High Notes, Vol 7 No 19, June 23 2006

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From the Principal

High Talent
Oliver Konakoff was selected in the Australian Under 19 team – a fine accomplishment! Gehan Karunaratne and Burak Akinci were selected in the combined GPS 3rd grade football side. Well done, boys!

Uncollected Reports
There are nine boys in Year 12 who have not received their reports for the half year as yet. Their Board of Studies letter with important information in it remains uncollected. In Year 11, nine boys have not come to get their reports. I remain mystified as to why some parents are not pushing their sons to show them their reports. This week Year 10 received their reports and next week Year 8 boys will all have their reports in time for Parent Teacher Night.

McKay Games Bring out High Spirit
Our second grade football team were ambushed by Kings in a sluggish first half where they conceded two goals. Our boys made plenty of chances for themselves but were unable to finish. At least seven opportunities were squandered in a match that was full of action and was contested right to the final whistle. In first grade a slanting morning sun and a southerly breeze greeted our team. Kings were very skilful on the ball but were rattled at the back by long goal kicks and sharp runs from our attacking players, leading to a disallowed goal. Nevertheless, Kings constructed two first half goals that were well taken. Joshua Weight scored for us capitalising on errors in the box by the defence after a well placed corner. After a challenge from coach Gifford to stand up and take charge of the game, our boys came out with renewed determination and played some really good football. Jeremy Luscombe made an impact but it was good left foot finishing by Aaron Shuttleworth that produced two goals to put High in front. I felt really sorry for the boys when they lost their composure inside the last couple of minutes to allow in an equaliser. Burak A. and Eddy B. worked really hard and Josh was always there to get us out of trouble. It was the best game played by our team this year and they deserved a win.

The big crowd on the outer fields was at the 13As game where our little team of goers took on some really large Kings boys. It was a dour struggle dominated by tight forward play and some great shut down tackling by our backs who would not let the Kings boys get the ball wide. After a runaway try, High was right in the contest. Sustained pressure and a set move from the line out allowed George Denny-Smith to seal the game with a try in the corner. The boys soaked up some pressure to hold out Kings until the whistle. It was an inspiring team performance. Obviously these boys hate to lose! The 16As got right in the faces of the Kings D side and muscled up in defence. It was an arm wrestle all the way with our boys starting to realise that rugby is about team work and patterns in attack and defence. After scoring from a well executed two on one backline play which was converted by the try scorer, High held on until a free kick fumble led to a scrum in good field position for Kings to score a try on the bell. It was unconverted and the boys celebrated their hard fought victory. In first grade, our boys faced up against a large, physical and skilful Kings team. They played well in patches with some good phases of ‘pick and drive’ and a couple of very effective rolling mauls. Their efforts deserved a try on a couple of occasions. Again, size and speed took their toll. I want to thank our team for their courage, perseverance and demeanour. While beaten heavily on the score line, they continued to try to maximise the positives in their play – a lesson for life really.

Library Appeal Progress
The school has $340,000 invested in the Sydney Boys High School Building Fund. This figure is both large and small. It represents great support in the past but indicates there is still a mountain for us to climb to reach $2.5 million. Parents with an eye on the end of the financial year might take this opportunity, as I do, to help boost this figure with a tax deductible donation.

Investing in our School’s Progress
The Sydney High School Foundation Inc has signed and returned documents agreeing to accept funding of $165,000 including GST, for the new cricket nets and basketball courts. As soon as the money arrives, we will choose a tenderer for the various jobs – concrete, artificial grass, nets, posts and surface painting. Laurie Heil has up to date quotations. The DA is in place.

Renewed Drainage on The Flat
After six years of complaints, the DET sprung into action and replaced the drain on The Flat that takes all the storm water from McDonald Wing and diverts it to the sump at the low point of the site on the SGHS ‘Lowers’. I hope our storm erosion problem is now a thing of the past and we can restore top soil and grass to the area during the construction of the ‘investing in our schools’ project.

Broadband and Wireless for the Outterside Centre
The Sydney High School Foundation Inc agreed to provide internet services and a wireless network to the Outterside Centre. When installed, the service will allow multiple students staying overnight or on seminars, to access the internet. We hope that more boys will be encouraged to row given they can maintain their homework and study routines while overnighting at the Centre.

