High Notes, Vol 7 No 15, May 26 2006

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From the Principal

Half Yearly Reports
All Year 7 students should have their first semester reports. If your son has not shown you his report yet, please ask him for it and discuss its contents. Congratulation to the Year 7 boys who made the academic merit list, who had all ‘E’ for effort or who had perfect attendance for semester one. They will be able to claim Student Award Scheme categories or half categories. Year 9 reports will be discussed with students next week.

High Talent
Kaivan Vaidya (Year 12) won one of only 12 medals awarded nationally for excellence in the 2006 National Geographic Channel Australian Geography competition. There were 92,116 entrants in the competition. What a great effort! Rikky Cohn (Year 8) was awarded a medal for the highest score in NSW in his year level in the ICAS – Computer Skills Competition. Congratulations, Rikky!

Tennis Courts Completed at Last
It was a great moment for High tennis when Carl Nielsen took the keys for our renovated tennis court complex. There is still some landscaping and electrical work to be finalised but the facility is ready for players. The courts are operational for winter tennis players and for first and second grade regular off season hit up sessions. The courts are available for hire by the pubic though Carl. Phone 0425263288.

Sir Roden Cutler VC Memorial Gates
The pillars and plinth course are in place ahead of the deadline. The entrance on Anzac Parade is starting to look the way it was envisaged. The fencing work is underway and the gates and plaques will be installed over the next few weeks. Up lighting will be installed courtesy of the SBHS P & C. We could really use your financial help to finish off this very significant project. Donation forms were sent home with High Notes recently.

Sir Roden Cutler Day – Year 11 Charity Event
I am gratified by the level of support from our Year 11 boys and School Prefect volunteers who are prepared to give up a day to serve an excellent charitable cause and help the school as well. Permission notes for the event were distributed and the boys were given a briefing session to know what was planned and what their roles are to be. The image of the school as a community service institution is very likely to be boosted after Monday’s big charity day.

Secure Internet Browsing and Student Emails
A notice about the Department of Education’s establishment of secure internet browsing and individual student email accounts is published elsewhere in High Notes. Parents are urged to read this information carefully. If nothing is received by the school we will assume it is acceptable to you that the system is accessed by your son.

Sailing Dinner for 2005-6 Season
A very successful sailing dinner was held last week at the Maya restaurant in Cleveland Street. The food was tasty and the company convivial. Sailors were issued with certificates to acknowledge their participation in the training and racing. Muhamed Mehmedbasic, as sailing captain, reported on the season’s results and thanked the MIC, Mrs Mary Boukatos, and the energetic Sailing Committee, led by Mrs Ann Kurts, Bruce Coppa and Selma Mehmedbasic. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and I encourage interested boys to take up the sport next summer as we have exciting plans to develop sailing further.
Dr K Jaggar
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Letter to the OBU

Please find following a copy of the letter sent this week to Mr M Livingston, President SHSOBU:

"Dear Mark

"Thank you very much for your most welcome letter of May 15 last and for your previous correspondence and meetings directed at resolving an issue of importance.

"You correctly identified the major source of tension between the SHSOBU and staff of the school. The staff members understand that the SHSOBU is an autonomous incorporated body free to conduct its affairs in the way that it sees fit. They also acknowledge that the SHSOBU is free to criticise actions by the staff or activities or policies promoted by the school. They request that such criticism is fair, constructive and not published anonymously but attributed to a named person.

"The SHSOBU is not quite a parallel organisation to other GPS alumni organisations in its relationship to the school for one particular reason – its role in the governance of High. Uniquely, it has constitutional representation on the SBHS Council and on the Sydney High School Foundation Inc. Its published opinions thus are more sensitively regarded by school community members. The views of its President and Executive are potentially more influential in terms of school policy formation through their school governance representation.

"I was pleased to read that the SHSOBU Executive does not intend to offend or embarrass individuals through its High Bulletin publication. Constructive, attributed criticism would not do this. I would hope editorial policy would allow right of reply. It is also agreeable that the SHSOBU recognises the dedication, longevity and loyalty of SBHS staff.

