High Notes, Vol 7 No 27, September 01 2006

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From the Principal

High Talent
Well done to Andrew Leung who represented Australia in the Karate-Do World Junior Championships held last week. He was restricted in training due to a fractured jaw sustained at rugby prior to the event but nevertheless acquitted himself very creditably. In an event featuring 44 countries, the results were dominated by Japanese representatives. Andrew reached the last 16 in the discipline of Individual Kata (style) but was eliminated in the first round in Kumite (sparring). Shane Fernando, Mack Wan and Joshua Han were successful in the NSW competition and have been invited to compete at the National Titration Competition to be held on September 9.

International Night September 9
Only a week left to get your tickets. Join us at the inaugural International Night to get to know each other better and celebrate our diversity. It is designed as a family experience to bring people together who are interested in High and its future.

Parent Information Nights – September 5 & 11
Do you know about the renewed elective choices for Year 10, 2007. What will the end of semesterisation for history and geography in Year 10 mean? Find out all about subject acceleration and how it will operate for selected students. You really should come to the Year 10, 2007 information night in the Great Hall at 6 pm if you want to know more about these arrangements. Is your son going into Year 11 in 2007? What are the Board of studies requirements? What subjects and courses will be offered? Do you know how course selections will work? Come to the Information Night on Monday, September 11 at 6 pm in the Great Hall to find out.

Official Opening of the Tennis Courts – September 13
At 2pm we will be having our official opening of our long awaited tennis courts. Timed to start before the season begins in earnest, the opening will bring to a close seven years of activity by the Tennis Committee and Mrs Helen Tuthill. I think the development is a milestone in our history and a very workable financing model for state schools everywhere. Our renovation could not be undertaken today for less than $350,000. Thanks to our volunteers and staff it was accomplished for much less than that.

Values Education Convocation September 23
This is a mandated DEST initiative. We are gathering school family representatives at the Outterside Centre for a values conference about future directions for our school. I trust that the P & C, School Council, SHS Foundation, Year Groups, OBU, High Club, Sub-Committees, the SRC, Prefects and staff will send representatives. The day selected is really one of only 2 free Saturdays on the calendar, so the timing is really tight. We need names of representatives to be communicated to Robyn Meakin on 93616910 ext 114 as soon as possible to firm up numbers for catering. The duration will be 10 am to 3 pm. A long lunch is planned. The objective of the day will be: to flesh out the idealised Sydney Boys High School graduate; to enumerate the core values and beliefs held by such a boy and how they would be inculcated; and to test these values, beliefs and methods against the DEST and DET literature on values education. Mr Trevor Wootten, Old Boy and former Executive Director of Secondary Education with DET has agreed to convene the convocation. I am asking for volunteers to act as facilitators for focus groups examining specific issues on the day. Parents, Old Boys and students are preferred. We need to agree on an ethos to carry us into the next decade. Help us achieve this affirming and uniting goal. Contact Mrs Meakin if you want to attend and help.

Staff Changes
Congratulations to Sharon Kearns who has accepted the position as School Administrative Manager and to our new School Administrative Officers Annette Patterson and Lynne Williams who will take up their positions in Science shortly. Thank you to Mrs Veronica Crothers who has accepted the position of MIC tennis for the 2006-7 season replacing Mrs Tuthill who is on sick leave. Congratulations to Mr Howey who has been appointed as coach of the first XI.

Year 12 HSC Music Recital
Well done to all the boys who performed their HSC pieces on Tuesday evening ahead of their HSC examinations next week. It was a pleasure to experience the technical expertise and interpretation of the music they played. The accompanying band of music students did a fine job too.

Athletes Turning Out for High
I was pleased to observe the improved participation rate at the CAS/GPS carnival. It was heartening to see boys giving their all in Division as well as Championship events. I know there are athletes out there who could be competing but have not registered. Teams for the GPS carnival are being finalised. Act now! All athletics boys have to satisfy attendance, training and participation requirements to be signed off on their Student Awards Scheme category.

Volleyballers Celebrate
After another successful season, High Volleyball held an awards lunch at the Outterside Centre last Saturday. Thank you to Mr Kay, Dr. Ganderton, Ms Trompetter, Ms Howland, Mr Junyang Sim and Mr Yaegan Doran for providing the structure, program and support to make the sport so successful.