Sprint Training Commenced
All boys are urged to try to take their sport specific training more seriously. The sprint sessions are designed to improve the performance of boys in football, rugby and volleyball. You all need it. Improvement takes time! Monday afternoons for seniors (Years 10-12), Wednesday afternoons for juniors (Years 7-9). If you miss one, go to the other one! How much do you want to be competitive against the GPS boys?
Dr K Jaggar
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The School Song

Do you think the seniors sing the school song better than the juniors? At the Year Assemblies the answer was obvious.

Come rally round, boys young and old
To swell the happy throng,
And sing the song of Sydney High
In measures loud and long.
Though many are our tasks severe
With efforts none the less sincere,
We’ll overcome them year by year
With courage bold and strong

Then sound once more the strain,
And let the cloisters ring again
With echoes of our School’s fair name:
The name of Sydney High

Ring out the name of Sydney High
In peals of joyful praise
The glories of our heritage
Must never fade away.
With Truth and Courage as our guide
And minds prepared whate’er betide,
When we are scattered far and wide
Our tribute still we’ll pay

Then sound once more the strain,
And let the cloisters ring again
With echoes of our School’s fair name:
The name of Sydney High

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Chinese Eisteddfod  2006

June 3 was no ordinary Saturday. This was a day of fierce competition, anticipation and excitement. This was the prestigious annual Chinese Eisteddfod competition which hopefuls from a range of schools attended. Students and even some participants over the age of 18 recite a chosen poem eloquently either in a group or individually. As it was the second year for me, I was fairly confident and experienced, so did not feel nervous. Our SBHS Year 9 group performed with gusto but unfortunately was not placed. The individual readers of SBHS Year 9 were in their element, however, and dominated this part of the contest. With me coming 1st and many others being placed, we truly did do extremely well. The prize was a gold medallion, having a photo taken and being recorded and broadcast on radio. It was quite an interesting experience. Thanks to Ms Zhang’s persistent and skilful coaching, this allowed everyone in SBHS to compete at such a high standard. I look forward to next year.
By Edward Lu (Year 9)

The Chinese Eisteddfod is a prestigious event held annually at Burwood Girls High School. I was participating in this event for the fourth year in succession and I guess that makes me a veteran.

The first time I participated in this event was in Year 8. I must admit that I’m not the type of person who would get up on stage and perform. But what made me do it? The award scheme obviously! But by the end of the day it was no longer about the award scheme but more about the experience and every year after that, I went to participate.

The initial experience is not pleasant as you stand on stage looking down noticing that the focus of the other competitors, audience and the judges is you. Then the leg starts to shake and the adrenaline starts pumping. But after you finish, all that uneasy sensation simply dissipates and you can look back on it and say to yourself, “Hey! That wasn’t so bad.”

It’s all about trying yourself and stepping out of the comfort zone to embrace new experiences. I think that is what makes the Eisteddfod so special. Most of the extra-curricular activities at school depend on team work but for the Eisteddfod, there is no team there to comfort you if you make a mistake. It’s just you, yourself, standing out there on the stage alone.

Personally, I’ve found this event to be extremely enjoyable and that is why I go back year after year. I strongly recommend all students doing Chinese as an elective to participate in next year’s Chinese Eisteddfod.
Jeffrey Xie (Year 11)
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From PD/H/PE

The 2006 Year 7 Caramello Cup Walla-rugby competition concluded on Friday, 16 June. The final was a free flowing affair with seven tries scored in total. 7F ran out winners on the day, with the final score 20 – 17. 7S improved with every game they played and were gallant in defeat, playing the match with only nine players. Thank you to all who took part.
G Stein HT

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From the Rugby Master’s Desk

A gold ring was found by a jogger last Sunday on McKay 1. If it is your ring or you know who lost it, the contact details of the person who found the ring are Ken Paine 9316 9713, during business hours.
G Stein
MIC Rugby

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CHS Volleyball Finals

1st Grade will contest the NSW CHS Volleyball finals next Wednesday and Thursday at Olympic Park attempting to retain the title won last year. Only a few of the boys from last year's team are backing up. The current team plays a different style of volleyball to that seen last year. They attack from more positions across the net and have a wider range of receiving options due to having 3 possible setters in the starting six. On the down side they lack the experience of last years well drilled squad and give away height in several positions.

16 teams are left in the knockout. High plays Bomaderry HS in the first round on Wednesday morning for a place in the top 8. The Wednesday afternoon match determines the top 4. Matches on Thursday morning determine who goes into the Final which commences at 1pm that day.

