High Notes, Vol 6 No 25, August 26 2005

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From the Principal

High v Grammar Debate
Our boys were disrupted by illness to Tom Kaldor but Sriram Srikumar stepped up as second speaker against a Grammar team with a couple of good speakers. Our team opposed the proposition that the government should fully privatise Telstra. Being so topical, we had the future fund and the billions for the bush arguments. We had the opening up to competition line and the deregulate to re-regulate contradiction. Oddly, the mechanics of how you could sell the shares in the current climate were not canvassed. I felt we stalled a bit at second neg. as we were exposed on the Howard government's apparent neglect of the bush being turned against us. Luckily, the third affirmative did not ram home the flaw and a bellicose William Clegg saved the day for the negative.

Rugby End of Year Celebrations
The junior rugby dinner last Thursday was well attended by players, family and coaches. I praised the teams, managers and coaches for the commitment, teamwork and dedication to the task displayed during the season. There has been an incremental growth of rugby self-concept at High over the last few seasons, that is to say, a self-belief by boys that they know what to do and can play rugby. There has been an accompanying decline in the intimidation factor when our boys meet formidable opponents. Most important of all, our teams displayed great sportsmanship and demeanour in often trying circumstances. We face the challenge of improving the depth of our junior rugby. The best recruiters are the boys themselves. We need to promote our well managed program to our own community first.

At the senior lunch on Saturday, 60 people celebrated the end of another tough season for High senior rugby. Our horror stretch of injuries meant that many 16A players ran on in first grade games - a big step up in expectations. I expressed my feelings that there is something heroic about the way High boys play rugby week after week in the face of injury and defeat with an indomitable spirit and enthusiasm. Their courage and team spirit are admirable.

Boggabilla Visit
Sydney Boys High visitors were made very welcome by communities at Boggabilla Central School and Toomelah Public School this week. The welcome to country by elder Aunty Mavis was heartfelt. Principal Denise Burke showed my family and I around the school, particularly in the 'pink room', one of the original school buildings from 1879 now used as a crèche and 'lingo' room where students can acquire their heritage language. We have a better understanding of our project to help there. With the new pre school and a functioning crèche, a full range of services for Aboriginal children could be provided. The building needs toilets installed to be a self-contained unit. I feel as though we now have a medium term fund raising goal that could genuinely assist the school to help its community.

The Euraba Paper Mill offers an opportunity for Boggabilla to create indigenous employment and to express community creativity through art works. I think we could assist here through our Creative Arts Department to market some of their products through Surry Hills and Paddington galleries.

Toomelah PS welcomed us with a kangaroo hunting dance and a honey gathering dance, performed by pupils in good style. The school library has a wall feature depicting the history of the area and the resistance against white invasion. The community appears forward looking and optimistic. They are focused on bringing back language to their people and reinforcing pride in their heritage.

The trip was very informative for me. The obstacles faced by indigenous communities are severe, but patience and an ability to see through another's eyes need to be employed by Anglo-Australians with good intentions.

Prefect Elections
Eighty-five students from Year 11 have been nominated for election as School Prefects. Seventeen of these were vetoed by the executive at a special meeting this week. Generally speaking, the nominees vetoed had more than one area of concern - attendance, punctuality, school uniform, warning letters, detentions imposed, or academic underperformance. The nominees vetoed have a few days to appeal and bring to the Principal written evidence to explain away the problems raised at the Executive meeting. Department meetings on Friday give staff members their last opportunity to object to nominees being allowed to stand for election. I expect the final list of nominations should be posted by Wednesday, with a ballot to follow shortly thereafter.
Dr K Jaggar
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Year 10 2006 - Subject Acceleration

A meeting will be held in the Great Hall at 6:00pm on Tuesday 30 August to provide information about subject acceleration for boys in Year 10 2006. In recent years, a number of boys have studied for Preliminary (Year 11) Modern History, Geography and Music when in Year 10. There are a number of advantages for boys involved in this process. Subject acceleration is being considered for additional subjects in 2006.
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GPS Debating

Both First and Second Grade GPS debating teams remain undefeated in the GPS competition after five of seven rounds. St Ignatius College is the only other team undefeated in First and Second Grade and we have to wait until round 7 to meet them. This week we face Shore at home. The topic area is business. All students are invited to attend these debates which commence at 8pm.

