High Notes, Vol 6 No 39, December 16 2005

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From the Principal

This is our final High Notes edition for 2005. Thank you to our editors, Lynne Williams and Narelle Rutland. High Notes has risen to a new level of presentation since Lynne’s IT expertise was added to the publication. Thank you to those who have enlivened the publication with digital photography and graphics.

Thank you to staff
I would like to thank all staff – teachers, Executive, SASS, cleaning, casual coordinators, coaches, volunteers, parents and Old Boys – your exertions on behalf of our boys have been great this year. I feel as though we are starting to make some measurable progress in several areas of school life. You are the people that make progress possible.

High Talent
I was privileged to witness the recognition ceremony at Scientia, UNSW, on Tuesday as the inaugural class of “U Lead”, mentored by Old Boy Hugh James, received their certificates from Professor John Ingleson, Deputy Vice Chancellor (International and Development). The boys from SBHS and girls from SGHS were obviously proud and pleased to have been involved with the program. Hugh has plans to expand the program to more eastern suburbs schools in 2006.

Certificates were awarded to: Aaron Chan, Moussa Farhat, Thomas Hurrell, David Kim, Kevin Kim, Henry Lee, Terry Ly, Kevin Mak, Gregory Nguyen, Labib Rahman, Michael Shen, Timothy Shu, Kaivan Vaidya, Richard Xu, Loius Yang, Richard Yang, Yuk-Lun Yeung and Michael Zhou. Well done, boys!

Australian Sports Foundation –SBHS Sports Development Project 2006-10
Our project has been renewed. Additional project items attracting tax deductible donations are: the replacement school bus $109k, a smaller transporter $55k., facilities development for cricket nets, tennis courts and basketball courts as well as a ‘sports scholarship’ section for special needs sportsmen representing the school. Individual sports should have supplied equipment wish lists to me for inclusion on the web site. Update and refresh what you think is needed for your sport to improve!

Refurbishment works completed
Room 402 has been refurbished and carpeted and will be fitted with an interactive whiteboard and data projector. It will be a state of the art facility to start the new year. Book shelves have been installed in the history and English book rooms to expand our storage capacity. The High Store has been extended and a separate office for the Tennis Court Operator constructed. Your building fund contributions have paid for the work. We are putting your money into infrastructure support for teaching and learning.

Library Project – SBHS Building Fund
Thank you to all donors - parents, old boys, staff, friends of High – our first target has been reached! In 2004 we raised $108,000. The total after another 12 months has risen to $251,000. By the end of 2006 we would hope for a figure of $400k. We will expect DET joint capital works program assistance of $300,000 for when the project commences. Conceivably, by December 2007 we could be half way to our target of $1.8 million (including the DET contribution). Thank you to Valda Roser, our part time Development Officer, who has helped to boost the 2005 donations. If you have fund raising ideas, share them with her!

Compliments of the season to all the High family!
Dr K Jaggar
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Change of Organisation for Years 7, 8, 9 and 11

Wednesday December 21, 2005
Last Day of Term 4 2005

Students in Years 7, 8, 9 and 11 will be dismissed at the end of Period 4 (12:32pm). Some minimal supervision will be available for those students who would like to wait for their normal buses.

Canteen facilities will not be available on Wednesday 21 December. (Minimal services will be available on Monday 19 December and Tuesday 20 December.)

Staff return to school on Monday 30 January, 2006. Students in Years 7, 11 and 12 in 2006 commence school on Tuesday 31 January. Students in Years 8, 9 and 10 in 2006 commence school on Wednesday 1 February. Normal sport arrangements will occur on Wednesday 1 February (Years 9 to 12 2006) and Thursday 2 February (Years 7 and 8 2006).
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2006 Term Dates

Term 1 - 30 January–13 April (Easter Sunday 16 April)

Term 2 - 1 May – 30 June

Term 3 - 17 July – 29 September

Term 4 - 16 October – 21 December
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From English

Year 7 has worked imaginatively and productively in English this year and their work has been exhibited in corridors and classrooms to be enjoyed by other students. This Friday 7R and 7E will be performing extracts and adaptations from ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ in the Drama Room. Joseph Braverman (7R) student wrote this newspaper report of the strange happenings in the Athenian woods.


Titania, beautiful and graceful Queen of the Fairies, and wife of king Oberon, has announced that she has fallen in love with our very own Bottom the weaver. But under no ordinary circumstances, for by way of some strange phenomena Bottom’s head has been transformed into that of an ass! “He is a sweet, handsome man who I love deeply. I met him in the forest, and as I woke up, he was standing there, in all the glory of an ass, and as I laid eyes on him, I instantly fell in love. It felt like some sort of magic,” confided Titania.


