High Notes, Vol 6 No 35, November 18 2005

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From the Principal

High Talent
Congratulations to Rezwan Ali (11) who won second prize in the secondary division of the 2005 Essay on Korea

Performance Music Program 2006
Unfortunately, several circumstances have combined to make the current model for running the Performance Music Program dysfunctional. I have been negotiating with the Music Committee and the Music Staff for some time concerning the direction of the Performance Music Program at High. I have reached agreement with the Music Staff that all operational matters concerning Performance Music will be managed and supervised by Music Staff. Additional periods to service accelerated music have necessitated that more than 2 FTE Music Teachers will be needed in the foreseeable future. To make timetabling practicable, 0.4-0.6 staff needs to be added to the program for 2006. I have invited Suzanna Lim to perform that role. As a consequence, an external Program Coordinator for the Performance Music Program will not be required. Regrettably, Kathy Jackson, who has fulfilled that role very conscientiously and enthusiastically, will be the person affected by this structural change. In effect, the academic and performance music programs have been amalgamated. There will be one line of responsibility and a single supervisor, the Head Teacher Creative Arts. The Music Committee will have a single point of reference for all matters concerning Performance Music, the Music Staff. I will be able to oversee the program by referring to the Head Teacher, Creative Arts or to the Music Staff directly. A transparent line of accountability will be established.

Scope of the Program
Our performance music program exists to provide structured opportunities for our boys to learn to play musical instruments, to improve their vocal abilities and to perform what they have learned and rehearsed. We provide ensembles and tutors to supervise music sessions. Private tutors are permitted to conduct lessons for boys on our premises. Such tutors are to be recruited and supervised by SBHS Music Staff. All tutors will have to lodge appropriate documentation. The Music Committee purchases instruments and sheet music and liaises with the Music Staff to organise Performance Evenings at least three times a year. In addition, the Music Committee celebrates the successes of our boys at an annual function. From time to time it assists in fund raising for music tours. The school and the Music Committee want to participate in the Anzac Day commemoration by providing a Marching Band. In addition, they expect a strong representation by High boys in the annual GPS Concert in September. Participation in competitions and public performances where appropriate, is strongly encouraged.

Guiding Principles

  1. The performance music program exists for the enjoyment and personal development of our students.
  2. The Music Committee funds the instruments and sheet music. Its primary focus is on the Performance Music Program.
  3. The school funds the coordination of the Performance Music Program and supplies staff to conduct morning sessions for ensembles, tutors who rehearse and conduct some ensembles and the two special events – Anzac Day and GPS concert.
  4. The program has at least three public performance opportunities each year – Summer & Winter shows and the Cabaret night.
  5. 5. The program is divided into two sections: senior ensembles (Wednesday), junior ensembles (Monday, Thursday, Friday). Responsibility for the program’s operation rests with the school Music Staff.

The Junior Program
The Music Staff share the ensembles with the exception of Junior Strings which will be taken by a string tutor hired by the school on advice from the Music Staff. Decisions on music selection, performances and ensemble composition will be made by the Music Staff. The Music Staff prepares the annual budget for performance music in consultation with the Head Teacher Creative Arts. The performance ensembles, times and places for rehearsal will be negotiated by the Music Staff. Junior Ensembles on Mondays will be: Training Concert, S. Lim, 0730, 101; Intermediate Concert, R. Miller, 0730, 201. Chamber Choir, S. Lim, Thursdays 0730, 201. Fridays: Junior Stage S. Lim, 0730, 101; Intermediate Stage R. Miller, 0730, 101. The Marching Band will have a tutor. The Music Staff will report to the Music Committee at least four times per year at Music Committee meetings. The Music Staff will be responsible to the Principal for the efficient and effective conduct of the Performance Music Program.

The Senior Program
The Music Staff recruits and supervises the Senior Strings and Senior Stage tutors. Decisions about music selection, performances and ensemble composition are made by the Music Staff. Senior music ensembles will rehearse on Wednesdays: Senior Concert 0800, 202, D. Gilmore; Senior Stage, 0715, 201, tutor, Senior Strings 0730, 102, tutor. Fridays: Orchestra, D. Gilmore, 0800, 201.

Special Events
The Principal and the Music Committee consider SBHS marching band performances at Anzac Day marches to be important. The Music Staff will submit an annual budget and plan to the Music Committee to implement the Public Performance Policy. Participants will be honoured with the award of a commemorative school badge for completing rehearsals, marching practice and performing on the day. Similarly, the music staff will prepare an annual budget and plan for GPS Concerts. A suitable recognition will be negotiated for GPS concert performers

Academic Music
The primary focus for music teachers is the participation in and standard of the school’s academic music program. As well, music teachers are responsible for supplying musicians for various school public occasions. The school’s requirements for instruments and music are met from the Creative Arts budget. The budget is the responsibility of the Creative Arts Head Teacher.

