High Notes, Vol 6 No 32, October 28 2005

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From the Principal

High Talent
Congratulations to Vinh Pham (Mathematics) and Senthil Thillainadesan (Chemistry) who have been invited to summer camp training as possible candidates for Olympiad selection. This selection is a significant honour in itself. Good luck to both boys! Well done to Kevin Liu and Ryan Phung (12) whose printmaking bodies of work have been set aside for possible selection in Art Express.

Staff Changes
We welcome Caroline White as a permanent full time member of our School Administration team. She will be mainly finance now but will oversee Archives work until a replacement can be found.

The Library Campaign
Thank you to those parents who took the trouble to write to their local MPs about the need for the State to build us a new Library. There have been some responses to the letters sent. The official line is asserting that because we have the Senior Study (built in 1996 at a cost of $625,000, funded to $250,000 only by DET, the rest by the Foundation), that technically we have sufficient ‘library’ facilities. The argument runs that the C block area contains computers and electronic research materials and is therefore included in the total library space, hence it exceeds “current facility standard for a school with the enrolment of Sydney Boys High School. However, the Department appreciates that these areas are in separate blocks and are not entirely practical in this configuration”. Ms Burney, Parliamentary Secretary for Education and Training, has requested an officer from the Asset Management Unit meet with me “to discuss alternative arrangements to better utilise these spaces”.

On the question of the registered library extension, “funding for this project will be considered in the light of future capital works priorities”. There is still no proposal to raise the $300,000 limit within the joint funding program. So, our fall back plan to add library facilities with classrooms underneath is still appropriate for joint capital works funding. It will “be considered in the context of future capital works priorities.”

The question the School Council considered was –“What constitutes a Library?” Is it a room where students study? If so, then any room set side for boys to study is a library. Is it a place for research? If so, then does that research have to be guided by a professional? We know that a library cannot be open without a teacher librarian present. Thus, in a school it may be argued that a library is a place set aside for research supervised by a teacher librarian. If the Senior Study Centre is to be deemed a ‘library’ then DET would need to fund an additional teacher librarian to supervise it, under its own operating procedures.

I urge parents and friends of High to continue to contact their political representatives, even by email, to support the case for a new library. The Senior Study has many uses – study, staff meeting place, examination room, exhibition space – but a library is not one of them.

School General Service Contributions
This is the last appeal for your support in respect of general service contributions. In other schools consumables are charged as fees for subjects and services. At High we have one general contribution to encourage boys to get involved in many things. The proceeds are distributed equitably. Our facilities, human and physical resources and services have improved markedly in the last five years. However, if we could have 90% of our contributions collected instead of 80%, then strategic spending on school improvement projects would be dramatically enhanced. We need your help to keep High as a genuine alternative to elite private school education.

The Old Boys Union Membership
Following a productive meeting with the Presidents of the P & C and OBU, I believe that matter of ‘life membership’ has been resolved satisfactorily. All financial students leaving the school from 2005 will have access to Extended Student Membership, a ten year extension of their student OBU membership. Current students will continue to be charged $33 per year as was the case when they commenced at High. The only change in their circumstances will be the terms of their membership, once applied for. New students to the school will be charged $45 per year while at school to access the Extended Student Membership, again covering a 16 year period for $270. In either case, if Old Boys wish to convert to Life Membership, they pay the difference between their accumulated contributions and the Life Membership fee, as set from time to time by the OBU Executive. (It should be noted that annual membership fees for Old Boys Unions in comparable schools run into the hundreds of dollars.)

I am encouraged by what Mr Livingston has planned for the OBU in respect of its relationship with the school, once the OBU’s financial future has been restructured and secured and this lingering controversy removed. I appeal to members of staff and P & C members to move on, now the matter has come to an acceptable resolution.

