High Notes, Vol 7 No 26, August 25 2006

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From the Principal

International Night September 9
Come with your family and celebrate with us our multicultural diversity on Saturday September, 9, 6:30-9:30 in the Great Hall. Share our international cuisine. Be entertained by a Chinese dragon! See the live dancers! Enjoy the music! Participate in games of skill! This is a get together to broaden our network of families interested in High and its directions. Order your tickets now!

High Talent
Ty Linegar, Harry Walker and Joshua Freiman represented High at the Interschools Snowsports State Championships this week – well done boys! Congratulations to the Year 10 geographers who impressed supervising staff at the fieldtrip venue. They commented very favourably on your conduct and work ethic. Well done to Roger Burrell who broke a school open discus record at the SGS/SHS carnival last Saturday. Shadman Ali put in eye-catching performances in the sprints too. Congratulations to the prize winners in the PWC Economics Competition. Matthew Fetherston, Gehan Karunaratne, Raymond Roca, Zenghui Lu, Richard Yang, Max Keldoulis, Henry Liu and the professional competition entrant, Anthony Morris, all earned monetary prizes. In the Business studies Competition, Michael Levy, Dinuka Gunasekera, Robbie Alchin, William Chan and Alvin Leung were awarded prizes. Congratulations to all boys! Well done to Kelvin Yu, Michael Coutts, Anthony Morris and Blaise Prentice-Davidson who competed in the Karl Cramp competition but fell to our nemesis SGHS in the Regional final.

Scots Scuttled
Our first grade debating team took on the undefeated Scots tem last Friday. Scots affirmed the proposition that the federal government should set moral limits for reality TV. They proposed that moral limits in the form of censorship should be imposed on TV broadcasters to protect the 13-25 demographic from viewing lewd material and profanity such as that shown on ‘big brother up late’. They complained about the tasteless, crass and vulgar content of late night reality TV shows. They introduced the idea that downloading of the broadcast material from websites using i-pod technology and mobile phones was widespread, so that the material was accessible to young people. They asserted that TV stations were plainly no good at self-regulation because they were driven by ratings and ‘big brother’ ratings were high. In addition, they averred that children stay up past 9 pm so that these people who cannot make a choice need to be protected and the government has that responsibility. In their model a government regulatory body would be established to set standards and limits for reality TV shows.

The High negative contended that tasteless programs were ultimately detrimental to ratings and that the community reacts to inappropriate material. They showed that the notorious ‘turkey slapping’ incident was an example of self-censorship by a TV station; that there was a 7 minute delay in live broadcasting to allow for editing or obscuring material; that parents regulate children’s TV watching; that inappropriate shows can be turned off; that we have an independent regulatory body with sufficient powers in existence; that Commonwealth government control would politicise TV and make broadcasting another political tool; that reality TV shows are no different to other shows shown late at night; and that they cross moral lines no more often than other shows like ‘erotic tales’ so why should they be singled out for censorship? The negative challenged the affirmative to demonstrate the social harm caused by the allegedly flawed status quo. The adjudicators agreed unanimously that the affirmative’s case was not strong enough to overturn the argument for the status quo.

Vice-Chancellor Hilmer promotes a co-curricular testamur
At a luncheon this week for Principals, Professor Fred Hilmer, lately CEO of John Fairfax and recently Vice-Chancellor of UNSW, raised the idea of the university issuing a parallel co-curricular testamur with degrees at graduation ceremonies. Apparently, employers are in favour of the idea. This innovation would reinforce strongly at the tertiary level our culture of the pursuit of excellence in a variety of endeavours. It makes our Student Award Scheme and developing Leadership Certificates even more relevant than before. He talked about the three main areas that are critical to university success: faculties, students and facilities. The parallel with high schools is striking. We are only as strong as our teachers, the talent of our students and the attractiveness of our facilities. Much of his job he said was about finding money. UNSW is redeveloping buildings on its campus, increasing scholarship programs like Coop and now AAA awards, and redirecting funds away from indirect costs and into improved research and student experiences. He described UNSW as a scientific, technical and professional university attracting people who were impatient to make an impact and who wanted a short line between an idea an a result.

At High we face the same challenges. We try to recruit and retain teachers who understand and nurture gifted students; we attempt to attract scholar-sportsmen as students; and we focus hard on trying to raise money for front line services and capital infrastructure. UNSW gets HECS and we get teacher salaries and a lump sum for utilities, professional development, sick leave and basic equipment. UNSW has to rely on fees, on-site businesses, sponsors, partnerships and donors from business and private sectors. At High we have similar sources for funds that can add value to student experiences beyond the direct and indirect costs of instruction. The big difference is that as a community we have not accepted that the government will not fix our school; long ago university communities realised that self-help is the only way forward. Government funding is a declining proportion of their budget and ours.

