High Notes, Vol 6 No 3, February 18 2005

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From the Principal
High Notes Change of Address
From Debating
Australian Business Week
Year 7 Welcome Party
The China Experience Program

From the Principal

Staff Roles
Mr Gainford has accepted the position of Secretary of the AAGPS, an important and time consuming post. He has resigned as Prefects Coordinator. Mr Clay Kesting, a very experienced teacher and student welfare practitioner, will take over from Mark on Monday. I would like to thank Mr Gainford for his many years of dedication to our leadership program. He has been a very positive influence on many young men. Mr Tom Dolan, one of our senior social sciences teachers, will take up the new role of Talent Development Coordinator. His brief will be to chair the Talent Development Committee, manage its budget, facilitate the implementation of the new Gifted and Talented Policy at High, provide advice and mentoring to subject accelerants, supervise the recording of results and the management of Individual Education Plans and provide an overview of structured interventions on behalf of gifted boys. Mr Selway having transferred, his role as Debating Coordinator has been taken over permanently by Jocelyn Brewer in Social Science. I thank Jocelyn for her work in term 4 last year when she relieved in the role and I look forward to her leadership this year in debating development at High. Francesca Gazzola in English has agreed to take on the new role of Public Speaking Coordinator. She will be nurturing our public speakers and grooming them for competitions. Francesca has also taken on Peer Mediation Coordinator as a student welfare role. I urge more staff members, students and parents to consider Peer Mediation as an effective procedure for resolving issues between students. Early intervention can often limit the extent of interpersonal conflicts.

Foundation Day Committee
The school wants to celebrate its founding in a different way from now on. Our Foundation Day assembly in October is a very important event in our calendar. Prefects are inducted, our traditions are lauded and our hopes for the future of the institution are stated. I need a small group to take on this job of organising the assembly. Theme, guest speaker, music, program etc. It would be great if teachers, students, parents and Old Boy were represented on this organising committee. Please contact me if you are interested.

High Talent
Swimming Age Champions this year were: Brian Kelly (12), Jeffrey Jiang (13), Muhamed Mehmedbasic (14), Anton Komarov / Joseph Lai (15), Andrew Reis (16), Ellis Louie (17). Great job boys!

Cricketers snare competition points
Victories in all three senior grades gave our cricketers a lift after their games against Scots concluded last Saturday. Third grade had a good win. Our second XI set Scots target at 6-228 and bowled them out for 121. Their opponents avoided defeat at 5-133 at stumps. The 1st. XI could not press home their advantage on the first innings as Scots fought back to give our boys a smell of outright victory by declaring at 8-213. High held on to take the first innings points with a shaky 7-140 at the close of play.

Tennis and basketball at Kings
Third grade basketball had a narrow but satisfying victory at the Kings gym last Saturday. Second grade fought hard against a big team who thought basketball was rugby with a round ball. Few calls by the referees in contests for the ball made the game quite rough. Some panic during throw-ins and bringing the ball up to half way resulted in several costly turnovers before half time. Kings grabbed a 10 point lead which they held onto for the rest of the game, running out winners 52-40. First grade started off with a bang, taking the early lead and denying Kings possession and easy shots. The discipline fell away in the second quarter, allowing Kings to go to the break 48-30 ahead. Despite a spirited third quarter come back which closed the gap to a few points, Kings powered home to win comfortably 87-68.

In tennis, second grade had a welcome 11-1 victory, but first grade had a harder time of it at the terrific new tennis court complex at Kings. Dejan and Mitchell proved a powerful doubles combination as did Brian and Peter. Our top three singles players were not really troubled but the second trio of Kings players were tenacious. High came away with a 9-3 result putting us behind Riverview on the points table and needing a big win soon.

Planning for the future
On the school's website at sydneyboyshigh.com click on "About" on the navigation bar. A power point display of the Strategic Plan 2004-2006 is available for your perusal and feedback. The school's Management Plan 2005 is posted at the same location. These files take a few seconds to load. I commend them to you.

Vending Machines
Continued disrespect by students has seen significant damage done to the vending machines supplied as a service to our boys. Senior boys were observed stealing product from one of the vending machines. As a consequence I have asked that the vending machines be removed. I hope the vast majority of students will see the need to self-regulate in respect of vending services. If they are abused, they will be removed.

