High Notes, Vol 6 No 31, October 21 2005

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From the Principal

High Talent
Congratulations to Romesh Abeysuriya (11) who has won a place in the National Youth Science Forum to be held in Canberra in January 2006. A great debut by Sam Robson (10) in first grade cricket for UNSW with a six wicket haul. Well done to Joshua Scharfegger, Dominic Grimm and Karl Kruszelnicki (12) who were awarded Sydney East School Sports Association ‘Blues’ for rowing.

Open Day
Last Wednesday we held our first Open Day for several years that was a discrete event. A large number of staff and students made a significant effort to provide visitors with a rounded experience of what the school could do. LOTE staff and students fired up the food stalls. The Science Department brightened up the learning environment with displays and activities. The boys doing the tours were described as outstanding by visitors. There were games organised for visitors. Many other people arranged experiences for our prospective students. Thank you to all who helped to make the day a success. In particular, Ms Crothers, our Marketing Officer, put in a lot of work with organisation and publicity before the day and during the activities. Thank you to Sean Fonti for producing our first movie theatre standard advertisement. We hope that High advertising becomes even more pervasive and sophisticated over the next few years.

Summer Sport Openers
The opening games of the GPS season against Grammar were well attended with over 100 spectators in the UTS Gym for the first and second grade matches. The standard of defence by High teams seemed to be an improvement on last season. Grammar was restricted in its scoring in both matches. High was matching Grammar at half time in both games with scores of 17-21 and 30-34 respectively. In the second half our transitions from the back court led to far too many turnovers. Players who were double teamed were not provided with options to off load the ball. Long passes up the sideline were intercepted. When the fast breaks came High failed to convert a handful of breakaway lay ups that would have made a difference. Crucial free throws were missed. In both grades our discipline slipped in the second half allowing Grammar to establish a game winning break and panicking us into low percentage plays. All our basketballers will have to keep moving in offence to give ball players options or our attacks will be nullified by the height and reach advantage of our opposition teams.

Over at McKay, Grammar 1st XI fought hard for a modest one day total against reasonably tight bowling. However, by not playing forward or lifting the ball towards midwicket, our top order capitulated very rapidly with five wickets down for very few. The boys need better technique on their home pitch and a whole lot more commitment to playing the game with first grade level concentration.

Founders Day Assembly
Our Founders Day assembly last Friday went very well and the Prefects were inducted in fine style. The guest speaker was Dr Paul Jonson, Old Boy (1971) Deputy Chief Executive Officer at Sport Knowledge Australia and Associate Professor in the School of Leisure, Sport and Tourism, UTS, Sydney. He delivered an entertaining and insightful addressed reproduced below:

“Good afternoon. About three years ago a group of eight of my old Sydney High school mates and I went to Adelaide to watch Australia play Namibia in a Rugby World Cup match. It was a very special occasion for one reason in particular, another High Old boy, Chris Whitaker was going to become only the third SHS old boy to Captain the Wallabies. Boys, were we ever proud! There we were dressed in our bright yellow touring jumpers to witness a significant historical sporting moment for us and this wonderful School. As luck would have it, another former Sydney High old boy, a leading sport photographer, Col Whelan, was working at the game. When I saw Col, I took the initiative to wander down to the boundary fence and called out to him. I introduced myself and asked him if he could organise a photo to be taken of us old boys with Chris at the end of the game. He gave me some instructions which we duly followed and we had our photo taken with Chris Whitaker – captain of the Wallabies and Sydney High old boy! I can assure you, that photograph is a treasured memento. However, the reason I am telling you this story on this very special occasion to which I am honoured to be invited and speaking, relates to what happened afterwards and a conversation I had.

"The photo was taken some half an hour after the game finished and as we were heading towards the ground exit two fellows approached us and said: 'Excuse me, but do you mind telling us how come you had that photo taken with Chris Whitaker?'

"We told him them the story and the elder fellow replied: 'Well that’s fantastic because he’s my son and this is my other son, Ben, who is also an SHS old boy'. We then had the long and enjoyable conversation relevant to today’s proceedings.

"At that time, as now, the regular captain, George Gregan, was under a good deal of criticism for his play, with many suggesting he should be replaced by “Whits”. We put the proposition to Mr Whitaker and Ben and somewhat to our surprise, both said – “You cannot drop George – his leadership is too valuable to the Wallabies!” I’ll come back to this, but just to finish off the story of the Adelaide adventure, after we said goodbye to the Whitakers and headed off to celebrate the day, I turned to one of my old boy mates and said: “Gaz, don’t you reckon it was a little odd his father and brother coming over to find us to ask about the photo?” Gary turned to me and said: “Jono, wouldn’t you be a bit concerned if you saw your son having his photo taken with eight blokes dressed up like canaries???!!!”

"Leadership is what we are celebrating and honouring today. And, it is very important that we do so. Leaders are critical to the success of any community, no matter how big or how small or in what context.

"When I attended Sydney High there were two significant leaders in my year: David Blomberg, who inevitably became School Captain; and Neil Sherring, who inevitably became the Captain of the first fifteen that went on to win the GPS rugby premiership and set up a winning three year dynasty. Now with Dave’s election I had no problem, he was a natural leader, everyone just knew that he would be elected to that lofty role; but with Neil’s I did. Why? Well I was playing breakaway and so was Neil. And, in my totally “unbiased and objective” opinion, Neil was not the best or even the second best breakaway in the School, yet he got to play on the side of the scrum for the firsts. Should Neil have been there? Should George Gregan? Of course they should, whether or not they were or are the best players in their position, they were and are the all important leaders.

"Recently, Matt Williams a former coach of NSW, Ireland A and Scotland, said the criticism of Gregan was “garbage. He’s a phenomenal player, a champion”, adding, he was “embarrassed to see the way yet again one of our tall poppies was being cut down”. I want to say to you today, he was right, tall poppies, our leaders, should not be cut down, they should be nurtured, supported and revered.

"Why not you might ask – isn’t it the Australian way to knock these big shots down? Sadly too often it is and that is a very lamentable characteristic that we ought to reverse.