Parents and Citizens Association Members
There will be a most important meeting on November 23 to decide the future leadership structure of the Association. In my view it is certainly past time that the P & C stuck to its constitution and conducted meetings with fixed agendas, papers tabled for discussion, time limited meetings, and operating procedures very closely aligned with model rules. I strongly endorse the concept of a team running for office as the likelihood of its being more effective is enhanced. That has been the de facto situation for years anyway. The influence of the Rowing and Music Committees on school governance bodies has been lopsided over the years. It is really time other groups sent representatives to P & C meetings. Please get behind the move to smarten up our governance protocols and proceedings.
Dr K Jaggar
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From the P & C

Please find following proposed rule changes to Sydney Boys High School Parent's and Citizens' Association Constitution

Change 1:
Rule 3. The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held in November of each year.
Proposed to be changed to:
The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held in November of each year. At this meeting, Office Bearers will be elected according to Section 5 of the P&C Association Constitution. The Offices of President and Vice President (1) may be nominated as a team. The Junior Vice President's position is to be filled by independent nomination. In addition, the Offices of Treasurer and Secretary are to be supported by Deputy Officers. For each Office, the Main and Deputy Offices may also be filled as a team.

Change of Date for Annual General Meeting of the P&C
Please note that the Annual General Meeting of the P&C will now be held on Wednesday, November 23rd 2005 at 7.30pm in the Library.

Notice of Extra ordinary General Meeting of the P&C
An Extraordinary General Meeting of the P&C will be held prior to the Annual General Meeting of the P&C on Wednesday, November 23rd 2005 at 7.15pm in the Library. This meeting has been scheduled to allow for voting to take place on the proposed rule changes to the Sydney Boys High School Parents and Citizens' Association Constitution Rules.

Nominations for Office Bearers of the Sydney Boys High School P&C
Being an active member of the P&C is one very important way that you can contribute to the School. Along with the Principal and staff, the P&C at Sydney Boys High School plays an important role in providing an optimal environment for your sons’ education. The P&C is active in fundraising, planning and decision making. Come along as an independent or form a team and nominate yourselves for election to Executive positions on the P&C. Nominations and election will take place at the Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, 23rd November 2005 at 7.30 pm in the Library.

Nominations are sought by interested High Parents to the following Executive positions on the P&C

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Junior Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Deputy Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Deputy Secretary
  • Year Representatives
  • Subcommittee Coordinator
  • Welfare Committee Representative
  • Federation and Bondi District P&C Liaison
  • Foundation Representatives
  • School Council Representatives
  • P&C Parking Coordinator

Vera Dimitropoulos
Secretary P&C

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From Mathematics

Australian Mathematics Competition
The Westpac Awards Prize Winners:


Jacob Cao
Thomas Wilson

Damien Tse
Edwin Montoya
Richard Hua Sun

Trong Nguyen (also received the Prudence Award for the greatest number of consecutive correct answers)
Anthony Morris
Victor Nguyen
Alex Vulkanovski
Henry Lee
Michael Shen
Terry Ly
Jamie Tao
John Luu

William Cao
Abraham Oh
Vinh Pham
Nelson Wong

James Young

           HDs     Ds Credits
YEAR 7      22    106      45
YEAR 8      31     95      40
YEAR 9      30     83      50
YEAR 10     31     96      30
YEAR 11     24     75      48
YEAR 12      6     25      33
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Debating Supporters Group Annual General Meeting

Tuesday November 15th at 6.30pm Staff Common Room All parents of Debaters are invited to attend the AGM to review the season and plan for 2006. Further enquiries and agenda items can be sent to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
Jocelyn Brewer
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Science News

Science Quiz No 12
(Flying Dinosaurs Part 2)

Here is another fascinating science quiz which is open to anyone!

Last week Dr Sankar Chatterjee of Texas Tech University, announced a theory about how flying dinosaurs evolved by comparing them with the evolution of aircraft.

1. Identify the name and size of the dinosaur fossils he studied.
2. Compare the evolutionary stages of aircraft and flying dinosaurs.
3. Do you think that this is a reliable theory? (What would have to be done to make you be totally convinced that this theory is correct?)
Alfred Wallace
(Guest Compiler)

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Weights Room

Attendance figures for the first 2 weeks of term 4 have increased again with some boys joining for the first time and others continuing from previous terms. Remember fees are payable at the office before commencement. A couple of other important points to remember are.

