 (win).
Top Scorer: J.Dai 14
Facing a crushing defeat of nearly double our score in the first season, the 16Ds were aiming to redeem themselves this week. The first half was completely dominated by Jun Dai with his well made drives and Free throw accuracy. Along with support from Matt Lee and myself, we saw an early lead stay that way till half-time at 20 – 16. On advice from our coach, we switched our usual zone defence to a tougher half court man. Grammar was clearly confused with our change, and Simin landing a three saw their spirits drop even lower. Both Jun and Matt continued their steady drives and accurate free throws, and coupled with Simon’s impressive rebounds we strengthened our lead. In the end, Grammar managed to squeeze in a tiny 6 points in the second half, giving us the win at 39 – 22.
Jason Wong,
16Ds Captain


First Grade Statistics

Name              FG      3PT     FT      PTS     TR      AST     TO      BS      ST
H.Walker    9/25    4/14    7/8     29      2       2       3       0       3
J.Chow          1/1     0/0     0/0     2       0       1       2       0       0
L.D’Avigdor     0/2     0/0     0/0     0       2       1       0       0       0
D.Sun           2/13    0/2     2/2     6       2       1       4       0       1
V.Nguyen        3/12    1/4     6/8     13      3       4       3       0       4
F.Wong          5/13    1/3     3/6     14      11      7       8       1       7
W.Zhuang        1/3     0/0     0/2     2       7       0       4       0       0
M.Farhat        0/2     0/0     0/0     0       7       1       1       0       0
V.Wei           2/4     0/0     2/6     6       6       1       1       0       0
P.Gallego       2/7     0/2     1/2     5       4       1       1       0       0

16Bs Statistics

Name             FG     3PT     FT      PTS     TR      AST     TO      BS      ST
D.Chiu               4/11   0/1     0/2     8       0       0       1       0       1
K.Vingnanasingam 2/3    0/0     1/3     5       0       0       1       0       0
A.Tse            0/0    0/0     2/2     2       2       0       1       0       0
P.Locke          0/4    0/0     0/0     0       4       3       4       0       3
A.Leung          1/7    0/0     0/0     2       3       0       2       1       0
N.McDonell       0/1    0/0     0/0     0       1       0       1       0       0
Z.Mancenido      0/0    0/0     0/0     0       0       0       1       0       0
J.Shih           3/5    0/0     2/4     8       6       1       1       0       1
D.Huang          1/3    0/0     0/0     2       0       0       1       0       0

16Ds Statistics

Name            FG      3PT     FT      PTS     TR      AST     TO      BS      ST
J.Wong              2/4     0/0     0/3     4       1       3       6       0       1
L.Tang          0/0     0/0     0/0     0       0       0       1       0       0
S.Yang          0/4     1/2     0/0     3       1       0       4       0       2
J.Dai           4/9     0/0     4/6     12      5       5       2       0       3
S.Liu           2/4     0/0     0/0     4       6       0       4       0       3
M.Sun           0/2     0/0     0/0     0       1       8       5       0       0
M.Lee           4/7     0/0     2/2     10      5       0       0       0       2
J.Ma            3/7     0/0     0/0     6       0       0       2       0       10

*Eric Ang of 16Bs who fractured one of his arms recorded the above statistics for 16Bs and 16Ds. His devotion to basketball is most appreciated and thanked by the teams. This level of commitment is displayed by many in Basketball.
*Hugo Richards and David Fan continued to do their excellent work on statistics for 1st grade again last year. Great job guys and keep up the hard work!

Captains please send in your match report to Mr Hayman by lunchtime on Mondays!
http://www.sydneyhigh.org.au/basketball for updated information about basketball and game-times.
~Brought to you by Francis Wong, Johny Shih and Justin Liang.
~Thank you to Mr Hayman for all his contributions to basketball and information

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High Cricket Bulletin

Round 5 of the GPS commences this Saturday and we are looking forward to the performances of the 1st and 2nd XIs who hold 2nd and 3rd positions respectively in the GPS Premiership race. Good luck to all in advance and we look forward to a determined approach to take the top spot on the table.