Tours School
Tours are the responsibility of the school’s music teachers. They need to work with the Music Committee to raise funds for such tours. Tour fundraising cannot detract from the recurrent expenditure required by the Music Committee to fund the Performance Music Program. A sub-committee of the Music Committee should take responsibility for organising the tours. Such a sub-committee would include school staff and parent representatives. The Sub-Committee will prepare its tour plan and budget in accordance with the new DET Excursion Policy.

Clerical Support
In recognition of the complexity of administering the performance music program, the school will provide one day of administrative support per cycle. The clerical support will involve: stock taking, cataloguing and storing the school’s collection of sheet music; stock taking the school’s musical instruments, preparing and maintaining a depreciation schedule and managing the annual maintenance program for musical instruments.

This policy is to commence operation as of January 30, 2006.

Year 12 Parents Farewell Cocktail Party
In another first for the parent groups, Year 11 hosted Year 12 parents at a Farewell Cocktail Party last Friday evening. Everything conspired to make the evening a success. The weather was fine. The music played by the boys was entertaining. The decorations were interesting. The food was plentiful. Libations were on hand. The company was relaxed. Mrs Roser, Mittelheuser and Farrow-Palmer spoke to the well attended gathering about the six year journey of the boys and their parents. Emphasis was placed upon continuing the strength of the Year Groups as positive influences on the evolving culture of the school. Prof. Kaldor in a moment of afflatus, offered a pun about feeling ‘clapped out’. The formalities concluded with a plea to parents and imminent old boys to join the High Club and keep a social connection going into the future.
Dr K Jaggar
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From the P&C

Job Descriptions Sydney Boys High School P&C Office Bearers
Following is a description of duties for main office bearers of the Sydney Boys High School Executive Committee. The job descriptions should be used as a guide only. It is anticipated that they will remain flexible to change in consultation with each of the successful nominees to these positions.

1. President

  • Attend and Chair Executive Meetings
  • Attend SBHS Foundation Meetings
  • Deputise for Vice President at SBHS Council Meetings
  • Deputise for Vice President when necessary at General Meetings
  • Represent the P&C at the Building Fund Advisory Group
  • Liaise with School Principal and Administration to coordinate activities relating to School business (eg. Merit Selection)
  • Represent the P&C at School Functions as required
  • Liaise with Old Boys Union President on behalf of the Executive on issues to benefit SBHS

2. Vice President

  • Attend and Chair General Meetings
  • Represent the P&C at School Council Meetings
  • Deputise for the President when necessary at Executive Meetings
  • Deputise for the President when necessary at SBHS Foundation Meetings
  • Deputise for the President when necessary at the Building Fund Advisory Group meetings
  • Deputise for the President at School Functions as required

3. Junior Vice President

  • Support the President and Vice President of the P&C as required.

4. Treasurer

  • Oversee the expenditure and income of the P&C in consultation with the P&C Executive
  • Liaise with the Assistant Treasurer to oversee P&C Sub-committee accounts and report to P&C Members at General Meetings
  • Prepare projected budget in collaboration with the P&C Executive
  • Signatory to the P&C Account.
  • Provide financial reports for P&C General Meetings
  • Prepare and present Annual Report at the Annual General Meeting
  • Prepare P&C Books for annual audit

5. Assistant Treasurer

  • Coordinate financial reports for all sub-committees of the P&C
  • Provide feedback to the Treasurer on sub-committee activities
  • Deputise for the Treasurer in the absence of the Treasurer at Executive and General Meetings
  • Signatory to the P&C account.

6. Secretary

  • Maintain an up-to date email distribution list of P&C members
  • Maintain an up-to-date email distribution list of P&C Executive members
  • Prepare outgoing P&C correspondence
  • Liaise with School Administration/ High Notes editor to facilitate communication between P&C and School with regard to P&C events, venues and dates
  • Liaise with SGHS P&C Secretary to coordinate the annual joint P&C General Meeting
  • Attend and take minutes at General Meetings
  • Prepare and distribute agenda for General Meetings in consultation with the President and Assistant Secretary
  • Liaise with Assistant Secretary with regard to P&C matters
  • Deputise for the Assistant Secretary when required at Executive Meetings.

7. Assistant Secretary

  • Maintain and distribute an up-to-date contact list of P&C Executive members
  • Attend and take minutes at P&C Executive Meetings
  • Prepare and distribute agenda for Executive Meetings in consultation with the Vice President and Secretary
  • Deputise for the Secretary when required at General Meetings
  • Receive and sort incoming correspondence to the P&C
  • Liaise with Secretary with regard to incoming correspondence
  • When required, assist the Secretary in administrative duties undertaken in support of the P&C

Vera Dimitropoulos
Secretary P&C
November 2005

Please find following proposed rule changes to Sydney Boys High School Parent's and Citizens' Association Constitution

Change 1:
Rule 3. The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held in November of each year.