Good luck, Boys
M Kay
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Academic Merit Lists - Semester 1 2006

Year 8

Liam Aylmer
Puneet Baweja
Joseph Braverman
Gareth Chan
Justin Chan
Angud Chawla
Andy Chiem
Oliver Fio
Matthew Fong
Adarsh George
Anirban Ghose
Vincent Goh
Aaron Ho
Hugh Huang
Ivan Li
Richard Lin
Andy Liu
Yixin Liu
Daniel Luo
Benjamin Ly
Mario Moreno
Aarong Ng
Antony Paul
Maxwell Phillis
Jeremy Rajendram
Tony Silveira
Paul Simos
Nikita Slinko
Joshua Sutton
Christopher Tin-Loi
Mohit Tugnait
Wei Wan
Guoxi Wang
Nelson Wang
Andrew Wu
Stephen Yoon
Adrian Zhang

Year 10

Thomas Ashwin
Michael Bock
Ivan Cerecina
William Chan
Cary Cheung
Daniel Chim
Matthew Coutts
Jun Dai
David Fan
Danny Fu
Howard Gu
Richard Hua
Remy Ji
Albert Kim
Sean Lee
Alvin Leung
Andrew Leung
Nathan Lieu
Simon Liu
Bernard Lung
Zid Mancenido
Nathan McDonnell
Kiril Mickovski
Edwin Montoya Zorrilla
Adrian Ng
Varan Perananthan
Paul Phuah
Jordan Phung
Harrison Reid
Alex Shapilsky
Stuart Sugito
Marco Sun
Lucian Tan
Andrew Tang
Simon Ting
Jason Wong
Simin Yang
Alex Yeung
Robert Yoon

Year 11

Radheshan Baskaran
Michael Chen
Patrick Chen
Edward Deng
Moussa Farhat
Reuben George
Jourdan Hsiao
David Hu
Andrew Iskander
Sriram Jeyaraman
Aditya Keswani
Oleg Koudashev
David Kumagaya
Kevin Lee
Yu Lin
John Luu
James Mackay
Anthony Morris
Aditya Naik
Albert Ng
Trong Nguyen
Rommo Pandit
Ji-Kwang Park
Oswin Perera
Raymond Roca
Matthew Sin
Steven Song
Eugene Stadnik
Arthavan Surendran
Jamie Tao
David Tran
Alexander Vertoudakis
Anthony Wan
Leslie Wong
Li Wu
Jeffrey Xie
Louis Yang
Richard Yang
Kelvin Yu
Geoffrey Zhang
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Parent-Teacher Interviews

Year 7 - 12
Thursday 29 June
3:00PM - 7.00 PM

Please note the following arrangements –

  • Boys will be dismissed from class at the conclusion of Period 5 (2:15 pm) on this day. School Special buses will run to normal schedules and there will be supervision in the Junior Quad of boys waiting for these buses.
  • All boys will be issued with details of arrangements for interviews. They should complete the Record of Appointments section in consultation with teachers. It is the responsibility of boys to negotiate interview appointment times with their teachers.
  • Details of interview times with teachers should be recorded in the Record of Appointments section of this booklet. Teachers will sign to confirm the appointment.
  • If a teacher is unavailable this fact should be recorded in the Record of Appointments section and signed by the teacher as confirmation.
  • All interviews will take place in classrooms on the upper floor of the Main Building and the Killip Wing. A map and details of locations of teachers have been provided.
  • Interviews should not exceed five minutes’ duration. If there is insufficient time, a further appointment may be made for a later date, or contact by telephone arranged.
  • Timing of appointments should allow for movement from one location to another between interviews.
  • Tea and coffee will be available for parents throughout the evening in the Staff Common Room.
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A Sydney Boys High School Parent/Carer Survey

National Framework for Values Education in Australian Schools Engaging the School Community – a School Audit

The purpose of this survey is to discover the opinions of parents/carers, teachers and students. Results will be published in the High Notes, distributed to P & C, will guide Values Education curriculum planning and assist with future directions for student welfare and other school/community initiatives.

If you are unable to attend Parent Teacher night please place survey in box at main office. On Parent Teacher evening the collection boxes will be located near exit doors.

