High Notes, Vol 7 No 2, February 10 2006

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From the Principal

Mitchell Seow’s Funeral
On behalf of the Seow family and the staff at High, I would like to commend all the current students and Old Boys who conducted themselves with such respect and dignity at Mitchell’s funeral. I have had requests from several friends of the Seows and from staff members, to publicly recognise their appreciation for your support, dress and demeanour. So many boys in full school uniform, with an avenue of oars aloft, marking the way as an honour guard for the hearse as it made its way from the church, was very impressive. It was a deeply moving occasion and people have remarked to me since how proud it made them feel to be associated with this school. The school has established a trust fund to finance a suitable memorial for Mitchell. If you would like to donate to his memory, please contact the school office or send a cheque made out to the school with an accompanying explanatory note.

Uncollected Reports
I am mystified as to why I still have uncollected 2005 reports in week 2. Parents need to ask their sons to produce reports for them to see and discuss. My policy is that I do not post out reports. Students give me a completed Clearance Form. I talk to students about the report and give it to them. Students who have not collected their reports by Tuesday of next week can expect to be placed on detention.

GPS Season Opens for 2006
The Shore Regatta at Hen and Chicken Bay revealed the likely season pecking order in rowing crews. The conditions were difficult for light weight crews, with a headwind of 10 knots sapping energy and making boat balance more critical. The first Year 9 quad had a good row at 4.30, only 18 seconds off the pace. Belokopytov, Ridges, Harvey, Ling and Desmond are showing enough form to take on Grammar, Scots and Newington seriously this season. The second and third quads have plenty of work to do to get up to the pace. The first Year 10 VIII was quite respectable at 35 seconds off the pace and can set their sights on Scots and St Ignatius as beatable opponents this season. The second Year 10 VIII was overwhelmed by the conditions and will need to work on sustained higher rating to get closer to the race standard. Our ultra lightweight 2nd VIII was blown all over the course and struggled home at 33 seconds off the pace. They need to lift their rating and could improve a lot to challenge Scots in still conditions. The 1st VIII was 27 seconds off the pace in their first hit out. Scots and Newington look like their target crews to race against this year.

The 1st XI cricketers dug themselves into a hole at Weigall by not finishing off a Grammar batting side that had looked brittle against line and length bowling. Eddy Pham was the pick of the bowlers in the morning session until he strained his back. Adrian Jeyendra started slowly but bent his back more after lunch to take a bagful of wickets. Grammar got 50 more runs than they should have and High has lost five for not many. The side will need to concentrate hard and pull together next Saturday to escape from this one.

Senior Student Information
Year 11 boys do Extension English terms 1-3. There are up to 80 places offered in Year 12 for Extension 1 English. Up to 10 places may be offered in English Extension 2. No one is guaranteed a place. Competitive entry is the policy.

Mathematics Extension 1 has no policy of competitive entry - 200 students have chosen to take it in Year 11. A series of assessments until July will be undertaken, after which up to 4 classes may allowed to sit for the Year 12 HSC 2 unit Mathematics paper in November. Up to 120 places may be offered in Extension 2 Mathematics in Year 12. Competitive entry will determine the offers. No one has a place guaranteed.

Senior students must stay at school once they have arrived for the day. A ‘first and last’ policy applies – students can come when their first lesson starts and leave when their last lesson is over. No one has permission to come and go during the school day.

Students have access to the student intranet through the Web Portal. Use your log in ID to reach the site.
Dr K Jaggar
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From English

English can take you places…..Year 9 and 10 Drama students are attending a performance at the Seymour Centre on Thursday February 16 of Tristan and Yseult, one of the standout shows of the Sydney Festival…..Year 12 English Students will be supplementing their study of Hamlet through a theatre excursion to the Ensemble on Tuesday March 7.

Students in Years 7-10 have all commenced their Term 1 Modules. Each student has been given an overview of their Course of study for the year together with assessment requirements. Students have been asked to place this information at the front of their work books so that it can readily be referred to and it will also shortly be available on the English webpage on the Sydney High website.

