High Notes, Vol 6 No 29, September 23 2005

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From the Principal

School Leaders
GPS Athletics
In sunny but blustery conditions High's tents and chances were blown away at the 110th annual AAGPS Athletics carnival last Saturday. It was a disappointing day for High with no wins to record for the first time that I can remember. Our U-14 4 x 100 m. relay team (Lachlan Street, Nelson Ridges, Joshua Hui, Joel Livingston) stood out with a 2nd in the smart time of 48.86; as did James Barker (U-17 1500 metres) 2nd in 4.18.3. Other good results were: Gehan Karunaratne (U-15 long jump 2nd 5.90m), Dakshika Garunaratne (U-16 100m hurdles 2nd 14.61, U-16 long jump 3rd 5.95m); Frank Jin (U-17 long jump 2nd 6.33m.); Joel Ninyo (Open Shot Put 3rd 13.49m). The points score table below illustrates the situation we face. We need athletes to participate in both division and championship events. We need professional coaching for our best dozen athletes. We need to extend the length of the training season for athletes. We need to set modest targets. Finish in every event. Do not get disqualified. Register a height, a distance or a time. Set your personal goals based on times derived from previous carnivals in the season published on the website. Pick an opponent. Pace yourself according to your PB. It is time to get serious about athletics!

Senior winner Senior High Junior Winner Junior High  
398 155.5 726 317.5 2005
370 164 683 324 2004
412 182 667 295 2002

Year 12 Farewell
It was pleasing to welcome so many parents and family to our Year 12 Farewell Assembly this week. A rousing but frenetic singing of the School Song opened proceedings. The speeches were heartfelt and entertaining, if overly long in some cases. Damitha Fonseka and Ms Berger received a standing ovation in response to their speeches. The Year representatives - Lucian Tan, Michael Coutts and Faraz Amin - were articulate and pertinent in their appraisals of Year 12. My speech to the assembly is reprinted below.

"Welcome parents, teachers and students to our Year 12 Farewell Assembly for the Class of 2005. We are very pleased to have you all here to share with us this important occasion each year as our school celebrates its rites of passage for students. At the end of our ceremony the ritual of clapping out of the Year 12s makes a symbolic circle of ending school life just as it was begun in 2000. Having given our seniors their last reports and talked about scholarships and tertiary courses and their lives after school, I feel a sense of closure too. Our teachers have done what they can for Year 12 and now it is up to them to take on the HSC on their own.

"I always wonder how well prepared our students are as learners. I was inspired by a comment by Oliver Wendell Holmes on my desk calendar. It suggested that 'many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind'. One of the great outcomes arising out of the experience of education is that students run with the ideas that come from syllabus documents, teaching programs, research, lesson discussions, interaction with their peers or teacher feedback. Students gradually own and transform the ideas they are exposed to. They make them something better than they were. The process is never replicated exactly. That is what makes an educational experience so unique and personal. The structure of the game is the same each year but the players change and every game is different. That's one of the things that make the profession interesting for teachers. We celebrate the connection that our Year 12 students have made with the culture of our school - particularly through the co-curricular programs. Year 12 students have embraced the Student Award Scheme in unprecedented numbers. I have seen young lives turned around by participation and perseverance in various fields of endeavour. Many boys have learnt about themselves, their strengths and limitations, through sports, chess, debating, leadership or music. They have appreciated the power of teams. They now understand about setting goals. They can now communicate to groups of people. They are self-confident, articulate and discerning. We have enjoyed witnessing or contributing to their growth as persons.

"Students are often critical about the relevance of aspects of secondary education. They want to know how what they are learning will help them in later life. The building metaphor is useful to reply to their concerns. Foundations laid properly anywhere can be built upon. As teachers we are endeavouring to inculcate habits of mind, ways of reasoning, methods of problem solving and standards to evaluate information. These tools are transportable and not reliant on context. You will improve them and apply them to new contexts in the future. If we have taught you these foundational skills, you will be prepared for life.

"I would like to thank the energetic leadership of the Class of 2005 - Damitha, Tom and Jacob - for enhancing the shift of our Prefect body towards responsible action in pursuit of school objectives and community service. Thank you to Ms Berger for her energy and dedication in championing the interests of her Year group. Thank you to all the boys who helped to collect a record breaking amount of cash for the Youth Off the Streets Foundation. You are cementing High's growing reputation as a community service organisation. Well done to the authors of the self-regulating charters for the senior study and Prefect's Bear Pit - perhaps we are really moving forward in student self-management attempts. Great work and well done to all the Prefects who helped out at the Canteen, boosting its profitability. Thank you to the boys who helped design and build the amphitheatre project and the McDonald Courtyard mural. The energy of boys who made our corridors into a visual archive has commenced what I hope will become a tradition of making High look like an institution proud of itself, its staff and its students.

