High Notes, Vol 6 No 34, November 11 2005

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From the Principal

High Talent
Phillip Kurts (8) has been selected in the NSW team to compete in the Sabot national sailing championships in December. Well done, Phillip. On Tuesday night at St George Leagues Club, Karl Kruszelnicki, Dominic Grimm and Joshua Scharfegger were presented with Sydney South East Regional Blues for rowing. There were some great performances by student athletes honoured on the night. Congratulations again, boys!

Spring Music festival
It was a pleasure to attend the Spring Music Festival last Friday evening. The ensembles played with enthusiasm and the selection of music was entertaining and varied. Congratulations to Kathy Jackson and the Music Staff for organising the successful event on behalf of our students.

Michael Fullan on Tri Level Reform
Professor Fullan is an internationally acclaimed academic, author and speaker who is the major voice of educational change management. I heard him summarise his views at a dinner last week. DET is espousing his concept of tri level reform. Put simply, tri level reform relies on an alignment of school communities with districts/regions and with state policies. It is “capacity building with a focus on results” (When we think of this, examples of such capacity building attempts abound in our school.) Collective efficacy increases lead to increases in measurable outcomes.

Tactically, tri level reform is about removing excuses for not implementing improvement strategies. Permanent change is achieved through a combination of pressure and support. Past change attempts have been strong on pressure and weak on support. Fullan believes in using “statistical neighbours” to yardstick individual school performance. Our strategy of comparing results with Sydney Grammar and North Sydney Boys foreshadows this concept. I hope to build trust among our institutions in respect of information sharing.

Fullan believes that lasting change in schools will only come when a critical mass of teachers and staff members change their mind set from ‘these are my classes’ to ‘this is my school’. Until a majority of members of an institution accepts collective responsibility for its performance, change will be sporadic, uneven and possibly transient. Enlarged knowledge leads to enlarged motivation. Enlarged motivation inspires enhanced performance.

Systems need a strategy for assessment. Raise the bar. Close the gaps. Let’s be open and have transparency of data. Let’s be honest about how well we are going with our classes. The motivation is not to compare favourably or unfavourably but rather to diagnose an issue or area of weakness and work collectively to address it.

Systems need to have a three step plan. Specify the strategies that will lead to improved performance. Precisely define the causal links between specified strategies and improvement. Measure and report on student achievement. Systems thinkers must be “simultaneously on the dance floor or the balcony”. Systems should keep simple goals and focus on them for three to five years. Stop other change agendas parachuting into the school context. In a recent state wide change process in Ontario, the goals involved improving literacy, numeracy and well being. Principals are second level change agents (presumably on the dance floor or at the bar). Schools need to develop an improved ability to analyse collective data.

Assessment literacy involves analysis and critiquing of data collected. Schools need to use their interpretation of data to change practice immediately. One of the flaws of past change attempts has been a lack of precision in what is being done to improve results. The reform has not been “loose-tight” as Karl Wieck envisaged it should be. It has been too tight (browbeating by state policy makers) and too loose (permissiveness or lack of accountability about implementation). Our system has succumbed to ‘repetitive change syndrome’.

It requires a combination of leaders with moral purpose using actual results to influence a collective culture in a school. Information becomes knowledge through a social process. Hard work does not burn out teachers, but negative, stop-start work does. We need to gain ownership of the collective capacity that we are trying to build. Since we identified band 5-6 cusp literacy as a weakness in our school’s results after the first two ‘new’ HSCs, individual Departments have been analysing results and developing improvement strategies. We need to bring our efforts together in 2006 through the Literacy Committee and its Literacy Policy and subsequent Literacy Development Plan. We are focusing on literacy to raise the bar (more band 6s) and to close the gap (improve literacy among targeted students in Year 11 2006). I trust all teachers will get behind this attempt at collective capacity building.
Dr K Jaggar
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Debating Supporters Group AGM

Annual General Meeting
Tuesday November 15th at 6.30pm Staff Common Room
All parents of Debaters are invited to attend the AGM to review the season and plan for 2006. Further enquiries and agenda items can be sent to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
Jocelyn Brewer
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Public Speaking

