High Notes, Vol 7 No 14, May 19 2006

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From the Principal

Senior Study Computers
Another great reason for students in Years 11 and 12 to sign up for a Senior Study Pass from Mr Dowdell is the addition of half a dozen PCs for student research. It is our intention to increase the ICT services provided in the Senior Study if this trial installation is successful. Indicators will be that the machines are used appropriately and respectfully and continue to operate without unnecessary maintenance input.

Learning Environment Enhancement
Mr Beringer has been busy with various contractors and the school is looking much more presentable with new corridor carpets on the first floor of the Main Building and Room 303. Around 25 malfunctioning hopper windows are being replaced over a period of two weeks. The ‘walls’ old boys (Joseph Waugh and Will Clegg) have reorganised the wall displays to make our school appear more like what it is, a showcase of talent and multifaceted endeavour. Two newly framed old boy blazers will be hung shortly. The toilet refurbishment is underway. We are making progress towards a better looking environment for our students. I trust that our boys will treat all the aspects of our learning environment respectfully.

Year 10 Charity – Sri Lankan High School
The Kahawa Rathnasara Maha Vidyalaya School (KRMV) in Kahawa, Sri Lanka, was chosen by SBHS to receive the funds collected by boys in the wake of the devastating tsunami of 26 December 2004. Being in close proximity to the sea, during the tsunami the seawater inundated almost all equipment at KRMV such as furniture, books, sports gear, cupboards, electrical appliances, water and sanitation systems. They were either severely damaged or completely destroyed. Given the circumstances of this school in need, I decided to make a firmer connection between High and KRMV by nominating it as the Year 10 charity for the future. The Principal of KRMV in consultation with the deputy principal and staff provided a list of urgent needs and their costs. Our initial donation (in 2005) has paid for the following equipment to help KRMV: roneo machine to print exam papers/notes; a public address system, including installation; 6 computers (used Pentium III), printer and scanner; 60 plastic chairs for audio/video room; telephone line and internet dial-up facilities; documentary programs in English – teaching aid; costumes for the Oriental Band; books for the library – teaching aids & reference materials; 10 volleyballs & 10 netballs; an encyclopaedia set; 4 steel cupboards; newspapers for the library for 2 years; and a photocopy machine.

As you can see, our one day effort has procured a wide array of useful equipment for these students. I hope this report inspires Year 10 charity committee members to initiate fund raising activities to benefit KRMV students. Each academic Year is entitled to schedule one $2 ‘mufti day’ to aid its charity, thereby guaranteeing a minimum amount for each Year to send away. However, all our charities require a lot of help. Service benefits the donor as much as the recipient.

Year 12 Careers Requirement
Before they can have their first semester report interview with the Principal, all Year 12 students must have a print out of their JIG CAL Career Voyage experience with some evidence of follow up in vocational opportunities through the Careers Views /Careers Website pathway accessed via the student portal on the school’s website. This exercise can be completed from home or at school.

Literacy Initiatives for Year 12
As part of our Literacy Development Plan, 20 targeted boys in Year 12 have been required to attend a period 6 Thursday class run by Mrs Boukatos. The objective of the gathering is to strengthen the students’ understanding of textual content and to improve their capacities to produce extended responses up to the expected standard, set at middle band 5 (or 85%). Some of our scholars showed initial reluctance but the program is not to be considered optional. Given our determination to raise the standard of our 2006 HSC results in English, and given that literacy is the key to raising such standards, Mrs Trompetter will be identifying a second group of up to 25 Year 12 students to be given ‘the treatment’. I want the chosen ones to view their forthcoming experience as a privilege. The school is expending considerable extra resources on more personalised attention to our greatest weaknesses – quality extended writing. To adapt ‘Banjo’ Patterson, our style of writing essays is ’irregular and rash, with mighty little science, but a mighty lot of dash’. Superficial musings based on main points possibly gleaned from conversations on mobile phones do not impress HSC examiners. Mrs Boukatos and Mrs Trompetter are intending to combat complacency, attack arrogance and construct confidence in extended response writing for a variety of purposes and audiences. I commend their efforts to you and ask all parents to support our initiative.