I urge parents to get involved and support their school. Come to sporting fixtures. Attend social occasions. Contact your Year Group. Ask your son for High Notes. Visit the web site. Help us financially to make High the pre-eminent government secondary school it once was.
Dr K Jaggar
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Secure Internet Browsing and Email

Important message for ALL students.
On 11 September, the school will be switched over to “Secure Internet Browsing and Email”, a DET initiative for all schools. Under this system all students and staff will be required to login to the DET Portal (http://portal.det.nsw.edu.au) for internet browsing and email.

All students will be issued with a Department username and password. Also students will be issued with a Department email address. The email address will be in the format:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The username and password will be needed by students to access this email address. It will also be needed every time you wish to browse the internet from school.

Web based email accounts such as Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail etc will not function under this new system, and are completely blocked.

When you wish to log in to the school network, you will log in as usual with the username and login that you do now. However, when you wish to browse on the internet, you will be prompted to enter your Department username and password. Also, if you wanted to check your Department email (ie. @education.nsw.gov.au) you will need to enter your Department username and password.

Although the changeover is 11 September, it is advisable that you log in before this date, as the first time you log in you will be required to change your password and you may experience difficulty with this if you leave it until after the 11th.

You can find out your username and password from the SBHS Student Portal, accessible by clicking the “Students” link at the bottom of the Sydney Boys High website (www.sydneyboyshigh.com).

All students must also read the DET Acceptable Usage Policy available from SBHS Student Portal.
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Student Photo Archive

Reminding students and parents that photos from Assemblies and other events that school photographers attend are available from the Student Drive in R:\StudentPhotoArchive folder. The latest instalment is from the junior assembly on 9 August and the Biennale Excursion with Yr 9/10/11 art students. Speakers and Musicians feature. If you have photos from school events that you’d like to make available to the school family please see Ms May.
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Fencing - Annual General Meeting 2006

The parents of all fencers are invited to attend Fencing’s combined AGM and General Meeting on Tuesday 5 September at 6.00 pm in the Staff Common Room. All positions will be declared vacant and nominations are urgently sought. The AGM will be followed by the General Meeting, providing an opportunity to discuss funding, ask questions about High's programs including coaching and UTS training; and to raise and discuss issues and present your ideas on how fencing at High could be improved. It is most important that parents of junior fencers get involved to ensure continuity of programs when the older boys and their parents leave the school. Fencing, like all sports at SBHS, needs the support of ALL parents and your attendance at this meeting will be greatly appreciated.
Gabriele Klocker
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The Record 2006

Most reports are now overdue. Several summer reports have still not been received and are a matter of urgency. If the report is not received then nothing about that team or group will appear in the 2006 Record.

All school groups need to provide information such as reports or photos to me ASAP. I will endeavour to include as much as possible but isolated photos are difficult to include but still give them to Mr Barris or a member of the Record Committee. In addition Ms Trompetter, Head of English, is collecting the literary contributions for the record. Please hand these items directly to her ASAP.

The summer reports which may not appear are as follows: Basketball 2nd, 3rd, 4th grade, 15b, 15c, 14b, 13c Cricket 16b, 15a Rowing Year 9 quad 4 & 5, Year 8 quad 3, 4 & 5 Tennis - all except 1st grade & 15s.

Also, if you think you are in a school group or activity that deserves mention in the Record, then contact Mr Barris.
C. Barris
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Economics & Business Studies Competition

Price Waterhouse Coopers Australian and New Zealand Economics and Business Studies Competition
Sydney High has achieved great success in the PwC Australia and New Zealand Economics and Business Studies Competitions. Over 5,000 students participated in both competitions respectively. The top 5% of students are awarded a High Distinction and the next 15% are awarded a Distinction. High students achieved the following results.

Economics - 24 HD’s 73 D’s
Business Studies - 10 HD’s 33 D’s

In addition the top 1.4% of students received monetary prizes. Outstanding results were achieved by the following students:


Year 11
Matthew Fetherston $80
Gehan Karunaratne $80
Raymond Roca $80
Zenghui Lu $60
Anthony Morris $45
Richard Yang $45
Max Keldoulis $45
Kevin G. Lee $45

Year 12
Henry Liu $45

Business Studies

Year 12
Michael Levy $80
Dinuka Gunasekera $45

Year 11
Robbie Alchin $60

Year 10
William Chan $60
Alvin Leung $60

The above students will receive their awards at a Presentation Evening at the University of New South Wales on Thursday, 28 September 2006.
T.P. Dolan.
Acting Head Teacher
Social Science Faculty

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Calling All Parents of Students Who Play Basketball!

Basketball has over 280 student participants. At our committee meetings last season we had only a handful of parents who were actively supporting their child/children in their GPS pursuit. These parents work very well together to make everything function effectively each week. It would be pleasing to have more parents involved to share the work load for these dedicated few.

My school address is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please email me and simply write that you are interested in helping this season. I look forward to hearing from you.