Proposed to be changed to:
The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held in November of each year. At this meeting, Office Bearers will be elected according to Section 5 of the P&C Association Constitution. The Offices of President and Vice President (1) may be nominated as a team. The Junior Vice President's position is to be filled by independent nomination. In addition, the Offices of Treasurer and Secretary are to be supported by Deputy Officers. For each Office, the Main and Deputy Offices may also be filled as a team.

Change of Date for Annual General Meeting of the P&C
Please note that the Annual General Meeting of the P&C will now be held on Wednesday, November 23rd 2005 at 7.30pm in the Library.

Notice of Extra ordinary General Meeting of the P&C
An Extraordinary General Meeting of the P&C will be held prior to the Annual General Meeting of the P&C on Wednesday, November 23rd 2005 at 7.15pm in the Library. This meeting has been scheduled to allow for voting to take place on the proposed rule changes to the Sydney Boys High School Parents and Citizens' Association Constitution Rules. Nominations for Office Bearers of the Sydney Boys High School P&C Being an active member of the P&C is one very important way that you can contribute to the School. Along with the Principal and staff, the P&C at Sydney Boys High School plays an important role in providing an optimal environment for your sons’ education. The P&C is active in fundraising, planning and decision making. Come along as an independent or form a team and nominate yourselves for election to Executive positions on the P&C. Nominations and election will take place at the Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, 23rd November 2005 at 7.30 pm in the Library.

Nominations are sought by interested High Parents to the following Executive positions on the P&C

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Junior Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Deputy Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Deputy Secretary
  • Year Representatives
  • Subcommittee Coordinator
  • Welfare Committee Representative
  • Federation and Bondi District P&C Liaison
  • Foundation Representatives
  • School Council Representatives
  • P&C Parking Coordinator

Vera Dimitropoulos
Secretary P&C

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Science News

Results of Science Quiz no. 13
Thank you for the excellent answers from Aditya Hatle (8s) and Nikita Slinko concerning murine melodies. Here are Aditya’s answers

  1. Define the word “murine”
    Of or relating to a rodent of the family Muridae or subfamily Murinae, including rats and mice.
  2. Describe the function of pheromones.
    These are chemicals located in female mice urine which attracts male mice.
  3. Outline the accidental findings of the researchers.
    Tim Holy and Zhongsheng Guo at Washington University School of Medicine in Missouri discovered the murine melodies by accident. In experiments to test how male mice responded to sex pheromones - chemicals which are found in the urine of female mice - they recorded males as they sniffed cotton swabs dunked in urine from females, males and a mixture of the two. "We were trying to find out the brain mechanisms they used to detect and recognise pheromones, but we noticed the sounds they made on encountering swabs were interesting in their own right," said Dr Holy, whose study appears in the open access journal, Public Library of Science, Biology.

Quiz number 14 will be posted next week
Dr Stuart Little
(guest compiler)

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From the Charities Committee

International Day of People with a Disability will be held on Saturday 3rd December, 2005.
The NSW Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care is coordinating a day of celebration, inclusion and participation. The theme is “Don’t DIS my ABILITY” and there are over 100 artistic and sporting events planned for the day. For further information you can phone (02) 8270 2000 or check out the website www.internationaldayofpeoplewithadisability.com.au.
S Plummer
Charities Co-ordinator

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From Mathematics

MathSearch 2005
The Mathsearch 2005 competition for the J. L. Williams awards is organised by the Mathsearch sub-committee of MANSW. The competition is part of the selection process for the National Mathematics Summer School (NMSS), which is held in the following January at ANU.

This is a take-home competition for Year 11 students who are gifted in mathematics. It brings out the best in those who have not only talent but also the perseverance to explore an area of interesting mathematics. It also allows students to receive recognition for their care in logical argument. The exercises lead the students into the exploration gently. The object of this project is to encourage students to enjoy the benefits that accrue from addressing a challenge.

National Mathematics Summer School selection is partly based on performance in this project and other contests such as the AMC for the Westpac prizes, the IBM competition and the Telecom Competition, which are held later in the year. The competition was open to the top two mathematics classes in Year 11 (plus selected students) and 10MaA.

Three students elected to enter this competition: Vinh Pham (Yr 11), Jamie Tao (Yr 10) and Terry Ly (Yr 10). Vinh earned a medal and Jamie and Terry earned certificates of merit. Vinh has also earned selection to the National Mathematics Summer School.
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Public Speaking

On Friday night James Barker, Chris Rodrigo, Kelvin Yu, Zid Mancenido, Hayden Shilling and John Aclis competed in the Eastern Suburbs Public Speaking Competition. Their prepared and impromptu speeches displayed extensive oratory skills and sophisticated insight into a variety of issues and topics. All six boys delivered impressive speeches.