Valé Old Boys
Last week the school was represented at the funerals of two old boys, Mervyn Wood (1929-34) and Timothy Brown (1995-2000). Two men generations apart were honoured for their lives, one of promised fulfilled and the other of a blossoming life cut short. Our sympathies are extended to their families. I thank the Year 11 boys who represented the school while the Year 12s were doing their Trial HSC.
Dr K Jaggar
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Articles and advertisements should be submitted by emailing to The Editor at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . If you are submitting your article from within the SBHS computer network, please ensure you place your submission in the correct directory on P:\ drive.
L Williams
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Secure Internet Browsing and Email

Important message for ALL students.
You were advised last week that the school was scheduled to move to the new DET initiative on 11 September, however, the changeover date has now been re-scheduled for November 2006.
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Year 10 2007 Parent Information Evening

A Parent Information Evening will be held on Tuesday 5 September in the Great Hall at 6pm to discuss the subjects studied by boys in Year 10 2007. Subject Acceleration (in subjects such as Modern History, Geography, Music etc) has been offered to Year 10 boys in past years. It is anticipated that in 2007 Year 10 boys will study 2 electives (possibly including an Acceleration subject). The options available to boys for 2007 will be discussed at the meeting.
R Dowdell
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Results of UNSW 45th Annual School Mathematics Competition:

In the Senior Division Anthony Morris was awarded Third Prize.

Vinh Pham, Jamie Tao & Rishubh Verma were among the 15 Certificate Prize winners.

Richard Liu and Senthil Thillanadesan were awarded Certificates.

In the Junior Division five Prizes and nineteen Certificate Prizes were awarded.

Yu Sun and John Wormell received a Certificate Prize.

Jacob Cao, David Fan, Edward Lu and Andrew Tang received Certificates.
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Classics Competition

A great gratias vobis ferimus + (=THANK YOU !) to our Year 10 Latin and Year 11 Greek classes for representing SBH by participating in the FINALS of the Latin & Greek Reading competition at Sydney Grammar School on the evening of 27.07. They read very well (excellent pronunciation!) before an audience of their peers (fellow-competitors), professors, judges and family members and friends. Our group read in the Yr. 10 Latin Solo and Choral and the Yr. 11 Greek Solo. We did not win 1st or 2nd gift prizes this year, but all were awarded Certificates of Commendation.

The competition was really fierce and the judges were out for quite some time. SBHS was the only boys’ State school of the 17 schools which entered. In all 33 entrants had made it past the Semis to the Finals. There were 17 finalists competing the Yr.10 Latin and the Yr. 11 Greek.

Our SBH tradition of studying the language and civilisation of Greece and Rome, on which our present culture is based, goes back to 1883. This tradition was upheld (on that cold and damp Thursday night last month) by the sterling efforts of Eugene Stadnik, Edwin ,Montoya-Zorrilla, Richard Hua, Alvin Leung, Jun Dai, William Chan, Boris Zolotarev, Andrew Leung and Muhamed Mehmet-Basic.

C Werner

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From the Library

Telstra Grant of $1200 to Assist Boys Reading
On behalf of the boys in our school Mrs Crothers, our librarian, is very grateful to Telstra for our second grant in 2 years. Last year we were granted $1200 to purchase multiple copies of novels for our Literacy Circles Reading Program which Year 7&8 boys complete in their Values Education Units. Most of these books have now been purchased and processed by our library staff and this unit is nearly ready to go.

This year we applied to Telstra to cover the cost of newspapers for the Library’s newspaper table. The library buys 6 Heralds, 3 Australians and 6 Telegraphs for the boys to read daily. We feel that these papers encourage our boys to read and we are very grateful that Telstra also feels that this expensive library initiative is a worthy one.

Two different families of Telstra employees have sponsored out school to bring these grants to fruition. This year Sydney Boys High Library is grateful to Ajith Karunaratne, father of Gehan in year 11, for his successful efforts to secure this grant.

Student’s Design for the New Library
Anirbahn Ghose and Tadeusz Davenport’s library design is now on display in the library. The Power Point display of the student’s design will be able to be viewed on the Web in the Library section.

Architect’s Design for The New Library Unveiled at Development Committee Meeting this Wednesday
This meeting will be very exciting for the Development Committee as they will be inspecting Simon Chan’s design for the new library. Simon is the father of Jarred in Year 9. This design will find its way to the Website for everyone to see.

Thanks again to Steve Codey – Social Science Staff - for his donation of books to the library.

Thank you to the Year 8 boys who designed and collated the recent school literacy survey.

Joshua Nair for his astute questions; Puneet Baweja, Joseph Braverman, Justin Chan, Enoch Hui,Andy Liu , Jeremy Rajendram for their well organised collation of the results and Tadeusz Davenport for his transformation of the results into fantastic graphs.
Mrs Crothers
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GPS Athletics

Saturday heralded the long awaited end of a week, and a day of athletics at which many High athletes would have an opportunity to display some of the techniques that had been picked up and honed over the previous two weeks. Having seen an excellent turnout the week before, High sought to field an unsurpassed team in both talent and spirit. What had been a team of 64 the previous week, became a formidable 76 man force - with 53 of these in the 13's, 14's and 15's age groups. This pleasing junior turn up was most obvious in the 13's which had 21 athletes compete over the course of the day, with 15 in the 100m and 8 in the long jump.