This Friday is the Eastern Suburbs Public Speaking Competition at Scots College. High has six representatives competing on the night. Good luck to James Barker, Chris Rodrigo, Hayden Shilling, John Aclis, Zid Mancenido and Kelvin Yu.
R. Howland
Public Speaking Co-ordinator

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Science News

Here is Science quiz 13, – open to all students and parents. Why not have a go? The closing date is Tuesday week 6. Send your answers to the friendly science staff room. This fortnight it features “Murine Melodies”

Dr Tim Holy and Zhongsheng Guo of Washington University School of Medicine in Missouri, recently made an interesting discovery about mice. The researchers were investigating how male mice responded to female mice pheromones.

  1. Define the word “murine”.
  2. Describe the function of pheromones.
  3. Outline the accidental findings of the researchers.

(Information and actual sound of the murine melodies can be found at www.guardian.co.uk/science/story/)
Dr. Stuart Little
(guest compiler)

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From the P & C

Please find following proposed rule changes to Sydney Boys High School Parent's and Citizens' Association Constitution

Change 1:
Rule 3. The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held in November of each year.

Proposed to be changed to:
The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held in November of each year. At this meeting, Office Bearers will be elected according to Section 5 of the P&C Association Constitution. The Offices of President and Vice President (1) may be nominated as a team. The Junior Vice President's position is to be filled by independent nomination. In addition, the Offices of Treasurer and Secretary are to be supported by Deputy Officers. For each Office, the Main and Deputy Offices may also be filled as a team.

Change of Date for Annual General Meeting of the P&C
Please note that the Annual General Meeting of the P&C will now be held on Wednesday, November 23rd 2005 at 7.30pm in the Library.

Notice of Extra ordinary General Meeting of the P&C
An Extraordinary General Meeting of the P&C will be held prior to the Annual General Meeting of the P&C on Wednesday, November 23rd 2005 at 7.15pm in the Library. This meeting has been scheduled to allow for voting to take place on the proposed rule changes to the Sydney Boys High School Parents and Citizens' Association Constitution Rules.

Nominations for Office Bearers of the Sydney Boys High School P&C
Being an active member of the P&C is one very important way that you can contribute to the School. Along with the Principal and staff, the P&C at Sydney Boys High School plays an important role in providing an optimal environment for your sons’ education. The P&C is active in fundraising, planning and decision making. Come along as an independent or form a team and nominate yourselves for election to Executive positions on the P&C. Nominations and election will take place at the Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, 23rd November 2005 at 7.30 pm in the Library.

Nominations are sought by interested High Parents to the following Executive positions on the P&C

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Junior Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Deputy Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Deputy Secretary
  • Year Representatives
  • Subcommittee Coordinator
  • Welfare Committee Representative
  • Federation and Bondi District P&C Liaison
  • Foundation Representatives
  • School Council Representatives
  • P&C Parking Coordinator

Vera Dimitropoulos
Secretary P&C

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Year 7 Parents

The next meeting of the Year 7 Parent Group will be held on Wednesday November 16th at 6.30 pm in the Staff Common Room (near the School Office)

We encourage you to come along. A formal agenda for the meeting will be emailed to parents on the email list, however one item for discussion will be the compulsory swimming -winter sports issue held over from our social dinner meeting.
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English News

Term 4 is now well under way and the busy pace of life in the English Faculty continues to build momentum. Yearly exams are now over for students in Years 7-10, marking of papers is almost completed and the reporting process has begun.

Year 10 students have now completed their School Certificate Literacy exam and we look forward to strong results from them. When Year 10 returns from their Outdoor Education Camp we intend to make good use of the remaining time they have left at school. The boys will be given important assessment overviews and course information regarding their Preliminary Advanced and Extension programs for 2006. In addition we will undertake a short bridging course which will introduce them to the Module of work they will study for Extension English next year. We will be encouraging Year 10 to view this time as a valuable preparation for their Preliminary Course.