Round 3 Vs Newington
Topic Area - Current events
This week was the first of three current events topics, which had many of their boys and their coaches slightly nervous about the topic! The intermediate topic "That The Indonesian President Should Pardon Schapelle Corby" was plagued by the obvious definitional problems as boys set out to argue that pardon would or could involve having her re-tried in Australia. It wasn't a particularly good week for the Years 8-10 teams with only the 10Bs and 8Bs winning - both negated.

The seniors were victorious in First and Second grade- debating "That David Hicks Should Be Tried By a Military Tribunal". Firsts proposed a model that was a modification of the current Military Commission that exists and argued that military crimes could only be effectively and appropriately dealt with by the military. Newington College as the negative curiously proposed a model in which David Hicks would be tried by The International Criminal Court (ICC). This model fell over after some solid rebuttal and the decision went to High on our first spilt decision of the season.

A big thank you to the contingent of Year 7 parents and students who stayed to watch the seniors. It is very much appreciated by the debaters, as having an audience is very important for engagement and delivering the argument to real people is much more satisfying than talking to a wall or empty auditorium!

Round 4 Vs SCOTS
Topic Area - Education
All three senior teams won "That The Australian Government Should Introduce Optional Membership Of University Student Organisations". A very poignant topic given the current proposed changes to Student Union membership and the fact that A National Day of Action was held by students all over Australia just two days before to protest the federal government's changes.

Firsts negated the topic and their win was by a small margin relative to some of their previous victories. The debate centred around freedom of choice, market imperatives and the free-rider concept. The boys presented clear rational and logical rebuttals.

Congratulations to the boys - all teams, bar two, won this week- with the 10Bs experiencing their first defeat of the whole season. The intermediate topic was "That Out-of-School Tutoring is Good for School Students"- another very interesting and apt topic for our students.

A very good effort from the Year 7 teams who made a clean sweep- they are proving that time spent effectively prepping with their team is paying off handsomely.

Round 5 Vs Sydney Grammar
Topic Area - Current Affairs
No surprises with the senior topic this week "That the Australian Government should Fully Privatise Telstra" given the amount of coverage in the news that the proposed sale had been given.

Sriram Srikumar stepped up into first grade this week to replace a very ill Tom Kaldor. Congratulations to him on a great effort and seamless entry into first grade. Given that it was also the middle of the HSC Trials, the boys pulled together well to keep Grammar at bay. Meanwhile Tom Morgan stepped up into seconds and they pulled off affirming the topic.

Most of the intermediate teams performed strongly "That Government Control of the Senate is Good for Australia" with only the 9Bs being defeated.

Special mention here should go to the 8Bs who remain undefeated this season - well done.

Unfortunately all three Year 7 teams lost to a more well prepared Grammar contingent.

REMINDER - Payment for the debating Dinner is now overdue. Contributions for your coach's gift is also now due. Please make sure payments are made to THE OFFICE.

More information about debating can be found at http://www.sydneyhigh.org.au/debating/index.shtml.

The GPS Table currently stands at

Year    Round 1    Round 2     Round 3    Round 4     Round 5
        VS Joeys   VS Kings    VS NC      VS Scots    VS Grammar
Firsts  Won        Won         Won        Won         Won
Seconds Won        Won (split) Won        Won         Won
Thirds  Lost       Won         Lost       Won         Won
10A     Won        Lost        Lost       Won         Won
10B     Won        Won         Won        Lost        Won
9A      Lost       Won         Lost       Won         Lost
9B      Lost       Lost        Lost       Lost        Won
8A      Lost       Won         Lost       Won         Won
8B      Won        Won         Won        Won         Lost
7A      Lost       Lost        Won        Won         Lost
7B      Lost       Won         Lost       Won         Lost

If you would like to receive the regular email updates on debating at Sydney High please send an email with SUBSCRIBE in the title to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Jocelyn Brewer
MIC - Debating

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English - Children's Book Week

On Friday 19 August, 15 Year 8 students travelled to Darling Harbour to participate in the Children's Book Week Awards. What a day it was!

Our first stop was the Kinokuniya Bookshop. The Children's Book section was of enormous interest as was the range of Picture Books and Young Adult Fiction. Of course, some of the boys were super-glued to the anime section.