Thank you for your valued insight

1 What values are important to you?
_______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________

2 What values do you think your child should be taught at school?

3 Does the school support the values that you try to encourage in your child at home? Please explain how/how not.

4 Look at the list of the nine Values for Australian Schooling below. Comment on the extent to which you feel that the school promotes these values.
_______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________

The Nine Values for Australian Schooling are:

  1. Care and Compassion - Care for self and others
  2. Doing Your Best - Seek to accomplish something worthy and admirable, try hard, pursue excellence
  3. Fair Go - Pursue and protect the common good where all people are treated fairly for a just society
  4. Freedom - Enjoy all the rights and privileges of Australian citizenship free from unnecessary interference or control, and stand up for the rights of others
  5. Honesty and Trustworthiness - Be honest, sincere and seek the truth
  6. Integrity - Act in accordance with principles of moral and ethical conduct, ensure consistency between words and deeds
  7. Respect - Treat others with consideration and regard, respect another person’s point of view
  8. Responsibility - Be accountable for one’s own actions, resolve differences in constructive, non-violent and peaceful ways, contribute to society and to civic life, take care of the environment
  9. Understanding, Tolerance and Inclusion - Be aware of others and their cultures, accept diversity within a democratic society, being included and including others
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Music Notes

Senior Stage Band
The Senior Stage Band performed stunningly at the Annual Maritime Museum Music Festival in Darling Harbour on Wednesday. Congratulations to all the boys who represented the school outstandingly on the day.

The Great Sydney Boys High Piano Competition
The first ever piano competition at SBHS will be held in Term 3. Due to time constraints the competition has been postponed, please see below for further details. Students interested in entering need to complete the form and return to the music staff by Friday 30th of June 06. There will be great prizes for the winners of the competition.

The Music Department will be holding its first Piano Competition for each Year level starting in Term 3. We encourage all pianists to enter as this is a great performance opportunity and a wonderful learning experience. Solo performance pieces can range from any genre (Baroque to Contemporary) with time limits for each year group listed below.

Competition to be held at lunchtime at the beginning of term 3.
Please stay tuned to the notices for details of performance schedules.

Time Limits for performance pieces:
Yr 7 and 8 – 3 mins maximum
Yr 9 and 10 – 4 mins maximum
Yr 11 and 12 – 5 mins maximum

Entry Fee of -
$2.00 for Yr 7 and 8
$3.00 for Yr 9 and 10
$4.00 for Yr 11 and 12

Check Music Noticeboard for timetable in the week prior to the competition.

Please complete the entry form attached below and return to the Music staff by Friday the 30th of June 2006 (Week 9).

Name: __________________________________ Roll Class: ______
Title of Piece and Composer: 
Fee: __________

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Football: The Onion Bag

Last Saturday saw High host Kings in a full round of fixtures for the first time this season. Fortunately, we were blessed with clear skies and reasonably firm playing surfaces.

First grade played a 3-3 draw in what was arguably their best performance of the season. Going into the game without a point and facing a top of the table Kings outfit, it would have been easy for the boys to concede after being down 2-0 midway through the first half. However, they showed that they are made of sterner stuff and clawed one back prior to half time through Weight.

Early in the second half Shuttleworth equalised after a superb build up and pass, slotted through by Akinci. The confident Kings outfit began to look a little nervous as their premiership aspirations nose dived. With the match in the balance, High conjured up the goal of the season. A bullocking run by Weight, a measured passing interchange, sweeping the ball diagonally through the midfield and a superb, composed finish by Shuttleworth. A clearly delighted coach was seen to punch the air and may even have smiled.

With twenty minutes still left to play High struggled to defend the lead. Repelling wave after wave of Kings attacks. Street was brilliant in goals, making several crucial saves. Then, with only minutes left the pressure finally told and Kings snatched an equaliser. A deflated High team left the field, falling just short after performing so gallantly.

They should be proud of their efforts in a game they deserved to win.

Second grade may well look back at this particular game at the end of the year as ‘the one that got away’. Numerous clear scoring opportunities were squandered through a lack of composure in front of goals and two soft goals were conceded at the other end.

GPS Representatives
Burak Akinci and Gehan Karunaratne were both selected in the 3rd grade combined GPS representative team. Congratulations to both boys and good luck in the games against CAS and ISA.

Holiday training
The GPS competition is in hiatus until after the holidays. This effectively means four weeks until our next game. Don’t waste this time by packing away your boots till you return. If you want to play like Harry Kewell you had better train like Harry Kewell.

Formulate a personal training program to hone and improve your skills. Simple exercises such as juggling a ball teach you to track the ball’s flight all the way to your feet. Touch is learned quickly as you realise how hard to kick the ball to keep it close to you and in control. Strengthen your weaker foot by alternating between left and right. Introduce controlling with your thigh and bringing the ball to ground softly. Set yourself targets to reach. Challenge you team mates to beat your record.