Many would think that having your wife fall in love with another man (in this case, a man with the head of an ass) would enrage anyone, but currently this doesn’t seem to be the case. “Hah! This is excellent! ‘Dear’ Titania, has fallen in love with an ass, and has been absolutely humiliated. The love juice worked perfectly, and it serves her right for not giving me the child”. Is it possible that this is Oberon’s doing? We may never know. The Fairies are truly, a very strange people.


It turns out that Bottom the Weaver, who Queen Titania has recently fallen in love with, was playing a major role (Pyramus) in the upcoming rendition of Pyramus and Thisbe, to be performed as part of the royal wedding’s entertainment. Has the recent drama affected the play in any way? It seems to be that way. When speaking to Peter Quince, organizer of the play, this is what he had to say:

“This is terrible! While everyone may be laughing at Bottom and Titania (a very strange couple, I’d have to agree), they do not realise that now we have no Pyramus! Bottom is too preoccupied with Titania, and even if he wasn’t, he has the head of an ass, for goodness sake!” Well, best wishes to Peter Quince and his company, we do hope that everything turns out for the best. In the meanwhile we’ll just have to sit and watch.


With the recent hubbub and excitement of Bottom acquiring an ass’s head, scientists have been studying and testing this new marvel. A theory has been created, which we spoke more about with our very own John Spokesman.

“Is this phenomenon of the “ass-head” the future? We think it is. You see, every so often, Mother Nature changes our animals, giving them bigger teeth, sharper claws, longer legs or, in this case, an ass’s head. And if the variations turn out to be an improvement, the new animals thrive and multiply, and spread across the face of the earth. The ass is a beautiful, intelligent, magnificent creature and I truly believe that the “ass-heads” shall be this world’s future, therefore we should hail them, and treat them like kings”. Are ass-heads the next generation? Or is John Spokesman a crackpot a few strawberries short of a fruit salad? Only time will tell, so the only thing we can do, is wait.

Amazing news has just been received from our inside reporter about the lovelorn youths who were believed to have stumbled into the forest in pursuit of their romantic desires (these including Duke Egeus’s daughter Hermia, Lysander, Demetrius, and friend Helena). It turns out that Demetrius and Lysander have both left Hermia and have fallen in love with friend, Helena. Hermia is furious, and truly things are in a state of disarray. “Youth today truly have no limits. What am I going to do with my daughter now?” Stated a enraged Egeus earlier today.
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Words of Wisdom

To hate another is to hate yourself. We all live within the one Universal Mind. What we think about another, we think about ourselves.

If you have an enemy, forgive him now. Let all bitterness and resentment dissolve. You owe your fellow man love; show him love not hate.

Show charity and good will towards others and it will return to enhance your own life in many wonderful ways.
Brian Adams

Yesterday is the past. Tomorrow is the future. Today is the present- That is why it is called a gift.
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Science News

Thank you to all the students who entered this year’s science quiz.

Special medallions will be awarded to Aditya Hatle (8S) and Nikita Slinko (7R) in appreciation for their excellent efforts. .Well done!

There will be another quiz next year, but in the mean time why not look up what Ted Trainer, of the University of New Wales, has to say on what the biggest problem is facing the world. You will find it on - www.abc.net.au/rn/science/okham/stories/s1515951.html 
Ian Cox
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From The Library

Ex-Parent Donation
Big thanks to the ex-parent who donated approximately 50 near new books to the library. This donation was full of gems and we are very grateful.Titles include:

Tom Keneally-An Angel in Australia
Ann-Marie MacDonald- Fall on your knees
Sue Roe-Gwen John
Tim Costello-Streets of hope
Pamela Stephenson-Billy
Don Watson-Caledonia Australis
Edmund White-Fanny a fiction
Michael Frayn-Headlong
Michel Houellebecq-Linzarote
John Banville-Eclipse
Tom Wolfe-The Bonfire of the Vanities
Katherine Kerr-The Fire Dragon
Murray Bail-Camouflage
Ethan Canin-Blue River
Ismail Kadare-Broken April
Mark Raphael Baker-TheFiftieth gate
Joe R. Lansdale-Mucho Mojo
Anthony Trollope-Barchester towers
Peter Robb-A Death in Brazil
Patrick O’ Brian-TheHundred days
Mark Slouka-Lost Lake
J Mcinerney-Ransom
Jonathan Raban-Passage to Juneau
Christine Halse-A terribly wild man
Tony Parsons-Man and Boy
Anthony Trollope-The Prime Minister
John Kinsella-Auto
Robertson Davies-The Cornish Trilogy
Kevin Gilbert-Because a white man’ll never do it
Henry Handel Richardson-The fortunes of Richard Mahony
Colette-Claudine married
Edwina Preston-Not just a suburban Boy
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Last column
I have been writing here for over five years now, a bit less frequently of late. Formal ESL support at Sydney Boys High School comes to an end in a couple of weeks, though ongoing mainstream support will still occur. I hope teachers and students make use of the materials I have put online, which I will endeavour in retirement to keep updated. See http://neilwhitfield.tripod.com/ 