Some outstanding results included those of Shadman Ali, placing in both the 100 and the 200, Joshua Tassell running times that would have made him competitive in the age above his own, and many others besides. One of the most satisfying parts of each carnival is the have-a-go attitude adopted by many of our runners, and hopefully this attitude will take us to new heights this season.

Well done, High!
Lachlan Street
Junior Captain

Surname Given Name Age 100 200 400 800 1500 3000 Hurdles SP LJ HJ
ALI SHADMAN 13 12.4 25.4                
BESTON SAMUEL 13 16.2 33                
CABANILLA BRANDON 13   31 1.12           3.43  
CHAN YU SING 13                 3.8  
CHANDRA DENNY 12 15.4 34                
CHEUNG DOMINIC 13 13.6 28.2                
DENG BENJAMIN 13     1.27              
DENG MANFRED 13 16.8 34.5                
DO CORNELIUS 13     1.2       21.2   3.43  
GAFFNEY ANDREW 12                    
GARAYALDE GABRIEL 12 14.3 30           8.84    
GUNARATNE KUMADIKA 12             18.4   3.6  
KIM JOSHUA 13 16.4 33.4                
KOK NATHAN 13 14.2                  
LIU YIXIN 13 13.6             8.7 4.36  
LU KEVIN 13     1.08              
LUO DANIEL 13         5.44          
MA DAVID 13               9.23    
MA ROBERT 13 15 32.1 1.17              
MORROW CHRIS 13             16.03     1.5
PHUNG Michael 12   30.1                
RAZEEN SHANAZ 12 17.8 NTT                
ROBERTSON MICHAEL 12 NTT                  
SIVAYOGARAYAN KRISHAN 13 17.9                  
TICKNER MICHAEL 13         6.33          
WONG MICHAEL 13 14.2 29.1                
YE ANDREW 13 13.8 27.9 1.05       16.7      
YOON MARTIN 13 14.3 29.6             4.1  
BROWN ALASDAIR 14   30.1                
CHEN BARRY 14 13.2 28.7           10.17 4.19  
DARCY SAM 14   26.4             4.51  
DIMITROPOULOS NICHOLAS 14 13.25 25.4                
IRELAND JEREMY 14       2.26   10.43        
LANE HARRISON 14       2.3   10.23        
NGUYEN JIM 14 14.5 29.5     5.38       4.23  
RAJENDRAM JEREMY 14             17.2   3,99  
SHENG KEVIN 14 15.4           19 6.45 3.97 1.3
STREET NEIL 14 13.4 27.4 1.4              
TASSELL JOSHUA 14 12.1 24.3 57.4              
XIAO TONY 14 NTT                  
CHEN CLIVE 15         5.12          
DESAI MIHIR 15 14.7   1.08              
ERIKSSON JAMES 15               8.56    
HUI JOSHUA 15 12.4                  
IYER SHREYAS 15 13.6   1              
LIM KANG 15 12.8 26.8                
LIVINGSTON JOEL 15 12.25 25.2                
LO DANIEL 15 12.7 25.8         17.07   4.85 1.5
NGUYEN KENT 15 12.09 24.9           1045    
RIDGES NELSON 15 12.3 25.2           10.01    
RUSLI MATTHEW 15               8.32    
STREET LACHLAN 15 11.83 24.6                
VU MARK 15               9.7    
WANG MATTHEW 15 13.6 27.8           11.98 5.29 1.55
CHEN ROBERT 16 13.3 26.9           9.79    
DENG EDWARD 16 13.1 24.7                
DEVAPIRIAM RICHARD 16 15.6                  
DU PING 16               NDT    
KANDASAMY ARUNAN 16 12.7 26.02                
KARUNAKARAN ARUN 16               NDT    
KARUNARATNE GEHAN 16                 5.7  
LINEGAR TY 16       2.05            
LO GEORGE 16   25.4                
NG DANNY 16   26.2                
SRIRANJAN KOGULAN 16   24.8                
WANG BENJAMIN 16 12.1                  
YANG LOUIS 16             19.6      
GUNARATNE DAKSHIKA 17             16.4   5.86  
JIN FRANK 17                 6.3  
KARUNARATNE ROSHAN 17       2.18         5.41  
LEE ALEXANDER 17 13.1                  
LEVANIC NIKOLA 17       2.2 4.58          
LUSCOMBE JEREMY 17 12.2                  
PANICKER GIRISH 17 14.2                  
SHUTTLEWORTH AARON 17   24.6                
BURRELL ROGER 18               13.43    
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Calling All Year 11 Parents

Help Requested
When our boys were in year 7 the current year 12 parents organised a wonderful cocktail party to welcome us to the school.