Students in Years 11 and 12 have quickly settled into Term 1. Program and assessment overviews have been given to each student and soon to be posted on our English webpage. A reminder that writing tasks for both Extension and Advanced Courses can be collected from outside the English staffroom commencing week 3.
M. Trompetter
(HT English)

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From Music

Congratulations to Francis Wong, Music Prefect for 2006. Francis is a fine musician and a wonderful role model for our up and coming young musicians.

Music Recruitment Night
The Music Department held a very successful recruitment evening on Monday to allow new students in Year 7 to choose instruments after listening to the talented school tutors perform.

By the time you read this, all students should have instruments organised, lessons arranged and be placed in ensembles.

If you have any queries concerning the music program or appropriate ensembles for your son, please contact the Music Department at school as soon as possible.

Music Program Changes and Schedules
For students already in the ensemble program, there are a few functional changes:

1) After invoices from tutors are received, please pay to the school office.
2) Students learning from a school tutor will receive a Practice Record Book at their first lesson.
3) All rehearsals started this week, please check the music noticeboard outside the music staffroom for this year’s ensemble schedule. The information is also available on the school’s website along with tutor contacts and the tutors’ room schedule.

2006 Annual Music Camp
Music Camp notes will be available shortly for all students in the music ensemble program. This camp will be held early in Term 2 and is scheduled so that there is minimal disruption to the academic program.

There will be a separate training camp held towards the end of Term 1 for all beginner instrumentalists.

China Tour
The China tour is on this year September/October. We would like to encourage all students who are interested in this tour to see the music department as soon as possible. This is a great performance and travel opportunity involving educational and cultural exchange.

Meet the Music Concert Series
Tickets for the series have been finalised and can be collected before the 1st concert from the music staff. This concert series by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra is singular in the world as it is designed for the NSW Music syllabus stages 5 and 6.

Each concert in the series is preceded by a lecture/discussion in the Northern foyer featuring the Australian composer whose work will be performed that evening.

All elective music students are expected to avail themselves of the opportunity to attend.

Encore Tickets
All students who paid for Encore tickets please collect a refund from the front office. Although we tried to book tickets very early, all tickets had had unfortunately been sold. Apologies for any inconvenience and disappointment.
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From the School Counsellor

Our School Counsellors, Estelle Harman and Susy Plummer are available for consultation by parents, caregivers and students on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and alternate Fridays in 2006. You can phone the school to speak with the counsellors or to make an appointment to discuss any concerns.

Waverley Action Youth Services (WAYS) holds parent workshops throughout the year focused on adolescent issues. This year they are organising a number of workshops covering topics such as Alcohol and other Drugs, Sexuality and Relationships, Peer Relationships and Bullying, Resilience and Self Esteem. For further information and times please contact the Education Officer on 9365 2500.
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To All Sailors


The Sailing Regatta runs from 18-22 April (School Holidays).

All sailors are invited to attend, (even if you don’t sail for High as a sports activity).

Please let me know if you are interested so we can organise boats etc.
Ms Boukatos
English Staffroom

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Invitation to Fencing Parents

The Fencing Supporters Meeting will be held in the Staff Common Room at 6 pm on Thursday, February 16.

At this meeting the aims for fencing and funding issues will be discussed and any parent of a student wishing to fence at SBHS in 2006 is encouraged to attend.

This evening will also give parents of Year 7 boys, who are interested in taking up this sport, an opportunity to find out more about fencing at High.

I am looking forward seeing you there.
Gabriele Klocker
President, Fencing Subcommittee

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SBHS Debating 2006

Registrations for Debating will open shortly on-line at www.sydneyhigh.org.au/debating 

ALL students wishing to debate in 2006 will be required to register (or re-register if you debated in 2005, so that we can update details).

No experience is necessary as we will train you in all aspects of the sport (!) and students may start debating at any year level.

Coaching is due to commence in week 4, however because debating is technically a winter sport, you may start coaching in term 2, if it clashes with your summer sporting commitments.

Year 8 Debaters are asked to attend a meeting on Wednesday Feb 15 at 3.15pm to organise their coaching times.
Year 10 Debaters will start coaching on Thursday Feb 16th at 3.15pm

Students can get more information about coaching times and location from the daily notices in the coming weeks.