"I ask you to remember this 'VCR A'. No, it’s not a New Zealander asking about a machine that sits atop of your TV, these are the initials for the key elements of leadership:

"All leaders have vision. They can see what should be and show initiative and creativity to achieve it by being innovative: they work out how it can be.

"They show courage by following and carrying out their vision. They make it happen.

"But they have to be responsible – they must know and appreciate the end does not justify the means. True leaders act ethically – they follow what is right and avoid what is wrong. There is a difference and it is leaders who help us to distinguish and understand the difference, and to choose.

"For that reason they have authority – the authority that is bestowed by their peers and their institution – by you and Sydney Boys High School today.

"That authority must be respected and nurtured because it leads to great achievements.

"Cutting down tall poppies only destroys and discourages. Our leaders, your leaders - should be supported, for it is they that give us direction and the opportunity to flourish, to be all that we can be – which I suggest is, as did the Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, the fundamental principle of a good life: Be all that you can be!

"McArthur, the American WW2 General, is reputed to have said: 'Lead, follow or get out of the way!!' I suggest, you don’t ‘get out of the way', I strongly urge the school body to now follow those you have authorized to lead you to be all that you can be.

"To the young men – the leaders – who will be invested today, you have been chosen to be, and now are, tall poppies. I strongly urge you to courageously use your vision to responsibly create an environment in which you and your fellow school mates, the ones who have entrusted you with their respect and support, can flourish, so they too can become tall poppies one day. It is an onerous task, but you would not have it if they – your fellow students, as well as your teachers - did not think you were up to it and if you did not deserve it. Clearly you are, and do.

"Congratulations and best wishes for your year ahead; and as the old boy canary said to the new tall poppies (and the nutrients in the soil that supports them) – ‘VCR A’ ”.

My address to the assembly follows

“Distinguished guests, parents of our Prefects Elect, Old Boys, supporters of High, staff and students. Good morning and welcome to the 122nd Founders’ Day Assembly. We are pleased to have with us as our special guest, distinguished Old Boy Dr Paul Jonson, who will deliver the occasional address. We are gathered today to commemorate October 1, 1883 when the first 46 students began their schooling at High. Our Prefects Elect are also here to become part of the official history of the school by accepting the call to a prestigious office. They have survived a searching process of qualification extending over five years and a recent election to reach the point of induction here today. In a break with tradition the 36 School Prefects are elected, not ‘appointed’ by the Principal, reflecting a desire by the school community for more transparency in the process. Three electoral colleges were established to attempt to equalise the weighting of votes from Year 10, Year 11 and the staff and 2005 Prefects combined. Staff votes have a weighting of 2. The system produces at least 180 votes in each electoral college. In another change, our elected captain, Adam Farrow-Palmer and his deputy Kevin Kim, were invited to liaise with our MIC of Prefects, Mr Kesting, to select as Senior Prefect a person most suitable to carry out the demanding role and work with them as a team. They chose Phillip Roser. I congratulate all School Prefects on their previous contributions and look forward to them really making a difference in their final four terms of secondary schooling. By investing School Prefects and honouring the academic, sporting, civic, leadership, spiritual and social values that motivate us, this ceremony connects us to our traditions and founding principles in a very demonstrable way. Early next year the Prefects will be asked to sign the School Prefects Book, linking them to more than 50 years of continuous leadership history.

"Forty years ago High was facing an uncertain academic future with the last Leaving Certificate class graduating in 1965. The new Higher School Certificate was an unknown quantity and there was a sense of being part of an end of an era. The previous matriculation examination was the University Senior in place from 1884 to 1912. The Leaving Certificate lasted longer from 1913 to 1965 with a provision for repeat candidates in 1966. The Higher School Certificate has been the credential ever since 1967 but with a major revision in 2001 that changed its character completely. As a school we are only just really coming to terms with the ramifications of that major change. The essence of it is a shift in some courses from analysis or computation to synthesis or description. Sophisticated literacy is the currency of high achievement under the ‘new’ HSC.

"The Headmaster of the time, Mr Callaghan, reflected on the contribution that a Sydney High education had made to the lives of the 5,041 High students who had successfully completed the Leaving Certificate up until that time. He summed it up as “academic success, vocational and professional opportunity, a share of their character formation, sport, social life, attitudes, lessons direct and indirect”. He described it further as a “debt” owed by Old Boys to the school. As Headmaster he felt ‘delight’ at the level of gratitude expressed by Old Boys he met for the school and the teachers of their day. He was impressed by the Old Boys sense of pride in their school and their interest in its continuing success. Mr Callaghan was moved to remark that no matter if the exit credential changes …“its true significance however will still be the same – its real worth will stem from what the student has put into his years at school.” In his Speech Night annual report, the Headmaster averred that “while the attention paid to academic qualifications was exceedingly important…every schoolboy should aim at a well rounded personality and take advantage of a variety of activities in the school”. I wonder how often over the years, Heads have used similar expressions to attempt to inspire their charges to become more engaged with the culture of their school? Mr Howard could not accuse High of being ‘values free’.

"There is often a sense of ambivalence when I assess the impact of tradition on this institution. On the one hand there is a deeply comforting understanding that the ethos and culture of High have stood the test of time and have been praised by generations of former students. There is an obvious logic in maintaining what is manifestly a winning structure for producing a range of highly desirable outcomes. A strong connection to the past can provide us with meaning for the present and a blueprint for the future. There is something solid about traditional buildings and rituals and celebrations that support the idea of culture maintenance as a necessary goal of any administrator of this school. On the other hand, it is easy to succumb to the forces of complacency and inertia. Because the school is seen as prestigious and demand for enrolments is strong and academic results are consistently impressive, why do we need to change anything? Why not do what we did last year? Old Boys quite often remark that the current students have so many more advantages than they did in terms of facilities and resources? Does that mean we should not be helped to make them even better for the next generation?

"These dangers are real and they can lead to a tendency to rationalise away as aberrations things that may be less than what might be called best practice.