Year 11 boys have now commenced their HSC Advanced and Extension course and all students have been issued with assessment overviews. It is vital that students recognize the importance of thoroughly completing all set class work. Revision writing tasks are now available for both Advanced and Extension English and should be collected each Monday from the boxes outside the English staffroom. In Week 7 and 8 Advanced students will undertake their first assessment task – an oral task. Extension students will undertake a viewing and representing task in Week 8. Students have already been given relevant information about these tasks.

Such are the demands of our preparation for assessment tasks and exams that it is sometimes all too easy to lose sight of the ongoing and wonderfully creative, inspiring work that many of our boys produce. A special congratulation must go to John Aclis for the success of his poem “Hard times” in the 2005 Taronga Foundation Poetry Prize. We look forward to seeing John’s poem and its message of wildlife conservation published by Random House in the Taronga Foundation Poetry Anthology. On this note I would also like to draw attention to the outstanding essay work undertaken by Year 8 students in Ms Boukatos’ English class. This class has completed a rigorous and enriching module of work focused on two of Shakespeare’s plays – ‘The Merchant of Venice’ and ‘Macbeth’. Examples of their excellent essay work are on display outside the English staffroom for students to read. In particular the essays of Louis Appleton, Timothy Burston and Jeremy Ireland are outstanding. A number of students in this class also elected to make short films and we look forward to viewing them.

Ms O’Brien’s Years 7 and 8 classes continue to enjoy their regular reflective journal writing for ten minutes at the beginning of each lesson. This enables the boys to establish a habit of expressing their ideas, feelings and impressions and make writing part of their own experience.

On a dramatic note Years 9 and 10 drama classes recently joined forces in an amazing end of year production of Michael Gow’s ALL STOPS OUT, a play about the effects of the education system and the HSC on students, families, friends and communities. The students performed confidently and convincingly on the night of the performance, which was also their final practical assessment for their courses. Thanks to all the parents who came and gave their support to the students on the night, and congratulations to the students for a fine first production.
Ms Trompetter
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From the High Store

Year 10 Boys - Get in early to purchase you senior uniform and avoid the back to school hassles and queues.

The High Store is now fully stocked with your senior needs.

Senior Tie             $25-00
Trousers               $59-00
Short Sleeve - 16-22   $21-00
             - 24-28   $23-00
Long Sleeve  - 16-22   $22-00
             - 24-28   $24-00
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Riverside Cottage for Rent

Attractive modern 1 bedroom cottage located in the grounds of The Outterside Centre, home of Sydney Boys’ High School rowing, at picturesque Abbotsford Point.

Close to shops, cafes and public transport including river cat services.

Unique environment suitable for mature individual or couple.

$240.00 per week. References essential.

Please contact 0427 070 569 for enquiries and to arrange an inspection of the premises.
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Words of Wisdom

It is not enough to have a good mind; the main thing is to use it well
(Rene Descartes 1596-1650)

When one door closes another opens. Expect that new door to reveal even greater Wonders and glories and surprises. Feel yourself grow with every experience. And look for the reason for it.
(Eileen Caddy)

A step in the wrong direction is better than staying on the spot all your life. Once you’re moving forward you can correct your course as you go. Your automatic guidance system cannot guide you when you’re standing still.
(Maxwell Maltz)

The more you depend on forces outside yourself. The more you are dominated by them.
(Harold Sherman)
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High Cricket Bulletin


What a wonderful game cricket is with its highs and lows and the old adage that the game is not over until the last ball is bowled, as we are experiencing so far this season. Last week was no exception and, for the sake of our lads who put some time into the sport, I look forward to the satisfaction you will a achieve as teams talk about coming up against you and the other tough High teams. This week the first points in the Junior Cricketer of the Year will appear on the Cricket website, together with team selections and Tour and Visits updates. Don’t forget to check it out.

