High Notes, Vol 6 No 38, December 09 2005

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From the Principal

Tennis Courts Update
I have received an executed Sub-Licence Agreement between the Sydney High School Foundation Inc and Carl Nielsen Tennis Academy and a final draft of a Deed of Licence between the DET and the Sydney High School Foundation, in respect of a ten year agreement to develop and manage the school’s tennis courts. A few details and documents have to be attended to but in substance we have the long awaited agreements composed. I have to thank Terry Hayes, Helen Tuthill, Ken Clemens, Mark Livingston and Lee Ruth for all their efforts over 14 months to negotiate what will be a ground-breaking agreement between DET and an incorporated school foundation.

Building Fund Advisory Group
The Building Fund Advisory Group met this week to discuss disbursements from the Centenary Building Fund and the strategic directions of capital raising and expenditures.

The meeting agreed to add $22,589.69 to the Sydney Boys High School Building Fund term deposit of $86,000 maturing on March 22, 2006 and to reinvest the principal and interest. The SBHSBF account has $40,000 invested in a term deposit to mature before 22 March to be pooled with the other funds. The third term deposit for $125,000 will mature in September, 2006. As a community we are slowly making our way towards our first major target of $300,000. Help us to build a state of the art learning facility for High. Every donation counts.

The building maintenance/refurbishment proportion of the CBF donations allocated to school projects was $5,000 leaving $5,819.06 to go towards the repair of the new pontoon pylon which failed a few weeks ago. It may cost $15,000 to repair. The Old Pontoon is failing and will have to be replaced. This project may cost $150,000. It was decided to commence a contingency fund of $25,000 per year in anticipation of the major expense and to continue to seek out cost effective alternatives. The group agreed that additional funds would need to be sought for any replacement option before 2009. The rowing community faces the prospect of possibly being without a second pontoon for a few seasons as a consequence of an early failure of the old pontoon.

Visual Arts Exhibition and P & C/Principal Reception
Congratulations to Nic Morris and the creative Arts Department for their efforts in setting up and displaying the students’ artworks and building design projects. The evening was very hot and the weather, combined with less than usual publicity, meant the gathering was smaller than on previous occasions. Thank you to the boys for their musical performances, to the Sailing Committee for the food and to the P & C for the refreshments. I hope more staff members and parents will support the occasion next year.

POPE Progress
The smoke seals have been fitted on the electrical switchboard. The additional tactile indicators have been laid. The exit from the stage issue has been solved. The fire hose reel will be moved to within 4 metres of an exit on Monday. An Engineer’s Certificate for the structural adequacy and loading of the stage has been obtained. We are almost there!

School Certificate Test Results
On following pages is an analysis of the School Certificate Test results. The results indicate that the number of Band 6 awards fluctuates in line with the state variations. High maintains an average position of 1.3 or 1.4 standard deviations above the mean. Our bench mark is 1.5. I was pleased at the very few Band 4 results obtained. Less than half a dozen boys in Year 10 would expect to get a band 4 in any test except English. To compare results from year to year we use the Z score (expressed in units of standard deviation when the difference between school and state means is divided by the state standard deviation). Also, we compare multiples of school Band 6 percentages against state Band 6 percentages.
Dr K Jaggar

