High Notes, Vol 7 No 23, August 04 2006

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From the Principal

High Talent
Congratulations to Eric Luu (Year 11) who recently won a medal in the ICAS Writing Competition for the highest mark in his Year level in the state. Well done to Beau Greenslade who progressed through to the Regional final in the Legacy Junior Plain English Speaking Contest. An impressive effort by 7A debating to win the Barker Cup in the Junior division of the UTS debating competition. Well done to Nikhil Autar, Paulo Castillo, Samir Kinger and Ashwin Rudder. Well done to Nicholas Ng (12) whose entry in the Mosman Youth Awards for Literature was short listed.

Parents as Mentors
Proposal Dr Ovadia proposed at the last P & C meeting that the school community could profitably implement a Parent Mentor program. Its purpose would be to support parents of new students, to increase their engagement in the life of the school. The outcome could be that parents and their sons derive “maximum satisfaction and joy” during their time at High. High has a “population of wonderfully diverse ethnic background” but many parents do not have a developed understanding of how a school like High operates. Also, in primary school the focus of communication between school and the student is via the parent. Parents decide on excursions, co-curricular activities and sports taken by their children. In secondary school this focus shifts to the student. Parents of Years 7 and 8 students particularly can feel alienated because many things happen to their sons without reference to them. Teenagers become independent, rely more on their peer groups and tend to become less communicative with their parents. Parents of students entering the school in later years have to adapt to a new environment and culture rapidly. The point was made that it is not only the child who grows during a High secondary education experience, but also the parent.

To ease the arrival of new parents, every new family would be provided with a Mentor Parent. Such a mentor parent would look after up to four families. Given our annual intake approaches 215, the scheme would need 55 to 60 parents to be involved. Ethnic, linguistic or co-curricular interest pairings would be ideal. The Mentor Parent would act as a conduit of important and trivial information, as a propagandist for the school, and as an intermediary or support person in dealing with authority figures and administration hierarchy.

Mentor Parents might be trained and debriefed at P & C or Year Group meetings, thereby adding more purpose and relevance to those meetings. A checklist of necessary information or concerns could be created for specific academic Years and useful feedback to the Principal might result in improved school practices or process. I fully support this proposal and commend it strongly to the School Family. I hope that the P & C and its sub-committees, along with the Year Groups, organise their networks and volunteers to serve this potentially very beneficial proposal.

Cyber Bullying
Staff and parents are urged to be sensitive to signs of cyber bullying in students under their supervision. A recent UK study suggests that up to 20% of children aged 11-16 have been subjected to cyber bullying. Cyber bullying can be a suspension offence at High. Students who spend inappropriate amounts of time online in interactive forums are susceptible as possible victims or are more likely to be perpetrators.

The Big Debate
On Friday night High hosted arch rival St Ignatius College in GPS debating. In the 7A contest High successfully advanced the proposition that junk food advertising should be banned from TV. Nikhil, Ashwin and Paulo stuck to their line that young children are bombarded by TV advertising, leading them into bad eating habits that may be sustained throughout their lives. Moreover, toys used as giveaways with food sales, with the addition of ‘pester power’ from children, induced parents to allow their children to eat too much junk food. Iggies were overwhelmed.

In first grade, the Great Hall was full of anticipation with a crowd of 150 or more adding to the emotion charged atmosphere. St Ignatius supported the statement that the international community should condemn Israel’s attacks on Lebanon. Not content with “attacks”, Riverview defined Israel’s actions as “invasion”. They argued that Israel’s recent military strikes: have produced a humanitarian crisis in Lebanon; are killing more civilians than enemy militia; are contrary to international law respecting sovereign states; are disproportionate responses to the kidnapping of two soldiers; are indiscriminate in targeting UN and Red Cross personnel and facilities; are likely to lead to wider conflict involving Syria or Iran; have zero likelihood of defeating an amorphous, cellular organisation like Hezbollah; are not the best way to prevent attacks on its soil; are harmful to Israel’s future as they harden the Lebanese people’s resolve to support Hezbollah; are examples of the discredited policy of unilateralism in international affairs; and do not further the cause of the war on terror because they are creating stronger resistance to the West seen by the Arab world as Israel’s supporters.