There have been times I have had wins, and I can look back at people I have definitely helped. You may look for example at http://neilwhitfield.tripod.com/bob.html : “Of course you can quote me in the High Notes! I hope more and more students come to ESL and benefit from it just as I did. English is a headache for so many students from non-English speaking backgrounds. Continuous practice from Year 7 is a great way to minimise (or even eliminate) the tremendous difficulty they are likely to experience in the HSC.”

I also hope I have been able to contribute to raising awareness of the needs of ESL and Language Background other than English students, indeed of the literacy needs of all students.

There has been another area which I see as crucial to the role of an ESL teacher: the promotion of intelligent approaches to cultural diversity. You will find much about that on my web site. For example, see http://neilwhitfield.tripod.com/teach.html#multi (for teachers) and http://neilwhitfield.tripod.com/race.html (Racism -- a debate).

Sadly for me as a person born in Sutherland Shire and knowing Cronulla well – Cronulla High was my first teaching job – recent events have made that last role even more vital for the future.

Thanks to everyone for their help, friendship and support, and good luck to all in the future. Mind you, I may well be back.
Neil Whitfield
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From Rowing

Melbourne Rowing Exchange, Junior Camps, Shed Race and Boat Naming
This Saturday is the annual Shed Race where all or most crews from our school race against each other from Homebush Bay to our pontoon. It is a handicap race and the handicapper is Mark Prater who aims to have all crews finishing at the same time. The 1st yr 9 quad won the race last year and these same boys are now trying to win this year’s free hamburger.

The race starts at 7.30am so crews have to boat by 6.30am. We start at this time to avoid river traffic and the ferry that crosses the river. After the race the boys will clean their boats thoroughly for the break and at 11.00am we will name our new scull. All rowers are expected to stay for the naming but it should wind up by midday.

The Melbourne exchange proved quite successful with both our Year 10 VIIIs beating their Melbourne counterparts quite convincingly. The test will be whether we can repeat the effort on the Yarra on February 15, 16 & 17. I would like to thank the following families who took billets and made the exchange so successful Pfull, Reid , Vien, Komarov, Hui, Lee, Joo, O’Keefe, Ahmed, Molloy, Chen and Nadkarni.

Brynley Pfull relates the following incidents from his billeting exchange:
It was quite an unnerving yet pleasurable experience, having a stranger in my house, but I actually found my billet quite easy to talk to. We discussed many things, such as his PSP. Unfortunately my second billet broke his hand whilst air boxing before arrival. ‘How deliciously, inexplicably pleasant,’ I later said of this “accident.” I found the Melbourne boys quite involved in social activities such as Warcraft. This was a great conversation starter for some of us. Later, a witness noticed my remark; ‘This has been absolutely hilarious and fun.’ Later we had rolls. My billet Phil later stated in a humorous tone ‘How funny it is that we had rolls and now our bus is rolling home.’ I congratulated him on this hilarious pun. ‘Tee-hee-hee,’ I chortled later. We also beat them when we found the time to row. All other time had been taken by hilariously fun incidents (see above). On the day of their departure, our stroke delivered an inspirational speech regarding his lost gear (please return: Rob *angry face*). Mr Barris was kind enough to escort these delightful young men back and forth from every imaginable location. Thank you.
The report by Vlad in last weeks High notes overlooked the fact that the steering problems Declan’s sister encountered were caused by the crossover rigging of the boat. i.e it was the opposite to normal. Mr Gainford was quick to point this out when he read the account since the boat , JEREMY GLASS, is the only one in the shed where the steering is reversed.