  • Medical screening/After hours contact forms are to be obtained from the weights room, filled in by your parent or guardian and returned promptly to the weights room.
  • Plyometric boxes that are placed outside the entrance to the gym are for specific conditioning purposes only. They are not to be ‘tried out’ by those walking past or hanging around as proper instruction, supervision and pre-conditioning is required before attempting any use. I have caught a couple of ‘heroes’ about to attempt ridiculously high jumps without any prior training whatsoever. Be warned. They are out of bounds. Unless you want to become the push-up champion of the world. This also applies to the new boxing bags/agility ladders etc.
  • No workout unless proper workout clothing is worn. No dress shoes or dress uniforms please. This includes when you warm up on the basketball courts.
  • Boxing bags are for paid up ‘gym members’ use only. Hand wraps and inners must be worn at all times and can be either purchased from the weights room or you can bring your own. Boxing Gloves can also be hired/bought or you can supply your own as long as they are of an adequate standard.

Strength Testing
During the last two weeks of every term a number of supervised strength tests are carried out by boys who attend the weights room. They are a great way of monitoring individual progress and a talking point amongst the boys. Special mention has to go to David Vien for his outstanding strength testing results. He has diligently followed his set program and through consistent hard work has achieved the following results

  • 1 rep full depth squat- 142.5kg (the school record this year).
  • 1 rep Bench Pull- 82.5kg.
  • 1 rep bench press- 95kg
  • 3 rep power clean- 85kg
  • 1 rep leg press-340kg.

All tests were fully supervised, technique had to be perfect, and attempts were stopped before total failure was reached. Pretty good for a Year 9 student who’s still yet to turn 15. As well as these results he has put on about 9kg of useful size. For David’s achievements he will receive a set of boxing gloves, hand wraps and inners to use on the new boxing bags. Great stuff, David.

Year 12 Beach Weights
To celebrate the end of the HSC, Year 12 will be offered a discount rate of $20 to use the weights room following the last day of testing. As we all know it’s important to look your best for those end of year celebrations so ‘beach weight’ sessions will commence week 6.
Jason Tassell
Weights Room Strength Coach

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Attention Year 7 Parents

Last Thursday or Friday (21st or 22nd of October) your son was given a piece of paper (a letter) from the Year 7 Parents’ Group which contained at least your son’s name and possibly other information including:

Son’s Year 7 class, i.e. 7E, 7F, 7M, 7R, 7S or 7T
Son’s First name
Son’s Surname Address and Phone number
Mum’s name and email address
Dad’s name and email address

This contact information is being sought by the Year 7 Parent’s Group to enable class lists to be prepared and distributed to you via your son to enable you to contact other parents and students in Year 7 and to enable the P&C and Year 7 Parents’ Group to contact you with information regarding upcoming P&C events and other School events such as sports, music or arts events and parking opportunities used to raise money for the school organisations involved.

The most important information sought is a current email address that is checked regularly.

If you haven’t received the letter, please ask your son for it. Once you have the letter:

  • please take the time to fill in the requested information,
  • sign the consent to use the information
  • return it by Tuesday, 1 November (Melbourne Cup Day) to your son’s Roll Call Class supervisor.

Your son can do this by handing it to the supervisor on any School day. Alternatively it may be faxed to 9313-6658 or the information may be sent by email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Thank you on behalf of the Year 7 Parents’ Group
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Words of Wisdom

We learn wisdom from failure much more than from success; we often discover what will do, by finding out what will not do; and probably he who never made a mistake never made a discovery.
(Samuel Smiles 1812-1904)

The great aim Of education Is not knowledge But action.
(Herbert Spencer 1820-1903)
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High Cricket Bulletin


Round 1 was under way last Saturday against Scots on a perfect day for cricket after what could have been a “wash-out” due to the rain the previous three days. The day provided some interesting results as well as being an introduction to two new concepts for GPS cricket, with the 20/20 and 30/30 formats being in play for the first time. Day 2 this week will provide some exciting finishes in several matches and we look forward to the possibility of having our best start for some five seasons.

The 1st XI at McKay Oval batted first and, after a careful start, lost a couple of quick wickets once again through playing back on turf, an age old problem. The outfield was generally slow due to the length of the grass but we ended up all out for 124 through poor shot selection, and only some resolute batting from 3 of our senior players against some resolute bowling helped High achieve their total. The score is more consistent with a total of 150-160 on a well cut outfield and was defendable. High then took the field and Scots were in all sorts of trouble from the outset and at stumps were 54 runs in arrears of High with 3 wickets in hand and Matt Probert 22 n.o. still at the crease. The match is there for either team and an interesting first hour is guaranteed this Saturday. A full report appears herein.