Our High negative: upheld Israel’s right to defend itself against attack; declared that Israel needed to stop Hezbollah now after many years of its terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians; asserted that most civilian casualties in southern Lebanon were caused by Hezbollah using civilians as shields near its rocket launching sites; declared that Israel had been pushed into a diplomatic hole and condemning the state would harden its resolve to take unilateral action to solve the crisis; suggested cautioning Israel against use of excessive force and urging restraint in respect of civilian targets would be more appropriate than condemnation; argued that Israel had the necessary intelligence, military power and commitment to defeat Hezbollah; stated that negotiation after the 2000 withdrawal from occupied border territory had not solved the problem of the Islamic Resistance military wing of Hezbollah attempting to destroy the Jewish state; and that UN resolution 1559 needed to be implemented.

The debate’s advantage swung from side to side and the speeches were of very high quality. In a split decision, the debate was awarded to Riverview, apparently on the basis that the conflict had a history from 1982 to 2000 suggesting a military solution was unlikely; and that arguments had to be differentiated by what Israel should do or Hezbollah should do or indeed the Lebanese Government should do, as against what the international community should do – condemn Israel or not. I could not readily connect the logic of the adjudication to the arguments I had heard. However, I do know that I was very proud of the performance and demeanour of Romesh, Sriram and Faraz who really could not have performed better. They were gracious and gentlemanly in defeat.
Dr K Jaggar
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Charities – Mufti Day

August 11th 2006 Sydney Boys High School Year 8 nominated charity Jeans for Genes will be supported with a mufti day on Friday, August 11th. On that day students are expected to donate $2 at roll call to assist in fundraising for the charity. In addition Charity Committee students will be selling Cancer Council merchandise such as rings at $3 each, double helix badges $5 and jeans badges for $4. It is hoped that students will purchase items at recess and lunchtime to raise funds for this very worthy cause.
S Plummer
Charities Coordinator

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From the Canteen

Food for Thought

Did you know that our sandwiches, bread rolls, wraps, fruit salads (and much more) are freshly made on the premises every day by the canteen staff plus a host of volunteer parents, grandparents and friends?

Did you also know that our wonderful band of volunteers enables your canteen to provide healthy, nutritious, fresh food at competititve prices?

And were you aware that all profits from the Canteen are returned to the high school via the P&C for your benefit?

Now you know
From the Canteen Team
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Volleyball - 1st Grade

It was another usual GPS game, this time however, against Newington. The game began the same way every other GPS game started, with us taking an easy early lead. After a bit of complacency, we let the Newington boys catch up, and found ourselves tied at 21 all in the opening set. The High boys rallied and managed to win 4 consecutive points, winning that first set 25-21.

The second set was a different story; beautiful volleyball from all members involved, saw High take a quick set. Good blocking from Hans (Warren) and good scrambling to pick up balls from Dizon and Jamie allowed High to maintain the lead and win the set comfortably.

Similar to the second set, the third set saw more beautiful volleyball from all members of the first grade team. Excellent service and spike reception from Dizzy, Ping and Jim led to gravity defying spikes from Vic and Olly Jow. These were a result of incredible sets from Alex of course.
Sam Lee
First Grade El Capitan

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Rugby Committee Meeting Summary

The fifth meeting of the SBHS Rugby Committee for 2006 season was held on 26/7/06. The following is a summary of the meeting:

Attended: Rob Fetherston, Judy Fetherston, Kel O’Keefe, Adrian Vertoudakis, Christina Chow, Serdar Bolen, Tom Miller, Ben Friis-O’Toole, Geoff Stein.

Apologies: Andrea Freiman.

Fairland Pavilion Supplies – Laurie Heil has purchased more cups and saucers for the kitchen.