The date of the first committee meeting will be announced shortly. In basketball we only have a few brief meetings a year. Usually they take place up stairs of our gymnasium in room 901 after work hours. Please watch this space for details.
Yours in basketball
B. Hayman

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From The Weights Room

Again I congratulate those boys who are continuing their strength Programs and building on the good work previously done. These boys are and will continue to show increased physical performance in all they do due to the strength, knowledge, body awareness and confidence that they are gaining through their monitored programs. Again I make the point that strength training with weights does not stunt growth and in actual fact it is quite the reverse. I myself am a High parent with my son currently in year 9. He has by his own choice been completing strength programs since year 7. If I knew that strength training with weights would stunt his growth do you think I would allow him to do them? He has grown consistently in size and strength over the past two years to be slightly taller than myself. The scientific and practical evidence just doesn’t support that old myth. Do some research and stop listening to people who don’t know. I am here every day for any parents who may have concerns and I’m quite happy to discuss them with you or update you on your boy’s progress.

Term Payment
For those boys who haven’t paid their term fee, my patience has run out. You will be refused admission until due fee’s are paid. I have been more than generous in allowing extra time for this to be done. An unpaid fees list will be given to the office and accounts sent out

Summer Sport Strength Programs
For those boys playing summer sport who are yet to commence your required strength program now is the time to start. Already half the term has gone due to the crossover with winter sports so taking this into account the weights room fee will be reduced to $20 for the remainder of the term. This will apply to new trainers only and not those who have already commenced and are yet to pay fee’s. This fee also covers the holiday period.

Holiday Timetable
For the holiday period the weights room will be open for 3 sessions per week (times to be advised). These sessions will only be open to those boys who have already commenced an approved Strength Program. So if you are wishing to commence using the weights room and would like to start in the holidays (when the pressures of school work are minimal) you will need to start now. Supervising trainers won’t be doing new programs in this period as they will be monitoring all current programs for full completion. Due to the popularity of the gym during holiday periods there will be staggered start times with junior boys (7-9) starting one hour prior to senior boys(10-12). This should ease the congestion problems experienced last time.

Basketball Fitness/speed/Agility
Attention all serious basketballers! Lunch time fitness sessions will commence on Monday 28th August in the Basketball Stadium. They will be sessions designed to increase your on court fitness for the coming season. Any serious Ballers should make this a priority as selections are fast approaching.
Start time: 1pm Duration: 30mins. BE ON TIME
Jason Tassel

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Attention All Tennis Parents

We are compiling a database of Tennis parents. Please email parents’ name, son’s name, class, phone number, mobile and email address to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

We are also seeking 6 adult and 6 student volunteers for each of the following parking dates.

Date: Sunday, September 3, 2006
Time: From 10.00 am until 1.00pm
Event: Sydney swans v/s Carlton at SCG

Date: Sunday, September 17, 2006
Time: From 12.00noon until 3.00pm
Event: Sydney FC v/s Newcastle at Aussie Stadium

Date: Saturday, October 21, 2006
Time: From 4.00pm to 7.00pm
Event: A-League Sydney FC v/s Melbourne Victory at Aussie Stadium

If you are able to volunteer, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it at the earliest.

Thanks and regards
Tennis Coordinators
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Representative Basketball 2007

Thinking of Trialling For Representative Basketball Teams In 2007?
This is some very useful information for SBHS students. If you are thinking about trialling for junior representative teams in 2007, Norths are running a development programme to get you ready for trials. Boys who play representative level basketball dominate at GPS level. Playing against and with a better standard is the key to success. Norths is currently the strongest junior club in NSW. Beginning the program below gives you nine weeks in which to prove yourself worthy of a place in a team rather than a one off two hour trial that most clubs run per age group.

Elite Squad is coached by rep coaches and will prepare you for the trials by exposing you to elite skills, increased training tempo and higher expectations then you get at your domestic teams training. Elite Squad is a training program for aspiring representative players & current representative players during the off-season. The training sessions are aimed at improving & maintaining individuals skills/techniques & current fitness levels. The Elite Squad is highly recommended to athletes wishing to gain an edge over competitors before the upcoming Representative Trials.

Elite Squad session run from 4:30 – 5:30pm beginning running for 9 weeks
U12s – Athletes born 1996 & 1997 Sessions will be run on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays
U14s – Athletes born 1994 & 1995 Sessions will be run on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday s
U16s – Athletes born 1992 & 1993 Sessions will be run on Mondays
U18s – Athletes born 1990 & 1991 Sessions will be run on Tuesdays

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Rebecca Reid, Development & Representative Manager on 9906 7877 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and mention you are from SBHS.
Mr Hayman
Basketball MIC

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From the Rugby Master’s Desk

Jason Tassell has informed me of the new deal in the weights room for the rest of the term. I would encourage all rugby players to take up this offer. The Sports Council is considering part of the selection criteria for our 1st and 2nd grade and “A” age group teams in 2007, be the successful completion of an off season strength training program as well as a speed or endurance training program conducted and monitored by Jason. The feeling is that High needs to place a greater value on the 1st grade jersey by rewarding players with perhaps lesser ability but a greater work ethic than more talented players who believe their talent alone is enough.