Congratulations to John Aclis who was awarded the 3rd place medal in the junior section and Kelvin Yu who took out 2nd place in the intermediate. Well done!
R. Howland
Public Speaking Co-ordinator

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From the Rugby Master’s Desk

The extra Rugby Committee meeting set down for Wednesday 30th November has been cancelled.
The next Rugby Committee meeting will take place on Wednesday 29th March 2006.
I wish all the High rugby community a very merry Christmas.
G Stein
MIC - Rugby

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Rowing News

The events over the past weeks have ensured that rowing at Sydney Boys High School is far from boring. On the weekend the 1st & 2nd VIIIs spent the weekend at the regatta centre at Penrith for racing and training. The boys stayed at the Nepean Shores and trained in both IVs & VIIIs.
The other crews trained at Abbotsford but had to contend with one pontoon as damage was sustained to the new pontoon during the week. It took over an hour for all crews to boat on Saturday but the beautiful weather compensated for any problems.
On the preceding Thursday another near calamity was averted but it is best described by one of the participants James Eriksson of Yr 9 4th quad.

On Thursday the 10th of November at about 3:30pm the Year 9 4th quad actually sank their boat, twice. It all happened in Hen and Chicken Bay, where we hold most of our regattas. On that day it was raining, windy and the waves were massive. We were originally going to head up-river with 3rd quad and our coach, we got about half-way when he said that it was too windy, we have to turn back. On the way back to the sheds we were going to do a quick lap of Hen and Chicken Bay but when we had turned around to leave it was too late. The water was up to the rim of the boat and our cox couldn’t bail the water out fast enough. Before we completely sank we were going to try and reach the shore, about 150m away. The whole crew bravely jumped out. We swam in to shore with the help of Liam’s speedboat (we have concluded Liam can’t throw a rope). When we finally reached the shore we were greeted by sharp rocks and polluted sand and we were forced to work hard to keep the keel from scraping on the rocks below and we now have many cuts on our feet and legs. A local old man gave us a bucket to assist in bailing the water out as our cox dropped the bailer while we were swimming the boat to shore. Even though the bucket was of great use to us, we can’t say the same about his advice. The only good advice he gave was that another storm front was approaching fast. After a few minutes two more coaches came in speedboats after being alerted of our trouble by the other crew. They also came with John Wormell (a Year seven cox) and two Year eight rowers who took the oars and left with one of our crew, Josh Bell. We tied the boat to a speedboat with the various ropes we had but someone had to stay in the boat to keep it as steady as possible. I got stuck with the job, as is my luck. We towed the boat about 100m when we started to fill up with water from the speedboat’s wash. Before I knew it I was sinking, again. I passed my oars into a speedboat and jumped out of the boat for a second time. We towed it to shore and about that time Mr Barris came in a speed boat with the equipment we needed to empty the boat of water, several drink bottles which we used as bailers. After twenty minutes of hard work the boat was finally able to be used again but we didn’t have a complete crew. Our cox, Matt Nguyen, moved into bow to row with us and John coxed us back to the sheds. Our bad luck continued as the wind blew us away from the pontoon. When we finally got off the water we were hit by a hailstorm which pelted us all the way into the sheds. After almost two hours of hard work we were finally over and at 5:15pm we were finally dismissed, sore, tired and extremely cold.

After this we thought things could only get better but we were wrong. On Monday training the Brian Loundar quad was dashed against the pontoon by a massive water taxi wash. Despite the brave efforts of many, particularly Chong Shao, the boat suffered substantial damage.

On a brighter note we are busily preparing for the family regatta on December 3 where all members of the school family are invited to come and have a row in relative safety. We intend to name three of our new or near new boats.
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Volleyball Report #14

Sunday 13th November was the last chance, before the National Schools Volleyball Tournament in Melbourne, that Sydney High Volleyballers had to practise and refine their techniques and skills. All this practising took place at the Metro Schools Tournament at Olympic Park.

Sydney High entered the U14s, U15s and U 17s – the Opens were still celebrating the end of the HSC!

The U14s had to play up a grade and play in the U15s division. They played very well and beat all the other U14s teams also placed in this division. The final match against Great Lakes was a nail biter, with High winning it 2 – 1.

The U15s played consistently well all day to take home the Winner’s Trophy (one which can be seen in the trophy cabinet in the main foyer).

The U17s also played consistently well all day and made it to the finals unbeaten – however that was when the fun or should I say fracas started. Unfortunately, High went down 2 - 0

U14s Report
On the 13th of November 2005 the Sydney High U14 competed at the Metro Schools Competition. Our first match was against a dreaded opponent. The Sydney High U15s. Although we played well with good digs from Ivan Li and excellent serves from Patrick Li and Lawrence Liu we lost in straight sets. Our next match was against the Great Lakes. In our previous match in September we were absolutely hammered. But that was against their U15s. This time we played against the U14s who were slightly more experienced than we were. However we won easily. Full credit once again goes to Lawrence and Patrick for good serving. Campbell Umbers also did very well in setting. These sets were sent over to the other side courtesy of brilliant spikes from Vlad Boulavine. I didn’t lose my dubious reputation for stuffing up serves at crucial moments. I foot faulted on match point.

