High Notes, Vol 7 No 28, September 08 2006

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From the Principal

Parent Mentors
It is very gratifying to find so many parents who have volunteered to be parent mentors for next year’s program inspired by Charles Ovadia for new enrolments’ parents. Fourteen Year 8 parents put their hands up to help and eight from Year 10. Three parents from other years have contacted me also. Given that we do not have a program drafted yet and the commitment required has not been specified, I think that this is a promising beginning. I call upon Year Group Coordinators to email their members to canvass more support. It is imperative that if we want to build commitment to the ethos of the school and to improve its facilities and services, our network of active and engaged parents needs to be widened. In addition, we would like to integrate new parents into the culture of the school as rapidly as possible for the sake of their sons.

The School Bus
Providing transport for students at discounted or no cost is a great service this school provides. I wish to replace our existing couple of buses with more modern ones. However, the vandalism that has been occurring over recent months is quite disheartening. Boys have jammed objects in exhaust pipes, thrown objects at or into the bus, removed accessories and written graffiti on it. The buses are used very frequently just to help boys get to events, competitions and sporting venues. It is totally irrational and antisocial to seek to stop them from functioning. It is everyone’s responsibility to intervene if persons are seen loitering around or interfering with our buses. They are your assets. Look after them!
Care enough to confront boys you see doing the wrong thing.

The Debating Dinner
Despite competition from sporting events at the SCG, 120 debaters, families and coaches enjoyed the annual debating dinner in the Great Hall last Saturday. We celebrated the outstanding success of first grade in being co-premiers with St Ignatius. We will negotiate to get possession of the Roat Shield for the first time since 2000 for our share of the year. It was gratifying to see so much enthusiasm and support for the debating program. Coaches Evan Solomons and Tom Kaldor reported on the Year 7 season. A large number of boys tried out for debating and did the training. Nikhil Autur was named debater of the year. Tanvir Ahmed and Gabriel McManus awarded Antony Paul debater of the year. The Year 9 award was made by Dr Joe Suttie and Will Clegg to Chris Evans. Daniel Wodak coached Year 10 debaters and Dominic Bowes was judged outstanding. In Year 11 Julia Bowes, our ex-SGHS gun coach, tamed the Year 11 debaters and chose Kelvin Yu as her number one debater. Romesh Abeysuriya was judged as best debater by retiring first grade coach Hamish Nairn. Congratulations again to Jocelyn Brewer and her team for a slick, professional season. It was a very enjoyable evening.

ASF Donations for Facilities Development
Work on the cricket nets concrete slab has commenced. If you want to make a tax deductible contribution to your son’s summer sport – tennis, cricket or basketball – now is the time to do so. Download the ASF ‘facilities development form and help us bring on line first class practice nets and basketball courts to go with our recently completed (but not yet paid for) renovated tennis courts. The construction work will be ongoing for the next 6 to 8 weeks.

Prefect Elections and Year 10 Aspirants
As the School Prefects are being elected this week, it is timely to remind aspiring leaders in Year 10 that from now on your conduct, dress, progress, attendance and attitude will be scrutinised. Be advised that the culling process is becoming more sophisticated and rigorous. Students not modelling exemplary standards in all areas of school life can expect to have their prospective candidacy in next year’s elections vetoed.

Payment of school fees
Last orders for the year are coming from departments in the final weeks of term 3. If you want your money spent on your son this year, please make your general service contribution now, if you have not already done so.

School Values Forum September 23
Student representatives from the SRC and their parents are welcome to attend our values forum on September 23. Register your interest with Mrs Meakin so catering can be arranged. Places are filling quickly. We want to limit the participation to around 60, including places reserved for school governance bodies. Come and have your say in the future directions of our school.
Dr K Jaggar
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Year 9 2007 Parent Information Evening

A Parent Information Evening will be held on Monday 11 September in the Great Hall at 6pm to discuss the subjects studied by boys in Year 9 2007.
R Dowdell
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From Charities

Many students from Years 10 and 11 participated in the Sydney Legacy Badge Day on Friday 1 September. It is wonderful to see such large numbers of students committing to community participation and representing the school in such a worthwhile cause.

Year 12 Mufti Day to raise funds for Father Riley’s Youth Off the Streets will be held later this month. Unfortunately recent fundraising days for Sydney Boys High School charities have not met the expected target. It is important that each student participates in these days by donating a $2 gold coin at roll call. Please support our charities and benefit those in need whilst developing our students’ sense of commitment and community spirit.
S Plummer

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Student Photo Archive

Reminding students and parents that photos from Assemblies and other events that school photographers attend are available from the Student Drive in R:\studentphotoarchive folder. The latest instalment is from the junior assembly on 9 August and the Biennale Excursion with Yr 9/10/11 art students. Speakers and Musicians feature. If you have photos from school events that you’d like to make available to the school family please see Ms May.
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From the High Store

As of Term IV, any boys requiring lines for their blazer need to bring their blazer with authorization by Mr Ayre to the High Store by the 1st week of the month. Any enquires, please see Michelle in the High Store.
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From The Library and the Archives

I must apologise for getting 2 names wrong in 2 separate articles over the last 2 editions of High Notes.