High Team Gradings – Whilst there is no extra unmatched fixtures meeting this year, we have been able to arrange an extra 13 years game against Grammar’s 13Ds. This will allow every player to have a whole game.

Treasurer’s Report was tabled. Current account prior to meeting was $7644.45. The Shore School wash out hurt us financially as we only have four home games this season. Matt Bowman has requested his $2.5K for last term be paid. Expenses for the English school visit during the holidays were tabled.

Senior Rugby Dinner – Family Affair Caterers to be hired, same menu as 2005. $220 deposit required. Ticket price set at $25/person. Guest list was agreed upon.

Junior Rugby Dinner – Six D caterers to be booked. Ticket price set at $20/person. Possibility of a raffle as a fund-raiser.

High Rugby Friends – 50 members have signed up. Website up and running with 8000 page visits and 1200 unique visits. Should have 30 – 40 people at the Grammar game.

Next Meeting Wed. 30 August 2006, 6.00 pm in Room 901. All welcome.

G. Stein
MIC Rugby

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NSW All Schools Cross Country

A very wet and cold day saw the best runners in the state fight it out at the NSW All Schools Cross Country championships at Eastern Creek last Friday. In less than ideal conditions, one can only imagine how wet and slippery the conditions were with many people in all races dropping out due to injury sustained during the race. Competitors were literally covered in mud at the end of their races in true testament to finishing off what they started.

The day had its ups and downs, but special mention must go to our Cross Country Captain, James Barker, who finished with a Superb 7th place overall. He started the race in a rather slow manner and built up fantastically, overtaking many competitors over the first mile or so and remained in cruise control for the remainder of the race. To his credit, he was selected as the first reserve for NSW to compete at the national cross country championships later this month at Hobart.

The over talked about U17s school team lived up to expectations finishing 3rd in the state, with all competitors receiving bronze medals for their efforts. Ali Amin led the team out even though he was tripped over at the very start of the race and slipped another 3 times during the race! Roshan Karunatrne, Tom Castleton and Michael Masahlehdani had solid runs to bring us home with the bronze.

Ty Linegar unfortunately didn’t run to expectation. However, you couldn’t blame him due to the disastrous conditions he was facing. Our only junior representative Harrison Lane competed valiantly even though he has a broken arm, however, it was fair to say it wasn’t his day, as mud fell into his cast at the beginning of the race, which really put him off…

All in all, I thought we had a good day at Eastern Creek. However, with continued training in the junior years; we will be more competitive at state level.
Ali Amin
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Basketball Opportunities

Are You Interested in Playing Basketball in America on a Holiday Tour?! Or College Scholarship?!
The Springwood Association in Western Sydney is organising a tour to the states. Bill Fischer (President) is setting the tour up for their Association. He works for Fox Sports and has a son who coached at SBHS last season (Daniel).

Springwood has Boys & Girls teams travelling together and require at least 3 more players for each team. They are really keen to get more on board soon. They would like decent players from juniors up to 19 years old. This is a fantastic opportunity for any player to travel, play & make new friends. They have adult male and female coaches/supervision. I have done a tour with David before and really enjoyed the experience.

Brief initial tour Details:

  • Travel to Washington State & California. The tour schedule is set with 9 games vs High Schools including a tournament before New Years.
  • Tour Departs just after Christmas and returns 17JAN. Flying Qantas and Alaska Airlines. A few games in and around Seattle after New Years. Then East over the mountain pass for a few games.
  • Travel to LA for fun at Disney, NBA, Shopping etc. Then arrive home on the 17th. Accommodation is a combination of Billet and Hotel.
  • Cost is around $4750, includes travel insurance, travel bags, tour gear, game gifts, some other stuff..
  • Likely to be a fuel surcharge.
  • This is not a school activity


David Greenberg Aussie Basketball Travellers, 2on1, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , www.allaussie.com.au  Tel: 02 9972 4610 Mob: 0414 955 500

I recently received the email below with regard to College Scholarships. I am sure opportunities like this will be available for athletes who are enthusiastic and talented enough in future years. A few boys at our school could apply for this opportunity but many of your younger boys are looking like they might have what it takes in the future.