Our first debate of the year is in The Eastside Competition which starts on Friday March 3 and runs on every Friday in March.

Full details of this years debating events can be found on the website.

PARKING DAY- We have another parking day on Sunday March 5th. Please email Craig Phillis, Debating’s Parking Co-ordinator at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you are able to assist for a few hours.

A parents’ information meeting to answer all your questions about debating at High will be held in the Teachers Common Room at 6.30pm on Wednesday February 15th (just before the P&C meeting). Any parent of a student wishing to start debating this year is encouraged to attend.

The first Debating Supporters Group (DSG) meeting of the year will be held on Tuesday March 7th at 6.30pm in the teachers Common Room. This is an opportunity for parents to become involved in fundraising and events that assist us in further strengthening the Debating teams at High.

Further information can be obtained from Ms Jocelyn Brewer, MIC Debating by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
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Shooting Hoops - Basketball 2006

Raschke Cup
The Raschke Cup is a competition where all the GPS firsts and seconds come together for a one-day tournament. They are divided into two groups of four where they play a round robin, each match having 15 minute halves. After that the top team from each group come together for the finals which will decide who will be the Raschke Cup champions! We held this competition for the first grade in our gym on Saturday for the first time in recent memory. Thank-you to all parents who supported the canteen and all coaching staff who contributed to making the day a success. SBHS Basketball is looking like it is on the rise!

GPS competition
Those of you who were here last year would have remembered that basketball is now a two-season (no more pre-seasons) competition. So records from last year will be continued to this year. Good luck to the 14s in continuing their stampeding. I’ll be looking forward to our Year 7s in showing to the school their fine skills! Basketball is by far the most exciting event of our week! I am looking forward to playing on our new rings in the gym this week! Mr Hayman rocks!

Results from a survey on the first grade players’ aspirations
“we want to represent the school at the highest level”
“we will work as hard as is required to improve”
“we are better drilled than other teams”
“we respect each other”, “we have a committed coach”
“every member of our team is dedicated”
“more heart and more spirit, more intelligent training and more play as a team rather than ego based play”
“I work hard for results”
“I turn up mentally prepared to play every time”
“This is the most exciting thing happening at SBHS”

Everyone’s first game in their NEW UNIFORMS this week! Good luck to all teams against Grammar. All SBHS students must be wearing correct new uniform to be allowed to play. Your coach will enforce this rule.

http://www.sydneyhigh.org.au/basketball for updated information about basketball and game-times.
~Brought to you by Francis Wong, Johny Shih and Justin Liang.
~Thank you to Mr Hayman for all his contributions to basketball and information

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High Cricket Bulletin

Finally we are back on the field with an interesting term of competition in front of us. The seniors have trained well during the holidays, we have hosted two touring teams, the school has a new staff member, and we have an influx of juniors that have chosen cricket as their sport.

It all began late last term when an invitational team was combined to play against a visiting side from Cheltenham College, in the United Kingdom. These boys were playing the final game of their Australasian Tour and were keen to finish on top. But the High team, led by Adrian Jeyendra, were going to fight to the end. It was Saturday morning that the team was decided, and after a delay due to the state of the pitch, we finally got under way and High had chosen to bat. It was difficult to score on the damp outfield, but Jeyendra led the way with 29 and High managed to scrape together 79 runs from close to the full 40 overs. With such a seemingly low total attack was the only option and Jeyendra ripped into the Cheltenham line-up. He finished with 5/13 and was well-supported by Gajaba Manamperi with 2/18. High dismissed the UK side for 74 to claim a thrilling victory.

After a break over the festive season, the High senior squad assembled in early February to resume preparation for the second half of GPS competition. The squad trained three times a week throughout the month in all weather conditions. They concluded the holiday period with an internal trial that showed promising signs.

It was then time to test ourselves against an external opposition. The 1st XI minus an opening batsmen and bowler went up against a side from Nelson College, New Zealand. Once again McKay would make this a low-scoring match, but Nelson’s score could have been much lower had the High boys held on to more of their catches. It was incredible to see so many simple chances go down allowing Nelson to make a decent 147. Kogulan Sriranjan bowled well to claim 3/27, Manamperi 2/13, Jeyendra 2/14, and Eddy Blaxell 2/6. Nelson however took all their chances and were very sharp in the field, restricting High to only 114. Manamperi returned to form with 33 and Gehan Karunaratne again impressed with 20.