PARKING ROSTER – Last Sunday the 12th Feb parking we only had 10 people (5 adults and 5 players present) and 3 had to leave early which put a lot of strain on completing the task. My thanks to Andrew and Dominic Bowes, Brynn and Edward Hibbert, Sharon Davidson and Blaise, Matthew (15As) and Michael (13Cs) Wong and Richard Ayre. The support from senior players was disappointing and I would expect a strong support base at the next 2 parking dates from senior players. The cricket sub-committee has been allocated more parking duties on the dates following. 12 persons comprising 6 adults and 6 students as a minimum are required

Friday 10th.MARCH we have NSW Waratahs -v- Cats (Super 14) commencing at 7-40pm.
Friday 31st MARCH we have NSW Waratahs -v- Cheetahs commencing at 8.05 pm.

All volunteers are requested to be on site by 5.00 pm on both dates. Please diarise these dates and confirm your availability to my email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

DRESS and PROTECTION REQUIREMENTS FOR PLAYERS - Parents are advised that ALL players are to provide their own Protectors (cost $4) which can be brought to sport as well as all games. Helmets are recommended if you feel that it will give your son greater confidence when batting and I would suggest consideration be given to purchasing a helmet. Unfortunately, due to head sizes, the number of helmets required for kits amounts to some $3,500 to cater for all sizes, and other than a “sponsor” who would be prepared to provide either the cost of such, (or the helmets), it is beyond our current budget. On playing days whites are to be worn by all players, and if you haven’t purchased a school cricket shirt, a plain white shirt (polo shirt) should be worn. Foreign caps and coloured clothing cannot be worn on the field. Floppy hats are acceptable. We also suggest that some skin protection be applied before fielding and that ALL players have a drink container available to supplement them throughout the day.

PARENT TEAM SUPPORT – Your attendance at the games is not only important for your son to know that he has your support but to see him perform so he can be rewarded with your comments when he plays well. A roster for each team will be instituted for new teams this week, and we ask you to commit to at least ONE MORNING or AFTERNOON to handle the kit, assist in scoring and umpiring.

CRICKET DINNER will be held on Saturday 8th April commencing at 6-30pm for 7-00pm and a good night is assured. Dinner accompanied by soft drinks for all cricketers, door prizes, raffle and the Presentation of the team awards for batting, bowling and team player. Adults are invited to BYO drinks. The inaugural Junior Cricketer of the Season will also be presented. Add some great “cricket stories” as our senior team captains present their team’s season to cap off the night around 9.00pm. ALL players are required to attend in School Uniform. Adults dress neat casual to enable you to enjoy the night with your sons.

Payment is to be made the School office by no later than 1.00pm on TUESDAY 4th APRIL to assist in establishing catering and seating.

Cost is $30.00 for Adults and $25.00 for Students.

CRICKET WEBSITE - The Cricket Website has had a change of format and we invite your comments on the changes. Each team will have a separate screen that will have team selections and results together with any highlights and team considerations (http://www.sydneyboyscricket.info).

Some mixed results with the conclusion of Round 4 of the Group 1 teams, and at the end of the day we were fortunate to watch a big hitting display by the 1st.XI as they chased down 176 to turn a First innings loss into an Outright victory. Well done to all concerned.

The 3rd XI had a First Innings win against Grammar after nearly conceding in their second dig. Grammar made 66 all out in their First innings and in reply High were all out for 89 on a very tricky uncovered turf wicket at Rushcutters Bay. Grammar batting a second time were all out for 116 giving them a lead of 93 runs and in a nail biting finish High hung on at 9 for 60 to record their win. Rommo Pandit was the standout performer overall finishing with 22n.o.

Day 1 of Cricket for all of our New Year 7 students is an experience and to their credit of the 3 teams we put in the field only the 13 Bs were one short of a full team. You are all to be congratulated on your commitment and the enthusiasm your teams displayed. The Head Teacher Sport Richard Ayre and I were working with these teams that included managing, umpiring and coaching which will change during these coming weeks with parent’s rostering to assist with the teams.