The price to join the weights room for the second 1/2 of term three as of 25th August will be $20 (usually $35). This will apply to all sports and all age groups and will cover all boys for the two week holiday break at the end of term. During the holiday break the weights room will be approx 3 sessions a week (times to be announced) and only those boys who have begun an authorised program will be allowed to attend. Strict attendance rules will also apply.
G Stein
MIC Rugby

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In the Zone

Last Tuesday SBHS Visual Art classes yr 9-11 went on an excursion to the Biennale of Sydney 2006 “Zones of Contact”. The Biennale is a contemporary art festival that happens every two years and features many artists from all over the globe. This year we visited three of the major venues, The Art Gallery of NSW, The Museum of Contemporary Art and Piers 2/3.

We all arrived bright and early on Tuesday morning at the front steps of the AGNSW and were leaping out of our skin to try and interpret the coded meanings and messages of contemporary Art. Some artworks were not as easy to understand. As we went down a few levels in the AGNSW we saw what seemed to be bricks and rubber hoses suspended from the ceiling. But looking again we could make out an upside down church. It was a bit like the Da Vince code gone wrong. [Congratulations to James Menzies yr 10 for being so clued in and noticed the Antonio Gaudi reference. The Study Day speaker seemed to miss this association altogether]

Some works were easy to understand, for example Antony Gormley’s Asian Field – my favourite artwork which employed the services of about 300Chinese people of all ages to make 210 000 small figures [that’s 700 each] to fill an entire hall at piers 2/3. It was eerie seeing all those thousands of black staring eyes on the figures.

All in all it was a fun day and we returned home all arted out
Josh Bell
Year 9

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Music Notes

Piano Competition
The first ever piano competition at Sydney Boys High has seen so many undiscovered talents. Well done to all the participants who performed at such a high standard. Congratulations to the following students who won in each section.

Senior section
1st: David Chen (yr 11),
2nd: Nathan Kwok (yr 10),
3rd: David Cao (yr 12)
Highly commended: Zhi (George) Zu and Schumann (yr 10)

Junior section
1st: Allen Parameswaran (yr 8),
2nd: Brian Lau (yr 9),
3rd: Jeremy Ireland (yr 9)
Highly commended: Guangzhi Niu (yr 8), Daniel Luo (yr 8), Henry Lu (yr 7), Vivian Le (yr 7), Nathan Kok (yr 7), Samuel Beston (yr 7), and Daniel Li.

Prizes will be given out on the Music awards assembly early next term. Award scheme points apply for all participants.

HSC Music Performance Night
Senior music students will be performing their HSC repertoire next Tuesday the 29th of August in the Great Hall at 6:30pm. Please come along to listen and support their performances.

GPS Concert
Rehearsal for GPS concert will be held on Friday the 1st of September from 2-8pm at Kings School Parramatta with the concert on Saturday the 2nd of September. There will be a bus departing from school at 12:30pm on Friday to Parramatta for the rehearsal. A full schedule will be distributed to the students during this week when we receive more information from the organisers.

Choir Concert Band Symphony Orchestra
Burston Timothy 9 Chan Abraham 9 Aylmer Liam 8
Chan Timothy 7 Deacon Lachlan 11 Brown Alasdair 9
Duffy Patrick 11 Farrow-Palmer Adam 12 Byrnes Julian 9
Hayes Nicholas 10 Freiman Joshua 11 Chen Patrick 11
Hibbert Edward 12 Han James 8 Cheung Brendan 8
Heo Phillip 11 Ho Chung 12 Chow Justin 9
Katsikaros Christian 9 Ho Anthony 10 Dai Jun 10
Kwok Nathan 10 Ji Remi 10 Ireland Jeremy 9
Png Lawrence 9 Kim Albert 10 Jiang Brian 9
Rosza Marcell 7 Wong Matthew 9 Lee John 8
Shao Chong 12 Nguyen William 10 Leung Jeffrey 11
Wang Wayne 11 Pfull Brynley 10 Lieu Nathan 10
Wang Vincent 7 Rosengartenn Toby 10 Lin Kevin 7
Wang David 7 Santoso Johan 9 McKay Caillan 8
Wong Eric 8 Shapilsky Alex 10 Mickovski Kiril 10
      Shen Michael 11 Park Anthony 11
Stage Band Shi David 10 Sun Tom 10
Cerecina Ivan 10 Siu Tim 9 Truong Gary 10
Mehmedbasic Muhamed 10 Sun Marco 10 Yeung Alex 10
Thomas Ashwin 10 Tong Matthew 9 Zhang Schuman 10
  Wilson Thomas 9  
Wong Alan 12
Wong Francis 12
Yang Louis 11
Zu George 10

China Music Tour 2007 Expression of Interest

The Music Department in collaboration with the Australian Chinese Culture & Arts Group will be organising a 16-day music tour to China in the 2007 July holidays. This is a wonderful opportunity for the students to perform in the Beijing International Youth Carnival 2007 with other youth bands from 21 countries worldwide.

As well as participating in the Grand Parade in Wang Fu Jing and the music show of Olympic Opening Music, students will visit renowned tourist sites around Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Nan Jing. The anticipated cost of this tour will be approximately $2000 which includes all meals, accommodation, and entries.