The 2nd XI at Scots batted first and finished with 186 after the emergence of some of our Year 9 younger players in their debuts. At stumps Scots were in trouble some 134 runs behind High with only 2 wickets in hand. This Saturday promises to be another interesting and exciting day for our debutants. A full report appears herein.

The “Xtreme XI” tackled 20/20 cricket for the first time at Christison Park and there were divided opinions on this GPS experiment among our players. It is a big hitting game, but whether it suits GPS cricket is debatable and I will monitor this over the next few weeks and report to the Convenor on thoughts.

The Under 16s had a good day and finished Day 1 with a First Innings win and will need to be on the ball to ensure that complacency does not creep in this Saturday. Being in such a good position, the team can now consolidate their position by pushing on to achieve an outright result.

The disappointment of the round was the changes made to the 14A/B teams without reference to me which caused the 14B team to end up short 3 players on the day. Similarly the 5th XI and Under 16B “no-shows” at the grounds have been addressed at sport this week and I do not expect High teams to experience this again during the season.

Well done to all who participated last week and I congratulate all teams on the manner in which they presented at the grounds. It appeared we came to play cricket and we certainly looked like cricket teams in our whites and caps.

WEBSITE – The website is now updated with all the new rules including playing format if you are a little unsure about how things are working this year. Team selections will appear on Wednesday and Thursday evenings each week after team attendances are confirmed at sport afternoons.

All captains can have a small summary of their match included in this section by emailing final scores and notable performances to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by Tuesday evenings.

The 16As started with a bang. Peranathan took 2 wickets, one with his first ball. Lam got another dangerous batsman with a perfect off-cutter. The spinners bamboozled the Scots boys, Bowes and Sutton both claiming 2 wickets, and Scots stumbled to 104. Iyer and Ratnayake opened the batting and showed great form. Peranathan scored our first 50 of the season, and he plans to go on with it tomorrow. With the first innings secured, the outright victory is the next goal.
High 3/163 (PERANATHAN 54*, IYER 39, RATNAYAKE 27) vs Scots 104 (PERANATHAN 2, BOWES 2, SUTTON 2)

The 2nd XI enjoyed their day playing on Scots Main, and they are well placed for tomorrow’s second day. High won the toss and skipper Eddy Blaxell decided to bat. After a good start (1/75), High lost a few cheap wickets through poor shots and bad running. High recovered well to amount 186. The boys knew that on the small field it was going to be difficult to prevent runs, and Scots were 1/38 after just 9 overs. The introduction of spin proved the key as High proceeded to dismiss 7 Scots batsmen for only 14 runs. Skipper Blaxell and newcomer Lunney showed great control, and together they took 6 wickets. A direct hit from the arm of Quazi in the outfield produced a brilliant run out to add to the excitement. It was a tremendous effort all round and the boys will be looking for maximum points in round one, but must secure the match first.
High 186 (Matt COUTTS 31, YANG 27, Michael COUTTS 24, LUNNEY 22) vs Scot 8/52 (BLAXELL 4/4, LUNNEY 2/9)

High once again struggled with the bat in the 1sts on a McKay pitch known for its inconsistent bounce. High boys often think they have an advantage playing at McKay because “we know what to expect”, but that didn’t seem to make it any easier. High lost wickets at a steady rate and it was only through determined performances from Pham and Jeyendra that the 1st XI were able to post 124. Over the last few years it has been the experience that anything over 100 is more than defendable on McKay, especially late in the day. High made an early start to their defense and had Scots 5/19 at one stage. The rain followed, and it looked unlikely that there would be any more play as the clouds rolled in, but it eventually cleared and High resumed the task of restricting the Scots batsmen. It was hard work, and Scots had “recovered” to 7/70 by the end of the day. Pham and Jeyendra were again the standouts. It has been a good way for the 1sts to begin their season having to fight hard and they continue that fight when they resume tomorrow, eager to begin the season with a victory. The school wishes them the best of luck.
High 124 (PHAM 29, JEYENDRA 28) vs Scots 7/70 (PHAM 2/17, JEYENDRA 2/22)

Good luck to all sides playing this Saturday against Scots and Kings.