13As started its campaign at Weigall and although beaten on the day provided a good insight into some of the new talent in the school for our future senior teams. A detailed report appears on the website for this match and we encourage all the boys to click onto it

13Bs at Weigall. Saw High bat first and finish all out for 51 after a fighting and stubborn last wicket partnership between Andrew Huynh and Yasir Chowdury. High then took the field to defend their moderate total and had success in the 6th Over with Nathan Kok taking a wicket. However, that was the only wicket taken as our fielding and catching let us down and Grammar passed our score in the 14th over. In a gesture of sportsmanship the boys continued for another 9 overs to give the Grammar batsmen an opportunity to bat and in that time we took a further 4 wickets. We now know what areas we need to work at on sports days. Best bowling Nathan Kok 1/21 and Iftikar Khan 0/8

Best batting Andrew Huynh (11), Andrew Gong (4), Botong Chen(3), Samir Kinger(2) and Yasir Chowdury 1 (n.o.)

13Cs at Rushcutters Bay ground with the team coming together for the first time, lost the toss and fielded and soon had Grammar under pressure, but alas, 8 missed catches and 4 missed run-outs cost us dearly.

If we had taken the first 3 catches Grammar would have been all out for less than 50 runs as their main scorer made 39 runs and was dropped 3 times and we gave away 32 sundries in their total of 9/123(from 30 overs). Our best bowlers were Howard Tran (1wkt/21runs), Michael Wong( 2wkts/11), Henry Sit (1wkt/29) and Derek Wei, Abdullah Sakir, Tahmid Shahriyar and Richard Li all had a bowling spell. Best of all was the fielding that saw 5 Grammar boys run-out. High batted and we were soon in trouble losing 3 wickets before we had scored, but to the boys’ credit they stuck at it and were 8/42 (in 18 overs) at the end of play, as only 10 players attended. Best batting Howard Tran (13), Michael Wong (7), Kevin Qian(6), Abdullah Sakir(3) Well done to all boys in their first effort for High. Reports appear on the new format of the cricket website
Laurie Heil- MIC

Cricket Quiz
Question 10:
Who is the leading school in each of the 1st & 2nd XI GPS competitions after four rounds? (Hint: www.aagps.com) Email your name & answer to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Answer 9: No runs have been scored, and the incoming batsmen will be on strike. A batsman cannot score any runs from the delivery which dismisses him, except when the batsmen is run out.

Good luck to all sides playing against Kings this Saturday.
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SBHS Debating 2006

Registrations for Debating are NOW OPEN www.sydneyhigh.org.au/debating 

Apologies for the delay, the system is now up and running. Please ensure your details are entered correctly as we use this information to contact you about debating teams, events and locations.

Coaching is due to commence this week. However, because debating is technically a winter sport, you may start coaching in term 2, if it clashes with your summer sporting commitments.

Year 7 Debaters - at this stage coaching will be held on Fridays from 3.20-4.30pm. Alternative coaching times may be set in coming weeks.
Year 9 Debaters will start coaching this Friday Feb 17th at 3.20pm in room 608. Dr Joe Suttie will be coaching the boys this year.
Year 10 Debaters will start coaching on Thursday Feb 16th at 3.15pm Senior debaters- watch your email inbox for more details of sessions.

Students can get MORE INFORMATION about coaching times and locations from the daily notices and on THE NOTICE BOARD OUTSIDE 603.

Our first debate of the year is in The Eastside Competition which starts on Friday March 3 and runs on every Friday in March.

Full details of this year’s debating events can be found on the website.

PARKING DAY- We have another parking day on Sunday March 5th. Please email Craig Phillis, Debating’s Parking Co-ordinator at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you are able to assist for a few hours.

If you missed the Parents Introduction/Information meeting this week, the information distributed is on the website.

The first Debating Supporters Group (DSG) meeting of the year will be held on Tuesday March 7th at 6.30pm in the teachers Common Room. This is an opportunity for parents to become involved in fundraising and events that assist us in further strengthening the Debating teams at High.

Further information can be obtained from Ms Jocelyn Brewer, MIC Debating by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
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Unity in Diversity - 100 years of SHS Membership of the AAGPS

This week continues the 1973 K Cameron Memorial Lecture to review Mr Andrews’ views on the inclusion of soccer, or football, as a sport at Sydney High as a result of its entry in the newly formed CHS competition in 1913.