Participation in GPS Sports
We believe in the character building potential of the scholar-sportsman ethos. I expect all students to participate in at least one GPS sport per year. My strong preference is for boys to compete in two sports to broaden their experiences and circle of friendships. Based on the latest figures compiled by Mr Ayre, participation rates for 2006 (based on one GPS sports) are: Year 7 (92%), Year 8 (90%), Year 9 (82%), Year 10 (91%) and Year 11 (91%). By other standards, these figures appear very good. However, my firm expectation is that all Year figures for one sport participation should be 100%. Once fixtures have been negotiated at the start of each season, it becomes impossible to be flexible about participation. For next summer season boys – get involved early!
Dr K Jaggar
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Letter from the OBU

Please find following the contents of a letter received by SBHS from Mark Livingston, President – Old Boys’ Union on behalf of the OBU Executive:

"Thank you for the various correspondence and the meeting we have had in an attempt to restore the relationship between the OBU and the teachers of SHS. As you know the relationship between the OBU and the P & C is now very good and I would like to think that is also the case with the majority of teachers. However the relationship between some teachers and the OBU is not good and this appears to stem from an article, or rather, a remark made in the OBU Bulletin in late 2004. It appears that many took offence from this and that that still lingers today.

"The OBU want to make very clear that it is a body which is separate from the School, is an incorporated body and which has as its main function that of an alumni society. It is not a support group for the School, although it has (and hopefully will again) fulfil that function.

"We also need to make clear that, within reason and the bounds of good taste, we will remain free to criticise any group or individual if it is felt that that is required.

"Having said that, it is never and will never be the intention of the OBU or its executive to deliberately offend or embarrass an individual, including teachers of SHS. We all feel that the benefits we received from SHS, and the benefits now being received by the boys are largely due to the enthusiasm and dedication of the teachers. SHS is unusual, if not unique, in the ownership exhibited by the teachers once they have established themselves at the School. The low rate of teacher transfer is testament to that fact.

"I apologise to any teacher who has been offended or maligned by anything written in the OBU Bulletin and would be happy to do so personally and directly to any individual that you believe has been singled out in any way.

"Would you please convey these sentiments and the apology to all teachers of the School and let me know if there is anyone I need to meet with or meeting to attend to further the restoration of our relationship with the teachers of SHS."
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Sydney High School Foundation Report


On behalf of the Committee of Management, I am pleased to present the 20th Annual Report of The Sydney High School Foundation Inc., and to table the Balance Sheet for the financial year ended December 31, 2005.

I am happy to report this last year has been one of positive achievement and I thank all of my fellow committee members for their active and constructive assistance.

Later, our Treasurer Ken Clemens, will expand on our financial results which resulted in a net profit of $24535.00 for the period. It should also be noted that we made our final payment to the High Club this year and have thus extinguished their loan to us.

This financial year has been extremely productive and much has been achieved. Our continued progress reflects the dedication of committee members and the co-operation of many members of the School family.

Our main task this year was to finalise an agreement with the Dept of Education regarding the building and leasing of new Tennis Courts to meet GPS competition standards at the school. With much effort this task was finally achieved. After negotiating a bank loan, leasing the courts for the periods not required by the school, Foundation constructed the new courts which we expect will be available for use in May 2006. Our thanks go to Terry Hayes and Ken Clemens both of whom played a vital role in achieving this satisfactory conclusion.

At Abbotsford there has also been much progress. Parts of the Outterside Centre have been refurbished and recarpeted; a coaches’ room has been built as well as a Foundation office. Some repairs to the seawall have been completed and new and comfortable beds have been provided for coaches and fathers.

The two pontoons concern us. There was some serious damage sustained by the new pontoon during the year. This required immediate attention, and diverted funds for repairs which had been allocated for other uses at Abbotsford. The old pontoon is a matter of concern and must be replaced in the foreseeable future. This is a task beyond our funding capability at the moment and we are examining all the available options to find a solution.

The management of the Outterside Centre is in the hands of a committee consisting of members representing the whole school family. We are especially indebted to Bob Outterside and John Mittelheuser both of whom devote considerable time and energy to this important committee.