After a brief morning tea (kebabs, hot chips etc) we raced across to the (BW awards). The guest speaker was Lisa Forrest. She entertained us with anecdotes regarding the adventures and activities of her sone Dexter and his dexterity in reading.

Of even more interest were some of the prize-winning authors and their speeches. They talked about what motivated them to write and how important drafting and editing were in producing their texts. 'The Running Man' by Michael Bauer was the winning Older Reader's book. He spoke of how vital to his success it was to be surrounded by people who believed in him. In particular, the guidance and help of his family. He also felt that the editorial team who supported him were also crucial to his success.

Of course, the excursion would not have been the success that it was had it not been for the Teppanyaki restaurant, machine gun eggs propelled at unsuspecting students and rice catching by our more than Gung-ho personal chef!

While there were many elements that contributed to the day being as remarkable as it was, none was more integral to our enjoyment than our conscientious English teacher, Mrs Boukatos. Our class is greatly indebted to you Mrs Boukatos.
Jeremy Ireland

Booker Review of the Winning Book - 'The Running Man'
I believe the book 'The Running Man' by Michael Gerald Bauer is the Children's Book Week Nominee most deserving of the book prize. The novel tells the story of a boy named Joseph, who must create a portrait of someone in his community for a school art project. Joseph wishes to draw a woman who lives next door to him as his artwork. She encourages him to instead sketch her brother, Tom Lleyton, a Vietnam veteran who the entire neighbourhood fears. Joseph is terrified by the concept of being in close proximity with the man, but he grows to enjoy his time with him, and discovers that the more time he spends with Tom, the more he slowly opens up to him.

The book uses techniques such as flashbacks to pull the reader into all the events occurring in the story. Bauer uses silkworms who are trapped inside a box for all their lives, as a metaphor to allude to Tom's current situation.

One of the biggest reasons the book deserved to win is the relevance it holds to our society. It deals with issues such as society's fear of individuals, and its attitudes towards those who it believes are potential threats towards children. The book is written in descriptive yet simple language, so anybody who wants to can access it. It features multi-layered characters and an involving storyline. For these reasons, it is my pick for the book prize.
Christopher Evans
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Science News

Here is Science Quiz 9 - open to all students and parents. Why not have a go? The closing date is Tuesday week 7.

A report by the NanoTech Institute of the University of Texas was published in last week's Science journal detailing future applications of nanotubes.

  1. What is a Nanotube?
  2. Explain the connection between nanotubes and post-it notes.
  3. Identify possible future uses of nanotubes.
  4. Describe the properties of nanotubes that makes them suitable for their future applications.

E Rutherford
(Guest compiler)

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From Mathematics

Results of the Maths Challenge have been published. This competition is organised by the Australian Mathematical Olympiad Committee which is a subcommittee of the Australian Mathematics Trust (AMT). There were 5173 entrants in the Junior Division and 3531 in the Intermediate Division of this national competition.

Junior Division
Thomas Wilson and Edward Lu were each awarded High Distinctions. There were 4 Distinctions, 8 Credits and 2 Participation certificates.

Intermediate Division
David Fan, Yiming Deng, Richard Hua, Albert Kim and Eugene Stadnik received High Distinctions. There were 17 Distinctions, 19 Credits and 11 Participation certificates.
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From the Rugby Master's Desk

Thank you to Mr Kwok for his donation to our charity cause for this year, TAD - Technical Aid to the Disabled. His donation follows the rugby donation of $100 as a result of High winning our annual charity fixture against Hurlstone Agricultural College 1st XV.

High thanks also go to Mr Flower, Managing Director and CEO of the ARU, for the donation of a signed Wallaby jersey towards our fundraising efforts next year.
G Stein
MIC - Rugby

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From the PDHPE Department

Year 10 PDHPE Crossroads Seminars 2005
On Tuesday 30 August 2005 a series of presentations will be held for Year 10 as part of the mandatory PDHPE program. The community organisations involved are WAYS (Waverley Action for Youth Services), Positive Speakers Bureau and the Motor Accident Authority. These organisations create an awareness of issues relevant to young people today and the community support available.

The presentations will be held during periods 1 - 4 in the Senior Study, gymnasium and rooms 102, 103 and 202. The organisation of the day will be provided to each student prior to August 30.