"I leave you with a wish for Year 12 in the words of the balladeer of my youth, Bob Dylan. 'May your hands always be busy / May your feet always be swift / May you have a strong foundation / When the winds of changes shift / May your heart always be joyful / May your song always be sung / May you stay forever young'. Take away from High what you have become but treasure the ideals and aspirations of your youth as you mature and change. Your foundations are laid. From all of us, we wish you good luck in the HSC, success in your future careers and happiness in your personal lives. "

Traffic Flow and Safety
In our recent OH &S report from a consultant, the greatest hazard to our school community was road usage. Interactions between cars and pedestrians were considered most likely to cause death or serious injury. The OH&S Committee has examined the recommendations from the report. Staff members have been informed. The school has erected pedestrian crossing and speed signs. New speed humps will be installed during the holidays in critical areas. Frequently used crossing points will be marked. These measures are designed to improve driver and pedestrian awareness of likely interface areas and dangers.

The OH&S Committee has prepared a submission to the RTA for permission to widen the driveway laybacks on gates 1, 2, 9 & 10. We have asked permission to create a second exit lane for gate two, allowing cars to exit by turning left or right on Cleveland Street. Our aim is to make vehicular entry and exit easier and safer.
Dr K Jaggar
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From Science

Astronomy Night
We are planning an Astronomy night, weather permitting on Monday night, 17 October. There will be a partial eclipse of the moon happening between 9:30 and 10:30 pm which we will be viewing. Students interested in coming along should register with Mr Kay.
M Kay
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There has been a theme emerging on the blog lately. It relates to living in a culturally diverse society.

http://neilwhitfield.tripod.com/blog/index.blog?entry_id=1223533 congratulates Sam Darcy and Julius Macefield (7E) on their prize-winning essays, with an extract from Julius's essay on living in Redfern, and links to both.

http://neilwhitfield.tripod.com/blog/index.blog?entry_id=1216715 is called "On thinking before we speak." "It matters not a jot, in this respect, whether your politics are right or left or centre, whether you agree with John Howard or disagree with him. There is scope enough to express yourself with whatever point of view you believe in. But some things transcend all that; I believe what I have said in this entry does transcend all that. I am not saying I always represent this in practice, but it is a matter of habit and orientation, and generally speaking I stay within these bounds without having really to think about it. When I don't I usually end up feeling 1) very ashamed and 2) conscious that my argument can't really have been very good anyway." Do look at the rest of the entry.
Neil Whitfield
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Year 7 Parents Dinner

WHEN: Tuesday, October 18.
WHERE: Maya Sweets, 472, Cleveland Street, Surry Hills, Sydney 2010.
TIME: 6.30pm
PARKING: Limited on-street parking on Bourke and Crown Streets. Easier to park at Coles, Surry Hills, corner of Cleveland & Baptist Streets
BYO: Drinks
COST: Approximately $20 each.
RSVP: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by COB October 15, 2005.
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A Special Note for Year 12 Parents

On Friday, 11 November, 2005 (6.30pm - 8.30pm) parents of Year 11 will host a cocktail party to farewell parents of Year 12 on behalf of the P&C and the whole school family.

The function will provide an opportunity to say your farewells to each other and the school in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere and for the P&C to say thank you to you for the input you have had in the school over the last 6 years, particularly with the establishment of the Year Parent Groups and the Welcome Party for Year 7 Parents which were both instigated and nurtured by your Year group.

You will receive a personal invitation to the function shortly, but in the meantime, please put this date in your diary so you can plan to be there.

We look forward to seeing you at the function.
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Words Of Wisdom

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.
(Aristotle 384-322 BC)

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.
(Chinese Proverb)

Adolescence is a period of rapid changes. Between the ages of 12 and 17, for example, a parent ages as much as 20 years.

In the book of life, the answers aren't in the back.
(Charlie Brown, character in "Peanuts" comic strip, created by Charles Schultz)
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Science News

Results of Science Quiz no. 10:
Thank you for the excellent answers from Aditya Hatle (8S), Nikita Slinko (7R) and Bernard Fang (9T).