During this financial year the Venue Officer, Judith Shuttleworth, has made progress in obtaining income from the Centre. Much time was spent finding a suitable exclusive caterer, and her efforts in selling the Centre for use by schools, corporates etc is starting to earn income. In addition, Foundation has established a web site www.shsfoundation.org.au and the domain www.outtersidecentre.com.au to publicise the venue.

The High Store, under the very able leadership of Michelle Gentile, continues to prosper and makes a very considerable contribution to our finances. Lately we have decided to offer on-line purchasing through our web site www.shsfoundation.org.au and work is just commencing on this task. We are also actively extending the range of products on offer. None of this would be possible without the willing co-operation of Michelle and her band of helpers. Suze Greenslade offered many positive suggestions and continues to act for the Foundation in assisting the Store.

We have entered the second 5 years, of our 20 year lease of the McKay Oval and Fairland Pavilion from the Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust. The recent Government announcement on the rationalisation of the Trust is cause for concern and Mark Livingston, will head a committee examining this important issue and will hold further discussions with the Trust and relevant Government Departments.

During the year Dr John Kaldor retired after 8 years service, 3 as Chairman. His commitment to the Foundation will be missed.

Sadly, we also record the death of Ken Baret, long time President of the High Club and an OBU Foundation delegate for many years. The High Club has assisted Foundation on a number of occasions and Ken was always supportive of our role.

Our Treasurer, Ken Clemens has made a significant impact on the way we handle administration and our financial affairs. He is most ably assisted by our loyal and dedicated accountant, James Hseih who has rendered many years of service to the Foundation. Terry Pullinger, the Foundation Secretary continues to offer advice and carry out the secretarial duties of the Foundation. His continuing assistance is gratefully acknowledged.

Lastly, I would also like to place on record my thanks for the co-operation of the Principal, Dr K Jaggar who performs an important role in the Foundation.
Lee Ruth

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Roden Cutler Day

On Monday, 29 May at 4.00 pm we will be holding a function to celebrate the life and legacy of Roden Cutler and the completion of stage one of the Sir Roden Cutler VC Memorial Gates.

The function, to be held at the School, will be hosted by Dr Jaggar, Lady Cutler and the Sir Roden Cutler Charities. The celebrations will commence at the completion of the Roden Cutler Wheelchair Roll which is a 17 kilometre journey from the Lt Roden Cutler VC Statue at Manly Village Public School to the Sir Roden Cutler VC Memorial Gates at Sydney Boys High School. The statue at Manly is a gift from the Warringah ‘Australia Remembers’ Trust to the people of Australia and will be unveiled by His Excellency, Major General Michael Jeffery AC CVO MC, Governor General of the Commonwealth of Australia at 10.00 am on Roden Cutler Day.

If you would like to attend the celebrations at Sydney Boys High School, please RSVP to the Main Office on 9361 6910 by Wednesday, 17 May.

The function will take place at 4.00 pm at The Sir Roden Cutler VC Memorial Gates, Anzac Parade, located between the McDonald and Killip Wings.
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Cutler Drive Donations: Last Chance

Time is running out to be part of History!!
Your contribution to the Sir Roden Cutler Memorial Gates needs to be returned to School now.

EVERY donation is highly valued and will help achieve our goal in the timeframe allocated. If you have misplaced your brochure, credit card donations can be made over the phone to the School Office.

Work is planned to be completed by 25 May in time for the Sir Roden Cutler Day on Monday 29 May with the wheelchair push finishing through our gateway.

All parents are invited to attend with light refreshments to follow in the courtyard. RSVP essential to the School office - 9361 6910.

Thank you to those who have already contributed.
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Science News

The 2006 Science Quiz has at last started!

The first quiz of the year features “Messier’s Challenge”.

  1. For what is the French Astronomer, Charles Messier famous?
  2. Identify the connection between Messier and the efforts of the American, Gerry Rattley, carried out on the night of 23-24 March 1985.
  3. Identify and describe some details of
    1. M 31
    2. M 42
    3. M 45

Each fortnight the questions are posted on the windows of Lab 302. Submit your answers to Mr. Cox at the Science staff room by the following Tuesday.
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Year 7 Parents

On Tuesday 6 June Brainstorm productions will be presenting the play “Sticks and Stones”, a play about cooperating and solving problems peacefully.