Cricket Quiz
Question 6
: What is the official name for the 1st XI GPS premiership trophy?
Email your name & answer to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Answer 5: Shane Warne has scored 2779 runs in Test Match cricket without scoring a century.

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From Fundraising

Positions Vacant - Coordinators
The School Family has been fortunate in being allocated the Community BBQ Facility at Mascot Bunnings to raise funds from the wider community.

A coordinator is needed to liaise with Bunnings and the School Groups

(Minimal paper work involved), and catalogue a communal Kit of equipment (paper goods, utensils, signage etc.) which is issued prior to the barbeque.

Sydney Boys is allocated a date 3-4 times a year.

Please contact Valda Roser email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or Ph: 9361.6910 ext144

Twice a Term a Coffee Order will be made available to the School Family with all fund raised added to the New Library and Performing Arts Space Fund.

A Volunteer is required for 1-2 Hrs to place notifications of order and delivery dates in the High Notes, collate orders and fax to the supplier.

Please contact Valda Roser email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or Ph:9361 6910 ext 144 for further information
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Basketball - Shooting Hoops


This Week:

1st LOSS    63-56   H.Walker 16
2nd     LOSS    62-44   S.Sugito 11
3rd     LOSS    43-34   M. Popescu 11
4th     WIN     38-30   J.Sun 10
5th     WIN     17-10   R.Tran 5
6th     WIN     15-11   R.Alchin 4
7th     WIN     19-16   J.Lu 6
8th     WIN     34-11   J.Phu 12
16A     WIN     36-13   M.Bock 9
16B     LOSS    9-13    D.Chiu 5
16C     WIN     37- 18  B.Lee 10
16D     WIN     30-10   S.Liu 12
16E     LOSS    3-38    W.Ma 2
15A     LOSS    36-24   J.Park 6
15B     LOSS    31-21   C. Reeves 7
15C     WIN     41-11   B.Yang 8
15D     WIN     30-14   No scorer provided
14A     WIN     16-15   J.Sutton 5
14B     LOSS    14-15   A. Kugendran 4
14C     WIN     22-19   No scorer provided
14D     WIN     14-13   No scorer provided
14E     LOSS    3-17    No scorer provided

vs Term 1 2005:

1st LOSS    74-56   D. PALANA 14
2nd     LOSS    52-51   R.HUYNH 10
3rd     LOSS    35-25   K. WONG 8
4th     WIN     35-23   H.CHUNG 8
5th     WIN     23-17   W. ZHANG 8
6th     WIN     38-23   J.PHU 14
16A     LOSS    26-21   A. VERTOUDAKIS 8
16B     WIN     26-18   W.ZHUANG 9
16C     LOSS    18-28   H. GU 9
16D     DRAW    21-21   C. WONG 12
15A     WIN     25-21   T. LINDEBACK 8, A. LEUNG 8
15B     WIN     36-26   D. CHIU 12
15C     DNP             
15D     DNP             
14A     LOSS    48-40   L.TENG , D.PENG, B. LAU, M.LAU, 6
14B     LOSS    38-15   J.PARK 6
14C     WIN     34-28   B. YANG 14
14D     LOSS    33-14   T.TRAN, A. TRAN 4

Captains – remember to write match reports! Hand them in to Mr Hayman by 12:00pm Monday please!

Another great weekend of improved results. We are quickly improving as a school with every game over the last two seasons. Well done all!!!! It is great to see the A grade teams winning. Let’s hope the senior teams from other schools don’t just recruit talent to win when it comes to their turn in the opens.