Coca-Cola phase out
In line with the Healthy Canteen Policy, High will phase out Coca-Cola over the counter sales at the end of the term. We are investigating a range of approved soft drink lines and juices to be offered for sale in Term 2. Boys are encouraged to consider their diets in the context of study and sport. Less sugar will be beneficial to most boys.
Dr K Jaggar
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High Notes Change of Address


Please note all emails for High Notes after February 25 issue should be sent to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

I will no longer be Editor of the High Notes as I will be on long service leave until October and will be retiring after that It has been a pleasure to have been a part of this magazine and a part of Sydney Boys High School for the last 26 years. I wish everyone the best and hope to see you from time to time when I visit the school
Sue McGuinness
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From Debating

The Annual General Meeting of the Debating Support Group will be held on: Monday 21st February at 6:30pm in the Staff Common Room.

All parents of boys in debating from Years 7 - 12 are urged to attend.
Megan Morgan
DSG President.

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Australian Business Week

Towards the end of last year Sydney High gave me the opportunity to participate in the annual Australian Business Week camp. Hosted on campus at the University of Sydney, the camp is a big event on the University calendar, with the support of countless Australian corporations. Thousands of schools sent in one applicant hoping to take part, and after a lengthy selection process eighty were chosen. I was fortunate enough to be selected as one of the eighty.

The camp consisted of a five-day stay at the University, with a combination of activities all geared towards giving business students "hands on" experience in operating a real business. We were split into eight separate teams, and the students competed against each other throughout the week, measured by the success of the hypothetical multi-million dollar manufacturing company we ran over the five days. The businesses worked against each other in a simulated market, and running the business required spending decisions to be made three times a day over a wide variety of areas. Well-planned decisions were rewarded by a higher share price, poor choices caused share price dives and embarrassment for the team.

As the elected CEO of my group, much of each day was spent taking notes at lectures on different areas of business operation, and spending break periods figuring out how we were meant to apply it to the simulated share price game. This was on top of preparing an oral presentation, a written report that explained our spending decisions over the period of the camp, and a trade display, all of which needed to be finished by the last day of camp.

The last day was spent being marked on all of our work, and then waiting for the evening where the winning teams were announced and prizes were handed out. My team did well, raising our share price by over 800% (as I proudly stated during the oral presentation), but were beaten by two other teams who had dramatic share price hikes at the end of the game.

But in truth, I won't remember the camp by the work we had to do, but by the friendships made, and in general the amazing experience that was ABW week. The hours spent in the conference rooms laughing at our mistakes, outside playing sport with the other groups, and the night time activities (including trivia and a particularly strange karaoke night). I'd recommend anyone to participate in future ABW events, or any kind of extra curricular activities for that matter. You'll make friends with people you wouldn't have otherwise gotten to know, possibly ones you'll know for the rest of your life. I know I did.
Mitchell Seow, 12M
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Year 7 Welcome Party


Thank you to all those parents and staff who have already responded to our invitation to the Welcome Party to be held on Thursday, 24 February, 6pm - 8pm in the Great Hall.

If you have misplaced your invitation, simply send an envelope to the school office as soon as possible marked Welcome Party, with a note indicating the number of people wishing to attend.

The Welcome Night is a unique opportunity to meet your son's school family in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. It is well worth coming and meeting some of the people who help make High such a great school for our boys to attend.

Please return your RSVP as soon as possible to enable us to estimate attendance numbers.

We look forward to seeing you at the function.
Toni Lindeback
On behalf of the Year 8 P&C Group

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The China Experience Program

The China Experience program is offered to students studying Chinese at high school. It is funded by the Australia China Council to promote interest in China among Australian students and focuses on language skills and cultural awareness in China.

I was fortunate enough to receive one of these scholarships and spent a month in China during the summer holidays with nine other students.

Firstly we had short stays in Shanghai, the most modern Chinese city and in Beijing where we had the opportunity to see the Great Wall, Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. But our main stay was in Guilin, one of the most scenic cities in China.