This is an entertaining way to promote discussion amongst students and establishes the rule NO BULLYING. The idea is to try to find a win-win solution for both people. Ideas generated by the performance are discussed in Values Education [Transition] classes. The performance has become an important aspect of the school’s anti-bullying policy and for this reason is compulsory.

Brainstorm Productions have won the NSW Performing Arts Frater Award – “Best feedback from schools” category for the last five years.

We are aware that some boys have seen this production but it is important they participate with their new peers.

Transition teachers will distribute permission forms and collect them. Your prompt payment to the office, after receiving the permission note would be greatly appreciated.
J May
Student Welfare

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Public Speaking

Kelvin Yu competed in the Lawrence Campbell Oratory Competition on Friday night at Trinity Grammar. Kelvin’s unseen topic was ‘The Devil Can Sign Scripture for his own purpose’. He delivered an engaging and topical speech.

Good luck to Kelvin and Chris Lopes who will be competing in the first round of the Sydney Morning Herald Plain English Speaking Award on Thursday.

A reminder to all students that coaching with Julia Fetherston is on Monday mornings at 8.00 am.
R. Howland
MIC - Public Speaking

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From The Library

The Intranet Portal – Greatest thing since sliced bread I hope all students are aware of the many wonders they are missing out on if they are not accessing the Intranet Portal www.sydneyboyshigh.com/intranet/portal (then user name and password) on their home computers. Among other things you can access your school files to work on your homework or classwork you began at school, your library overdues, your timetable, variation of routine – classroom changes, sport venues, Moodle - to send assignments to your teacher, the Student shared Drive – R drive with Maths and Science past papers to practise (if you have Acrobat Reader open) and the Library’s catalogue. There is even a section telling you when your tests are coming up

Mums and Dads can look over your shoulder and also find your absences in order to correctly date your late notes as well as what tests you have tomorrow or what homework you should be doing. The address is really easy to remember. You are in the intranet portal aren’t you?
Mrs V Crothers
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Words of Wisdom

“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.”
(Marie Curie 1867 – 1934)

The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists.
Japanese Proverb

“If you can't return a favour, pass it on.”

“The greater the difficulty, the more the glory in surmounting it.”
(Epicurus 341 BC – 270 BC)

Bite off more than you can chew, then chew it.

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”
(Henry Ford 1863 – 1947)

Courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.
(Sir Winston Churchill 1874 – 1965)
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SBHS Debating 2006

Terms 2 & 3 is the official debating season.
All debaters should be attending coaching each week until week 7, term 3.

There are NO DEBATES ON FRIDAY AFTERNOONS UNTIL JUNE 2. Teams for these debates will be selected in coaching. These debates will form part of the GPS team selection process.
June 2nd - Social Debate vs St Joseph’s College @ HOME 6pm.
June 16th - Social debate vs Barker College @ HOME 6pm.
June 23rd - Social Debate vs SGHS for year 7 and 8 @ HOME from 3.30pm.

Team Selections get underway this term. Each Year level has a slightly different process which involves looking at the debater’s skill in the areas of manner, matter (general knowledge) and method, as well as the boy’s attitude and commitment to coaching, their reliability and the completion of set tasks. Social debates as well as debates in coaching are used to observe the boys’ skills. Please listen out for more information in coaching.

Are you receiving emails about debating each week???
A large number of addresses that were supplied in the registration process were incorrect and are bouncing back to me.
If your email bounces- your address will be deleted.
If you registered for debating and are NOT getting the team information each week you need to send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it stating your name, your son’s name, his year and your phone number so that you can be added to the mailing lists.

PARKING DAY on Saturday May 20th has been CANCELLED.
The game has been moved to New Zealand! Thank you to those who assisted in the last two big parking days, we hope to see some new faces next time around…stay tuned for details.