"The apology you offered to members of staff was a generous one. I have had no approaches from staff members since publishing your letter. My sense is that the matter can be laid to rest. I hope that open communication between the school and the SBHSOBU Executive will avoid a recurrence of the breakdown in relationships which has occurred in recent years."

Dr K Jaggar
22 May 2006

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Year 7 Academic Merit List Semester 1

Congratulations to the following boys in Year Seven whose excellent academic achievements in Semester 1 are recognised. In students' subjects, points were awarded as follows - HD: 6, D: 5, C: 3, PM: 2, P: 1, with the qualifying total being 46.

Nikhil AUTAR
Sunny CAO
David CHAN
Terence CHIEM
Aaron CHIN
Timothy GOLLAN
Andrew GONG
Declan GOREY
Andrew HUYNH
Joshua KIM
Vivian LE
Gordon LI
Leon LI
Austin LY
Dominic NGUYEN
Kenneth NGUYEN
Michael PHUNG
Marcell ROZSA
William SHAO
Dawen SHI
Jeffrey TANG
David WANG
Vincent WANG
Michael WONG
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Roden Cutler Day

On Monday, 29 May at 4.00 pm we will be holding a function to celebrate the life and legacy of Roden Cutler and the completion of stage one of the Sir Roden Cutler VC Memorial Gates.

The function, to be held at the School, will be hosted by Dr Jaggar, Lady Cutler and the Sir Roden Cutler Charities. The celebrations will commence at the completion of the Roden Cutler Wheelchair Roll which is a 17 kilometre journey from the Lt Roden Cutler VC Statue at Manly Village Public School to the Sir Roden Cutler VC Memorial Gates at Sydney Boys High School. The statue at Manly is a gift from the Warringah ‘Australia Remembers’ Trust to the people of Australia and will be unveiled by His Excellency, Major General Michael Jeffery AC CVO MC, Governor General of the Commonwealth of Australia at 10.00 am on Roden Cutler Day.

The function will take place at 4.00 pm at The Sir Roden Cutler VC Memorial Gates, Anzac Parade, located between the McDonald and Killip Wings.
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Secure Internet Browsing and Email For Students

Dear Parent or Caregiver,
The NSW Department of Education and Training is committed to providing a secure e-Learning environment to enrich learning opportunities for all students in NSW public schools. During 2006 your child/children will be provided with access to secure Internet browsing and email.

Email is a method of communicating on the Internet by sending and receiving written messages. Your son’s email account is protected by software to block out inappropriate messages. Your son will be provided with an individual username and password to access filtered Internet browsing and email at school. Their user name and password will ensure that they receive Internet filtering and that no one else can access their email.

All students who use the Internet at school are taught that they must follow the code of conduct outlined in the school’s Internet Usage Policy. This policy includes the action that may be taken by a school if students do not follow this code of conduct. The Internet Usage Policy is published in the School Diary issued to boys.. Students will be able to access their personal email from computers at home and other locations through private Internet service providers. All Internet browsing at home will be directed through your own Internet service provider. We recommend that you install filtering software at home and be aware of filtering software at other locations.

As long as your son is enrolled at a public school or TAFE college in NSW they will have access to secure Internet browsing and email. The NSW Department of Education and Training respects your right as a parent to refuse your child permission to access this facility. If you do not agree to your child having access to this facility, you will need to provide notification in writing to the school by Friday 9 June.

If you refuse permission for your son to have an e Learning account, your son will not be provided with access to secure Internet browsing and email. Parents can contact the school at any time and request for an e Learning account to be provided to their son. This request should be forwarded to the school in writing.

Further information about secure Internet browsing and email is available on the NSW Department of Education and Training website at: http://www.det.nsw.edu.au or by telephoning or emailing the school.
Dr K Jaggar

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Public Speaking

Congratulations to Chris Lopes and Kelvin Yu who have reached the Regional Final of the Sydney Morning Herald Plain English Speaking Award. They will now compete on Monday to go through to the State semi-final. Good luck!
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Words of Wisdom

“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”
(Victor Borge 1909 - 2000)

“We cannot hold a torch to light another's path without brightening our own.”
(Ben Sweetland)
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Science News

The Science Quiz has made a belated start. (The questions were in last week’s High Notes.) Once again, thank you Aditya Hatle (Year 9) and Nikita Slinko (Year 8) for their excellent answers which will be posted on the windows of lab 302.
Charles Messier
(guest compiler)

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P&C Parking

The second parking day for 2006 is on Saturday 10th June. Helpers required from 3.45 pm. The Swans game kicks off at 7.10 pm.