"At High we need to embody the philosophy of continuous improvement. It might be seen by some as a chore to evaluate targeted programs, policies or processes to determine how well they are working or how relevant they are or how they could be made more effective or efficient. It might be deemed by others as unnecessary to establish written structures and compile manuals for implementing programs and policies. Yet others might see an insistence on data gathering through surveys or quality circles or focus groups or forums or results analyses, as intrusive and burdensome. Nevertheless, the new realities are ones that have evidence for their existence. They are not defined by atmospherics or nostalgic calls to revive ‘glory days’ or smug assertions that everything is travelling well because some persons in positions of power postulate that it is. It is not enough to know why we are doing things to enhance school outcomes, we also have to show that what we have done has had some effect. Measurable accountability is the issue.

"High is a very good school indeed but it could be a great one. We have the foundation of our traditions to build upon. We have a great deal of capacity in our gifted students. We have abundant energy and expertise in our staff, parents, old boys and supporters. What we need is to work together better to make more of a difference.

"These fine young men we are inducting today are very real evidence of what the school produces. They are connected through their ethos, office and actions to our founders’ values and aspirations. I congratulate them and wish them well.”
Dr K Jaggar
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Science News

Results of Science Quiz no. 11
Thank you for the excellent answers from Aditya Hatle (8S) and Nikita Slinko (7R) The quiz explored the comparison between a recently discovered flying dinosaur and the World War 2 plane called the Spitfire. The newspaper article that features this is posted on the window of lab 302.

Quiz number 12 will be posted next week
I Cox
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Open Day A Success

One aspect of Open Day which was quite successful was the number of parents of students who had already gained entry to Year 7 using the occasion to familiarise themselves and their children with their new school. Nearly half the people attending were in this category. Many parents met Dr Jaggar and were able to listen to a good analysis of what this school offers in his opening address.

This as well as the number of prospective parents and students who came to see what we are about made the huge efforts made by LOTE, Science, English, History, Social Science the Library, the Archivist, Mrs White, the Cadets, Debating, Music, PE and all the GPS Sports really worthwhile.

Special thanks to Mr Fonti for the professionalism of his advertising. Mr Fonti created a delightful 30 sec movie ad which ran in conjunction with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in a number of local cinemas. He also created a new brochure and the advertisement we sent to all the primary school newsletters.

Since we have been running Open Day and Tours among other things it is becoming easier to induct both parents and students with regard to GPS Sport, our extra curricular programs and our academic expectations.

Many thanks to staff who gave up holiday time to prepare displays and activities, parents and LOTE staff who cooked amazing and delicious food, the Islamic Society who donated all the proceeds of their food stall to LOTE and members of the P&C who generously gave up a day to come and assist Mr Coan co-ordinate the tour guides or who strung up balloons to attract the passing parade. Thanks to Ms Arora and Ms O’Hare and Ms Schlederer for their assistance with the program and their valuable assistance on the day.

Our newly inducted prefects and SRC Reps also deserve a mention. They were wonderful ambassadors to the school and treated visitors with respect, care and courtesy. Thanks to the Z’ours Committee who helped prepare the Library and the many generous boys who were requested to drop everything and help at the last moment.
Mrs Crothers
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Gun Typists – Type Quick Challenge

We are all in awe of some of our gun typists who obviously knew how good they were when they entered the TypeQuick Challenge on Open Day. Thanks to TypeQuick who provided us with a Trophy for the winner. Runners up received bags of lollies for their efforts. The overall winner was Aaron Chan who achieved 100% accuracy and typed at 112.6 wpm. Stanley He was second with 100% accuracy and 99.9 wpm. Jordan Luong was third with 99.2% accuracy and 92 wpm. Hugo Richards deserves a special mention for cunning and skill. He managed to type at 184.8 wpm and still achieve 71% accuracy. Apologies to the primary students who missed out as our licence numbers prevented us from letting them challenge.

Parents of students who need to practise their typing may like to know that TypeQuick offers considerable discounts to our parents or students who wish to purchase TypeQuick to learn to type at home.

We encourage our students and teachers to improve their skill by logging in to TypeQuick anywhere in the school on the Novell Screen in their spare time. Plenty of our students have tried it out.
Mrs Crothers
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From The Library

Library Fund Committee Members Needed
Parents at our school donate the huge sum of $69,000 which is spent to improve library facilities and resources every year. New Library Fund Committee parent members are needed to approve of how this money is being spent as several members are now leaving.

I have been trying for the last 4 months to gather members together for a meeting. The obligation of Library Fund Committee members is very light – one meeting per year. Please let Mrs Crothers know if you will sit on our Library Fund Committee – ring the school on 9361 6910 or email Mrs Crothers on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . I would like to have the 2005 meeting in two weeks time.
Mrs Crothers
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Debating Supporters Group Annual General Meeting

Tuesday November 15th at 6.30pm Staff Common Room All parents of Debaters are invited to attend the AGM to review the season and plan for 2006. Further enquiries and agenda items can be sent to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Jocelyn Brewer
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Year 11/12 (2006) Parents

Final Planning Meeting for Year 12 (2005) Parent Farewell
Wednesday 26th October 7.30 pm School staff room

If you haven’t already offered your help – please contact:

Food - Carolyn Penfold: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 9328 0519 (home) 9385 2250 (work)
Setting up - Valda Roser: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 0407 325 320
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Attention All Fencers And Parents

Thank you to all the boys who have returned fencing gear last week. However, there are still a large number of fencing items missing, including SEVEN masks, FOUR jackets, FIVE under-plastrons and FIVE foils.

These items are needed to be able to continue fencing at SBHS so please make an effort and return them.
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From The Charities Committee

The Redfern & Inner City Home Support Service Inc. has asked us to notify SBHS community of their need for volunteer assistance with their Outreach Service.

R.I.C.H.S.S. is a community agency whose role is to provide assistance such as social support, home visiting etc. This can include escort to small shopping, appointments, and social outings. The aim is to assist people to remain in their homes and live independently in the community if they so wish. The service covers the areas of South Sydney and the City of Sydney local government areas. Volunteers will see people who are older or frail aged persons, people with disabilities, and carers of those persons. If you can spare some time please contact The Redfern Centre, 9 Ogden Lane, Redfern. Tel: 9319 3587. Training and ongoing support will be provided.
S. Plummer
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Words of Wisdom

Junk is something you keep for 10 years, then throw away two weeks before you need it.