Last Saturday started with rain affecting several matches and the 14As, 15As and 5th XIs did not make it onto the field due to rain affected turf pitches at Riverview. What awaited several of our other teams was well-grassed and potentially bowling paradises for the teams that won the toss, which unfortunately was not High’s lot in the toss of the coin. At MPW the 14Bs could not handle the Riverview attack and were dismissed for an unacceptable total of 14 runs in just on 18 overs, 7 batsmen being caught. Riverview made 6 for 141 which included 29 wides and no-balls bowled by High. However, in Riverview losing 6 wickets it indicates that we are gradually improving in this area. Whilst I may appear hard on the team, they are in fact capable of better but the fact that they are not winning the boys feel they can’t win, which is not so. I returned to this match and then spoke with the team with a plan and offered a team incentive with specific conditions that all team members who batted had to fulfil to receive the incentive. The result at the end of 13 overs was High 4 for 31, ALL who batted having achieved the target. What this move did was set a realistic goal, provide a team plan, focus the team as a team and challenge them. It also pointed out how important it is for each team to have a regular coach weekly and also available on Saturdays. It also indicated that the boys seek their parent’s attention to watch and demonstrate to them how they in fact have learnt to play the game. Hopefully over the next 3 weeks I will see many of their parents give some of their time in support.

The 3rd XI and 16A teams were in uphill battles at Riverview and they both will have a challenge to rescue these matches. Both teams batted first on the “well-grassed” Riverview pitches which certainly favoured the home team.

I spent some time with the 1st XI and High was successful in dismissing Riverview for 102 assisted by the pitch and some pretty good efforts in the field. At 5 for 51 in reply the game was poised with the Captain Matt Fetherston at the crease with the last of the recognised batsmen and our 6th wicket went down a few runs later. It appeared to be the task was beyond reach until I heard that we had achieved a 4-run first innings lead. That’s cricket. The 2nd XI have given themselves a chance to follow-up on their first round victory with Riverview at 3 for 40 chasing our modest first innings total of 118. A full report appears herein for both the 1st and 2nd XIs. Next Saturday will certainly be another interesting day at the cricket.

Two one-day 50 over matches will be played on Thursday 8th and Friday 9th December against the Melbourne Year 9 team. The High Year 9 squad announced this week are to provide billets for 2 nights for our 12 visitors who will arrive on Wednesday 7th December and depart on the Friday evening. A detailed program will be provided to all squad members during the coming week.

We are seeking 6-8 cricket bats for our school training sessions and at the same time are commencing a project pre-Christmas to obtain as many bats as we can in addition to the training bats to be packaged and sent to a Sri Lankan School who suffered the terrible losses and effects in the tsunami. Past and present cricketers who have old bats lying around, or outgrown are encouraged to support this appeal which will culminate on Friday 16th December when bats will be passed on to a sports store for passage to Sri Lanka by Christmas. Bats can be lodged at the Gymnasium with a label identifying the donor for record purposes. Let’s make a big effort here and brighten the future of some up and coming young cricketers in Sri Lanka.

This college is touring Australia and we have accepted an invitation to play the College on Saturday 17th December at McKay No. 1. A High Invitation XI will be selected to play Cheltenham and details will be available at sport next week. Laurie Heil, MIC

The 2nd XI have a real battle on their hands this weekend when they resume their match with St. Ignatius’ College at McKay. The High boys had a terrible start against the outstanding bowling of the two Riverview left-arm openers. It was difficult for the boys to recover, and a brave 47 from the skipper Blaxell was the only highlight on a disappointing batting card. Blaxell scored the only boundary of High’s innings on a terribly slow outfield where running between wickets is the key. As always, any score over 100 is defendable on McKay and the boys set about getting their own back after the tea break. Three dropped catches in the first 10 overs cost High the dream start, but they fought on and had eventually claimed 3 wickets by the close of play. Early chances must be taken this weekend for High to be a chance of maintaining their good early season form.
High 118 (Blaxell 47) v Riverview 3/40 (Naik 1/0, George 1/7, T. Razeen 1/10) at McKay No.1.

In the 1st XI, apologies from the Editor who last week who failed to mention the remarkable bowling figures of Malik Razeen (4/9) in the match against Scots. Malik finished off the Scots tail in the first innings to secure the points. The 1st XI scored a remarkable victory on Riverview First Field and will hope to continue their winning way in pushing for outright this Saturday. After a devastating start with the ball in which Jeyendra claimed five wickets and High dismissed Riverview for 102, High suffered their own horrific start and were 4 down for only 2 runs in quick time. But as with the 2nd XI, the skipper led from the front, and his 63 won the match for High. Congratulations boys!
High 106 (Fetherston 63) defeated Riverview 102 (JEYENDRA 5/35, M. Razeen 2/14) at First Field.