The DSG has a new email address- This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Information relating to all DSG matters such as meetings agendas and minutes, the home debate supper roster and parking will be emailed to you from this address.
The next meeting is Tues June 6th at 6.30pm - Staff Common Room.

For more information email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Ms Jocelyn Brewer
MIC Debating

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Calling All Creative Artists

This is the first ever Art Competition hosted by Write4fun and entry is NOW OPEN!! Students all over Australia are invited to enter their most creative piece of artwork to compete for the awesome First Prize of $1000 and a Sony Digital Camera! Entrants are encouraged to let their creativity run wild as artwork can be in the form of a painting, drawing, photograph or computer designed original art and can be about ANY TOPIC or ANY THEME. Enter online at www.write4fun.net Entry is FREE and all entries must be in by May 16, 2006 May 26, 2006.

First prize is $1000 (with $500 going to the student and $500 going to the school) and a Sony Digital Camera! The winning piece will also be displayed as the front cover of our 2006 art book! There are 15 second prizes of $50 awarded to each student, and 64 Third prizes valued at $25.00

Only one entry per student Entries must be the original work of the artist and no larger than A4 in size Entries can be drawings, paintings, computer art or photographs Entries must be in by 16th May, 2006

Scanned entries must be 300dpi and submitted in a TIFF file format If you are a member you can enter online now .
If you are not already a member you can join here
If you do not wish to become a member but would like to enter online

EMAIL: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
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Music Notes

Hello to all Music Parents,
As you may be aware, this will be the start of a very busy performing term.

All students in the Performance program will be going to the Music Camp at Meroo Centre in Kurrajong from the 29th – 31st of May. The bus will depart from school on Monday morning at 7.30am and return on Wednesday afternoon. The boys will remain at school for a BBQ dinner at 4.30pm before the end-of-camp concert that starts in the Great Hall at 6.00pm. We would like all parents to come and listen to their sons perform and see how they have progressed this year. The concert and the BBQ dinner are free.

Music Parking
We have a huge parking night coming up on Saturday 19th May from 4pm-7pm (A Swans game) that will be very busy and we would greatly appreciate if you could come along and help. Award scheme points apply to students who help out.

Saturday 3rd June at 7.30pm is our Cabaret Night. This will be an enjoyable night where all our jazz bands will perform and entertain all who come. Join us on the fantastic evening and listen to the wonderful music played. This will be a great opportunity to meet and chat with other parents especially our new Year 7 parents. Please remember to bring a plate of nibbles and drinks to share with friends and family. Please complete and return the form overleaf by Friday 26th of May 2006 for this fun-filled evening.

This term has already seen the success Training Band Camp held on Saturday and Sunday 6th and 7th May, and by the time you read this, Senior boys will have represented the school at Eastgardens, performing for Education Week.

Year 10 and 11 elective music students held their Performance Soiree in the Great Hall on Tuesday 9th May at 6.00pm. It was a stunning evening with outstanding performances from all the boys. It would be encouraging to see more families supporting their sons on these evenings. Please keep an eye on the calendar for any upcoming ones.

Tutors in the SBHS Performance program will be holding Soirees for their pupils this week and next week. All students should be performing solos at these soirees. If you haven’t been notified by your son’s tutor, please contact them as soon as possible.

Ensemble Rehearsals are for bringing together music that has been practised at home. An ensemble will not improve its standard of playing if the music is not learnt and students who do not practise for rehearsals slow down the progress of the ensemble.
All boys should have a copy of the band/orchestra music at home to practise or need to come to the Music Department to collect their file and take it to the Library for copying, then return the file to the correct music box and take the copy home. If the music is particularly challenging, we would advise you to take it to your lesson with your tutor.
Remember: Practice is for home; rehearsal is for refining your playing in an ensemble.

The Great Sydney Boys High Piano Competition
The Music Department will be holding a piano competition for each Year level towards the end of Term 2 and beginning of Term 3. Stay tuned for more details over the next few weeks.

Sydney Boys High School Cabaret Night

Come along to the Sydney Boys High School Cabaret Night for a great night of fun and be entertained by our fantastic Jazz bands.

