High Notes, Vol 6 No 30, October 14 2005

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From the Principal

Welcome Back to Term 4
A special welcome is extended to our new staff member Ms Rowena Barr who joins our English Department from North Sydney Boys High. I trust everyone had a restful break and is ready to engage with the important tasks of term 4.

High Talent
Congratulations to Phillip Roser and Anthony Ho who represented High at the Duke of Edinburgh banner Parade at Victoria Barracks on the AFL grand final day. The boys did us proud. It was an impressive ceremony with 180 cadets on parade and 50 or so in the combined band. The Governor General and an array of military and political officials were in attendance. The event demonstrated the integrated nature of the Australian Army cadets with a large proportion of cadets on parade being female.

Well done too to Joel Ninyo (18 years shot - 5th) and James Barker (17 years 1500m -4th, 3000m - 4th) for representing High at the NSW All Schools Track and Field Championships during the holidays.

Preliminary Course Completion
Some Year 11 students were shocked to discover that sitting their Preliminary examinations at the end of last term was not the end of their responsibilities for course completion. ‘N’ award interviews were held with students having to follow a process in order to try and save their courses. Let me remind all boys in Years 10 and 11, unresolved warning letters will lead to an ‘N’ award determination by the Principal. The moral of the story is – get the work done that is set by your teacher. Do not ask if it is for assessment. Assume that if you do not do it then there will be negative consequences.

Year 10 Assembly
To start off the term Year 10 boys were reminded of our expectations from them for the next four terms. I have decided on the curriculum for Year 11 2006 with 202 selection sheets submitted to Mr Dowdell. Drama has too few applicants to be viable. Studies of Religion will be preserved for the time being to await the last few enrolment offers. Very few students were asked to rechoose courses at this stage. Extension English will be taken by all Year 11 boys. Extension mathematics was taken by student choice. Half a dozen students opted out of mathematics altogether.

Year 10 was reminded that Prefect aspirants for 2007 needed to be satisfying Special Award requirements by term 3 2005. Also, no suspensions from school or class can be tolerated. A high standard of school dress is required for Prefect contenders. This particularly includes doing up collars and pushing ties up to the neck! Satisfactory attendance, punctuality and progress must be maintained. School references will reflect less than school standard attendance and punctuality. Boys who captained teams in 2005 were reminded to submit their reports for The Record. Their Clearance Forms in late November will have that obligation inserted.

Summer Sports Assembly
We were privileged to have as our special guest, Mr Mark Worthington, current Boomer and Sydney Kings player. He spoke of his small town upbringing in Western Australia, of his passion for basketball, and of his balancing of academics and sport during his American College basketball career. My speech is reprinted below:

“Welcome to staff, special guest Mr Mark Worthington, coaches, parents and students. This is our inaugural preseason summer sports assembly. We normally wait until the beginning of Term 1 to hold our summer sports assembly because the only sport to start competition in term 4 used to be cricket, with its two day matches. The situation has changed and we are responding to the new reality.

"After many years of lobbying by MICs, the AAGPS Committee recommended to the GPS Heads Committee that the basketball competition should convert to a two-round contest with home and away fixtures. This arrangement was trialled in 2004-5 with great success in my view. However, several Heads wanted to revert to the previous arrangement because the preparation time needed for basketball teams extended the season into term 3 and intruded into the athletics season. In addition, the Christmas holiday break was used by teams to go on tours to prepare teams for term 1 competition. New enrolments in term 1 had to be fitted into teams where warranted. These complications made running a two term competition more difficult.

"In a letter to the GPS Heads before their last meeting I argued strongly in favour of the new system because:
a) it provided a home and away format that negated home court advantage
b) in previous seasons the trial games were played against the same schools, in the same format, with the same intensity, but in term 4 2004 with more atmosphere and purpose because they counted
c) student participation in the sport was greater this year, due in part because more spectator support was inspirational, particularly in Term 4
d) the sport enjoyed a higher profile in the school during the extended season – it built up momentum
e) injured players had time to recover between terms and had significant game time over the extended season
f) rumoured advantages such as imported players, overseas tours and extended camps during the Christmas holidays were somewhat neutralised by the extended season
g) it made participation in knock out competitions such as the Raschke Cup less significant.