Students and parents interested in coming on the tour need to complete the form below and return to the music staff no later than Friday 1st of September 2006 (Week 7). We will be holding a meeting on Monday 25th of September at 6:30pm in the Great Hall to provide you with more information.

(Please Print)
Student’s Name:    _____________________________________    Roll Class:  ________________
Parent/Guardian Name: ___________________________________________________________________
Phone No. ____________________________    Mobile No. ____________________________________

Email: __________________________________________________________________________________

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Sydney Boys High School Parent/Carer Survey

A Sydney Boys High School Parent/Carer Survey
National Framework for Values Education in Australian Schools
Engaging the School Community – a School Audit

The purpose of this survey is to discover the opinions of parent/carers, teachers and students. Results will be published in the High Notes, distributed to P & C, will guide Values Education curriculum planning and assist with future directions for student welfare and other school/community initiatives.

Responses can be left at the Main Office or emailed to me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Please respond before 1 September to allow time for results to be compiled for the High Community Convocation at Abbotsford on Saturday 9 September.

Thank you for your valued insight.

1 What values are important to you?

2 What values do you think your child should be taught at school? _____________________________________________________________________

3 Does the school support the values that you try to encourage in your child at home? Please explain how/how not.

4 Look at the list of the nine Values for Australian Schooling below. Comment on the extent to which you feel that the school promotes these values.

The Nine Values for Australian Schooling are:

  • Care and Compassion - Care for self and others
  • Doing Your Best - Seek to accomplish something worthy and admirable, try hard, pursue excellence
  • Fair Go - Pursue and protect the common good where all people are treated fairly for a just society
  • Freedom - Enjoy all the rights and privileges of Australian citizenship free from unnecessary interference or control, and stand up for the rights of others
  • Honesty and Trustworthiness - Be honest, sincere and seek the truth
  • Integrity - Act in accordance with principles of moral and ethical conduct, ensure consistency between words and deeds
  • Respect - Treat others with consideration and regard, respect another person’s point of view
  • Responsibility - Be accountable for one’s own actions, resolve differences in constructive, non-violent and peaceful ways, contribute to society and to civic life, take care of the environment
  • Understanding, Tolerance and Inclusion - Be aware of others and their cultures, accept diversity within a democratic society, being included and including others
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High Cricket Bulletin

We are just in two weeks away from our pre-season programme that will get High cricket off to a flying start in our quest to be the fittest, best prepared and competitive school in the GPS Competition this season. Your opportunity is to be part of the best performed GPS sport in the school and to apply yourselves to achieve the highest level in both academics and sport to walk tall at all times proud of your achievements.

To keep you informed of current activities please ensure you diarize all information in this week’s High Notes.

1st.XI COACH APPOINTMENT:- Mr. Hugh Howey has been appointed as the Coach for the 1st.XI and he has already produced an exciting and constructive programme for our potential senior team players. Hugh is an accredited Level 1 Coach and will be introducing a range of new drills and concepts to our senior team training. On behalf of all members of our cricket community we wish Hugh and his charges every success for the coming season

AGM REMINDER:- the AGM for the Cricket Committee is to be held next Wednesday 30th August at 6-0pm in the Common Room which is located in the Main Administration building. The Agenda for the meeting appears on the Cricket Website. Parents, Coaches and players are invited to attend.

GOOD NEWS :- The new cricket nets area is being readied for a start on construction by the second week in September. We have been advised that we will have full use of the nets for the start of Term 4. The nets will have 4 wickets with retractable nets with storage boxes and a net roof cover. The surface will be synthetic turf and 7 metre run-ups will also be turfed. As a result of this construction period, where net sessions are programmed net for the Open Squad and age teams, bookings will be made at the SCG Indoor Centre until the nets are available at school.

TRIAL MATCHES:- During the 3rd Term vacation Trial matches are programmed for the Open Squad consisting of potential players for our 1st and 2nd XIs. The 1st.XI will play a N.Z. Grammar School on Wednesday 4th.October at Kensington Oval and Waverley College 1st.XI on Wednesday 11th.October at Snape Oval. On Tuesday 10th October the 2nd.XI squad will play The Armidale School at Kensington Oval. Please diarize these fixtures as it will be the last opportunity for all Open Squad players to put themselves in front of the Selection panel for spots in the two senior XIs.

CRICKET CAMP: - The cricket Camp will be conducted over the last weekend of Term 3 with players living in the Abbotsford Rowing facility. Players will move into camp at 5-0pm on Friday 29th.September for a 6-0pm start and be involved in conditioning, fielding, batting and bowling sessions during the weekend. The Camp will conclude on Sunday afternoon 1st October. Further details will be supplied during our pre-season training in respect to cost and arrangements.
We will also be looking for Parents to assist at the camp in the preparation of meals for the boys and to be available over the weekend. If you are in a position to assist please contact me by Email so that a roster can be arranged to facilitate an even workload.

DRESS STANDARD & EQUIPMENT: - All players are reminded that correct sports attire is required ant Wednesday and Thursday Sport afternoons and those failing to address this will be subjected to other activities than cricket.