Firstly Ajith Karunaratne is the father of Roshan in Year 11. His cousin is Gehan. Ajith, a Telstra employee, greatly assisted our library by helping us to obtain the Telstra Grant which supplies part of the cost of our newspaper table.

Secondly the Year 11 boy who is working towards a Duke of Edinburgh award by doing 60 hours of Community Service in the library and Archives is Albert Ng.

Our Archivist Julia O’Hare is currently assisted by quite a band of silent achievers in their Senior Years. Mrs O’Hare has said that she has been very ably assisted by great volunteers this year from Year 7 up. Many thanks to these fabulous High volunteers.

125th Anniversary Project
A special 125th Anniversary project is underway in the Archives. It will be a Web photo gallery for Old Boys sorted by years, sports (and extra Curricular) teams.

High Achievers
A second project is also planned to begin soon. It is called High Achievers and is a list of our successful Old Boys. These Old Boys names will be incorporated onto glass walls in the interior of the new library. Our school does not currently have a list of the many high achievers who have begun their successful lives with an education at Sydney Boys High. The patron of our Archives, Joseph Waugh, currently serving us by leading our School Council, is gathering names and these will be a work in progress on our High website until we have time to organise them properly.
Mrs Crothers

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Art Update – Architecture Student Visit

On Monday this week Jeremy James [old boy 2005] visited art classes to show students designs he had produced in his Architecture course at Sydney University. He was invited to speak to students to demonstrate what is involved in tertiary design courses. He brought models of huts for hikers he designed for the bushland between Sydney and Newcastle and discussed the concepts he explored during the design process. Six SBHS students [2005] are in the first year of architecture at Sydney University. Jeremy explained the advantage he believed he [and other students with a Visual Arts background] had over some of his fellow students. He explained that Art gave him practice working on large tasks, keeping motivated over extended times, understanding architectural and design language and concepts such as harmony, balance, space etc. He mentioned that this sensitivity to elements of art and design and the lateral thinking he practiced in Visual Arts was the major advantage for him in the course, resulting in his High Distinctions. He also mentioned that the first phase of the architecture course allowed students to explore the design field that interested them and mentioned many architecture students move into product, car, furniture, landscape and interior design.

Jeremy also mentioned that when he missed out on entry into architecture by two marks he was still able to apply via the flexible entry scheme. He sent photographs of his major Visual Arts BODY of WORK and the collaborative mosaic wall in the Bearpit Courtyard he and fellow Art Student Tom Mittelheuser did as an Art project in Year 11 [2004]. The Mosaic Wall clearly demonstrated to uni staff that the coveted place would not be wasted on Jeremy who had shown such determination, conviction, perseverance, vision and technical competency. It was gratifying to hear that despite not getting the UAI he was now blitzing the course with a consistent HD average. I hope Jeremy and Tom’s mosaic compels some other students to embark on the unfinished wall [which is much smaller but also in need of some inspired students imagination]

All Year 7 have now completed wonderfully imaginative ceramic hybrid creatures which will soon be glazed and displayed. The next unit of work will involve explorations into space, perspective and colour. Students will be developing painting techniques and producing a small canvas painting.

Year 8 are beginning a unit of work exploring portraiture and will examine facial proportion, expression and distortion, experiment with drawing techniques and produce a wire portrait sculpture. It would be wonderful if families who might have a shed full of surplus interesting wires and tin donate material to the art department.

Years 9, 10 and 11 are all investigating the human form and have developed a portfolio of drawings. Year 10 have just submitted a major drawing and these will soon be on display in the main foyer and MacDonald Wing. Make sure you see them, they are beautiful and surprisingly professional.

Year 11 are about to display a collaborative artwork in surprise locations around the school. Students have been busily wrapping each other in sticky tape and glad wrap to create a series of transparent body casts.

Nine Year 12 students have just completed their HSC Body of Works and we are very pleased to announce that their teacher is still alive and kicking and so are the students. Phew!

They will be displayed in the end of year art exhibition [if they haven’t been kept aside for Art Express].
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Competition: Be Immortalized

Keep your eyes open for the appearance of the Year 11 plastic wrap figure sculpture.

If you can identify the icon image [photograph or painting] appropriated by Year 11 in the collaborative wrap sculpture you need to see Ms May ASAP

You will need to name the artist and the image.

The first correct, and lucky, respondent to submit their answer to Ms May will have the opportunity to be transformed into a sculpture by Year 11 art students. It doesn’t hurt a bit.
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From the Rugby Master’s Desk

Rugby Committee Meeting Summary
The sixth and final meeting of the SBHS Rugby Committee for 2006 season was held on 30/8/06. The following is a summary of the meeting:

Attended: Rob Fetherston, Judy Fetherston, Kel O’Keefe, Christina Chow, Serdar Bolen, Matt Bowman, Katherine Deacon, Geoff Stein.
Apologies: Adrian Vertoudakis, Andrea Freiman.