We attended the Number One Guilin Middle School for three weeks and each stayed with one student from that school. My homestay buddy was a year 10 student Jiang Chen. We attended the Chinese students' music and English classes as well as having some Chinese lessons of our own. The music classes were completely different to those in our school. They hardly had any instruments so most of their activities involved singing. The English classes were extremely technical. They studied some very difficult and philosophical documents and grammar was strongly emphasized. However, to my surprise, many Chinese students attained a very high standard of English. My buddy's English was extremely good and we spoke 70% in English and 30% in Chinese.

The Chinese classes were fairly easy and did not offer a lot of challenges. However, we were able to practice our speaking and listening skills in a Chinese environment during our homestay and various activities.

In China, I realised how lucky we were in Australia. Though Jiang's parents were both doctors, he lived in one of the simplest apartments I had ever seen. There was no decorations at all and no signs of technology other than a computer and a television. Jiang did not have many possessions, just the things he needed for school. The shower was just above the squat toilet which was outside the main building.

Everyone's homestays had homes similar to Jiang's and it was noted that our buddies were the better off students in China. This was a huge shock for all of us as our buddy's homes were even below the standards of the lower classes of Australia. We all realised how truly fortunate we were. Furthermore, there were frequent power blackouts, air pollution was severe and it was crowded everywhere.

We enjoyed our trip immensely, making great friends and learning many things about Chinese culture. We were strangers before this program and have become great friends and sadly we all went our separate ways. However, each of us took with us the knowledge that we were extremely lucky to be living in Australia and an increased first hand experience of a living China where everything is progressing at an extremely fast pace. And most of all we had made some new great friends.
Francis Wong
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A great day was had by High Sailors on Saturday February 5 2005

The first of a group of three racing days (Tri Series) was held at Woollahra with clear sunny skies and a brisk breeze. The next day of racing in the Tri Series will be held on Saturday February 19 and the last on Saturday March 5.

Jack Gough blitzed the opposition and won the Full Laser Division. Simon Cradock sailed against a larger fleet to gain an impressive 3rd place in the Radial Lasers. Brilliant effort! Phil Kurts and Anton Jurisevic did the school proud and placed 5th in the Pacers. Sailors to watch in future events.

All the boys who participated from High on Saturday showed enthusiasm and determination. A fabulous result for the first Saturday of Racing. Congratulations.
M Boukatos
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Saturday last we witnessed an event which has not occurred at High for several years with the performances of our senior teams. The 1st XI, 2nd XI, 3rd XI and 4th XI all recorded great victories over Scots and Kings. In addition our 15 As were tragically beaten in the last over of the day when Scots with 9 wickets down passed their total of 212. The 14 As buckled down and worked hard in their second innings chasing a 197 deficit and lost their final wicket in the last few minutes of the game and our young Year 7 teams in the 13 As and13 Bs made their debuts for High. All in all a great day for High Cricket which is beginning to show a new resolve and commitment within the section.

First XI - Scot's 1st innings 10/ 74 and 8 decl 213, High 10/ 94 and 7 for 140. High finished the match 53 runs short with 3 wickets in hand, in a great effort to convert our 1st.innings win into an outright. With 2 wins from 5 rounds High have moved to 5th on the Premiership table ahead of Shore, Grammar and Scots. See website for full report.

Second XI - High 1st innings 6 declared 228, Scots 10 / 121 and 5 for 133. First innings points were assured after an impressive 1st innings total by High. Scots were never in this match as High applied pressure from Day 1. The architects of our victory were S.Wickramsighe 48 n.o. M. Samaraweera 39, S.Kumar 35 and G. Manamperi 26 and D'Arcy Blaxell 27 runs apiece. See website for full report. High currently sit at 6th on Premiership table. just 4 points behind the 4th and 5th teams (who are equal on points), and ahead of Shore and Scots

Third XI - Scot's 1st. innings 10 / 131. High passed Scots at 5 for 133 and were all out for 171.Another sound team effort from the Thirds who now have 3 wins from 4 rounds (the 5th.Rd against Newington was declined by them) and are sitting equal first on the premiership table. A full report appears on the cricket website.

Fourth XI - High 5 / 161 defeated Kings 11 / 159 (batted 12 players) - King's won the toss and batted and inexplicably decided to reverse their batting order and paid the price with High's “Bookie” Gupta taking 5 wickets in his first few overs. A mini recovery and Kings went to 10 /100 and a final flourish saw them lose 11 wickets and be all out for 159. High replied with an assault by Eddy Blaxell and Stephen Burke who put on 80 for the first wicket despite offering some easy chances to Kings. This set the foundation for an easy victory. See full report on the cricket website.