Dress standards will be enforced when we are utilizing the SCG Indoor nets during sports days and at additional Open Squad practices until our new nets are available, to ensure that we do not receive adverse comments on the presentation of players at some of our group practices during last season. Players are representatives of High and we are judged by the manner in which we conduct ourselves by our cricketing peers.

This season all players will require individual bats, batting gloves and protectors on sports days and at team practices and ALL items should have players names on such items in case of left items. We are investigating a locker system so bats can be stored at school in lieu of being carried on public transport when not required elsewhere.

CENTRE WICKET SELECTION TRIALS:- there have been many queries on these trials as to what they are and whether they need to be attended particularly by year 7 and 8 cricketers. These trials are played in a match format and players are nominated to bat and bowl whilst involved in a “real cricket game” by our coaches who can then assess a grading for teams. These trials allow us to observe how players operate when batting, running between wickets, bowling and fielding under the pressure one can normally expect in our GPS matches. It is in your interest to attend these to ensure you make the team you believe you should be selected in.
Laurie Heil
MIC Cricket

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SHS/SGS Invitation Athletics

ES Marks 19 Saturday August, 2006
It was perfect weather for athletics on 19 August as Sydney Boys High and Sydney Grammar co-hosted the invitational carnival at ES Marks.

Overall, the effort was very good with many boys taking podium finishes in their respective events. A special congratulation must go to the Athletics Captain, Roger Burrell, who not only won the Opens Discus, but also broke the school record with a throw of 39.45.

To all the athletes, I urge you to get to the training sessions and compete at all the invitational carnivals. This is one of the best ways to get ready for the GPS Finals. Mr Devlin has gone out of his way to organise specialised training to increase our performance. TJ is also running sprint trainings twice weekly which will enhance our overall proformance.

Thanks goes out to teachers Mr Codey, Mr Gainford, Mr Creer, Mr Baldock, Mr Barris and Mr Hannon who helped out on Saturday, aswell as Mr Burrell, Mrs Taylor, Mr & Mrs Denny-Smith, Mr & Mrs Morrow, Mrs Masalsehdani, Mr Karunaratna, Mrs Street, and Mrs Hui.

Thanks also goes out to students, Ziggy Harrison-Tikisci, Toby Rosengarten, Anthony Morris, Kelvin Yu, Raymond Rocca, Blaise Prentice-Davidson, Harry Song , Jeremy Luscombe, Bill Sun, Sabeeh Hussain, Michael Coutts, Matthew Coutts, Max Keldoulis and Richard Xu.

Congratulations to the following athletes for making it to State and to James Barker for his new record.

Age Event Name Place Time, Distance or Height
13 100m Shadman Ali 1st 12.40
15 200m Lachlan Street 2nd 24.83
16 800m Ty Linegar  1st 2:07.91
15 Hurdles Lachlan Street  2nd 17.60
17 Hurdles Dakshika Gunaratne   2nd 17.1h
15 & u 200m Hurdles Daniel Lo       2nd 31.04
13 HJ Chris Morrow   2nd 1.55m
12 LJ Michael Phung   1st 4.76m
17 SP Roger Burrell   1st 14.51m
17 DISCUS Roger Burrell   1st 38.79m
13 4×400           2ND 51.94
15 4×400          1ST 47.66
 17  1500 New Regional Record
James Barker
 1st  9:16.31R