1st Grade MATCH REPORT –
High vs Scots Score: 63-56 (loss)
Top Scorer: H.Walker 16
After a disappointing start to the season with a loss to Grammar in round 1, High were determined to come away with a result against Scots. However, High started the match very tentatively, missing numerous open shots and allowing Scots’ GPS representative Chris Pongrass too much space around the key for easy points and rebounds, though forward Eugene Wong was able to make some early post moves and keep High in touch with Scots. Scots’ dominance on the rebounds and High’s poor shooting percentage was reflected in the half time score, with High down 40-26. However, the 3rd quarter saw High comeback strongly. Though injured for most of the week, shooting guard Harry Walker put in an excellent performance, scoring a team high 24 points, with 6 three pointers. Ray Huynh, Wei Zhuang and Lewis D’avigdor also made solid contributions, especially on defence, restricting Pongrass scoring abilities, conceding only a handful of points in the whole quarter. This great defence, coupled with Harry’s accurate shooting, including a 3 on the buzzer, saw High trail Scots by a mere 2 points at the 3rd quarter break, 44-42. Unfortunately, both Wei and Ray were fouled out early in the 4th quarter and Scots took advantage of this by scoring several easy lay-ups, but pinpoint shooting from Harry and a great reverse lay-up by centre Victor reduced the margin to only 4. However, the last few minutes saw too many rushed shots from High and Scots were able to snatch a couple of late points through free throws, winning 63-55.

Score: 36-13 (win)
Top Scorer: M.Bock 9
What a tremendous victory over Scots College, a game in which we totally dominated the opposition. The score was 36-13 and was a huge positive boost ahead for the tougher games. This time the spotlight was put squarely on Chris Tang with his remarkable dribbling prowess that drove the opponent coach mad and can be seen dribbling past the whole team and scoring an easy lay-up. This dented the spirits of the Scots players and boy did we enjoy it. It was a day for our guards, with Michael Bock, Chris Tang and Kartik Iyer dominating with the help of powerful rebounding by Ping Du, Warren Trac and myself. This game was won on the back of good team defence limiting the Scots players to 9 points in the first half and 4 points in the second half. There was great communication across the floor that totally confused the Scots team who had no idea what to do. All credit to the whole team who played together, shared the ball around and we have shown the whole GPS that we are no easy-beats. It was really pleasing to see our field goal percentage increase, which was a significant improvement from last week. Watch out for the 16As next week.
Danny Ng
16As Captain

Score: 9-13 (loss)
Top Scorer: D. Chiu 5
The match was tight. For the first 8 minutes it was just tough zone defence from both teams leaving the score still at 0-0. We had many fast breaks during the 8 minutes but the ball just wouldn’t go in. Finally the standstill was broken with High leading. This however did not last very long, for Scots managed to find an opening in our zone defence and caught up. Matt (Our coach) was quick to react and before Scots knew it, the same plan ended in a turnover and High scoring with a fast break. Scots then had their share and so it went on with 3minutes left of the first half. That was when we turned to our press play for the first time which unfortunately was not extremely effective and saw Scots score a few easy shots. Scots had the lead at half time by 2. The second half saw Scots do their press play that successfully stopped the ball crossing the half and scored another few shots. High wasn’t going to give up though, in a desperate attempt High turned back to zone again. This time the zone was tight and Scots couldn’t penetrate any further until both sides struck eight fouls. The rest of the game saw both sides taking free throws and ended with Scots winning by 4. The team didn’t feel too bad after the game and agreed this was definitely the tightest defence they’ve played so far and hopes to keep it up in the future.
Daniel Chiu
16Bs Captain

Website URL: http://www.sydneyhigh.org.au/basketball

By Francis Wong, Justin Liang and Johny Shih. Thanks to Mr Hayman.
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Fundraising: Coffee Drive

(Ask your son for the coloured order form in the bottom of his bag!)

When each family places a combined order for 3Kgs of Coffee we can expect a return of greater than $25,000 for the Library Fund!

Last Orders accepted: 15 November (Tuesday) end of Lunch
Delivery: Thursday 17 – Friday 18 November

Help required
To collate orders and to help with distribution of orders on Thursday 17 and Friday 18 November.