Good luck to all sides playing this Saturday against Riverview and Joeys.

Question 8:
Who was the first batsman to score more than 500 runs in a single first-class innings? Email your name & answer to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Answer 7:
Hansen Carter is High’s only Test cricket representative. He was the wicket-keeper from 1907-1921, and finished at High in 1894.
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Basketball - Shooting Hoops


Last Year:

1st LOSS 78-57 C.CONWAY 28
2nd LOSS 57-54 H.WALKER 19
3rd WIN 34-27 J.CHEN 10,P.TRIPP 10
4th WIN 28-26 M.POPESCU 8
5th LOSS 27-18 A.FLORES, A.TRIEU 4
6th WIN 25-20 J.PHU 8
7th WIN 20-17 (no scorer provided)
8th WIN 37-11
16A LOSS 34-33 M.FARHAT 15
16B WIN 20-19 S.CUI 6
16C LOSS 18-26 J.WILSON 4
16D WIN 32-28 R.XU 10
15A DNP   (Kings error in venue information)
15B DNP   (Kings error in venue information)
15C LOSS 21-17 D.HUANG 8
15D WIN 21-19 R.JI 8
14A LOSS 14-24 J.WONG 4
14B LOSS 13-18 S.DONG 5
14C LOSS 16-79 B.YANG 8
14D LOSS 6-56 W.ANG 6

This Year:

1st LOSS 114-61 D.SUN 26
2nd LOSS 72-36 M.LEVY 9
3rd LOSS 39-11 M.POPESCU 3
4th WIN 19-10 H.DANG 9
5th WIN 20-14 C.WONG 4
7th DRAW 21-21 F.CHEUNG 9
8th WIN 8-2 J.PHU 4
16B WIN 30-17 P.LOCKE 8
16C WIN 34-8 C.YANG 10
16D LOSS 11-9 R.JI 3
15A LOSS 40-27 L.TENG 10
15B LOSS 26-18 C.REEVES 8
15C LOSS 30-26 S.KE 4
15D WIN 17-15 M.FENG 7
15E LOSS 7-47 W.MA 4
14A LOSS 28-16 L.GORDON 6
14D WIN 30-16 I.LU 8
14E LOSS 46-22 Z.GUO 6


1st Grade vs Kings
Score: 61-114 (loss)
Top Scorer: D.Sun 26
After another disappointing loss, this time to Scots, High were ready to put things straight with a strong performance against Kings. Unfortunately, Kings were one of the front-runners of the competition, and had several players in last season’s GPS representative teams. However, with the promotion of Kenny Huang into the team, a promising player from 2nds, High was seeking a positive result. High started the match strongly, scoring off their first play through Dale Sun, who eventually top scored with 26 points. However, it all went downhill from there. Kings, with their superior size and agile forwards were able to employ an extremely effective press which forced a huge number of turnovers by placing immense pressure on the High players. This resulted in them having a majority of the possession during the first few quarters and building a large lead, 66-28 at half time. The second half was much the same story, with King’s high intensity press dominating the proceedings of the match. However, good defence from Lewis D’Avigdor and Ray Huynh, coupled with some consistent rebounding from Kenny Huang, Eugene Wong and Wei Zhuang saw High regain some possession which was converted at the other end by Harry, totaling 15 points and Dale, who hit 4 three pointers. This brought High’s scoring to a respectable 60 points, though far too many were conceded, with Kings scoring 114. However, positives were taken out of the match, with Kenny Huang making an excellent debut for High, and, for the 3rd week in a row, High were the highest scoring losing team.
1st Grade Captain
Francis Wong