It has become customary for the year 11 parents to reciprocate and host a cocktail party to farewell the year 12 parents.

I need other year 11 parents who would be willing to help. If you'd like to, then please email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or phone on 9958-0439 and we can get together and organise it.

Looking forward to working with you
Andy (Andrea) Freiman
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Student Photo Archive

Reminding students and parents that photos from Assemblies and other events that school photographers attend are available from the Student Drive in R:\StudentPhotoArchive folder. The latest instalment is from the junior assembly on 9 August and the Biennale Excursion with Yr 9/10/11 art students. Speakers and Musicians feature. If you have photos from school events that you’d like to make available to the school family please see Ms May.
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From Science: Mouse Trap Car Competition

The Rules:
Use one standard issue mouse trap to propel a vehicle over the longest straight line distance possible. The vehicle had to stay within set lane markers.

The competition was convened by 6 advanced engineering students from the University of Sydney. Groups of 3 or 4 students formed and spent 3 weeks in the design and development stage before final testing was conducted in the great hall. There were 9 entries. Final results were as follows:

First Place: Team Paid - Distance = 10. 46 metres

Second Place: Team Chinaman - Distance= 10:36 metres. Most Innovative Design: Team Chinaman.

Another round of the competition will be run on Open Day (Wednesday 18 October). Students wishing to make an entry need to register with Mr Kay.
M. Kay
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Regional Athletics Report

The NSWCHSSA Sydney East Championship came with great anticipation for the competitors, in six age groupings. High competed in 57 events on the day. Recording an amazing 35 top Five placings, 22 podium finishes, 9 first places and a record. To be eligible to compete in the carnival the boys had to be selected in the school team then in the eastern suburbs zone team, an achievement in itself.

In the 12 years Michael Phung led the high charge placing first in his long jump event, with Albert Huynh and Kumadika in hurdles support

The 13 years saw Shadman Ali place first in a breathtaking photo finishing running a smoldering pb of 12.4 in the 100m, he up among our best hopes of a GPS title, he later backed up for a 4th in a strong 200m field. Shadman is displaying amazing development and seems to be the hope of future sprinting at high firming as a GPS favorite the 200m field also contained a fast finishing Andrew Ye. In this age Chris Morrow also jumped for a 2nd place with an inspirational 1.55m.

The 14 years saw Jeremy Ireland, a committed product of the high harriers running club and distance prodigy gain 3rd a very tactical 1500m (only 1 second off first!) and 4th in the 800m. Derek Trong leap for third in the long jump and Josh Tassell put on a strong showing placing 4th in a tough 200m.

The 15 years saw the energizer man Lachlan Street competing in an amazing 6 events, he turned out to be ‘streets ahead’ of his opponents in the 200m and 100m hurdles placing 2nd in both events. Street is the most versatile of the high team competing in events from 400m to triple jump, a testament to high spirit. Daniel Lo backed him up in the hurdles coming 3rd running an equal time of 17.6. Matthew Ling gained a third in the 800m.

The 16 years saw ‘tiger’ Ty dominate with a huge 800m win recording 2:07 to capture his first regional championship, cementing a solid claim for favoritism come GPS championships he also ram an admirable third in the 400m. Ty seems to be a great prospect in coming years looking to snag himself a few championship titles under the watchful eye of High coaches but he was not alone on the track as Kogulan Sriranjan out sprinted opponents to come 4th in an arduous 200m.

In the field Gehan put up a strong effort in the long jump narrowly missing a placing.

In the 17+ years Roger Burrell ‘the enforcer’ out muscled opponents with a truly dominant display in the shot-put by over 3 metres! Roger is truly leading by example overcoming harsh injuries that would have destroyed those weak of mind to come back and recapture his regional title. Burrell also backed up in the Discus dominating again placing first with a strong 38 metre throw. This bodes well for Roger as he looks to end his days at high athletics with a GPS shot-put crown.

Dakshika Gunaratne became the official 110m hurdle king winning his race in supreme tactical style overcoming his opponent by .1 of a second, just missing out on a national qualifier by .1 of a second it was truly a breathtaking display of hurdles mastery.

In his final year James Barker defended his Open 1500m title blitzing his competitors by 10 seconds, James seemed to be in cruise control as he recorded 4:16. It looked like he was reserving himself for the following day. The pressure was on to defend his 3000m open title.

The next day was a momentous occasion as James became the only Sydney High athletics record holder at a regional level shattering Delaney’s (a former national champion) Open 3000m Sydney East record by 8 seconds, this event has been run over decades this makes his achievement truly outstanding. In a performance reminiscent of the great prefontaine he led the way and ‘burned’ his Endeavour opponent into the ground running the first 2km in sub 3 minute pace.