"My argument in essence was that the game ought to be organised for the players, not for the convenience of individual schools. The pros and cons of the two arrangements were debated and a resolution was agreed to that affirmed the two round competition. The teams would compete for the Raschke Cup over the season and there would be no separate knockout for the Raschke Cup, thereby shortening the season by one week. I was very comfortable with the decision taken by the GPS Heads.

"Given that basketball is our major summer sport with 280 competing and Year 7 2006 yet to come; and that 154 players have signed up for cricket, it seems obvious that we really need an assembly such as this to recognise, inspire and motivate our teams before the competition commences.

"I must admit that while an overall 76% voluntary participation rate in competitive sport is admirable, I am disappointed that 91 seniors opted for the soft option of softball. Sports training sessions and Friday night or Saturday competition make up a way of life at our school. Students learn to plan their lives around exercise. I become irritated by arguments that boys cannot play sports because it will interfere with their studies. Quite the reverse is true – it will enhance their capacity to concentrate and sustain mental effort as well as making them feel more relaxed and ready to engage in sedentary intellectual activity. It is particularly important to have regular strenuous exercise while studying in your final two years of secondary schooling.

"I exhort more of you to get involved in teams and take two sports each year. I want every possible team filled. We need more Year 9 boys out there as rowers and cricketers for next year. My bench mark is at least 80% of boys get involved in competitive team sports.

"There are complications associated with having a two-term competition spread over two calendar years. The major effect is on the short athletics season held prior to the summer competition. There is obviously going to be pressure from MICs of Basketball and cricket to get their teams into shape at least four weeks before the season starts. However, the athletics season must be respected and training for athletics needs to come first. Also, Year 11 boys have Preliminary final examinations in the last weeks of term 3 so their focus is rightly on preparation for those.

"Like in later life balancing work and leisure or family will require negotiation, consideration and self-discipline, so it is now with school work and sport. You have to prioritise your activities and be assertive about what you can and cannot manage. That is not to say that all these activities cannot be managed. Our best organised, highly motivated students do it year after year.

"Everything that we do at school is educational. Managing time is critical. Setting goals, fulfilling commitments and forming friendships through team effort are life skills. High Old Boys are versatile, capable and confident because they can handle multiple expectations.

"Your self-confidence is a precursor of your achievement. You will never know what you could have done if you always only watch others doing it or exclaim that it is too hard or too time consuming or involves too much travel. We are here to take on challenges, not to avoid them.

"I congratulate the teams being presented here this morning. It is a proud moment when recognised as representing your school. Value your shirt or cap. Honour it by giving 100% effort in every match. Good luck to all teams this summer.”
Dr K Jaggar
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Science News

This fortnight’s science quiz; open to anyone.

Last month, David Martill of the University of Portsmouth addressed the British Association for the Advancement of Science festival. His subject was the discovery of fossils of a dinosaur that was 'the biggest creatures ever to fly’.

1. Identify the name and size of this dinosaur.

He compared them to a World War 2 fighter called a Spitfire.

2. Explain why he used this comparison.
3. Contrast the structure of birds with that of the flying dinosaur.
4. Outline other features of the flying dinosaur that make it suitable for flying.

(a Google search using key words will find the relevant internet site)

Result of the great “time for 500mls of water to evaporate” estimating competition

- David Gu (7R) 10 weeks. Well done!