Joshua Hui
Junior Vice-Captain of Athletics

Results from the SHS/SGS invitational

Surname             Given Name Age 100 200 400 800 1500 3000 hurdles SP LJ HJ
ALI SHADMAN 13 12.15 25.15                
BESTON SAMUEL 13 15.42 31             3.3  
CABANILLA BRANDON 13 attended                
CHANDRA DENNY 12 15 competed              
CHEUNG DOMINIC 13 12.12 29                
GARAYALDE GABRIEL 12 14.19 competed              
GUNARATNE KUMADIKA 12 15.2           17.66   3.6  
LI BENJAMIN 13 14.6 31             4.26  
LIU YIXIN 13 13.21             9.19 3.96  
LU KEVIN 13       2.38            
LUO DANIEL 13         5.49          
MA DAVID 13               9.93    
MA ROBERT 13                 3.31  
MORROW CHRIS 13     1.07       15.87 7.33   1.4
OVADIA ERIC 13         6.34          
PAN CARL 13   competed              
PANNILA PASAN 12         5.4          
PHUNG Michael 12   29.6             4.16  
QIU EDWARD 13 13.77             9.18 4.12 1.3
TRANG DEREK 13               8.84 4.69 1.4
WANG MICHAEL 13               9.98    
WONG MICHAEL 13 13.45 28.5             3.7  
YE ANDREW 13 13.18   1.04              
YOON MARTIN 13 15.25 29.9             4.11  
CHEN BARRY 14 13.03 27.18           10.42 4.45  
DARCY SAM 14   27.2             4.25  
DENNY-SMITH GEORGE 14               12.21    
IRELAND JEREMY 14         5.06          
LANE HARRISON 14         4.56          
LIANG JUSTIN 14 13.82                  
NGUYEN JIM 14   30.25     5.34          
RAJENDRAM JEREMY 14                 4.5  
SHENG KEVIN 14 12.2 24.5 59.8         6.53 3.51  
COHN JASON 15 13.6   1.03              
FU DANNY 15 12.2               5.22  
HUI JOSHUA 15 12.2 25.8                
LIM KANG 15 13.2 27.2                
LING MATTHEW 15       2.17            
LIVINGSTON JOEL 15 13.35 25.1                
LO DANIEL 15 12.65 26.5         18.1   4.35 1.5
NAM DAVID 15 competed                
NGUYEN KENT 15 11.9 competed              
RIDGES NELSON 15 12.5 competed              
RUSLI MATTHEW 15 competed 1.04              
STREET LACHLAN 15 11.75 competed 59.2       16.6 12.7 5.22  
VU MARK 15                   1.5
DENG EDWARD 16 13.89                  
DEVAPIRIAM RICHARD 16 13.87                  
KANDASAMY ARUNAN 16 12.65                  
LINEGAR TY 16       2.06            
LO GEORGE 16   25.1                
NG DANNY 16   26.3               1.45
WASON SUNDEEP 16 13   1.06              
YANG LOUIS 16 competed       10th        
CASTLETON THOMAS 17       2.22   5th        
GUNARATNE DAKSHIKA 17 12           16   5.59  
JIN FRANK 17                 6.2  
KARUNARATNE ROSHAN 17                 5.68  
LEVANIC NIKOLA 17       2.24            
LUSCOMBE JEREMY 17 attended                
MASALEHDANI MICHAEL 17       competed          
SHUTTLEWORTH AARON 17   24.4                
BURRELL ROGER 18 CO competed              
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Year 8 Parent Group

An Invitation to Year 8 Parents
The Term 3 meeting of the Year 8 Parent Group will be held on Wednesday, 30 August at 7:30 pm in the Staff Common Room (near the School Office). Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.

Ms C Walles, the Year 8 Advisor will be speaking to the meeting giving an update on Year 8.

Parent Group meetings are an ideal opportunity to meet other parents in your son’s year, raise questions, make suggestions and air any concerns you may have. Any specific agenda items may be emailed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it before 5 pm Monday 28 August.
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Mentoring of New Parents

We wish to start a new project to be sponsored by the P & C and the Year Groups at SBHS and supported by Dr Jaggar. The aim is to have every parent of a new boy starting at the School matched up with a Mentoring Parent already at the School.

We hope to launch this project with the new intake of students in 2007.

The purpose is to provide new parents with an informal contact person who will welcome them into the School Community and is available to them to help them through the difficulties encountered in their first year at the School.

The scheme will hopefully remain informal without a lot of structure and will depend for its success on the enthusiasm of the Mentors.

We will need 60-180 parents every year to be involved.

To join the group, please send your details to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

or fill in the form below and return to the Principal’s Assistant.

Name: ______________________________________________________

Email address: _____________________________________________

Contact phone home: ________________________________________

Contact phone mobile: ______________________________________

I will talk about this at the International Night on September 9 and have more detailed handouts.

We hope to workshop the project by the end of Term 3.
Call Charles Ovadia on (H) 9386 1221 for more details
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From the Canteen

Food for Thought...

Hot breakfasts now available from 8:30AM

Hot Chocolate - $1.00
Ham & Cheese Croissants - $2.20
Cheese & Bacon Buns - $2.20
Toasted Cheese - $2.00
Toasted Cheese & Tomato - $2.20

Start the day with a hearty breakfast and order lunch at the same time!

Canteen Supervisor Required for SBHS

Christine is off on long service leave for the whole of Term 4.
We are seeking a relief supervisor to work 35 hours over 4 days at above Award rates

Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Or Fax 9349 8408
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Attention all artists and writers

Art and Writing Competition
National Refugee Week
Triumphant International (www.triumphant.org.au) is calling for Australian school students to share their stories of refugee triumph by entering the 2006 National Refugee Week Writing and Artwork Competition.

Students are encouraged to write about, or express through art, their experiences in coming out to Australia as refugees, creating a life in Australia as refugees and receiving refugees into their communities. The competition, run in cooperation with Friends of STARTTS (www.startts.org) is open to all students and entries close 29 September.

Selected entries from the competition will be announced during National Refugee Week (22-28 October) celebrations to be held in Sydney's CBD. An all day event will celebrate the lives of refugees in Australia and provides refugees with a unique opportunity to showcase their talents through various mediums of expression including art, music, dance and film. For further competition details and to enter please visit http://www.triumphant.org.au/index.html.

Will any students entering the art component please advise Ms May
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SBHS Debating 2006

ALL GPS RESULTS are NOW ONLINE at http://www.sydneyhigh.org.au/debating/results.shtml 

Boys who are in teams next week (TBA shortly) for the final round of GPS at Kings are offered a ride to the debate on the school bus. The bus will depart from school at 4.15pm and return at the conclusion of the Firsts debate (we should be back at school by 10pm). The return journey is optional. Anyone catching the bus must have a permission note returned to me (notes will be issued in coaching on 25/08/06).