Not armies, not nations, have advanced the race; but here and there, in the course of ages, an individual has stood up and cast his shadow over the world
(Edwin Hubbell Chapin 1814-1880)

He has half the deed done, who has made a beginning.
(Horace 65-8BC)

It’s not easy taking my problems one at a time when they refuse to get in line.

“Without a struggle, there can be no progress.”
(Frederick Douglas 1818-1895)

"Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful."
(Joshua J Marine)
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Athletics Report

Most students participated in a five week Athletics Competition prior to the GPS Carnival. Students competed in six events [three each week]. The best performer in each event received 5 points. All others received 4, 3, 2 or 1 depending on the standard reached.

The following results for each year show the top overall performers [score out of 30] and the best performances in each of the six events.

During week 5 the top 24 students from Year 7 participated in a competition over the six events. The students were very enthusiastic and the competition close to the finish.

Athletics Results - Year 7 - Championship
Stephen Yoon
2nd Barry Chen
3rd Michael Ambrose

Best Overall Results
Stephen Yoon
28 Barry Chen, Justin Liang
27 Enoch Hui
24 Michael Ambrose, Sam Darcy, Jeffrey Jiang, Merlin Li
23 Andy Liu, William Lee, Yixin Liu

Best results for each event

Long Jump Shot Put 800 Metres High Jump Agility 100 Metres
S.Yoon          2.30 D.Kim            10.75 J.Jiang              2.56 B.O’Rourke   1.35 S.Yoon B.Chen      13.31
E.Hui             2.25 S.Yoon          10.30 J.Liang             2.56 S.Yoon          1.30 A.Blomberg S.Yoon      14.06
B.Chen          2.20 B.Chen            8.90 A.Kugendran   2.58 S.Darcy         1.25 E.Hui E.Hui         14.14
J.Jiang           2.15 Y.Liu               8.70 M.Ambrose     3.04 D.Morgan      1.25 V.Goh J.Han         16.10
J.Liang          2.10 M.Phung          8.65 S.Darcy            3.04 M.Li               1.35 B.Cheung  
M.Li              2.10 J.Vu                 8.60 C.Jiang             3.05   J.Vu  
M.Fong         2.10 J.Nguyen          8.45 S.Yoon             3.08   A.Guo  
J.Nguyen       2.10 B.O’Rourke     8.30 B.Chen             3.10   B.Chen  

Best Overall Results
Matthew Ling
25 Leonard Teng, Kang Lim, Edward Lu, Matthew Tong, Daniel Shan, Shorson Zhang, Roy Chen
24 Alexander Belokopytov, Justin Chow, Matthew Lau, Grigori Astafiev, Jason Nguyen, David Peng

Best results for each event

Long Jump Shot Put 800 Metres High Jump Agility 100 Metres
M.Ling                2.40 D.Peng          11.15 T.Siu                      3.01 E.Lu           1.45 L.Teng M.Ling         13.20
R.Feng                2.30 M.Lau           11.00 R.Chen                  3.03 K.Lim         1.40 R.Chen M.Lau
E.Lu                    2.30 J.Chen           10.50 D.Lo                      3.03 S.Wan        1.35 J.Nguyen D.Lo
L.Teng                2.20 B.Lau            10.40 M.Tong                 3.08 R.Ahmed M.Tong A.Ang
D.Shan                2.20 G.Astafiev     10.30 K.McPherson        3.10     J.Nguyen
J.Chow               2.20 M.Ling       E.Lu
K.McPherson     2.20         K.Lim

Athletics Results - Year 9 - Best Overall Results
Chang Liu
27 Ping Du
26 Christopher Tang
25 Warren Trac, Carly Yang, George Lo
24 Andrew Tang, Anton Komorov, Dean Huang
23 Matthew Coutts, Nicholas Lochner, Adrian Ng, Daniel Simpson, Simon Ting

Best results for each event

Long Jump Shot Put 800 Metres High Jump Agility 100 Metres
W.Trac        2.70 P.Du                11.00 P.Du P.Du J.Song G.Lo                  11.39
D.Huang      2.65 J.Fung             10.85 J.Culibao C.Liu C.Tang S.Ting                11.51
K.La            2.60 B.Palau           10.43 B.Pfull C.Shum J.Culibao A.Ho                 12.16
J.Phung        2.60 D.Huang         10.40 S.Iyer J.Phung D.Simpson N.Lochner         12.33
C.Yang        2.60 A.Komorov    10.10 S.Rahman G.Lo C.Liu C.Liu                 12.36
D.Fu            2.55 M.Vu              10.00 S.Yang D.Huang A.Ng A.Chee              12.36
G.Lo            2.50   D.Campion K.La C.Lam P.Du                  12.60
M.Vu           2.50   D.Fu A.Komorov G.Lo C.Shum             12.67
A.Tang        2.50   A.Komorov   D.Fu M.Fsadni           12.72
    N.Lochner   M.Coutts A.Yeung            12.80

Athletics Results – Year 10 - Best Overall Results
Raymond Tran
28 Jeffrey Xie
25 Geoffrey Zhang, Siyang Wang, Jacky Au, Jih Tan, Alexander Le, Alexander Lee
25 Terry Ly, Cambridge Wong, Milton Wong
24 Wei Zhuang, Alan Tan, Bill Sun, Maximilian Keldoulis, Richard Miao

Best results for each event

Long Jump Shot Put 800 Metres High Jump Agility 100 Metres
I.Tran               2.80 F.Jin                    11.50 R.Tran T.Ly S.Robson R.Tran         11.40
F.Jin                 2.70 A.Vertoudakis     11.50 R.Yeung R.Tran R.Yeung A.Tan          11.85
A.Le                2.65 M.Kelly               11.50 O.Perera R.Yeung R.Tran A.Lee          11.90
D.Kumagaya    2.60 M.Liu                  11.20 S.Wang G.Zhang A.Tan J.Kim          12.10
A.Lee               2.60 J.Na                    11.00 J.Au J.Au M.Coutts M.Liu          12.20
J.Xie                 2.50 M.Fetherston       11.00 X.Liu   E.Liu W.Wong     12.20
S.Wang            2.50 W.Zhuang           10.80 J.Lai   J.Tan J.Tan           12.30
G.Zhang           2.45 A.Pham               10.70 A.Vertoudakis   B.Sun E.Deng        12.50
W.Wong          2.45 A.Wu                  10.70 A.Lee   A.Ng J.Au            12.60
  T.Ly                    10.65     A.Le  

On Saturday 17 September 2005 the 120th annual AAGPS athletics championship was held at Homebush in gale-like conditions, with two High tents becoming casualties in the ferocious winds. For the athletes it was a day that would not only test their nerves but far more importantly the amount of training and dedication each athlete had put in throughout the very short 5 week season.