The 4 x 100m relays ended the regional carnival on a high note, with each of the relay teams coming in the top five placings, the 12 years came an admirable 5th. The 13 years came a courageous second to a record capturing Endeavour team; the 14 years obtained another battling fifth. The best relay however went to the 15 years team which was spearheaded by an inexhaustible street, the team ran an astonishing 47.66 seconds to come first. The final event was the 16 years relay ending up with a fast paced 3rd.

Students who did not come in the top two but still want to compete in the State championships should inspect the qualifying standards for non-automatic qualifiers on the website: www.sports.det.nsw.edu.au 

The results are a promising early indicator of the highs strong athletics team, which seems to be capable of at least 4 titles this year at the AAGPS meet. The boys should be commended by the strong participation and performances made possible by the boys determination, coaching support and training sessions.

Big thanks also goes to Mr. Devlin who came out on both the days to organise the boys.
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Fencing - Annual General Meeting 2006

The parents of all fencers are invited to attend Fencing’s combined AGM and General Meeting on Tuesday 5 September at 6.00 pm in the Staff Common Room.

All positions will be declared vacant and nominations are urgently sought.

The AGM will be followed by the General Meeting, providing an opportunity to discuss funding, ask questions about High's programs including coaching and UTS training; and to raise and discuss issues and present your ideas on how fencing at High could be improved.

It is most important that parents of junior fencers get involved to ensure continuity of programs when the older boys and their parents leave the school.

Fencing, like all sports at SBHS, needs the support of ALL parents and your attendance at this meeting will be greatly appreciated.
Gabriele Klocker
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Fencing Update

Last Saturday was a somewhat bleak day for SBHS fencing at Newington.

In Division A, the SBHS-A team suffered an expected, but nevertheless very painful 1:8 defeat at the hands of the strong Hills Grammar team. The match against Hills went off to a great start when Yu Lin went all out and defeated Paul Leone - the first one of our team to score a win against this highly skilled fencer. However the following eight bouts were lost, two of them 4:5.

Next we were up against SGS-B. Yu Lin won both his bouts, and Patrick Duffy and I each lost one. However, since SGS-B showed up with an incomplete team, a win of 9:0 instead of 7:2 was recorded for us. Yu Lin displayed superb fencing skills and is now the only Division-A High fencer eligible for the individual bronze medal – and a well deserved one at that.

SBHS-A has completed the Preliminary Rounds of the Schools League and by winning four of five matches we made it comfortably into the Finals. Placing will not be known until all teams have finished the Preliminary Rounds.

This was the second competition day for the Minis. They fenced well and won 6:3 against Edgecliff, but were then defeated by Gibgate 1:8. Congratulations to Ian Ho (three wins), Pasan Pannila (two wins) and to Albert Nguyen and Anthony Xu who won one each. Keep up the good work.

The SBHS-E team only had two fencers on the day - Michael Sin and Addison Clune - each winning two bouts and losing one. However two fencers are not considered a team and whilst these fencers were allowed to fence to determine individual results, a team of less than three fencers always results in a forfeit.

In the incomplete SBHS-G team only Nishant Paul and Brian Jian fenced against Oxley-C. Congratulations to Nishant for winning a bout.

No results have been reported by SBHS-F. Two other teams, SBHS-B and SBHS-D, had a bi.

Saturday is the final day of the Preliminary Rounds for all SBHS teams except the A team. This is an ongoing competition and High Spirit should be shown - all team members are to come on time for all matches, unless prior arrangements have been made with Ms May to be replaced. Feeling less than one hundred percent on the day is not a good enough reason to let your team down.

High Spirit was shown by Boris Zolotarev who came to Newington as a backup for the A-team in case of further injuries.

On Friday, check the fencing noticeboard and the NSWFA website and make sure you get both the time and the date right. http://www.nswfencing.org.au/juniors/comps_league.htm Good luck to all teams in the next round this Saturday.
Amadeus Klocker

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All Tennis Parents

We are compiling a database of Tennis parents. Please email parents’ name, son’s name, class, phone number, mobile and email address to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

We are also seeking 6 adult and 6 student volunteers for each of the following parking dates.

Date: Sunday, September 3, 2006
Time: From 10.00 am until 1.00pm
Event: Sydney Swans v/s Carlton at SCG

Date: Sunday, September 17, 2006
Time: From 12.00noon until 3.00pm
Event: Sydney FC v/s Newcastle at Aussie Stadium

Date: Saturday, October 21, 2006
Time: From 4.00pm to 7.00pm
Event: A-League Sydney FC v/s Melbourne Victory at Aussie Stadium

If you are able to volunteer, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it at the earliest.