Now we’re back at school and Mr. Heil was extremely happy to find some new additions to High’s ranks. Year seven have signed on for cricket in strong numbers, promising very competitive sides over the coming years. Playing in the GPS competition at any level is a real experience and all the new boys should relish the opportunity. You will play on some beautiful grounds, against strong opposition every week, and you will enjoy your time in High cricket. Another new addition to the school over the summer has been the arrival of Mr. Richard Ayre to take up his position as Head Teacher of Sport. Much has been published about his appointment elsewhere, but Mr. Ayre will be particularly helpful to High Cricket given his vast experience in the sport at all levels. We thank him for his time during the holidays, helping out with the senior program.

SENIOR TEAMS VS GRAMMAR – Last Saturday saw Round 4 under way for the 1st & 2nd XI sides, both sides missing opportunities to take control of their match. The 1st XI bowled and fielded well to restrict Grammar to only 171 on Weigall, a field that often sees scores well over 200. Adrian Jeyendra was again superb with the new ball and was well supported by Dakshika Gunaratne. The team had a horror start to its chase, quickly falling to 3/15. They recovered somewhat and were 5/66 at stumps. There is a tough first hour ahead tomorrow where wickets in hand will be crucial for High.
Grammar 171 (Jeyendra 6/48, Gunaratne 2/24) vs High 5/66 (Fetherston 20*, Karunaratne 18) at Weigall

The 2nd XI have a much tougher prospect to save their match against Grammar at McKay. The pitch has been well-prepared for this match and played unlike any McKay deck of the last 10 years. The ball came on to the bat and the bounce was true throughout the day. There was something there for the bowlers with good grass coverage, but the High boys were unable to find their length throughout the day. High constantly bowled too short and were promptly sent to fetch the ball from the mid-wicket boundary. Kogulan Sriranjan bowled well throughout the day and was rewarded with a couple of wickets late in the innings. Grammar amassed 9(dec)/224, and sent High in to face the final hour of play. After three wickets early mainly through poor timing and shot selection, Martin Lunney and Louis Yang held out to give High hope for tomorrow. It’s time some of the boys took a little more personal responsibility for their batting with the aim of achieving personal milestones. While it is a team game, batting needs that personal determination from each player.
Grammar 9(dec)/224 (Sriranjan 4/38, George 2/63) vs High 3/33 (Yang 16*) at McKay

CAR PARKING DUTIES THIS SUNDAY – Cricket has been allocated this Sunday’s Second Final of the VB Series between Sri Lanka and Australia at the SCG. Hopefully we can have a large group turn up to help raise much needed funds for the cricket program at High. If you are a new parent to the school, or simply haven’t helped out before, contact Mr. Laurie Heil via email ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) and you will be notified of all the details. We look forward to seeing some new faces helping out around the place.

2006 ANNUAL CRICKET DINNER – In the coming weeks there will be information posted both here and on the cricket website regarding this year’s dinner and awards. We will need confirmation of numbers earlier than in previous years so please look out for the details and get your RSVP in! There will be a number of awards presented to each team, as well as a trivia challenge, some entertaining speeches from our senior boys, and a fantastic meal.

WEEKLY CRICKET QUIZ – Don’t forget to send your answer to the quiz on page one to the email address provided. There will be a prize awarded at the Annual Cricket Dinner for the student with the most correct answers. There will be a separate prize for Year 7 students given you have missed last term’s questions. Don’t forget to include your name and year on your email.

COACHES & MANAGERS NEEDED – High cricket is in desperate need of coaches and managers for our junior teams. If you are able to assist in any way, please contact Mr. Laurie Heil, the Master-in-charge of cricket via email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . What a great way to get involved in school life and support your son’s activities!

WEBSITE – The cricket website is updated weekly and includes team selections, results, fixtures, photos and much, much more. If you are ever unsure where you should be or what time you play, simply log on to the cricket website. Coming soon will be public transport information to get to the game on Saturday. You can find all this at www.sydneyboyscricket.info.