To all the boys, especially David and Ashwin Rudder and Roel and Paulo Castillo, for their help with setting up and unsetting the hall last week for the Firsts Debate. Also to a big thanks to Alice Paul who has so adeptly co-ordinated the suppers this year. We have an excellent reputation amongst the GPS schools for having one of the best suppers around! Thanks to all the parents who help out each week in putting the “food on the table” etc!

A contribution towards the gifts for coaches of at least $10 is required from ALL BOYS who are debating this year. This includes those who are not debating in teams but have attended training sessions on a regular basis and is regardless of whether you are attending the dinner. This year approx. 20 weeks of coaching have been offered to debaters- a donation of $10 towards a coach’s gift makes the training sessions 50 cents per week. Please take your contribution to the office by THIS FRIDAY marked as a "Debating Coaches Contribution".

The next meeting is Tuesday September 12th at 6.30pm in the Teachers Common Room. One of the last meetings for 2006- We encourage all debating parents (especially those with sons in year 7, 8 and 9) to attend and to become involved in supporting your sons debating “career”!

Ms Jocelyn Brewer
MIC Debating

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The 2006 Debating Dinner

Traditionally the Debating Dinner is held on the Saturday after the final GPS debate and celebrates the strength of debating talent at High - 2006 will be no exception. This year the dinner will feature a comedy/fun debate starring our coaches and Year 12 debaters, with parents providing their expert adjudication skills to decide the winner.

This year’s Debating Dinner is being held on
Saturday September 2nd in the Great Hall at 6pm.
The cost of the dinner will be $30 per adult/student. A special price for siblings under 10 years of age has been negotiated at $20.


Payment for the dinner can be made at the main office. NO bookings can be accepted after this date as catering numbers must be finalised.

Detach the form below -- pay your money at the main office -- take the slip to Miss Brewer

Student  Name   _________________________________
Year/Roll class __________

Number of adults attending  ______ @ $30 = _________

Number of U/10 attending    ______ @ $20 = _________
TOTAL Number of people      ______ TOTAL $ _________
___  Do you have any special dietary requirements? Vegetarian?

___  YES! I can you help on the day with setting up the hall, table decorations etc. 

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Sydney Girls High School Open Night

Wednesday 6 September 2006
4:00pm - 8:00pm

4:00 to 6:30 pm - Exhibitions/Displays/Performances
6:30 to 7:00 pm -  Official Welcome in School Hall Musical /Dance Performances
7:00 to 8:00 pm - Fashion Parade

  • Computer Workshops
  • Debates
  • Science Demonstrations
  • Drama Performances
  • Latin Recitations
  • Art Exhibition
  • Exhibits by all Faculty and Co curricular Groups
  • Performances by Music Ensembles
  • Coffee Shop and Asian Food Bazaar (4:00 - 6:30 pm)
    The School Canteen will also be open

Anzac Parade, Surry Hills 2010
: 9360 9702
Phone: 9331 2336 / 9331 1627
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Website: www.sghs.nsw.edu.au
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SBHS International Family Night

Join us on Saturday 9 September at 6pm in the SBHS Great Hall for a fabulous night of food and entertainment for your whole family.

The Price:
per head for adults
$12 per head for children 12 years and under.

This price covers the cost of your meal - no fundraising margin is included in the ticket cost. To keep costs down the event is BYO.

The evening will feature:

  • a fabulous three course meal including foods from different countries
  • dance exhibitions from different countries
  • games
  • insights from former students on the importance of family involvement to their time at High and beyond
  • a raffle with a generously donated artwork as first prize

Tickets are available from the front office

Student name: _________________________   Roll call : ________                 
Telephone contact (daytime) : ________________________________

Number of adult tickets:  _____

Number of child tickets:  _____ (12 years and under)
Type of payment:  __ Cheque*    __ Cash        __ Credit Card 
Card Type:        __ Bankcard   __ MasterCard  __ Visa
Card Number:      _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _
Total amnt paid: $__________
Cardholder’s Name:  _____________________________          
                            [please print]

Cardholder’s Signature: __________________________  Bus. Phone: _________________
Expiry Date:  ____  /  ____
*Cheques should be made payable to Sydney Boys High School

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From the High Store

Spoil Your Father on FATHER’S DAY & Support Your School

Sunday 3 September 2006

  • Supporters Polo Fleece
  • Fold up Chair with Carry Case & SBHS Logo
  • Van Heusen Business Shirts - (assorted colours & sizes, neck size required)
  • SBHS Cuff Links
  • SBHS Golf Umbrella

For more information call Michelle on 9331 7075 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Open Monday to Wednesday & Friday between 10.30am and 1.30pm
Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners cards accepted
Please make cheques payable to: High Store

The Sydney High School Foundation Inc.
“working together for our school”

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