Election of Office Bearers for 2007 -
President: Rob Fetherston,
Treasurer: Kel O’Keefe,
BBQ coordinator: Vacant,
Canteen coordinator: Christina Chow and
Parking coordinator: Katherine Deacon

Treasurer’s Report:
Current account prior to meeting was $3965.78. The two washed out home games have hurt us financially. The committee would like to thank Adrian Vertoudakis and the school canteen for assisting in reducing our losses on those days. Your efforts are much appreciated. There are outstanding salary payments to Serdar Bolen $6K, Matt Bowman $2.5K to be reconciled. There are a few options to be explored by the committee once our end of season position is resolved.

Principal’s Email:
Items raised concerned team numbers, coaching and recruiting. From the ensuing discussion, President R Fetherston offered to sponsor two rugby players’ strength training programs for Term 4. Current coaches would nominate appropriate candidates and forward their names to Mr Stein for consideration.

High Rugby Friends has offered to reimburse all rugby players strength training for Term 4, if players complete 85% of their course with Jason Tassell.

The aim is to field 16 teams with 16 coaches in 2007. Recruiting coaches can be difficult due to the nature of school football. Randwick Rugby club’s assistance would be most welcome. Any parent, teacher or other person interested in coaching next year at High should contact Mr Stein to discuss options. Safe rugby and coaching course expenses can be covered by the school.

In terms of attracting players to the school, the sportsman-scholar ethos of the school is a big selling point and one that has been successful in the past. It is still important today, especially with parents. The committee strongly endorses the proposal to bring in a class in Year 9.

Next meeting Wed. 28th March 2007, 6pm in Room 901. All welcome.
G Stein
MIC Rugby

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From PD/H/PE

In September 2002, the NSW Government convened the NSW Childhood Obesity Summit in response to the threat of rapidly rising rates of overweight and obesity among children. Two key recommendations were:

  • to establish a centre of excellence for research into overweight and obesity; and
  • to commission a state-wide survey to determine the current levels of overweight and obesity, patterns of physical activity and sedentary behaviour, and nutrition profiles of children and young people in New South Wales.

In 2003, the NSW Centre for Overweight and Obesity was established at the University of Sydney. Its first task was to conduct a survey of physical activity and nutrition in school students (SPANS). Over 5500 school-aged children in NSW participated in the survey, one of the most comprehensive ever conducted in Australia.

How did they carry out the survey?

Ninety three schools (45 primary and 48 secondary schools), which represented a mix of schools in NSW – urban and rural, primary and secondary, and Government, Catholic and Independent – were surveyed.

Information collected measured:

  • height, weight and waist girth
  • fundamental movement skill proficiency
  • physical activity and cardiorespiratory fitness
  • modes of travel to and from school
  • the time usually spent in sedentary behaviours
  • food habits and eating patterns
  • demographics

In addition five sub-studies were conducted on:

  • physical activity
  • markers of chronic disease
  • the school environment
  • school canteens
  • response bias

Over the next few weeks a summary of the SPANS survey will be published. If you would like to find out more about the SPANS survey, the full results are available at www.health.nsw.gov.au or www.coo.health.usyd.edu.au
G Stein

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Basketball AGM

Tuesday 19th September 7:30 pm
Room 901 (upstairs of the gym)

I am writing to urge all involved with Sydney Boys High to attend the AGM for the SBHS Basketball Committee. In particular, if your son plays basketball I would greatly appreciate your support.

I declare all positions vacant and will accept nominations via email to my school address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
The Positions are Chairperson, Secretary, Functions Co-ordinator (post game and post season), Senior Event Organiser (communications for canteen and score bench), Junior Event Organiser, Car Parking Co-ordinator.

Agenda at this stage is as follows:
1) Election of Office Bearers
2) Strategic plan handout and discussion- B.Hayman, Robert Pluis
3) Other business

We will not be able to function without an abundance of parental support. I look forward to meeting you at the meeting!

Enthusiastically yours in Basketball,
B Hayman

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Fencing Update

The last matches in the preliminary rounds of the Schools League were fenced last Saturday at Newington with mixed results. In Division A, SBHS-B lost against SGS-A 2:7, with great fencing by Boris Zolotarev who won both his bouts.

In Division B, SBHS-D narrowly defeated SBHS-G 5:4. In the D-team Samuel Sathiakumar and Shek-Him Yuen each won two bouts and Patrick Tang one. In the G-team Harry Zhuang won all his bouts and Andrew Wu won one. SBHS-G then lost 0:9 to the very strong St Ignatius-B team.

SBHS-E was up against the incomplete Newington-E team. Congratulations to Julian Byrnes, Addison Clune, Michael Sin and David Tran for winning all their bouts.

With Trinity forfeiting, a 9:0 win was recorded for SBHS-F.