Our third match was against the Christian Brothers. We thought we had a chance. We played very well. Daniel Smith-Light had some rather extraordinary if not bizarre way of getting the ball to the other side. This included kicks and backhand spikes. Neither of which are highly recommended for regular use. Sean Wan and Aaron Ho made some good returns. However Christian Brothers made some simply unplayable spikes. We lost that match in straight sets. Therefore we played Great Lakes again in the 3rd/4th playoff.

We anticipated an easy match from our previous experience some 2 hours ago. A few minutes later we lost the first set 25-22. We started the second set the same way we started the first, badly. Five minutes later the score was 14-6 their way. However, we closed the deficit to just two through good reception from Ivan and Hugh Huang, good serves from Daniel and Patrick, and quality of the Great Lakes reception which wasn’t very high. Lawrence once again saved the match by saving two match points from serve.

Our good defence continued to frustrate the Great Lake’s hitters which eventually led to mistakes. We managed to win the set 27-25. In the third set the U15s had started to support us instead of playing cards. This helped as we went on to win the match through great hitting from Daniel, Aaron and Vlad thanks to good sets from Lawrence, Ivan, Hugh and Campbell. Good serving from Patrick and good reception from Sean Wan was the key to getting our score to 14-10. For those of you who don’t know volleyball very well the deciding set goes to 15 in the final set. The people who hoped I would stuff up my serve on match point (these people were mostly from Great Lakes) weren’t disappointed. However their reception was as good as my serves, not very, which led to our eventual victory. All in all I thought we played very well and all boys should be highly commended for their efforts.
Tony Wang

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Words of Wisdom

"The world is moving so fast that there are days when the person who says it can't be done is bound to be interrupted by the person who is doing it."
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High Cricket Bulletin

3rd X1 Cricket Report
SBHS 1st Innings:
All out for 57 Riverview 1st Innings: 4 204 declared SBHS

2nd Innings:
All out for 100 Riverview won by an innings and 47 runs.

High lost the toss and was sent in to bat on what was a very tough pitch and conditions to bat. Riverview played well and deserved victory but High improved in their second innings with Holden Frisoli and Oswin Pereira batting well.
Hugh Howey

Congratulations to the 1st XI on their first innings win over Riverview and the terrific result from the 2nd XI who secured Outright victory over St. Ignatius’. The latter result sends people scurrying to the record books to find when High’s 2nd XI last achieved consecutive outright victories at the start of a season. As we move to Round 3 it now takes us to consolidation time where we apply all of the basics that have been produced by our players and work on refining them. When High teams concentrate, commit to the basics and play consistent cricket we match any team in the GPS competition. Well done boys. Full reports within.

Last Saturday did not start well for the 4th “Xtreme XI” and the 14B teams when their opposition was late in the first instance at McKay fields, and did not front our mighty 14Bs at MPW 15. An apology was passed from St Joseph’s to us for the incidences. Once again we had full teams and the 14Bs, to their credit, stayed on at the ground under the watchful eye of our ‘dad’ Douglas Latto who provided a coaching session until 11.30am. Well done to all of the boys for their growing commitment, and a big thank you to Douglas...As a result the 14Bs have claimed a victory due to forfeit and record their first ‘win’. The “Xtreme XI” eventually got on approximately one hour late, which in turn delayed the 5th XI who were on the same ground scheduled for the 11.30am start to their 20/20 match. The 3rd XI after being put in on Day 1 were always behind the eight ball and after being all out for 57, recovered to make 100 in their 2nd innings giving Riverview a victory by an innings and 47 runs. Oswin Pereira and Holden Frisoli stood out in our batting in the 2nd innings.

The 4th “Xtreme XI” convincingly dealt with Joeys and had them all out for 135 runs after being forced to field for the 4th consecutive time this season. Faraz Amin (3/13 from 5) and Sahir Syed (2/6 from 4) were the main destroyers. After good starts from Stephen Burke, skipper Naz Islam and Sriram Srikumar the highlight was a 71-run partnership between rookies Dinuka Gunasekara (37) and Eduardo Curran (29*) and High passed Joeys with 6 wickets in hand and 3 overs left. Congratulations Long Chen who fielded for the 1st XI and did a great job.

The 15As played a One Day game after being washed out on Day 1. Iggies batted first and Put together 1/217 against a much depleted High side through unavailability for exam studies. High conceded far to many easy runs with some loose bowling and non-committed fielding. However, realising that their fielding and bowling efforts led to Riverview getting the jump on them High responded with 6/89, Nakul Pednakur on 50* at the end of the day. A realisation by the team that this could have been a lot closer had they considered their practice ethics, preparation and persistence when plans do not always work.