Hope all is well. We are still looking for some high-level players. We are an NCAA Division II school. We have great facilities, staff, resources, and play several Division I’ teams next season.

At this time we are looking for a couple of post players. We can survive with undersized post in our system. Depending on an NCAA ruling we could be looking for a guard and/or wing after August 8th.

If you know of anyone we would appreciate the help. It is a great situation here. Full-scholarship available.

Thanks and let us know if we can do anything for you.

Take care, Coach Kurt Young, Assistant Men's Basketball Coach. Arkansas Tech University
B. Hayman
Basketball Master

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Ski Team 2006

Every year Sydney Boys High sends a team down to the Interschools Snowsports Championships to compete against the best skiers and schools in the Sydney region. This year’s ski trip had its highs and lows, but much High spirit.

The trip began on an early Monday morning, the first day of the second week of the holidays. The ski team and our wonderful skiing master, Mr. Kesting, and friendly bus driver, Mr. Tiedgen, assembled at the school gym at 7:30 am. Although it was early, the team was already excited with high expectations. The trip to the snow is quite long, and including two food stops, we arrived at our lodge in Jindabyne at 3 pm. After the tiring bus trip, we settled down for a relaxing dinner and calm night.

An early morning wake up call (6 am) was given by the seniors to the rest of the members of the team. The first day skiing was a great day for all with snow falling and creating a beautiful setting for the SBHS ski trip. The snow continued for another day.

Most schools head down to the Interschools just for the races. High however is different. Whereas the members of other school teams go down individually, Sydney High goes as a team, not only to compete and win, but also to have fun. Above all we go with the High spirit, as shown by our results:

The Division 3 team recorded strong results in Skiercross with James Whiting recording a rank of 25th and Michael Ambrose achieving the rank of 33rd in the Sydney division. Strong results were also posted by Ari Gabo (ranked 39th) and Oliver Sabau (ranked 44th). Equally strong results were achieved in the Alpine event.

The Division 2 team, made up of Matthew Ling, Harry Reid, and Oliver Sabau, skied valiantly and achieved competent results in the Alpine event. Unfortunately Roy Chen was unable to compete due to a concussion he received in a skiing accident the day before.

The senior teams entered the Alpine competition with great expectations and delivered sensationally with excellent results from Ty Linegar and Harry Walker, however we were unable to progress through to the State finals. All members of the senior teams raced exceptionally well and ranked well in competition. The Division 1 Moguls team entered the competition with low expectations due to the stiff competition that we were up against. However, with outstanding results by Ty Linegar, who came 8th, and James Tiedgen, who came 16th and with myself finishing 23rd we were able to qualify for entrance to the State titles.

Due to the fact that snow was an endangered resource during our trip to Perisher Blue, we automatically qualified for State titles in Skiercross. State titles will be held in week 6 this term.

The trip ended with an inspiring speech from Mr Kesting, emphasizing High spirit and High boys’ amazing ability to overcome adversity. This however was Mr Kesting’s last ski trip after 10 years as MIC Skiing and he will be sorely missed. Thank you for your great guidance. Mr Tiedgen was also a great help and friendly face; thank you for your help and for driving the bus and finally, thank you to all the boys and parents who came and enjoyed this immensely wonderful trip.
Joshua Freiman
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Volleyball Report

On the thirtieth of July, the under sixteens went to Newington. At the beginning we realised that several of our team members have gone missing due to other commitments. 2nd grade also had several missing members, so hence without causing a commotion; we combined the two teams in order to play our match.

The first two sets went by very quickly, High winning those with points to spare. Jordon smashed several horrible spikes (for the other team) gaining us more points. Matt Chan, our libero would have made all liberos proud by suppling us with endless perfect passes. Steven Ke found endless places to place the ball, without the other team knowing.