The junior camp just completed proved to be quite successful but as Michael Carr reported on his return to school the next day the boys spent more time rowing than they did sleeping. Many thanks to all the coaches who coached and supervised the various sessions and to the parents who had their first experience of camp life - hungry boys and no sleep. The other unique and exceptional aspect of our camps are the involvement of the senior boys. Many thanks to Blake Angell, Captain of Boats, James Tiedgen, Sam Gribble, Chong Shao, Adam Farrow-Palmer and Sandy Cunningham for staying over and assisting with the duties.

This year all the junior crews have now been selected by seat racing and thanks to Oliver Wilson and George Barris for assisting Robbie Girdler, James Gerofi, Mr Coan, Mr Hespe and Mark Prater with the Year 8 quad selection and to Mr Gainford, Troy Polis, Liam Bennet, Drew Hoare, Andrew Jacques and Mark Prater for the Year 9 selections.

This weekend signals the end of the on the water training for this year and it begins again for the various groups according to the Rowing Calendar in January.
C Barris
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Sydney Boys High School Pacific School Games Medalist

Andrew Reis (Year 11) –
Congratulation to Andrew Reis (Sydney Boys High) who won gold in the 4x50 metre relay at the Pacific School Games along with Sam Hourigan (Knox), Michael Hyslop (country) and Daniel Arnamart (Asquith).

Andrew also achieved 4th 100 breaststroke and 5th 50 Breaststroke out of over 30 countries around the Pacific including South Africa)

Andrew has been a valuable member of our GPS Swimming Squad for the last 3 years.
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Volleyball Report #16

Australian Volleyball Schools Cup
The 2005 Australian Volleyball Schools Cup (AVSC) was held in Melbourne from Monday December 5 until Saturday December 10, 2005.

The AVSC represents Australia's biggest sporting competition for high school students, highlighting the popularity of Volleyball in Australia. Each December in excess of 3,000 players converge on Melbourne to determine who is Australia's premier Volleyball school. This year there were around 390 different teams from the U14s through to the Opens divisions.

The majority of the games were held at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre in Albert Park, though there were some games held at the Hockey Centre in Parkville and at Springers Leisure Centre, near Sandown Park.

The Sydney High volleyballers returned from Melbourne last Saturday night after a gruelling week of competition against the best school volleyball teams from the Australian and Pacific region.

1st grade and the Under 17s had both qualified to compete in the “Honours “ division while the Under 15s competed in Division 1.

Our teams playing Honours found the going very tough with both the Opens and 17s losing playoffs on the last day to finish 12th and 10th respectively in the country. The Opens were quick to point out that 2 of the teams above them were from New Zealand thereby giving them a top 10 Australian finish also.

The Under 15s had moved up a division from last year and performed well winning many matches in Division 1 for a 12th place finish (this placed them 20th in the country in the U15s age division)

Stephen Dong was awarded the Sydney High Player of the Tournament prize. This is an annual tradition where the winner is determined by the votes of all the Sydney High volleyballers who played in the AVSC.

On the registration day (Monday), High Volleyballers got to see their favourite volleyballer, Nigel Panagopka, playing for AIS in the final of the Australian Volleyball League (AVL). The AIS won the AVL convincingly this year over the Melbourne Falcons.

U15s Report
Team Members:

  1. Thomas (Lost Boy) and his consistent serves won us many points in all matches. His passes were also very accurate and allowed the setters to put up some magnificent sets.
  2. Stephen Dong (Super Chinaman), the top player of our team with his fantastic spikes smashed the other teams. There is not much to say about Stephen except that he is PRO and good at everything.
  3. Nishan aka the “shadow” of the team, did many unexpected attacks and an amazing back attack during our match against St Bernards
  4. Samuel (Pink Tofu) has improved a lot throughout the year and presented his skills during the tournament with great blocks and spikes.
  5. Danny (Strange) hit many unexpected backcourt spikes and frontcourt spikes and also had a consistent serve which won many points.
  6. Daniel (Imitation Super Chinaman), with his great height, was able to block many opponents’ attacks and deliver deadly spikes
  7. Matthew (Old Man), our Libero, was able to receive most balls sent at him and give perfect passes to Shorson or Daniel, our setters.
  8. Shorson (Tes) produced many unbelievable sets that allowed the spikers to attack the other teams. His powerful serves also won many points as the opposing teams couldn’t return them.

The Report:
This year has been quite a successful year for the U15s Volleyball team. Firstly, we defeated all teams but our rivals, Great Lakes College, in the Metro Schools Cup. With our vigorous training program, we came first in the following Metro Schools Cup (Great Lakes had decided to play in a higher division). With these two “victories” under our belts, we were extremely well prepared for the highlight of the year, the Australian Volleyball Schools Cup in Melbourne.