“I have referred to the beneficial effect the School Union had on the organisation of sport within the school. In the same year, 1913, Sydney High School joined with the newly established high schools to form the Combined High Schools Amateur Athletic Association of New South Wales. Participation in sport became Compulsory on one half day per week, and within a short time large numbers of High boys were participating in CHS competitions in a variety of sports.”

“However, the new CHS competitions, which did so much to quicken the interest in sport at High, did in some respects prove detrimental to the older GPS activities. In ‘The Record’ of September, 1915, the editor sounded a warning: “Rugby football, the chief sport of the School, was almost paralysed by lack of sufficient numbers and the other clubs have experienced similar difficulty. It is becoming increasingly evident that the School cannot continue to tolerate any sport that individuals may desire. We must decide to uphold one or two sports during a season, and to allow no others to be introduced.” “It is significant that at this period over 100 boys were playing soccer, some in CHS competitions.”

“By 1916 this problem had become a stormy issue in the School Union. Letters to the Editor of ‘The Record’ revealed the somewhat bitter rivalry between boy followers of the football codes. The soccer supporters argued that they should be free to choose the code they preferred. To this the rugby enthusiasts retorted, if soccer were allowed to become the predominant football code, High would cease to be a member of the AAGPS. Eventually this battle was decided in the School Union Committee. Here the decision was taken in 1918 that soccer was no longer to be available as a school sport, because in the words of the Editor: “We are first and foremost a Great Public School, and if we want to maintain that proud tradition, we must concentrate our efforts on GPS sports alone.” It is noted in passing that soccer appeared from time to time, but did not again become a serious rival to rugby.” (How times change.)
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Tennis: Networking

FIRST GRADE: Sat 11th Feb - Grammar vs High (R1)
High Lites -
No. 1 7 – 6, 6 - 1
No. 2 6 – 3, 6 – 2
No. 3 0 – 6, 0 – 6
No. 5 1 – 6,4 - 6
No. 4 2- 6, 2 – 6
No. 6 4 – 6, 2 - 6
Doubles 1. 7-6, 6-1
Doubles.2. 6-4, 2-6, 4-6
Doubles 3. 2 -6, 3 - 6
An improved, refreshed High 1st grade team travelled to Weigall on Saturday for their much anticipated match with Grammar. The bright sun and pleasant weather was welcoming for us, though the final result wasn’t.

Mitch and Hai started off our campaign in clinical style with a straight sets victory at no 1 doubles. Matt and Ivan looked to have the upper hand in their doubles; however, Grammar must have performed some weird voodoo, which allowed them to scrape through in 3 sets. Daniel and Chewy had a less fortunate time against their opponents. While the game was purely on racquets, the consistency and belief wasn’t there.

Mitch and Matt kicked off their season brilliantly, with both of them absolutely destroying their opponents with powerful ground strokes and booming serves. Daniel at no3, had an opponent who served too well for him to get consistently in to play his powerful forehand. Ivan was surprisingly out hit and out played by his opponent, while Hai ‘Baghdadis’ put on a great display of shots, however, wasn’t able to match his opponent on the day. David played a tightly contested match; however his focus drifted a little and it cost him the match.

High went down 9-3 overall, although we could have been the victor, if we’d been more connected teams in doubles, and more ‘out there’ present and ready to enjoy the challenge.

Nevertheless this loss served as a wake up call for many of the players, and I’m positive of better results this weekend at the home game (Kingsford) against Kings.
David Cao
1ST Grade Captain

SECOND GRADE: Sat 11th Feb - Grammar vs High (R1)
Highs Lite -
Dbls 1. 6-0, 3-6, 6-4.
Dbls 2. 6 -3, 6 – 4
Dbls 3. 1 -6, 2 – 6
No1 6 -4, 5-7. 6-7 (4-7))
No2 1-6,1-6
No3 4 – 6,4 – 6
No4 7-6, 6-6(unfin)
No 5 6 – 7, 6 -7
No 6 1 – 6, 2 - 6
High’s first match against Grammar started in disarray as a Grammar player was delayed, causing them to forfeit the first set of their Doubles 1. When the player did arrive, Henry and Boris seemed out of rhythm, but picked up their pace in the 3rd set to overcome their opponents. In their Doubles 2, Thomas and Nelson played as clinically as always, and disposed of their opponents in straight sets. Chapman and Nikita conceded too many unforced errors, and this led to their downfall.