The cost of the presentations is $10, payable at the office on or before the day.
G Stein

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Notice of AGM Rifle Shooting Committee of Sydney Boys High School P & C

The date of the 2005 Annual General Meeting is 7pm Thursday 1st September in the Staff Common Room. The major business of the AGM is the tabling of an Annual Report and the election of Office Bearers to continue supporting the rifle shooters. New nominees will be required as both the Secretary and President are standing down/moving on.

The AGM will be followed by a brief Meeting to discuss among other things, the proposed Summer programme for Years 7 and 8 boys.

If you have any questions please contact Bronwen Gordon ah 9665 4396 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Remember, without the Volunteers there can be no Sport, so parents please come along and show your support.
Bronwen Gordon
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Sydney Boys High Table Tennis Competition Report

In the ping pong tournament we had the opportunity to see some ferocious plays and shot-making. Though my team lost both our preliminary round robins by very narrow and not-so-narrow margins, a lot can be taken from our games and we can work to improve our shots. We hope to achieve better success in our next tournaments.
Yiming Deng

27th July 2005 was a big day. It was the Table Tennis Competition. All teams arrived early for the event to get some warm up beforehand. I had a bit of nerves as it's my first Comp.

Alan Chow, my partner, and I were full of hopes of making the second round. A minor stuff-up caused a lengthy delay as we were put under the name of Strathfield Boys!?? No offence to the school but I still prefer High.

As the Comp progressed, I lost nearly all my matches through playing too aggressively while Alan won most of his through defensive tactics. Seeing all opponents were playing a similar strategy, I adapted and started serving some tricky spinners. Consequently I won the last singles against the best player. It was a small victory but a victory nonetheless. It was a very enjoyable day.
Aolifu Yu

On the cold and chilly morning 5 teams from Sydney Boys High attended the annual NSW Table Tennis competition at Homebush Sports Hall. The best of the best from schools throughout NSW attended this event. We had tough matches and in the end lost miserably. However, this did not stop the day from turning out great, and we sure had lots of fun.
Arthur Wang

Sydney Boys High Table Tennis players participated in the New South Wales secondary schools challenge, supported by Mr Fonti. Chapman and I played together as a team in doubles and singles, similar to the rules of Davis Cup. In the first round, it was a round robin between three teams, the top going through. We managed to overpower our opponents, winning all doubles and single matches. A bye in the next round allowed us to progress to the quarter-finals. Our next opponents were to be from Baulkham Hills. We took two rubbers each, and the final rubber to be played would be a singles match between Chapman Siu and a Baulkham Hills student. A disturbance from the crowd allowed the opponent to lead in the deciding set, and eventually cost us the match. With the loss, we were knocked out of the fierce competition.
Roger Luo
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Basketball - Shooting Hoops

The Coming of a New Season
The GPS season has started again for SBHS basketball. In case you have never heard "much" about it, high basketball is a very prestigious sport inside the school especially with the recent introduction of high-level personal coaches. Alex Hayman (past: Cranbrook 1st grade since Year 9, all Australian schoolboys team, NCAA for Colorado) and Hank Foster (NCAA) have been working before and after school on improving boys' individual skills. Other devoted staff members, such as Mr Hayman and Ms Ward, have also been working hard, organising house competitions as well as a Friday after-school competition.

With our boys' continuous off season training and Friday after school competitions, in which our school has entered two teams, one of which winning 7/11 games, these promising results will certainly show up in this year's GPS matches.

On Wednesday our school had its best players assembled for try-outs for our 1st and 2nds preliminary squad. Congratulations to the following students who made the cut-off list (names can also be found on the gym notice board). For those unlucky not to make it, thank you for your participation and good luck for the rest of the season.

1st/2nd GPS Basketball Squads:
Francis Wong
Victor Nguyen
Harry Walker
Ray Huynh
Dale Sun
Stuart Sugito
Lewis d'Avigdor
Kenny Huang
Michael Levy
Eugene Wong
Moussa Farhat
Wei Zhuang
Victor Wei
Gleb Zinger
Ting Mei
Si-Yang Wang
Lachlan Street
Justin Chow
Jaffe Chiu
David Hu
Yo-ha Kim
Alex Lee
Danny Ng
Alex Vertoudakis
Jason Liu
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From The Library

Offer by Pro Quest

Would anyone - staff member or students - who uses these, please let me know if they are useful.
Mrs Crothers
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Athletics Report

With the Waverley Invitational this Saturday it is timely to remind parents and Athletes about the importance of such events.