Time flies incredibly fast and as proof a week in Melbourne has ended in a blink of an eye. Our team, the U15s, did not do so badly but the result was still not satisfying. A few matches proved simple but in most of them, we struggled to three sets. On the first day, 5th December, we arrived in Melbourne after a one and a half hour flight on Virgin Blue. We were allocated our rooms in the Richmond Hill Hotel. At night we enjoyed “Nowra girl’s” sight-seeing.

On the second day of our arrival we had our first two matches against Holland Park and Rossmoyne. We didn’t know their strength and we lost to them both. We were also a bit rusty after our flight the previous day. I think our loss was because we weren’t use to the conditions of Melbourne.

The next day, after our terrible losses, our performance was lifted and we took two victories off Brighton and Monbulk. Our victories were mainly because of our high spirits and new strategy devised by our coach, Mr Parker.

On Thursday we went up against the strongest team (Horsham) and the weakest team (St Bernards) in our pool. The first set against Horsham was close with the score 26-24 Horsham’s way. After winning the first set, Horsham boosted their spirits and smashed us 25-9 with their strong jump serves. Then St Bernards managed to take a set off us, which made it a very close game and we just managed to win with a third set score of 17-15 with Sam Wan’s unexpected tip.

On second last day in Melbourne, we lacked some points against Heathfield because of our low spirits. This loss made us 6th in our pool. Then we went to the playoff and won an easy match off Telopea Park but lost to Waverley. Sadly, we came 12th in our age division and came 20th out of all the 15s in Australia.

On the last day of the trip, we all woke up early to play the finals… for 11th and 12th place. We drove for 50 minutes in silence to Springers to meet a dratted obstacle which preventeded us from taking 11th place. It was early, we were fresh… they gave us powerful spikes but we managed to pull ourselves together and take a set off them but alas they overpowered us with their underarm serves and we lost by two measly points.

Overall, I would like to thank the other volleyball player who did not go to Melbourne for training with us regularly on Thursday afternoon. Cheers to all.
Shorson Zhang

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Fundraising - Thank You

THANK YOU to everyone who has responded to the request for financial assistance to pool towards the building of the New Library and Performing Arts Space - our 125th Anniversary Project 2008.

ALL donations made payable to the Sydney Boys High School Building Fund are Tax Deductible.

Those responding over the last eight days of school operating will be issued with their receipts in Term One of 2006.

I would like to Thank everyone for their assistance with the many functions and projects carried out in 2005 in conjunction with the Liaison Officer/ Fund Raising Co-ordinators position. A good foundation is being laid and 2006 promises to consolidate these efforts.

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Restful Holiday.
Valda Roser
(Fund Raising coordinator / Liaison Officer)

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Basketball - Shooting Hoops

Year 8 House Basket
Finals: Rubie vs Fairland
Match Report
Final Score: 14-10
House basketball is an exciting inter-house competition. It boasts large crowds and players can become legends in there own lunchtime! After a term of GPS basketball and tough contests, the Year 8 houses have finally round robin down to the two best. During lunch time on Tuesday the 13th the last match finally begun after being delayed for a week.

The match started with both sides playing zone. Despite great drives through players, Fairland found themselves in heavy trouble against the blocking skills of Matt Lau. Rubie took the opportunity to draw some fouls and took the lead with some remarkably accurate free throws. Following this were accurate outside shooting bringing the score to 5-0 their way. Fairland then proved themselves and showed the reason why they were in the finals with Neil Street taking two shots outside the 3 pointer line and swishing both. Unfortunately luck just wasn’t with Fairland and the ball rolled out several times. This forced Rubie’s coach, Justin Chow, to put a full court man defence to stop the 3 pointers continuing. Half time came 7-6 Rubie’s way.

Second half saw great passes from Stephen Dong (Fairland) swinging the ball from one side to the other leading to free throws. Rubie quickly reacted with some blitz fast break that saw the ball from one end of the court to in the opposition’s hoop in less than four seconds. Fairland called a timeout to prevent this from happening again. When the match continued, Rubie inbounded the ball and another attempt at fast break was run. Jacky Lee took it up with an excellent fast break, unfortunately scoring for the opponent team. This frustrated Rubie a little but wasn’t enough to stop their accurate shooting from sinking continuously.

The game ended with 14-10 Rubie’s way, making them the champions of Year 8 house basketball! Special mention must go to Matt Lau blocking up to four shots, Neil Street who sunk those two three pointers and Stephen Dong for his numerous rebounds and steals.