  School School State State School Z
E.M. Mean S.D. E.M. Mean E.M.S.D. v State Score
  2003 85.67 5.18 72.71 11.28 12.96 1.15
  2004 88.22 4.59 73.95 11.49 14.27 1.24
  2005 85.98 4.64 73.14 11.97 12.84 1.07
  2003 91.76 4.31 71.93 11.21 19.83 1.77
  2004 93.01 3.63 71.09 11.49 21.92 1.91
  2005 94.12 3.64 71.01 12.17 23.11 1.90
  2003 87.09 4.28 74.32 9.19 12.77 1.39
  2004 88.24 4.44 74.1 10.77 14.14 1.31
  2005 88.55 3.64 74.57 9.87 13.98 1.42
  2003 83.62 7.17 69.13 12.97 14.49 1.12
  2004 86.85 5.87 70.78 12.32 16.07 1.30
  2005 88.94 4.6 73.59 10.05 15.35 1.53
  2003 87.06 6.12 70.5 11.25 16.56 1.47
  2004 86.59 5.59 72.65 10.43 13.94 1.34
  2005 88.49 4.15 72.76 9.79 15.73 1.61
              School School Percent Percent  
              Grade 6 Grades 5 & 6 State School Grade 4
      School School State State x State x State Grade Grade State x
  Year Band Number Percent Number Percent Percent Percent 4 or Less 4 or Less School
  2005 6 160 88.39 5879 7.28 12.14 3.85 74.20 0.55 0.00
1998-2005 Average     72.99 5017 6.40 11.64 3.77 73.84 2.27 47.99
  2005 6 46 25.41 5003 6.20 4.10 3.10 70.24 7.73 9.09
1998-2005 Average     29.26 4944 6.31 4.72 2.83 68.61 11.36 7.77
  2005 6 90 49.45 4879 6.05 8.18 2.97 68.03 4.94 13.77
1998-2005 Average     34.42 3325 4.31 7.99 3.50 73.79 10.23 9.38
  2005 6 93 51.38 4871 6.04 8.50 3.23 69.74 2.20 31.70
2002-2005 Average     34.85 3725 4.72 7.44 3.82 77.95 20.05 10.78
  2005 6 75 41.43 3156 3.92 10.58 3.58 72.54 1.65 43.96
2002-2005 Average     29.54 3375 4.29 7.26 3.48 84.06 19.46 15.15
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Words of Wisdom

The whole secret of life is to be interested in one thing profoundly and in a thousand things well
Horace Walpole

“Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself”
Chinese Proverb

It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do a little. Do what you can.
Sydney Smith
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Charities Committee

Recently the school received a congratulatory letter from Father Chris Riley’s program YOUTH OFF THE STREETS acknowledging the great effort of pur Year 12 boys on the recent fundraiser Shine Day. They acknowledged that it is always so heartening to see what a difference can be made when a group of people are motivated for a cause. Hopefully the student body will continue to make a difference to peoples’ lives in 2006.
S Plummer
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From English

Visual literacy has become an increasingly important part of the English curriculum both in the junior and senior years. It is a mandatory part of our 7-10 syllabus that we equip our students with analytical skills which will enable them to deconstruct and evaluate a diverse range of visual texts. These skills contribute to student success in Year 12 where a number of prescribed texts set for close study are in fact films. Year 10 recently attended a screening of Tim Burton’s The Corpse Bride as part of their introduction to Extension 1 English. This viewing offered students interesting insights into the current directions that the gothic-horror genre is taking.

Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride – a review by Raymond Roca
On Tuesday, November 29, all of the Year 10 English classes went on an end-of-year excursion to see Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride. After assiduously studying the conventions of the Gothic genre as part of our preparation for Year 11 Extension English, the excursion to the movies came as a means to see the conventions of Gothic applied in film, and also as an enjoyable way to end the English year.

The film turned out to be a creatively-realised fusion between the Gothic and comedy genres, telling the story of a young, nervous man, Victor Van Dort, and his adventures through the Land of the Dead after meeting Emily, a corpse, while practising his wedding vows to Victoria, an aristocrat he intends to marry. The Corpse Bride takes the viewer – or, shall we say, the responder – on an action-filled yet fairly predictable set of events, with Victor being captured in the Land of the Dead by Emily while Victoria falls into the hands of Barkis, the film’s antagonist. After many struggles, Victor manages to marry Victoria, saving her from Barkis, with the help of Emily, who happens to be Barkis’ previous wife, killed by the antagonist.

Aside from giving it the playful and often eccentric air of a short film, the stop-motion animation used throughout the production enabled Burton to use a plethora of Gothic conventions, perhaps more than could’ve been achieved had traditional actors been used. The film’s setting, in Victorian England, was characteristically Gothic, as was the prominent inclusion of stately buildings such as cathedrals and palaces. Additionally, the film made multiple references to death and was based around the quintessentially Gothic storyline of a youthful hero saving his imperilled heroine from corrupt aristocrats or wicked monsters. The movie’s use of colour was also very Gothic, with a palette of greys and melancholy purples and blues used throughout, not to mention the generally pallid complexions of the film’s aristocratic families!

However, the overall tone of the movie was not melancholy at all, as The Corpse Bride was filled with Burtonian subversions of the Gothic genre, most eloquently exhibited through the use of humour. The film’s many clever puns and jokes made for an experience that was more light-hearted than scary, more romantic than gloomy, contrasting with Burton’s more macabre Sleepy Hollow.