If you would like to help raise funds which will assist our boys at High please contact me ASAP so that I can include your name on the roster.

Thank you in anticipation.
Lyndell Evans
P & C Parking Co-ordinator
email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
phone: 0411 430 394
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Da Vinci Decathlon

The Da Vinci Decathlon is an academic gala day held annually at Knox Grammar School. Thirty-six schools send teams of eight students from each different Year group to compete in ten different academic activities.

The day begins with session one, comprising engineering challenge, poetry with a complimentary artwork, science, and games of strategy, including chess. A fifteen-minute morning tea follows. It is a time to enjoy the supplied food, and to prepare for session two.

The activities in session two are Maths, English, Forensic Sleuths and Creative Producers. Creative Producers involves a sub group developing and presenting a 30 second commercial on a certain topic. For Year 7 the topic was I-Pods for elephants.

Lunch follows, and then session three. This is the shortest as it only has two tasks: Code Breaking and General Knowledge.

Throughout the day the teachers work busily to mark all the papers and from time to time, they announce the top three schools in a particular category. Our Year 7 team came 1st in Forensic Sleuths, 3rd in English and 5th overall.

It was a hectic day! The Year 7 groups ran out of time in a number of the tasks. However it was a rewarding experience and I would advise anyone who enjoys a challenge to try out for the teams next year!
Ashwin Rudder 7T

On Tuesday, 18th of May, 2006, a selected group of Year 9 boys (Patrick Desmond, Clive Chen, Victor Lim, Mishu Osinski, Neil Street, Alik Belokopytov, Kang Lim and Thomas Nguyen) participated in the Da Vinci Decathlon, at Knox Grammar.

The Da Vinci Decathlon is an annual program designed to challenge young minds in a variety of ways. Activities at the Da Vinci Decathlon vary from Creative Producers (creating a 30 second advertisement), to Mathematics, to Forensic Sleuths (solving crimes etc.).

The aim of the event is to challenge young minds. This year was no exception, with challenging questions and topics. In General Knowledge there were questions relating to Ancient Chinese civilization, to questions regarding Harry Potter currencies.

In the first session, the activities included English, Science, Engineering and Art & Poetry. Some of those areas we did extremely well in, and others, not so well.

During the second session, we were challenged by the Games of Strategy, Forensic Sleuths, Creative Producers and Mathematics. A sub-group consisting of Alik Belokopytov, Neil Street and Mishu Osinski participated in the Creative Producers section. The topic for it was “Tune your teeth“.

In the final session, we had General Knowledge and Code-Breaking. Everyone was itching to get to the General Knowledge section, and it was obvious to see that we excelled.

Overall, the event was such an action-packed and hectic day, however, it was an entertaining experience. We were all privileged to be chosen to represent Sydney Boys High, and we hope to do it again, in future years.
Thomas Nguyen 9F
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High Drama

FAST AND [email protected] Riverside
Billed as ‘ten minute theatre… with attitude’ FAST AND FRESH is a short play festival (the under 18s version of SHORT AND SWEET, the biggest short play festival in the world), a competition which involves schools all over NSW. Many talented Year 9 and Year 10 drama students developed plays and wrote scripts which were accepted in FAST AND FRESH 2006 and last Friday, May 19, our boys competed in the heats at Riverside Theatre in Parramatta. It was a long day (starting at 8am and finishing around 10:30pm) which included technical rehearsals for sound and lighting cues, some sharpening of scripts and performances, a theatresports workshop, a tour of the theatre, some OPORTO chicken and finally the evening performance, the culmination of so much hard work.