Score: 33-32 (win)
Top Scorer: Team effort!
What was expected to be another easy victory for the 16As turned out to be the closest match of the pre-season. Throughout the game the scores were all tied up; 18-18 at half-time. King’s relied heavily on their big men to keep them in the game. In the first half we had played a half-court press, which they were able to penetrate, simply by having their centres make baseline cuts (their tallest player was AT LEAST 6’3"). Fortunately we were able to match their height with our skill, scoring the majority of our baskets with fast-breaks and amazing drives by Chris Tang and Danny Ng. In the second-half we rotated through 4 defensive strategies; 2-3 zone, 3-2 zone, trap defence, and 1/2 court man. This gave us some great steals which resulted in vital baskets. In the last 2 minutes we were up by two points. Chris Tang was shooting two free-throws. The 6’3" center of course won the rebound and randomly decided to shoot at his own hoop. Fortunately for his team he wasn't co-ordinated enough to actually make the shot. By the time he realised which way he was going he was able to win his own rebound and finally score on the other side. In the last minute we were winning by one point and were just passing the ball back and forth, draining down the time. They eventually made a steal and ran down the court. We blocked the shot and the ball went out. They called a time-out and our coach told us to ".. just don't let them get off a shot". With 2 seconds left their 6’3" player was about to go up for the shot that would win the game when Alistair Taylor came in with a brilliant foul stopping him from scoring. They inbounded the ball again with 0.8 seconds left. Rather then shooting a 2 they went for a 3 and air-balled the shot. We won our second game by 1 point. What an intense way to end a match! Thank you to our coach for helping us to our second win in as many games. Also to everyone who played, it was definitely a great team game!
16As Captain
Michael Bock

Score: 30-17 (win)
Top Scorers: D.Chiu 8, P.Locke 8
Well what can I say, a second victory so far for the 16Bs. The game started with King’s playing a half court press, they stole a few balls from us but their lack of confidence under the ring saw us much ahead. There were many fouls during this game, in the first half King’s had 9 team fouls, so we took a bigger lead with our free throws. In the second half, we ran full court presses frequently (even though we were a few men down) and King’s just couldn’t take the pressure, often passing to the sideline or to our players. This gave us an even bigger lead. King’s then made it difficult for us by using their height advantage but we managed to keep well ahead until the very end with our great press. Special mentions to Michael Myronenko and Johny Shih for their outstanding play in both defense and offense. Also to Patrick Locke who shook off the defenders well and played centre instead of his normal position. We aim to show St Ignatius what a team we are and bring back the same news
16Bs Captain
Daniel Chiu

HIGH VS Riverview

1st WIN 55-53 H.WALKER 25
2nd LOSS 71-35 J.CHIU 7
3rd LOSS 54-15 M.POPESCU 6
4th LOSS 34-18 J.WILSON 6
5th Rain   Game not played
6th Rain   Game not played
7th Rain   Game not played
8th Rain   Game not played
16A Rain   Supported the 1st
16B Rain   Game not played
16C Rain   Game not played
16D Rain   Game not played
16E Rain   Game not played
15A LOSS 29-41 D.PENG 8
15B LOSS 37-15 C.REEVES 11
15C WIN 32-29 B.LU 12
15D LOSS 13-40 L.TRAN 4
15E LOSS 8-20 V.UNG 6
14A LOSS 42-14 A.PAUL 9
14C LOSS 48-9 T.XIAO 7
14D LOSS 12-28 I.LU 24
14E LOSS 8-74 M.LEE 6

Another week of improvement!
The 15As were defeated by 80 points last time they played and this week were only 3 down at half time forcing a close game!

The 14As really need their superstar Joshua Sutton back in action from injury! Meanwhile Anthony Paul nearly scored all his teams points.

Cameron Reeves deserves special mention as a superstar of the future. He is top scoring every week and his team is improving dramatically!

Whilst some teams who have become used to winning didn’t win this week, the scores are much closer. The coaching staff should be pleased with their success.