This concludes this year’s house basketball events with the following results. Congratulations to the following teams that won and good luck next time to the teams that missed out. It will be great to see the new Year 7s in Term 1 2006. Thanks must go to Ms Ward who has continued what Mr Hayman started and is running the competition in outstanding fashion.

Year 9 champion: Saxby
Opens champion: Torrington
Year 8 champion: Fairland

The 14s age group are on the rise! This group has an exciting future. Keep practising over the holidays, champions! Every team in the school has improved this term.....

Term 4 GPS 2005 Win     Loss    For     Av      Against Av      % team wins
14A         3       3       107     17.8    172     28.67   50
14B             0       6       88      14.67   172     28.67   0
14C             2       3       109     18.16   166     27.67   40
14D             3       3       132     22      105     17.5    50
14E             1       5       109     18.16   282     47      16

1sts and 2nds training in our gym 23rd to 27th of January!
We wish everyone a safe and healthy holiday, ready for the second season of GPS when we return.
http://www.sydneyhigh.org.au/basketball for updated information about basketball and game-times.
~Brought to you by Francis Wong, Johny Shih and Justin Liang.
~Thank you to Mr Hayman for all his contributions to basketball and information.
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High Cricket Bulletin

Last week saw our teams in action in Melbourne for the Five Highs Carnival, and at home hosting Melbourne High in the Barberis Cup, with mixed results and encouraging signs for Term 1 in 2006. In our last opportunity to reach all of our supporters for 2005 it can be said that High cricketers are starting to realise that we can be competitive, but also have to apply themselves to do the practice to achieve the next step in their personal development as players. In 2006 we will approach the remainder of the season with optimism after the planning that has been put in place for the vacation period by the 1st and 2nd XI coaching staff.

FIVE HIGHS CARNIVAL – Congratulations to the 1st XI on their Five Highs performances in defeating Melbourne & Kent Street (WA), only going down to Adelaide High which denied Sydney the prestigious title. Kieran Lewis accompanied the team this year with Chris Kourtesis and will provide a full report on the carnival. BARBERIS CUP: YEAR 9 – As the convenor this year we went into the clash with Melbourne High with little preparation as it followed the GPS competition within days. In both matches the actual team scores were much smaller that last year’s challenge and we were competitive until Melbourne’s spinner destroyed our batting on both days. Day 1 High was all out for 74 (in 32 overs) with Arunan scoring 41* of the total. Ravi Mehta, the Melbourne spinner, took 4/16 to wreck the middle order and tail of High, with our batsmen generally lacking the skills to counter his spin. Melbourne replied with 5/77 and passes our score in their 29th over but our bowlers achieved 5 wickets with Ryan Sutton taking 2/25 (10 overs) and Arunan Kandasamy taking 2/16. On day 2 High were dismissed for a dismal 59 with only Matt Coutts (27) contributing significantly to the total. Once again the Melbourne spinner Mehta was the destroyer. Melbourne passed our score at 4/60 in the 27th over. Whilst the High batsmen fell to the spin attack on day 1, the performance on day 2 showed a lack of concentration, footwork, and shot selection as 7 were caught. With an early finish to the Cup fixtures the two teams played a 20/20 match which High won by 2 runs. Melbourne was presented with the Barberis Cup at the closing BBQ and the players exchanged caps. It will be of great assistance to the cricket section when we finally achieve new cricket nets where our potential spinners can throw the ball up and refine their skills, as well as supplying valuable batting practice for our teams.

CHELTENHAM COLLEGE (UK) – This fixture will be held this weekend on Saturday 17th December and a High Invitational XI will host the touring English College in a Limited Over fixture, and provide a traditional GPS day at McKay No 1. All are invited to drop in and watch the boys in action.

PARKING DUTY – We have been rostered for a parking duty during the New Year Test at the SCG and staff will be required for that fixture. We will require 5-6 people at 7.30am, and another 6-8 people from 9.00am to fulfil the commitment. At present we have bid for day 3. If you are willing to assist the cricket section please email me at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and place your name on a contact list so that you can be contacted should any change occur.

2006 TERM 1 COMMITTEE MEETING – THURSDAY 2ND FEBRUARY 2006 at 6.00pm in the gymnasium. A meeting of the Cricket Committee will take place on this date to address the ongoing teams and initial planning for the cricket dinner. Please place this date in your diaries as a reminder prior to the end of the vacation period. Your attendance would be appreciated.

The cricket dinner is to be held on Saturday 8th April 2006 commencing at 6.30pm. All team awards will be presented on this night for all teams currently playing in the GPS competition. Check the website near the end of the season for award details, as well as updates on GPS cricket.