The quiz explored the possibilities of using sound waves in the wings of aircraft to increase the lift. The newspaper article that features this is posted on the window of lab 302.

Quiz number 11 will be posted next Term.
I Cox
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Sailing will be parking cars on Saturday 1 October. It is the Rugby Grand Final and so lots of cars will require parking. If your son sails, please consider giving up a couple of hours of your time on Saturday 1 October to raise some much needed funds. Let me (Mary Boukatos (9361 6910) or Ann Kurts ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) or Miles Davenport) know.

It is only through parent support that our sailors can achieve their very best.
Thanking you in advance,
Mary Boukatos
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Fencing News

Our medal hopes, SBHS-Blue and SBHS Minis-A finished a disappointing 4th after both being narrowly defeated by SGS. The day started well with both SBHS-Blue and the Minis-A convincingly defeating their respective opponents from St Ignatius.

SBHS-Blue then went down against St Patrick's Sutherland and the Minis-A were defeated by St Aloysius, dashing SBHS hopes for Gold or Silver in both categories. In the play off for Bronze a dispirited SBHS-Blue was narrowly defeated by SGS-B in a match ending 4:5. The Minis-A team too lost their play off against SGS.

Congratulations to the four SBHS boys who were awarded the Bronze Medal for 'Schools League 2005 Individual Performance':

Yu Lin (SBHS -Blue)
Amadeus Klocker (SBHS-Blue)
Patrick Duffy (SBHS-Blue)
Michael Sin (Minis-A)

The fencing season is now over, but hopefully many of you will choose to fence and compete again next year.

Please note that is likely that in 2006 the numbers of fencers will have to be limited to twenty-four, in both groups (Wednesday and Thursday). The first competition next year is the NSW Schools Championship (Teams and Individual) in April/May and teams will have to be formed and registered in March, hence if you are serious about participating in fencing make sure to register your interest early.
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A Public Thank You

I would like to thank Katharine Deacon, Christine O'Reilly, Paulina Ezakhovich and Sarah Nam from the Canteen as well as our hard working Prefects Elect for their outstanding efforts in preparing, serving and clearing away the Afternoon Tea for our Year 12 boys on Tuesday.

Due to their showing of "High Spirit" and teamwork the afternoon ran smoothly and was enjoyed by all giving a fitting conclusion to a memorable day.
Valda Roser
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High Cricket Bulletin

The weekly newsletter of Sydney High Cricket - www.sydneyboyscricket.info

Cricket has started in earnest this week. Finally we have the return of our sports days to the cricket calendar. Make sure you check with your coach as to any other days that your team has training. An extra afternoon a week might make all the difference.

The senior squad heads off to camp this afternoon at the NSW Institute of Sport. It should be an extremely productive few days. Hopefully it will build on the success of last year's inaugural camp at Abbottsford. The ability to conduct the camp all in one location should be an advantage and enables a more efficient program. A short review will be published in the next Bulletin.

The news of the week is the announcement of the date for the Annual General Meeting of the Cricket Committee. This will take place on the evening of the 12th of October, at 6pm in Room 901 (above the gym). The election of office-bearers will be first on the agenda, followed by the overall structure and direction for cricket this season from Mr Heil, the MIC. All parents are invited to attend meetings of the committee which will take place on the second Wednesday of every month from the above date. After all, it is your sons who will benefit from any decisions taken by the committee, especially regarding the allocation of funds. So please come along and share your ideas.

A big thank you to those who helped out with parking last Friday. Any funds we raise will go primarily to the age groups of those who help out on such occasions. Keep an eye out on the fixtures column for our next allocation. Don't forget, all parking you assist with contributes to your awards scheme.

Once again everyone seemed stumped by the quiz last week. The only correct response came from Joe Banh in Year 11. So to give everyone a chance the quiz is reasonably easy this week. If you know the answer email it to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Don't forget to include your name. There will be a prize at presentation night at the end of the season for the person with the most correct responses. It's never too late to enter the contest.

Be sure to check the cricket website at www.sydneyboyscricket.info, for all the most up-to-date information on cricket at High.

High Cricket Quiz
Question 4: What are the correct names of the five schools that currently compete annually in the 'Five Highs' cricket tournament? Email your name & answer to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Answer 3: The 2nd XI won its first and only premiership in 1981. The team was coached by Mr. Kourtesis.
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Basketball - Shooting Hoops

The weekly dose of court-side action

Semi Finals: High played at Cranbrook last Friday in the pre-season competition finals with drawings 1st vs 4th 2nd vs 3rd. Since High was 4th, the opponent turned out to be a mighty Cranbrook team which has only lost once all season.