While not evoking the expected sombre emotions and thoughtful reflections of life’s themes that accompanied the other Gothic texts studied in class – or perhaps because of this – The Corpse Bride provided for pleasant, easy viewing, and left many in the movie theatre surprised that the movie had come to an end, after only 75 minutes of Gothic good-time.
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Yr 10 Expedition

On 9 November, an expedition team consisting of 60 Year 10 students headed for what could be argued as our best adventure yet. The team left school early in the morning to face the menacing Watagan Mountains. After a few hours of card playing and chip eating, on the bus, we finally arrived. The place was truly wondrous; civilization seemed to be miles away.

The friendly instructors ensured us that we would have fun. We practised our orientation skills before heading off through the Watagans and back to civilization. Everyone took turns to lead. For 3 days we trekked the Watagans encountering the dangerous leaches, the bottomless cliffs and the feared red ants. As night approached we would set up camp. Sitting by the fire we cooked our own meals, which were surprisingly ‘delicious’. Natural rock-climbing and abseiling was a fitting experience to end the expedition.

The expedition was exciting and rewarding, and I promise you won’t miss your video games or your favourite novels. For 3 days of your life you’ll realise how your ancestors once lived. The skills you will acquire from orienteering are priceless. Although it was tough, the rewards were great. I am sure that many people who embarked on this journey had to overcome many fears, whether it was the leaches, or the heights. This expedition is more than it seems, it brings with it victory and success.

For me the adventure was, "A journey of ordeal and difficulty that transform to be the most fertile soil for spiritual growth”
Wen Shi and Leo Cheng
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Academic Merit Lists Semester 2

Year 9
Congratulations to the following boys in Year Nine whose excellent academic achievements in Semester 2 are recognised. In students' subjects, points were awarded as follows - HD: 6, D: 5, C: 3, PM: 2, P: 1, with the qualifying total being 41

Michael BOCK
William CHAN
Daniel CHIM
Matthew COUTTS
Yiming DENG
Ping DU
David FAN
Danny FU
Richard HUA
Anthony HUYNH
Kartik IYER
Albert KIM
Sean LEE
Nathan LIEU
Simon LIU
Harrison REID
Marco SUN
Lucian TAN
Andrew TANG
Simon TING
Warren TRAC
David VIEN
Jason WONG
Simin YANG

Year 8
Congratulations to the following boys in Year Eight whose excellent academic achievements in Semester 2 are recognised. In students' subjects, points were awarded as follows - HD: 6, D: 5, C: 3, PM: 2, P: 1, with the qualifying total being 44 from the student’s best 9 subjects

Adrian ANG
Yiming CAO
Matthew CHAN
Benjamin DIEP
Matthew DINH
Desmond HI
Harry HUH
Vincent KHOU
Phillip KURTS
Danny LAM
Victor LAM
Brian LAU
Matthew LAU
Felix LEE
Aolin LI
Kang LIM
Daniel LO
Edward LU
Maxeem MIKHA
Daniel SHAN
Leonard TENG
Matthew TONG
Victor UNG
Samuel WAN
Dickson WU
Michael YIU
Shorson ZHANG

Year 7
Congratulations to the following boys in Year Seven whose excellent academic achievements in Semester 2 are recognised. In students' subjects, points were awarded as follows - HD: 6, D: 5, C: 3, PM: 2, P: 1, with the qualifying total being 47

Gareth CHAN
Justin CHAN
Oliver FIO
Matthew FONG
Anirban GHOSE
Aaron HO
Enoch HUI
Jeffrey LAM
Benjamin LI
Ivan LI
Merlin LI
Richard LIN
Andy LIU
Yixin LIU
Daniel LUO
Robert MA
Timothy MOLLOY
Joshua NAIR
Antony PAUL
Christopher TIN-LOI
Nelson WANG
Erick WONG
Andrew WU
Stephen YOON
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From the Office - Reminder To Parents

Change of Address
If you have recently changed your address or have changed your employment the school needs to know. There have been a number of occasions when Administration have had difficulty contacting parents because of change of workplace. This is extremely important in a case of emergency. If parents are going to be out of the country for any length of time the Principal needs to know this information as well.

Please ask your son to obtain a change of details form from the Main Office. A change of travel form is also required when changing your address. These are also available at the main office. Your son's travel passes will be affected if he does not have the correct address. Failure to complete these forms may result in your son not having a travel pass.