Thanks and regards
Tennis Coordinators
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Volleyball Awards

Lunch The 2006 Awards lunch was held at the Outterside Centre on Saturday 26 August.

Dr Jaggar congratulated the teams for their excellent performances this year and wished First Grade and the 16A’s well at the Australian Schools Volleyball Championships to be held in Melbourne next term.

Final placings in the 2006 GPS Volleyball Season.

First Grade
1) High
2) Scots
3) Newington
4) Grammar
5) Riverview

Second Grade
1) Grammar
2) Newington
3) High
4) Riverview
5) Scots

Best and Fairest awards were given to:
Year 7 - Raghib Siddiquee
Year 8 - Hugh Huang
Year 9 - Sam Wan
2nd Grade - Jordan Luong
1st Grade - Jamie Tao

The SBHS Volleyball MVP was awarded to Victor Nguyen.
The 2006/7 Court Captain is Oliver Konakoff.
The 2006/7 Captain of Balls is Victor Nguyen.
M. Kay
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Years 7-10 Basketball representative opportunities

Want to make a team? It’s not too late. Boys who play Reps dominate at GPS level. Look at our current stars at first grade level. The ones who play reps are the most effective. A few boys have attended this course recently. They are on a steep learning curve of improvement. GPS private schools better look out in a few years! Year 8 and 9 are coming-But only if they continue to practice against and with quality players. See course below.

Pre-Rep Trial Training

  • Starts week commencing Monday 4th September
  • 4 weeks only (last four weeks of Term 3)
  • $35 only!
  • 5.30pm – 7pm
  • Different age groups on different days
  • Spots limited and selling fast!
  • Go to www.nsba.com.au/camp for more information

B. Hayman
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Calling All Parents of Students Who Play Basketball!

Basketball has over 280 student participants. At our committee meetings last season we had only a handful of parents who were actively supporting their child/children in their GPS pursuit. These parents work very well together to make everything function effectively each week. It would be pleasing to have more parents involved to share the work load for these dedicated few.

My school address is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please email me and simply write that you are interested in helping this season. I look forward to hearing from you. This is the second week with no response.

The date of the first committee meeting will be announced shortly. In basketball we only have a few brief meetings a year. Usually they take place up stairs of our gymnasium in room 901 after work hours. Please watch this space for details.
Yours in basketball
B. Hayman

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Chess News

This term both the Intermediate and Junior teams had qualified for the NSWJCL Eastern Region Finals (Eastern Region being north of Bexley , east of Lakemba, south of the harbour). The Intermediate team drew their quarter- final against Sydney Grammar, unfortunately they lost the rematch. The High Junior team also drew their quarter- final against Fort St but managed to win the rematch. The semi-final against Newington was again a draw with the juniors managing to then get through 2.5 to 1.5. In the final against Scots College you guessed it, another draw.

Last Friday our team went to Scots needing a win as another draw would put them out of the competition (on a weighting of the boards rule). Board 2 & 3 drew, 4th board won and the boys left not knowing the decision for board 1 as it needed to go to adjudication. Monday came the decision, a draw for board 1 and a victory for High! Congratulations to Dominic Nguyen, Declan McCrea-Steele (c), Dawen Shi, Ben Encel and Ilya Bonch-Osmolovsky for a hard fought campaign.
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From the Office

Letters Re Absence/Lateness/Early Leave
When your son returns to school from being absent he is required to provide a letter of explanation signed by a parent or guardian. If your son is going to be late for school a note is also required.

If your son has an early leave note he is required to have his note signed by either Mr Beringer, Mr Dowdell or Mr Prorellis before 8:55 am and handed in to the Main Office immediately after. Each letter should be signed by a parent or guardian with the name, date and roll class of your son printed clearly. Your son needs to pick up a leave pass from the Main Office before he leaves the school.

If you require leave for your son please, apply in writing and address your application to the Principal, Dr Jaggar, stating the reason and length of time of the leave. Your son must then present this application to Dr Jaggar for permission for the leave. Please remember to apply before the leave and not after.
The Principal must approve all leave applications.

Another email service for parents
Parents who supply the school with an email address can now have two useful information streams. A reminder about High Notes with a link to the current edition can be emailed to you each week. An updated report on your son’s attendance record can now be sent to you on a daily or weekly basis. To get your electronic High Notes, enter your email on the High Notes page of http://www.sydneyboyshigh.com.

If you would like to have your son’s attendance record sent to you send your email address to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please include your son’s name and date of birth in the email.
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High Cricket Bulletin

On Wednesday night the AGM of the cricket sub committee was conducted at school and your new committee members are enthusiastic about our competitive programme for this season. The full committee details are posted on the Cricket Website.