The Athletics season is one that is very short and intense and it is events like Invitationals, which are invaluable in recording an Athletes progress into the Track and Field Team to compete in the GPS Championships. If Athletes do not compete they are losing a chance to compete in the GPS's most prestigious sport. With all the hard work the Athletes put into training up to three times a week it is pointless unless these efforts are reproduced in events taking place on Saturday.

Last Saturday saw our athletes compete in the Grammar Invitational where High received some promising results. The star athlete of the day was Lachlan Street coming 2nd in the Long Jump, 100m, 200m and 400m Championships respectively. Well done, Lachlan! In the senior years, Victor Wei blitzed the Shot Put Championships coming first with a flattering distance of 11.11m. Roger Burrell once again was excellent in the shot coming back from injury and coming second with 13.28m. Also promising were Dakshika and Gehan claiming 1st and 3rd in their events respectively. Joel Livingstone preformed well in his100m division race coming first with a time of 12.7. Michael Masalehdani also came third in the 800m Championships. Thanks to Mr Devlin, Mr Codey and Mr Gainford along with the parents who supported us on Saturday.

The participation in the junior years was commendable with High being represented in all the races. However, in the senior years (Year 12 are completing their Trial HSC) this was not the case, and it was disappointing not to see many competitors present. With over 80 athletes in the GPS team, we expect to see many competitors turn up to the carnivals on Saturdays.

On Saturday 3rd August High are co-hosts with Scots at ES Marks in Kensington. We are the officials for the Field events. Thanks in advance to those parents and supporters who have volunteered to help. Come along and cheer our boys - competition begins at 9.15am.

This Saturday, Waverley and Cranbrook are the hosts at Homebush Athletics Warm-up Track. The Warm-up Track is right beside the Homebush Athletics Centre.

Good luck and do High proud!
Michael Masalehdani Yr 11

Results for SGE Invitational Carnival - ES Marks

    LJ HJ SP 100 200 400 800 1500 3000 Hurdles
ALI Shadman       12.9 3rd 26.9 3rd          
CABANILLA Brandon         31.7   2.43 6.05    
DENNY-SMITH George     11.45              
PAUL Antony             2.42      
QIU Edward 3.78 1.2 8.04              
TAYLOR Kieran 4.17     13.5 28.2 2nd         17.5
TRANG Derek 4.19   8.35              
WANG Michael     7.57              
XIAO Tony 4.35     13.2 3rd 28.5          
BROWN Alasdair                    
DESMOND Patrick       15.7 33.6         20.2
IRELAND Jeremy             2.35 5.17    
LINDEBACK Nicholas       15.8 31.8          
NGUYEN Kent       12.27 2nd            
WONG Matthew       13.3 28.7          
KARUNAKARAN Arun     9.05              
KANDASAMY Arunan     8.22 13.35   1.11        
LOCKE Patrick             2.28      
LIVINGSTONE Joel       12.7 1st            
MONTOYA ZORRILLA Edwin             2.29 5.09    
O'KEEFE Daniel             2.38      
PERANANTHAN Varan     8.91              
SRIRANJAN Kogulan         25.4          
STREET Lachlan 4.85 2nd 1.45 9.70 3rd 11.90 2nd 24.67 2nd 59.7 2nd       15.7
TAYLOR Alistair             2.35      
VIEN David             2.41      
GUNARATNE Dakshika  6.08 1st     11.8            
KARUNARATNE Gehan 5.39 3rd     12.25            
LEVANIC Nikola       13.05   1.03 2.29 5.33    
LUSCOMBE Jeremy       11.5            
NGUYEN Quan               5.06    
STADNIK Eugene               5.41    
YANG Louis             2.24      
BURRELL Roger     13.28 2nd              
GUNARATNE Dakshika  6.08 1st     11.8            
KARUNARATNE Gehan 5.39 3rd     12.25            
CAO David       12.9            
KWON Joon           1.06        
MASALEHDANI Michael             2.13      
PHAM Edward       12.74   56.6        
REIS Andrew                    
ROTHERHAM Riet             2.18      
SHAO Chong               5.33    
SHAW Yeou-Kang       12.8            
THIEVIASINGHAM Daniel           1.1        
THILLAINADESAN Senthil           1.03        
CAO David       12.9            
KWON Joon           1.06        
WEI Victor     11.11 1st              
WONG Francis               5.05    
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High Store

Father's Day is fast approaching. Don't forget Dad or Grandad on this special day.