16 A - Scots 10 /227 defeated High 10 / 110 and 0 / 107. One that got off the hook. This is a talented side that has the ability to win more matches than they have achieved, however, until they as a group start to listen to advice, commit and put it into practice on sports days, they will continue to take those habits onto the field on Saturdays. Several of the boys are potential open squad prospects next season, should they want to take the next step. The second innings in this match is more indicative of the talent. In the 1st innings Rommo Pandit 29, Amjad Jawahir 20 and Blaise Davidson 15 were the only contributors. The 2nd innings saw Louis Yang 53n.o. and Raymond Yang 29n.o.and a very sporting act by Scots who bowled an extra over to give Louis an opportunity to reach his 50. Report on the website.

15 A - High 10 / 212 defeated by Scots 9 / 215 In preparation for their day in the field the High boys worked hard on their bowling with Geoff Stein in the Wednesday practice preceding the match and were fired to take Scots, Unfortunately they were one bowler short on the day, where one expensive spell helped Scots to achieve their victory. I can only encourage this team to keep at it; they are capable of winning, having lost 3 of their core group to other sports.

14 As Day 2 saw Scot's bat on and finally declare at 4 for 288. High then were faced with a deficit of 197 to avert an outright defeat and commenced the chase in a very determined mood. With half an hour to play there was tension in the air on both sides as Scots pushed for our last wickets and the High bats grimly fought to avoid defeat. Kerrod McPherson provided the backbone of our score with a solid 57 runs, supported well by Razeen Ahmed 43 runs, Alisdair Brown 20 runs; Maxim Mikha added 16 to the score and High were all out for 155 just 43 runs short of their target. Best of our bowlers was Maxim Mikha who took 2 for 44 of the Scot's total. A much improved and all round performance from all of the team.

13 A and Bs were a feature of last Saturday where we saw a great effort made by our team members who attended at the allocated grounds at Kings for their debut matches. What makes it all special is that both teams as selected turned up to play despite the distance and being new to the GPS arena. Of the 13 A team 10 players and the 13 B team saw 9 of the selected players attend Congratulations to 13 As Ben Encel, Tim Molloy, Jimari Bastable, Andy Liu, Samap Sandhu, Harry Zhuang, Matthew Phung, Rafat Kamal and Justin Hajj and 13 Bs -Bill Wang (A/Capt), Hugh Huang, Daniel Luo, Nelson Wang, David Ma, William Lee, Adarsh George, Yixin Liu and Eric Fang

CRICKET WEBSITE - several lads have indicated that when they had tried to access the cricket website that they couldn't get in to the site. You do not have to use the School site and the link to our site. When looking for team selections, results, reports, location maps, current affairs etc go straight to SYDNEYBOYSCRICKET.INFO

TRANS HARBOUR COMPETITION - We have been advised by the convener that due to the smaller number of teams this season First will play Second in all Divisions as a Semi Final / Final. These matches will be held on Tuesday 22nd.MARCH and the Following week on Tuesday 29th. MARCH the 1st. in each City Conference Division will play the 1st. in the North Conference Divisions. Please diarize these dates.

CRICKET DINNER - The Annual Cricket Dinner and Presentation of Awards is to be held on Saturday 2nd.April 2005 at 6:30pm for 7:00pm. The venue will be the Great Hall at School. Further details will be released in next week's High Notes.

CRICKET COMMITTEE & GENERAL MEETING - is to be held on Wednesday 2nd MARCH at 5:30pm in Room 901 in the Gymnasium. Agenda will be parking, fund raising and the Annual Dinner with other general items.