Mr Andrew Bowes as President will lead the group and has expressed a desire to have more parents involved as Age Coordinators. We are looking for a Year 7, 8 and 9 father to be the focus point for teams competing in that age group and to coordinate the results and equipment requirements during the course of the season. We are also seeking either mums or dads to attend a scorer’s information evening to learn a simple approach to scoring which will mean all of our younger cricketers will receive the right points in the Junior Cricketer of the Season and Rookie awards. Unfortunately due to poor scorebook entries last season, several players were penalized because of lack of clear or correct entries in our books. If we achieve this support a roster system can be introduced where you may only be rostered for 3 or 4 matches during the whole season. Please contact me if you are willing to support your son’s team during this season.

NEW CRICKET NETS – will be commenced next week and our existing nets will be dismantled to make way for new basketball courts which will follow in approximately one month’s time depending on weather conditions. Whilst the nets are being constructed all net sessions will be conducted at the SCG Indoor Centre during sport afternoons. Advance notice will be provided when groups are to use this facility.

QUESTIONS and ANSWERS – I have received several phone calls from parents and players on a variety of subjects and herein are answers to the main concerns.

  1. All players will be allocated teams this season and we will not have a large rotation group in Year 7.
  2. In GPS system is that if a Year 7 student was in an Under 13 team in 2006 he will be in an Under 14 Team for 2007, commencing in Term 4.
  3. New Year 7 Students will form our Under 13 Teams foe Term 4 (2006) and Term 1 (2007)
  4. All teams will be graded into A, B and C (where applicable) prior to the commencement of Term 4 but this is not to say that players who perform in their respective teams will not be considered for promotion to the Higher team. For instance, a player performing well in a B team would be considered to replace an out of form player in an A team.
  5. Group 1 Teams are 1st, 2nd and 3rd XIs, 16A, 16B, 15A and 14A and these groups play 2 Day fixtures.
  6. Group 2 Teams are 4th and 5th XIs, 15B, 15C, 14B, 14C, 13A, 13B and 13C teams who all play One Day fixtures.
  7. All players must provide their own protectors for both practice and matches. Players will not be allowed in the nets without them. Helmets are recommended but are not compulsory. however prevention of possible injury is far better than the likelihood of a player being struck by a cricket ball. The more protective equipment a player wears such as batting pads, thigh pad, arm guards, protector and helmet, the more confident some feel and achieve greater results.

I would encourage parents to contact me if they have any questions regarding the GPOS organization or any matter that they are not clear on so that you can get the most out of supporting your sons as members of High’s Cricket teams. All contact details are on the Cricket Website - http://www.sydneyboyscricket.info 
Laurie Heil
MIC Cricket

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Youth Week in NSW

Tattoo Design Competition
Poster Design Competition

What is Youth Week?
Youth Week has been a part of the NSW calendar since 1989. The success of the NSW Youth Week program resulted in National Youth Week. The first National Youth Week was held in 2000.

When is Youth Week 2007?
14 - 22 April 2007

The objectives of Youth Week are to:

  • Provide an opportunity for young people aged 12 to 25 to express their ideas and views, raise issues of concern to them, act on issues which affect their lives and create and enjoy entertainment
  • Provide an opportunity for the wider community to listen to young people, and to acknowledge and celebrate the positive contributions made by their efforts and achievements
  • Promote a community focus on issues of concern to young people

Where can you find out more about Youth Week?
For further information on Youth Week visit the NSW site at www.youthweek.nsw.gov.au 

For further information and entry forms for the Tattoo Design Competition and/or the Poster Design Competition, contact Creative Arts Staff.
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Mentoring of New Parents

We wish to start a new project to be sponsored by the P & C and the Year Groups at SBHS and supported by Dr Jaggar. The aim is to have every parent of a new boy starting at the School matched up with a Mentoring Parent already at the School.

We hope to launch this project with the new intake of students in 2007.

The purpose is to provide new parents with an informal contact person who will welcome them into the School Community and is available to them to help them through the difficulties encountered in their first year at the School.

The scheme will hopefully remain informal without a lot of structure and will depend for its success on the enthusiasm of the Mentors.

We will need 60-180 parents every year to be involved.

To join the group, please send your details to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

or fill in the form below and return to the Principal’s Assistant.

Name: ______________________________________________________

Email address: _____________________________________________

Contact phone home: ________________________________________

Contact phone mobile: ______________________________________

I will talk about this at the International Night on September 9 and have more detailed handouts.

We hope to workshop the project by the end of Term 3.
Call Charles Ovadia on (H) 9386 1221 for more details
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Attention all artists and writers

Art and Writing Competition
National Refugee Week
Triumphant International (www.triumphant.org.au) is calling for Australian school students to share their stories of refugee triumph by entering the 2006 National Refugee Week Writing and Artwork Competition.