Cranbrook dominated the opening stages of the match with their tall 6'5" centre grabbing numerous offensive rebounds for easy put backs. Their height advantage combined with some rather poor refereeing resulted in Cranbrook slowly building up a 12-point lead by half time.

Meanwhile, Dale Sun led from the front on offense, scoring a total of 22 points, the highlight being a pull up jump-shot for 3 on the fast break. He was well supported by Wei Zhuang, who made some strong moves under the ring and useful contributions from Raymond Huynh and Victor Nguyen.

This great run in the 3rd quarter saw High enter the 4th up 38-32, an 18 points turn around. However, in the 4th quarter, Cranbrook dug deep and were helped when Wei fouled out, coming within 2 points of High's score. This was when Harry Walker and Stuart Sugito stepped up, both hitting crucial free-throws to give High a little bit of breathing space, a margin which High were able to hang on to, giving them a great win.

Finals: The last week of the pre-season competition saw High playing another Cranbrook in the grand-final.

High dominated the opening stages of the match with Ray Huynh's two 3s helping establish an early 20-8 lead. Though High had narrowly lost to this Cranbrook team in their last encounter 63-62, they showed no ill effect from the disappointment and continued to dominate the game. The highlight of the first half was Dale Sun's aggressive rivalry with Cranbrook's little guard, which Dale eventually won as the little point guard was sent off early in the 3rd quarter.

In the second half, Eugene boxed out their one and only big man, making them helpless with offensive rebounds and Victor Nguyen ran the fast break extremely well to maintain our lead. The fourth quarter saw Cranbrook launch a late surge. Coming within 2 points at 40-38 of High. However, this time, High hung on to their lead with excellent defence by Lewis D'Avigdor on Cranbrook's star point guard Ben O'Neill. Then, free throws by Harry Walker and Ray once again giving High a 6 point buffer, one which they were able to keep for the last few minutes of the game, winning the game, and the season 49-43.

High saw the finals of the house basketball competition on September the 11th with Eedy vs Torrington. This match had both sides rather desperate for the win, as it'd make their house the first to be on the Hayman House Shield.

The game tipped off and tight defense was played by both teams, which forced neither team to be able to score for 2minutes. It was Dustin (Torrington) who broke the 0-0 score with 2 three pointers sinking. Whilst Torrington played a slower game, Eedy took their chances with fast breaks. However these often found the ball lost to the opponent due to some bad passes or blocks. Half time soon came with a score of 11-4 Torrington's way.

The second half of the game saw Eedy's counterattack. A three and great teamwork saw the score pull back. However the tide turned again after Victor Wei blocked out a fast break and Dale hitg his fast and accurate shots. Finally Torrington took the shield, winning 18-11. Congratulations to Torrington and better luck next year for the other houses!

Others: Best of luck to everyone in getting into a basketball team! Don't forget to visit the basketball website http://www.sydneyhigh.org.au/basketball

By Francis Wong and Johny Shih.
Thanks to Mr Hayman

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Open Day Invitation

Wednesday 12 October : 10.30am - 1.00pm

Dear Parents and Friends

If you know a parent of a Year 4 or Year 5 boy who may find that Sydney Boys' High is their special school would you mind telling them about our Open Day?

It is the perfect day for your whole family and for your son to decide whether to select Sydney Boys High after sitting the Selective School Test - applications in by this November. The day is very child-centred - our students are participating in a number of demonstrations.

Parents of present students are very welcome to come and see their children's work displayed or to see their children performing or playing demonstration matches.

Our Principal, School Captain and SRC will be welcoming and addressing guests, our bands will be playing, demonstration games and videos of our sports will be running, our scientists will be performing in the labs, our cadets will be parading and fun competitions will be undertaken.

Great multicultural food stalls are being run by our Languages staff and students. Please plan to "eat out" here, but get in quick - the food will be fabulous!

A special invitation is extended to all our Old Boys to come and enjoy the day, take a Tour and meet our School Principal, Dr Kim Jaggar and attend the Old Boys' Morning Tea with Mrs Valda Roser, one of our Year 12 mothers, in the School's Board Room.

Old Boys please RSVP (catering) by Tuesday 11th October - 1pm at our School Office on 9361 6910.

See you there!
Mrs Crothers (Library)
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