The 15Bs also had a hard day at the office and Riverview compiled 8/165 in 28 overs. High then batted and were all out for 35 with batting being our weakness in this team. However we are taking more wickets and if we can improve in the batting area the boys will enjoy their cricket a lot more. Tasneem Chowdury (batting), Julian Byrnes (bowling) and Lachlan Brown (fielding) were the best performers on the day. Rafi Alam put in his best game since joining the cricket section.

The performance of the 14As who also played a one day fixture due to a day 1 washout is impressing weekly with their performances. I stayed with this team during a considerable period of the morning and I was impressed with the up and coming young bowlers Kieran Taylor, Brian Kelly, Matthew Phung and Chris Nguyen. These boys bowled with good pace, line and length with very few loose balls, with some fielding lapses helping the opposition. However the enthusiasm in the field, the encouragement to one another was great to see. Riverview made 134 and High replied with a credible 79, Shadman Ali scoring 21 and the 54 run loss did not highlight how well this team played. I am predicting that a win is just around the corner for this good combination.

CRICKET BAT APPEAL – I am disappointed to find that we have not received many offers to donate unused or second hand bats to the school for our practice kits and in support of the Sri Lankan Tsunami drive. I would like to think that High parents and players would be only too happy to feel they have given pleasure to some young people in Sri Lanka through their generosity. The drive will cease on 16th December, and I look forward to your support.

YEAR 9 BARBERIS CUP – will be played on Thursday 8th and Friday 9th December with Melbourne High arriving on Wednesday 7th December. We require 12 billets and if anyone in our cricket section can assist with this courtesy to our visitors it would be appreciated. Please contact me via email and let me know how many you can take.

ALL NATIONS CUP – A proposal is being presented to Dr Jaggar to conduct this during part of a school day and culminating with the semi-final and final being played in the twilight. If approved, details will be posted on the gymnasium notice board with a space for team nominations.

The 2nd XI performed exceptionally well to defeat Riverview outright on Saturday. Consistent line and length against attacking batting proved the key and High went into the 2nd innings with a 32 run lead. This was built upon, and the decision to declare and attempt to achieve maximum points came shortly after tea. High opened with spin from both ends and proceeded to demolish the Riverview line-up, all out for 37. It was a dominant performance.
High 118 (E. Blaxell 47) & 7/85 (E. Blaxell 43*) defeated Riverview 86 (Quazi 3/21, George 3/26, T. Razeen 2/18) & 37 (E. Blaxell 5/11, Naik 2/0, George 2/22) outright at McKay No.1.

The Riverview 1st XI were stung by the first innings defeat and batted ferociously in the morning session of day 2, eventually declaring to set High a target of 215 for outright victory. The High batting line-up fought hard without skipper Fetherston, and secured their points with a second innings draw. Karunaratne was unlucky not to achieve his century after losing his footing mid-pitch and being run out for 90.
High 106 (Fetherston 63) & 6/167 (Karunaratne 90, Samarasinghe 34) defeated Riverview 102 (JEYENDRA 5/35, M. Razeen 2/14) & 4/218 (Jeyendra 3/64) at First Field.

Both the 1st and 2nd XIs have had terrific starts to the season through the willingness to work at their faults, and make the most of their strengths. We wish them luck in this week’s tough encounter against Shore.

Good luck to all sides playing this Saturday against Shore.

Cricket Quiz
Question 9:
Who was the first batsman to score more than 500 runs in a single first-class innings? Email your name & answer to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Answer 8:
Brian Lara scored 501 n.o. for Warwickshire against Durham in 1994. Hanif Mohammed came close, scoring 499 for Karachi against Bahawalpur in 1958.
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Basketball: Shooting Hoops

High vs St Josephs term 4 2005

1st LOSS    49-102  H.WALKER 15
2nd     LOSS    41-45   E.WONG 18
3rd     LOSS    15-56   TEAM RESULT
4th     LOSS    36-40   S.CHOOR 15
5th     WIN     26-20   A.WANG 9
6th     LOSS    18-28   M.KELDOULIS 10
7th     LOSS    19-31   R.BI 7
8th     WIN     38-11   J.PHIU 14
16A     LOSS    25-30   W.TRAC 4
16B     LOSS    21-26   J.SHIH 7
16C     WIN     23-20   A.NGUYEN 6
16D     WIN     22-19   R.JI 8
16E     WIN     24-17   B.LUNNG 10
15A     LOSS    39-55   L.TENG 10
15B     LOSS    12-22   C.REEVES 6
15C     LOSS    22-47   T.TRAIN 5
15D     WIN     28-13   N.WONG 12
15E     BYE             
14A     WIN     26-20   A.PAUL 13
14B     LOSS    14-16   Y.LIU 4
14C     DRAW    30-30   T.XIAO 12
14D     WIN     36-2    L.LI 12
14E     WIN     42-38   H.VI 12