Perhaps the most useful exercise is to stand a few metres from a solid wall. Play the ball firmly against the wall, control the rebound then repeat. Again use both feet to help improve your weaker one. Aim to hit the ball with the instep of your foot. Focus on body positioning; teach yourself the correct position you need to be in to pass straight to the target. Misdirected passes will not return to where you are standing. Be ‘on your toes’ to enable quick adjustment to the return trajectory. Try to remain as close to your original starting position as possible. Try to develop a rhythm, bouncing from one foot to the other.

As you improve, increase the difficulty by moving closer to the wall or playing the ball first time. Learn to chip the ball to hit the wall on the full. Learn to control a bouncing ball and to pass a ball on the volley. If you can’t find a wall to play against, perhaps in these days of water conservation you may be able to use a water tank. Apparently worked for a bloke named Bradman once.

Core skills are only ever developed through repetitive actions. Put in the effort and you will be rewarded

Reports need to be submitted by Monday afternoon: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

15Ds V 16Ds
Due to a scheduling issue our 15D had to take on our 16D. I was concerned that this was going to be a bit of a mismatch and it was: the 15Ds won 2-1! All bragging rights to the 15Ds.

High 13Cs Vs King's: W 5-3
The game was great with a real team effort to win by two goals. Goal scorers were Michael Robertson with two goals, and one each for Samuel Beston, Ashwin Rudder and Botong.

13Bs V King’s: L 1-3
When we were lining up to shake hands with the players, we noticed how much taller they were than us (well, in my case anyway.) After playing for about 10 minutes we realised that the ball was always in our half, so we started booting it up the field. We received a corner at about the 20th minute. The corner, taken by Andrew Huynh, landed perfectly onto the left foot of midfielder George Panas. This left foot kick went straight in. We all went wild. We were up 1-nil. We were all in ‘High’ spirits. King’s started playing better. Their passes were spectacular and they were getting the ball into our half. Then in about the 25th minute, they kicked the ball up field and had a midfield sprinting up field. Unfortunately, they scored, after a close save from goalkeeper Shimon Danziger. At half time we were 1 all and slightly disheartened. After a quick speck of advice, we were back on the field. Again, the ball was always in our half and star back, Howard Tran, kept the ball out. Half way through the second half they scored off an unlikely kick. We were all very tired by now but the Kings side looked like they had a lot left in them. In the end, we lost the match 3-1. Some players that deserve a mention are Howard Tran for his persistent defence, Ilya Bonch-Ovsmilovsky for his constant attack, Denny Chandra for his outstanding breaks and captaincy, Nakul Baghwat for his great clearing skills and George Panas for his outstanding goal.

The 15Bs started strongly, but some excellent through passes to highly skilled King's strikers left the final score at 6-0. Despite this, everyone agreed keeper Patrick Desmond played the best game for our team, with many excellent saves.
Phil Kurts

Referees course
Boys wishing to become qualified football referees need to register with Mr Gifford before the end of term. Existing refs also need to undergo a qualifications update due to new rules recently implemented. Registration can either be done in person or via email. Course dates are to be confirmed. Email details to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Points Table

1XI Pld W D L F A Pts
Newington 3 3 - - 12 1 9
Kings 3 2 1 - 9 3 7
Grammar 3 1 2 - 2 1 5
Riverview 3 1 1 1 6 6 4
Joeys 3 1 1 1 1 5 4
Scots 3 1 - 2 5 8 3
HIGH 3 - 1 2 4 7 1
Shore 3 - - 3 0 10 0
2XI Pld W D L F A Pts
Newington 3 3 - - 7 1 9
Kings 3 2 1 - 6 1 7
Riverview 3 2 - 1 6 4 6
Grammar 3 1 1 1 3 2 4
HIGH 3 1 1 1 3 4 4
Joeys 3 - 2 1 1 3 2
Shore 3 - 1 2 3 6 1
Scots 3 - - 3 2 9 0

Quote of the Week '
"I'm a firm believer that if the other side scores first you have to score twice to win."
Howard Wilkinson

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Sydney East Cross Country

June 15 saw a great day in HIGH cross country at the Sydney East championships, with a few exceptional results from a few exceptional runners.

The opens race was intense with James Barker (6th) and Hiroshi Fukoshima (13th) competing valiantly. James has been out of the competition for over 2 months due to illness and a serious stress fracture in his ankle. His first race of his last season at HIGH proved to be a difficult one indeed. However, with his gutsy performance he managed to come in at 6th place, earning himself a right to compete at the NSW All Schools championships next term.

In the U17s, the in-form Ali Amin (4th) again blasted out of the blocks, as he did at the Eastern Suburbs Zone Carnival where he came 1st by over 45 seconds. He was unlucky not to get a podium finish at the end but still came away with the goods coming 4th to also earn himself a spot to compete at the NSW All schools Championships.