Then, in the third set we suddenly lost focus with common mistakes. However Shorson managed to pull some of his super serves from his sleeve which we have not seen before, but we lost the set by a just two points. Still we fought on with Daniel Shan hitting several amazing spikes, set by Zid, which found the floor instantly. From then on perhaps our remaining strength slowly ebbed away by the demoralisation of the score board, even with first grade supporting us. In the end, we lacked in points for us to gain victory, but either way the 2nds and the Under sixteens found things to improve on for matches to come.
Sam Wan
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Music Notes

Jazz Workshop
The Jazz workshop held last Friday was a wonderful success with inspiring performances by the clinicians (Blain Whittaker on Alto Sax., Nielsen Gough on Trumpet, Karl Dewhurst on Electric Guitar and our very own Drum tutor, Paul Joseph on Kit). The Stage bands learned a great deal from these jazz professionals who work regularly with James Morrison, John Morrison and Paul Grabowsky.

Jazz group
Congratulations to our Jazz Group (Yr 11: Alex Vertoudakis and Richie Xu, and Yr 10: Muhamed Mehmedbasic, Ashwin Thomas and Ivan Cerecina) who got through the auditions for the Sydney Region Music Festival. They will be performing at the Sydney Opera House on Tuesday the 5th of September in the Concert Hall (7pm). Tickets are available to the public through the box office or online from the Opera House from the 19th of July (Adults $26 and Concession $16). Please come along and support our Jazz Group and listen to other outstanding ensembles from schools around Sydney.

Piano Competition
The first annual Sydney Boys High Piano Competition is now underway with many great talents being discovered. We have been very impressed with the performances of the juniors this week and look forward to the senior section next week. The competition is held in the Great Hall at lunchtimes and we encourage all to come and listen to these fantastic performances.

Senior Stage Band
The Senior Stage Band’s performance at the Sydney Maritime Museum’s Music Festival will be shown on the Sunday Arts program (4-5pm), ABC channel within the next few weeks. Stay tuned to for more information on their fantastic performance.

Sydney University
It was recently announced that students who wish to study medicine have a new pathway into the course at Sydney University. If they successfully complete a Bachelor of Music they can proceed into medicine. It is a recognition of the important skills of memory and fine motor coordination along with self discipline.

Music Parking
Thank you to all the students and parents who helped out at last Sunday’s music parking. It was a busy day with funds raised towards music purchases, workshops, and instrumental repairs and purchases.

GPS Music Ensemble Members
to the following boys have been selected to perform in the 2006 GPS concert to be held on Saturday the 1st of September at The Kings School, Parramatta. There will be rehearsals all day on Friday 1st September and on the morning of Saturday 2nd prior to the concert. We will keep students and parents updated on times closer to the date.

Choir Concert Band Symphony Orchestra
Burston Timothy 9 Chan Abraham 9 Aylmer Liam 8
Chan Timothy 7 Deacon Lachlan 11 Brown Alasdair 9
Duffy Patrick 11 Farrow-Palmer Adam 12 Byrnes Julian 9
Hayes Nicholas 10 Freiman Joshua 11 Chen Patrick 11
Hibbert Edward 12 Han James 8 Cheung Brendan 8
Heo Phillip 11 Ho Chung 12 Chow Justin 9
Katsikaros Christian 9 Ho Anthony 10 Dai Jun 10
Kwok Nathan 10 Ji Remi 10 Ireland Jeremy 9
Png Lawrence 9 Kim Albert 10 Jiang Brian 9
Rosza Marcell 7 Matthew Matthew 9 Lee John 8
Shao Chong 12 Nguyen William 10 Leung Jeffrey 11
Wang Wayne 11 Pfull Brynley 10 Lieu Nathan 10
Wang Vincent 7 Rosengartenn Toby 10 Lin Kevin 7
Wang David 7 Santoso Johan 9 McKay Caillan 8
Wong Eric 8 Shapilsky Alex 10 Mickovski Kiril 10
      Shen Michael 11 Park Anthony 11
Stage Band   Shi David 10 Sun Tom 10
Cerecina Ivan 10 Siu Tim 9 Truong Gary 10
Mehmedbasic Muhamed 10 Sun Marco 10 Yeung Alex 10
Thomas Ashwin 10 Tong Matthew 9 Zhang Schuman 10
      Wilson Thomas 9      
      Wong Alan 12      
      Wong Francis 12      
      Yang Louis 11      
      Zu George 10      