High vs St Josephs term 4 2004

1st LOSS    49-106  C.CONWAY 12, D.PALANA11
2nd     LOSS    62-56   H.WALKER 20
3rd     WIN     24-18   W.HONG 8
4th     LOSS    19-24   M.POPSECU 10
5th     LOSS    20-16   J.SUN 4
6th     LOSS    20-11   P.LU 4
7th     DRAW    18-18   J.KWON, M.OC7
8th     WIN     22-17   C.NGUYEN 6
16A     LOSS    39-27   M.FARHAT 9
16B     LOSS    27-14   W.ZHANG 5
16C     WIN     26-9    J.WILSON 7
16D     LOSS    19-21   R.XU 8
15A     LOSS    48-7    M.BOCK 4
15B     WIN     24-16   L.STREET 9
15C     LOSS    4-26    C.YANG 2
15D     WIN     21-14   R.JI 8
14A     LOSS    36-10   L.TENG 4
14B     LOSS    23-18   S.DONG 11
14C     LOSS    15-16   T.YU 8
14D     LOSS    23-14   W.ZHANG 6

Another great improvement in results! Especially the 14s winning most of their games or coming close.

Score: 49-102 (loss)
Top Scorer: H.Walker 15
Even though this week’s preparation was hampered by the year 10 camp, High entered the 5th week of competition confident of staging an upset following a hard fought victory against St Ignatius the previous week.

High started the match brightly with accurate shooting from guard Harry Walker, who eventually reached a team high of 15 points. However, the game soon turned pear shaped for High as Joeys’ GPS 1st grade point guard Lachlan Kirwan took control. Being one of the most talented players in representative high school basketball, Kirwan entertained the crowd with quick drives, off balance shots and smooth threes while the rest of the Joeys’ team could only stand and admire their captain’s skills. Kirwan’s scoring prowess saw him score 26 of Joeys’ first 31 points and basically placed High out of the game. However, High fought back with a strong performance by forward Victor Wei, who finally made his presence felt under the ring with a well earned 8 points. Shooting guard Ray Huynh also stepped up with a quick fire 7 points coming off the bench. These efforts made for a more respectable score line, though High still trailed 63-25 at half time.

The second half saw more High players step up even though the game seemed already out of reach. Forwards Moussa Farhat and Wei Zhuang dominated the rebounds against taller stronger Joeys’ players and made healthy contributions to the score and point guard Victor Nguyen weaved his way through the Joey defence for a few well-constructed baskets. Meanwhile, Lewis D’Avigdor, Dale Sun and Harry Walker worked tirelessly on defence, shutting Kirwan out of the game while he was on the court. Limiting him to only 14 second half points and Kenny Huang played extremely good pressurized defence on Joeys’ leading forward, Sam Roberts. However, all this was too little too late, with Joeys’ eventually running out convincing winners, 101-49. Nonetheless, positives should be taken out of the match, as Joeys’ seemed destined to score 120+ at one stage. Furthermore it was pleasing to see that High boys never gave up, and if it wasn’t for Kirwan who top scored with 40 points, the game would definitely have been a lot tighter.
1st grade captain
Francis Wong

5th Grade
Score: 26-20 (win)
Top Scorer: A. Wang 9
We started the game off on an even footing. Poor passing and unfortunate consecutive misses under the basket for us and their failures at scoring from offensive rebounds made for a close game in the first half. This resulted in 10-11 their way at half time. However quick thinking by our forwards saw us take the match early in the second half. Disputes between both the ref and their team saw Albert take 2 free throws and 2 tech foul shots. By that time, Joeys had lost focus and nice play by Joshua saw us take the game 26-20.
Cambridge Wong
5th Grade Captain

Score: 21-26 (loss)
Top Scorer: J.Shih 7
This match was the first time our coach wanted us to run half court press, which proved extremely effective during training. However the game started off with us confused at times, leaving the opponents to take the first 5 points easily. Then it was a time-out call by our coach and we reverted back to our press on score or else zone play. Successfully slowing the opponent scoring now, we then reduced the difference between the scores further till we were almost dead even at half time. However second half saw Joeys running several easy fast breaks from turn-overs at half court, pulling the score away to a lead of 10 before the last five minutes. That was when the ball ended up in captain Daniel Chiu’s hand who did a 180 turn to face the ring and a 3pointer before their guard knew it. This finally switched the team into game mode, and allowed us to intercept the ball from in bounding twice in a row; playing really tight defense and pulling the game back to a 5point margin before the match ended 21-26 their way. It was an experience that allowed us to learn to take everything you learn properly at training into the game!
Johny Shih
16Bs Vice-captain

Score: 26-20 (win)
Top Scorer: A. Paul 13
We are pumped to have our second victory in 5 games!! We started a bit slowly with Joeys scoring 8 of the first 10 points of the game, but then settled into a good rhythm and began to show that we definitely had the upper hand! At half time the score was 15-14; we knew we had our work cut out for us. Our full court man to man defence began to trouble the Joeys guards. We went on a run that put the game out of reach for Joeys with the score reading 26-18. We had followed our coach and he was pleased. Standout performances included a great offensive game from Anthony Paul and a promising game from a centre Brendan O’Rourke who has improved his shooting dramatically from the start of the season.
Joshua Sutton
14As Captain

Team captains please send in match reports to Mr Hayman by Monday 12:00pm!

http://www.sydneyhigh.org.au/basketball for updated information about basketball and game-times.
~Brought to you by Francis Wong, Johny Shih and Justin Liang.
~Thank you to Mr Hayman for results collation and report editing
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FIRST GRADE: Sat 12th Nov - Joey’s vs High (R5)
On Saturday, High played against a strong Joeys team. Through Wednesday and Friday training sessions, the High players were also in good form.