C Darwin
(Guest compiler)

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From Science

Astronomy Night
We are planning an Astronomy night, weather permitting on Monday night, 17 October. There will be a partial eclipse of the moon happening between 9:30 and 10:30 pm which we will be viewing. Students interested in coming along should register with Mr Kay.
M Kay
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From Chess

The annual Scots College Chess Invitational was held on the last Wednesday of third term with 35 teams from all over Sydney competing. High sent just the one team (Declan McCrea-Steele, Derek Trang, Nema Adel) and they performed brilliantly, winning the Junior division (yrs 7-9) and finishing equal third (fourth on count back) in the Open section. Scots presented the boys with gold medals.
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Attention All Fencers and Parents

At the end of season fencing stock-take a large number of fencing items were missing. These fencing masks, jackets, under-plastrons and foils might still be at your home, so please check thoroughly and promptly return all borrowed fencing gear to the school.
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Year 7 Parents Dinner

WHEN: Tuesday, October 18.
WHERE: Maya Sweets, 472, Cleveland Street, Surry Hills, Sydney 2010.
TIME: 6.30pm PARKING: Limited on-street parking on Bourke and Crown Streets. Easier to park at Coles, Surry Hills, corner of Cleveland & Baptist Streets
BYO: Drinks
COST: Approximately $20 each.
RSVP: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 9331 2767 by COB October 15, 2005.
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A Special Note for Year 12 Parents

On Friday, 11 November, 2005 (6.30pm – 8.30pm) parents of Year 11 will host a cocktail party to farewell parents of Year 12 on behalf of the P&C and the whole school family.

The function will provide an opportunity to say your farewells to each other and the school in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere and for the P&C to say thank you to you for the input you have had in the school over the last 6 years, particularly with the establishment of the Year Parent Groups and the Welcome Party for Year 7 Parents which were both instigated and nurtured by your Year group.

You will receive a personal invitation to the function shortly, but in the meantime, please put this date in your diary so you can plan to be there.

We look forward to seeing you at the function.
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Words Of Wisdom

“I must learn to love the fool in me - the one who feels too much, talks too much, takes too many chances, wins sometimes and loses often, lacks self-control, loves and hates, hurts and gets hurt, promises and breaks promises, laughs and cries. It alone protects me against that utterly self-controlled, masterful tyrant whom I also harbour and who would rob me of human aliveness, humility and dignity but for my fool.”
(Theodore Rubin 1923 - )

“The problem is not that there are problems. The problem is expecting otherwise and thinking that having problems is a problem.”
(Theodore Rubin 1923 - )

“The possession of facts is knowledge, the use of them is wisdom.”
(Thomas Jefferson 1743-1826)
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Rowing Committee Meeting 13 September, 2005

1. Present: Steve Tiedgen, Con Barris, Josephine Hui, Barry Shuttleworth, Antoinette Farrow, Craig Phillis, Sue Udall, Vikki Angell, Grace Reid.

2. Apologies: Liz Hurrell, Andrea Freiman

3. Minutes of previous meeting, AGM 16 August, 2005 Some minor spelling errors were noted for amendment prior to submission to P&C. Further, the date of the New Rowing Parents’ Welcome should read 22/10/05. Next AGM to be announced on 2006 school calendar. The name of proposed BBQ co-ordinator to be removed, pending acceptance of the position. Committee to note and advise any further errors prior to formal acceptance at next AGM. AGM Minutes to be presented unendorsed to P&C at this stage.

4. Matters Arising From Minutes The proposal by David Luscombe re rainwater tanks is probably a matter for the OCMC and will be discussed in the future.

5. Treasurer’s Report (in absentia) Estimated balance in the account as at 1/9/05 (prior to receipt of bank statement) is $1027.00. Payments made include auditing fees of $990.00 as well as bank fees, Vodaphone payments and an outstanding payment to a parent of $178.00 Accounts and a final report have been forwarded to Mary Sinclair who co-ordinates reports to the P&C. Parking payment held up due to small problem with bank, but should be in account within next few days. Liz will be back on 15 September, if there are any questions.