After barely eight weeks of elective drama just making it into the competition was a great achievement, but more than that, Year 9’s three entries really showcased our emerging talents. Written by Sidharth Jacob, Johnson Qiu, David Nam, Timothy Burston, Jacky Lee, Abraham Chan, Victor Zhang, ART GALLERY HEIST was a hilarious send up of the heist film and all its clichés. In ANYTHING CAN BE ACHIEVED IF YOU STUDY, Nick Lindeback, Josh Bell, Roshan Kashap, Razeen Ahmed, Anton Jurisevic, Julians Byrnes, Daniel Lambert, Johnny Lieu revealed the secrets to academic success for both a dodgy student and his headmaster. It’s not what you might think. BOTH SIDES OF THE STORY, a one hander written and performed by Beau Greenslade, explored our conflicting feelings about the homeless.

Year 10 performed PRINCESS KAGUYA, a play based on the Japanese myth of the Moon Princess. In the version written by Dominic Bowes, Ivan Cerecina and Daniel Campion, the Moon Princess is cast as the dream girl to be won by the man named ‘Australian Prince’, in a game show hybrid of Perfect Match and Survivor. Many of the original cast were in Armidale on the day of the heat, so other class members generously gave of their time and energy to rehearse and perform the play. Thanks to Tom Lindeback, Ishan Nadkarni, and Lachlan Street who joined Daniel Campion, Ivan Cerecina and Kenny La in this stellar performance.

While they didn’t go through to the final, the boys had a great experience on the day, learning an incredible amount about the practicalities of performance and staging, and meeting many drama students from other schools. We look forward to next year’s FAST AND FRESH, knowing that our students will seek to build on the experience they gained this year in the plays they write for 2007.
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Chess News

Round 3 of the inter-school competition has been our best yet with all teams having good wins.

The Seniors defeated Sydney Grammar C 4-0, in Intermediate the High A team were 4-0 victors over St. George Girls whilst the Bs had an identical result against Sydney Grammar D. The Junior division saw our A team record their third straight 4-0 success, this time playing Sydney Technical C. Junior B defeated St. Mary’s Cathedral 3-1 and the Cs were 2.5-1.5 winners against St .George Girls A.
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Help Wanted!

Do you drop off your son in the morning or pick him up in the afternoon?
Could you spend half and hour or more helping achieve some very necessary, yet simple tasks? Eg making phone calls, addressing envelopes, helping in the Library.

Come and get to know the School parent and teaching community, while gaining a sense of achieving and making a difference.

Have a chat and a cuppa.

Please contact Valda Roser at School 9361 6910 (Tuesday/Wednesdays) or leave a message on the voicemail with contact details. Or you can email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
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From the High Store

We have introduced a new "supporter polar fleece" for parents to wear to the games, to show their support of Sydney High. The price of this garment is $69.00. They are available in sizes small, medium, large and ex large.

To order now, call Michelle on 9331 7075 or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
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SBHS Debating 2006

Term 2 & 3 is official debating season.

The venue for ALL debates this term is SBHS. Teams for the debate on June 2 will be emailed shortly. Don’t forget to bring supper along to home debates.
June 2nd - Social Debate vs St Joseph’s College @ HOME 6pm.
June 16th- Social debate vs Barker College @ HOME 6pm.
June 23rd- Social Debate vs SGHS for year 7 and 8 @HOME from 3.30pm.

THE GPS DEBATING SEASON starts in Term 3 and runs on Fridays from week 1-7.

Team Selections get underway this term. Each Year level has a slightly different process which involves looking at the debater’s skill in the areas of manner, matter (general knowledge) and method, as well as the boy’s attitude and commitment to coaching, their reliability and the completion of set tasks. Social debates as well as debates in coaching are used to observe the boys skills. Please listen out for more information in coaching, in your inbox and on the notice board.

Are you receiving emails about debating each week???
Email is the main form of communication for debating. Only basic notices are printed in High Notes, important team information is emailed to the relevant students or parents each week.

A large number of addresses that were supplied in the registration process were incorrect and are bouncing back to me. If you’re email bounces - your address will be deleted.

If you want to debate this year and are NOT getting the team information each week you need to send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it stating your name, your sons name, his year and your phone number so that you can be added to the mailing lists.