FIVE HIGHS REPORT – The 1st XI returned to Sydney on Friday night with some silverware, but having narrowly missed out on the main prize at the Five Highs Cricket Carnival in Melbourne. The boys started the week well enough with a narrow 142 – 126 defeat of Melbourne High to retain the Cec Rubie Trophy. It was the contest between Melbourne and Sydney for “the Cec” that started the Five Highs 25 years ago, the other schools joining over the years.

Having secured one trophy, Sydney went about trying to make it two. Sydney have not won the Five Highs trophy since 1993, and the team was determined to have a crack at it this year. Day two was abandoned due to rain, Kent Street from Perth having the bye on that day. That one match in hand would prove the decider on Friday afternoon.

Wednesday saw Sydney up against a very professional Kent Street side, but a magnificent spell of bowling from Malik Razeen (5/31 from 10 overs), combined with an amazing hard hitting display from Eddy Pham (100 runs from 100 balls) saw High defeat the Perth school 8/192 – 172.

Thursday, and it was off to the beautiful Wesley College grounds for Sydney v Adelaide. If Sydney could win this one, the title would be theirs. The start was good enough, Adelaide 3/40 after 17 overs. But two batsmen became set and Sydney had no answer to the awesome display of hitting. Their opener Kurt Latz hit a very quick 140 and the game was all but gone. In reply, Sydney was moving comfortably at 2/80 after 17 when disaster struck. Opener Eddy Pham succumbed to severe cramp and was forced to retire hurt. The run rate dropped, and even when Eddy re-emerged 8 overs later, achieved his 50 and hit some massive sixes, the task proved too tough and Adelaide took the match.

On Friday while the boys were touring the MCG the wheels were falling off Adelaide’s campaign against Kent Street in what would prove the decisive battle. Adelaide were dismissed for 64, and Kent Street went on to win the match. Kent Street finished the tournament with 3 wins and a loss, as compared to Sydney and Adelaide with 2 wins, a loss, and a draw each. The extra match proved crucial for Kent Street.

Not only was Sydney High the only team to defeat the winners from Perth, but High collected 4 of the 6 individual awards on offer. Eddy Pham picked up awards for batting aggregate, and strike rate (188 runs from 183 balls), as well as being named ‘Player of the Carnival’ for his personal tally of 308 points. His nearest rival, from Adelaide, had 233 points. Dakshika Gunaratne picked up the ‘Fielder of the Carnival’ award for his 4 catches and one run out. Eddy Pham and Malik Razeen were both named in the Carnival Team, selected from all five schools.
Congratulations to all the 1st XI cricketers. You have represented your school in an exemplary and deserve your success.
Kieran Lewis
1st/2nd XI Coach.

APPRECIATION – On behalf of all members of the cricket section I would like to thank all parents and friends who have assisted with umpiring, scoring, managing and coaching our age teams during Term 4. Also to the teachers who have assisted on sports afternoons and those who coach. On a personal note I would like to express my appreciation and thanks for the guidance, assistance and support offered by the retiring Sports Master Mr Ross Farrington on behalf of all in the cricket section. He has been a great help in times of need on Saturdays in particular to cricket as well as other sports. I would also like to thank the Administration Staff at the front office for their assistance and support. From all of us in the cricket section, we wish all a Happy and Prosperous Festive season wherever you may be in our community.
Laurie Heil
MIC Cricket.

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Paddington Public School

150th Anniversary Celebrations
Friday 5 May 2006 & Sunday 7 May 2006

The Paddington Model School opened for enrolments on Monday 5 May 1856, by order of The Board of National Education, with Mr Thomas Harris as its first Headmaster. On Friday 5 May 2006, the school will commemorate 150 years of continuous public education on the same site, with Mrs Sue Mootz as its current Principal.

Paddington Public School cordially invites all its former students, teachers and staff, and their families, to celebrate with us this most significant and historical occasion over two days, Friday 5 May and Sunday 7 May 2006. Past school members are most welcome to attend both event days.

Anniversary Information To learn more about the 150th Anniversary Celebrations, we suggest that you should:

► Visit the schools’ website at www.paddington-p.schools.nsw.edu.au and follow the links to the Anniversary information page and then the Online Response Form.
► Complete the Online Response Form as soon as possible (enter your contact details as well as other information for planning of the events).
► At any time you can keep in touch with the school and the Sesqui Planning Group by using the email address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
► If you do not have internet access, please contact Maria Hoareau, Sesqui Planning Coordinator, at the school on phone 9361-6730 or by fax 9360-9319.
► Mark the dates in your 2006 diary and tell other former Paddington Public School colleagues about the upcoming celebrations.