But the run of the day definitely belonged to Ty Linegar in the U16s (1st); he has already upset some of the most promising runners in the state and looks to make a few more upsets at the NSW All Schools championships. In a similar reenactment to the Eastern Suburbs Carnival, Ty looked like he was struggling to keep up with the leader halfway through the race, but his persistence paid off sprinting past his formerly undefeated South Sydney rival to take home the gold!

I would like to acknowledge all HIGH competitors who didn’t come in the top 6, you all did HIGH proud.

In the U17s event not only did we get a representative in Ali Amin, but Ali also led the U17 school team to a victory over last year’s premiers Menai high, which will contest 8 other schools from around the state for a chance to compete at the National Championships to be held at Hobart later this year.

The team has not been finalized as of yet with the exception of Ali, but with the best team the school has to offer, HIGH can go far!

In a reversal of fortunes, High CC at the Waverly meet held on Saturday morning 17 June on the HIGH course at Centennial Park, HIGH recorded some sub-standard results, but were still reasonable considering the regionals were only two days before with many boys competing in both events.

Edwin Montoya recorded the run of the day coming in 11th in the U16s, Edwin raced home brilliantly passing many rivals who have competed in CIS championships to record an excellent placing.

The junior race once again had only one competitor for High, being Daniel Luo, he is a little dynamo who ran well to finish 32nd.

The opens race had worse fortunes though with both James Barker (after leading on the first lap) (21st) and Ali Amin (29th) recording their worst results of the season, others from the open race also were disappointed. Andrew Reis our vice-captain, who was sick, delivered support, as did Mr Bigelow but that still wasn’t enough for us to lift. Many put it down to a mix of regional and the fact it was the GPS selection race with all competitors putting in their best for a place on the team. Unfortunately, like last year, no high runner made the combined team though hopefully next year with Ty and Edwin both running in Opens we will have a better chance

Yours in Cross Country
Ali Amin & James Barker
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From the Weights Room

Great work in the Weights Room last week boys with the highest number of workouts per week this year to date. This week I would like to point out a few changes to the Weights Room timetable effective immediately. The changes are:

  • Extended Weights room hours to senior grades 10, 11 & 12 from 930am - 12noon Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday mornings.
  • Weights Room will be closed on Friday afternoons (hours were 3.30-5pm)

These changes will hopefully give more senior boys the flexibility to use the Weights Room more often. If you do plan to use these times make sure you are dressed appropriately. School Uniforms aren’t designed for gym workouts.

Sprint Training
On Monday and Wednesday afternoons (commencing immediately) there will be sprint training sessions located on Moore Park West opposite the new tennis courts. They will start at 3.30pm and run through to 5pm. Seniors (10-12) have been loosely allocated the Monday timeslot and Juniors (7-9) the Wednesday. By loosely I mean that if the time or the day coincides with other commitments then you may attend the other timeslot. I would however urge most of you to try and fit both days in if possible as a fair amount of work needs to be done in this area. As we now have a four week break before sport re-commences if gives you a reasonable window of opportunity to top up your fitness with the emphasis on speed, speed endurance, agility and quickness whilst also working on your running technique. These sessions will continue during the holiday break with the hours as below.

Holiday Timetable
As with previous holiday breaks the Weights Room will be open for use during specified hours. The hours are:
Weights - 12-2pm
Sprint Training - 2-3pm
Weights - 12-2pm
Sprint Training - 2-3pm
Weights - 12-2pm
Sprint Training - 2-3pm

Strongman Competition
I must apologise to Matt Ling (junior) and Alex Vertoudakis (senior) for not presenting them with their trophies for winning their respective divisions in the inaugural Sydney Boys Strongman Competition held during Term 1 this year. I will correct this as early as possible next term and hopefully find an appropriate time to publicly acknowledge their achievement. An inaugural shield will also be on display in the Weight Room with yearly winners names displayed. Hopefully this will continue for years to come.

Protein Drinks
Due to a recent mix up in delivery instructions the Weights Room has been without its supply of Protein Revival drinks that you boys like so much after your workouts. I have finally sorted this out with my supplier and the fridge is again fully stocked. Once again I thank you for your patience.
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Words of Wisdom

I knew it could to be done, it had to be done, and I did it.
Gertrude Ederle (after becoming the first woman to swim the English Channel in 1926)
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Public Speaking

Kelvin Yu and Chris Lopes are competing in the State semi-final of the Sydney Morning Herald Plain English Speaking Award this Friday. The semi-final will take place at The Arts Unit in Lewisham. If the boys make it through they will compete in the State Final on August 4 at The Powerhouse Museum. We wish them the best of luck.