Students are encouraged to write about, or express through art, their experiences in coming out to Australia as refugees, creating a life in Australia as refugees and receiving refugees into their communities. The competition, run in cooperation with Friends of STARTTS (www.startts.org) is open to all students and entries close 29 September.

Selected entries from the competition will be announced during National Refugee Week (22-28 October) celebrations to be held in Sydney's CBD. An all day event will celebrate the lives of refugees in Australia and provides refugees with a unique opportunity to showcase their talents through various mediums of expression including art, music, dance and film. For further competition details and to enter please visit http://www.triumphant.org.au/index.html.

Will any students entering the art component please advise Ms May
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Tournament of the Minds 2006

Seven High boys participated in the 2006 Tournament of Minds held at the Marist College, Kogarah, on Saturday, August 26. Our team comprising Nikhil Autar, Samir Kinger, George Panas (all year 7), Anirban Ghose, Liam Aylmer (both year 8) and Julian Byrnes, Anton Jurisevic ( both year 9), had taken up the Maths and Engineering challenge. Our task was to make an exotic bird that, when released from a perch (of our making), would “fly” freely and unaided (no support or guide wires) performing two different spectacular manoeuvres. We had to write a script focusing on how replacement birds helped the island of Baradice’s economy. The island had lost most of its birdlife, which was the main tourist attraction and source of tourist income, to poachers. The judges were much amused by our play and found our bird design elegant.

In the Impromptu problem, our team bonding helped us solve the word problem creatively and promptly.

The team is grateful to our facilitators, Joe Banh (Year 12) and Jason Wang (Year 10) for their constant inspiration and encouragement throughout the very stressful six weeks. We look forward to the challenge next year.
Anirban Ghose
2006 TOM Captain

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Want to keep The Record straight?

You can DONATE a page or more – There is a lot in store, as We look back – Over our track … “RECORD”

Individual school families are invited to contribute towards production costs, at a rate of $50 per page, a special and last opportunity for Year 12 families.

The family and sons name will be printed as a header at the top of a page.

e.g. Sponsored by:- The Jones Family – Thomas Year 12

Please indicate your participation level by filling in and returning the tear off section below.

YES! I/We would like to sponsor a page/s(____) of “The Record” printed as a header as indicated below.
Sponsored by:- ___________________________________________
               (Please print Family Name, Sons name & Year)  
Type of payment:  ___ Cheque*   ___ Cash        ___ Credit Card
Card Type:        ___ Bankcard  ___Mastercard  ___  Visa

Total paid:      $__________
Card Number:     _ _ _ _    _ _ _ _    _ _ _ _    _ _ _ _
Cardholder’s Name:  ___________________________________________     
                                  [please print]

Cardholder’s Signature: _______________________________________ 

Bus. Phone:  ______________          Expiry Date:   ___  /  ___         

*Cheques should be made payable to Sydney Boys

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Sydney Girls High School Open Night

Wednesday 6 September 2006
4:00pm - 8:00pm

4:00 to 6:30 pm - Exhibitions/Displays/Performances
6:30 to 7:00 pm -  Official Welcome in School Hall Musical /Dance Performances
7:00 to 8:00 pm - Fashion Parade

  • Computer Workshops
  • Debates
  • Science Demonstrations
  • Drama Performances
  • Latin Recitations
  • Art Exhibition
  • Exhibits by all Faculty and Co curricular Groups
  • Performances by Music Ensembles
  • Coffee Shop and Asian Food Bazaar (4:00 - 6:30 pm)
    The School Canteen will also be open

Anzac Parade, Surry Hills 2010
: 9360 9702
Phone: 9331 2336 / 9331 1627
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Website: www.sghs.nsw.edu.au
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High Rugby Friends

High Rugby Friends Inc. would like to invite everyone involved in the rugby program at High, including players, parents, old boys, teachers, and coaches etc., to the:

Sunday, September 10 McKay Playing Fields, Centennial Park 11am-1pm

There will be various giveaways and prizes on the day!

To find out more, visit:

Be Proud. Get Involved.
Join High Rugby Friends!

High Rugby Friends Inc. (HRF) is a non-profit association that has been set up to support the rugby program at the school.
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From the High Store

For your school uniform needs, and much more…

Announcement to Parents
New earlier opening at 9.00am on Wednesdays from now on for your convenience

Drop your son to school and then pop in to the High Store!

Opening Hours:
Monday: 10.30am – 1.30pm
Tuesday: 10.30am – 1.30pm
Wednesday: 9.00am – 1.30pm
Thursday: Closed
Friday: 10.30am – 1.30pm

For more information call Michelle on 9331 7075 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners cards accepted
Please make cheques payable to: High Store

The Sydney High School Foundation Inc. “working together for our school”
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