Good luck to all sides playing against Grammar this Saturday, especially our new students. The whole school community looks forward to seeing you out on the field proudly representing High.

Welcome to our new Year 7 cricketers and we look forward to you enjoying your cricket and representing High in the AAGPS competition. We also welcome new cricketers in senior ranks who have the opportunity to set their goals and work towards selection in our 1st and 2nd XIs.

Since our last High notes our Invitation XI played against a well credentialed Cheltenham College from the UK who visited Sydney in December during their Australian Tour. They arrived in Sydney with an impressive number of victories against Victorian School teams and were pretty confident that they would continue in that vein in speaking with their support group. However. Cricket’s a funny game and it isn’t over until the last ball is bowled and that gave High a one run victory in a low scoring match.

High batted first and finished with a total 76 runs after a reasonable start, the destroyer being the Cheltenham spinner who destroyed our middle order. Cheltenham took the field and after losing two early wickets looked set for victory when Adrian Jeyendra came to the bowling crease to complete a 5 wicket haul and pave the way to a well earned victory. Cheltenham all out 75 runs.

In January a combined 1st and 2nd XI team played the Nelson College from NZ and in another low scoring affair the Kiwis displayed a moderate performance in defeating High who contributed to their own downfall with 6 dropped catches.

Last Saturday saw the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 16A, 15A and 14 A teams in competition in round 4 of the AAGPS Draw and this Saturday all teams will be in action.

The 1st XI was at Weigall against Grammar and in winning the toss and unexpectedly put Grammar into bat. Grammar was all out for 171 with Adrian Jeyendra taking 6 for 48. High then took the crease and in an ordinary batting reply were 5 for 66 at stumps. It will take a lot of application and patience to pull this match out of the fire and will test the grit of our 1st XI. A full report appears earlier in these notes.

The 2nd.XI was at McKay. Grammar batted first and declared at 9 for 224 and put High in late in the day where we lost 3 for 33. Our bowling on the day was erratic and there was not the usual spark in the field and a lot of work now has to be done if we are to win this one. A full report appears earlier in these notes.

A feature in both matches was the lack of field placings to support bowlers and pre-match plans of each of the teams which will need to be revisited for future matches to maximize the results that can be achieved.

3rd XI put High on the winner’s scoreboard on Day 1. In a disciplined bowling display backed up by enthusiastic fielding and sound catching High dismissed Grammar for 66. High then took the crease and at stumps were 9 for 71 which was somewhat disappointing as several batsmen were out to spin with soft dismissals through lack of concentration. However, as a new team combination there is a belief that a big improvement can occur now the team has been tested. Rommo Pandit took 3/17 and Roshan Karunaratne 3/27 were the best of the bowlers and Holden Frisoli (37) and Radeshan Baskaran(19) in a sound partnership were High’s best batting performances.

16As - No report filed.

15As – Lost the toss and Grammar elected to bat first and declared at 4/290 with the opener James Winder making 188 runs. High struggled in the bowling department due to the loss of 2 of our cricketers to basketball both of whom were our opening bowlers and is a big blow to this team’s balance. Our fielding and placements also need a lot of work and over the next few weeks we will address this at sport. In reply High were 2/65 at stumps with H Lane (14) and N Pednakur(27) both not out. With all of Day 2 available for High to bat and a sensible approach, this is not beyond this team’s ability.

14As – On a very small ground at Weigall we suffered a large Grammar run total due to the lack of experience in addressing an aggressive batting team. High’s bowlers were struggling with line and length and paid the price. The Head Teacher of Sport was a spectator at this match and we addressed the team in a break and saw an enthusiastic and improved approach in the following overs. A full report will be provided on Day 2 with individual performances.

PLAYING DRESS- It was noted around the grounds that many of the players were “casually” dressed in non standard cricket shirts hanging out and a variety of foreign caps. This is a reflection on High and you as representatives are expected to respect that honour and also have pride in your appearance. All players are advised that when on the field the correct High Shirt and Cap (or floppy) are to be worn and shirts are to be tucked in at all times. After all we don’t see Test and One Day cricketers on TV with their shirts hanging out do we ??