In front of a nearly packed stadium the atmosphere was electric. Every High athlete was keen to do their school proud with many great performances. Most notably was the effort that everyone displayed in their events resulting in huge personal bests achieved by most athletes. Some exceptional results were; Frank Jin jumping a huge PB to place 2nd in his U16 long jump, Joel Ninyo placing 3rd in his opens shot put, Dakshika Gunaratne running a scintillating 2nd place in his U16 hurdles to break the school record as well, as well as coming second in the U16s long jump, Gehan Karunaratne coming second in U15s long jump, James Barker unlucky not to snatch a victory in his U17 1500, and finally an outstanding run by the U14 relay team to come 2nd with the team consisting of Lachlan Street, Joel Livingstone, Nelson Ridges, and Josh Hui. There were many other outstanding performances on the day too numerous to mention here.

What can be taken by every athlete from Saturday to next year and beyond was how hard work, as with all endeavors, pays off. This was especially shown by the great result of the U14 relay team at the GPS as well as making the finals of the CHS state championships being just rewards for the amount of practising and training the members of the team put in throughout the season.

Athletics at High has been a truly great experience for me throughout my years at the school leaving me with many fond memories. Although my time as an athlete has come to an end I still hope that I will see all these faces next year as well as some new ones. It has been a privilege to not only to be captain this year but a part of High athletics.

Lastly I would just like to say thank you to MIC - Mr Devlin, Mr Codey, Mr Gainford, Mr Creer, Mr Hannon, Mr Kay and everyone else, including parents, who have supported the athletes because without their time and effort it would not be possible to run Athletics every year.
Captain of Athletics
Paul Watzlaff

Results from the GPS Finals – 17th September 2005

      LJ HJ SP 100 200 400 800 1500 3000 Hurdles
ALI Shadman 12       13.33 27.77          
DENNY-SMITH George 13     10.86              
QIU Edward 12           75.61        
TAYLOR Kieran 13 4.22                 18.81
TRANG Derek 12   1.35                
WANG Michael 12     8.08              
XIAO Tony 13       14.06            
IRELAND Jeremy 13             2.23 5.11    
NGUYEN Kent 14       12.79           19.94
STOJANOVIC Denis 14   1.45               17.16
TASSELL Joshua 13                   16.9
CHEN Robert 15     8.43              
HUI Joshua 14       12.59            
KARUNAKARAN Arun 15     8.78              
LOCKE Patrick 14             2.25      
MONTOYA ZORRILLA Edwin 14             2.26 5.17    
O'KEEFE Daniel 15             2.18      
PERANANTHAN Varan 14     9.88              
SRIRANJAN Kogulan 15         26.6         19.91
STREET Lachlan 14 4.67   8.98   25.35 56.97       16.21
WANG Benjamin 15       13.17            
GUNARATNE Dakshika 16 5.95                 14.61
JIN Frank 16 6.33                  
KIM David 16       12.27 24.86          
KARUNARATNE Gehan 15 5.9     12.76            
LEVANIC Nikola 16             2.2      
LUSCOMBE Jeremy 16       12.19   54.39        
NGUYEN Quan 15             2.24 5.05    
YANG Louis 15           61.48        
AMIN Ali 16               4.41    
BARKER James 17               4.18    
BURRELL Roger 17     13.61              
CAO David 16   1.65                
CHAN Brian 17       12.35            
MASALEHDANI Michael 16             2.14     20.61
PHAM Edward 17       12.54            
ROTHERHAM Riet 16             2.17      
SHAW Yeou-Kang 17                   20.40
SUN Dale 17           58.19        
TIEDGEN James 16     10.26              
WEI Victor 16     10.75              
WONG Francis 17             2.15      
Steen Mischa 17       11.56 23.36 59.84        
Stretton Jacob 17                   18.75
Ninyo Joel 17     13.49              
Tran Christopher 17 5.88                  
Mitsuji Sen 17             2.16      
Tung Patrick 17       12.3            
Ovadia Edward 17                 9.57  
Jeremy James               2.22      
David Grech                     11.35  
Senior   Junior  
Summary of Points   Summary of Points  
School Total School Total
Newington College 220 Newington College 584
Shore School 280.5 Shore School 574
St Ignatius’ College 387 St Ignatius’ College 726
St Joseph’s College 319 St Joseph’s College 535
Sydney Grammar School 264 Sydney Grammar School 452.5
Sydney High School 155.5 Sydney High School 317.5
The Armidale School 162 The Armidale School 357.5
The King’s School 398 The King’s School 637
The Scots College 275 The Scots College 413.5
Grand Total 2461 Grand Total 4597
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Basketball - Shooting Hoops

High shows great improvement against Grammar This week of the GPS competition saw every High team play against Grammar. The results were very impressive as the number of wins increased by a fair margin compared to last year. The two results are shown below. Well done to everyone who played!