Please contact the school on 9361 6910 Ext 129 before 9am to report your son’s absence

Letters Re Leave/Absence/Early Leave
When your son returns to school from being absent he is required to provide a letter of explanation signed by parent or guardian. If your son is going to be late for school a note is also required.

If your son has an Early Leave note he is required to have his note signed by either Mr Beringer, Mr Dowdell or Mr Prorellis before 8:55am and handed in to the Main Office immediately after. Each letter should be signed by parent or guardian with the name, date and roll class of your son printed clearly. Your son needs to pick up the red leave pass from the Main Office before he leaves the school.

If you require leave for your son please, apply in writing and address your application to the Principal, Dr Jaggar, stating the reason and length of time of the leave. Your son must then present this application to Dr Jaggar for permission for the leave. Please remember to apply before the leave and not after. Remember at all times the Principal must approve all leave applications.
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Family Regatta Day and Boat Namings

On Saturday December 3 the inaugural daylight Family Regatta took place. Though strong westerly winds blew, the day proved to be quite successful as over 100 family members and friends of rowers took to the water. It was the first time that we had conducted the regatta in the daylight and participation appeared to be at an all time high. The Vien, Kim, Darcy, Blomberg, Deacon , Molloy, Tiedgen, Angell, Whiting, Reid, Lindeback, Livingston, Kim, Shuttleworth families were a few of the families who made it into boats.

There were very few incidents with strict safety procedures being adhered to but one story worthy of mention is best relayed in the words of one of the participants, Vlad Boulavine:

Last Saturday’s family Regatta had been a nightmare for my family, Declan McRae-Steele and his sister. The day began beautifully with boat naming and a delicious lunch but later turned into a living hell.

Since the water was quite choppy only a few boats were taken out and multiple crews had to share them. Each crew had to go with a senior rower since multiple adults who had never rowed before were in them. My crew was the last to go out and since rowers had left already we decided to sneak out in the “Jeremy Glass” with me being the only experienced rower in the boat. From that moment on I thought that this would be the worst rowing session of my life.

Our cox was Declan’s sister who could not tell her right from her left. It took around fifteen minutes to teach my Dad the sequences of the stroke. Declan was trying with all his might but was getting nowhere and my Mum didn’t even try since she was scared. I don’t blame her for that since the waves were getting bigger by the minute and some sort of yacht race had begun near us.

My Dad and I couldn’t outrow the current so Chris Watson came in the speedie and took Declan out and put David Vien in his spot. He helped us dramatically but my Mum’s oars kept getting in his way and slowing the boat down. Just when we thought things couldn’t get worse as we approached the pontoon, multiple huge waves rolled over us. My Mum heroically jumped out of the boat as the rest of us began sinking. We were then pulled out of the boat that was already half under water. I will never forget that day and neither will my Mum.

The day was also memorable since we named a quad Mark Prater and a scull Paul Girdler.

With the quad, I spoke about Mark’s loyalty and service to the school while Dave Luscombe co-coach of the VIII spoke of Mark’s expertise and devotion as a coach while Blake Angell, Captain of Boats, spoke of Mark as the mentor and leader of our program both with juniors and seniors. Mark responded in his laconic style and we were reminded that this is probably the first time that a mother and son have had a boat bearing their respective names in the same boatshed.

With the scull, Steve Tiedgen, President of the Rowing Committee, spoke of Paul’s service to the rowing program via endless working bees, regattas and camps and of his crucial school service as President of the P & C and member of the Foundation.

Paul responded with gratitude and acknowledged the contribution of all his family but highlighted the need for all parents of rowing to be active in the P & C. The day was particularly moving for me since it symbolised the friendships I have developed over several years. Interested spectators from the past were Jeremy and Sue Glass, Nerida Newbigin and John Gerofi, Sheila and Bob Prater. Many thanks to the Rowing Committee, particularly Steve Tiedgen for the organisation and to the catering committee for the smooth catering and running of the land venture. Special thanks to Blake who did an excellent job organising the many duties so the rowing could happen and thanks to Dave Luscombe, Chris Watson, Robbie Girdler and Dave Daish for making sure nothing went drastically wrong.