SPORT DAYS - due to the numbers playing cricket it is impossible to supply bats for all. Therefore on all sport days both senior and junior players are requested to have their own bat, batting gloves and protectors with them. Pads will be supplied by the school for all practices.

PROTECTORS – All players are required to purchase their own protector to be carried at all times for sport days and matches. Not only is it a health issue but a necessary item for your personal protection. Be aware that boxer shorts are not the best for sports days and matches, even swimmers under the shots overcomes the problem of keeping it in place
Laurie Heil – MIC Cricket

Cricket Quiz
Question 10: The third ball of an over is hit in the air and the batsmen complete one whole run and cross on the second attempted run before the ball is caught, the batsman dismissed. How many runs (if any) have been scored, and which batsman is on strike for the next delivery?
Email your name & answer to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Beware!! We still have a basketball representative in the lead in the cricket quiz!
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Sydney Boys High Parents & Citizens Association Meeting

Reminder & Invitation
The first meeting of the SBH P & C Association for 2006 will take place on
Wednesday 15 February at 7.30pm
in the Staff Common Room
(Enter the main building by the front door. Turn left. First room on your right.)

Please come along and become involved with this vital group which helps to support the education of our sons at High.

Your participation would be most welcome.

If you are a new parent to the school, we especially encourage you to come along and we look forward to meeting you.
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From the High Store

Many thanks go to Linda Chow, Victoria Paperny, Christina Chow, Andrea Freiman and Marian Kernahan for their continued help and support throughout the back to school vacation opening times.

The High Store is needing volunteers for Tuesdays, once a month from 10.30 – 1.30. If you can help, please call Michelle on 9331 7075.
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Words of Wisdom

"He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; he who does not ask a question remains a fool forever."
(Chinese Proverb)

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”
(Walt Disney 1901-1966)
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Unity in Diversity - 100 years of SHS Membership of the AAGPS

Sydney High School celebrates 100 years of membership in the Athletics Association of Great Public Schools in 2006

As part of the celebration of this significant milestone some historical articles will be printed in issues of the High Notes.

This week’s article examines High’s admission to the AAGPS in 1906. The bulk of it comes from two sources: a lecture, entitled “SHS and its Affiliation with the GPS”, delivered in 1973 by K J Andrews, a former Headmaster of the School (1955-63); and a contribution to the Centenary History of the School supplied by Associate Professor Ken Cable.

The AAGPS, which was formed in 1892, originally comprised 10 schools. Five are still members: The King’s School, Sydney Grammar School, Newington College, St Ignatius’ College, St Joseph’s College and Shore School; while five are no longer members: All Saints’ College (Bathurst), St Stanislaus’ College (Bathurst), St Patrick’s College (Goulburn), Cooerwull Academy and the New England Grammar School. Scots’ College probably joined in 1893, however some debate exists over its exact date of entry Armidale was admitted in 1897 and High was not admitted until 1906, an earlier application having been refused in 1894.

Mr Andrews attempts to explain the early resistance to the admission of High:
“The exclusion of SHS should be viewed against the backdrop of preceding political events, for the years between the advent of responsible government and the birth of the GPS were marked by bitter controversy over the control of education. ... The controversy raged until the Public Instruction Act, 1880, settled the principle but failed to end the bitterness. This Act marked the emergence of the State as the unchallenged authority in education and ended the subsidies to denominational schools. It cannot be doubted that the controversy which preceded the Act of 1880 and marked its enactment into law tended to widen the gulf between the State’s public schools on the one hand and the independent (mostly church) schools on the other. SHS which owed its very existence to this Act must have symbolised, for some, the unwelcome intrusion of the State into the field of secondary education.”

The unwelcome intrusion was of an economic rather than religious nature. The new High Schools were seen as a direct threat by many of the older, independent secondary colleges, especially those in the country. An 1886 pamphlet jointly authored by the Headmaster of All Saints’ College, Bathurst demanded to know “Where is the necessity of ignoring already existing schools in order to establish State subsidised schools to compete unfairly with them by underselling them?”