Join us on Saturday the 3rd of June 2006 at 7:30pm in the school’s Great Hall. Tickets can be purchased through the school’s main office and once payment is received, please bring the receipt to the music staff for ticket collection.

Price: $10.00 per head or $25.00 per family.

Please complete and detach the form below and return to the music staff.

Cabaret Night Ticket Order

Name of Student: ______________________________     Roll Class: ________________
Number of tickets required: ___________          Total cost: ____________
Type pf payment:    Cheque____   Cash ____   B/Card____   M/Card____   Visa____
Name on Card: _________________________ Expiry Date: __ __ / __ __
Card No.    __ __ __ __     __ __ __ __     __ __ __ __     __ __ __ __
Signature: ____________________

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Year 10 Parents Social Evening

Friday 26 May – 7.00 pm

Special Guest: Mr Devlin – Year 10 Advisor and his wife

Maya Da Dhaba Indian Restaurant
431 Cleveland St Surry Hills
$30 per person for 3 course banquet menu & corkage.
BYO wine, beer, spirits. Licensed as well.
Parking at Surry Hills Shopping Village

Tell other Year 10 parents about the dinner and get them to come along.

RSVP email Barbara Taylor: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or phone: 0410 268 444.
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On 3 May, First grade had an important 4th round match against Menai in the CHS Knockout. This match determined whether First Grade will play in the Final Top 16 schools of the state. It was an away game and Mr Kay drove us on the bus to Menai. The game was to be played in a new sports centre. The team went to Menai nervous since Oliver Konokoff was imported from Menai. While we warmed up, we got accustomed to the court. Sydney High took the first set convincingly, keeping Menai under 10, with a string of jump serves by Jamie Tao, a lot of big hits by Oliver Konokoff and Terry Ly, and great sets by Victor Nguyen. First grade served all their serves in this set which resulted in an accumulation of half a drink for Mr Kay to buy the team. Too bad First grade didn’t manage that in the 2nd and 3rd set to grab the other half a drink. Sydney High also took the second set convincingly. Our Year 10s, Warren Trac hitting killer serves which would just skim the net, Ping Du using his 58cm jump to block and push the ball back over, and Danny Ng passing well from the back court. Our only Year 12 player, Samuel Lee hitting effectively down the line. The third set started off evenly, Menai gained some momentum while Sydney High was slacking off and Menai took advantage of that chance. Menai nearly caught up but Sydney High was able to get their act together and finish the set off. David Dizon consistently passing well to Alex Le to put up great sets for Wei Ping Lu to smack the ball in.

Sydney High wins 3-0, and has advanced to the finals of our region where we will play Belmore High to determine who will be the A and B side of the Sydney East region entering the Final Top 16 CHS Knockout. This will be the hardest match yet. Congratulation boys on making the Top 16 where we will have the opportunity to take out State Champions for the second year in a row.
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Football Players and Families

Are you receiving our weekly email of up-to-date information about fixtures and venues, plus other Football news eg Parking Events etc?

If not, please email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with 'SBHS Football' as the subject, and I will include you in future mailouts.

(Your privacy is protected by the use of BCC - "blind cc".)

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Barbara Taylor
Football Parking Coordinator

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Cottage For Rent

Attractive modern one bedroom cottage located in the grounds of The Outterside Centre at 5 Teviot Avenue, Abbotsford. The Centre is the home of Sydney High schoolboy rowing.

The cottage is close to shops, cafes and public transport including both bus and rivercat services.

This unique environment at picturesque Abbotsford Point is suitable for a mature individual or couple.

The cottage rental is $290.00 per week.

Please contact 0427 070 569 for enquiries and to arrange inspection of the premises.
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Football: The Onion Bag

I’m pleased to report a very successful parking evening last Saturday evening which raised funds for the SBHS Football program. A sincere thank you goes out to the parking crew, Leonard & Peter Teng, Jeremy & Ish Rajendram, Osman & Mehreen Farugi, Eric Liu, Nikita Slinko, Julian Ubaldi & Julie Walton, Patrick & Michael Locke, Tim Molloy, Kieran & Geoff & Barbara Taylor. We have two more opportunities this year to raise similar amounts, with the next being the weekend of 7th - 9th June; exact day has not been set.