The High Store has made a special purchase of Van Heusen business shirts for the low price of $20.

Be quick to grab the best designs!
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Words Of Wisdom

People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how character is built.
(Eleanor Roosevelt 1884-1962)

Nerds don't just happen to dress informally. They do it too consistently. Consciously or not, they dress informally as a prophylactic measure against stupidity.
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Fundraising - Help Wanted

Boys gain points towards Awards Scheme

(Suit those living 10-15 minutes from Mascot Bunnings) This activity has full support of our Principal Dr. Kim Jaggar

Bunnings Warehouse Mascot is offering Sydney Boys High first option on fundraising barbeques cancelled at late notice by other groups. Community groups are usually allocated one Barbeque every 3 months.

This is an excellent way to increase our allocation, raise the school profile and gain funds from outside the school community.

A minimum profit of $1,000 can be expected from each BBQ.

Days BBQ's held:   Saturday or Sunday
Minimum Notice:   Thursday night i.e. 36 Hrs.
Hours of Operation:   8am till 4pm (Maximum)
Shift Hours:   2hrs (or more if available)

Profits can be shared between groups - e.g. 6 people from Fencing, 3 from Debating, 3 from Rowing - Profit would be allocated 50%, 25% and 25% respectively to the groups.

The school has a Kit of supplies and good connections with suppliers to be able to do the shopping at short notice.

Register your interest NOW
by Contacting Valda Rosa on 9361 6910, extension 144

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UNSW Co-op Program

Linking Leaders - "Discover the leader in YOU!"

"U Lead" Leadership Program

To graduate, a University of New South Wales Union "U Leader" must

a) Undertake 15 hours of community service
b) Attend at least 6 of these 8 leadership workshops (1.5 hours each):

* Thinking about Leadership
* Leadership Behaviours
* Personality and Leadership Style
* Effective Teamwork
* Effective Communication
* Leadership Communication
* Qualities of Leaders
* Conflict Resolution

"U Lead" is FREE!!!

  • Presentation of Certificates: UNSW Kensington Campus - 13 December
  • Don't miss out! Applications for "U Lead" close Friday, 9 September

Prestigious UNSW Co-op Scholarships & "U Lead"
$13,400 pa TAX FREE!!!

"We recognise that the UNSW Union's 'U Lead' program is an outstanding opportunity for students to extend their developing leadership skills and involvement in the community. Being part of this program will most certainly enhance the skills that we are looking for in our applicants."
Brooke Gillett Deputy Director UNSW Co-op Program

For more Co-op Program details, see your Careers Adviser or visit:


Who should apply?
All students in Years 10 and 11 are strongly encouraged to apply. You do not need to consider yourself a "leader" as there is no assumed knowledge for "U Lead" and there is no test you must pass.

We are looking for students who would like to develop confidence in leadership just as much as those who are already confident. Those selected will be a mix of students fitting into both of these categories.

Workshop Times and Application Process
"U Lead" will involve 20 students from Yr 10 and 20 from Yr 11. In both years there will be 10 SBHS students and 10 SGHS students. Yr 11 workshops - 3:30 - 7:00 pm, Friday, Weeks 1-4, Term 4. Yr 10 workshops - 3:30 - 7:00 pm, Friday, Weeks 5-8, Term 4. Workshops will run at SBHS in Room 103.

Interested students should lodge an Expression of Interest by stating in 100 words or less "Why do you want to learn about leadership?" Include your full name, school name and roll call class. Expressions of Interest should be brief and simple. Don't spend hours creating the perfect paragraph!

There are two possible ways to lodge your Expression of Interest: 1. Print it on an A4 paper sheet and deposit it with your Careers Adviser. 2. Email it as an attached Microsoft Word document. Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Expressions of Interest must be lodged before 3:20 pm, Friday, 9 September. Good luck!