The Minis had two matches, winning 5:4 against Newington-C, and losing 4:5 against St Aloysius-B. Great fencing by Ian Ho who won five bouts, Pasan Pannila who won all his bouts (three) and Anthony Xu who won one.

The finals of the Schools League are on this Saturday, 9th of September, at Newington.

The lists of the finalists have not yet been published, however I have checked all the results and if there are no further adjustments the following teams should have qualified:

Division A
SBHS-A (5th place)

Division B
SBHS-D (8th place)
SBHS-E (5th place)

SBHS (7th place)

As soon as the list of the finalists in each Division, the timetable for the finals, and the tableau for each Division become available, they will displayed on the fencing noticeboard outside Ms May’s office.

If I don’t get the information up on the noticeboard in time, I will email it to all finalists on Friday night. However, if the timetables are not published in time ALL FINALISTS have to arrive at Newington no later than 8.30am.

You may also check the NSWFA website: http://www.nswfencing.org.au/juniors/comps_league.htm 

Good luck this Saturday.
Amadeus Klocker

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Year 11 & 12: Prize Nomination

Attention: YEAR 11 AND 12 STUDENTS

Nominations for these prizes will close this Friday 8 September 2006
Voting will take place soon after
All nominations to Ms May or Main Office

The Old Boys' Prize:
Awarded since 1902 to the Year 12 boy who was

"not necessarily first in sport, not necessarily first in scholarship, but certainly first in the hearts of his fellows."

Nomination:    __________________________________
Nominated by:  ______________________ Year_______

The Mitchell Seow Prize

"To honour a Year 12 student who is a caring friend to all, never lets his friends and team mates down and has the admiration of his peers and teachers alike, putting 100% effort into a diverse range of endeavours"

Nomination:    __________________________________
Nominated by:  ______________________ Year_______

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Music Notes

HSC Music Performance Night
Tuesday (29/7/06) night was a wonderful evening with the senior elective students presenting their HSC repertoire. Thank you to Dr Jaggar and families of the boys for coming along to listen and support them.

GPS Concert
Well done to our boys who performed stunningly at the combined GPS concert last Saturday held at The Kings School Parramatta. They represented the school proudly in force and played and sang with great style. Congratulations to all the students involved and families for supporting them in this busy time.

Jazz Group
Our Jazz group performed brilliantly in the Sydney Region Music Festival last Tuesday at the Sydney Opera House. They performed an Allman Brothers original arranged by our very own Muhamed Mehmedbasic and dazzled the audience with their stylish display of virtuosity. Thank you very much to all the students and families who attended this wonderful evening.

Piano Competition
The first ever piano competition at Sydney Boys High has seen so many talents. Well done to all the participants who performed at such a high standard. Congratulations to the following students who won in each section.

Senior section
1st: David Chen (Yr 11),
2nd: Nathan Kwok (Yr 10),
3rd: David Cao (Yr 12)
Highly commended: Zhi (George) Zu and Schumann (Yr 10)

Junior section
1st: Allen Parameswaran (Yr 8),
2nd: Brian Lau (Yr 9),
3rd: Jeremy Ireland (Yr 9)
Highly commended: Guangzhi Niu (Yr 8), Daniel Luo (Yr 8), Henry Lu (Yr 7), Vivian Le (Yr 7), Nathan Kok (Yr 7), Samuel Beston (Yr 7), and Daniel Li.

Prizes will be given out on the Music awards assembly early next term. Award scheme points apply for all participants.

HSC Exams
Good luck to all our Yr 11 and 12 boys who are performing their HSC repertoire. Our Music 2 boys have just completed their exams on Wednesday and Music 1 students will be performing next Monday. We wish them all the best in this stressful time of the year.

China Music Tour 2007 Expression of Interest

The Music Department in collaboration with the Australian Chinese Culture & Arts Group will be organising a 16-day music tour to China in the 2007 July holidays. This is a wonderful opportunity for the students to perform in the Beijing International Youth Carnival 2007 with other youth bands from 21 countries worldwide.

As well as participating in the Grand Parade in Wang Fu Jing and the music show of Olympic Opening Music, students will visit renowned tourist sites around Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Nan Jing. The anticipated cost of this tour will be approximately $2000 which includes all meals, accommodation, and entries.

Students and parents interested in coming on the tour need to complete the form below and return to the music staff no later than Friday 1st of September 2006 (Week 7). We will be holding a meeting on Monday 25th of September at 6:30pm in the Great Hall to provide you with more information.


Student’s Name: _____________________________________  Roll Class: ________________

Parent/Guardian Name: _____________________________________________________________

Phone No. ____________________________  Mobile No. ________________________________

Email: ____________________________________________________________________________

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The HIGH Athletics Team made tremendous progress at the CAS/GPS Conveners Carnival, Homebush on Saturday. It was extremely hot and the athletes very much appreciated the ‘High’ tent, where they were treated with lollies/sweets, powerade/ice water along with a massager. This was enjoyed by all and thanks goes to MIC of Athletics Mr Devlin, Mr Gainford, Mr Codey, Mr and Mrs Tassell for their great organisation and commitment and to all the parents who came and supported us on the weekend.