Music performance
The end of Term 2 concluded a busy performance schedule for the boys in the performance music program. Music Camp was a major activity for all the boys – involving them in 3 days intensive music making culminating in a highly successful and well attended concert. The next Saturday evening was our Cabaret night featuring all the Stage and Jazz bands, with special guest, the Senior Concert Band and Choir performing a selection of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s showstoppers together.

The following week being Education Week had Years 11 and 12 performing solo works with spectacular success at Eastgardens. Meanwhile, the Jazz group was kept busy performing at the Surry Hills Music Festival. The Senior Stage Band performed at the Maritime Museum which was recorded by the ABC and will be broadcast in the near future on the Sunday Arts Program.

The Jazz group has been invited to perform at the Opera House in September after submitting a video audition. Our Jazz/Rock group, Three Tonne Tare, has submitted a recording of their performance to the School Torque program featured on SBS television on Thursday afternoons.

Within the school, boys have performed solos in Tutor Soirees, and in performance and composition workshops with Sydney Girls High. A variety of Concert and Stage bands have played at school and Year assemblies, with each level of band appropriate to the assembly.

The above mentioned piano competition has brought performance opportunities for boys who do not normally have the opportunity to play or compete in a public forum.

Year 12 are now approaching the HSC Trial Performance exams, recording of their own mandatory compositions, and in early September, the HSC Performances. They are working extremely hard in their musical studies and we wish them every success in the HSC.

In all performances this year there has been a heightened profile of the boys and the school because of the prestige of the venues and the audiences in attendance.

The music department is developing a broad spectrum of opportunities for all boys to perform at every level. There are a number of boys who take the opportunity to rehearse and perform in ensembles such as the Performing Arts Unit Orchestras, Concert and Jazz Bands and we have representation in the Sydney Youth Orchestra, with one of our students travelling to Spain in the last holidays on a performance tour. SBHS has been invited to travel to China in July 2007 as part of the Olympic Cultural Festival. This offer was made after the organiser attended our camp Concert. This will be a wonderful opportunity to be involved in a cultural exchange at this level.

We hope that all parents of boys in the program attend performances both at the school and outside, to encourage and support their endeavours and see the high standard of music that is prepared and performed on all occasions.
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Year 7 Immunisation Program 2006

Vaccinations for Year 7 students will take place on Tuesday 8 August when a team of specially trained registered nurses will be visiting the school. The following vaccines will be administered -

  • Hepatitis B – second dose for students who received their first dose earlier in the year. Boys who received the first dose will be issued with parent information kits. Please complete the Consent Forms in these kits and return completed forms to the collection box in the Main Office. Alternatively, boys can bring the forms with them on Tuesday. Boys who do not bring the completed consent forms will not be able to take advantage of this free service.
  • Varicella [chickenpox] vaccine – for students who were absent when this was administered earlier in the year. Information kits and consent forms are available from Mr Beringer

Further information about the program including translated material for parents is available at www.health.nsw.gov.au 

After the boys have been vaccinated they will be given a Record of Vaccination to take home so that you can keep their immunisation records up to date.

If you have any queries, please contact Mr Beringer.
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SBHS Debating 2006

Another narrow loss to St Ignatius College this year in our senior teams, all three were beaten on the topic “that the international community should condemn Israel’s attacks on Lebanon”. Firsts put in a gutsy effort in front of a large audience in the hall which was spruced up for the event. Years 8, 9, and 10 continued their wins in GPS arguing “that books that praise terrorism should be banned”. This week we are at Grammar for round three.

at http://www.sydneyhigh.org.au/debating/results.shtml 

July 27th Congratulations to our Year 7A team who beat over 40 teams (and our own Year 8 team!) to WIN THE 2006 BRENNAN CUP at UTS. The team was made up of Ashwin Rudder, Nikhil Autar, Paulo Castillo and Samir Kinger. Their trophy is on display in the main foyer- well done!