6. Rowing Master’s Report The calendar has undergone some amendment. New version (B), which comes in two formats to suit all purposes, to be emailed out to all rowing contacts. The new calendar will also appear on the school website. Variations are as follows:

  • Rowing to start once athletics is finished.
  • The St Kevins trip is no longer on.
  • The selection camp will no longer be an overnighter.
  • The first overnight camp is 13 October.
  • There will be additional camps at SIRC, staying at Nepean Shores.
  • The Year 7 parent welcome is to be held on 22 October when the presence of all members of the committee will be required to show new parents around.

Con noted that we lost a quad last season which we will be able to replace thanks to the donation of a new Year 12 student family. The question of insurance was raised. Con explained that our insurance is such that a claim can only be made when the item is replaced and we must have it replaced by early October. This should be possible.

CPR training for new parents has been set for Saturday 29 October, during the day. It was noted that it is an Occupational Health & Saftey requirement that all fathers on camp duty should be trained in CPR and this should be updated every 12 months. The Royal Lifesavers are preferred over St Johns as they provide an upgrade service as well as training from scratch. Mothers are of course also welcome to do the course. Steve to put up a notice in the Outterside Centre re the timing of the course.

Boat naming. We are going to have two new sculls and a quad to name and the choice of probably two occasions for the ceremony – either the Family Twilight (now Daylight) Regatta or Year 7 Parents Welcome. Of the two, it was felt the Family Regatta Day was the more appropriate. More later.

Con noted that the next committee meetings would be held on 18 October (ahead of the parents’ welcome) and 15 November (ahead of the Family Regatta). The December meeting would probably be on a Saturday, most likely 10 December. Then 14 February (Barry in charge) and March 7 for the next meetings, with the AGM on a Tuesday in August, to be advised.

Parking has earned $24,500 so far, with the next scheduled parking night 17 September, which is not expected to be a big money maker.

7. Outterside Centre Issues Graham Hurrell is to be the new OCMC representative, pending final approval by the P&C. He was to have been proposed at last meeting by Marilyn Mittelhauser and although it is not certain, we have to assume that the nomination has gone ahead at this point. Bob Outterside would also be pleased at this result as Graham is suitably qualified for the role.

A new security procedure is being proposed for the Outterside Centre, involving having a personalised P.I.N. No objections to this system in principle but plenty of warning needs to be given about implementation.

Re-decoration work current and/or imminent:

  • The Gymnasium has been moved at the OCMC’s request, from the “up-river” to the “down-river” side.
  • Signage has been approved and new fans ordered. The old ones will be removed soon. Construction of the coaches’ room is also happening soon.
  • The old ventilation system in the dorms is coming out soon.
  • The lattice arrangement hiding the rubbish etc will be installed soon.
  • Skylights have to go in upstairs.

All the above will no doubt cause disruption over the coming months which we will have to work around.

There has been a delay on the Honour Boards, but names should finally go up this week. Con is to confer with Bob Outterside on the suggestion that Ben Ingle puts up the “Eights” photos.

Jason, who runs the weights room, has offered to re-assemble and properly install the gymnasium. A letter of thanks for his time would be appropriate. Steve will write.

David Daish has pumped out the old pontoon and cleaned the surface.

Dr Jaggar would like the minutes of all committee meetings to appear in the High Notes.

Many committee members felt that the school website would be a more appropriate place for minutes to appear, given the boys are encouraged to read the High Notes and might be put off by copious quantities of rumination and minutiae.

Judith proposed formalisation of rules for the Outterside Centre, given its presentation will be increasingly important for outside hiring purposes. She suggested some guidelines for behaviour might be drawn up. Sometimes the father of the night is unsure of what is expected of the boys.

It was felt a folder of guidelines for the BBQ parents and the camp cooking parents was a good idea. Some of these guidelines already exist but may need to be properly collated. Steve will find existing documents and create a folder to place in Kitchen.