With over 16 schools and many NSW state runners, the Conveners Carnival has been the biggest event of the Athletics calendar with HIGH producing some brilliant results. The hard work initiated by the rigorous training sessions seems to be paying off, notably with Joshua Tassell, who put up one of his best performances with an outstanding PB of 11.85 in the 100m, claiming 1st in his championship race. Once again Ty ‘Tiger’ Linegar showed further talent, this time in the 1500m Championship coming second with a PB of 4:22. Frank Jin recorded another second with a massive PB of 6.46m in the Long Jump. Shadman Ali also blitzed the 100m claiming second, unfortunately losing to a ‘Freaky Girl’. Special mention must also go to Athletics captain Roger Burrell who won the Discus and came 2nd in shot put.

Morale is increasing after so many promising performances with many athletes recording their personal bests and thanks to Mr Devlin and his team; HIGH athletics has made a lot of progress this year. Nearly 80 High competitors were present on Saturday, and hopefully with the return of Year 12s this number will further increase to new records. These performances and attendance records show much promise for the GPS championships in 2 weeks time.

Due to the competitiveness of athletes this year it has been a difficult task to decide the team that will represent HIGH at the GPS on Saturday 16th. It is not final and may change based on performances this weekend. The Athletics Assembly is on Friday 15th of September. Another reminder is that there is BBQ at Abbotsford after the GPS Championships for athletes and parents of athletes. Also we would like as many HIGH supporters as possible at the championships, hopefully 300 so we can at least get close to matching the numbers of the other GPS schools. There will be a bus going out to the championships on the day and 50 seats are available, so book now - it is free.