This week we host the Melbourne High Year 10 rowers on our annual exchange. They will stay one night at Abbotsford and then be billeted by our students. The following Saturday, December 17, our Shed race over 4.5 kms takes place at 7.30am with all crews involved. The handicapper is Mark Prater with Mr Gainford as referee. The idea is for all crews to finish at one time which is quite a sight.
C Barris
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From Cricket

The last Saturday of our GPS competition for this year on the 26th Nov., provided some highs and lows mainly due to the unseasonable (but welcome) rain which affected several of our matches. All of our B teams were cancelled due to the state of the turf pitches at Newington and unfortunately the Under 15 A and Under 14 A teams could not get on at Shore which was a great disappointment to both teams as they had finished in good positions on Day 1 and were looking forward to recording their first wins for Term 4. However the highs included the near miss victory by the 1st XI which after a first innings loss almost pulled off an outright victory, falling just 11 runs short of their goal. I consider it a high as it brought out the High Spirit and proved to a team minus several regular members that they can match their counterparts from other schools. The 2nd XI struggled throughout their encounter with Shore and our batting overall highlights the need for players to examine their overall approach, their desire to score runs, their skills levels and be prepared to work harder on techniques to play on turf. A full report also appears herein. With Term 4 results by the 1st and 2nd XIs it has become more important for our future senior teams to be structured competitively so that we have a selection of players vying for higher honours and selection in these XIs. Our performances this term have been encouraging but with injuries, transfers and players unavailable due to a variety of reasons we have had to compromise other teams, thus upsetting their structures. In Term 1 2006 the restructure will commence, however I must quickly add that it will not be fully operational until Term 4 when it will be put in place. More to come in future editions

CRICKET MICs MEETING was held on Monday 28th Nov at St Joseph’s College and concerns raised by members of High’s Senior XIs and other GPS schools regarding 20/20 cricket received considerable comments from all attending. When the decisions reached at the meeting are confirmed, details will be on the cricket website.

BARBERIS CUP Year 9 team – will be in competition with Melbourne High as this edition of High Notes reaches students’ homes. Matches are being played at McKay Oval No 1on both days and all are welcome to enjoy watching some entertaining cricket. This event annually has had an influence on the improvement of the Year 8 and 9 players who have been exposed to the stiffer competition and has seen several reach our 1st and 2nd XIs It is important in our cricket calendar and requires the support of our cricket community.

BILLETS are of concern as each year we are struggling to fill our commitment to host other schools that have willingly looked after our players and this year is no exception. We have ended up short of billets for 2 nights this week being Wed. 7th and Thurs. 8th December and as a result we will be reviewing our policy on team selections for future tours where our players are billeted by others. To those parents who undertook to billet more than one player my sincere appreciation for your support and understanding.

This fixture is being held on Saturday 17th December at McKay Oval No 1 and will commence at 10am. A traditional GPS Style lunch will be served for our visitors and we have offered an end of day BBQ yet to be confirmed. The team to play will be selected from those players who indicate that they are available to play and nominations are to be sent by Email to me NO LATER THAN Tuesday Night 13th December. A team briefing and get together will occur between 1-0pm and 3-0pm at McKay Oval on Wednesday 14th December. We require 4 – 6 helpers for lunch, afternoon tea, drinks etc on the day and if you can assist please email your availability to the MIC quoting Telephone / mobile numbers for contact purposes. If this fixture is successful, and having been a guest of this visiting school in 1995 with touring teams, some dialogue will commence on a return tour and fixture in a proposed 2006/07 Tour by Sydney Boys. Subject to School approval.

CRICKET KITS and SCOREBOOKS- all outstanding scorebooks and cricket kits held by players and parents are to be returned to the school no later than Thursday 15th December. Your attention to this would be appreciated to assist in the secure storage of our equipment during the vacation period.
Laurie Heil
MIC Cricket

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Basketball - Shooting Hoops

1st Grade: High vs Riverview

##      Name            FG      3PT     FT      PTS     TR      PF      AST     TO      BS      ST      MIN
4   *H.Walker       9/23    3/11    3/6     24      9       3       3       2       0       3       38:09
5       R. Huynh        0/1     0/1     0/0     0       0       0       0       0       0       1       2:41
6       L. D’Avigdor    0/0     0/0     0/0     0       0       0       0       0       0       0       1:04
7       *D.Sun          6/23    0/3     1/2     13      4       1       5       4       0       2       31:22
8       V.Nguyen        0/2     0/0     0/0     0       2       0       0       1       0       1       5:57
9       *F.Wong         1/11    1/2     2/4     5       9       2       8       5       0       5       40:00
10      K.Huang         0/1     0/0     1/2     1       0       2       0       1       0       0       7:56
11      W.Zhuang        2/3     0/0     0/0     4       5       2       0       0       1       1       14:25
12      *M.Farhat       1/3     0/0     0/0     2       4       5       2       2       0       4       25:35
13      *V.Wei          3/6     0/0     0/1     6       9       4       0       2       1       0       32:48