The DSG has a new email address - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . If you can assist with suppers at home debates please email Alice Paul at the above address.

The next meeting is Tuesday June 6th at 6.30pm - Staff Common Room. We encourage all debating parents (especially those with sons in Years 7, 8 or 9) to attend and to become involved in supporting your son’s debating “career”!

For more information email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
Ms Jocelyn Brewer
MIC Debating

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Volleyball Report

Under 16s
Last Saturday, the Under 16s team was pitted against the Newington third graders. Because of the shortage of players, we managed to squeeze a tight team in, with only six people and no coach. We started the match with Newington winning 5-3 and the height of the net plaguing us. As usual we easily picked up from there, switching from warm-up mode to playing-properly mode. Unfortunately half of the team couldn’t figure out their ups from their downs, making the timeout team huddles… a muddle. Powerful and precise serves produced more points for High before we pounded the set with a 25-18. The second set went on quite uneventfully. Sets by Thomas Nguyen gave James Lee nice spikes and the occasional down-ball. We nailed them once again with a 25-11 and finished the set off with a set by a…. middle blocker.

By that time, we were getting bored of the ordinary, and tried to spice up the game… Ritam did several “jump serves” which miraculously went in. A backcourt spike by Nishan gained another point. However Newington caught up with a 19-11, mostly because we were totally out of position and Thomas wandering around for no reason at all. A timeout by the captain easily fixed that and we tightly won the set and match 25-23, with a well placed tip by Steven Ke. S Wan

Seconds Match Report
The newly formed second grade volleyball team arrived at High gym early Saturday morning expecting nothing less than a good match from Newington. Having never played together before, the 8 individual players quickly became a team and with heavy hitting from Albert Ng and Daniel Shan, and an exceptional 9 point serving streak from Henry Dang, High took the first and second sets with ease. Although good passes and exceptional sets were seen from Jordan Luong, David Dizon and Shorson Zhang, the third and fourth sets were snatched away by the re-organized Newington team. High second grade pulled it together to take the passion fuelled final set and match; winning by 3 sets to 2. An honourable mention goes to Paul Tran and Yoha Kim, who held their own against more experienced players in their first ever game of competitive volleyball.
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Fencing News

High’s 2006 fencing season started in early May with the U15 State Schools Championships-Individual at Newington. Congratulations to Julian Byrnes who achieved 6th place and last Sunday also entered the U15 State Championships where he was placed 5th.

The U15 Individual Championships were followed by the State Schools Team Championships, with disappointing results from our Senior teams. However, even though both teams were eliminated in the preliminary rounds there was some good fencing with the three highest scores being achieved by Jeffrey Chan, Amadeus Klocker and Boris Zolotarev.

We will have to train hard with our coaches Alwyn Wardle and Tuko Maia before the Schools League to prevent a repeat of these disappointing results. Additionally, training on Wednesday nights at UTS should not be missed by any of the SBHS/UTS members, and if you can fit it in, there is further UTS training available on Monday nights.

The U15 B and C teams were eliminated in the preliminary rounds, with only the A team making it through to the finals. Congratulations to Julian Byrnes, Addison Clune and Caillin McKay who after a forfeit by Newington-A were narrowly defeated by Grammar-A (40:45), leaving them in 6th place.

Upcoming Events:
The Schools League will be held at Newington on 5th, 12th 26th of August and the 2nd and 16th of September.

IMPORTANT: Please check your timetables for any prior commitments you might have. If you are not available morning AND afternoon on ALL FIVE DAYS of the Schools League, please see Ms May, MIC Fencing to discuss.

The invitational AJ Rae Shield will be held on the 3rd of June, and fencers will be advised, if selected.

The U17 State Championships will be held on the 4th of June at the Ann Clark Centre. I recommend this event to all senior fencers, but as it is not a school event fencers will have to pay a $15 entry fee as well as electric gear hire.

The Fencing Association’s Winter Junior Development Camp will be held at SGHS on the weekend of the 17th and 18th of June, and will cost approximately $80 for both days. There is an option to attend for only one day, at a reduced cost. This camp would be beneficial to all fencers and I highly recommend it to the U15 fencers, including all Y7 fencers. This is a fun way to gain fencing experience and to fence with electric gear.