HIGH V GRAMMAR Term 4 2004

1st WIN     78-71   C. CONWAY 38
2nd     LOSS    39-61   H. WALKER 11
3rd     DRAW    29-29   P. TRIPP 7
4th     WIN     19-18   A. RANALD 6
5th     LOSS    20-42   A.TRIEU 6
6th     LOSS    8-52    T. CHONG 4
7th     LOSS    21-32   
8th     LOSS    18-20   
16A     LOSS    34-45   V. NGUYEN 8
16B     LOSS    15-21   S. WANG 6
16C     LOSS    11-24   A. WANG 5
16D     LOSS    15-19   P. MALEK 5
15A     LOSS    20-61   G. LO 6
15B     LOSS    17-34   K.LA 6
15C     LOSS    3-23    J.LU 2
15D     LOSS    2-32    R.JI 2
14A     DRAW    28-28   M. LAU 6
14B     LOSS    20-68   M. YIU 6
14C     LOSS    10-46   A. ANG 4
14D     LOSS    1-39    M. FENG 1


1st LOSS    56-73   D.SUN 20
2nd     LOSS    31-54   K.HUANG 11
3rd     LOSS    28-56   M.POPESCU 7
4th     LOSS    38-54   J.KIM 11
5th     LOSS    26-27   L.WONG 7
6th     WIN     25-10   T.LY 13
7th     LOSS    26-27   J.LU 10
8th     WIN     32-17   J.PHU 10
16A     LOSS    12-23   M.BOCK 4
16B     WIN     24-23   A.LEUNG 11
16C     LOSS    20-30   B.LEE 10
16D     LOSS    12-22   S.LIU 4
16E     WIN     30-12   B.LUNG 12
15A     WIN     38-27   J.PARK 8
15B     WIN     25-20   C.REEVES 7
15C     LOSS    9-21    S.KE 3
15D     LOSS    18-44   
15E     LOSS    13-56   B.FENG 8
14A     LOSS    12-52   J.SUTTON 4
14B     LOSS    11-16   
14C     WIN     19-8    V.VO 8
14D     LOSS    12-14   L.LI 4
14E     LOSS    11-73   I.LI 4

Score: 56-73 loss
Top Scorer: D.Sun 20
The much-anticipated first game of the GPS basketball season had finally arrived with High at home to Grammar. After many weeks of training, High were ready to show their potential and prove to be contenders in the GPS this season. The first quarter saw High and Grammar neck and neck thanks to some excellent moves by High forward Eugene Wong, who scored High’s first 5 points. This saw the teams trade baskets throughout the quarter, with the score at quarter time 15-15. The second quarter was much the same story with some excellent drives from Dale Sun and pin point shooting from guard Harry Walker and Francis Wong keeping High close to Grammar, who led 34-30 at half time. However, the third quarter saw Grammar take the game away from High with the 21-8 run. Intelligent passing and clever cuts saw them score a large number of points against High’s full court press, a huge number of turnovers from High, and several conspicuous foul calls saw Wei Zhuang, High’s big centre foul out, resulting in Grammar opening up a sizeable margin. Unfortunately, High were unable to recover from this setback, only managing to go point for point in the fourth quarter and eventually losing 73-56. However, it was extremely encouraging to see such a large High crowd coming to support the team, and though High’s performance did not do the supporters any justice, we will definitely improve on our performance next week and hope that you continue to come.
Francis Wong
1st Grade Captain

Score: 31-54 loss
Top Scorer: K.Huang 11
The game began positively with an even first quarter despite our high error rate early. Despite attempts to rectify this, Grammar’s defensive and attacking strength proved to be too dominant to overcome. The game began to slip away in the second quarter with many turnovers and a lack of defensive boards. A high foul count did not help our cause and after a fracas involving our captain and one of Grammar’s big men, the captain went to the bench at the end of the quarter with four fouls. Strong 1st halves by all debutants saw High down by a small margin at the break. The 3rd quarter proved to be decisive with inexperience costing us dearly as the eight debutants struggled to cope with the pace of the game. When the captain fouled out and Grammar’s press succeeded in containing High’s attacking game, the game was seemingly beyond us. Playing for pride in the final quarter it was pleasing to see the likes of Justin Chow, David Hu and Alex Lee step up in both attack and defence. Special mention must go to Jaffe Chiu who, like me, fouled out in the first game of the season. On a positive note however, Kenny Huang must be praised for his fine efforts throughout the game, pulling down 15 boards and scoring 10 points in an effort that surely saved us from a more unpleasant score line. We hope to achieve a more positive result next week at Scots and during the rest of the season. Good luck to all teams for their upcoming fixtures.
Michael Levy
2nd Grade Captain

Score: 12-23 loss
Top Scorer: M.Bock 4
Our first game of the season against Grammar was a highly competitive match. Although the final score line was 12-23(lost), the 16 As can walk away with their heads held high. There were many positives that came out of the match many of which were due to the debutants Ping Du and Warren Trac. These two monstrous people had limited experience but managed to totally dominate the rebounds when they were on the court, which was really amazing. Although our shooting was probably one of the major worries, we have plenty of time during the season to fine tune our shooting. Our defence especially during the first half was outstanding and all the credit goes towards the team. We made it more difficult for them to score due to the changing strategies implemented by Coach Quilter and we managed to hold them out for a significant amount of time. This is a massive improvement on last season. This is the first of many stepping stones for this young, vibrant and enthusiastic team that will soon be one of the major forces in 16s basketball.
Danny Ng
16As Captain

Score: 25-20 win
Top Scorer: C.Reeves 7
We arrived at the gym on a cold Saturday morning. Some of us were nervous, especially Cameron seeing as this was his first GPS basketball game. The Grammar side looked very impressive, but we were never intimidated. We were ready after our light warm-up and a few drills. The game started quickly, we gained possession from the tip-off and scored the first 2 points of the game. Not too long after, Jacky Li scored the only 3 pointer of the game. We were leading, but we were also panicking and playing too quickly, giving away lots of fouls and possession. Occasionally, Grammar closed down the gap, but could never obtain the lead throughout the first half. At half time, we were concerned about our number of fouls, and giving away too much possession. We reduced our fouls in the second half, but were very lazy in defence, and gave away too much possession with poor passes. There were times where Grammar almost took the lead, but we retaliated with a few baskets. Towards the end of the game they were getting desperate, trying to acquire the ball whenever it was possible, and reduce the 5 point deficit. As a result of this, many fouls were given away. The score was kept at a low throughout the whole game. Cameron, on debut, high scored with 9 points. The final score was 25–20 High being victorious. This was a very satisfying win for us, seeing as it was the first GPS game of the season. In the end, we were very proud of our performance, but we know that there is still a great need for us to improve.
Jacky Chen
15 Bs Captain

Brought to you by Francis Wong, Justin Liang and Johny Shih. Thanks to Mr Hayman
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From the Rowing MIC

The 2005-6 Rowing season has started in earnest. Our junior numbers are particularly strong with 36 rowers in the present Year 7 and 31 in the present Year 8. There are still vacancies for boys in years 9, 10 and 11 who are keen or at least interested in rowing this season. Please see Mr Barris, Mr Gainford or Mr Coan immediately.