Steve and Con conceded the boys can be messy, but this is partly due to there being nowhere for the boys to put their clothes but on the floor anyway. Written rules tend not to be read by teenage boys. Con was of the opinion that a lack of written rules was more in keeping with the school’s ethos, and assured the meeting that verbal guidelines on behaviour were always given. In any case, the dorms were supposed to be locked if the Centre was being used for other purposes.

8. Catering Report Antoinette Farrow accepted the role of Catering Co-ordinator. Food storage needs to be organized as upstairs area no longer suitable. Steve will attempt to make some room in the Rowing Committee Storage Room. A catering group needs to be organized. It was suggested that an email needs to go out urging senior rower parents to become involved in the catering process. We are waiting for a final list of rowers from Con. First BBQ to be held 24 September, which is the first day of Saturday rowing.

9. President’s Report The Principal expects that the voluntary contribution from rowing parents, initiated last season in the context of the Ascham proposal, should be continued. Steve tabled a draft letter outlining the nature of the voluntary contribution and to what purposes it would be used, ie: to channel funds into rowing related upkeep of the centre, like the old pontoon. It was suggested that although the voluntary nature of the contribution (to be maintained at $200 as last season) was to be indicated, we should not labour the point. Con stressed that it was important to him that no boy should miss out on rowing in the belief that he couldn’t afford it. The concept of a voluntary contribution was universally endorsed by the meeting, but the draft would be brought back to a future meeting for final approval.

10. General Business All positions vacant at AGM have now been filled:
OCMC rep – Graham Hurrell
Parking co-ordinator – Andrea Freiman
BBQ co-ordinator – Craig Phillis

Term 4 Camps and Rosters. Final lists of participants should be available by the end of the week, so rosters can then be drawn up.

11. Date of Next Meeting The next meeting is to be held on 18 October, 2005 at 7.30pm in the old staff room.
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Basketball - Shooting Hoops


  • Thank you to Mark Worthington, player of The Sydney Kings for speaking on Wednesday morning at the Summer Sports Assembly. It spread the words and increased enthusiasm about basketball in the school.
  • Thank you to Jason Tassell, Mr Hayman, Vince Saloman and George Krastev for their excellent effort over the holidays in helping the basketball program develop speed, agility, body composition and skill.

GPS Week 1: Vs. Grammar
All teams are having their 1st GPS game this Saturday against Grammar. Best of luck to every team. 1st grade currently has a record of 14 wins and 3 losses leading into the season. They’ll be playing in our gym at 11:15 having won one and lost one against Grammar last season.


Coaching Staff:
This season loyal basketballers are being rewarded with outstanding coaching staff. John Quilter will be coaching the 16s. John has international playing experience and coaches youth league at Northern Suburbs. Tim Seccombe will be coaching the 15s. Tim played for Australia as a school boy and has played at WABL level. Kei Onuma is coaching the 14s. Kei recently won the gold medal at the Australian university games representing Macquarie University at Basketball. Every team is also under the guidance of Mr Hayman and Hank Foster who has played professionally in many countries.

Why play High Basketball:
Remember most High basketball players recommend basketball because it gives them a chance to have fun, it doesn’t take all your weekend and you are part of a social team whilst supporting the school at the same time. If that’s what you also want, then play basketball!


  • • All age captains please submit your match reports to Mr Hayman by Monday so that they can be published onto the High notes. All coaches to email results by Monday also.
  • The High basketball website http://www.sydneyhigh.org.au/basketball/ will have the match reports/ scores/ statistics on once the results are in. Check regularly to not miss events!

~Brought to you by Francis Wong and Johny Shih. Thanks to Mr Hayman
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State of the Arts

Spring Concerts Coming Up
Friday November 4th 6.30pm
Spring Music Concert in the Great Hall. Featuring the concert bands guitar ensembles, vocal ensembles, junior string orchestra and symphony orchestra.

Sunday November 6th 3.00pm
Featuring all the Jazz Bands in the courtyard. Bring your picnic rug, food and drinks for an enjoyable afternoon of Jazz in the courtyard.