Last, but not least, the Senior Individual State Schools Championships will be held on the 22nd of July.
Amadeus Klocker

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Football - The Onion Bag

This weekend marks the start of the GPS season proper and the local derby with Scots is a great way to kick things off. All players need to ensure that they know their fixture times and venues. Remember to organise your travel arrangements and plan to be at the venue at least 45 minutes prior to kick off. This allows time to gear up and be fully warmed up and prepared for the match. As a courtesy to the team, if you are running late, a call to either the coach or a fellow team member can greatly reduce the disruption to the team.

A special mention to all the 13s teams who will be playing their first GPS match this weekend. I have no doubt you will thoroughly enjoy the experience and make many great friends during your football careers at High.

The start of the GPS season means the start of the highly coveted Dolan Cup, an internal competition in which all of High’s football teams are pitted against each other. In order to compete, each team needs to pass on the results, including the names of goal scorers, on the Monday after the match. Like most highly prized competitions, the Cup has not been without controversy. Allegations of match fixing, score manipulation and team stacking, (most unsubstantiated) shows the lengths to which some will go to lift the cup.

In other news, the first grade team played an Independent Schools Cup match v Shore last Thursday. The 1-4 score line is not a true indication of the closeness of the game. Two soft goals and a penalty ended any chance of a High victory, but it must be said that the team fought it out till the final whistle. It was pleasing to see the return to form of Ed Curran, who used his size and strength to control the midfield. His second half goal, superbly constructed by a Daniel Campion cross, was headed home with great power and accuracy. I’ll have half a dozen more of those please Ed.

Good luck to all teams and let’s see if we can bang a few into the onion bag this weekend.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

GPS Round 1:

Team Opponent Venue Time
1st Scots Main 9.45
2nd Scots Main 8.30
3rd Scots ES Marks 1.00
4th Scots ES Marks 12.00
5th Scots ES Marks 11.00
6th Scots ES Marks 10.00
16 A Scots MPW 16 9.00
16B Scots MPW 16 10.00
16C Scots MPW 16 11.00
16D Scots MPW 16 12.00
15A Scots CP 7 8.00
15B Scots CP 7 9.00
15C Scots CP 7 10.00
15D Kings Massie 1 9.00
14A Scots CP 6 1.00
14B Scots CP 6 12.00
14C Scots CP 6 11.00
14D Scots CP 6 10.00
14E Bye    
13A Scots CP 5 1.00
13B Scots CP 5 12.00
13C Scots CP 5 11.00
13D Scots CP 5 10.00

Quote of the Week
'In football, time and space are the same thing.' - Graham Taylor
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From the Rugby Master’s Desk

At the conclusion of our pre-season, it is appropriate to assess our progress thus far.

In 2006 we are fielding 11 teams, which is two less than 2005. Many Year 11 students have given away rugby this year to put more time into their studies. This is an unfortunate occurrence as a balance between academic study and extra-curricular activities is central to the ethos of the school and the development of a well-rounded student. Our history has shown that with organisation, time management and commitment, High students can do both and do both very well.

There have been several highlights to our abbreviated pre-season including:

  • across the school 60 players have donned the High rugby jumper for the first time;
  • the talent and enthusiasm of our junior A teams;
  • the purpose shown by our Year 12 Open team;
  • the commitment displayed once again by our 1st XV players and coaching staff.

All of which gives me great confidence for the coming GPS season and the future of High rugby. I would encourage all supporters to get out cheer on the High teams against Scots this week.

For the statisticians, in the 2006 pre-season we have played 35 matches for 16 wins (43%), compared with the 2005 pre-season when we played 55 matches for 22 wins (40%).