I am pleased to announce that Blake Angell has been elected Captain of Boats and Sam Gribble is the Vice Captain of Boats. Blake has already warmed to the task and is responsible for the operation of the boatshed from the boys perspective.

We have taken delivery of two new sculls this season and they will be named at the Family Regatta in December. We have also purchased a second hand quad scull which will be named in December as well.

This Saturday is the Year 7 welcome where all Year 7 rowing parents are invited for croissants and coffee at 9am. There is another CPR course for parents and coaches on Tuesday November 8. If you are interested please contact Steve Tiedgen, President of the Rowing Committee.

Below is a copy of the Rowing Calendar up until January. A complete copy is available under Rowing, Summer Sport on the school website.

Wed 21 Row C Abbotsford
Thurs 22 Row D,E & F Abbotsford
Sat 24 Row All Groups Abbotsford
Thurs 6 Senior Selection 7 am Abbotsford
Fri 7 Senior Selection 7 am Abbotsford
Sat 8 Senior Selection 7am Abbotsford
  Row A, B & C Abbotsford
Mon 10 Row A, Erg B & C Various
Thurs 13 Senior A & B Camp Abbotsford
Tues 18 Rowing Committee Meeting 7.30pm Common Room
Thurs 20 Senior A & C Camp Abbotsford
Sat 22 Year 7 Parents Welcome 9am Abbotsford
Mon 24 Shed Erg Test School
Thurs 27 Senior A & B Camp Abbotsford
Sat 29 CPR Training Abbotsford
  Senior A Boatload for SIRC Abbotsford
Mon 31 Seat Race A & B SIRC
Thurs 3 Senior A  & B Camp Abbotsford
Tues 8 Rowing Committee Meeting 7.30pm Common Room
Thurs 10 Senior  C Camp Abbotsford
Fri 11 Senior A & B Camp Abbotsford
Sat 12 Loreto Normanhurst Regatta SIRC
  Senior A Camp Penrith
Tues 15 Rowing Committee Meeting 7.30pm Common Room
Thurs 17 Senior A & B Camp Abbotsford
Sat 19 Head of the Parramatta SRC
Thurs 24 Senior C Camp Abbotsford
Sat 26 Roseville / N Shore Regatta SIRC
Thurs 1 Senior B & C Camp Abbotsford
Sat 3 Family regatta day 11.00am Abbotsford
  BOAT NAMING Abbotsford
Mon 5 Senior A & B Camp Abbotsford
Tues 6 Senior A & B Camp Abbotsford
Wed 7 Year 10 VIIIs visit by Melbourne High Abbotsford
Thurs 8 Year 10 VIIIs visit by Melbourne High Billet
Fri 9 Year 10 VIIIs visit by Melbourne High Billet
Sat 10 Year 10 VIIIs race with Melbourne High Hen & Chicken
Sun 11 Junior F Camp Abbotsford
Mon 12 Junior D & E Camp, C Row Abbotsford
Tues 13 Seat Racing C,D,E Hen & Chicken
Wed 14 Senior A & B Camp Abbotsford
Thurs 15 Senior A & B Camp Abbotsford
Fri 16 Senior A & B Camp Abbotsford
Sat 17 Shed Race Ryde Bridge
Mon 19 Shed Ergometer School
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High Cricket Bulletin


We have finally taken the field for the 2005/06 season and I would like to extend a welcome to our new cricketers, congratulate those selected in our 1st and 2nd XIs, and wish all our cricketers a successful season.

Five teams were in action in trial matches with several of the results being encouraging, as well as identifying areas on which we need to work. Unfortunately, our worst areas were poor fielding techniques, and shot selection in the 16, 15 and 14A teams. Considering the time we spend emphasising the value of good fielding in restricting runs, creating dismissals, and the importance of keeping the ball down when batting, this was quite a disappointment. In 20 dismissals (2 teams) last Saturday, 15 of our batsmen batsmen were caught. This stems from bad habits developed whilst in the nets. Nets are for developing and practising technique, rather than for the big shots. I have always had faith in our young cricketers and I am disappointed when they let themselves down due to a lack of application.

I heard the words “we were thrashed” (a very ‘negative’ comment) from different sources when leaving the U14 match and again after the U16 game. The U14 teams lost by 54 runs, making a total of 106 chasing 160. Of the 54 run deficit, roughly 30 runs came from inconsistent bowling combined with mistakes in the field. All of this can be improved upon at training. A similar scenario occurred at the 16s match where High were all out for 97 but had given away no fewer than 45 runs chasing 223, through missed chances and fielding. From both games we have some aspects to be developed. These can be worked on (‘positive’), and the improvement over the coming weeks will be obvious.

As last weekends matches were ‘trial matches’, all captains were asked to approach it in a manner by bowling all prospective bowlers, and giving everyone a fair go, and I am pleased to say we did that, unlike our opponents. All did it admirably and we have learnt that we indeed have some promising future cricketers who with consistent coaching will become more confident in their approach. A positive comment coming from the U16As although beaten, as a team indicated they wanted to spend more time on fielding and catching that had let them down during the match. What a ‘positive’ to be identified by the team, and I congratulate them on their self-analysis and commitment to High cricket.

ADJOURNED AGM – Due to the vacation period many were unavailable for the proposed AGM last week. The meeting was postponed and will now be held next Wednesday 26th October, in room 901 of the gymnasium commencing at 6.00pm. We would like to see as many volunteers as possible wishing to support High cricket to assist our regular stalwarts.

WEBSITE – The website is now updated with the new rules including playing format which has changed for some teams. Team selections will appear on Wednesday and Thursday evenings each week after team attendances are confirmed at sport afternoons. TEAM SUPPORT ROSTERS – All players will receive a return slip at training this week for parents to indicate their availability to participate in a Team Roster for term 4. We seek your support as parents in being able on one or two dates during term 4 to act as managers and scorers. Whilst I understand scoring may appear difficult at times, we only need people to sit with the opposition scorer and ‘copy score’ if in doubt. With 12 players in each team it would mean you would only have to assist us once during the term. Please ensure that you complete the return slip, which will be handed in by the boys this weekend.