THANKS and GOOD LUCK. To Sue McGuiness who is retiring at the end of this month. Sue is our lady at High Notes who has accommodated us when our team reports have been late and has given our section every opportunity to have our message published each week. We thank you Sue and from our Committee and all members of the cricket section, we wish you a happy retirement
Laurie Heil
MIC Cricket

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FIRST GRADE Round 10 Saturday 12 February 2005
Score: 87 - 68 Top Points: D. Palana 20 Second Points: C. Conway 18

High were confident of a positive result at Kings after an intense week of training, which involved expert tips from Razorbacks forward Matt Conacher and College player Hank Foster. As High does every week, they were looking for nothing but a win.
High walked onto the courts with black armbands in memory of the late Mr J. Fittler, a great teacher and leader who will be sadly missed in our school community. High started the game off strongly, with both teams competing with each other, point for point. Centre Tom Mainprize, who ended up with an impressive effort in the first half with 10 points, started the ball rolling with powerful post moves and sharp shooting, but Kings fought back into the game through strong offensive boards.
After an even first quarter, Kings stepped up to the challenge with an impressive press. High panicked under the pressure and were limited to 3 points in 5 minutes. High turned over the ball a ridiculous number of times and were punished as Kings capitalised to the full extent. The press gave Kings numerous transition baskets and lay-ups. This resulted in a 22 point deficit at half time.
High came out for the second half a changed team due to the half time discussion from Mr Hayman! Fired up after a lacklustre first half High played with renewed determination. Led by an inspired effort from Captain Cameron Conway (CCC) (22points) and point guard Dustin Palana who scored 22 points, 7 steals and 8 rebounds, High slowly clawed their way back into the contest. Then, through outstanding defence by CJ which resulted in many steals, rebounds and fast break opportunities, the margin was reduced to just 6 points. Though this was such a successful quarter for High, it really hurt when Kings hit a 3 pointer on the buzzer.
The last quarter was similar to the first with the teams trading baskets. However, the basketball game soon erupted and pandemonium reigned. Many fouls were committed and a minor scuffle ensued between CJ and the Kings captain. This resulted in technical fouls and a dramatic last quarter. This also resulted in several players being fouled out for related offences. Though the dismissal of their main players favoured High, we were unable to take advantage of the situation as the second quarter buffer proved to be too much to handle even for the High boys. The High boys were sure that, given enough time, they would have reeled in the gap, but time was against us. It was encouraging to see Victor Domni still played through the game even though he sustained a heavy shoulder from the Kings captain to the nose which he broke earlier this season. Hopefully the medical will clear him for next week's crucial game against Joeys. Thanks for the constant support from some die-hard fans who I heard clearly once "Shane Time" was injected into the game. We'll really need the support next week.
This was a very encouraging effort for High as we showed never-say-die attitude and were able to string together several fantastic plays. However First Grade still needs to find a way to stop teams from gaining such large advantages and drastically improve their free throw line percentage. Hopefully this week, with these problems addressed and ironed out, Joeys will be a different score-line in favour of High. We encourage all of those who can come to support Seconds and Firsts. We would like to see a HUGE crowd to inspire us players to compete at our highest abilities and bring it home for High.
Written by Francis Wong and Dustin Palana
(First Grade Players)

SECOND GRADE Round 10 Saturday 12 February 2005
Score: 52 - 40 (Loss) Top Points: R. Huynh 12 Second Points: H. Walker 10

After a disappointing one point loss in the previous game, High second grade were looking to hit back hard against Kings who beat High second grade on the last occasion in the final minute.
The opening quarter saw High totally control the tempo and pace of the game. High opened up with a full court press and forced Kings into rushed shots and costly turnovers. Great teamwork and pressure from the high boys led to a promising score line in their favour of 11-6 at the end of the first period. The second period was very similar to the first as High put on great defence to deny the Kings team (with an average weight of 90+ kg) from scoring easy baskets. High then entered the third quarter with a 6 point lead and consistently shot well from the outside while forwards such as Eugene Wong demonstrated his ability to post up and draw easy fouls. The last 2 minutes of the quarter saw a full court press from the Kings side which totally took the High boys by surprise and resulted in many turnovers which enabled Kings to lead by one point going into the final period. With the momentum now in Kings favour the High boys were desperate to regain the lead but poor defence and bad referee calls led to a comfortable lead held by Kings. The game gradually finished with the final minute almost lasting hours and the Kings boys came out victorious as the momentum they carried from the third quarter could not be stopped.
Written by Raymond Huynh
(Second Grade Captain)