Date 6/5/06 10/5/06 13/5/06 20/5/06
Team SGC/ Redlands/
St Andrew’s
Hurlstone Ag. Chevalier/
TAS/ St Augustine’s
1st XV L 0-36   L 7-12   W 10-7 L 12-44
Year 12  XV NG NG   L 0-60 Oxley 1st L 5-41  
16A L 0-51 W 12-7   L 0-12 L 0-48  
16B   L 0-50 NG   L 0-50 Oxley 16B L 0-64 3rds
15A   W 34-0 NG   W 51-0 W 34-0 16B’s
15B   L 5-10 Redlands 16B W 12-7   L 10-54 Oxley 15A L 7-50 15A’s
14A   W 70-0 NG W 60-0 W 29-7 15B’s
14B L 0-112 St Andrew’s 14A NG   L 15-17 Oxley 14A L 15-29 14A’s
13A W 49-0   W 44-0 14’s W 80-0 W 70-0 14B’s
13B   W 57-7 Redlands 13A NG   W 21-10 Oxley 13A W 51-10 13A’s
13C NG NG   L 17-19 Chevalier 13B L 0-48 St Augustine 13C

See you on Saturday at Bellevue Hill.
G. Stein
MIC - Rugby

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Cutler Drive Donations: Last Chance

Time is running out to be part of History!!
Your contribution to the Sir Roden Cutler Memorial Gates needs to be returned to School now.

EVERY donation is highly valued and will help achieve our goal in the timeframe allocated. If you have misplaced your brochure, credit card donations can be made over the phone to the School Office.

Work is planned to be completed by 25 May in time for the Sir Roden Cutler Day on Monday 29 May with the wheelchair push finishing through our gateway.

All parents are invited to attend with light refreshments to follow in the courtyard. RSVP essential to the School office - 9361 6910.

Thank you to those who have already contributed.
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SBHS-SGHS Parents/Students Universities Information Evening

Years 10, 11 12 Parent/Student Universities Information Evening

Wednesday, 7 June 2006 7.00 pm – 9.00 pm
Sydney Boys High School Great Hall

University faculties present from:

  • Australian National University (ANU) 
  • University of New South Wales 
  • University of Sydney 
  • University of Technology Sydney 
  • Macquarie University

(The UNSW Medical Faculty will be in Room 107 next to the Hall.)

This is an opportunity for parents and students to speak with faculty representatives and gather information from the individual faculty stalls that will be situated around the SBHS Hall.
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From the Canteen

Food For Thought - Hot Breakfasts Now Available From 8:30AM

Hot Chocolate $1.00
Ham & Cheese Croissants $2.20
Cheese & Bacon Buns $2.20
Toasted Cheese $2.00
Toasted Cheese & Tomato  $2.20

Start the day with a hearty breakfast and order lunch at the same time
From the Canteen Team 
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Want to Dance?

In Year 10/11/12 or Staff at Sydney Girls or Sydney Boys High School?

Then come to

  • Friday 23rd June and Thursday 29th June
  • Sydney Girls High School Multi Purpose Hall
  • 3:30  5:30 pm
  • Cost - $5 each week payable at door on the day
  • Qualified experienced instructors
  • Learn Waltz; Jive; Cha Cha; Foxtrot and Street Samba
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Annual Joint SBHS/SGHS P&C Meeting

Invitation to all Parents and Staff to The Annual Joint Meeting of P & C Associations Sydney Boys High School and Sydney Girls High School

WEDNESDAY 14 JUNE* 2006 AT 7.30 PM

Our speaker will be Louise Remond, Clinical Psychologist, Health Psychology Unit, University of Technology, St Leonards Campus, Royal North Shore Hospital co-author with Dr Sarah Edelman of Taking Charge: A guide for teenagers - Practical ways to overcome stress, hassles and upsetting emotions

Louise will give an overview of issues teens have commonly identified as stressful and aspects of adolescent development which can make adolescence a stressful period. She will describe the Taking Charge Model which aims to help individuals take 'greater charge' of their behaviours and emotions by taking positive actions and identifying and challenging unhelpful patterns of thinking. Topics will include: problem solving; acceptance of situations beyond one's control; identifying particular patterns of unhelpful thinking; skills for challenging irrational beliefs and applications of particular strategies to managing stress, the 'blues' and anxiety. The talk will provide useful resources for helping teenagers when they are feeling distressed.

The presentation will be followed by question time and refreshments.

*NOTE change of date from originally advertised 21 June 2006
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