A contribution towards the gifts for coaches of at least $10 is required from ALL BOYS who are debating this year. This includes those who are not debating in teams but have attended training sessions on a regular basis and is regardless of whether you are attending the dinner. This year approx. 20 weeks of coaching have been offered to debaters- a donation of $10 towards a coach’s gift makes the training sessions 50 cents per week. Please take your contribution to the office by August 25th marked as a "Debating Coaches Contribution".

The next meeting is Tuesday August 8th at 6.30pm in the Staff Common Room. We will be discussing and planning this year’s Debating Dinner so please come along and share your ideas with us! We encourage all debating parents (especially those with sons in Years 7, 8 and 9) to attend and to become involved in supporting your son’s debating “career”!

This term there will be four home debates and we're looking for volunteers to help with these suppers. 6pm is the early shift (parents of Years 7-10), followed by the late shift (parents of Years 11 and 12). The schedule is:

  • 11 August 2006 SBHS v Newington - Year 9 (and Year 11 late shift)
  • 18 August 2006 SBHS v Scots - Year 10 (and Year 12 late shift)
  • 25 August 2006 SBHS v St Josephs - Year 7 (and Year 11 late shift).

Ms Jocelyn Brewer
MIC Debating

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The 2006 Debating Dinner

Traditionally the Debating Dinner is held on the Saturday after the final GPS debate and celebrates the strength of debating talent at High- 2006 will be no exception. This year’s Debating Dinner is being held on Saturday September 2nd in the Great Hall at 6pm.

Last year the dinner at the Outterside Centre was so successful it sold out! So this year we have moved (back) to the Great Hall in order to ensure everyone is able to attend.

The cost of the dinner will be $30 per adult and student.
A special price for siblings under 10 years of age has been negotiated at $20.

Payment for the dinner can be made at the main office from Monday July 26th until Friday August 25th.

Detach the form below - pay your money at the main office - take the slip to Miss Brewer

Student Name ____________________________________________________
Year/Roll class _____________

Number of adults attending   ______ @ $30 = _________

Number of U/10 attending     ______ @ $20 = _________
TOTAL Number of people       ______ TOTAL $ _________
________  Do you have any special dietary requirements? Vegetarian?

________  YES!  I can you help on the day with setting up the hall, table decorations etc. 

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Football: The Onion Bag

Thankfully the wet weather finally lifted late in the week, enabling the grounds to dry out sufficiently for all games to go ahead as scheduled. All but the 14Es faced strong Riverview teams.

First grade, with only pride left to play for this season, again put in a wholehearted display. Regrettably, they failed to hold out a skilled and physical Riverview side, losing 2-0. As has been the case for most games this season, High’s inability to control the ball or choose the best options in tight situations, saw them continually turn over possession. If not for the efforts of the back four, led by Lewis D’Avigdor, the score line could have been considerably worse.

Second grade went into the match needing a win to maintain their slim chance for the premiership. After giving Riverview a soft goal, the High boys fought their way back into the game, creating several good goal scoring chances. Daniel Song had strong claims for a penalty after looking to be brought down in the box. High’s appeals went unrewarded. Ultimately it was High’s finishing that let them down and they were unable to peg back the 1-nil deficit, effectively ending their season.

Analysis of other results suggests that High did not benefit from the extended layoff due to wet weather. The 14Cs and Ds along with the 15Ds were the only teams to register victories against the traditionally strong Riverview.

On a more positive note there was a significant improvement in attendance at all games. A reminder that those registered in a GPS football team are expected to attend all games and training sessions. Those seeking leave, need to apply in person to the MIC football by the Thursday prior to the game to enable a replacement to be arranged.

Matches this weekend are all against Grammar. Let’s see if we can erase the disappointments of last weekend with an improved showing on Saturday. See right for times and venues.