Other Results

1st     LOSS    81-68   D. PALANA 20
2nd     LOSS    52-40   R. HUYNH 14 
3rd     WIN     25-23   Y. HE 9
4th     LOSS    39-19   (Score not provided)
7th     WIN     47-15   M. TAYLOR 20
16A     WIN     33-25   M. FARHAT 15
16B     WIN     18-10   C. WONG 4 
16C     WIN     34-15   M. KELDOULIS 12
16D     WIN     47-11   J.LAI 12
15A     LOSS    46-29   T. LINDEBACK 11
15B     WIN     31-10   D. CHIU 8
15C     WIN     47-15   D HUANG 
14A     LOSS    46-22   M.LAU 6
14B     LOSS    56-4    M YIU, S PONRAJ 2
14C     WIN     21-19   A.ANG 4
14D     WIN     20-18   T. TRAN 8 
13A     LOSS    37-16   S. NGUYEN 8
13B     LOSS    46-14   JAMES 4
13C     LOSS    12-8    TRAN 6
13D     DNP             (Kings had no team)

3rds stage a late comeback!
After a hard loss to Scots in the first round, Sydney High 3rd grade traveled to Kings hungry for our first GPS win, after a solid performance in the pre-season. After an extremely slow first half with far too many fouls and some fairly poor shooting from the line, we went into the break with a slender lead of just 4 points. With the referees dictating the game throughout the second half, it would take a stroke of brilliance to come back from being down 21 points to 14 with just 5 minutes on the clock. Due to a change of heart following a timeout called by our coach David Li, we managed to fight back with some good work in defense by the forwards, and some awesome outside shooting by Yang He to level the score at 23, with just 1 minute to go. An intentional foul by Kings gave us possession with just 30 seconds to spare. With one play to go, we went to Yang for a baseline three pointer with no success, followed by a hard tussle for possession under the ring, our centre Philip Tripp received a pass off the steal and landed an extremely low bounce pass between two Kings defenders to put Keith under the basket for an easy lay up, giving us the win by just two points, 25-23.
Philip Tripp
3rds Captain

Passion is the word that best sums up the efforts put in by all of the 16s team last Saturday. Finishing the day with all teams taking out a win, it was a great improvement from last term's results. The As strolled onto the outdoor courts, pessimistic of the game ahead of us, due to a crushing loss last term and the appalling nature of the 2 inch thick rings. We kept pressure on the Kings side, from the word go, with a full court man-on-man, denying them valuable offensive opportunities. With a multitude of excellent shots and drives by Alex Vertoudakis, our team's morale was kept high, and was able to lead the game by the end of the first half by 1 point. Entering the second half with nothing less than an impregnable defence held together by the might of such players as Alex Lee and Siyang Wang, our offensive game began to flourish. Through accurately executed offensive passes by our point guards Siyang Cui and Victor Nguyen the forwards were receiving great ball and by the end of the game the As overshadowed the Kings side by 8 points, leaving the score at 33 to 25. Good luck to all teams next week.
Moussa Farhat
16's Captain

The 15 As once again played brilliantly on Saturday; tight defence, sharp passes and good shots, however luck was just not on our side. The fact that more than half of Kings' team was bigger than our tallest player probably didn't help much either. Nonetheless we tried our hardest and never gave up hope, especially Tom Lindeback who played exceptionally well, making a number of great lay-ups. Unfortunately for us, it seemed that for every goal we scored, they scored two or three in return. The chance of a win slowly slipped away; however, we refused to admit defeat and kept playing our hardest. We may have come out with a loss, but I can honestly say that our team is full of heart. Well done 15 As on another great game. Michael Bock
15s Captain