Congratulations to all High sides that took the field in the round of trial matches against Grammar last weekend. Some encouraging results were seen in all ages, as were some areas needing improvement as have been outlined earlier. Some performances of particular note belong to Ahmed and Krishnan of the 15As who between them put on one third of their team total. There were also some outstanding performances in the 16As – Ratnayake (37), Lochner (13), Peranathan (11), Desai (2/34) and Sutton (1/37). It should be reminded that the senior coaches are always looking at the performances of the rest of High cricket. You never know, you could end up in 2nds or 1sts by the end of the season!

In the 2nd XI match at Weigall on Saturday the 2nds were given their first taste of the senior level. Made to bowl first, High struggled to find their line and length and were punished by some extremely positive hitting from the Grammar openers. Eventually our bowlers adapted to conditions and the run rate was pulled back, but the damage had already been done. Grammar went on to score 233 from their 45 overs. The bowling of George and Prentice-Davidson, along with skipper Blaxell was complimented by the Grammar coach, as was the fielding generally. It was a big ask chasing such a score and the boys aimed to just bat with purpose and see how they fared. At 4/100 it was decided to have a go at the target. But after a few quick wickets from some poor shot selection, High batted out their overs. A number of positives resulted from the game. Firstly, the ability of the side to adapt to various situations, and secondly, the application with the bat which has usually been a problem with cricket at High. Grammar 5/233 (George 2/40) defeated High 7/153 (Vithanage 55, Prentice-Davidson 24*, George 19*).

At McKay the 1st XI seemed to struggle a little with the pressure applied by the Grammar batsmen. Needing early wickets, the High boys lapsed in concentration at crucial stages with misfields and poor line and length in their bowling. Grammar only lost 6 wickets in achieving their 164 from 50 overs. Jeyendra bowled extremely well and showed good form for the matches ahead finishing with the figures of 2/14 from 10 overs, with 6 maidens. In the batting High struggled not so much through shot selection, but through poor execution of their shots. Grammar capitalised on every mistake, restricting High and eventually dismissing them for 75. Jeyendra starred with the bat also, showing that he is now a true all-rounder. The firsts will have been working extremely hard this week in an attempt to get back on track. They are a quality cricket side, with plenty of experience at the 1st and 2nd grade level, and I’m sure we will see a better result this weekend when results begin to influence the competition. Grammar 6/164 (Jeyendra 2/14) defeated High 10/75 (Jeyendra 31) KJL

Question 5:
Which international cricketer has scored the highest number of Test runs without making a Test century? Email your name & answer to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Answer 4: The five schools that compete annually at the ‘Five Highs’ cricket tournament are Sydney High School, Melbourne High School, Adelaide High School, Brisbane State High School, and Kent St Senior High School (Perth).
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State of the Arts

AMEB Music Exam Results:
Congratulations to the following boys for their outstanding results in their recent

AMEB Music Exams:

Clarinet Grade 1: Edward Sun, Leon Wang
Clarinet Grade 2: Benjamin Li
Clarinet Grade 3: Tam Mai
Clarinet Grade 6: Jeremy Ireland, Matthew Wong
Saxophone Grade 2: Ding Yan, Julien Ubaldi, Matthew Fong, Kaiwen Su, Bailey Yan, Hareshan Karunakaran
Saxophone Grade 5: Gareth Deacon
Saxophone Grade 6: Victor Wei
Piano Grade 8: Jeremy Ireland

Congratulations to Caillin Mckay who performed at the Opera House last Sunday for the Suzuki Violin Graduation.

From the Music Committee
Dear Music Families, Firstly, a HUGE thank you to the people who came and helped on Saturday morning- Barbara Taylor, Scott Umbers, Ann Kurts, Douglas Latto and Duncan (Yr 7), Mary Myerscough and Alison, Paula Masselos, Christina Chow and a special thanks to Samson Lou (Yr 10) and Lachlan Deacon (Yr 10) who stayed for many hours above and beyond the call of duty. It was a very chaotic parking day as there were events going on at various locations around the school- well done to all of you. We netted $2612.

We have another parking this Friday evening for a soccer game at the stadium. Here is the chance for all those people who regretted that they were unable to help on Saturday! I will need a couple of people from 5 P.M., but others could come after work at around 6 P.M. for an 8P.M. kick-off time. I probably need about 8 people all up.

Please let me know by email or phone if you are available- some people have said their emails to me have been bouncing back.

My phone numbers are 9580 3001 at home and my mobile is 0418 230 985. Many thanks, Katharine Deacon Music Committee Parking Co-ordinator

Don’t forget music committee meeting Monday October 24th 6.00pm

Spring Concerts Coming Up
Friday November 4th 6.30pm
Spring Music Concert in the Great Hall. Featuring the concert bands guitar ensembles, vocal ensembles, junior string orchestra and symphony orchestra.

Sunday November 6th 3.00pm
Featuring all the Jazz Bands in the courtyard. Bring your picnic rug, food and drinks for an enjoyable afternoon of Jazz in the courtyard.

Book your tickets now to take advantage of the High Notes readers’ early bird price of only $10 per person for both concerts. ($20 per family)

Please hand to school office before 9.00am Tuesday October 25th.
Spring Music Concert and Picnic ticket order form.
____________(amount tickets)       $___________total cost.
$10.00 per person, $20.00 per family before 9.00am Tuesday October 25th.
Student name______________________________ Roll___________
Type of Payment:   Cheque___       Cash ___ B/Card___      M/Card ___  Visa___
                Payable to SBHS
Name on Card________________________________ Expiry date___ ___/___ ___
Contact Phone Number________________________________
Card No. ___ ___ ___ ___     ___ ___ ___ ___     ___ ___ ___ ___     ___ ___ ___ ___
Total Amount $______________ Signature____________________________

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Coffee Drive For New Library

We need to raise some serious funds for the New Library and Performing Arts Space.

Elbon is a high quality, freshly roasted and ground coffee for you to enjoy whilst raising funds to improve your son’s school facilities.

We are asking all families to attempt to sell 3 kg of coffee to workmates, friends and family.

Order forms home next week

Last orders taken November 15 end of lunch

Delivery will be on 17-18 November
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