14 A It was a tough day for the 14As team. Iggies are a formidable opponent, and were ready to take us on. They started on fire, lobbing Encel to create the first goal. Then things started to get interesting as they scored a goal which looked suspiciously offside. We fought on and five minutes from half-time, scored a goal thanks to Kieran Taylor, a beautiful header which beat both defender and keeper.

Second half witnessed a more organised High team, but was unlucky to concede a controversial goal. Keeper Encel had just caught the ball, and was then shoulder barged by an Iggies forward who thought we were playing rugby. Perhaps the rugby posts confused him a little. A disappointing 3-1 loss was rather bitter, but there were the positive points to the game.

Outstanding performances go to Paul Simos, who defended and beat whatever the Iggies had in for him. Also to be recommended is Kieran Taylor, who ran his head off during the match and ended up scoring a spectacular goal. Good luck next week against Grammar.

13 B After winning the toss and not electing to kick off, the 13Bs team really did go into top gear, only conceding one goal in the first half. Although the defence was a bit sloppy the midfielders and forwards such as Ilya, Mikey, Krishan, George, Manfred, Ben, David Chan and Howard Tran were impressive. The second half also had a promising start with Andrew and Nakul striking the ball very well.

Although we had a few chances, the Bs could not make them count. Taking advantage of this, Iggies quickly shot four goals, two of which were penalties. The Bs would also like to thank Shimon Danziger for goal keeping, as he keeps for all the 13s teams.

Dolan cup
Last week, very few teams added to their previous Dolan Cup points tally. The 14Cs defied the trend and jumped to the top of the table with an impressive 6-1 victory and look well placed to claim the title.

With only two competitive rounds remaining in the GPS season, the Dolan cup looks to be fought out between the 14Cs and Mr Pearson’s 3rd grade.

14C 4 3 1 9 19
Opens 3 4 3 1 5 15
14A 4 3 0 4 13
15A 4 3 0 4 13
16B 4 3 0 4 13
15D 3 3 0 3 12
14D 4 2 0 4 10
13C 4 2 0 3 9
15C 3 2 1 2 9
16D 4 2 0 2 8
13B 4 1 0 4 7
13D 4 0 3 2 5
Opens 4 3 1 0 1 4
14B 3 0 3 0 3
16A 4 1 0 0 3
14E 3 0 0 2 2
16C 4 0 2 0 2
13A 4 0 0 0 0
15B 4 0 0 0 0
Opens 6 3 0 0 0 0
Opens 5 4 0 0 0 0

GPS Round 6 - vs GRAMMAR 5/8

Team Opponent Venue Time
Opens 1 Grammar McKay 1 9.45
Opens 2 Grammar McKay 1 8.30
Opens 3 Grammar McKay 4 11.00
Opens 4 Grammar McKay 4 10.00
Opens 5 Grammar McKay 4 9.00
Opens 6 Grammar McKay 4 8.00
16 A Grammar MPW 16 8.00
16B Grammar MPW 16 9.00
16C Grammar MPW 16 10.00
16D Grammar MPW 17 8.00
15A Grammar MPW 18 8.00
15B Grammar MPW 18 9.00
15C Grammar MPW 18 10.00
15D Grammar MPW 18 11.00
14A Grammar McKay 4 1.00
14B Grammar McKay 4 12.00
14C Grammar MPW 16 1.00
14D Grammar MPW 16 12.00
14E Grammar MPW 16 11.00
13A Grammar MPW 17 12.00
13B Grammar MPW 17 11.00
13C Grammar MPW 17 10.00
13D Grammar MPW 17 9.00

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Wet weather numbers:
SBHS - 9361 0027
Centennial Park - 9339 6670

Quote of the Week
'Football's always easier when you've got the ball'  - Bryan Robson
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Family International Fun Night

September, 9th at 6.00 pm

Your invitation for the whole family to come and celebrate with dinner from around the world, activities, music and entertainment.

Tables seat 10-11

Watch this space for further details!
(Offers of help with planning contact Ann Kurts or Valda Roser via the School 93616910)
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