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Sat 12thFeb. - Kings vs High (R3)
Win 9-3
Sydney High was in a sombre mood but determined to put a good performance on the board. We took on a middle-of-the-road Kings side which had lost its best player to an overseas tennis training camp and this significantly reduced their depth, and we were keen to exploit this. Our number one doubles pair of Dejan Bodrozic and Mitchell Kelly made light work of their opponents, while Brian Ly and Peter Pereira scored a comfortable win at two. Hung Neo and Alex Zinzopoulos were error-prone in their loss at three. This left us with two out of three doubles, and a requirement of three singles to secure the match; however we wanted to maximise our return on this fixture to ensure our deficit to Riverview did not blow out.
Dejan completely outplayed his opponent at one, while Brian didn’t drop a game at two. Mitchell and Peter recorded straight-sets wins to secure the tie. Alex took the first set of his match before running out of gas in the third, while Hung played an opponent whose style did not match well to his own.
This left us with a 9-3 victory, which though not without merit, was not quite what we had hoped for. Riverview defeated Scots 11-1 to increase their lead over us to six points, a margin which we need to make up in the next two weeks before we take them on, on 5 March to alleviate any extra burden that may be enforced on us in that vital match. We also appreciate the support of the many juniors who saw us, and hope that it continues for our first home match of the year, when we take on a St. Joseph’s side to which we will show no mercy. As the second half of the season approaches and with High in a good position, any support we receive will be vital to our chances in this competition.
Peter Pereira – 1st Grade Captain

Sat 12thFeb.- Kings vs High (R3)
D 1. 6-0,6-0 D 2,6-3,6- D 3 6-1,6-2
S 1. 6-1,6-4, S 2 6-0,6-0. S 3 6-0,3-6,4-6 S 4,7-6,6-1, S5 6-1,7-5 S 6, 6-3,6-4
Kings suffered defeat at the hands of a hungry High Seconds team, who won their first match in the GPS Season. The no1 doubles combination of David Cao & Ivan Cerecina worked brilliantly; Hai & Hieu played a consistent well drilled match; while Martin & Paul easily defeated their opponents in a swift smooth running match. With three of the doubles in the bag, HIGH only needed two of six singles to secure a victory. However , HIGH was never going to be satisfied with an 8-4 win and powered on with their onslaught. David beat his opponent on the court and mentally as his patient game plan developed into a victory. Ivan's counterpart arrived 45 minutes after official play had commenced only to be thumped 6-0, 6-0. Ivan kept an impressive record of not dropping a single game the whole day. Hai & Hieu and Paul accounted for their opponents in straight sets in what seemed like a one sided affair. It was left to Martin to seal an almost perfect day but fatigue and momentum swings ensured a Kings win in the no 3 singles match. (6-0, 3-6, 6-4)This victory is a major confidence booster as HIGH spearheads their GPS campaign into the heart of Hunters Hill. Consistency and a firm belief in oneself will be a decisive factor in determining victory.
Martin Nguyen -2nds Captain

Up and Coming - Good Results!

16s    As    LOSS    1 - 5    Best, Ds 2 C.Siu & E.Deng 6–0
       Bs    WIN     4 - 2    A.Klocker, last wk and this; 6 – 0
       Cs    LOSS    2 - 4    Robin Chen C3 6 – 0
       Ds    LOSS    1 - 5    Vassily Issaev D4 6 - 2   

15s    As    WIN     4 - 2    Best A3 Alex 6 – 4
       Bs    No Res  2 - 2    B3 Adrian  6 – 2
       Cs    WIN     4 - 2    C2 Will, C3 James, C4 Dan 6-1
       Ds    WIN     4 - 2    D4 Alex Dovan 6 - 2

14s    As    LOSS    0 - 6    Best Hau Neo 4 – 6
       Bs    LOSS    0 - 6    Ben Diep & Simon Hoang 4 – 6
       Cs    LOSS    0 - 6    Timothy Siu 4 – 6
       Ds    WIN     0 - 6    Harry Hua  3 - 6
3/6ths As    LOSS    1 - 5    Best Daniel Thieviasingham 6-3
       Bs    WIN     4 - 2    Thomas Wong   6 – 0
       Cs    DRAW    3 - 3    Matthew Wong  6 – 2
       Ds    LOSS    0 - 6    Nicholas Ng      3 - 6

13s    As    WIN              Best
       Bs    DRAW   
       Cs    LOSS    0 - 6    C3 great effort 4 - 6
       Ds    LOSS    2 - 4    D2 WON 6 - 3

The 13s were at a disadvantage commencing the Season with the travel to Kings. They were all present, in uniform and playing sound tennis. They look good on the court and with coaching from Carl Neilsen and match practice there is sure to be 100% improvement in results. Full results and report will follow in next week's High Notes.

The Stan Jones Knock Out is run immediately after the GPS Season. Tennis players in Senior Tennis are invited to apply to try out for the team. There are 4 places with 2 reserves.
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