Well done to 1st grade. Months of hard work and enthusiasm have paid off in the form of a great team win! (See superstar point guard Francis Wong’s report!) We need an upset win to make up for the first two weeks when we should have won. This weekend’s game is our best chance of an upset this term. Please come and support the Mighty 1st Grade Basketball squad!!! All boys are encouraged to work with Hank Foster (ex-professional player and shooting specialist). Hank is renowned for working with some of the best players in Australia and overseas. Many SBHS students are really improving due to his sessions. See me in the PDHPE staffroom for more information.
Mr Hayman
(basketball master)

1st Grade vs. St. Ignatius
Score: 55-53 (win)
Top Scorer: H.Walker 25
Following a crushing defeat to Kings, High was set to redeem themselves with a win against traditional basketball powerhouse, St. Ignatius.
For the first time this season, High started the game extremely brightly through strong man to man defence, and accurate shooting saw the captain score High’s first 5 points. This saw High lead into the first break 18-13.
St. Ignatius switched to a tighter zone defense in the 2nd quarter, and so High’s scoring rate slowed dramatically, resulting in St. Ignatius clawing their way back into the game. However, brilliant work by centre Moussa Farhat under the ring saw him pull down every rebound and fantastic shooting by Harry Walker ensured that High remained in front at half time, 23-22.
High lost some composure against St. Ignatius’ half court press defence in the 3rd quarter, which allowed St. Ignatius to take the lead for the first time in the match and extend it to as much as 8 points. However, 6 points in a row from excellent post moves by Victor Wei and several important baskets from Dale Sun saw High stay in touch with Iggies, down a mere 4 points at 3 quarter time 44-41.
The last quarter was one of the most tense in recent times at High. The two teams traded baskets for the first several minutes, with Harry and Dale scoring most of High’s points. However, with 1:30 left on the clock, High suddenly found themselves 5 points down. Just when all seemed lost, Harry Walker, who eventually top scored with 25 points, stepped up with a huge 3, and then several free throws to give High the lead, 52-51. Iggies were not about to give up however, and answered with a basket of their own, 53-52. Another free throw by Harry, and the scores were level with 40 seconds left, 53-53.
Iggies then had an attempt to take the lead once again, but missed their shot, and High quickly brought the ball up the court with 20 odd seconds left on the clock. The captain then took a shot from the baseline, and the ball rolled precariously along the rim of the ring before rolling out. However, forward Wei Zhuang was there to grab the rebound, and with a mere 7 seconds left on the clock, was able to shoot over an Iggies defender, who was a whole head taller, and score.
Iggies quickly inbounded the ball and tried their best to level the scores, but High was able to hang on for a well deserved win. The High boys would like to thank everyone who was there to support the team, as the extra support certainly helped take us over the line.

Team captains please send in match reports to Mr Hayman by Monday 12:00pm! It would be nice seeing more reports from the 15s and 14s! http://www.sydneyhigh.org.au/basketball for updated information about basketball and game-times.

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Fundraising: Coordinator Positions Vacant


The School Family has been fortunate in being allocated the Community BBQ Facility at Mascot Bunnings to raise funds from the wider community.

A coordinator is needed to liaise with Bunnings and the School Groups

(Minimal paper work involved), and catalogue a communal Kit of equipment (paper goods, utensils, signage etc.) which is issued prior to the barbeque.

Sydney Boys is allocated a date 3-4 times a year.

Please contact Valda Roser email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or Ph: 9361.6910 ext144


Twice a Term a Coffee Order will be made available to the School Family with all fund raised added to the New Library and Performing Arts Space Fund.

A Volunteer is required for 1-2 Hrs to place notifications of order and delivery dates in the High Notes, collate orders and fax to the supplier.

Please contact Valda Roser email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or Ph:9361 6910 ext 144 for further information
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Fundraising: Coffee Drive

(Ask your son for the coloured order form in the bottom of his bag!)
Extra Order Forms available at main office window – yellow sheet.

THANK YOU to those who have already been asking contact people to support the project. People like to help and make a difference. They cannot help unless you ask! Keep up the good work.

When each family places a combined order for 3Kgs of Coffee we can expect a return of greater than $25,000 for the Library Fund!

Last Orders accepted 15 November (Tuesday) end of Lunch
Delivery Thursday 17 –Friday 18 November

All Order Forms and money to Cashier’s Booth at Main Office Please

Help required to collate orders and for distribution on above dates.
Please contact Valda Roser 9361 6910 and leave message or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Thank you
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