Michael Masalehdani
Athletics Vice-Captain

GPS Invitation Athletics 2-9-06

Surname             Given Name Age 100 200 400 800 1500 3000 Hurdles LJ HJ SP
ALI SHADMAN 13 12.2 0.4                
BESTON SAMUEL 13 15.5 33.1                
CABANILLA BRANDON 13       2,55            
CHAN YU SING 13                    
CHANDRA DENNY 12 15.9 34.2                
CHEUNG DOMINIC 13       2.37            
DENG BENJAMIN 13   35,4                
DENG MANFRED 13 15.9                  
DO CORNELIUS 13 17.1                  
GAFFNEY ANDREW 12                    
GARAYALDE GABRIEL 12 14.2 29.4               6.8
GUNARATNE KUMADIKA 12 14.6 30.2         19.8      
KOK NATHAN 13 14.1 30                
KIM JOSHUA 13 16.4 34                
LI BENJAMIN 13                    
LIN KEVIN 13                    
LIU LAURENCE 13                    
LIU YIXIN 13 17.2 27.9                
LU KEVIN 13       2.33            
LUO DANIEL 13         6.06          
MA DAVID 13                    
MA ROBERT 13 14.2 30.4 1.11              
MORROW CHRIS 13             15.4      
NGUYEN DAVID 12                   7.84
OVADIA ERIC 13         6.32          
PAN CARL 13 14.6 31.9       18.2        
PANNILA PASAN 12         5.37          
PHUNG MICHAEL 12   29.3                
QIU EDWARD 13   29.1                
RAZEEN SHANAZ 12 18.1                  
ROBERTSON MICHAEL 12   35.1                
SIVAYOGARAYAN KRISHAN 13 18 36.8                
TICKNER MICHAEL 13         6.31          
TRANG DEREK 13                    
VLATKO LUKE 13                    
WANG MICHAEL 13 13.8                  
WONG MICHAEL 13   28.3                
YE ANDREW 13 13.4 27.4         17.1      
YOON MARTIN 13 14.4 28.7                
ZAMAN ISNAD 13 13.9 28.7                
BROWN ALASDAIR 14                    
CHEN BARRY 14 12.9 28.7                
DARCY SAM 14   25.7           4.57    
DENNY-SMITH GEORGE 14                    
DIMITROPOULOS NICHOLAS 14 12.2 25.3                
GUO AUSTYN 14                    
IRELAND JEREMY 14   29.1   2.26   10.25        
LANE HARRISON 14         4.51 10.12        
LIANG JUSTIN 14 13.6             4.03    
NGUYEN JIM 14 14.1 30.1     5.21     4.25    
O'ROURKE BRENDAN 14                    
RAJENDRAM JEREMY 14                    
SHENG KEVIN 14 14.6 29.9 1.09       174      
STREET NEIL 14 13.2   1.07 2.33            
TASSELL JOSHUA 14 11.85 24.3 57              
TAYLOR KIERAN 14   27.8         18      
WONG JEFFREY 14                    
XIAO TONY 14                    
BURNEY JACK 15                    
CHEN CLIVE 15                    
COHN JASON 15                    
DESAI MIHIR 15                    
ERIKSSON JAMES 15                    
EVANS CHRISTOPHER 15                    
FU DANNY 15               5.35    
HUI JOSHUA 15 12.9                  
IYER SHREYAS 15                    
LIM KANG 15                    
LING MATTHEW 15       2.13            
LIVINGSTON JOEL 15 12.4 24.6                
LOCKE Patrick 15                    
LO DANIEL 15       2.28       4.8 1.5  
MCDONNELL NATHAN 15                    
MONTOYA ZORRILLA EDWIN 15                    
NADKARNI ISHAN 15                    
NAM DAVID 15                    
NGUYEN KENT 15 11.9 24.2                
PERANANTHAN VARAN 15                 10.34  
RIDGES NELSON 15 12.5 24.7                
RUSLI MATTHEW 15                    
SANTOSO JOHAN 15                    
STOJANOVIC DENIS 15                    
STREET LACHLAN 15 12.4 24.2           5.18 1.5 11.2
VU MARK 15                   10.23
WONG MATTHEW 15   27                
CAMPION DANIAL 16                    
CHEN ROBERT 16                    
DENG EDWARD 16 13.1           20.7      
DEVAPIRIAM RICHARD 16                    
DU PING 16                    
GALLEGO PATRICK 16                   10.47
KANDASAMY ARUNAN 16                    
KARUNAKARAN ARUN 16                    
KARUNARATNE GEHAN 16 12.1             5.77    
LAI JOSEPH 16             16.6      
LIANG MARTIN 16                    
LINEGAR TY 16         4.23          
LO GEORGE 16   24.6                
MEROM SHAHAR 16                    
NG DANNY 16                 1.5  
PHUNG JORDAN 16                    
SRIRANJAN KOGULAN 16 11.7 23.9                
TAYLOR ALISTAIR 16                    
WANG BENJAMIN 16                    
WANG SIYANG 16                    
WASON SUNDEEP 16 13.2                  
YANG LOUIS 16             19.7      
AKINCI BURAK 17                    
AMIN ALI 17                    
CAO DAVID 17                    
CASTLETON THOMAS 17                    
GUNARATNE DAKSHIKA 17 12.2           15.8 6    
HEO PHILLIP 17                    
JIN FRANK 17 12.2             6.56    
KARUNARATNE ROSHAN 17                    
KIM DAVID 17 12.2 24.5                
KING MATTHEW 17                    
LEE ALEXANDER 17                    
LEVANIC NIKOLA 17                    
LUSCOMBE JEREMY 17   23.9                
MASALEHDANI MICHAEL 17     56.1 2.11            
PANICKER GIRISH 17 13.7                  
PHAM ANDREW 17                    
ROTHERHAM RIET 17                    
SHUTTLEWORTH AARON 17   24.5                
STADNIK EUGENE 17                    
WANG STANLEY 17                    
WEI VICTOR 17                    
BARKER JAMES 18         4.17          
BURRELL ROGER 18                   13.6
CHAN BRIAN 18                    
FUKUSHIMA HIROSHI 18                    
JEYENDRA ADRIAN 18                    
LEUNG ANDREW 18   27                
PHAM EDWARD 18 12.2                  
SZABO ATTILA 18                    
THILLAINADESAN SENTHIL 18                    
WONG FRANCIS 18                    
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Sailing Families

Please join us for our
Snacks provided

Wednesday 18 October 2006 at 7.00 pm
Board Room
Sydney Boys High

Contact Ann Kurts to RSVP 0412 283 692
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High Cricket Bulletin

The 2006/2007 Cricket Season gets under way next week with the final weeks of sport afternoons in Term 3 being for team gradings and preparation for Term 4 GPS Competitions. To cater for all players we will be conducting extended net trials (after school) in conjunction with centre wicket assessments which will give all the opportunity demonstrate their skills at batting and bowling

We welcome all of our new boys and hope that you enjoy a successful season which will see full participation by all, as members of High teams.

The Programme for next week will be as follows :
Wednesday 20 September
Open Squad, Years 9, 10 and 11
1-0pm – 1-15pm complete player registration form details. Amphitheatre area
1-15pm -4-30pm Centre wicket trials - MPW 15 and 16
All Players are to have their own batting gloves, bat and protector for the nets. Pads will be available

Thursday 21 September
Years 7 and 8
1-0pm -1-15pm Form up at Amphitheatre area. Complete player registration form details. 1-15pm – 4-30pm School Nets. Batting & bowling trials. 1-30pm – 4-30pm Net Trials
All players are to have their own protectors for the nets. For boys who have personal batting gloves and bats these should be brought to the trials. Batting pads will be provided.

All players are to be in sports gear or cricket attire at the SCG nets. Variations such as school tracksuit pants, school PE shorts are acceptable with cricket shirts or House colour shirts. Correct footwear such as sneakers or rubber soled cricket shoes are to be worn in the nets and normal school shoes are not permitted Any player not meeting dress standards will forfeit their chance of netting.