In his No.1 Singles, Henry took control from the beginning, but was unable to keep up the intensity, and his opponent stole the match in a tight 3-setter. Boris played some excellent shots, and despite the one-sided score, it was a good match. Thomas hit his opponent off the court, but unforced errors crept into his game, causing him to lose the critical points. Chapman fought for every point, even diving for a shot that was just out of reach. It was a pity there wasn’t time for him to close out the match. Nelson’s singles was the tightest match of the day; they were evenly matched, but the loss of a few key points cost him the match. Nikita’s game showed the benefits of the holiday training sessions, but the loss of concentration allowed his opponent to run away with the match.

It was a challenging first match of the season, and will inevitably see our players training harder, vying for the win.
Henry Liu
2nd Grade Captain

Up & Coming - Good Results

16’s A’s
4 - 2
0 - 6
4 - 2
6 - 0
Alex Yueng A2, 6-2; A2 Dbls 6-4
B3 Simon Ting 5-6,B1 Dbls 4-6
Matthew Rusli C2 6-1C1 Dbls 6-1
D2 AlexDovan,D3Nick Hayes 6-0
Dbls 2 6-0, Dbls 1 6-4
15’s A’s
2 - 4
0 - 6
3 - 3
6 - 0
D Lam no1 6-4,Neo/Nguyen 6-4
Lee/Hoang 4-6,Huda/Ireland 4-6
no 3 S Chin 6-2,no4 Tim Siu 6-4
no1 Tim Yu 6-3,no 2 M Sin 6-4 Shurapey 6-5
14’s A’s
4 - 2
4.5 – 1.5
1 - 5
3 - 3
Derek Trang/Enoch Hui, sgls 6-3
Richard Bi no2 6-5,Db R/Ben 6-0
Db Declan/Aniban 6-2,no 1 D 4-6
Wei 6-0., Alex/Frank Db 6-3
3/6 A’s
2 - 4
1 - 5
2 - 4
0 - 6
Jordan Hsiao no1 6–3,Db A/J 6-4
Michael Shen no4 6-3,Db A/E 5-6
Matt Wong no1 6-3,Vic Liu 6-3
Robin Chen no 1 5-6, Db R/Sicong 4 - 6
13’s A’s
0 - 6
0 - 6
0 - 6
1 - 5
No 3 Lawrence Lu 1-6;Db 1  1-6,
No1 Simon Chen 2-6 , Db2 4 – 6
no1 Vivien George 6-5,Db1,1-6
no4 Kit Man Chan 6-4, Db2 6-5

Report 16’s C’s and D’s
Playing on home ground at Moore Park , High Tennis 16C’s and D’s played against Grammar. Our C’s James Ip and Mathew Rusli had the privilege of playing on the main court, in their favourite partnership. While, our second C’s Tam Mai and Alex Shapilsky played on the second court. Tam Mai had a long and strenuous match against C4, just losing to a tie breaker. Alex Shapilsky won with C3 at a score of 6-3,which was straight away continued by C3 and C4 doubles. Unfortunately the doubles match was not finished with an end result of 4-1 to High. In the D’s the consistent skill work of Alex Dovan and Nick Hayes got a win 6-0. Our newcomer Michael Surban debuted his potential on Saturday; he gave Grammar a run for its money with some unexpected playing in doubles with Jonathon Culibao. They both played very well with some excellent serving from Jono, and receiving by Surban, with final result 6-4.
By Alex Shapilsky

Report 16’S A’s and B’ss
It was fantastic to see the doubles combination of Alex and Cary to win, which probably gave Alex great confidence leading into his singles , but unfortunately did not give his opponent enough respect and paid the price. Cary definitely had the game to win but capitulated on vital points. Ben’s opponent was definitely very impressive despite giving away much in size and power. Ben now has a much more consistent serve, generating spin, but needs time to give it the power his old flat serve had.
Allan Chau

Thanks to coaches for results.
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