Results from the weekend’s games were again encouraging. The 15 C won 2-0, both goals scored by Matthew Lau, the 15B won 3-1 with Phil Kurts also scoring a double and the 15 A had a 2-2 draw.

An injury-depleted First grade had a disappointing 3-1 loss to St Andrews. There were only glimpses of the quality play displayed the week before, perhaps the result of playing a far bigger and stronger outfit. The absence of our workaholic centre midfielder and captain Eddy Blaxell was very noticeable, with St Andrews controlling the game from the centre of the park. Pleasingly, Gehan kept up his scoring strike rate with a superbly finished goal from an all too infrequent quality build up. The week off hopefully will allow the boys to overcome their injuries and we can field a full strength team for the first round of the GPS season.

Second grade fought out a tough 0-0 draw. They too fielded a vastly different team to the week before. Daniel Campion was once again outstanding organising the defence and Roshan had a great game up front and was desperately unlucky not to score.

. In other news, the 15As played a Bill Turner Cup match against Moriah on Monday afternoon. In cold, drizzly conditions at Queens Park, the boys performed admirably against big, strong and skilled opponents. We were competitive for most of the match without really creating many scoring opportunities. A strong defence, led by Jeremy Ireland and Harrison Lane repelled all that Moriah threw at them. Unfortunately for the boys, they were eventually over run during the last quarter of the game, losing 3-0. The individual skill level displayed by the boys was very encouraging, however our one out approach in attack was not and never will be enough to be successful against quality teams. Linking together as a team is the next step in their development as footballers.

The only sour note to come out of the weekend’s games was the non attendance of many 16s players. Several teams were forced to play under strength. It is unfair to our players who make the effort to get to games, as well as embarrassing for the school to not honour our Saturday commitments. You all have a responsibility, particularly to your fellow team mates, to make the effort to attend all scheduled fixtures. I understand that travel arrangements can be difficult, however that is no excuse. Nor either is studying for exams, in fact a run around in the fresh air is a good way to release the tension during what is usually a stressful time. I’ll draw this fact, particularly to the attention of senior players for later on in the season. You have been warned.

Note: No fixtures this weekend, next game is on Saturday 27/5 V Scots, in the first round of the GPS competition.

Quote of the Week
Nobody in football should be called a genius. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein.
Joe Theismann
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2006 School Cross Country Team

CHS Competition Eastern Suburbs Zone
Tuesday 23 May 2006 Centennial Park
See Mr Prorellis for information and Permission Note

Vacancies exist for 12 Years runners. If you have competed in Zone Cross Country at primary school and would like to run at zone again, see Mr Prorellis.

No. Age Name Zone Result
1 12 Aasan Pannila  
2 12 Michael Phung  
3 12 Kumudike Gararatna  
4 12    
5 12    
6 12    
7 12    
8 12    
9 12    
10 12    
1 13 Vlad Boulavine  
2 13 Luke Vlatko  
3 13 Ian Liu  
4 13 Daniel Luo  
5 13 Richard Lin  
6 13 Brian Kelly  
7 13 Chris Morrow  
8 13 Ryan Caetano  
9 13 Brandon Cabanilla  
10 13 Benjamin Ly  
1 14 Jeremy Ireland  
2 14 Harrison Lane  
3 14 Alasdair Brown  
4 14 N Dimitropoulos  
5 14 Gregory Shargorodsky  
6 14 Josh Tassell  
7 14 Jim Nguyen  
8 14 Stephen Yoon  
9 14 Timothy Siu  
10 14 Andrew Blomberg  
1 15 Edwin Montaya  
2 15 Matthew Ling  
3 15 Nelson  
4 15 Lucian Tan  
5 15 Roy Chen  
6 15 Mario Sun  
7 15 Joel Livingston  
8 15 Jarrod Chan  
9 15 Lewis Berger  
10 15 Anthony Tsialis  
1 16 Ty Linegar  
2 16 Mitchell Kelly  
3 16 Luois Yang  
4 16 Daniel Campion  
5 16 Daniel O’Keefe  
6 16 Alistair Taylor  
7 16 Gary Cheung  
8 16 Oleg Koudashev  
9 16 David Vien  
10 16 Ivan Cerecino  
1 17 Roshan Karunaratne  
2 17 Eugene Stadnik  
3 17 Michael Maselhdani  
4 17 Yuk-Lun Yeung  
5 17 Andrew Reis  
6 17 Gajaba Manamperi  
7 17 Joel Kamerman  
8 17 Andrew Pham  
9 17 Reuben George  
10 17 Riet Rotherham  
11 17 Ali Amin  
1 18 James Barker  
2 18 Sam Gribble  
3 18 Attila Szabo  
4 18 Eddy Blaxell  
5 18 Francis Wong  
6 18 Chong Shao  
7 18 Dale Sun  
8 18 Senthil Thillaindesan  
9 18 Paul Pang  
10 18 Kiroshi Fukoshima  
11 18 Adam Farrow-Palmer  
12 18 Julian Murray  
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SBHS-SGHS Parents/Students Universities Information Evening