On Saturday 23 September 2006 all Year 7, 8 and 9 Cricketers will be involved in Centre wicket trials at McKay Fields, Centennial Park and in the Kippax Lake area.
The day will commence at 9-30am and continue to 3-30pm with a break for a BBQ lunch break at 12noon for all players and parents. Match locations and teams will be issued at sport on Thursday 21st September. We would like to see as many parents support this day and enjoy a day out watching your lads play cricket as well as an opportunity of meeting other parents from their Year.

The AGM was held on Wednesday 30th August and our 2006/2007 committee was formed. We still have some vacancies yet to be filled and if you would like to assist, even on a roster basis, please contact me by email. Your support will not only encourage your boy to perform at his potential to show you his skills but it will add valuable support to our teams. The committee contact details appear on our Cricket Website.

A start was made on our new cricket nets this week and should we get a good run of dry weather we will see them in full operation in Term 4. The retractable nets will be state of the art for our cricketers but in addition will provide a facility for other activities within the school when not used by cricket. An official opening will occur in Term 4.

Look out Kings, Shore, Newington, Joeys, Riverview and Grammar our High teams are going on the prowl for many overdue victories in 2006 /2007!Laurie Heil
MIC Cricket

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Basketball: Shooting Hoops

Trials for all ages start soon and our first game will be in Week 1 Term 4. There’s a holiday training camp compulsory for 1sts and 2nds; check school gym noticeboard for details. Last year’s result was a vast improvement of 2004/2005, hopefully this year we’ll get an even bigger improvement than last. Gym usage requires you to be on the list which is posted on our gym doors, otherwise the closest courts to the school would be the courts in Centennial Park. The new outdoor courts are to be constructed very soon in the new uniform colours!!!!!

Parents who are willing to help basketball in any way please send an email to Mr Hayman at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

High Basketball is privileged enough to run its very own canteen and sausage sizzle for home games and any help would be appreciated. The following is the staff organisation for 2006/2007, also posted on the gym noticeboard (in full, I’ve cut bits) if you need a reminder on Wednesdays. We have the best coaches again!!

    Wed Thurs
1sts A. HAYMAN–ex-pro /HAYMAN GYM  
2nds HAYMAN –expert coach GYM  
3rds LI/ (staff yet to be allocated) CENT. PARK  
4ths LI/ (staff yet to be allocated) CENT. PARK  
16A(yr 9) GILBERT-international /STEIN ALEXANDRIA (bus)  
15A (yr 8) SALOMAN-last yrs 1st grade/FARRINGTON -nbl player   GYM
15B CIFCI-reps coach/MCQUILLAN   GYM
15D MCQUILLAN-expert   GYM
14A (yr 7) KRASTEV-gps b’ball rep/WARD   CENT. PARK
14D WARD-expert coach   CENT. PARK

*16s meet outside Gym at 12.35 for their bus. You can change at the venue.

~Brought to you by Francis Wong, Johny Shih and Justin Liang.
~Thank you to Mr Hayman for all his contributions to basketball and information

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Youth Week in NSW

Tattoo Design Competition
Poster Design Competition

What is Youth Week?
Youth Week has been a part of the NSW calendar since 1989. The success of the NSW Youth Week program resulted in National Youth Week. The first National Youth Week was held in 2000.

When is Youth Week 2007?
14 - 22 April 2007

The objectives of Youth Week are to:

  • Provide an opportunity for young people aged 12 to 25 to express their ideas and views, raise issues of concern to them, act on issues which affect their lives and create and enjoy entertainment
  • Provide an opportunity for the wider community to listen to young people, and to acknowledge and celebrate the positive contributions made by their efforts and achievements
  • Promote a community focus on issues of concern to young people

Where can you find out more about Youth Week?
For further information on Youth Week visit the NSW site at www.youthweek.nsw.gov.au 

For further information and entry forms for the Tattoo Design Competition and/or the Poster Design Competition, contact Creative Arts Staff.
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Attention all artists and writers

Art and Writing Competition National Refugee Week
Triumphant International (www.triumphant.org.au) is calling for Australian school students to share their stories of refugee triumph by entering the 2006 National Refugee Week Writing and Artwork Competition.

Students are encouraged to write about, or express through art, their experiences in coming out to Australia as refugees, creating a life in Australia as refugees and receiving refugees into their communities. The competition, run in cooperation with Friends of STARTTS (www.startts.org) is open to all students and entries close 29 September.

Selected entries from the competition will be announced during National Refugee Week (22-28 October) celebrations to be held in Sydney's CBD. An all day event will celebrate the lives of refugees in Australia and provides refugees with a unique opportunity to showcase their talents through various mediums of expression including art, music, dance and film.
For further competition details and to enter please visit http://www.triumphant.org.au/index.html.

Will any students entering the art component please advise Ms May
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Mentoring of New Parents

We wish to start a new project to be sponsored by the P & C and the Year Groups at SBHS and supported by Dr Jaggar. The aim is to have every parent of a new boy starting at the School matched up with a Mentoring Parent already at the School.