Reminder to all public speakers that coaching is on Monday mornings at 8.00 am in room 204.
R. Howland
MIC Public Speaking

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Chess News

Congratulations to our Intermediate A and Junior A teams for winning their divisions in the inter-schools competition. 110 teams contested the Metropolitan East Region and High was represented by 7 teams, 1 senior, 2 intermediate and 4 junior. The Intermediate A team (in board order) Dmitriy Shurapey, Charley Peng, Edward Lu, Anthony Hopkins(C),Hongwei Li and the Junior A team Dominic Nguyen, Declan McCrea-Steele (C), Ilya Bonch-Osmolovsky, Dawen Shi, and Ben Encel now progress to the quarter finals next term. For most players inter-school competition is finished but intra-school chess will continue Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. This Sunday the Annual Secondary Schools One Day Competition will be held at Lidcombe. High has entered 5 teams. Thank you to MIC Colin Harvey, Coach Alex Feldman and the parent helpers.
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Fundraising: Coffee Orders

Elbon Coffee
Order by Tuesday 27 June – Delivery on Friday 30 June
Last day of term 2
(order by end of lunch; orders sent home with boys)

Buyer’s Name _________________________________________  Class _________ 
Coffee Weight Cost Style (please tick) Quantity Subtotal ($)
Elbon Special 250g $8 ___ Plunger  _________ _________
___ Espresso _________ _________
___ Beans _________ _________
500g $15 ___ Plunger  _________ _________
___ Espresso _________ _________
___ Beans _________ _________
1kg $30 ___ Plunger  _________ _________
___ Espresso _________ _________
___ Beans _________ _________
Columbian 250g $8 ___ Plunger  _________ _________
___ Espresso _________ _________
___ Beans _________ _________
500g $15 ___ Plunger  _________ _________
___ Espresso _________ _________
___ Beans _________ _________
1kg $30 ___ Plunger  _________ _________
___ Espresso _________ _________
___ Beans _________ _________


Type of Payment:  Cheque ___    Cash ___    Credit Card ___
Card Type:        Bankcard ___  Visa ___    MasterCard ___
Expiry Date:      ___ / ___ 
Card Number:      _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _
Cardholder’s Name:      ________________________________________________________________
                                     (please print)
Cardholders Signature:      _______________________________   Bus. Phone:  _________________

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SBHS Film Viewing and Doing Co-op.

Kambala have called for entries in a film festival they are running in support of the Oaktree Foundation. Much like Tropfest, the films for submission are to be up to 7 mins long, be of M rating and have a signature theme of “FREE”. The films will screen at Kambala on Sunday August 13th.

A group of Year 8 students are making a short doco to send to politicians and Old Boys in order to “Lobby for a New Library”. If you have any good ideas or comments for making this happen and have a big impact- please get involved and share them with us!

Film Doing - V-FEST Student Video festival
Rose Bay Secondary College is hosting the 8th Annual “V-Fest” to be held at the Chauvel Cinema on Tuesday September 19th. There are two categories- junior (Year 7-10) and senior (Year 11-12). Entries can be any format but MUST contain the letter “V” in it somewhere.

Film Viewing - DARWIN’S NIGHTMARE - Coming soon…
No experience is necessary, just an interest in filmmaking and the energy and enthusiasm to become involved. We need people to fill a variety of roles and we will provide you will some instruction, guidance and the resources to get the film (or animation) done!

These are student-centred and student driven projects: you just need to ask for help!

Wanna be involved?
Email Miss Brewer at missbrewer [at] gmail [dot] com and tell me what role(s) you would like to fill and what skills or resources (if any) you have.

Read the daily notices for information on meeting times.
Ms Jocelyn Brewer
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SBHS Debating 2006.

High almost made a clean sweep of the 13 debates last Friday. The seniors debated “that public infrastructure should not be privatised” (Mr Iemma and half of NSW thought so too, so they called off the sale of Snowy Hydro!) and the juniors debated “that climbing mountains is a waste of time”. We won both sides of the arguments impressively. A big Thank You to Mr Webb for looking after the debaters on the night.

Three teams from Year 7 and three teams from Year 8 gained further debating experience against SCEGGS Darlinghurst. No results were reported to me unfortunately but all the boys enjoyed their afternoon.