In the doubles, Ivan and Mitch continued their unbeaten run, and disposed of their opponents in two tight sets. Hai and Daniel played a confident match, and were unlucky to lose. The match could have gone either way. Henry and David were too inconsistent to be able to compete with their opponents, and lost quickly in straight sets.

In the singles, Mitch (having just come back from camp) showed signs of fatigue however, he was able to pick himself up both mentally and physically, and hit some incredible winners to defeat his opponent in straight sets. Ivan played yet another consistent match; however, he didn’t have enough firepower to match his opponent. Hai played the match of the day, winning in three tight sets. After losing the first set, Hai played a very smart and consistent match. His mentality also picked up, and this helped him dispose of his opponent. Henry played a good match, but was not consistent enough to match his opponent. Daniel also played extremely well, and although the score suggested otherwise, the match was evenly contested.

Although High lost the tie, most of the scores weren’t indicative of the quality of the matches that were played on the day, and I’m sure that all the players will be able to improve on their results next week against Shore.
David Cao
1st grade captain

SECOND GRADE: Sat 12th Nov - Joey’s vs High (R5)
HIGH LITES: D1, 0 – 6, 2 – 6; D2, 2 – 6,4 – 6; D3, 0 – 6 , 0 – 6. No 1, 4 – 6, 1 – 6: No 2, 0 – 6, 0 – 6 No3, 6 – 4, 7 – 5: No4, 0 – 6, 0 – 6: No 5, 2 – 6, 6 – 4, 6 – 7: No 6, 1 – 6, 1 - 6
Last Saturday, High went to St Josephs College to take on Joeys, with Chapman returning from injury. In the doubles, Boris and Kevin played a good match but lost out to a more consistent pair. Thomas and Nelson played well in the No 2 doubles, at one point leading their opponents 4-2. However, the strong combination of serve and volley deployed by the opponent proved too strong to handle in the end. Chapman and Ajay lost in straight sets, due to some unlucky misses and unforced errors.

In the No 1 singles, Boris showed a massive improvement from last week, being able to play calmly throughout the whole game. Despite playing some good tennis, he was still beaten by a stronger opponent. Chapman also played some really good shots, but unfortunately went down in straight sets. Thomas played a high-quality match as No 3, winning in straight sets. He was up 5-1 in the first set, but lapses in concentration caused him to lose 3 games in a row afterwards. Luckily he managed to collect himself at 5-4 to take the set and endured to win the match. Kevin at No 4 and Ajay at No 6 both put in good efforts but were outplayed by their opponents. However the Highlight match was Nelson’s match, the last: longest match of the day which was watched by all players, coaches and parents. Nelson managed to come back from one set down and led his opponent 5-1 in the third set. Without a doubt everyone watching, probably the players themselves, were thinking that this match was ours. But no one would have guessed that the opponent would manage to come back to draw 5-5, then take the match in a tight tie-breaker (8-6). A very unlucky loss for Nelson, who was so close to getting his first win in singles for the 2nds.
Thomas Wong
2nd Grade Captain


16s AsBsCs Ds WINLOSSLOSSWIN 6 - 00 - 60 - 66 - 0 No play
15s AsBsCs Ds LOSSDRAWLOSSLOSS 0 - 63 - 31 - 52 - 4 Best player Kent Nguyen 4 – 6D2,6-3 S Lee,J Ireland, S1, S Lee 6-2, S2,S Hoang6 – 3
Best player Stanley Chin 6-2DI 6-4T Siu,M DinnS1, T Siu 6 -1
14s AsBsCs Ds WINLOSSWINWIN 5 - 12 - 46 - 06 - 0 D1, E Qui/M Tugnait 6-2 D2,D Trang/Ehui 6-2, S,E Hui6-0D1, Feng/Lin 6-3 :S3Feng/Lin6-0D2, Wu/Nui 6-0,S3, Wu 6-0,S4Nui 6-1
3/6 AsBsCs Ds LOSSLOSSLOSSLOSS 0 - 60 - 60 - 61 - 5 Best player A.Klocker 2-6Best players,M.Wong,E.Luu1-6Best playerV.Liu 2-6Winner E.Montoya 6-5

Various competitions are available over the holidays see Ms Tuthill re your relevant age group.
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