We hope to launch this project with the new intake of students in 2007.

The purpose is to provide new parents with an informal contact person who will welcome them into the School Community and is available to them to help them through the difficulties encountered in their first year at the School.

The scheme will hopefully remain informal without a lot of structure and will depend for its success on the enthusiasm of the Mentors.

We will need 60-180 parents every year to be involved.

To join the group, please send your details to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

or fill in the form below and return to the Principal’s Assistant.

Name: ______________________________________________________

Email address: _____________________________________________

Contact phone home: ________________________________________

Contact phone mobile: ______________________________________

I will talk about this at the International Night on September 9 and have more detailed handouts.

We hope to workshop the project by the end of Term 3.
Call Charles Ovadia on (H) 9386 1221 for more details
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Democracy Week

Year 10 and 11 Student Opportunity
Celebrating Democracy Week
18-24 October 2006


As a part of the feature event for Celebrating Democracy Week 2006, thirty-two Year 10 and 11 students (four from each State and Territory) will participate in Every Voice Counts!, a three-day student forum which will be held in Canberra from 18–20 October.

The forum will consider the topic: 'Living harmoniously in our democracy. How young people can influence the future of our democracy'.

Student participants will be selected on the basis of their application- which is simply a 150-200 words response to “A harmonious democracy- what it means to me”.

Application forms can be collected from Miss Brewer or http://www.civicsandcitizenship.edu.au/cce/default.asp?id=15786 

Last year, Tanvir Uddin in Year 12 was successful in his application and enjoyed the all expenses paid trip to Canberra where he rubbed shoulders with politicians and met great people from around Australia. This is a fantastic opportunity!

Applications close Friday, 8 September 2006.
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Want to Keep The Record Straight?

You can DONATE a page or more – There is a lot in store, as We look back – Over our track … “RECORD”

Individual school families are invited to contribute towards production costs, at a rate of $50 per page, a special and last opportunity for Year 12 families.

The family and sons name will be printed as a header at the top of a page.

e.g. Sponsored by:- The Jones Family – Thomas Year 12

Please indicate your participation level by filling in and returning the tear off section below.

YES! I/We would like to sponsor a page/s(____) of “The Record” printed as a header as indicated below.
Sponsored by:- ___________________________________________
               (Please print Family Name, Sons name & Year)  
Type of payment:  ___ Cheque*   ___ Cash        ___ Credit Card
Card Type:        ___ Bankcard  ___Mastercard  ___  Visa

Total paid:      $__________
Card Number:     _ _ _ _    _ _ _ _    _ _ _ _    _ _ _ _
Cardholder’s Name:  ___________________________________________     
                                  [please print]

Cardholder’s Signature: _______________________________________ 

Bus. Phone:  ______________          Expiry Date:   ___  /  ___         

*Cheques should be made payable to Sydney Boys

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Fundraising: Coffee Orders

Order by end of Lunch Tuesday 19th September
Delivery Friday 22nd September (orders sent home with boys)

Help our Year 12 Boys raise funds for the Gift to the School
Combined Orders >3kg filled anytime

Help our Year 12 Boys raise funds for the Gift to the School
Combined Orders >3kg filled anytime

Buyer’s Name ______________________________________  Class ___________

Coffee Weight Cost Style
(please tick)
Quantity Subtotal ($)
Elbon Special 250g $8  Plunger     
500g $15  Plunger     
1kg $30  Plunger     
Columbian 250g $8  Plunger     
500g $15  Plunger     
1kg $30  Plunger     


Type of Payment: __ Cheque    __ Cash   __ Credit Card 
Card Type: __ Bankcard __ Visa __ MasterCard

Expiry Date: ___ / ___ Card Number __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ Cardholder’s Name __________________________________________
(please print) Cardholders Signature ______________________________________ Bus. Phone _________________

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Too Busy to Help Out at School?

Do you own or work for a business?
Here is a way you CAN HELP!

Take out advertising in “The Record” our Annual school magazine. For businesses, the cost of this advertising is tax deductible.

Full Page - $880
Half Page - $550
Third Page - $330
Quarter Page - $275
Donate a page with Header Line - $110
All prices include GST

Please supply art work in .pdf format if possible.

An invoice will be sent for payment once proof has been accepted.

Further enquiries contact Valda Roser
email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
or leave voice message at School 9361 6910

Thank you for supporting this important aspect of school life.
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From the High Store

For your school uniform needs, and much more…

Announcement to Parents
New earlier opening at 9.00am on Wednesdays from now on for your convenience

Drop your son to school and then pop in to the High Store!

Opening Hours:
Monday: 10.30am – 1.30pm
Tuesday: 10.30am – 1.30pm
Wednesday: 9.00am – 1.30pm
Thursday: Closed
Friday: 10.30am – 1.30pm

For more information call Michelle on 9331 7075 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners cards accepted
Please make cheques payable to: High Store

The Sydney High School Foundation Inc. “working together for our school”
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