Andrews continues: “Having established itself, the GPS group was soon called upon to face up to this question of membership, for applications were received from other schools, including Barker College, St Aloysius’ College and the High School. In dealing with these the Association seemed to be groping for some over-riding principle or principles on which it could base its decisions with some confidence in its own consistency. However, no such principle emerged. In two cases the applicant school was informed that the rule of membership did not permit the admission of a school not controlled by a council. In the case of the High School, the secretary of the GPS committee was so sure of the School’s ineligibility that he took it upon himself to reject the application. This action was endorsed afterwards by the committee...

“It must not be thought that the refusal to admit the High School in 1894 put an end to the sporting association that the school had hitherto enjoyed.... ”

“With the transfer to Ultimo, the School gained limited use of Wentworth Park and sporting contests with other schools became more frequent. It often happened that a school, having a bye in the GPS Competition, was available for a match with High.”

Cable observed of this period, around the turn of the century, that: “It was difficult for a school conducted amid Ultimo slums to maintain any sporting spirit. But somehow or other the desire to play managed to win through and, on the initiative of a pupil, R B Bush, a Sports Union was formed and a teacher, D J Sullivan, was appointed by Waterhouse as first Sports Master.”

Andrews records that the move to apply for membership was initiated by Mr Waterhouse and supported by Mr Sullivan: “In a letter to the director of education, 12th February, 1906, Mr Waterhouse wrote: ‘It is desirable that the school should join the GPS; it would give our senior boys an opportunity of playing cricket, would afford a stimulus to our junior boys to excel in sport in order that they might be selected as representatives of the school in the GPS competitions and would help to give the school the status to which it is entitled by scholarship.” Let it not be thought that Mr Waterhouse was asking for departmental approval of the step he contemplated. What he sought was a promise of departmental support for the sports fund…Mr Waterhouse wanted permission to set aside three shillings per head per quarter for each fee paying pupil. Since there were at the time 126 fee paying pupils (exactly half the enrolment) the amount sought was approximately seventy five pounds per annum…I feel certain, in the absence of any evidence to the contrary, that the School set out on this new course without any assistance from the department or even formal approval.

“The Headmaster’s correspondence from this period does, however, shed light on the events leading to High’s admission to the Association. At this time Mr G P Barbour was a member of SGS staff and Chairman of the GPS committee. Earlier in his career he had served for a period of three months on the High School staff as a relief teacher in the absence of Mr A B Piddington. This was in 1888. It seems likely that his brief term at High made him aware of the tremendous difficulties which beset the boys and masters in every sphere of school life other than scholarship, for when replying to Mr Waterhouse’s request for information on the finance needed for participation in GPS activities he added to his helpful advice the following words of encouragement:- “I may also say unofficially that I shall be glad if the association can see its way to admit the High School.” He was as good as his word. Five days later Mr Barbour used his casting vote to ensure the admission of SHS. This time it seems there was little or nothing said of the ineligibility of the High School; such objections as were raised were based mainly on the School’s lack of any playing fields of its own.

“Years later at the official opening of the new school at Moore Park, Mr H S Dettmann, an old boy who had become Headmaster at SGS, referred to Mr Barbour’s casting vote which put High into the GPS. Mr Barbour had given him, he said, two reasons for his vote: first, that otherwise the High School boys would not get good sport through lack of opponents; second, that the High School representatives had given the GPS a definite undertaking, based on a clear promise by the Minister for Education, that SHS would provide a sports ground of its own.”

Mr Barbour put his case in the June 1929 issue of The Record:
“... Mr Dettmann, in a generous reference to myself, said I was responsible for the fact that the “High” School was admitted as a Great Public School. He added that my casting vote was contrary to custom. If I remember rightly the SGS was not fully represented that night and I felt that morally I had a deliberative as well as a casting vote. I was President of the Association for over twenty years of progress and peace (mostly); and these were at least partly due to the fact that I tried to make the basis of control one of equity rather than law.”