Book your tickets now to take advantage of the High Notes readers’ early bird price of only $10 per person for both concerts. ($20 per family)

Please hand to music staff before 9.00am Tuesday October 25th.
Spring Music Concert and Picnic ticket order form.
____________(amount tickets)       $___________total cost.
$10.00 per person, $20.00 per family before 9.00am Tuesday October 25th.
Student name______________________________ Roll___________
Ensemble_____________________________ Instrument__________
Type of Payment:   Cheque___       Cash ___ B/Card___      M/Card ___  Visa___
                Payable to Music Committee
Name on Card________________________________ Expiry date___ ___/___ ___
Contact Phone Number________________________________
Card No. ___ ___ ___ ___     ___ ___ ___ ___     ___ ___ ___ ___     ___ ___ ___ ___
Total Amount $______________ Signature____________________________

More Performances on the calendar

October 21st – 22nd Knox Grammar Tattoo
October 24th 6.00pm Music committee Meeting
October 27th 9.00 – 11.00 year 8 Jazz Band performs at the Daceyville Big Band Bash.
November 11th Senior Jazz Band and String Orchestra perform at the parents function.
November 22nd – 26th School Spectacular- Marching Band and Orchestra.
December 4th Music Awards Dinner and Tutors Concert 6.00pm. All ensemble members to attend.
December 5th – 9th Music Tutors Soiree week. All students are expected to perform a solo or small group item.
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From PD/H/PE - Fitness Assessment Sept. 2005

The second fitness assessment for 2005 has been completed by the junior students. The most important assessment is the 1.6km run for cardiovascular endurance.

For an assessment of 90% or better, a student was required to run the 1.6km in a time of 6 mins 30 secs, approximately, depending on the age of the student. An assessment of 50% or better, required a time of between 7 and 8 minutes, depending on age. A result of 10% or less means the 1.6km run was completed in a time greater than 9 mins 30 seconds.

There were some outstanding performances again this semester including

  • Keiran Taylor (7R) 5m 55s
  • Sam Darcy (7E) 6m 18s
  • Cameron Reeves (8.1) 5m 35s
  • Daniel Lo (8.5) 6m 10s
  • Matthew Fsadni (9.4); and
  • Danny Fu (9.1) 5m 50s
  • Quan Nguyen (10.4) 5m 29s; and
  • Mitch Kelly (10.2) 5m 43s

* Fastest time held by Paul Watzlaff of 5m 00s set in 2003.

Each student in Years 7-9 should have a copy of the fitness assessment schedule including the results for February 2005 in their PDHPE theory books. Parents are encouraged to review their son’s 2005 results with them.

1.6km results for 2005

No. of students in each percentile band
Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10
Feb Sept Feb Sept Feb Sept Feb Sept
90 – 99 2 20 2 17 11 21 24 27
80 – 89 6 8 7 11 17 21 10 21
70 – 79 0 6 4 8 13 17 18 16
60 – 69 11 16 9 20 16 20 13 18
50 – 59 11 13 13 16 19 11 19 18
40 – 49 13 11 15 17 10 24 19 9
30 – 39 11 21 22 15 28 15 31 22
20 – 29 24 27 37 32 38 16 16 14
10 – 19 61 39 40 33 12 13 14 20
0 – 9 30 12 24 11 15 9 12 4
Non-starters 11 7 7 0 1 13 4 11

Mean results for each year group, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005.

  Feb 02 Oct 02 Feb 03 Oct 03 Feb 04 Oct 04 Feb 05 Sept 05
Year 10 53% 60% 65% 72% 58% 63% 56% 62%
Year 9 59% 70% 45% 58% 47% 52% 49% 60%
Year 8 44% 54% 41% 52% 38% 57% 36% 49%
Year 7 32% 43% 31% 43% 26% 44% 32% 46%

G. Stein

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