This year we invited Barker College, Hornsby to add to our social debating calendar. They provided some tough competition and won quite a few debates, including First and Year 10. The juniors got into the World Cup spirit arguing “That sporting events bring us closer together”. The seniors had a tougher task of proving (and disproving) the hot topic of the week, “That asylum seekers should not be processed overseas”.

GPS Team Selections have been completed and teams will be announced next week. Congratulations to all of the boys who tried out. With Year 7 and 8, there will be a set A Team which will debate each week and then a number of B Teams (B1, B2, B3) which will rotate from week to week and debate each other at home debates.

The newly devised Debating Code of Conduct has been issued to boys in Year 7 and 8 in order to clearly outline the standards of behaviour in coaching and at debates that is expected at SBHS. Parents and students are asked to read, sign and return the slip to me ASAP, and keep this in mind when representing High as a debater. A copy can also be found on the website.

Each year The Record needs people to contribute to recording and documenting the activities in each sport. Rather than nominate specific "captains" of debating in Year 7-9 I would like to invite boys to volunteer to be the Debating Recorder for their Year level. We may also appoint an assistant to help with gathering information and editing etc. Ideally (but not specifically) this will be a boy (or boys) who will be present at each debate and can give a brief run down of each "match". More importantly it would be someone who can capture the essence of each debate and report the season in an interesting way to be on record for ever and ever... Anyone else who takes photos and would like to submit them is also invited to and will be credited in the yearbook. It is important that boys are active in recording their own histories.

DEBATING ASSEMBLY- Friday July 21st All parents of Debaters are invited to attend the Annual Debating Assembly which will be held in the Great Hall at approximately midday on Friday July 21st. We will launch the official GPS Debating Season for 2006 and announce First and Second Grade teams, who will debate their first GPS debate against Shore that night.

GPS EVENTS CALENDAR Please diarise all the GPS Debate dates and venues. All information can be found on the website- http://www.sydneyhigh.org.au/debating 

Are you receiving emails about debating each week???
Email is the main form of communication for debating. Only basic notices are printed in High Notes, important team information is emailed to the relevant students or parents each week. If you are NOT getting the team information - send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it stating your name, or your son’s name, his year and your phone number so that you can be added to the mailing lists.

The DSG has their own email address- This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
If you can assist with suppers at home debates please email Alice Paul at the above address.

The next meeting is Tues August 8th at 6.30pm - Staff Common Room.
We encourage all debating parents (especially those with sons in Years 7, 8 and 9) to attend and to become involved in supporting your son’s debating “career”!

For more information email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Ms Jocelyn Brewer
MIC Debating

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Fundraising: Travel Bags For Sale!

Sydney Boys High School Special

Only $25 or two for $40

Sturdy black sports or travel bags.
Valued at $40
Approximately 50 x 30 x 25cm
Side and end compartments
Zip to close main body of bag
Velcro carry handles
Shoulder strap
Great for carrying all your gear to and from school.

Pay at school Cashiers office and collect your purchase from Mrs Roser’s office.

Funds raised will go towards the 125th Anniversary Project for the new Library and Performing Arts Centre (every bit counts!)
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From Fundraising


As tax time approaches consider making a donation to the

Australian Sports Foundation - download form from the web site: Sports | Sports Donations


Each family was sent, in the latter half of 2005, information regarding the desire and need for a New Library and Performing Arts Space to be built as a fitting project for 2008 – our 125th Anniversary.

Please use the donation card and reply paid envelope to send your tax deductible gift. Donations can be made by credit over the phone. Ring the School and ask to speak to the Cashier.

Thank you for your continued support of our boys – helping make a difference.

Any inquiries, please contact Valda Roser 9361 6910 email. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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From the Canteen

Food for Thought. . .
Fed up with waiting in the canteen queue. . .?
Sick of arriving at the counter only to find what you craved for lunch is sold out??

Solution !!! Order Smart! Order Early!

. . . . . . .From the Canteen Team
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Want to set The Record Straight?

The Record is an annual printed publication of around 180 pages recording the events and achievements of our Boys and High family members.

Each boy is entitled to a copy every year while they are at High building a 6 volume history over their time at School.

The cost is approximately 15K-18K per publication.

To offset this cost advertising will be offered in this year’s publication (2006) for full and part page advertisements.

An opportunity to ‘Donate a Page’ will also be available.

Help is needed in pricing, collating and possibly artwork of advertisements.

Please contact Valda Roser at School on:
Phone: 9361 6910 Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Please leave a voice mail message.
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
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