Cable offers some further thoughts, in more down-to-earth vein, on the reasons for High’s admission: “ ... In 1906 the situation still held that the GPS competition was open to any non-proprietary (a school which is not owned and run by individuals for profit) secondary school which could offer a fair fight to its opponents in the sports of the day. There was only one such State school in Sydney the High School at Ultimo. Its admission to the ranks of the Association in 1906 was simply an acknowledgment of the undoubted fact that it was good at sport. That and no more... So soon as it made its athletic presence felt, it naturally became a member of the AAGPS. This was an honour that subsequent years have vastly magnified. It was, at the time, a simple recognition of the achievements and claims of a good secondary school.”

Andrews chose to see it in a more dramatic light: “And so the die was cast. High was launched into an association entailing great obligations, with no assistance from the department other than the promise of a sports ground. A quarter of a century was to elapse before these obligations could be met in full.”
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High Store Price List

Summer Price List - 2005-6


From -




Please arrange for boys to be fitted as
early as possible:  6-8 weeks delivery from order)

  DT Apron






PANTS Trousers - Junior, Dark Grey w/w
Trousers - Senior, Light Grey w/w







BELTS: Black leather


CHAIRS: Action Caribee Folding Chair




SHIRTS: Sky Blue and White, Short Sleeve


OTHER: Water Bottle with SHS logo


  Sizes 10-14


  Brita Water Filtration Bottle


  Sizes 16-22


  Brita Filters


  Sizes 24-28











  Sky Blue and White, Long Sleeve




  Sizes 10-14
Sizes 16-22


  Polo (house colours)
Black Baggy with SHS print


  Sizes 24-28


  Sport Socks










TRACKSUITS: (sold as separates)


  Up to size 16


  Taslon Jacket


  Size 18-22


  Taslon Pant


  Size 24-26








Woollen or Cotton Knee High


  High Swimming Costume


  Cotton Anklet Sock in SHS colours


Junior Polo Short


TIES: Junior


  2nd-5th Grade Polo Shirt




  Socks with SHS Colours






  Old Boys




  GPS. Old Boy








CAPS: Sky Flexifit


  Socks with SHS Colours




  Numbers (small) (ea)




  Numbers (large) (ea)


BAGS: Backpack


  Water Bottle with SHS Crest


  Sports Bag




  Satchel Bag






Polo Short Short Sleeve


MATHS Grid Book A4


  Long Sleeve




  Caps (Brown) (Baggy Style)








  Hat (Natural) (Greg Chappell Style)






MUSIC Music Book






  Polo Shirt


ART: Artist Paints




  Canvas 18" x 24"




  Visual Art Diary






  Zoot Suit
Coloarado White L/S T-Shirt
Rugby Socks
Rugby Jersey 12-14
Rugby Jersey 16-22
Rugby Jersey 24-28


Mug with SHS crest


SHS Sticker


Bridge Scorers


Address Book


Double Pack Playing Cards


School Centenary Book


Single Park Playing Cards


Silverware:  sugar or fluted spoon


Pencil Case (school crest)








Letter Openers


SHS Plaque


SHS Jotter with Pen


Coat hanger




SHS Cufflinks


Car Sticker




Polo Shirt $49.50
Supporter Jersey $75.00
Rugby Jersey (original) $60.00
Supporters Polo $35.00
OBU Tie $27.50

BLAZERS - Additions


GPS Pocket $22.00
Music Pocket $22.00
Prefect Top Pocket $22.00
Prefect Bottom Pocket $38.50
Embroidery Line $15.00
Full Braiding $70.00
Dry Cleaning $9.35
Service Charge $30.00



House Badge


SHS. (metal)


Rowing (metal)


Orchestra (metal)


Rifle (metal)


SBHS Lapel Pin $2.75

Clothing Pool

A recycled section operates within the High Store shop.  Items such as blazers, shorts, trousers, jumpers, rugby/soccer tops & boots, tracksuits can be sold on a commission basis - the shop retaining 1/3 of the sale price.
Please ensure that when sending items for sale, you include your name and address.
All items sent should be clean and in good condition.  Shirts are gladly accepted as a donation. 


Accepted payment methods include - Cash, Bankcard, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, EFTPOS (Direct Debit) or cheque made payable to the "HIGH STORE"

Opening Times

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday   -   10:30am - 1:30pm
Telephone   -   9331 7075

All Prices GST Inclusive
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