Please contact Valda Roser 9361 6910 and leave message or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
Thank you
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State of the Arts

Brass Music Reading Workshop
A Brass Music Workshop for student and advanced players is on at Petersham Salvation Army Sunday 30th October from 3pm to 5pm. The workshop will be in the Hall located at 10 Charles Street Petersham near the corner of Charles Street and Parramatta Road and between Crystal and Phillip Streets. There is no charge for participants and the workshop will be relaxed and informal with copies of the charts available before the event on request. Advanced players for each instrument will be participating to support student musicians. For enquiries, please call Jon Mayne on: (bus) 93728505 (ah) 95584591or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding results in the recent AMEB exams:
Saxophone Grade VI: William Wu, Marco
Sun Saxophone Grade VII: Hongwei Li
Accelerated Musicianship Grade III: Tony Silveria, Wilson Wong

Accelerated Musicianship classes (grade III 2006) commence November 10th at 3.15pm in room 103.
All students who will be sitting a music exam in 2006 should be attending. Forms are available from music department.

Concert Procedure:
Spring Concert:
Be there at 5.30pm. The hall will need to be set up after the HSC exam and reset after the concert. There will be a roll call at the conclusion of the concert when the hall is reset.
Bring: instrument, music, full performance uniform (white shirt, polished shoes and black socks, blazer) Boys are asked to bring a plate of finger food for interval: suggestions- sushi, finger sandwiches, quiche etc. (please no hot foods) Concert procedure: On arrival at 5.30pm you are to place your instrument in the designated room, take your plate of food to the back of the hall and set up. All boys will be in the hall for the duration of the concert. If you are performing in the first half, you need your instrument and music with you. If you are playing after the interval, you may collect you instrument and music during interval. Boys are not permitted to move or talk during the concert. It is a disruption to the music. At the conclusion of the concert, take music stands and percussion back to the music rooms. Parents are asked to assist the boys with placing the exam tables back.

Jazz concert:
This is a more informal concert. Bring your picnic blanket, basket of food for a snack, picnic and drinks. Boys are asked to be at school by 2.00pm for a 3.00pm start. Wear full performance uniform. Boys also should bring a snack and drink to enjoy whilst they listen to the other jazz bands. A roll will be called at the conclusion of the concert when the instruments and stands are back in the music rooms.

Spring Concert 2005
Spring Music Concert in the Great Hall.
Featuring the concert bands guitar ensembles, vocal ensembles, junior string orchestra and symphony orchestra.
Sunday November 6th 3.00pm
Featuring all the Jazz Bands in the courtyard. Bring your picnic rug, food and drinks for an enjoyable afternoon of Jazz in the courtyard.

Book your tickets now to take advantage of the High Notes readers’ early bird price of only $10 per person for both concerts. ($20 per family)

Please hand to school office before 9.00am Wednesday October 30th. Spring Music Concert and Picnic ticket order form.

____________(amount tickets)       $___________total cost.
$10.00 per person, $20.00 per family before 9.00am Wednesday October 30th.
Student name______________________________ Roll___________
Ensemble ___________________________ Instrument___________
Type of Payment:   Cheque___       Cash ___ B/Card___      M/Card ___  Visa___
                     (Payable to SBHS)
Name on Card________________________________ Expiry date___ ___/___ ___
Contact Phone Number________________________________
Card No. ___ ___ ___ ___     ___ ___ ___ ___     ___ ___ ___ ___     ___ ___ ___ ___
Total Amount $______________ Signature____________________________

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The Bugle Call - News of the Sydney High Cadets

United Nations Day Parade:
Congratulation to the following NCOs who were selected to attend the United Nations Day Parade: Phillip Roser, Christopher Budd, Francis Wong, Sriram Srikumar, Timothy Shu, Anthony Ho.

Knox Grammar Tattoo.
Anthony Ho, Johan Santoso and Vincent Goh have been selected to perform in the Knox Grammar Tattoo this weekend. Well done. Cadets top the list: congratulations to the following cadets for bringing their leadership roll to the school community: Adam Farrow-Palmer- school captain Phillip Roser- Senior Prefect Victor Wei- Prefect Francis Wong- Prefect Sriram Srikumar- Prefect

Cadet dinner.
We are having a cadet Awards Dinner on Tuesday November 15th at 6.00pm.the dinner will be held at Yai Thai Restaurant: 628 Crown Street, Surry Hills. (ten minute walk from school) www.yai.com.au

All cadets and their parents are invited to attend. Boys should collect a form from Sgt Budd. This dinner is to recognise the achievements of the cadets throughout the year. Dress will be smart casual.
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