Come and celebrate with us in May 2006
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Sailing Camp For Sydney Boys High

Dinghy Solutions are offering boys from Sydney High a discounted sailing camp at Rose Bay.

The dates for the camp are
Wednesday 18th January 2006
Thursday 19th January 2006
Friday 20th January 2006

Each day will begin at 10 a.m. and finish at 1p.m. The venue is Woollahra Sailing Club at Rose Bay. The instructors are a team from Dinghy Solutions.

The cost is $90.00 for the three days.

This is a wonderful opportunity for the boys to improve their sailing in time for the Tri-Series in February and March 2006. Sydney Boys High are welcome to come along and enjoy the sailing and the camaraderie. The camp must be paid for by Friday 16th December. Hand your money (Preferably cheque payable to Dinghy Solutions) to Ms Boukatos in the English Staffroom ASAP!
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High Store Price List

Spring-Summer Price List - 2005/6


From -




Please arrange for boys to be fitted as
early as possible:  6-8 weeks delivery from order)

  DT Apron






PANTS Trousers - Junior, Dark Grey w/w
Trousers - Senior, Light Grey w/w







BELTS: Black leather


CHAIRS: Action Caribee Folding Chair




SHIRTS: Sky Blue and White, Short Sleeve


OTHER: Water Bottle with SHS logo


  Sizes 10-14


  Brita Water Filtration Bottle


  Sizes 16-22


  Brita Filters


  Sizes 24-28











  Sky Blue and White, Long Sleeve




  Sizes 10-14
Sizes 16-22


  Polo (house colours)
Black Baggy with SHS print


  Sizes 24-28


  Sport Socks










TRACKSUITS: (sold as separates)


  Up to size 16


  Taslon Jacket


  Size 18-22


  Taslon Pant


  Size 24-26








Woollen or Cotton Knee High


  High Swimming Costume


  Cotton Anklet Sock in SHS colours


Junior Polo Short


TIES: Junior


  2nd-5th Grade Polo Shirt




  Socks with SHS Colours






  Old Boys




  GPS. Old Boy








CAPS: Sky Flexifit


  Socks with SHS Colours




  Numbers (small) (ea)




  Numbers (large) (ea)


BAGS: Backpack


  Water Bottle with SHS Crest


  Sports Bag




  Satchel Bag






Polo Short Short Sleeve


MATHS Grid Book A4


  Long Sleeve




  Caps (Brown) (Baggy Style)








  Hat (Natural) (Greg Chappell Style)






MUSIC Music Book






  Polo Shirt


ART: Artist Paints




  Canvas 18" x 24"




  Visual Art Diary






  Zoot Suit
Coloarado White L/S T-Shirt
Rugby Socks
Rugby Jersey 12-14
Rugby Jersey 16-22
Rugby Jersey 24-28


Mug with SHS crest


SHS Sticker


Bridge Scorers


Address Book


Double Pack Playing Cards


School Centenary Book


Single Park Playing Cards


Silverware:  sugar or fluted spoon


Pencil Case (school crest)








Letter Openers


SHS Plaque


SHS Jotter with Pen


Coat hanger




SHS Cufflinks


Car Sticker




Polo Shirt $49.50
Supporter Jersey $75.00
Rugby Jersey (original) $60.00
Supporters Polo $35.00
OBU Tie $27.50

BLAZERS - Additions


GPS Pocket $22.00
Music Pocket $22.00
Prefect Top Pocket $22.00
Prefect Bottom Pocket $38.50
Embroidery Line $15.00
Full Braiding $70.00
Dry Cleaning $9.35
Service Charge $30.00



House Badge


SHS. (metal)


Rowing (metal)


Orchestra (metal)


Rifle (metal)


SBHS Lapel Pin $2.75

Clothing Pool

A recycled section operates within the High Store shop.  Items such as blazers, shorts, trousers, jumpers, rugby/soccer tops & boots, tracksuits can be sold on a commission basis - the shop retaining 1/3 of the sale price.
Please ensure that when sending items for sale, you include your name and address.
All items sent should be clean and in good condition.  Shirts are gladly accepted as a donation. 


Accepted payment methods include - Cash, Bankcard, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, EFTPOS (Direct Debit) or cheque made payable to the "HIGH STORE"

Opening Times

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday   -   10:30am - 1:30pm
Telephone   -   9331 7075

All Prices GST Inclusive
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