Linking Leaders  "On our year 12 muck-up day at SBHS, we raised thousands for charity. What we did was great but I look back and think how much more we could have contributed with skills developed through early leadership training. The vision for high school students to undertake leadership training has led to Linking Leaders, an initiative of SBHS proudly in partnership with UNSW Student Recruitment Office, UNSW Co-op Program and UNSW Union."
Mr. Hughee James
SBHS Captain '03
Linking Leaders Founder & UNSW Student (Arts/Law)

Postal Address: PO Box 797 Kingsford NSW 2032,
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Fathers Day Fundraising: Elbon Coffee


Specialist Award Winning Coffee Roasters


Elbon Coffee uses 100% Arabica Coffee Beans

Fresh Roasted to your requirements and delivered within 24 hrs. Smell and taste the difference.

All profits assist building our New Library and Performing Arts Space - 125th Anniversary Project, 2008

Return order form with payment before end of Lunch, Tuesday 30 August, 2005

First Delivery no later than Friday 2nd September - brought home by your son.

Order Form:

ABN 68402231296
6/402 New South Head Road, Double Bay 2028
Ph/Fax: (02) 93277058
Elbon special: medium to strong, smooth sweet finish 
Colombian    : strong dark roast with balanced flavour 
Please complete the following details:
Students Name:     _______________________________________
Class:             _______________________________________
Contact Number: _______________________________________
Total $:   _______________________________________
Please complete the order below:
Size       Product   Cost   Quantity  Please tick preferred option
                                   Beans    Plunger    Espresso
250g    Elbon     $8.50  [       ] [    ]   [    ]     [    ]                   
500g    Elbon     $17    [       ] [    ]   [    ]     [    ]                   
1kg     Elbon     $34    [       ] [    ]   [    ]     [    ]                   
250g    Colombia  $8.75  [       ] [    ]   [    ]     [    ]
500g    Colombia  $17.50 [       ] [    ]   [    ]     [    ]                           
1kg     Colombia  $35    [       ] [    ]   [    ]     [    ]

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Combined GPS Music Festival

Concert Saturday 3 September Newington College Centenary Hall 200 Stanmore Road, Stanmore 6.30pm

Newington College will host the Combined GPS Music Festival Concert in its Centenary Hall. The Concert will be the culmination of the two-day Combined GPS Music Festival. Ticket orders must be received by Friday 26 August on a 'first come, first served' basis. Please complete the form below and post with payment and a stamped, self-addressed envelope to: Music Department Or fax (credit card payment only) to: (02) 9569 0133 Newington College Stanmore NSW 2048


Name/s     _______________________  Student's Name ______________________
Address    ______________________________________________________________
Postcode __________
Phone: Home _________________  Work _________________ Fax ____________
Email ________________________________________________________________

Student's School  Sydney Boys High
TICKETS - Please indicate numbers of tickets required    
Adults ($20 per ticket)      ________
Concessions ($10 per ticket) ________
Children accompanied by an adult (free of charge)
Please charge $_______________ to my __ Bankcard __ MasterCard __ Visa
Card No.  ________ ________ ________ ________  Expiry Date ____/____
Cardholder's Name ____________________________________________________             
Signature ____________________________________________________________
PAYMENT BY CHEQUE (made payable to: Newington College) 
Please find enclosed cheque for $ _________________        

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Sydney Boys High Music Department Presents

Spring Concert 2005

Featuring Guest Artists
Lane Cove Concert Band
Also Featuring the Year 9 Concert and Jazz Band, Year 8 Jazz Band and Soloists.

Thursday September 1st 6.30 pm Great Hall
Free Admission

Year 8 Showcase Concert Thursday September 8th 6.00pm
Year 7 Showcase Concert Monday September 12th 6.00pm
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Community Service Announcement

Some Kids Can't Live at Home with their Mum and Dad

Children need carers who can provide stability & can help them through the different & sometimes challenging stages of their lives.

You can be single, married, with or without children of your own, & from any cultural background. It is important that you have experience with children. DoCS staff will work closely with you & support you with ongoing training & allowances. There are many children in our area who are in need of a safe & secure home environment because they are unable to experience this in their own homes. This may be due to abuse, neglect or family breakdown.

The NSW Department of Community Services (DoCS) is looking for people who can provide crisis, short term, respite or long term care for these kids.

We are especially looking for foster carers for children five years & older. We also need carers for siblings, so brothers & sisters can stay together.

Become a Foster Carer.
For more information please contact Rob, Mariam or Cheryl on 9245 1757
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