Years 10, 11 12 Parent/Student Universities Information Evening

Wednesday, 7 June 2006 7.00 pm – 9.00 pm
Sydney Boys High School Great Hall

University faculties present from:

  • Australian National University (ANU) 
  • University of New South Wales 
  • University of Sydney 
  • University of Technology Sydney 
  • Macquarie University

(The UNSW Medical Faculty will be in Room 107 next to the Hall.)

This is an opportunity for parents and students to speak with faculty representatives and gather information from the individual faculty stalls that will be situated around the SBHS Hall.
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Wanted: Telstra Connections

Are you, your uncle, aunt or cousin any connection with Telstra employees?

If so, you may be able to apply for a grant from Telstra’s Kids Fund for School projects on behalf of your child, sibling, step-child, niece/ nephew, grandchild or foster child.

Please contact Valda Roser for further information: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
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Annual Joint SBHS/SGHS P&C Meeting

Invitation to all Parents and Staff to The Annual Joint Meeting of P & C Associations Sydney Boys High School and Sydney Girls High School

WEDNESDAY 14 JUNE* 2006 AT 7.30 PM

Our speaker will be Louise Remond, Clinical Psychologist, Health Psychology Unit, University of Technology, St Leonards Campus, Royal North Shore Hospital co-author with Dr Sarah Edelman of Taking Charge: A guide for teenagers - Practical ways to overcome stress, hassles and upsetting emotions

Louise will give an overview of issues teens have commonly identified as stressful and aspects of adolescent development which can make adolescence a stressful period. She will describe the Taking Charge Model which aims to help individuals take 'greater charge' of their behaviours and emotions by taking positive actions and identifying and challenging unhelpful patterns of thinking. Topics will include: problem solving; acceptance of situations beyond one's control; identifying particular patterns of unhelpful thinking; skills for challenging irrational beliefs and applications of particular strategies to managing stress, the 'blues' and anxiety. The talk will provide useful resources for helping teenagers when they are feeling distressed.

The presentation will be followed by question time and refreshments.

*NOTE change of date from originally advertised 21 June 2006
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Entertainment Books

The NEW 2006/2007 Entertainment Book has arrived!

.... and still great value at $60!

This is the best and biggest book yet with even more offers than previous editions. This year’s edition includes offers from restaurants such as Forty One, Nick’s Seafood, Bayswater Brasserie, Café Sydney and Bathers Pavilion and attractions like Taronga Zoo, Luna Park, Hoyts, Greater Union Cinemas, Dendy, Sydney Theatre Co, Sydney Jet and many more....

To order your copy now, complete the order form below and return to Con Barris

Entertainment Book™ Order Form
Name:    ___________________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________
No. of Books: _____ x Sydney and/or ____ x Sydney North @ $60 each  =  $_________
              _____ x Parramatta/Hills & Surrounds @ $50 each       =  $_________

                                                                Total  $_________
Make cheques payable to SBHS Rowing and give to Mr Barris

Child’s Name: (please print)_________________________________  Roll Class_________

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