FG = field goals
3PT = 3pointers
FT = free throws
PTS = points
TR = total rebounds
PF = personal fouls
AST = assists
TO = turnovers
BS = blocks
ST = Steal
MIN = time on court in minutes
*Starting five. Captain: Francis Wong

                        1st Half        1st Half        2nd Half        2nd Half        Game            Game
Total FG    9/42            21.4%           13/37           35.1%           22/79           27.8%
3PT FG          2/8             25%             2/9             22.2%           4/17            23.5%
Free throws     3/6             50%             4/9             44.4%           7/15            46.7%
                     Riverview       High            Riverview       High
Free Throw Pts              6       7       Total Rebounds  64      51
3Pt Points              3       12      Team Rebounds   11      9
Pts/Possession          0.47    0.5     Dead Ball Reb   4       4
Pts off turnovers       17      12      Off Rebound %   52.8    41.9
2nd Chance points       17      11      Def Rebound %   58.1    47.2
Pts off Bench           17      5       Total Rebound % 55.7    44.3

             Qtr1    Qtr2    Qtr3    Qtr4    Total
Riverview   13      9       16      15      53
High            18      5       14      18      55

Mr Hayman’s Comments
This was a fantastic team game. Francis Wong (5pts, 9rb, 8ast, 5st) has an amazing average of assists this term. Once again he made many passes that led directly to easy scores. This was the first game that Harry Walker started his year of good scoring games and added as many rebounds as any of our forwards could manage to his personal tally. Dale Sun played himself into form. Despite having a poor shooting 2nd quarter where many players would have dropped their head, he bounced back by contributing in other areas, showing he understands the team concept of basketball. Moussa Farhat and Victor Wei changed many of the opponent’s shots around the ring and really made it tough work for the opposition who were much larger. But when Moussa fouled out it was Wei Zhaung who played 14 minutes of outstanding basketball. Not allowing his opponent to score and adding points through offensive rebounds of his own, he urged his team on. Wei made the last shot of the game with 9 seconds remaining after a HUGE offensive rebound. Congratulations to everyone who has trained with first grade this term.

Results from a survey on the first grade players’ aspirations for the season
“we want to represent the school at the highest level”
“We will work as hard as is required to improve”
“we are better drilled than other teams”
“we respect each other”
“we have a committed coach”
“every member of our team is dedicated”
“more heart and more spirit, more intelligent training and more play as a team rather than ego based play”
“I work hard for results”
“I turn up mentally prepared to play every time”
“This is the most exciting thing happening at SBHS”

1sts and 2nds training in our gym 23rd to 27th of January!

http://www.sydneyhigh.org.au/basketball  for updated information about basketball and game-times.
Brought to you by Francis Wong, Johny Shih and Justin Liang.
Thank you to Mr Hayman for results collation and report editing
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Christmas Coffee

Elbon Coffee will make a much appreciated Christmas Gift for your loved ones. Last orders with payment to cashier at Main Office

Tuesday December 13 (end of lunch)
Delivery Wednesday - December 14 (Orders sent home with boys)

Variety      Elbon     Elbon     Elbon     Colombian   Colombian   Colombian   Total
             Special   Special   Special                                       $
Style one    Plunger   Plunger   Plunger   Plunger     Plunger     Plunger     
Style two    Espresso  Espresso  Espresso  Espresso    Espresso    Espresso    
Pack Weight  250g      500g      1kg       250g        500g        1kg  
Price        $8.00     $15.00    $30.00    $8.00       $15.00      $30.00       

Buyer’s Name _______   _______   _______   _________   _________   ________    ________

Type of Payment:   Cheque___     Cash___     Credit Card___
Card Type          Bankcard___   MasterCard___      Visa___   
Expiry Date        ___/___ 
Card Number        _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _
Cardholder’s Name  ______________________________________
                                (please print)
Cardholders Signature _________________________________

Bus Phone: ____________________ 
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